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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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we begin with a fox news alert. >> new evidence shows the train was raying at nearly three times the speed limit when it took that dangerous curve. the metro north train clocked i. all 7 cars jumped the tracks killing four people injuring dozens of others. the ntsb trying to determine if the tracrash was the result of mechanical error. >> he tried to apply the brakes but did not work. the brakes were not fully engaged. mourners remember the victims. the son of one man killed says his family is heartbroken. >> she came home, all of my brothers came into my room and she said he's gone. >> james lav vel was an audio technicians heading into the city to rockefeller center to
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help set up the christmas tree. >> the probe into safety management and crash endurance was launched following two other accidents. on may 17th two trains collided in bridgeport, connecticut. several passengers were injured. on may 28th another accident. a report on both expected next year. the exact moments paul walker's porsche smashed into the tree. huge cloud of fire and smoke could be seen for miles. they have ruled out trag drag racing as a cause but say speed was definitely a factor. his friend was also killed who was driving the car. a memorial was held at the crash
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site. walker's co-star vin diesel opened up about the loss of his friend. >> show the love that you have shown paul will be with me forever. thank you for coming down here and showing that angle up in heaven how much you appreciate him. >> autopsies for walker and rodis is scheduled for today. >> one person missing after a large corn silo collapses on to a building near a small town in seattle. the male employee is trapped inside an office by tons of grain. >> one of the larger ones that old 50 pounds of corn collapsed the structure gave away and the silo is sitting on top of the pile of corn unstable lied. >> a full search was delayed because of lighting issues. it is not clear what caused the
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blast. >> new problems for the obamacare web site even if you get through the signup process you may not be actually enrolled. peter doocy is live for us in washington and he explains this glitch. >> you remember the white house told us healthcare got gov is supposed to work smoothly for a vast maority of users by the end of november and 50,000 consumers should be able to simultaneously shop for coverage. yesterday people were put into a new cue basically a waiting room after only 35,000 customers clicked on to the site according to the "washington post". then there was this a screen of nonsense and question marks that popped up in the middle of the day after selecting apply for coverage. the white house isn't impressed with the improvements. >> the president believes the site has been significantly improved and that the teams in place have worked 24/7 for weeks
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now to make those improvements including significant improvements that were made over the weekend. but the work is not done. >> another huge problem is that about one-third of consumers who actually signed up for coverage have issues with their applications. >> can you image, you think you sign up, you go to get coverage because you need healthcare, you go there and you find out that in fact you haven't been signed up. that is a huge issue. what does someone do at that point? >> president obama is going to speak about the affordable care act today at 2:30. he will focus on those who have already been helped and those people who don't have health insurance to sign up. >> the supreme court refusing to hear a challenge to obamacare by
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liberty university. this one of the biggest remaining legal battles against the contraception mandate in the law. the court agreed to a second challenge from it craft store hobby lobby. >> two members of the cia who witnessed the benghazi terror attacks testified today about the response of the night of september 11th last r. it shows they were already on high alert. four americans including ambassador chris stevens was killed. martin bashir is on vacation. he made remarks about sara balin on air last month was not
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disciplined. he said she should be forced to endure slavery like conditions. others say he has been temporarily suspended. giant's redskins game the nfl says the headlines man incorrectly motioned for a first down causing them to think they had a it first down. they turned the ball over on the next play giving the giants a 24-17 victory. the seattle seahawks looking to clinch the first nfc playoff spots taking on the new orleans saints. finding zach miller for the 60 yard gain. a few plays later putting seattle up 17-0. that is how it would go for the rest of the game.
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the first playoff spot. >> the 88 foot tall capital christmas tree is set to shine tonight. house speaker john boehner will flip the switch as part of the tree lighting ceremony. he will be assisted by a 6-year-old boy from washington state who made one of the 5,000 hand crafted ornaments that will decorate that tree. it has been a capitol hill tradition since 1964. >> time for your first degree weather update from maria molina. >> snow and freezing rain in parts of the country. we have this area of low pressure out across parts of the rockies starting to intensify. what will happen in the next 12-24-hours is this system will be splitting up into two pieces
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one will be pushing up across the midwest into the northern plains. some spots a foot or more. in the second area it will be moving across colorado. because of all of this activity we have a number of winter storm warnings in effect. we could see freezing rain in that as well. am otherwise windchill temperatures will be bitterly cold hine the system. we have seen this move through montana and dakotas. take a look at this forecast. this is a forecast where so many people across the rockies in the upper midwest.
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high temperaturess in the rockies. across the southeast temperatures heating up into the 70's and 60s. >> a decision that will not rule on state internet sales taxes. what does it mean for your shopping. >> yesterday may have been the last cyber monday without sales tax. a setback for on-line retailers and consumers may be here. it will allow them to collect even if they have no physical presence in the state. it it required them to collect
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tax on new yorker's on-line purchases. but by refusing it they sent it to a dozen states with similar laws. it is estimated the state lost $23 billion in uncollected taxes last year. we clicked and shopped until we dropped yesterday. i did some shopping i hope you did, too. early indications show on-line sales were up at least 19 percent on cyber monday compared to last year. a third of us had phones and tablets. retailers are hoping that on-line sales can save christmas at this point. web sales projected to climb 15 percent to more than $80 billion. olive garden may be finding more success in the american roots than italian ones. the restaurant chain is serving a burger called the italian no it is topped withed brish chute toe and mozzarella and is sold
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during lunch time. >> you can tell i am italian. >> i have never heard it pronounced like that in the north. >> calamari. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. ladies does this ever happen to you when you ask your husband to do something? >> come on, really? >> what my baby wants my baby gets. >> why it might not be his fault for ignoring all of us after all. >> two on the run after getting away with thousands of dollars that's not the worst part. wait until you hear who the victims are. as you go to break a look at the gas prices. new national average 3.26. down $0.01 from yesterday.
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>> a deadly shark attack has people afraid to go into the water there. this is the second fatal shark attack and 8 total in that area just this year alone. officials say the number is higher than usual but they are not sure why. a two-mile stretch of beach was closed after the attack. officials will conduct a search for additional sharks in the area this morning. dramatic video captured using a camera mounted on a drone shows clashes between police and anti government protestors in thailand. you can see the cops fighting the unruly crowd using water cannons. 300 people were injured in the
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past three-days of violence. >> caught on camera. these men are believed to have so stolen 10,000 dollars in washington, d.c. the pair fled from the building after being confronted by a security guard. one of the suspects pulled a life on the guard. luckily he was unharmed. a christmas tradition under attack. the residents are being forced to remove all of their christmas lights. for the past five years they have strung the lights from house to house to share the holiday spirit. officials say the lights, though, are a violation of the county code. get this, the must have deal at wal-mart on black friday wasn't the hottest new toy a big screen tv or the new tablet. the prize item at hawal-mart towels.
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they were sold in a six-pack for $0.29 per towel. 2.8 million were sold during that event. beating last year's towel sale by 1 million. a sign of the times. >> kentucky authorities are offering up a $10,000 reward for a case of missing bush bonn. in mid october bush bonn was stole fren the distillery. they have interviewed over 100 people but aren't any closer to finding the rare bush boourbon. kentucky produces 95 percent of the world's bourbon. >> it is time to brew on this. selected hearing in men and women according to a study by the hearing journal. they made up a list of words thought to be more relevant to men like beer, football and women. the women's list included things like chocolates and shopping. the list was read to those
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sexes. men correctly recalled more male the female word. the women recalled more female words. >> i don't know. i use football more than chocolate and shopping. we will see. share your selective hearing stories before you e-mail and we will read them lart in the show. the study may have been done by a man. >> the time is 18 after the top of the hour. department of defense go on the shop r chopping block a decision that may make it harder tore troops to put food on the table. a real bird's-eye view what happens when the snake nabs the camera.
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>> a little kelly pickler. the lights of times square to wake you up this morning. thank you for joining "fox & friends first". we certainly appreciate it. the miami man accused of shooting his wife and posting the photo of her corpse is now charged with first degree murder. he previous pleaded not guilty claiming he was acting in self defense when he shot his wife. forensic evidence shows her on her knees and one arm raised at the time of the shooting. >> the new hampshire hospital worker who infected dozens of patients with heap at this
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timet -- hepatitis c faced them one by one. >> he will have to remember my face for every moment he has to serve. >> he admitted to stealing pain-killers and replacing them with saline filled syringes tainted with his blood. 46 people have been diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis c he carries. >> one organization in california not putting up decorations for christmas. instead the atheist group freedom from religion is putting up 55 billboards around sacramento. it is to promote her anti christian message during the month of december. >> i think there are a lot of myths out there about atheists that need to b broken. >> here's the irony despite her lack of christian faith she says she still has a christmas tree up and a charlie brown nativity scene. to her those are symbols of
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peace and joy. >> national security correspondent jennifer griffin explains why the defense department might get rid of the way military families save money on food. jennifer? >> heather, ainsley, the pentagon says no final decision has been made. defense cutter says more is on the table including a plan to close all u.s. based commissaries where they shop at reduced rate saving thousands on their grocery bills. it would affect 78 commissaries in the united states. they receive 1.4 billion in subsidies. but they don't tell the whole story. 30 percent of the employees are military spouses. there will likely be unemployment attached to eliminating this perk and the director of the defense
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commissary agency said they have already cut their budget by $700 million since 93. it has received mixed reviews. >> i think it is a bad thing to take away the commissary. it benefits a lot of soldiers and family members. >> i don't like it but the choices have to be made. it is this or say cutting retirement things like that, this is one of the least bad options. >> also on the chopping block ending a subsidy for stars and stripes the newspaper for the troops first published during the american civil war. it would cut $51.6 million for american forces radio and television service. 6.1 million for the pentagon channel and 7.8 million for stars and stripes. a drop in the bucket when you consider the $4 million they have budgeted to assist the african military next year. congress would have to approve
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the cuts but budget hawks say in the era of costco and sam's club military commissaries may be a subsidy the pentagon can no longer afford. >> jennifer griffin live for us. amazon plans to use drones to deliver your purchases could be browneded abo -- grounded befor ever takes off. a gift from god or just an early christmas gift. new details i am merging about who is leaving $10,000 tips all across the country. first on this day in history home alone 2 lost in new york starring macauley culkin is the number one movie in america.
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>> it's december 3rdrd. evidence from the black box revealed this train was speeding when it derailed. who is to blame, man or machine? a live report from the investigation minutes away. >> the fiery moment of impact. new video shows the horrifying crash that killed paul walker. vin diesel shows up at the crash site to honor his friend. >> she just wanted to sell mistletoe to raise money to pay for her braces. the city said no. instead they told her too bad.
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fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. the sun not up yet on the streets of new york city. thank you so much for joining us tuesday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert this morning on the deadly train derailment in new york. >> new details show the train was racing nearly three times the speed limit wihen it hit a dangerous curve. all 7 cars jumped the track killing four people injuring dozens of others. the ntsb still trying to determine if the crash was a result of human error or mechanical problem like brake failure. >> he tried to apply the breaks
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but they didn't work. the train's black box shows the brakes were not fully engaged. they remembered the victims at a vigil at the crash site. a friend of the nurse who died in the crash talked about the good work he did with children. >> he took amazing chair of the children. if you were to ask any other staff or any of the families of the children who live here, they would say she always, always smiled. >> also killed james ferrari and donna smith and james love vel who was an audio technicians heading to rockefeller center to help set up the christmas tree. >> newly released surveillance video shows ting the exact mome his porsche smashed into a tree. a huge plume of fire and smoke that could be seen for miles. the police ruled out drag racing as a cause. they say speed was a factor.
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walter's friend roger rodas who was driving was killed. a memorial was held at the crash site at santa collar rita last night. the fast and furious as far spoke of his friend. >> the love that has been shown paul will stay with me forever. i just want to say thank you. thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him. >> autopsies for walker and rodas are are scheduled for today. >> a large corn silo collapses on to a building in a small town in seattle. the male employee is trapped inside an office building by tons of grain. a full search was delayed because of lighting issues. it is not clear what caused the collapse. the house is considering several measures today including two controversial bills you should know about. the undetectable firearms act is
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set to expire on december 9th which would allow the production of homemade plastic firearms. there has been growing concerns over the emergence of 3-d printing. they consider the tsa lose change act. the new bill would force the tsa to spend all unclaimed change collected at air force checkpoints on lounges for members of the military and their families. 500,000 dollars is left behind each year. >> fixes lead to new flaws. a new glitch left people thinking they were enrolled when they are actually not. the president calls the relaunch a success. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest. >> we are going to hear from the president on this today. he is lashing out at republicans and have healthcare success stories even though they run
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into one problem after another. the relaunch yesterday was a success that it handled 750,000 visitors by yesterday evening but didn't take long for pages filled with gibberish to pop up. >> as cyber monday progressed it was pretty evident. there may be more insidious problems behind the scenes where some of these customers were putting information not getting to insurers they are not getting
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coverage. >> doug luzader is live in washington for us. they have urged hamid karzai to reject the deal demanding he abandon all conditions of the past. >> the pilot of the helicopter which crashed on top in glascoe didn't put out any security calls before the accident. they will determine what happened. investigators will analyze the helicopter systems and radar which will determine the speed and the height of the chopper during that flight. nine people died in the accident. 911 calls made to police on the day of the sandy hook massacre
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will be released. last december gunman adam lanza shot his way into the elementary school killed 7 children and 6 teachers. >> happening today a judge is expected to decide if the city of detroit bankruptcy filing can go forward. the judge must determine if officials did everything they could to avoid bankruptcy including negotiating with cred fo tore -- creditors. they would begin reducing the 18 billion in debt. some are afraid it would include clashing pensions. it is located by a em too of explorers it was the first of its kind of only three built. they captured five submarines when they demanded access to the
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submarines. they sank the subs and claim to have no information about where they were. four out of the 5 submarines have since been located. for the third time space acts will be attempting to launch the first commercial communications satellite. the privately owned firm had two previous launches. the launch of falcon 9 rocket targeted for this evening. the founder says all known rocket anomalies have been resolved. >> this is pretty cool a bald eagle killed a video camera and then takes it on a 70 mile journey. you can see look at that the bird's wings flapping as it flies off with the loot. later the siege el is seen posing for a selfy and poking at the camera lens. life rangers set up the camera to report crocodile dials they say from now on the cameras will be bolted down. that's the best selfy i have ever seen.
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>> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> she is tracking a storm that is bringing snow and freezing rain to the country. >> good morning heather and ainsley. the storm system has started to produce areas of heavy snow. reports of more than 6 inches over parts of minnesota, parts of the dakotas and even into wyoming. several inches have taken up with the storm system. we are expecting a lot more snowfall in addition to what we have already seen. some spots could take up to 18 inches of snow on top of what you have already received out here. parts of the midwest expecting some of you 6 inches of snow. winter storm watches as well in the central rockies up into the midwest and freezing rain can mix into some of these areas. keep in mind some ice could be
2:40 am
on the road in addition to snowfall. otherwise behind the storm something else you will notice for so many of you across the rockies is how cold it will get. we are seeing that. the actual highs by friday into this weekend only into the single digits you will be well below zero. warm intense by the way 86 in san antonio florida and tampa expecting a high temperature of 77. not bad in new york city for us high of 50. >> not too bad. not complain about that. >> especially when you look at the forecast in minneapolis. >> 20 minutes after the hour. if you googled this person you are not alone. the most searched person in the world is -- >> ainsley. >> no.
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>> the man opens up his morning paper gets a shock of his life.
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>> a train was going 82 miles an hour. was it mechanical failure or human error. robert moses live at the scene for us this morning. robert, what do we know so far? >> heather the question you asked is the question investigators are trying to answer. i want to show you what the scene looked like. it looked a lot different than it did yesterday. the cars were sprayed olayed ou the tracks.
2:45 am
looks as though all of the cars were moved away. the it was traveling 82 miles an hour heading into a curve. nothing appeared to be wrong with either the track or the breaks. keep in mind this train already made 9 stops before the derailment occurred. the national transportation safety board has begun interviewing the train's engineer known as william rockefeller. as is standard procedure in cases like this they confiscated his cell phone because they can'ted to see if he was distracted by the final seconds. they describe a harrowing final seconds before the derailment. >> 6 seconds to come to a stop the throttle had been (inaudible). it was only six seconds before everything came to a stop. >> there has also been drug and add hall testing done on t-- an alcohol testing on the train
2:46 am
engineer. the results are still pending. that's the latest in the bronx this morning. robert moses live this morning. thank you. >> they will explore the impact of private companies using the devices. jay rockefeller says a hearing was already in the works before amazon's big announcement. rockefeller says they want to make sure they can meet rigorous safety and privacy standards first. the service is still several years away. for the first time ever problems with the nation's largest student loan services are going under the microscope. diane nmacedo joins us to explan all of this. good morning diane. >> good morning ladies. they announced a new plan to monitor companies to collect federal consumer loan payments. the protection bureau has a rule to permit the agency to regularly examine the 7 biggest
2:47 am
loan services which service more than 70 percent of unpaid student debt. the move follows complaints from borrower advocates that they neglect its authority to punish wrong doing allowing things like fees and charges even force delinquencies. the education department told the country's biggest loan servicer sallie mae that removes the government services despite they be under investigation by 3 federal agencies and awaiting impending enforcement due to unlawful practices. director richard core dray says quote by making sure the companies comply with federal consumer law we can ensure the marketplace for consumer loans is operating more effectively. $1.2 trillion outstanding debt is now the second largest source of household debts. more than 85 percent of that comes from federal loans.
2:48 am
hope this plan helps things out. >> diane macedo, thank you so much. >> the time about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. still to come the city bans this girl from selling mistletoe to raise money for her braces. wait until you hear what they told her to do instead. >> call it an early christmas gift. someone is leaving tips around the country to the tune of thousands of dollars. >> wouldn't that be a great gratuity. >> it would. >> i can hardly wait to hear about that. coming up are new cutbacks making it harder for military members to survive. >> do you need to woor reabout these three symptoms? find out what chronic cough, headache and first really mean. and when you see a doctor, we told you about the nfl banning a
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fence commercial. >> if you are looking for a job look no further. cheryl casone is here. fox and friends kicks off live from new york city. right here on your channel for news. [ male announcer ] 'tis the season of more.
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it is now eight minutes till the top of the hour. imagine picking up the newspaper, turning to the owe by -- obituaries and finding yourself listed as dead. this happened to james phaez. he said his phone started ringing off the hook from friends and family reading the obituaries. >> it feels good to have god resurrect you from the dead. i kind of know how lazarus feels right now. >> another man named james mays did die.
2:53 am
the newspaper printed the wrong picture with the obituary. talk about a big about a hum bug. an 11-year-old wanted to sell mistletoe to raise money but she didn't have a vending license so authorities said no way. they shut her down. they told her she could beg for the money if she wanted but she wasn't allowed to sell the mistletoe there. madison has since made a website and raised over $1,000. >> a person left thousands of dollars in tips for people all around the united states. we're talking big tips like $1,000 on a $150 tab. who is this mystery person? the good samaritan goes by tips for jesus on instagram. the receipts add up to $54,100. >> an animal rights group filing an unusual legal
2:54 am
action trying to free a chimp being kept as a pet by a couple in upstate new york. as the lawsuit demands that tommy the chimp be deemed a legal person so he can be moved to an animal sanctuary more like his animal habitat. >> beyonce hold the new title as america's most searched celebrity for 2013. second most search, tim kay, taylor swift and madonna. the annual report was released by bing. >> ladies, we've all been there, done that when we asked our husband, or our boyfriend to do something and we get this instead. >> come on! really? >> what my baby wants, my baby gets. you know that. >> baby wants 12. >> a new study says it's not the guy's fault. they actually don't hear
2:55 am
you. but we want to hear what you have to say. >> and the ugly christmas sweater getting a digital makeover, and it might be the best looking one that the best looking one that you have ever seen. thrusters ! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪
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welcome back. it is about two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening. federal investigators have more questions for the conductor of the metro north train that derailed in the bronx. the black box revealed that the train was going 82 miles an hour while trying to take a 32 mile-an-hour curve. a deadly shark attack in hawaii. a man fishing there was killed. the water remains closed while a search for sharks continues this morning. the deadline is approaching for 1.3 million dollar lottery ticket that is unclaimed in florida. it must be redeemed by december 15. it was sold at a grocery store in miami. so check your tickets.
2:59 am
>> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first we're going to start with the good. do you want a great excuse for retail therapy? a new research shows, a new study shows shopping burns a day's worth of calories. the study reveals that you burn nearly 1,600 calories in an average shopping trip. next the bad. a new study found drinking water from plastic cups and bottles could be giving you serious headaches. b.p.a. might trigger migraines. it is already linked to obesity and heart attacks. the unfashional christmas sweater gets uglier with virtually flames. pull up the app and place it inside the sweater. >> we told you about a study that says men and women really do have selective hearing. we asked you to hear your stories -- we wanted to
3:00 am
hear your stories. ed on facebook says people tend to remember things that are important to them or that they have experience with. i don't think you can label that as selective hearing. >> dawn says i've learned selective commenting. if i'm near the tvmputer i say e got to see this. thanks so much for responding. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's tuesday, december 3. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. if you signed up for obamacare, your moment may not be real. what insurance companies are saying this morning that has the white house scrambling. >> 82 in a 30. new details show how fast that train was going before it derailed. but why was the driver going that fast? and was he paying attention? that's the big question. >> drones delivering your packages in 30 minutes or less? why lawmakers may be putting a stop to amazon's plan before it even gets off the


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