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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 7, 2013 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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if you have your own hit or miss, send it to us. and be sure to follow us on twitter. that's it for this week's show. thanks for watching. hope to see you right here next week. fox news alert, a powerful winter storm slamming america's midsection. icy roads in texas causing serious problems. one section of i-35 shut down because a major accident and stranding drivers overnight. hundreds of thousands of people and homes, businesses left without power. the icing conditions also canceling and delaying hundreds of flights at dallas-ft. worth airport. dfw slammed, leaving more than 3,000 pass engers with absolutey nowhere to go. in arkansas, the cold weather causing ice to build up on power lines. the windchill advisory in effect
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for parts of that state. and in oklahoma, transportation officials warning about slick conditions on highways there. the national weather service says below freezing temperatures will continue through this weekend in many states. as yet another winter storm blows in from the west. >> wow, pretty miserable. >> parts where people aren't used to that cold weather. >> we're going to keep track of it. also, this top story. after more than six grueling weeks, u.s. war veteran merrill newman is back on american soil after being released by north korea. the brave 85-year-old tourist detained by the communist country for his alleged crimes during the cokorean war 60 year ago. >> glad you're with us. welcome to america's news
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headquarters. merrill newman's flight touching down a short time ago. you can listen to the release in his voice. >> it's been a great homecoming and i'm tired but it was my family now -- and thank you all for the support we got. very much appreciate it. >> we have been covering this story. >> behind merrill newman there, you could see his wife lee and also his son jeff who had been appealing for his release. merrill himself looked in pretty good shape. he said he was tired but considering he's 85 years old and the ordeal he's been now, he looked like he's doing pretty well. one of the first things he wanted to say was really to thank the diplomatic effort that got him released. take a listen. >> i'm delighted to be home.
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i want to thank the swedish embassy in pyongyang and the american embassy in beijing for all their help. >> it was the swedes who acted on behalf of the united states toish ish initiate discussionse north koreans about getting him free. helped by the fact that u.s. vice president joe biden was on the ground this weekend. apparently there had been direct contact and washington got a phone call early saturday morning saying we're letting him go, no explanation. for the family here and all his support, it was an immense relief. saying it's time for well deserbed rest. >> we will have more to say about his unusual and difficult journey. for now, we ask you to allow us time to be with him as a family. we also ask that you not forget another american, kenneth bae,
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who's still being held in the tprk and we hope he will be allowed to rejoin with his family soon. >> dprk being what north korea is also known as. kenneth bae who he's referring to there is the missionary was who sentenced to hard labor in 2010 on what appears to be, according to the koreans, offenses against the state. you're seeing his mother visiting him in hospital after he fell ill in the autumn of this year. no indication of what his condition is at the moment. but joe biden in south korea also calling for his release. the north koreans really seem to be unmoved by those efforts. no indication whether he'll get released in the same way newman was. we'll see whether the north
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koreans do. one of the reasons for the standoff with the united states over the nuclear plans north korea has. >> great news for newman and his family. more concerns being raised by people who signed up for obama care. the administration now admitting that there were problems processing new enrollment records. meaning many of those who think they've signed up for health insurance may still not be covered come january 1st. elizabeth prann has the details in washington. >> there are additional fears with those who think they have already signed up. the glitch per taking to electronic files sent from to insurance companies. they're called 834 forms. companies use them to bill consumers. about 1 in 10 of those forms are showing errors such as misspelling, missing entries or
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a duplicate entry. in turn, the companies can't complete the transaction if any of thesing innings are raised. the white house says it's still a work in progress for the contractors. >> they're making sure everyone who enrolled is enrolled and addressing the challenges that were particularly keen in the beginning of this process. on the back end, the 834 forms. >> republican lawmaker, vow the fight to repeal obama care in light the administration's flip-flop on allowing folks to keep their old coverage. one of many proposal also which hasn't moved in the senate. >> if the president won't scrap this law, isn't it time for him to delay it for all americans before it does further harm? >> federal officials are now urging people to stop using paper applications in fear they won't be processed by the
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december 23rd deadline for health insurance coverage starting january 1st. arthel, back to you. >> elizabeth, thanks a lot. nelson mandela's family making their first statement since the death of the anti-apartheid leader. their family spokesperson talking about their loss and the outpouring of support from all over the world. >> we have lost a great man. greatness in our family was in the simplicity of his nation. a caring leader who made time for all, and we will dearly miss him. >> mandela died on thursday at the age of 95 after a long illness. president obama, as well as former presidents bill clinton, george w. bush, all expected to
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attend ceremonies in south africa in the next several days. before he is buried in his rural hometown one week from tomorrow. a real leader in very many ways, on many levels. >> an iconic figure. >> for sure. it was 72 years ago today japan launched the surprise attack pullingth united states into world war ii. we will go to pearl harbor as we remember that fateful day. may be the key to the success of obama care, but as the signup deadline nears, can president obama urge enough young healthy people to buy in? >> i do remember what it's like being 27 or 28 and aside from the occasional basketball injury, you know, most of the time i kind of felt like i had nothing to worry about.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. time for a quick check of the headlines. france's president says his country is raising its troop level also in the central african republic in hopes to stabilize the region followi ii bloody clutches between christians and muslims there. new information in the case a missing new hampshire teenager, 15-year-old abigail hernandez has not been seen since early october, but now law enforcement officials say she wrote her mother a letter postmarked after he disappearance. >> and bob dylan's fender guitar seing for almost $1 million at
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auction, the same guitar he played that marked his move from acoustic folk to electric rock and roll. under the new federal health care law, ininsured americans must sign up by december 23rd in order to have coverage begin by january 1st. but take a look at this, a recent survey from harvard university finds almost half of young americans say forget about it, we're not planning to enroll in a policy. a whopping 45% of millennials say they're not going to do it, only 22% answer they're likely to enroll. joining us now is our political panel brad blackman, former deputy assistance to president george w. bush. richard fowler joins us, democratic strategist. the entire financial structure of obama care is contingent on young people enrolling to subsidized higher health care costs for, of course, older,
11:44 am
circumstancer americans. if a scant 22% of young americans say they're going to enroll but almost half say forget about it. what does that do to the viability of obama care? could it fail? >> it destroys it. the math zdoesn't work. the president is requiring the youth to be the back stop for those who need care now. it's like when social security was founded back 70-plus years ago. seven people payed in for every one person paying out. they needed the workers, the young workers paying in to pay for those who needed the retirement. same thing with obama care. it's all premised under young people, healthy people paying who don't need services. the young people are say, look, we don't have a monthe money, w don't have the job. youth is suffering twice the unemployment rate as everybody else in the country. if you can pay a $95 fine to get away from the $1800 liability,
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of course they're not going to do it. >> millennials are the ones who help catapult barack obama into the white house, voting for him 2-1. now the same harvard poll showw a majority of them disapprove of obama. 47% would recall him if they could. is that because they feel dissieved by him over this? >> i think, you know, young people i don't think they feel deceived. what i would argue, i think young people are trying to figure out, they're trying to find jobs. they're dealing with this horrible economy. also lands in the house of representatives where they understand nothing is getting done. the reason why we have a youth job crisis in this country is because there's been no jobs bill passed. i think the president -- >> -- trillion dollar stimulus shovel ready jobs bill in which even he admits, you know, there are no is up things as shovel ready jobs.
11:46 am
how can you put the blame entirely on congress? isn't it the president? >> well, greg, think what we saw in the stimulus package from this president is he actually invested in america's future. he put teachers back to work. firefighters back to work. police officers back to work. a majority of those individuals are young people. young people understand that this law -- >> it was a payoff to the unions. you just listed a litany of unions who are paid off. >> you know that's not true. a lot of young teachers got a chance to go back in the classroom. >> i don't want to get off the subject here. brad, let me get back to it. here's how the new york post editorial has put this thing about millennials. america's young are not staying away from obama care because of bad information. they're staying away because they've figured it out. it's a bad deal for them. i mean, that's true, isn't it? >> it is a bad deal. economically, it just doesn't work. when you don't have a job and you're in school and you're
11:47 am
trying to better yoursel your education and you're burdened now with the demand that you get health care and you don't feel that you need it, you can't afford it, but there's a $95 fine you can pay to absolve you of your liability, of course they're going to do that. guess what, where are the young people, most of them, getting their funds from? either working one or two jobs and going to school or they're living with their parents and their parents are not going to foot the bill. >> how does it make sense, richard, to a young person to pay more for insurance than he or she otherwise would be doing so, so as to underwrite old americans, many of whom likely have more money than he or she, that young person does. how does that make sense? >> greg, i don't think it's making sense or not making sense issue. i think one, what brad is talking about, is a lot of college students and law students and ph.d. students are eligible to go back on their parent's health care insurance thanks to the affordable care
11:48 am
act. so 3 million of them are already getting health care -- >> when you're 27, 28, 29, what do you do, you're only making $25,000 a year? what do you do? >> i hear that, greg. what you're hearing from young people is they've gotten a chance to get affordable health care. think about a young woman who can get birth control as part her health care policy because of the affordable care act. >> a young man gets maternity care, gee, he really needs that. >> that young man also gets a chance if he's sick and gets a heart attack to go get an ambulance to take him to the hospital. we're talking about the benefits of the law. the benefits the the law overwhelmingly represent and benefit young people. that's the truth of the matter. brad knows that as well. >> here's the problem with the law. you can pay a fine to get out of a liability. by the way, if you don't have obama care, you do get sick, you can get immediate coverage because of the pre-existing condition. so there's no incentive for young people. >> gentlemen, thanks very much. richard fowler, brad blakeman, thank you. today marks the 72 nd
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today marks the 72nd anniversary on the attack on pearl harbor when troops were killed in the early morning surprise attack from japan, pulling the u.s. into world war ii. ceremonies are being held across
11:53 am
the nation to remember the day. former lieutenant colonel oliver north wrote about the lessons we learned in the events leading up to the attack and he joins us now, thank you for joining us. >> that is being felt at this very moment, years ago. >> that just painted a picture in my mind, i can imagine you have so many pictures in your mind, so i ask when we approach this day every year, colonel north, what thoughts and memories tend to make their way back into the forefront of your consciousness. >> well, first of all, not just the troops killed that day, but the reminder from fdr himself that this is a day of infamy, not simply because this was a surprise attack, but how incredibly unprepared we were for war. the european leaders had warned
11:54 am
us that the agreement between germany, italy and japan would lead to a global conflragation, yet fdr did little to prepare for it. congress had diminished our defenses, so when the attack came they had little ability to put ships at sea during the attack. the result of that is america loses every single battle until june of 1942. and unfortunately, it seems as though we're repeating the ignorance of history. >> as you put it, colonel north, the ignorance on the part of who? >> well, the building right there behind me, because congress was the ones that didn't even pass a draft until the day before the attack on pearl harbor. the congress had gutted the military. they specifically restricted people from going overseas unless they volunteered to do
11:55 am
so. today, we have the military that today, they're going along with the obama administration on gutting the best military force that has ever been put together in the history of man. >> considering you and japan are now allies, if the leaders of the two countries were to reflect on this day over coffee or let's say green tea, what do you think their conversation about pearl harbor would incorporate? >> well, i don't think the japanese like to think about pearl harbor, because the man who led the attack was the man who recommended against it. and yet, the lesson we all have learned is that our allies are important, we ignored them in the run-up to world war ii, and the allies we have in israel, and saudi arabia, and allies in asia and japan are warning us about the situation of iran and korea. if we look at the situation in
11:56 am
geneva, it is very similar to what transpired before world war ii. and so no mention that north korea is helping iran in the development of nuclear weapons. >> and we want to remind everybody, the book is available, great stocking stuffers. and i do appreciate your time this saturday afternoon, colonel oliver north, thank you so much. >> great to be with you. toronto's crack-smoking mayor in trouble yet again, go figure. we'll tell you the latest allegations getting him into hot water, could he end up behind bars? >> [ male announcer ] this is george.
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. 3:00 straight up out here in the east coast, noon, west coast time, hello everybody, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's new headquarters. and i'm greg jarrett, glad you're with us, topping the hour, confusion over the obama care, now forced to admit many people who signed up for the health insurance through on-line exchanges may not actually be covered. and an emotional homecoming for an american military veteran, back on u.s. soil after spending the last month and a
12:01 pm
half being detained in north korea. and we'll take a look at the potential legal fallout for trua toronto's crack-smoking mayor, trying to bribe his way out of trouble? and we look at the temperatures across the nation, most temperatures are 35 degrees below normal after a major ice storm pounded the south, we're talking about texas, arkansas, problems there on the roads in stranding passengers at the airports. well, now, another powerful storm is making its way east, bringing in meteorologist janice dean, live in our fox news weather center. and there is more to come? >> yes, take a look at the current temperatures. as you mentioned, ten to 30,
12:02 pm
even 40 degrees below average. much of the country is feeling this deep freeze, this is not wind chill. these are current temperatures across montana, minus 18, minus eight in fargo, one in minneapolis, even down to dallas, 25 degrees right now with the wind chill, what it feels like, with the wind out there, brutal, minus 12, what it feels like in minneapolis, minus 18 in glasgow, they're not used to this. your nationwide chill, in a lot of places 30 to 40 degrees below average, the only place it is feeling warm is atlanta and south carolina. we're looking at the potential of not only one storm but two. this first storm is exiting the coast. but we have another across the west that is going to make its way across the central u.s. and then the mid-atlantic and northeast. we do have a little bit of lake-effect snow across the great lakes. this is your future radar, again all of this snow moving into the rockies. and then look what happens as we
12:03 pm
head into sunday and monday. a complete mess of rain and sleet and freezing rain and snow. there is the 32 degree line, and see all the pink? we expect the potential for another ice storm across the mid-atlantic and ohio/tennessee river valley, sunday into monday, and as you can see that is what we're looking at as we get into monday, the pinks not good. the accumulating ice on the roads and the ice, we could have power outages for days if not weeks if we have half an inch to an inch of ice on those roads and trees and power lines. so winter weather advisories posted in the purples. we have ice storm watches and warnings in effect. so this storm is getting its act together in the midwest, making its way east towards the mid-atlantic sunday and among, again, all the purples and pinks, pay very close attention to your local forecast. this will be a big one, we'll
12:04 pm
watch it on the fox news extreme weather. >> and you are very accurate all the time, janice dean, and by the way, your map there with the pretty pictures, great weather in florida, but -- >> absolutely. >> thank you, all right, janice dean, thank you very much. meanwhile, the budget battle still looming as congress preps for holiday break. now lawmakers could take up whether to extend unemployment benefits and if it will be attached to any sort of budget deal. republicans pressing against the benefits citing against the overall costs and recent drops in the unemployment rate, while democrats are encouraging the benefit extension. >> if members of congress don't act before they leave on their vacations, 1.3 million americans will lose this lifeline. these are people we know, they're our friends and neighbors. they sit next to us in church and volunteer in oush communities. their kids play with our kids
12:05 pm
and they include 20,000 veterans who serve this country with honor. >> joining me now, staff writer for "the hill," elise, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, nice to be here. >> so is by the administration to extend the unemployment benefits a no-brainer or will he get some pushback? >> that is a good debate, on capitol hill, republicans are hesitant to spend anymore money that would add to the deficit. this would cost tens of billions of dollars added to the debt, so it would be a major shift for them to refuse to do it now especially with only a handful of weeks to go. there are a lot of people counting on those amounts right now. >> it would cost 20 billion to extend the benefits, which would expire by the 28th.
12:06 pm
>> last week we saw democrats ease up on some of their concerns. they originally wanted this unemployment benefits extension to be attached to this small-scale budget deal that is now in the works on capitol hill. they thought that would be a good show toward unemployment to include their interests in the budget deal. but later in the week they said actually it is okay. if the budget deal goes through without this section as long as we can pass it another way, that is all right. so i think it makes it much more likely we'll see the extension in some form or another in two weeks, again, we don't have much time before the lawmakers leave for the holidays. >> we don't, they're leaving on the 13th. and they say listen, it doesn't have to be incorporated into the budget deal as long as it gets on the table. so you believe that is what the white house, the administration's motive would be to get these people some unemployment benefits? >> that is exactly right, because i think this concern, if you include it in the budget deal you will have the
12:07 pm
conservative republicans who oppose the extension maybe voting against it. and house leaders know if they want as many votes as possible, they want it to come across as bipartisan. because certainly you have two bipartisan negotiators working on it now. so both parties would really benefit having it going through, with support from both parties. >> you mentioned -- i want to talk about the possibility of political barricades that would block this -- the unemployment extension from happening. you mentioned that some of the republicans don't want it to take place. but i would like to expound as to why. give us the reason behind that. >> well, for example, this week we saw very strong jobs report out showing that the unemployment rate fell actually to 7%, which is the third straight month of positive growth. we saw job growth across all sector sectors which is a very good sign. wages are still not going up quickly enough for a lot of people and so that is one case where things are not so good. but a lot of republicans are
12:08 pm
arguing hey, the economy is doing better so maybe it is time to ease up on these benefits we have been giving to the unemployed since 2008 when things were really in a crisis. they say because it is getting better maybe we need to reconsider some of the benefits and i think that is the argument we'll hear on capitol hill. >> and before you go, elise, on the democratic side, we had the unemployment rate drop to 7% on friday. and they're saying look, you have 1.3 million americans, including the vets who would lose their jobless aid if you will, if they don't extend it. so why are the democrats in favor of extending these benefits, no matter what the cost? >> i mean, when you think about it, this is the money in the pockets of people who desperately need it. their state unemployment benefits are exhausted, so they're counting on it to come
12:09 pm
through in a season when families want to feel comfortable in the holidays. and they're counting on these benefits to come through with only a short few weeks left to decide. so i think the democrats will really want to come through for these people despite the arguments for the republicans on the fiscal side. >> thank you for breaking it down for us so clearly today. and we'll see you another time. >> see you next time, thank you. and the saga of an american military veteran held in north korea has thankfully come to an end. 85-year-old merrill newman arrived home in san francisco earlier today. he was released yesterday after spending the last month and a half in north korean custody. dominic di-natale has more. >> he was released on humanitarian grounds despite being found guilty of spying and
12:10 pm
subversive activities, is what the regime called it. he arrived this morning, he looked tired but there was clearly a sense of relief in his voice when he made this statement to the media. listen to him. >> i am delighted to be home. i want to thank the swedish embassy and the american embassy in beijing for all of their help. it has been a great, great homecoming. and i'm tired, but -- ready to be with my family now. and thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciate it. >> his son, jeff, you can see to the right of the screen there described his dad as being in excellent spirits. he didn't give any detail of what his treatment had been right there. when i asked what the food had been like, he simply described
12:11 pm
healthy. so they head back to their palo alto home there. and vice president joe biden had been in south korea, and there were discusses shortly before he left. this is how joe biden reacted to the news. >> there is a piece of good news, the dprk today released someone they should never have had in the first place. but they have. there was no reason for him to be held, he should be released immediately. and we're going to continue to demand his release, as well. >> mr. bae he is referring to there is kenneth bae, a 45-year-old missionary who was captured in 2012, and was sentenced to hard labor for offenses against the state. the state has been lobbying hard with north korea for his release. and for no specific reason we
12:12 pm
know if, they have refused to release him. and it is something the obama administration hopes to resolve at least in 2014. no indications the koreans are going to release kenneth bae any time soon, but there is hope that since they released merrill newman, there is hope for kenneth bae. we saw merrill newman's family happy today. >> dominic, thank you. a new study says the roads could look a little less packed. that is because fewer young people seem to be looking to get a driver's license and are starting to use alternate methods of transportation. live in our new york city news room with what could be causing the trend, first of all, do you have a driver's license? >> i do have a driver's license in florida, that is true. >> are you a good driver? >> yes, i am, but i'm in new york, i don't really need it.
12:13 pm
buying a car used to be the american dream, getting a driver's license used to be a rite of passage. the number s have increased fro 21% to 26% in 2010. during that time, driving as a whole has dropped a huge 20% among 16 to 34-year-olds. meanwhile, the age most likely to buy a car has shift from 35 to 44 to 65, ken johnson has chosen instead to travel by bike, he says commuting is better by bike, more environmental friendly, and just more practical. >> i don't have to park, pay for car payments and automobile insurance, which i hear is really expensive in jersey, it
12:14 pm
is a form of entertainment and exercise, so i don't have to buy a gym membership in addition to paying for a car. and it is fun. >> it is fun but while the economy has played a role with more unemployed young people and high student loan payments, experts say more young people are not driving because they're moving to urban areas with easy access to public transportation. technology has made it easier to work and shop from home, and more people see driving as a hassle. >> there was much more aspiration to buy certain cars. i don't think the younger generation has that passion around it. it is really more getting from a to b, and they have more passion for what is in the car, things like entertainment systems. >> now, she expects millennials to buy more cars, but it is up to the automakers, meaning building more small cars with more technology inside. >> that is true, if you do drive in the city, you want a more compact car. i can't thinks, brian yennis.
12:15 pm
>> or driving a car in new york -- seems like a lot of fun to me. all right, deadly vows. coming up, the latest on a newlywed couple, and charges on luring an innocent man to his death. and fast food workers say they want better pay. but why one analyst says it would hurt the economy and jobs. >> i need to be able to support my family. so i felt like i needed to take a stand in this dt cake? of course you can! even if that heart was broken by zack peterson. bake the world a better place with nestle toll house. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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12:19 pm
.. time for a quick check of the headlines, senator rand paul says there is at least one member of his family who is not quite on board yet with his potential 2016 run for the white house. and that of course, is his wife. the republican senator has already made several visits to key presidential states such as iowa and new hampshire. police in pennsylvania say a couple married for just three weeks allegedly lured a man to his death with a craigslist ad because they wanted to kill someone together. the suspects told investigators their plan never worked out until last month when a victim
12:20 pm
responded to an on-line posting that promised companionship in return for money. and robinson cano of the yankees is leaving his team here in new york to suit up with the seattle mariners. the contract reportedly worth $240 million over ten years. that is a load of cash. >> that is a load of cash for sure. chris tomlin, a superstar in christian music. he sat down with our own john roberts to talk about the state of christian music as well as the war on christmas. >> walk into any contemporary christian church on any sunday and you're bound to hear a chris tomlin song. >> when i write songs i really think of the church as a whole and try to write songs to give voice to just the average person
12:21 pm
out there. what can they sing to god? >> more than a 100 of tomlin's worship songs are sung every week in tens of thousands of churches, the songs are infectious, prompting people to sing along in the chorus. >> i think, how can i make it for the average guy who is tone deaf and who can't clap on two and four, how do i make it easier for them. >> some say modern worship music is simple and shallow, tom lin disagrees, saying he is just rolling with the times. >> we're trying to write in a way that is singable for people. in with the times, all the hymns that we came to love were modern in their time, and i'm sure people complained about those, you know? >> beyond the music and stage show, tomlin is involved in
12:22 pm
social causes, the fight to end human trafficking, and worries about places like syria, iran and nigeria. while there are calls for the administration to do more about it, tomlin believes ultimately the church must be involved. >> we can't rely on the government only to do something, the church has got to do it. >> tomlin is also concerned that christian tradition is being undermined in a rush to political correctness by government and public institutions, in particular the much talked about war on christmas. >> for me, somebody like me, i'm not going to apologize for that. i'm never going to apologize for saying christmas is about jesus christ. some day you may be put in jail for that, but too bad. >> you will go to jail? >> of course i would. that is like if you say is christmas about jesus or not, i would say it is about jesus. >> and it is that passion that
12:23 pm
made tomlin the undisputed king of worship music. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. by the way, we have some breaking news about the reverend billy graham. coming up, the latest on his health. also, mayor rob ford on the defensive once again, this time facing allegations of bribery after allegedly trying to pay off a group of drug dealers in exchange for a vi showing him smoking crack. our legal panel will tell us why he may not be able to talk his way out of this one, stick around for that, as well. >> these are wire taps from gang members who say that you offered $500,000 if not more, $150,000 to confiscate the video of you doing crack on the tape, what would you say to that? >> number one, that is an outright lie. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. soy dog and i we're going to go find it.
12:24 pm
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. it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, a second round of wintry weather hitting the west with another dose of snow and ice, the storm is expected to head out, making its way east by tomorrow morning. the son of reverend billy graham says his father's health getting worse. the world renowned evangelist who just celebrated his 90th birthday was hospitalized for respiratory conditions. and the jackpot climbing to $34 million, the highest this year. well, more trouble for toronto's crack-smoking mayor. you're surprised, right? according to newly released court documents, mayor rob ford allegedly tried to, well, i
12:29 pm
don't know if we can really use the word "bribe," but let's say buy a group of suspected drug dealers off with $5,000 and a car, in exchange for a videotape that reportedly shows him smoking crack. during a recent interview on a sports radio program, mayor ford slammed the accusations, take a listen. >> these are wire taps that gang members who say you offered $5,000, if not more, $150,000 and a car, to confiscate the video of you doing crack on the tape. what would you say to that? >> well, number one, that is an outright lie, and number two, you can talk to my lawyers about it. but number two, if you want to talk football, i'll talk football. >> well, let's talk football, joining us, a criminal defense attorney, nice deflection by the
12:30 pm
mayor, but we don't know if it is true, but if it is true is he trying to buy evidence, evidence that would incriminate you of an alleged crime, is that a crime in itself? i'm thinking obstruction. >> of course, it is obstruction, think about the evidence that could potentially be used against you away from the -pgovernment. and the witnesses themselves, the people, they're not going to testify, i would use the word you didn't use, which is bribery, what he is doing is trying to pay them to a, give him the tape, the evidence against him, and not testify against him. >> i thought you could only use bribery against other government officials trying to bribe other government officials to do something. but she is making a good case. >> she is making a good case, as the canadian authorities are trying to do, to get this guy out of office. because apparently in canada you have to murder an entire village
12:31 pm
of women and children -- >> and then you will get a repla reprimand. >> so what do you think -- >> i think the horse is already out of the barn, if they don't have enough evidence to charge him now i don't think the tape will get them there. >> this is what i don't understand, if there is video of mayor ford smoking what appears to be a crack pipe with crack in it, and he admits that he is smoking crack, why isn't he charged with a drug crime? >> the only thing i can make, from the prosecution's standpoint is that they don't have the actual thing itself. they don't have the crack. so you could look at the video if it exists and say that was just a joke. i was smoking bubbles or something. you could say about the confession, that was just a joke, as well, i don't really mean it. they don't have the actual baggy to put in front of the jury.
12:32 pm
it is not provable. i always like to compare it to a dwi offense, if you say yeah, i was driving drunk yesterday, it is not a provable offense. >> of course, you would never do that. >> the mayor's friend alexander leesy is facing drug charges, he has already been charged, looking at an imminent trial. might prosecutors try to get him to flip against the mayor, try to get him to implicate mayor ford in exchange for a plea deal, a lighter sentence? >> absolutely, it is what you call a come to jesus moment, i'm going to bring somebody in, take this information, i won't use it against you and if you give me things that will then allow them to prosecute the mayor as so far they have not been able to do i'll give and lighter sentence, a plea deal, something like that. bargain it. >> you see that?
12:33 pm
>> yeah, i see it exactly as she says it, but more of the same. they're throwing darts at the dart board and just can't hit the bull's eye with this guy. he is making their case for them. >> yeah, so i still don't think they can do anymore than they have already done. and the rules in canada are different than the united states. but you know, in the beginning, let me draw a comparison. the infamous mayor of san diego. it looked in the beginning like you know, he was going to stand firm and weather the storm. they were not going to be able to force him to resign. and in the evidence, the evidence just kept building and mounting. and he had to resign. in fact, he had to plead to one particular crime. >> right, our laws are different, though, as far as kicking mayors out. in toronto, i don't know if it is that way all over canada, but john is right, you have to murder six people in front of others, before you get kicked out. otherwise you get a reprimand.
12:34 pm
and this guy seems to enjoy it, he likes it at this point. >> and he got cheered. he was at some event the other day and the constituents cheered him. i don't get that. >> maybe you have to be canadian to get it. >> the joke known only to canadians. >> they have a different sense of humor. they have a very interesting -- see, there he is, getting cheered. he is at the game. people are coming up for his autograph shaking his hand, hugging him. >> after he says things like, well, i didn't smoke cocaine at that place, parsing everything. no, i smoked cocaine at the airport, but i don't do that at the airport anymore. >> and he apparently has a long and distinguished history of being drunk in public places and being caught on tape doing that sort of thing. you know, i said off camera, maybe he will end up behind
12:35 pm
bars, she said no, more likely in a bar. >> guys, why did you bring me into this? see, that was a personal comment i made to you. >> there is so much more i could go with right now. so you don't want to go there. >> okay, you're right. >> good to see you both, thank you so much. who did the story, the song, dirty laundry? he is going to start to air mine because of the secrets -- all right, here we go guys, amid big changes in the middle east, president obama addressing the forum today on policy in the middle east, and what he is saying. and millions of fast food workers protest across the country for higher wages. but would higher pay be good for the economy and jobs? it is unfair that we have to do you know, backbreaking labor to get 7 to 9 an hour, when you
12:36 pm
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fast food workers across the u.s. have been walking off the job, demanding higher wages. president obama supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour over the next two years, but not everyone thinks that is a good idea, with some saying it
12:40 pm
will actually hurt the economy. joining me now, portfolio manager at capitalist pig hedge fund and a regular on fox. jonathan, good to see you. okay, should the minimum wage be increased and should it be the same across the country, state by state, i'm talking about. if not, what would you base it on, market to market, let's start there, jonathan. >> well, wages are not arbitrary. they're not based on whim and feeling. they're actually based on productivity and the demand for supply and labor. so the wages, resulting in job losses, especially among the fast food works working in this job. and the finding about minimum wage was the determination of the labor department back in 1938 when the first minimum wage was enacted. in effect, it is discrimination, it says to a low skilled worker
12:41 pm
if you can't produce at $15 an hour you can't produce at all. and of course, it says to the employer you can't hire them either. so it is a lose/lose event for all, and a loss of jobs. >> let's go here, to the heritage foundation, saying increasing memory wage would hurt the jobs and the economy. again, so you seem to agree with that particular proposal? >> and it hurts the workers, as well. i mean, you mentioned mcdonald's in the lead-up. 40% of mcdonald's executives started at minimum wage workers store management. many of them make $170,000 a year started as hourly associates. so what is so frustrating about the minimum wage laws, not only do they do anything to create jobs but they prevent the low-skilled workers to improve
12:42 pm
and make something of their lives, that is make better wages, as well. >> and we want people to get educated and make better wages, which is not to say the people at fast food places are not educated. but you said something about the managers at walmart starting out at the minimum wage jobs. so in a way that is championing at the bottom, if you will, and working your way up. >> i'm not saying they're not educated, but they don't have the skills, that is what these jobs provide. certainly a low level first time employee who wants to raise up their level, start at the bottom. i myself worked at starbucks starting out. this is a good thing in government force which is what the minimum wage is, only destroys productivity. and keep in mind, the greatest periods of productivity in this country, occurred before the minimum wage was enacted. >> you started at a starbucks,
12:43 pm
did you know that greg jarrett worked at the quarry with the flintstones? that is how old he is. >> barney rub ble is my best friend. >> all right, so proposals of some senators, the proposals of hiking the federal minimum wage of $10.10 over the next two years, they believe it is a good idea because they're talking about putting money in the pockets of the low wage earners and they will spend more money and help to raise the local economy, what is your take on that? >> well, that was the same justification for all the stimulus spending for the economy what, the better part of the last six years? but consumption doesn't create productivity, the production, it is the new wealth. so it is not that the employees are spending more money, it is that the investors are able to open a new mcdonald's, start a new business. that is the type of productivity and innovation that doesn't
12:44 pm
occur when the government brings force to the work place, which is exactly what the minimum wage is. >> so in 2012, we're talking about last year, 3.6 million workers earned those hourly wages at or below the federal minimum wage, what $7.25 an hour, we're talking about 4.7% of all the 75.3 million hourly paid workers. so sum up for me, jonathan, your take on the minimum wage fight. >> well, the minimum wage violates people's rights. it violates the rights of workers to work and violates the rights of employers to employ. and it stops what i would hope we all want to happen in this country, jobs to be created, productivity and innovation to move forward. so what we need is not more controls over businesses, at what rate they hire workers, we simply need more jobs and wages. >> we do want more jobs for everyone. thank you very much. >> thank you. i give you credit.
12:45 pm
that was a very funny one. >> that was a very, very funny one. but you know what they say about paybacks? >> oh, stand by, you know he is going to come up with something. stay tuned. president obama making news at a forum on middle east policy today. trying to reassure critics about that controversial nuclear deal with iran. but is it working? we're going to have a live report on that. for the first time in over ten years we have halted advances in the iranian nuclear program. we have not only made sure that they have to stop adding additional centrifuges.
12:46 pm
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. president obama addressing the forum on u.s. policy in the middle east. this comes amid tense relations between washington and israel over a recent nuclear deal with iran. >> it is precisely because of the international sanctions and the coalition that we were able to build internationally, that the iranian people responded by
12:50 pm
saying we need a new direction in how we interact with the international community and how we deal with the sanctions regime. and that is what brought president rouhani to power. >> molly henneberg live in washington. >> hi, president obama tried to answer some of his critics today, the prime minister of israel among them who has said the u.s. is making a big mistake, expecting that iran will halt its nuclear program. in change for its easing of international sanctionings. >> it is important for us to test that proposition during the next six months, understanding that while we're talking they're not secretly improving their position or changing circumstances on the ground inside of iran. if at the end of six months it
12:51 pm
turns out that we can't make a deal, we're no worse off and in fact we have greater leverage with the international community to continue to apply sanctions and even strengthen them. >> israeli prime minister n netanyahu says the deal weakens the international sanctions that were having an impact. >> i have expressed my concern that the sanctions would begin to unravel and i think steps must be taken to prevent further erosions of sanctions. >> meanwhile, in iran today iranian president hassan rowhani indicated that breaking the, quote, ominous sanctions is an important as enriching uranium and said centrifuges should spin but the lives of the people and the economy also need to spin.
12:52 pm
iran has agreed to allow graeker access for nuclear inspectors and cap the level of uranium it can enrich. >> thank you for that report. >> let's talk about u.s. policy in that region of the world. former visor to six secretaries of state and vice-president of the woodrow woodson center. great to see you. >> pleasure. >> secretary kerry claims the united states and israel are, quote, absolutely in sync. those are his words. but the prime minister calls the u.s. deal with iran an historic mistake. can those two statements be reconciled, or is it just the usual out of sync rhetoric that's typical in diplomacy. >> it's tough to reconcile because you're dealing with the divide between the great power and a small power living in a dangerous neighborhood.
12:53 pm
since you where you stand in life is basically driven by where you sit, i think that this is israeli prime minister has a different view of the means and the end game. it's a serious, serious problem. at best, i think we're not going to be able to solve the iranian nuclear issue. you're going to be able to maybe put some time on the clock but over time this is a problem that's going to have to continue to be addressed and managed. there simply are no compelling comprehensive solutions. >> they don't appear to be nsync at all. israel wants iran to stop enriching uranium. the irans say we're going to continue to do it. netanyahu demands depllte d dismantling of iran's nuclear program. >> it's hard to see right now
12:54 pm
what the end game would be. are the iranians really prepared to put $100 billion nuclear infrastructure in moth balls? is the united states, the congress, really prepared to eliminate comprehensive oil and banking sanctions that have been so effective to this point in getting the iranians to the negotiating table? that's why i'm more inclined to accept transaction advertise rather than transformations, outcomes rather than solutions. >> let me switch topics on the israeli iranian potential peace agreement. kerry claims the parties are closer than ever to a two-state solution. >> with all due respect to the secretary, he's working very hard, but i think in some respects he's caught up in what i would describe as a nelson mandela moment. he's looking for a transfo
12:55 pm
transformati transformation. there is no nelson mandelas in washington. there are no nelson mandelas in israel and certainly on the palestinian or the arab side. at best an agreement is possible, perhaps one that deals with security and borders, but to think that you can get a comprehensive accord that deals with jerusalem, refugees, seems to me a bridge too far again. think about outcomes, maybe better ones than the ones we have now but not solutions. >> jewish settlements, right of return, east jerusalem is the capital of a palestinian state. those seem to be almost impossible, intractable problems. i've got the wrap here and i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it at that. we will continue our discussion. aaron and david miller, thank you for being with us. >> a tough one to tackle. by the way, quickly before we
12:56 pm
go, i mentioned the song dirty laundry earlier in the show. it's don henley. i can picture his face, couldn't picture his name. i don't want you to give me a hard time about that. >> who told you it was don henley? >> excuse me, i know don henley. whatever. that does it for us. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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