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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 17, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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visitors every day. you may -- analysts say social media is especially popular in thailand. last year's winner was an airport in bangkok, neither is popular as jasper the dog or meatloaf. >> onused army mega blimp? space peas? today the report on government waste that will have you clinging to your wallets. welcome, everyone, this is "your world." the 2013 waste book it out. 30 billion of your tax daryl win down the drain. topping the lest, the president's botched healthcare web site. okayed is here to break it down. let's start with the web site. >> yes, that web site. >> how much the waste book says how much was wasted there?
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>> $379 million spend on, which we all saw on october 1st didn't exactly roll out that smoothly. if you factor in publicity, advertising, and marketing, $685 million spent on that, according to the 2013 waste book. >> the waste look, which i hold here, all 1 1 38 pages. he says 379 million wastes on the web site. number two, tell me about the mega blimp. >> a huge blimp the u.s. army spent two and a half years building and it's $300 million down the drape, it's the length of a football field and was supposed to fly over battle fields inas. the only place it flew over, new jersey. >> i live in new jersey. $297 million for that. >> that's right. >> number three, the romance web site. >> yes. the national endowment for humanities spend almost a million dollars studying romance and pop culture, movies, songs, different books dating back to
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greek m.i.t. mythology, and built a web site and blog. and some of the more pop lay topics, team edward or team jacob from twilight? and the song, call me maybe,. >> i think that's a waste. give you that one. that is a waste. next one, number four. solar panel covers. i don't see what's wrong with that. >> well, $3.5 million spent at boston airport to install these solar panels on top of a parking garage. sounds good well, 25% of them are now covered by tarp because air traffic controllers said they were bottom lining them during the day because of the glare from the sun. >> there's a point to be made there occasionally one makes mistakes in the planning process. >> weren't engineers involved? >> you're not going to give them an inch, are you? tomko -- just reporting from the book. >> the space pizza. sounds like a waste.
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125,000 bucks. >> as we were saying, one of the eleast egregious things on the lest. that was spent in a grant to a 3-d printer company, trying to make printed pizza -- >> i don't think that's a waste. 3-d printing is big and who knows what applications this technology will result in, in the real world, the terrestrial world. >> i'm not sure how the pizza will taste. >> will you withdraw your criticism and. >> you convinced me. >> taste a long list and comes out once or twice a year. and it's always a long list, and nothing ever changes. >> it's always the superlong list. $30 billion list. the congress spent a lot of taxpayer cash. >> we have made a joke of some of these are but it's not a joke and a lot of ourer viewers will
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be fuming because it's their money and it's spent like this. one more, facebook, what is this? facebook has a tax refund? >> they did. they made over a billion dollars last year, but because they gave stock options to their workers they got a tax refund of $300 million according to the waste book. >> you have to repeat that for me. they made money, profit, massive market, but they government a $259 million tax refund you you heard right. >> that's enough is all i can stand. that's the waste become for you. thank you. the president,le huddling with tech ceos in an attempt to turn over obamacare webs around. a new poll putting the president's approval rating at 43%, down from 54% in december last year. to ed henry at the white house who is keeping track of it all. >> reporter: the problem for the president -- we already knew in
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various polls the president had taken a hit in his approval rating and credibility because of and the promises he made about, if you like your plan, you can keep it. but we're seeing from this poll how in the historical context of it all, he is now one of the lowest of the second-term president at this point, end of the fifth year. george w. bush had 47% approval in at this point. for the president to be below that, it suggests he could have more trouble like george w. bush did late in his second term in terms of getting the public on his side to help implement healthcare reform, number one, and enacting new things like immigration reform, interesting the president announced that he is bringing in a man from microsoft to help deal with the web site. we pressed jay carney why they
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didn't hire someone with experience and deal with the web site months ago, and jay carney acknowledged maybe they should have. >> obviously we would have much preferred a more successful launch, and if that could have 'affected by having somebody in this position in the past, then we should have had somebody in that position in the past. >> you mentioned that the president had a meeting as well as tech executives. a lot of big companies, facebook, apple, microsoft, twitter. they spoke about nsa surveillance, these companies concerned about government overreach. they expressed that to the president. the president respond he pit together a task force to deal with that and also talked about again, a sign that the president reaching out to these folks who may be able to help but needed their help sooner. >> wonder why jeff bezos isn't there. runs
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the ultimate web site. >> might be busy getting packages out. >> all these tech guys, worried about the nsa snooping on their users? or what about saving their open backside. rebecca says these ceos are just worried about their companies. then we have disagreement say they're worried about their users, mercedes? really? >> big disclaimer. we represent some of the largest tech companies in the world. setting that aside, i have personal experience with these top tech companies. at it really is about the user. even when they're facing subpoenas -- the case wants to know the identity of the user. these tech companies fight vociferously against the subpoena can saying we guaranteed our users will have their privacy. we're going to stand by our word. >> rebecca, you say there's just looking after themes and their companies. >> i'm worried they're looking
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at the bottom line. they all met with obama today. ostensibly about and the nsa's surveillance. are they really just worried about if the overreaching surveillance hits them hard, will it hit their bottom line? >> if i'm a ceo the bottom line is my main concern. >> not the user. >> the nsa is running a very extensive tracking program and using many of the companies which were represented in that meeting to do the tracking. there's a conflict here. those companies are being sued by the people who are being tracked. the president is facing a lot of criticism from these companies because his policies are putting the heat on those companies. >> the companies will say, did we even have a choice here? we're being summoned by the executive branch of the government for this information. of course we're going to comply with it.
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>> if you were in that meeting you would have said, mr. president what, are you doing here? we're getting killed on your behalf. >> i mean, constitutionally, he is asking them to really violate individual privacy rights. nonart doing it for the bottom line or their user. they don't want to violate the individual privacy rights. yesterday we had a federal court decision where a judge said, this is overreaching-president obama. you better scale back. >> he has a committee looking into changing. i presume those tech companies were putting pressure on, get the heat off our back. >> undottedly. >> you think they're representing their users more than themselves? >> they really have this integrity. >> i would say the bottom line. >> integrity keeps the privacy of the year. >> maybe bottom line is the same for both. protect the users to protect your bottom line, and you're protect doing. >> ow -- you won't have a bottom
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line if they go elsewhere. >> snooping was the main topic of the discussion, and had it been the obamacare web site, why wasn't jeff bezos there? >> why hasn't obama reached out to the top men who clearly know hundred to iran -- to run a business. oracle, bring them in, if they can't make the work. >> the lowest bidder -- >> if they bid at all. >> the bottom line would be you expect these tech ceos to say to the president, mr. president, get this snooping off our backs. we need this badly. >> absolutely. >> the privacy right. the judge said where is all the information you claim is so critical for national security? >> you don't have any of that. >> we reached consensus which is -- a couple of lawyers here. ladies, thank you very much indeed. did this vote today just
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help democrats in key congressional races? we're on that one for you. then taxpayers, $10 billion in the hole? do the head of general motors just say, don't blame us. ♪
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if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. [ cellphone beeps ] this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. the stage is set and a final vote is near on the two-year budget deal. we are told the budget should pass the senate without too much trouble this week. does that spell trouble for runs in 2014? bob cusack is the hill's manager director, explain this to me. how come, if the republicans help pass the budget in the senate, they are in fact helping democrats? >> well, there's a provision in the budget deal that would enable senate democrats not to have a pass a budget next year. earlier this jeer the senate democrats passed a budget after four years. that was a painful process for them, and four democrats who are facing re-election at the time voted no. so this would be a painful
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process for senate democrats next year, easier for republicans because they passed a budget, paul ryan's budget, farley easily. the budget in the senate is harder. so this will basically let the senate democrats off the hook to craft a budget resolution in an election year. >> senator lan drew in louisiana. got 40% of the vote in a recent pole, compared to two runs, one with 44 and one with 10. explain to me how passing the budget in the senate helps candidates like mary laandreua in the senate. >> she can take a pass on voting on one of the most controversial things the senate votes on, and you have budget amendments, and so in a normal budget year, like earlier this year, there were -- the budget resolution was voted on and anyone can offer budget amendments, i should have all-night budget votes and these
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are on anything because it's germane to the budget because the budget affects everything. so they can avoid both the budget vote and any controversial budget amendment vote. >> sounds almost like accidental help for democratsment don't republicans get something here, too? the country surely has no stomach for another crisis and another government shutdown, and the republican can claim, passed this budget, give us credit. >> in all likelihood, there's not going to be a government shutdown because they have agreed to these parameters. still have to pass appropriation bills to fund the government, but now they have this deal, the parameters have been set and all likelihood not going to be a government shutdown where the polls hurt republicans. republican primary challengers will get to avoid the senators who are facing republican primary challenge can avoid these -- >> bob, my head is spinning with
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all this inside politics. i'm fining it hard to follow here. didn't mitch mcconnell vote no on this budget and yet that helps him? >> yeah. i think it -- everyone expected him to vote no, and he did. it does help him because he is facing a primary challenger. he has to really -- the worst of all worlds, primary challenge and he has a general election challenge, where other republican senators, like ma mar alexander, that cochran, once they get by the primary they're going to win re-election. mcconnell has to worry about both. so he went no on this budget deal because it breaks the caps put into effect by the put control act, aisle e, the sequester. >> it's fascinating. most of the country is saying, thank heavens we're not going to shut the government down. here's inside politics which, again, makes my head spin. thank you very much for explaining it all. we expert that. >> thank you.
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>> taxpayers, out more than $10 billion from the gm bailout. did the company's ceo just say, don't count on getting it back? yeah. we're going to play the tape and you can decide. >> do you think that gm should repay the taxpayers that money directly? >> well --
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not even a thank you, for all the money we gave you? what kind of thanks is that. when asked if general motors would pay back the $10.5 billion that taxpayers lost in the gm bailout, the company's ceo said this: they took an equity interest. they could have cast the bankruptcy different, made low interest loans. they didn't. they were taking a ride just like you do when you buy stock. >> taking a ride just like you
1:22 pm
do -- charles paine is smiling. >> you talk about probably the most ungrateful person on the planet? are you kidding me? it's not dan per se but you want to talk about a company -- by the way, you and i differ in the sense i thought this was a traditional bailout. i didn't like the government intervention in the whole thing. >> traditional bankruptcy. >> bankruptcy, rather, yeah. but the point is, this was more than a lifeline, my man. come on now. show some gratitude and be grateful. i will say from dan's point of view, gm is finally taken market share. general motors seems to be firing on all cylinders, and for the government to sell now and take this $10 billion hit, tells you that we have a government, particularly this administration, that is so money hungry they can't wait for the stock to come back, can't let the stock go up. they need the cash now. >> but you can say that the bailout ended up with general
1:23 pm
motors functioning well. it still one of the top one or two carmakers on the planet. they are making money. and they are in business. you can call that a winner. >> they're making money now because the great news about bankruptcy is it allows you to re-organize your house. they got rid of a whole bunch of salaries they couldn't afford and some obligations they couldn't afford. >> forgive me for jumping in. i think the bailout was highly politicized. the loserrer were the taxpayers, the bondholders, and general motors manage: they were cut loose, free and easy. the winner was the unions, essentially. they were made whole. the taxpayer was not. >> that's why it was a government bailout. listen, although it started under president bush, president obama took the bailout and craft it in a way where he rewarded this union backers, no doubt.
1:24 pm
a traditional bailout might have been better, might be even more profitable right now and would have less of a stigma attached to them. one thing i find a problem is the notion or the narrative that these bailouts work. overall that's what you're earth. aig running commercials about. i bothers me the next crisis, the american taxpayer is going to be told, hey, pony up a trillion dollars. it work last time. did it really work for anybody watching the show? >> is how gm's chief, dan -- here's how he was justifying the cost of the bailout. >> the center for automotive research estimates that between not having to pay for unemployment, social costs, and the various communities and midwest in particular, and lost tax revenue, there was a 36 to $38 billion gain. >> he is saying what you're saying. that in fact the bailout was a success.
1:25 pm
that's what he was saying. >> they're also saying the entire american automotive industry would have implode. ex-when in fact the foreigners have come into this country and made -- developed such an amazing automobile industry within our own country, but mostly in the southern states, states -- work -- right to work states there would have been buyers. we could have had a real business but they dress it up and have become masters as dressing this up because -- >> they dress it it up. >> -- selling us for the next one. >> watch out for those foreigners. >> especially with those funny accents. >> see you tomorrow morning. they never wanted it but republicans could pay for it with their jobs. we've got the latest on what's being called the obamacare trap.
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for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel compared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. being called the obamacare trap, because, to hear the "washington examiner" tell is, the worst obamacare gets the worst for republicans. republicans can't repeal the law because it is so imbedded in the healthcare system. so it forces republicans to either fix it or pay the price at the polls. not sure i follow that logic. but is byron york right? fair and balanced as always.
1:30 pm
hadly, are you buying that logic? >> you know, when i think of the obamacare trap, the first people i think of are not republicans but americans who lost insurance plans or looking at significant chances, not by their choice but as a result of the law. so republicans who are looking at ways to change or main obamacare different, they can agree to changes that open up consumer options and that actually undermines the purpose of obamacare, which is government control. >> you don't agree with the logic. not the republicans who will pay the price, it's the democrats. that's your point? >> yes. >> julie? >> i think'm has somewhat of a point. republicans want to repeal obamacare which is what you're seeing in in the house and senate, trying to pass legislation to repeal it. 32% of the american voters support for repeal. what the republicans want to do. if they persist in doing this,
1:31 pm
they're going to have to explain why they're taking away healthcare that provides people who have preexisting conditions -- there are more pars for obamacare -- >> the immediate argument is obamacare is chaos and confusion and difficulty for million0s people. >> that's an argument -- >> without a single republican vote. this is strictly a democratic affair and your saying they dem greats will not get the blame. >> don't forget this. the argument you're making is a koaent argument for the run are yous. >> thank you. >> they've been making it now for four years, envelopes, only 32% of the public, despite everything you just said, support their position. from a political standpoint north policy standpoint. that's not a winning argument. >> how do you respond to that? 32% of americans, voting population, says repeal it entirely. >> well, there's people who would like to see part of it repealed, or changed.
1:32 pm
so there's not an overwhelming majority of americans who support keeping the law as is. that's the counterargument. repelling the law is an uphill batting and an important point. obamacare is like other entitlements, medicare and social security. they have staying power because they're entitlement programs, the third rail of politics and that's what's obamacare threatens to become, because there are few winners. most of us will be losers under obamacare and i believe everyone will be a loser in the long run because of changeness the medical system, but there are winner jazz issue health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius admitted some people will pay more for health care under obamacare. listen to this. >> there are some individuals who may be looking at increases. i think you cannot make statement based on costs unless
1:33 pm
you compare what they had to what they're going into. >> not just some individuals, julie. it's millions of people who are going to be paying more. and i don't think they're going to be blaming republicans. i think they're going to be blaming democrats. >> millions of people will be paying less. that's the difference. >> they'll be getting a subsidy. >> no, whether they're getting subsidy or getting care they couldn't get because of preexisting conditions or now have insurance policies, new york state, people are paying less. >> more people will pay a lot more. >> not accurate. >> oh,ey -- >> not accurate. >> how about the deductibles. >> are you talking about people who now -- >> tell me about the deductibles. >> deductiblees have been going up for the past 40 years. what itself i went out on he then open market before obamacare and had too buy health care. i don't have any subsidies or access to health care. these people are being winners here but not to belabor the
1:34 pm
point. the runs are suggesting something the american people don't want which is a full repeal. >> an important part of the republican message will be alternative forms of health reform so it's important we read bills that are proposed by republicans, republican study commitees. so there are conservative solutions to many of the problems that americans agree need addressing. >> last word to hadley. thank you for being with us. retailers, with hours that just don't stop. a sign our economy is in for a shock? did you just buy a gift ward for someone to swipe? why you may be swiped instead. we'll explain it all. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deal
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-- forget a marathon. how about a shop a. no toys 'r' us announcing continuous shopping hours, 87 straight hours. there's more on this. diane? >> good news for procrastinators. toys 'r' us says it will be open from 6:00 a.m. on december 21, until 9:00 p.m. on christmas eve, for a total of 87 straight hours. coming on the news of an announcement from kohl saying they'll keep their stores open for 100 hours, and macy's normstrom are extending shopping hours, opening at 8:00 a.m. and closing at midnight. and toys 'r' us vice-president says the goal here with only eight days left in the shopping season is to make sure customers can shop when it's most convenient for them. the other goal is to get the customers in their stores stored not somebody else, and there's
1:39 pm
still a lot of customers to compete over. as of december 9th, only half of americans said they were done with christmas shopping, compared to 56.5% at this time last year. the president and ceo of that federation says there's no question that the shortened holiday season has put both retailers and con southerlies in -- consumers in a rush to make the most out of the time that is left before the big day. for those who like to leave christmas shopping to the last minute, i think the takeaway is we still have plenty of time. >> have done all of mind already. thank you very much. are these shopping hours an act of desperation? what is behind these marathon pushes? i think it's in desperation and the challenge of online shopping. >> i'm looking at retailers right now and they remind me of -- they're crying out for
1:40 pm
tapings and the fact is the promotions weren't that intense on black friday. actually increased each week since, and as when you have devices every three months you see retailers trying to morph into devices. >> you believe that? >> we have seen in the consumer confidence numbers that consumers have been pulling back the last two months. they don't feel good about the future, so why open their wallet, and retailers have six fewer days in the shopping season so they have to work that much harder to bring consumers into their stores. >> do you see some retailers going out of business next year? >> if you dig into the numbers, electronic retailers and home goods retailers are seeing a rise this year, where consumers are spending money. but apparel and mass market, it's not so great. a lot of those consumers are shopping on amazon and they're really feeling the pain. >> are some of them going to go out next year?
1:41 pm
>> it's possible. a weak consumer -- >> big names i'll know? >> radio shack -- theirs is their last holiday season in business. one of the most irrelevant retailers in the mall, and their financial statements show they're in big trouble. >> how about toys 'r' us. people don't buy toys so much these days. >> i buy a lot of toys. i have a four year. >> don't you buy technology, gadgets, smartphones? maybe not for a four-year-old but you know where i'm coming from. >> in general, there are so many more people who are looking for the electronic products, and toys are a low-margin business and that makes them more vulnerable to the future and their existence is more up in the air. they don't have the margins and retailers are in the middle of clothing apparel like jc penney, what do hey have to offer that is exciting. >> if i go shopping in the next five days i'm going to get gigantic discounts if i go to brecks and more tar -- mortar.
1:42 pm
>> you're being very strategic here. you're being careful. you're planning your purchases and trying to stretch that dollar as for as it can go. >> they're desperate to get my dollar. >> for you, stuart, everyone is desperate. >> don't think so. so some are going out next year. not just radio shack, others as well? >> we're hearing reports jc penney stock is down. too much inventory. concern about them as well. >> thank you very much for joining us. you swipe, they strike. 80% of holiday shoppers snatching up gift cards this year, and don't scammers know it. now they're coming up with new ways to rip you off to security analyst on what to look out for. i have my own list on what to look out for. i'm especially caution of discounted gift cards that may be at auction sites.
1:43 pm
>> especially used cards. you usually do business with those you know and like and trust with established reputations. >> i would be ware of unsolicited web offers in the mail or on the web. wouldn't touch if with a ten-foot pole. >> certainly if you receive an e-mail that has a too good to be true offer for a gift card or a popup for that matter, chances are it's a scam. >> is it command? are the scammers really out there looking at gift cards in particular? >> there are bad guys out there in full force, 24/7, 36 5 especially this time of the year, and gift cards are form oft cash, and ultimately they know they can turn that opportunity into cash for themselves. so we definitely have to be on
1:44 pm
the lookout. >> here's what really worries me. i would never give any kind of personal information in return for a gift card. i don't just lose money with that. i could lose -- identity theft is what is wrapped up in that. >> correct. you should not be giving ute, say, social security number in exchange for a gift card. sometimes there might be contests of some sort that might ask for additional personal information, names, addresses, phone numbers and so forth. generally if you're going to buy a gift car. it might require a credit card number and that's about it. >> am i right in saying that some of these stores, like a retailer, who offers these gift cards, they keep the money if the gift card is not used. you don't get it back in any way, shape or form. >> well you do need to look at the terms of service, the terms and conditions with each card, making sure they are -- they don't expire, that you use it before that might occur, and make sure that you're doing
1:45 pm
business with are reputable store that isn't essentially going to cancel that card on you within six months. >> wrap it up for me. shy really be that worried? >> so, i don't worry about any of this stuff. what i do is i make sure that my pc has updated antivirus, antispy ware, a fire wall, only do business with organizations i can trust. am sewn -- amazon or best buy. use this cards quickly in case bad guys have access to information on them. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> forget tapped out. u.s. oil production going up. time to use the pipeline to keep it up maybe? (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts
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it's the new u.s. oil production is surging, expected to reach nearly 9.5 million-s a day in 2016. shawne, welcome to the program. here's the question. why do we need to build a pipeline to bring even more oil to the united states when our own production is rising already? >> because global demand for oil is rising, here in the united states and globally. so we know demand is going to rise. the question is if you want to keep prices down you have to keep the supply going in order to tap or at least slow down the ascent of oil and gasoline prices. the pipeline will take two years to complete and they can send more oil down here to keep fuel
1:50 pm
costs low. >> the opponents are going to say you don't need this extra oil from con, -- from canada, ad if you do, you're going to export it anyway. >> we it. warren buffett made a huge bet on the railroads for $44 billion, biggest belt he ever made, and that as a lot to do with why oil is traveling by rail and a lot of it is being pressed into the future for the pipeline. >> bearing that in mine do you think the pipeline has any shot at all of getting built? >> i think that it does have a shot of getting built but
1:51 pm
they can increase the safety by putting in multiple shutoff points. it's free to us as americans. canada will pay for it. it wail create jobs and we'll have the -- transport our oil to the gulf on the free pipeline so it's a win for us. >> let's suppose we did built and it two years from now we have oil from canada. two years from now we'll have our own production of 9.5 million-barrels a day. how much will come from canada? what kind of total oil production or oil availability will we have in america if we build it? >> they're saying 83,000 barrels per day would be coming down and that's still not a huge dent in what we use because we use 15 billion barrels per day. it would help. some of that would.
1:52 pm
>> but yet still american workers would still benefit. >> we have it. sean hymen, thanks forejoining us. >> thank you. al gore said the arktic would be soup by now. wait until you hear the latest study giving environmentalists the chills. check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app.
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this is humira at work. for some time now, melting ice here, the north pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible and there may be no alternative but to cancel christmas. >> fear not, santa, for you have been saved. according to new data, the
1:56 pm
arctic is expanding. sea ice up 50% since last year alone. five years ago al gore said all of the ice would be gone by now, he clearly got that wrong. so let's bring in environmentalist howard ghoul. howard, i think that that ad, i know it was from green peace, not you guys, i think that was over the top, don't you agree. >> no, i definitely think that was over the top. green peace is known for doing things that are clearly over the top. but i think the message is there, the message is a correct one in talking about global climate change, but evangelizing from the extremes is not necessarily the best approach. >> right. >> now i'm quoting from a bbc report, british broadcasting corporation. the increase in ice in the arctic totaled 1400 cubic miles. how do you explain that, if you say that climate is changing and
1:57 pm
we're all going to end up with an arctic that looks like soup? how do you explain this? >> you have to look at the world as a living, breathing organism. not every place is heating up at the same rate. so you have some places that are going to be hotter and some places that might be colder. so you look if it was just released early this afternoon that november was the hottest year reported -- recorded in 135 years. you have to understand that the climate globally is increasing. and mind you, when you look at in a data that has -- at that data that has come out, it is still 290 square miles less than between 1981 and 2010. >> you should get out of the forecasting business because when people like al gore and prince charles in england that make the forecasts that don't pan out, it makes you look bad. it undermines your whole case, doesn't it. >> i don't know that it
1:58 pm
undermines the whole case. you're an economist, if you have a stock going down for 30 straight days and you have one day it goes up, you are not saying it is a downward trend. and the fact -- >> hold on. this is from noaa, it shows that snowfall in the united states of america over the last 11 years, it has gone up and it is now almost a record, more than 50% of the country is covered in the month of december. that is 11 years of snow cover, it is going up. now how do you account for that? that is a long-term move. >> sure, in this country we think we are the masters of our own universe but because snow levels go up does not mean the entire globe is cooling. the entire globe is heating and certain areas are going to be hotter or colder as climate change starts to really take effect.
1:59 pm
>> you are playing defense, you know it. >> the fact is that the hottest nine years occurred in the last decade. and it is science. so i don't think -- look, i hope you are right. i hope you are right. i hope this is an upward trend and i hope that the climate is not cooling and i'll be the first one to come on here and say, you were right. >> you know the worse thing -- >> and one small change is not really saying it proves the rule. >> the worst thing that green peace did apart from kill joy, they got the butler from "downton abbey" to play the santa. and you are playing defense. we appreciate it. we've all heard them. loud cell phone conversations, well professional prankster greg benson figured out how to make them go away.
2:00 pm
he sits next to them and makes a move and embarrasses them. can you see him on my show, varney and company at 9:20 easte eastern, first thing tomorrow morning on the fox business network. 9:20, everyone. "the five" is next. hello. i'm here with andrea, bob, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> we are 8 days from christmas and the world is a wash in christmas cheer and christmas lights illuminating children of all ages, bob. but here at home atheists and the politically correct are trying to ruin christmas for the kids. two examples, first up a tradition around for 50 years, nor add has tracked santa's sleigh and kids ask track the path of santa's sleigh and leave


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