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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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speaking of winning, your odds are slim and experts say your odds won't improve that much if you buy one ticket or 1,000 tickets so buy one. and they recommend mickr own numbers rather than let the computer do it. good luck! let me know if you win! tonight, the united states senate has voted to advance a so-called bipartisan budget deal. what the supporters of this plant don't want you to know is the devil is in the details and senator marco rubio is here to expose the truth about this agreement and why he was a no vote on this legislation, just the beginning of this tuesday night edition of hannity. straight ahead. >> how do you do that? how do you balance the budget? >> you have to learn how to say no. >> we have uncovered the future 40th president of the united states chilling 1975 warning to
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america. >> people keep looking at government for the answer and government's the problem. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. >> not according to the newly released 2013 waste book. wait until you hear how your government is spending your hard earned tax dollars. tis the season for another hawaiian get away for the obama family. guess what, you're footing the new bill. all that plus a new lawsuit against the teen drunk driver who killed four people but ruled too rich go to jail and the tragic murder of a 30-year-old new jersey man shot after christmas shopping with his wife. hannity starts right here right now. welcome to hannity. this afternoon harry reid scraped together enough votes in the senate to advance what is being touted as a bipartisan budget bill but includes the unthinkable cuts to veterans' benefits. that despite the fact the
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legislation will hurt future military retirees, each and every democrat voted yes and more troubling they were joined hand-in-hand by 12 republicans, alexander, blount, chambliss, hogan, isaacson, johnson, mccain, murkowski and portman. fortunate the others had the guts to stand up and oppose the plan. here's what senator lindsey graham said about this. >> president obama, don't sign this bill in its current form. we've got until january 15th, you, above everybody here, has a responsibility to take care of those who serve, who are retired, going to retire soon and in the future. you are the commander in chief. mr. president, do not let this happen. >> now, a final vote on the bill in the senate is expected no later than tomorrow. tonight, we want you to zwroin
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tzwroin -- join the conversation. would you support the so-called bipartisan deal? and use my # #hannity, my twitter address. one of the few lawmakers refusing to support the plan, senator rubio, welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. a great way to start. why do you oppose and tell me your interpretation of the impact on the military? >> on the military side it's important to start with that. these men and women serving us in the armed forces will be impacted particularly those retired and depending on those retired benefits now will be reduced under this law. the more fundamental problem broader than that, this is a budget that basically continues to spend more money for our government than it takes in. it doesn't seriously deal with the debt not just from my opinion but everyone who deals with it from that perspective and increases spending by $62
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billion over the next four years but promises to pay for it in the next 10. it never happens. the spending cut that was part of the big fight that happened have basically been wiped out, a big problem and why you saw almost every republican in the senate vote ah intelligence it. >> also -- vote against it. >> also double counting. you're right. you will spend the first the first two years and won't cut the money until the last two years, years nine and 10 of the deal, isn't that right? >> that's right. that's a gimmick used in washington basically ask you the money up front and promise to pay it back. just right now we're already breaking a promise to hold the line on spending if you vote for this budget. imagine two, four, six years from now. >> we keep hearing this is a tactical difference. if only republicans could win in 2014 in january 2015, we will be able to do something. in january of 2015, doesn't that
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mean barack obama still present? does that mean we have to wait until january 2017 before they really fight on these things? >> that's the point. everyyear we get told the same thing, we need to wait until next year. and meanwhile the debt continues to grow. we have a very dangerous debt and government that continues to grow the debt and economy not creating enough jobs because this issue goes unresolved. people look at this and look at the dysfunction in washington and inability now it appears of leaders in both parties to tackle this issue in a serious and meaningful way and they conclude america is not prepared to bring the debt under control and discourages americans from start starting businesses and it is hurting american in different ways >> a pugh research poll came out showing he's losing his base. another poll came out the president his approval rating at the end of his fifth year in
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office, he's second to nixon in terms of the lowest number. isn't that an opportunity, in terms of conservatives, if they go out and sell their big solution oriented ideas they can actually probably -- there's an open mind in the country for new ideas? >> yeah. absolutely. i think that's exactly the opportunity that lies before us. a couple things to remember. when this president was elected in 2008, think about the fundamental promises he made, he was going to bring people together. he's divided people perhaps more than any president in modern political history pitting americans against each other saying they're struggling because it is somebody else's fault. he's broken that promise and also in it to help the middle class get ahead and we have millions underemployed. people are starting to feel real desperate about the future. they've concluded they're either one bad break away from losing everything or in a dead-end job they can't get ahead of or maybe
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even people living out their american dream are worried their children may not have the chance to live their american dream. you go five or six years on a presidency you have failed on basically every premise of your candidacy, of course, you will see numbers like that. the opportunity we have is exactly what you outlined to show people how our principles of limited government and free enterprise and core family and traditional values that made our family so strong, how we can apply those principles to the unique challenges of today to help people get ahead. >> we have a clip of ray gone on johnny carson so long ago, we will play it in the next segment. kathleen sebelius finally admitted the truth, yes, many people will see an increase in their premiums. i want to play this for you. >> well, i think that there are some individuals who may be looking at increases i think you cannot make a statement based on
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cost unless you compare what they had to what they're going into. >> isn't it a lot more than that, though? i've read estimates as high as 100 million people will be paying more, getting new plan, not keeping their doctors, higher deductibles. >> deductibles is a huge problem as high as 10 or $12,000 and some 3 or $4,000. that's money you have to come out-of-pocket with. if you don't have that money, you're basically uninsured and you don't have it until you kick in the cash first and makes it unaccessible for many. and lose access to doctors, specialty care and doctors they've been seeing. none of this was talked four or five years ago. >> they told us just the opposite why i think the president politically won't be able to recover. and asked whether obama will sign up for obama care, here's
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the reaction. >> has the president signed up for insurance yet? >> i have no updates on that. the president will purchase insurance on the exchange. >> he doesn't have to do it? >> obviously, the enrollment is still march 31st. when we have an update on it we'll provide it to you. our guidance on that has not changed. >> what exchange it will be and will we get a chance -- >> i don't have any new information on that beyond what we said in the past, which is that he will. >> senator daryl issa on this program last night said it's not safe. there's no security on this website. i recommend the president not do it. he's the president of the united states. >> i think what he will find when he ultimately does, unless he wants to pay a fine to the irs is less choices, higher premiums, less deductibles and less options for doctors and what millions of americans are experiencing. this will only get worse and worse. in the new year more people will
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get hurt by this and something has to happen even before the election. >> thank you, senator, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. and conservatives you can't afford to miss. >> i still say the answer to our problems in this country, even at the national level, is to have a law that says there is a percentage limit of the people's earnings that government cannot go beyond without -- [ applause ] >> there he was, future 40th president of the u.s. offering common sense solutions on the johnny carson show. what else he told the legendary ca carson and ainslie erhardt coming up. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps
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welcome back to hannity. we've uncovered chilling footage of the future 40th president of
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the u.s. on johnthy carson. this was back in 1975. although it was 38 years ago the message delivered that night by ronald reagan about the debt and deficit and taxes could have been said last night. >> i still say the answer to the problems in our country, even at the national level, is to have a law that says there is a percentage limit of the people's earnings that government cannot go beyond without the consent of -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we ought to have tax reform and we ought to start making it so simple you don't have to hire a lawyer to find out how much you owe every year. >> that's true. it used to be a little simplified but not anymore >> johnny, we live in the only country in the world it makes more brains to figure out your income tax than what you earned. >> when they give me a choice of a budget and the budget deficit is causing inflation, i don't see there's room to be on either
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side of the argument. the answer to curing inflation is a balanced budget. >> how do you do that? balance the budget? >> balancing the budget -- >> don't spend more than you take in >> like protecting your virtue. you have to learn to say no. >> here with reaction, the author of "america hope for change" former american governor bob erlich and juan williams. what part of that stood out in your mind? if there's one thing that really stood out to me. i wonder if you caught it. do you know what it is? >> he's a wonderful guy. a charmer. the part that stood out to me was he said, you know, you should have tax reform, it should be so simple anybody can fire their taxes without hiring all these crazy accountants. >> bob, what stood out to you. >> common sense. >> common sense. he's talking about a $53 billion budget deficit, not a 1.3 or 4 trillion budget deficit, right?
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>> chump change today, absolutely. juan, you have to love that. not just the charm. at the time, don't forget the left wing press was dismissing this b grade actor, this has been, not too smart. he's a cold warrior and we're going to hold federal spending and cut one penny every year that the government spends. sound like a good idea to you? >> not at a time the deposit is not spending money and it's hurting our ability to recover from a very deep recession. ronald reagan, in that clip you played, sean, talked about how deficits impact inflation and drive up inflation.
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we don't have inflation right now. >> we have a fed pumping $85 billion a month to prop up our economy. when they stop feeding that beast, what do you think will happen? >> 17 trillion dollars debt and economy very sick, unemployment rate now has sustained 7 plus. we know, sean and juan, unemployment is really 10-12%. i talk about this in my book, not just the economic, the whole dependence culture and 50 million people on food stamps, this whole thing that dependence is cool again. our economy is sick and culture is sick, in my view. >> also 90 trillion in unfunded liable. juan, you're saying eag though we have trillion dollar deficit, 7 trillion plus new obama debt, you're saying that's not enough, we can still continue to rob
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future generations blind. that, to me, was moral issue. would you ever steal money from your own son who's been on this country, i don't think you would. we're robbing our kids blind. why do you support stealing like that? i don't understand it. >> you put it in very stark moral terms. i would also say we have a lot of people as the governor was just explaining we have people out of work. >> only going one penny out of every dollar we spend and you're saying we can't live on that. >> i'm telling you right now given the government is a major part of our economy and the government is pursuing austerity pulling back, i think we're slowing down economic recovery, slowing down, big corporations having the confidence to use the cash they've been stockpiling to hire people, sean. >> what are we going to do? how much more do you want to spend? is there any limit to your spending desires? >> sean, can i answer that for a
7:19 pm
second? i'm not subscribing to juan, but in congress this progressive mindset, it could be $17 trillion, it could be $27 trillion, it could be 1$100 trillion, there literally is no answer to your question. it's whatever it takes and no end game ever. >> reagan raised the question in this. it's very simple. is there a limit to the percentage of people's earnings which you say that's too much? i've asked you this question. you never gave me an answer. out of every dollar. >> i will answer you. >> what is it? >> i think, for me, it's like 35, 40%. i would stop. let me remind you. >> that's only -- >> what about -- >> in new york you pay another 10 cents, state tax, state income tax, county tax, property tax, sales tax, hidden tax. out of every dollar somebody makes what's the maximum that should go to government, state, local, federal, everywhere --
7:20 pm
>> [ talking over each other ] >> what, juan? >> sean lives in a high tax area. you have to understand sean hannity, he's upset about the taxes he pays. >> so does every american. >> i live in maryland, juan. >> you don't have taxes as high as new york, governor, come on? give me the number government has no right to take anymore. >> i would say 50%. >> 50 cents out of every dollar. i'm way over that. >> i would say marginal. i would say marginal tax rate, adding everything together, around 33 makes sense. once you get to 50, it's by definition, immoral. >> then you get beaten over the head for not wanting to pay your fair share even though you're paying it. then you die and the government comes in and takes another big chunk of the apple. if that's not immoral and
7:21 pm
they're robbing from our kids,ion what is. >> can i ask you a question, sean, because you've been asking the governor and me. you were opposed to the budget deal struck today. you don't want the rich and people benefitted from this great country in this season of charity, we need to help our country get back on its feet. how can you pursue a policy loic that? >> juan williams i pay over 60% of every dollar to the state and local government. i'm paying my fair share. please don't beat me over the head with a bat and tell me i'm not. when i die, the government's going to take more, juan. i'd like to give that to whoever i want to give it to. >> all right. coming up next on hannity. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. for the next 10 years, it's going to be in a sustainable place. >> i want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem. >> it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem.
7:22 pm
we have a budget deficit problem we have to address. >> when we come back, let me dig deeper, democrats don't seem to think we have a spending problem in america. why did the government spend 1 million of your tax dollars reading romance novels? beam me up. the waste book will leave you fuming. reaction to that troubling report. all of that and ainslie erhardt with a story that will touch your heart. when it's donut friday at the office,
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welcome back to hannity. we've known all along the administration has a very severe spending problem. now, we have details to show t exactly how the government is misusing your collars. in his yearly waste book, governor coburn lists the wasted spending of $30 billion. let's go through a few absurd ones. the government spent $1.5 billion on buildings no longer needed and a hefty $5 million on custom wine glasseses and bar wear for its embassies. how nice. $1.9 million went to life advice courses for senate staffers. how about teaching them not to spend our money this way. the national endowment for humanity spent nearly $1 million to research romance novel, my favorite.
7:27 pm
the national institutes for health spent 3$325,000 that marriages are happiest when wives are calm. and if that isn't enough, more samples from the waste book scroll at the bottom of your screen. here with two people who understand government waste, abuse and insanti. we have these two. good to see you. you had a challenge last week. >> yes. you have contests here, your viewers vote on good cute videos. i challenge you two to who has the cutest dog and tonight you have an opportunity to vote. >> we have to be fair. we were supposed to do videos and you're the only one that did it. >> of course dana perino is the only one that completed the homework assignment. i did it. >> what's your dog's name. >> what do you mean? jasper.
7:28 pm
>> so you can tell the people watching. >> america's dog was named jasper. he was proclaimed america's dog on "redeye." >> if "redeye" says it, it must be true. we will vote on hannity live. see that dog, puppy? >> a pitbull. >> not a pill bull. a bern niece mountain dog, gracie and we're arguing my dog is cuter than your dog. >> want to see my dog? >> lassie? >> that, sir, is a purebred collie. that's a dog and a half. >> go to hannity live f to vote for my dog. >> vote for america's dog. >> we're stealing from our kids, $30 billion of this nonsense. >> one of the best examples i liked is we actually spent money to study the art of pole dancing
7:29 pm
in austin, texas. how do congress men and women get these things through? >> how much was that? >> hundreds of thousands of dollars. $150,000 to study the art of pole dancing. >> have you ever pole danced, stewart? >> not since i became a dog owner. >> okay, lassie, another plug. >> nobody's surprised at all this waste, outraged but not surprised. it underlies the fundamental problem for president obama. he's all government all the time. he has to live with this kind of waste. this is the nature of government. bureaucratic, wasteful, government, the obama administration. >> what possible reason can you research a romance novel? >> how about the one that says men and women would get along better in their marriages if women controlled their emotions. they actually spent $325,000 -- >> there may be some truth to that. >> bob beckel knew that years
7:30 pm
ago. it's in the bekele almanac. you can get it for free >> the study was conducted in a congressman's district and why it flowed there. >> i do think $30 billion out of the trillions we're spending is not as much the real shame is the generational theft is coming in the way to entitlement. there is a way to deal with entitlement spending so we don't have the options to do things we need to do, like protect america. >> put the numbers up real quick again. this is dana's dog, jasper. stewart's dog, lassie. >> jake. >> i'm sorry. >> my dog, the winner, gracie, the little puppy, cute, like a little baby bear. >> looks vicious to me. >> it doesn't like stewart. >> this show has really gone to the dogs. >> next year, we'll do a video see. it is a great thing. >> i have a video because i did the homework assignment
7:31 pm
appropriately. >> don't you feel like a failure hanging out with dana, did her homework and got 100 on the test. >> she thinks she will win this contest. >> america, please. >> now, she's begging. merry christmas. >> merry christmas one and all. coming up next, our great great great american panel and vote for my dog, hannity and on twitter. and ah, so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car,
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i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. welcome back to hanny tin studio tonight for our great great american panel. how are you guys? do you have a problem with obama's extravagant 17 day vacation? people are suffering, people are struggling, no jobs, record debt deficit. >> he deserves it. he works very hard.
7:36 pm
many sleepless nights >> he plays a lot of golf. >> now that everything is resolved with obamacare and other foreign affairs he dese e deserves a vacation. >> you think everything's resolved? >> of course. that's the only reason you take a vacation, right? your is are dotted, ts are crossed. >> i like the sarcasm. >> i don't begrudge the president a vacation. it's a hard job, impossible job to do. whatever presidents need to replenish and recharge their batteries i don't begrudge it. i don't like his policies but he deserves it. >> i think he deserves a vacation but this president h taken recreation to a whole new level. how many rounds of golf and concerts and basketball? >> presidents are never on vacation, they are always, working. this president has taken as of august 14 trips, about 92 days. previous presidents including
7:37 pm
his former boss, 1,000 days. but he wasn't on vacation. i agree with you is what presidents are doing. >> the difference is president bush owned a house and would go to it and work from crawford, texas. >> and on is working from hawaii. >> i don't think you should go after george bush. >> i'm not going after him, i'm making a comparison because sean's point was he was on vacation too much. all presidents do this. his father had a thousand days out of the office, ronald reagan had 350 days out of the office and bill clinton had about 350 days out of the office, they are working the entire time. >> i don't think he will working. he's not working. he deserves it. every president should be able to replenish. >> this statistic is repeated a lot. that's not true. >> a lot of numbers >> the difference is if b of a rack obama had a home, he would
7:38 pm
go to it. he doesn't have one. >> let me go rogue on you guys so i don't tell you the topics and want to get your opinion. we had another shooting in colorado, this guy had left wing radical ideas often under-reported by the media. this shooting ended in 80 seconds. why? there was in that school, you had somebody armed to defend. i have been saying if you want to end school shootings, former retired military or retired policemen would protect our schools. good or bad idea? >> i think if it makes the people in the schools feel safer it's a great idea. i think that's really where the argument comes for against that because they're nervous about what could happen >> god forbid, you're married, have kids, hear shootings at your kid's school. would you be glad to know there were former military policemen in the school with guns? >> i'd be glad to know. >> i'd be glad to know. >> but it should be local
7:39 pm
decision and local culture. >> we are agreeing too much but i completely agree to that. we had an incident in my child's elementary school just last week where somebody got in and got around the school and there was some discussion about should you have somebody armed and nobody wanted it because that's how the community feels about it. there ought to be local decisions, what school districts are. >> gm ceos rejects repaying the feds for the bailout loss. what was the big argument in the 2012 campaign, gm is alive and osama bin laden is dead. well, they're saying, sorry, just like every other stockholder, we weren't willing stockholders were we? >> we lost money on the bailout of gm. and the tax treatment gm got was unfavorable to gm and we're not counting that as the cost of the bailout. gm got part have that. i have to point out my boss started that and the other president continued.
7:40 pm
>> and detroit is bankrupt. what happened to the president standing in for detroit. >> he saved the auto industry, millions of jobs as a result. >> no, he did not. >> of course he did, the auto industry, the most seminal industry in america had it gone under would have been devastated to the united states not just in jobs but our brand and reputation. >> bankruptcy laws actually would have provided for them to restructure and rebuild and open again and they could have done it within the laws that we currently have, right? >> i think that probably would have been a better way to go, now that we're looking back it a. >> the american people don't agree with either of you because they voted for the guy who did the bailout opposed to the guy who did the bankruptcy. >> big win for the catholic church as it relates to birth control versus what sandra
7:41 pm
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without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. for a lot of students like me on public interest scholarship, that's practically an entire summer's salary. 40% of the female students at georgetown law reported to us they struggled financially as a result of this policy. >> welcome back to hannity, with our freight great american panel. that was sandra. the judge said the contraception mandate compels catholics to perform acts contrary to their
7:46 pm
religion. do you believe in freedom of religion? >> i do. >> do you think the catholic church should be forced through catholic charities or hospitals or institutions to pay for birth control that does not agree with their religious beliefs? >> i don't think they should be forced to. as a woman i know there are many options and places you can go to get contraceptions. i think there should be that separation. >> what do you think? >> i'm actually going to surprise you by agreeing with the court's decision here. i personally don't believe religious institutions should have laws that violate their own values. i do think these institutions would be better off providing contraception and have better employees and do better on retention and recruitment of employees but i personally agree with the decision. politically, i think both sides have to be careful. the catholic vote is the ultimate swing vote right now in
7:47 pm
2010, mid-terms >> you're looking at this through a political prism. >> and republicans have overplayed this issue. >> do you think taxpayers should pay for birth control. you can get it for $9 at walmart >> taxpayers are do it through medicaid. >> why should they have to pay for that? >> they pay for all sorts of things. >> i don't think they should pay for viagra either >> if you break it down into people's individual values you won't get anything done and people wouldn't pay for anything because people have different views on everything. >> number one, on the religious side, it's wonderful there's an oasis for groups of faith. that's the way it should be in this country. no one should be compelled to do something against their conscious and religious freedoms. why is the government in a position to tell anybody in the private sector they should provide a product for anybody. i think contraception should be
7:48 pm
available for young people. that's exactly right, it should be and we're better off for. i the government dictating it and ordering private companies to give it for free, that is not the role of the government. >> why don't you disagree? >> i don't disagree entirely. when you talk about the private sector where rit large, the pri sector has -- >> that's not a regulation. it's an order to give a private sector product for free. >> the government -- the government can order the private institutions not to -- corporations not to allow guns in their offices. if that was against your values, should your employees be able to -- >> i think that's a safety issue people have a right to make decisions about and actually you can under our constitution to have guns. when it comes to providing a product for free, not that your insurance carrier has to provide it, has to provide it for free. when the government starts dictating what prices are, everything gets very expensive.
7:49 pm
when something is free, it's amazing how expensive it gets. >> i don't disagree with that. >> it's fascinating. >> i'm talking about the rights of the government, which is why politically republicans have overextended their hand on this. >> a website where they say life is short, have an affair, it facilitates affairs, people that want to cheat on their spouses, et cetera, a guy's wife went on the site and the guy cheated on the wife. now the wife is suing ashley madison. should they be held -- their state in north carolina happens to be one of six states if they facilitate, they could be held legally liable. do you think they have any legal -- why are you laughing? >> that's so stupid. that's your own human choices. no one made you do that. >> i agree with you. it's kind of a sleazy website
7:50 pm
facilita facilitating ruining people's marriages. i wouldn't want to make my money that way, would you? you're a liberal. sorry. >> the notion liberals want to ruin people's marriages is absolutely wrong! i'm not going to bite. >> ari gets the last word. i think all of these things are nuts. should you sue somebody in a bar. they're individual bad decisions. >> you good, good liberal. >> ainsley earhardt kicks off a special series on charity changing lives a home coming for a great, great american hero. that is next.
7:51 pm
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holiday season is traditionally a time when other people think of others thchl week we're going to be profiling one of our favorite charities and american heros they're helping. >> army staff sargeant aaron hale was a member of the elite team known as eod, explosive ordinance disposal. made famous by "the hurt locker", they disarm live bombs the unit completed a thousand successful counter explosions missions when his worst nightmare came true. a device exploded 30 feet from him, shattering his skull, break every bone in his face, destroying his eyes and leaving him burned back home his wife was told he might not survive. but he did.
7:56 pm
after months of surgeries and rehab, staff sargeant hale left the hospital, alive. kelly learned she had melanoma. the folks at building homes for heroes stepped in to give them a new house. when it's ready they were led to their home by a procession of motorcycles, fire trucks is and military vehicles for a true hero's welcome. >> what a day it to be an american. what a day sit to be part of something awesome, an expression of love of solidarity. >> spend minutes with this young man, you'll find someone with an infectious positive attitude who motivates others. it would have been easy to be bitter over his
7:57 pm
losing his sight he could have spent days focused on negative this, warrior continues to fight and contribute. he's chosen to inspire others. >> from all of you, for this home for your lifetime. >> i wanted to be there to get to hazards before they had a chance to injure someone else. we do it so that others don't get hurt. i want to thank andy and those at building homes for heros because they do it so those that get hurt don't get lost. >> today, we're one family, one family we hand the hale family the keys to their new home. >> oh, my god! . >> and furniture for the home. >> look at your room! >> the house is modified with
7:58 pm
features designed just for aaron and his family. >> throughout the house you'll notice we did different flooring so aaron would know where he's at throughout the house a new kitchen to perfect special menus in >>. he is not content with just sitting and cooking meals, he's working with building homes for heros to help other injured soldiers get the help they need as well. >> so aaron, kelly and family, thank you. so much for your service and your sacrifice to our country. may god bless you and your family. >> and joining us now in stewed joe ainsley earhardt. how are you? >> i'm great. what a great story. >> building homes for hero. if you want to give money it's a great organization. >> they've been in studio.. and
7:59 pm
you've been spending time with them. you sent me down in florida for a story we fell in love with the sxoergs individuals behind the scenes now we're covering soldiers getting homes >> in the story, you just updating me while going on because the wife has cancer. >> yes. >> but there is good news? >> she's in remission now. doctors are continuously watching her cancer and making sure everything is okay but she said her husband, she would not have -- they won't have found it if it weren't for his condition. doctors saw her condition and was able to treat it. >> i had a cat who scratched sdmem they found it in that spot. >> wow. >> thank you for doing this. >> ainsley thank you. >> thank you, sean. if you'd like to help building homes for
8:00 pm
heros, go to building homes for that is all the time we have left this evening. ainsley starts at 5:00 with fox and friends until 9:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> the day after it happened, i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. >> so, $3 in food stamps for the needy, $7 in salaries and pensions for the bureaucrats. >> those are just two false statements that the "washington post" has pinpointed as lies of the year. we have the entire list and we've checked it twice. macy's isn't christmasy enough for you? macy's? this macy's? the one emblazened with a bejeweled "believe" sign?


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