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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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obamacare battered and bruised and now a new poll shows a majority of uninsured americans don't even want it. so why the heck are we doing it? welcome. this is "your world." we had a big show planned for you and the big idea behind obamacare was to help the uninsured. but a new poll in "new york times" showing 53% of uninsure are no fans of it. so what about all of the people now being forced to pay more for their health care because of this. dr. jane hughes says it's time to pull the plug and pull it now. dr. hughes, are you surprised at the 53% number? a big number of people who are
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uninsured saying this won't help me out. >> i think that it isn't too surprising since most people now realize they were lied to regarding the promises in obamacare. i'm not so sure we can pull the plug now but we're headed in that direction. >> dr. hughes, what is it that is causing people to say, don't like obamacare, especially the uninsured. where is the surprise. is it the cost? >> i think when we're talking bet the uninsured, especially low income, it's not the cost. i think what is so reassuring about this poll is it shows that the american people are paying attention, and that they're really a lot more savvy than president obama and kathleen sebelius give them credit for. one of the interesting things in the poll was an interview of a woman in vermont who is a democrat who felt we needed reform in medicine but she resented big government telling us what the reform us.
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>> my guess is once people logged on to, once they finally got on, and started to try and sign up for a plan, they realized that the premiums aren't that cheap, and that the deductibles are massive. >> well, they will realize that the tip of the iceberg is the rollout of the exchanges. once people start realizing the interruption to their health care, my patients are reflective of that survey. they're worried about access to their physician and access to specialty hospitals suchs a md anderson if they become ill, and they're worried i they can afford the mandated obamacare insurance. >> your colleagues, have they decided to take early retirement or not to participate in obamacare? >> i think there are lot of physicians who are not going to participate in obamacare, especially because of the requirements of the electronic medical records and some of the
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burdensome administrative regulations that we all have to go through. i saw a study that said 70% of new york physicians are not planning on being part of the obamacare exchange policy. >> i did read that is a well. can we pull up a full stream? this is a fox news poll. 67% say they're in favor of delaying obamacare. look at that. while only 28% said, no. one more very quickly. 53% said repeal it, and i have just one more if you don't mind, producers, how many people -- the percentage of people who thought obama knew that you weren't going to be able to keep your doctor when he said it. a whopping 61% feel that obama knew that wasn't going to be the case. your thoughts. >> well, i agree 100%. the numbers might be slightly low. i saw another poll that came out yesterday that showed that americans by a vast majority feel that the number one issue that the threat to america as we
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know it in the future is big government overreach. these polls are illustrative of the unrest with be the man on the street. >> will you be take obamacare? >> i will not because most of the policies are health maintenance organizations with limited provide ever network, i want to be able to see my patients one-on-one, prescribe what is best for them make my only personal judgments what specialists they need to see. that will be greatly restricted under obamacare. >> we keep hearing that, that doctors want to work with their patients. the problem is the patients that doctors like you may be working with, may be higher network individuals so the lower end of the spectrum have newer doctors, doctors with less experience, perhaps? >> or perhaps physicians who do charitable care. there are organizations willing to see people through charitable
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organizations. >> we have to leave it there, dr. hughes. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> when it comes to the healthcare law, maybe there's one thing to cheer about. that is because a 16-day obamacare pr blitz with. they said the blitz didn't work with young people or nip else. is obamacare anymore popular with, a., young people, or anyone else after the 16-day pr blitz? >> not really. supporters would say they put out some of the enrollment numbers in some states where they're running their own exchanges, like california, and the enrollment numbers have improved from november to now. and that's a fair point. but there are multiple reaps. of course they would improve from october because of the webs, and ultimately what the question we should be asking, how are are you defining
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success? i say success is more than simple live have the numbered improved from the number before. it's about who is enrolling and the annual numbers and if you look at california, the numbers they're touting as their big enrollment surge for december, if you actually add up the numbers, even at their best have nod had enough people added to the exchanges to make up for he 1.1 million people that lost their plans in california by that december 23rd deadline. so if they're not going have a high enough amount of people, you can't say their p.r. campaigns have been effective. certainly not with young people. >> we need to point out some of the numbers. by their own admission to deem it successful they were looking for 7 million enrollee biz the end of march. we have 365,000 haved a least shopped for a plan but we don't know how many of those have played for -- paid for a plan. so they're falling far short of
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the goal. will they be able to spin this into, we're successful because we're doing better than november? >> that's what the'll try. if you look back at the abc and "washington post" post poll, that poll talked to respondents from december 12th to the 15th, and asked them if they approved of the overall law, and 49% of people between the ages -- 49% of all respondent said they still oppose the law, and that is in december, and within that issue it was 18 to 39-year-olds, 47% of them still oppose the law. so i think you just look at what public perception is now, and it's obvious that these p.r. campaigns haven't been successful. >> i'm going through three things this p.r. campaign went through and you tell me if it was successful. talk to your thanksgiving dinner to sign up. pass or fail. >> fail. >> the rap video, john karl at the white house, almost made
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president obama look like overy easy. >> the rap video, a fail. i can say with confidence that was a fail. >> this one might pass. adam leavine signing up to help, lady gaga and others. pass or fail? >> fail but almost a pass. they're neating people in the young democratic to sign up or they wouldn't turn to those celebrities to convince young people to sign up. but they're selling products and adam leave vaccine can -- leavine cannot change that these premiums are expensive. >> we'll leave it there. thank you so much. now to the white house where another controversy is brewing, this one on iran, and several top democrats breaking ranks with the president. ed henry is at the white house with the latest. a little built of a heated exchange as well. you talked to jay carney today. >> that's right, news from jay
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carney. this is a remarkable development. 26 senators split evenly, 13 democrats and 13 run are -- republicans, moving forward with new sanctions on road down the arrived these current negotiations with the u.s. and iran, other allies, to suspend their nuclear weapons program -- if that fails, then these new sanctions would kick in. jay carney saying the president would veto such legislation, and also the president believes such legislation could blow up the negotiations with iran, and could make it more likely we have a war with iran there are democrats, like 0 bob menendez, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, who disagreement saying, current sanctions brought iran to the table and a credible threat of future sanctions will require iran to act in good faith at the negotiating table. i'm told that top aides have
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been calling democratic senators urging them not to introduce the legislation. they obviously did not listen, which leads to the question whether or not the president is struggling, lower in the polls, struggling to keep democrats on board. take a listen. >> what does it say about the president's standing with his own party. >> there's overwhelming support in the country, and in the congress for diplomatic resolution to this conflict. its the far preferrable choice that we resolve this challenge with iran with our international allies diplomatically. peacefully. even as we leave all options for resolving it on the table, including the use of military force. >> you hear right there. he said that this legislation, which the president would veto -- they're not even sure that harry reid will bring it up but jay carney warning this could blow up the diplomatic talks and could make it more likely the u.s. takes military
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action against iran, rather than trying to solve this peacefully. the senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell, a short time ago was on fox, he insisted that's not the case. he said what this reflects is bipartisan concern among democrats and republicans on the hill with the way the president handled iran. >> very interesting story. sanctions in place, white house pulled the sanctions and said we're going with diplomatic means. >> the current sanctions are still on the book. >> these are enhanced sanctions. >> that democrats and republicans want to put in the white house stressing there are current ones on the books they're still trying to enforce but democrats and the republicans saying, we need more teeth to make sure iran stays at the negotiating table and finishes. >> good for them. ed henry. thank you very much. >> 40 million accounts stolen after massive credit card breach as target? there is any way to keep from becoming a target? instead of being scolded for his
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tough love message, should this coach be scoring points? >> talk about our big guys. 2-11. how can you go -- my wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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merry christmas. you've been hacked. target warning shoppers some 40 million credit and deb built card accounts may have been hit by thieveses. garrett, big story. >> if anyone home shopped at target between november 17th november 17th and december 25th, which includes black friday, they could be among the 40 million shoppers who had their personal information that was stolen by these thieves. that magnetic strip on the back of the card, where all that personal information is, with that kind of data they are able
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to steal identities, credit counterfeit credit cards and get cash from atms as well. now, the good news is, target says it has identified and resolved this issue. customer wes spoke to today said, as long as it's been taken care of, that's what they're most concerned about. >> it's scary but it can happen at any retailer. >> if there's something wrong the bank will take care of it. >> might be a little bit of target's fault but there's back-end technology companies that are happening that data once you swipe that card. so there's probably a lot of blame to go around. >> i'm on the plus side of the glass is half full, and i wouldn't let it concern me. >> for those customers that might be a little more concerned, target is encouraging them to keep a close eye on their bank account statements for unusual or suspicion
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activity over the next few months. the security experts say that should last through the next few years, target has set up a hotline for people to call if they believe they've been affected by the security breach. >> thank you. as if holiday shopping isn't stressful enough. now we have to worry about in-store hacking. david kennedy has tips how to keep your information safe. before we get to the tips, does this sound like an inside job to you? >> it's too early to tell. the sophistication you had on this attack, they actually targeted the point of sales systems where you swipe your card, and that's both debit and credit. seems sophisticated. could have been an insider or somebody that spent a lot of time developing the attack and hitting at this point, the busiest season. >> your tips, number one, cancel your credit card if you shopped at target during that period, but, boy, that seems aggressive. >> a lot easier than you think. call your bank up and say i think my card was compromised
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that'll send you a new credit card usually within the next two or three days. by canceling your decreed card you know sun can't use your credit card. makes less hassle. >> change your security code, your pin? >> when you use a debit card, debit cards don't change, so if you use your debit card at target and you actually entered your pin number into there, those are potentially harvested as well0. so make sure you change your debit card, even though it can be used with a debit and credit. so change it. >> also, you say monitor your activity daily. >> that's right. when you know you have experienced a breach of your personal information, your credit card data, monitor it. there's a lot of great services that it for free, monitor for things that are checked. check your bank account, make sure there aren't any fraudulent charges, and as soon as you
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notice one, contact your bank immediately. they'll cancel your card and refund you the cash and then you'll get a new card in a day or two. >> consider a virtual wallet. what is that. >> it'sgoogle and pay pal has t. it's a temporary credit card number, and pay-pal does a one-time credit card numberer, you a credit card opposite and it changes the number again. so you never have to worry about going to multiple retail stores. i if you look at target, it's one instance. this can happen to anyone so using one-time credit card numbers or getting notifications everytime there's some sort of charge being put on your debit card or credit card. >> i don't know if it's urban general lend or true, believe you're only on the hook for something like $50 if someone spends a lot of money on your card, the bank or institution will cover it. is that accurate.
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>> pretty accurate. i went to russia and they took my credit card and stole $3,000 worth of beer and gas. the bank called me and i went through fraudulent charges chard they credited it back. so it's best to cancel your credit card and get it back. >> david kennedy, thank you very much. >> they lost, so he lost, but should this coach be shredded or -- >> it's like house-training a puppy dog. when a dog does something wrong, bad dog. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open.
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our three startling guard have one assist and seven turnovers. they must think it's a tax
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credit. it's unbelievable hour our starting guards play. and then our big guys, 2-1, how can you -- my wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 111 shots because i know my wife will at least shot-fake one time. we made three turnovers where we came down and threw them the ball. i swear i thought one time one of our players said merry christmas. i thought it was a gift. having a young team is like training a puppy dog. when a dog does something wrong, bad dog. i'm not going to hit them or swat them, but bad dog. get on the treadmill. that's what we need to do. >> he had me until the dog part. tough or too rough. the coach now apologizing for that postgame tirade, but did he need to? karen ruskin says, yes, but
1:25 pm
larry says, no apology necessary. larry, his team shot 18%, 2-11 from whatever metric, either the line or -- doesn't matter. that's low. how do you motivate some kids if you can't get a little bit -- get the hair on the back of your neck up a little bit. >> we reached this place we're afraid to talk to everybody about their performance, we have to make sure people feel good about them regardless of their performance. these kids were not playing well and he did what was necessary to motivate them. criticism didn't always come wrapped up in pretty words. nothing to apologize for. >> karen, contend this is more of the -- >> come on, the role at a coach plays in the lives of young men is very significant, and the fact is, you don't have to break
1:26 pm
somebody down to rise them up. i believe it's a myth to think that young men need to feel hardened, need to feel unworthy, need to feel shamed, need to feel disgraced in order for them to learn and grow and hear and develop. >> i'm not laughing another you. i'm just trying to figure out -- that's not what sport is. it's not a learning, growing, touchy-y -- >> that's exactly. >> winning this the going. >> karen, you're wrong, you're wrong. >> if you're going to win you need to learn what you have done wrong to win north be yelled at in an irrational, unproductive manner. larry go ahead. >> i wish somebody yelled at me more when i was young and hurt my feelings a little bit and maybe shamed me just a little bit, even though i don't see this as shaming anybody. i would have gotten through my thick skull that bad behavior has consequences. that's all he is pointing out
1:27 pm
here. and by the way, sports is kind of a metaphor for life and business. it's about winning and losing, not about showing up and feeling good about yourself when you have done a poor job. >> if agree with that. doctor, isn't sports different from academia. >> i'm not suggesting it's about feeling good if you have not met your best potential. what i'm suggesting is -- >> let me do this, d. >> the tail between your because of oh your -- >> do you have a better suggestion for motivating a team that went 2-11? >> yes. thank you for asking the best way to motivate is to specifically address what the problems were, and what the solution is. that is it. >> larry -- >> the problem is we made two baskets on 11 attachments. -- 11 attempts. that's the problem. >> the problem is you're lousy at what we trained to do and you
1:28 pm
need to be called on the carpet at being lousy for what you were trained to do. live up toure full potential and do what i told you to do and i won't have to yell. >> that is a myth how to treat young males, to be all they can be, whether it's in the sports, acin a marriage, in friendships or relationship with themself and you they and are who they become. myth, myth, myth. >> doc, they lost and went 2-11. >> yes, they did. >> why the obama cars pajama boy is becoming controversial. first, when the president gets four pinocchios, any chance to get the public's trust back?
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>> continuing coverage of breaking news out of london where it's half past 9:00 at night and there's been a serious theater incident. a roof or a ceiling or a balcony or parts of all of that, have collapsed. at least 40 people injured. sky news, our network in the united kingdom is report canning from the scene. a lot of head injuries but the good news is those who were trapped inside the theater have all been freed and the london fire brigade is now reporting a curious -- it happened at a curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, the name of the
1:33 pm
play. at any rate, here's what authorities have been saying. saying that police had been called at 8:15. at it thought hat 700 people were in this -- it's thought that hundred people were in this theater and at it thought between 20 to 40 were injured. our network sky news is reporting more like 65. live from the spokesman on the scene, all casualties who were trapped have been freed. i want to show you the inside of the theater. it seats 745. there were 700 people in there and as the witnessed describe it, people were on this end of the theater and saw people stan up and you heard a creaking noise. so it was slowly collapsing. i've heard people who were witnessed to it and they said everyone was helping everybody else, never any mass panic, and
1:34 pm
the speculation is it may have had to do with the rain. they had a heavy downpour on tuesday, and then the night of this performance, all of central london had a severe thunderstorm,. casualties, 20 to 40 from the fire department, and as many as 65 from sky news. updates as we get them. eric, back to you. >> only sharon knows if president obama is on the knotty or nice list this year, but we know. the president0s an couple other lists, for his "you can keep your plan" list. >> i don't know about santa but the "washington post" fact checker is keeping a list with the four pinocchios for the president. and he was also awarded the pants on fire label. these end of the year lumps of coal signal how much of the president's fortunes have followen. a fox news poll asked is barack
1:35 pm
obama honest and trust worthy, only 45% said yesterday, 49. no compare that to april of 2009 when 73% said and 22% said no. >> if the web site had rolled out badly, but the plan promise had been kept, it would have been a containable problem. at it when you get the two of them working together that you have something that really kind of stirs a lot of people and gets to a place in the public consciousness that is hard to erase, whether the pants on fire label will be cemented in history, jay carney said this. >> end of the year categorizations are fun even when they don't jibe with past characterizations. we have honed and acknowledged where that rollout this fall has
1:36 pm
not been up to the standards we expected, and where there have been problems. >> the record of recovery from past presidential unmet presidents is unmaybed. president george w. bush never fully recovered from the mission accomplished banner. george h.w. bush lost his term after the, no new taxes pledge, but perception of a weaker economy sealed his fate. americans may be more willing to forgive if they see economic improvement and a maybe health care system that is closer to what was promised. >> can the president regain the nation's trust? pat says good, luck. we went through a couple polls showing the president's trustworthy status has been sliding. i have a hunch this isn't over. can it go further south for the president? >> well, it can. this was -- i described the
1:37 pm
whole healthcare now as a rolling disaster. it's one story after another after another. we know there will be more, and always goes back to, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your -- if you like-keep your insurance. the president was a new transforming leader supposedly, and just in the presence -- presidents who do that cannot afford to have that kind of damage. if the republican party, it's a stupid party, were more willing to sit back and press their case, they're narrative, on this, the -- this opens the door on benghazi, the irs and all the other things. president obama's numbers would go even further to lose trust and confidence for a president is a very dangerous thing. you can come back' maybe the economy is better and people think you do a good job. the problem is voters start tuning you out. >> pat, so, president obama made >> pat, so, president obama made not only the pant life's an adventure when you're with her.
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test test test test.
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when the obamacare campaign puts young adults in footie pajamas is it time to put our foot down. one mom says no, one mom says yes. you're okay with this? the onesie?
1:44 pm
>> they're very trendy right now, and i don't have any problem with making light of something that is very complicated and says to young people, it's not as complicated as you might think, and take a look at it. i don't have a problem with that. >> cardinal dolan, my cardinal across the way, yesterday told me that god made everyone in his own image, so do liberals, using that -- do liberals see themselves as this 25-year-old kid in a onesie -- >> i don't know about liberals or cardinal dolan. >> came from obama -- >> i think it's trying to say, even people who are 26 years old and don't know how to dress themselves can figure out this ad. it's condescending, and if you really want to appeal to young adults, you shy try to make them feel good about. thes and not make them look like
1:45 pm
babies. showing an adult at home, his office or her office, and making a conscious decision, not sipping cocoa. >> you have a boy? >> i do. >> tell your boy that age to be wearing that outfit saying, what about obamacare? >> depends on what he is doing in the footie pajamas. if this kid is going on a job interview, that's a different story. but he's doing something online. >> what kind of pajamas is cardinal dolan wearing? what does he have to say about this? i mean, honestly, my son is nine, and he doesn't even have these pajamas. >> i had no idea that pajamas were a political issue. i thought everybody liked them. >> you want to sell obama --
1:46 pm
obamacare. wouldn't you put somebody one the ad you like? >> this ad feels like modern vizment. >> simplistic, fun, the volkswagen ads make their consumers feel intelligent. this is a smart car and we have smart consumers. that's the kind of ad it should be. >> that's complimentary to the people they're marketing. >> i understand that. i'm not suggesting this is the best ad i've seen. i just think it's offensive or problematic. they could do bert if they hired a bet ad agency but it doesn't offend me -- >> put that ad up one more time, barack they suggest you talk about health care over your holiday dinners. really? that's what i want to talk about? over christmas dinner? >> i don't know about your christmas dinner but it's a hot topic at mine.
1:47 pm
>> you're sitting around eating too much fun. >> i have a hunch your son is not in footie pajamas. >> when the ball drops in 2014, is housing about to drop, too? or are we seeing signs of rising mortgage rates hitting home sales and next year the government is doing something to make getting a mortgage even more expensive to real estate lawyer, sherry, on what that is. sherry, thank you for joining us. what's going on? housing has been hot. are you saying maybe the run is over? >> housing is slowing down. we got off to a very, very quick start at the beginning of the year, the first six months. the second six months, not so much so with prices and sales. here's the issue now, eric. we have fannie mae and freddie mac and fha having to make good on deals they made in 2008 when they not bailed out with taxpayer money. bow -- borrowers were defaulting
1:48 pm
and now the new rules they agreed to are coming into effect, talking about credit scores and down payments and maximum loan amounts, and the insurance that home owners pay for. so the bottom line there is, borrowing for a home is going to get much more expensive and much more difficult for average americans. >> but also much more safe for the institutions that are backing the loans. >> here's the thing. the pendulum had swung way in the wrong direction with subprime lehning and look where we ended up. to some extent we're in the opposite direction right now. these were punishment rules that were really issued in 2008. we're in a different situation now. fannie mae last year what the murder most profitable financial institution in the country. the big problem is these new changes are coming at a time when the dodd-frank rules within in 2010 are also starting to take effect. so, january 10th, there will
1:49 pm
be a whole other set of rules, not one of the most well-known of which is a qualified mortgage rule that will also come into effect, making it harder for folks to get loops. >> rates -- to get loans. >> rates have been rising. >> in the fives in toward the end of the year, but rates are still at historical low so that's not really the main road block. the main road block to housing are these new rules and wages which, which are not rising. >> we'll leave it there, leonardo di caprio lashing out at the rich, ain't that rich. >> it's about greed. essentially wanting more.
1:50 pm
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it's something he just said that's sparking controversy. the actor that play ace rich guy in the wolf of wall street appears to be bashing rich guys. >> i feel it's an accurate reflection of everything wrong with the world we live in today. the attitude of this character, jordan bell ford is directly attributed to the destruction of our economy. you can attribute this attitude, darker side of human nature, to everything that's gone wrong in society really. >> wait, isn't he rich? consider man cane what appears to be another case of hollywood
1:54 pm
hypocrite say. >> what's wrong with america is the success. they'll bash the rich even though they are rich. it's simply because they're out of touch with what's really destroying this country. a lack of opportunity for people because of this lousy economy and administration in washington d.c. >> we should be embracing capitalism and the profit mode. i want to throw to one more side. i want you to react. a hollywood rich guy having a problem with profit. listen. >> i think the system based on the massive redistribution of weather, massive responsibility for energy companies and companies exploiting the environment. the concept of profit should be
1:55 pm
hugely reduced. i say profit is a filthy word. where there's profit, there's deficit. >> weigh in on profit is a filthy word. >> that's a data point on liberal's attack on success and data point the liberals try to demonize successful people and launch an attack called class warfare. that's all this is. some call it rich guilt. some call it success. everybody in united states would be like to be exactly the same, poor. >> i'm not sure poor is the right answer. these guys a lot of money. dicaprio makes tens of millions of. i'm pretty sure he negotiates as high of a salary he can possibly
1:56 pm
get right? >> exactly. every business person does that. this concept i'm projecting even though i have not seen the movie. they never talk about the corporation success and businesses. in today's environment eric, a lot of businesses aren't worried about trying to maximize profits for their stockholders. they're worried about survival because of the lousy economy and leadership we have now in washington d.c. >> herman, i have 15 seconds. this company was founded and built on free market capitalism right? >> yes. free market capitalism and goes to the declaration of independence. pursue happiness based on you're own motivation, determination. that's what's wrong with
1:57 pm
america. people can't succeed the old fashioned way. >> thank you very much. got to run across the way for the five. i'll be there in three minutes. stick around.
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hello i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly, dana, bob. this is the five. >> what should we talk about today? oh yeah duck dynasty star suspended for his opinion on grays. he can say whatever he wants just not there. call the network cowardly after all they knew who phil was and didn't mind sitting on the pile of money he made to express shock over his opinions now is b.s. this is fear of angry


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