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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 21, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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don't you have any books to sell. this is your moment. >> come back in in styx months -- in six months. >> yeah, order not cool. >> don't forget to set your welcome to "hannity." the fate of the "duck dynasty" show up in the air as the robertsons rally behind family patriarch phil. in response to a&e suspending him from the show because he voiced his opinions ab homosexuality the family said, quote, we want to thank you for your prayers and support. the family spent much time in prayer since learning of a&e's decision. we want you to know that we are a family rooted in our faith in god and our belief that the bible is his word. some of phil's unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse. his beliefs are grounded in the
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teachings of the bible. phil is a godly man who follows what the bible says are the greatest commandments. love the lord your god with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. phil would never incite or encourage hate. we are disappointed phil was placed on hiatus for expressing his faith which is his constitutionally protected right. we have had a successful working with relationship with a&e but we can't imagine going forward without our patriarch at the helm. fox news reached out and a&e said we have no further comment. log onto sean's facebook page. do you think a&e executives should reverse the decision about phil robertson? and you can sound off using twitter with the hash tag # hannity. we bring in rick unger, todd starns and the great remy
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spencer. welcome. mr. unger, phil robertson was accused of intolerance but he never advocated anyone being fired for being gay but gay groups want him fired. who is intolerant? >> this may be only the time a liberal says something to you that you will believe. there will be no end of "duck dynasty" on a&e. it is the most profitable show they have ever had. >> in addition to making a bad decision they have no principles. >> they have nine of ten episodes for the season in the can. when they air on january 15 it will be their largest audience ever. >> i want to talk about tolerance. you are so tolerant that you are crushing him for expressing beliefs you don't share. >> not everybody is crushing him. gay groups are offended. you can't be with shocked that
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they are offended by the way he said it. >> i'm not shocked. >> he does have a first amendment right to say what he wants. he would have been better to put it more artfully. he said gross things in that. he didn't need to. if that's his religious belief he's entitled to say it. but they are entitled to complain. >> how many times a day are you offended by things you read. do you read the times? you get offended, right? how many people have you tried to get fired because of being offended? system. >> those who preach tolerance and diversity are the least tolerant and diverse of all. a lot of people have been sounding off on my radio show. i declared it to be "duck dynasty" appreciation day. le i'm with phil, wearing a camouflage tie. >> that's a handsome tie. >> thank you very much. >> we have had people across the
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country put their kids in ca moore, oklahocamo to show support. "duck dynasty" was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness by anti-christian intolerant bullies at a&e. >> i think that's right. you don't have to agree with phil robert son to see he's being shafted. camille polly, not at all sympathetic to what phil said made the point this is awe authoritarian behavior. it's scary. >> i don't agree with what he said but i agree with his right to say it. one of the issues that's getting confused, we know governor bobby jindal talked about it being a violation of robinson's free speech rights or first amendment rights. it hases nothing to do with his constitutional right to free speech.
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our right protects us from government involvement. the fcc didn't come to a&e and say to take the show off the air. >> that's not true. in d.c. where i live private employer employers aren't allowed to take into account factors in hiring and firing. i'm not the the government. >> this is not about free speech. >> you have the right to have a mohawk but not -- >> you are missing something. >> this is about money. this is about a contract. a&e hired robinson and the rest of the family to be on a show. if they believe his behavior will affect his ability. >> true. >> to profit for the network, they have every right. >> more than belief. >> hold on. we are talking about principles here which is where are the civil libertarian liberals who stand up for the right of people to offend? al goldstein, the pornographer
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just died. people said he had the rights. >> it's unfair to lump all the liberals together. most of the liberals are saying what he said was obnoxious, terrible but he has a right. i don't like what he said. i don't agree with what he said. i will defend his right to say it. i will defend a&e's right to exercise the morals clause in the contract. it's there. >> i'm confused. a&e issued a statement saying among other things that we have long been advocates for the lgbt community. i thought they were a cable channel. when did they become advocates for a community? >> that's a great question. >> what does that mean? >> apparently they are not advocate ifser the christian community. this is a symptom of the larger problem where christians are marginalized. go back to chick-fil-a. you had government entities threatening to prevent them from opening businesses in their
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communities. again, based on a religious belief. this is happening nationally. not getting much attention. but "duck dynasty" is. over a million people registered complaints. that's why. >> all the rich powerful people look down on evangelical christians. that's true in new york and nationally. >> that's one thing you don't want to be is the jesus guy. being a transsexual is cool. if you're quoting the guy, back off. >> people get nervous around others who have deeply rooted religious beliefs, whatever they are. it is unfair to say robinson is representative of christians. a lot of christians who are devout and religious don't hold the same beliefs about homosexuality. >> that's not true. he was quoting from the holy bible. >> you said a&e has an
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anti-christian agenda? >>le a&e -- >> a&e has a pro robert son agenda. >> if he was twerking a duck he would have gotten an emmy. >> that's not fair. >> that image will haunt my dreams. >> i'm sorry about that. >> i hope it's taken out of the show so the viewers don't think about it. >> we know there are plenty of interpretations, plenty of good people who disagree with him. >> you're right. there is a spectrum of the episcopal church but he was basically quoting from the bible. >> a&e had a political correctness reaction to it. >> all right. we have more with our spirited panel right after the break. we'll reveal which major "duck dynasty" sponsor decided to stay with phil, if not the show. later, i go head to head with the lead organizer of an islamic extremist group threatening business owners with a lashing and the wrath of allah if they continue to sell alcohol.
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welcome back to "hannity" as we wait to see what happens between a&e and the robert son family there is one thing the "duck dynasty" crew doesn't have to worry about and that's losing support from one of the biggest sponsors. underarmour said we have no plans to change the current relationship. we are aware of the situation. his comments aren't indicative of under armour's view. one of the sponsors is standing by phil. for more reaction, we go back to the panel. this really is a point in the end a business.
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the sponsor is sticking by it. a&e -- >> this entire thing. i was laughing at my friend here, anti-christian agenda at a&e. the ceo would convert to christianity if he could keep these ratings. these are the biggest ratings in cable tv. it will now have the biggest premiere in two weeks they could hope for. do you know what film hasn't been shot? they have done nine of oh ten. you think everybody will tune in for the season cliff hanger? >> you made the contrary case. the opposite case. this is such a huge show, their business model depends on this and yet they are still fooling with it because they can't control themselves. so powerful is the bias -- >> they are promoting it. >> just think about it. it's the most watched show in cable television history in the nonfiction category and they pulled the plug on the star of the show. if they suspended him indefinitely they film in his house. what are they going to do --
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blur out his face? >> it's already filmed. >> he's suspended indefinitely. >> what does that mean? >> we don't know. >> the series is shot with him in it. >> i think it means for the viewers who might have been offended by an article he gave to another media outlet, a&e is with you. we are understanding. we are taking steps. i think it is a politically correct move they hoped would protect them from backlash because of the comments he made. >> who set up the interview? >> a&e. >> do you ever feel -- there are always things in a polite society you can't say. but the list is so long. i cannot keep track of all the phrases i am not allowed to use. the unapproved thoughts or sanctioned. we have to lie all the time in america. >> what have you wanted to say? >> i'm afraid to say it on tv. there are so many obvious things in america you are not allowed
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to say. >> there is a different standard -- >> no one is telling me what to say. >> are you kidding? what american doesn't self-censor himself constantly? >> i don't. >> i think you do unless -- >> i say things that are politically incorrect all the time. i don't care. >> what politically incorrect thing the can you think of? >> i can't think of any. >> i'm not going there. >> this is a symptom of a bigger problem here. hollywood doesn't get middle america. why is a show successful? think about it. the kardashians get all of the media attention. >> filthy and awful. >> "duck dynasty" has better ratings. but they get no national coverage unless something like this happens. people seem to be genuinely shocked like why are they popular? they represent main stream america. they represent families,
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families that go to church, families that which he valueche >> people talk about nixon's re-election. i don't know anybody who voted for him. >> it's more than that. tuck tucker, you said you censor yourself. it's a different standard. as a reporter of the news it is a different standard you have star. a&e brought "duck dynasty" on because they are christian and devout. they are quirky, funny, entertaining. we can't expect to hold them to the same responsible standard that we would hold someone like you. >> there is an awe authoritarian pulse in america where on certain subjects like the gay subject, i'm pretty liberal. but all of the sudden anything you say about gays that's not exactly in line, lgbt -- i can't keep up with the acronyms. if you make fun of it, you're a gay basher or something.
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it's so oh prose sieve. >> the culture. >> if phil had done the interview -- and by the way, i don't know what you are watching, but you cannot turn on a sit com in the past month without seeing somebody from "duck dynasty" on it. they are the hottest thing in the country, way eclipsing the kardashians. they are not being ignored. if he said this in a certain way and said, look, i am a religious man. i believe the following. none of this would have said. >> i read the new testament. there is a lot of stuff like this. he mentioned paul's letters. he didn't say it that way. >> why should he have to say something in a certain way? is that where we're at? >> no, it's not. >> it's exactly where we are. >> you're wearing grown glasses. >> what's wrong with my glasses? >> nothing. you don't need to insult people
2:18 am
for no good reason. >> can't you make statements about your centrals -- >> yes, but can't you make the statements without -- >> without what? maybe he thinks it. >> i cannot repeat some of the words on tv. >> that he said? >> yes. >> 30 years ago presidential candidates said stuff like that. >> not what he said. >> yes. >> really? >> he really was. i have read it. he was truly paraphrasing. >> what about the rest of it? you are forgetting a few words in there and i can't say them on tv. i don't think presidential candidates said this. >> they are conventional views not that long ago. do you remember it? >> i do. >> we act like it's always been this way. >> the greater speed at this contact and communication is shared and the the sound bite society we live in. people have a reaction faster, louder and on a greater platform. everything is rageful. >> twitter dominates everything. i agree.
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get off twitter. go read a book. thank you both. all three of you. coming up next, when "hannity" continues -- >> in delaware, the largest growth in population is indian-americans. you cannot go to a 7-11 or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> why do liberals get a pass when they make remarks that would be sexist or racist when conservatives make the remarks? we'll ask a democrat to defend the obvious double standard. later, he's off to hawaii and you're paying for it. before he left the president took questions from reporters including what does it feel like to be called liar of the year? that was a question and we have the highlights. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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2:24 am
>> you have the first sort of main stream african-american. >> yeah. >> who is articulate, bright, and clean and a nice-looking guy. that's a storybook. >> in delaware, the largest growth in population is indian-americans moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-11 or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> i think you be the judge, carrying swastikas and things like that to a town meeting on health care. >> joining me now with with reaction. welcome to you both. ebony, i wasn't bothered by the remarks. especially obama and biden but i'm not an uptight liberals clearly breaking the rules. >> i wasn't bothered by all three of them including the
2:25 am
remarks about special olympics and particularly vice president biden's remarks. we have to get to a point where it is not tolerated across the board. there is a certain respect we must show americans as a total. i don't think that was displayed there. >> we must or what? how will we be punished if we don't follow these complicated rules. >> you have to be responsible for the consequences. look at roland martin at cnn making disparaging comments against the gay community. alec baldwin. there are consequences. >> they would look for any excuse to can martin. he was immediate yolk. >> always something. >> people miracle mistakes, tell jokes. all of the sudden that's unacceptable. everything is a mine field now. why? >> i think there is over
2:26 am
sensitivity in the culture. it is difficult in the public eye. you might make a mistake but liberals definitely get more of a pass. when you look at cases that the liberal media have taken on with, for example, sarah palin. if letterman starts talking about her daughter will be knocked up by alex rodriguez they can make outrageous statements and he still has a job. you definitely see the double standard with the liberal media. i believe our culture has to find a place where there is tolerance but also this value for free speech and the ability to express your belief. >> i remember ebony being amazed that the longest serving democrat was robert byrd who used the n-word. liberals give themselveses a pass. they feel, we are good people. we don't mean any harm.
2:27 am
that's what this is about. >> i disagree, tucker. >>s he was a klan recruiter. literally. >> i don't condone that. but mercedes is right about something. people make mistakes when dealing with race or sensitivity issues it is common. this is not just a mistake. this man said blacks were better under jim crow. >> that was ridiculous. i will stop you. that's not what he said. >> it is what he said. >> i read the interview. it's not what he said. he said unlike most liberals including the guy who wrote the piece he grew up with black people and they were his friends. that's not true. >> i am a black person. >> did you read the piece? >> several times, of course. my grandmother grew up in south louisiana like robertson did and she would disagree with his description of the black experience growing up in southern louisiana in the jim
2:28 am
crow south. >> he wasn't endorsing jim crow. come on now. >> the beauty of america -- >> he was. >> -- is the differing of opinions. obviously we don't want to promote racism or sexism. it is being able to express your opinions. in the case of phil robertson he used words that were crass and his tone was inappropriate. but when you get down to it, he was expressing faith and beliefs. in that case, it is sad to see that it's an attack on this reality tv star when you look at bill maher on hbo. he's repeatedly offending religious individuals calling christia christians herpes, calling muslims cancer. having the ability to express your beliefs and really not being completely criticized for it.
2:29 am
>> do you want to be obedient robots reading off the the script? isn't it better to have original opinions and maybe slightly offensive? how about interesting people. who do we have dinner with? it will be boring in your world. >> tucker, i don't want robots. i agree. we do have to show some level of respect and decorum. if you don't want to, that's okay, too. >> we have to but we don't have to? you have to or you get fired. it happens to a lot of people. >> not necessarily. >> oh, yeah. the word police are waiting for you to say something stupid. the second i say something stupid, man, i can't imagine. >> same with me, tucker. >> i think with politicians and journal itselves they are held to a higher standard. with celebrities and entertainers, they will say what they are going to say and they should be allowed to voice their opinions and we should all be
2:30 am
allowed to. for the liberals in their mind there is one right answer. you can't disagree. that's not good enough. that's what you are seeing with individuals who support traditional marriage. a lot of them are being silenced. they can't disagree with the gay community. there should be dialogue and tolerance and respect. >> 20 seconds. do you at least ak knowledge that the goals have changed? used to be tolerance like we can all respect each other. now, you don't agree with me? shut up. >> i agree. there is no censorship tolerance but be ready for the consequences of what you said, left, right, liberal or democrat. >> thank you for the conversation. i enjoyed it. i hope you did. up next, before his trip to hawaii, president obama's final news conference of the year. he was asked for his new year's resolution and what it felt like to be called liar of the year. watch him squirm.
2:31 am
we have the tape. and this man says british shop owners will get 40 lash s and roast in the fires of hell if they sell alcohol. his campaign to implement sharia law. and check out share your thoughts. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "hannity." before he jetted off to hawaii for his taxpayer-funded vacation president obama held his last preference of the year. he was asked about the latest obamacare delay which affected millions of americans who received cancellation notices. watch. >> how do you expect americans to have confidence and certainty in the law if you keep changing it? this new waiver last night. you might as well have delayed the mandate. >> that's not true.
2:36 am
what we are talking about is a very specific population that received cancellation notices from insurance companies. the majority of them are either keeping their old plan because the grandfather clause was extended further. or they are finding a better deal in the marketplace with better insurance for cheaper costs. >> joining me now with reaction, editor of red eric erickson and alexis mcgill johnson. the law is not a law if it applies only to some teem. what does the president's answer mean? i'm not delaying the mandate but i am. >> is the law working? absolutely. tens of thousands of americans are signing up every day. they are getting better health coverage and paying less. i think what a lot of americans are seeing around this fight is that the administration is stepping in and they are willing to make minor adjustments that
2:37 am
will be a negligible effect on the program. >> really? the insurance companies at the heart of it don't think it is a minor adjustment at all. >> if the law is working and people can get insurance through the website why are they allowing people to not get the website through a website they couldn't get it from but now everybody is going to get it from. so merry christmas, your insurance plan was cancelled and now you don't have to have insurance. but two years ago they were saying everyone needed insurance. >> it's such a fantastic success that we are not going to enact it? >> it's all ak knowledged that -- >> they changed the law. >> the law is a law is a law. >> it's the law of the land. >> there have been kinks. we acknowledged that. what happened is the administration is trying to move forward through the kinks to make adjustments. things know are important to
2:38 am
americans. same as with with medicare part d. >> george bush never put through the law on his own. >> it applied to a small percent of the population. >> this affects less than 500 -- >> this law affects everybody. i would say they are trying to ignore the problems. this was the exchange between ed henry and the president. >> just like on health care, you like your plan, you can keep it. on surveillance you looked the american people in the eye and said, we have the right balance. six months later you say, maybe not. >> hold on sh ed. it is important to note when it comes to the right balance on surveillance these are judgment calls we make every day. we have a bunch of folks whose job it is to make sure the american people are protected. that's a hard job. >> you are not addressing the fact that public statements you made, your director of national intelligence james clapper got a question from a democrat, not a
2:39 am
republican about whether this was going on. he denied it. doesn't that undermine the public trust? >> you are conflating me and mr. clapper. >> he's still on the job. >> i understand. what i'm saying is this. that, yes, these are tough problems. i am glad to have the privilege of tackling. your initial question was whether the statement i made six months ago are ones that i don't stand by. what i'm saying is the statements i made then are entirely consistent with the statements that i make now. >> look, you're a supporter of the president. this has to frustrate you. just answer the question. clapper got caught lying. you keep him on the job. admit it. why patronize the country by giving a nonanswer all the time? >> i agree on the surveillance issue. i think the president needs to do more. needs to do it quicker. americans -- >> why not fire clapper?
2:40 am
he lied to congress. everyone knows it. why is the guy still in his job? >> great question. the administration needs to give us more answers. on the issue of health care it's like comparing apples and oranges. >> no. this is the thread that connects the two -- honesty. it's a flt out lie, you can keep your insurance -- no. he said it to get elected. >> the administration acts like no one will hold him accountable. he's not up for re-election and never showed a propensity to engage on behalf of the democrats in a way that helps them. he went from you can keep your health insurance, doctor, hospital to only if you can afford it to maybe not but you don't need the health insurance we said you needed to the national security stuff. now there is a report saying people who caused the problems say the president is suffering. who will lose theirs? >> he's never going to run for
2:41 am
re-election. he's out of politics. >> yeah. >> what is the cost of him being honesty. i covered him when he said, i'm not giving you candy. i will give you a well balanced meal. s just be honest. >> that's the question for the gop. >> oh, come on. >> why do they think it is a winning strategy to deny americans unemployment benefits, access to health care. people who are struggling in this economy? >> you've got it. they just hate people and the more people -- >> you said it, not me. >> the happier they are. that's so childish. >> it is not. >> why do they want to deny people health care? come on. >> no one wants to deny people access to a doctor. what's happening is the democrats passed a law to give people access to medical care that now won't give them access to their doctor, hospital or pe fered medicine and won't give them the health insurance the
2:42 am
law was supposed to give them. >> when i had health care previous to obamacare the only right i had was the right to fight my insurance company to pay my bills. obamacare is creating a space where private insurers have to step into the mix. >> they don't. >> they have to create the same conditions -- >> they don't. >> the number of people who received health insurance to the number who dropped it, hard to defend. >> the survey showed more americans are are without insurance now than before banl. >> completely not true. >> i feel like we are close to closing the gap here. thank you both. up next, in the past he praised 9/11 hijackers, now he's threatening london shop owners who is serve alcohol with flogging and hell. why he is attempting to implement sharia law in the uk. stoound. ♪ [ engine revs ]
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welcome back. disturbing reports from london this week. islamic extremists have taken to the streets threatening business owners who sell alcohol which is banned under sharia law. the punishment for those who dare to violate the demands? according to a legal notice the group is handing out, the penalty for failing to cease drinking, serving or selling alcohol includes the curse of allah, punishment by with hellfire in the after life and if found guilty in a sharia court you could be subject to 40 lashes publically. joining me is the leader of the out of control demonstrations anjem choudary. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> as i understand it, you don't believe that alcohol should be
2:48 am
sold in great britain because it is decadent. i understand your family came to great britain from pakistan. you have benefitted from all the social welfare benefits there. you went to a subsidized school, went on welfare yourself but somehow you think the west is decadent? how does that work? >> actually there is a lot of propaganda against us. i won't go into that. but it is clear we cannot live among the nonmuslims unless we invite them to islam. you may not know this area is infamous as a den of iniquity. there are prostitutes, drug dealers. people are are waking up with a pool of vomit and urine on their doorsteps. we are going through saying even though the majority of the people are muslims and should not be drinking or selling alcohol the fact that we are not living with sharia doesn't mean
2:49 am
they can sell alcohol. it doesn't make a difference. they are sinful. one day we will have the sharia. >> hold on a second. hold on. this isn't pakistan. this is great britain. they don't have sharia law. they have 2000 years of a christian, liberal tradition. your. family shows up and start telling the people of great britain how to live. how would you like it if britains came to pakistan and started telling people there how to live. that's out of hand, no? >> in pakistan they don't have sharia either. we have 55 so-called muslim companies who live under nonislamic law and many are more brutal than in the west. if i was in pakistan i would be calling for sharia. we have had campaigns to call people in pakistan to implement sharia. we believe the world belongs to god and wherever we are we propagate islam. i think surely if you believe something is good for man kind it is normal to invite people to
2:50 am
be a part of it. >> you wouldn't go to pakistan because troublemakers like you are thrown in prison. and you couldn't get the welfare benefits you get. why are you on well tear? will you i'm a qualified lawyer, i teach sharia law. there are lots of trashy newspapers but i don't think this is a main message. is that what we're calling for. rather than liberal democracy and capitolism which failed people we can have sharia, devine law. we're inviting people to think about it and for all intents and purposes it's fastest growing in the western hemisphere for your information instead of the attack ominous
2:51 am
limb >> you're threatening them with 40 lashes and hell fire for drinking. that is not an invitation. that is a threat do you see the distinction? >> actually you know, if you read it all, it's intended to talk about an islamic legal notice. if you get away fortunate this law, the fact they're making money from alcohol, for your information in a couple weeks we're going to talk about gambling, homelessness, the elderly. >> you're attacking the west and america, great britain. if you're trying this in jordan or saudi arabia, you'd be hanging by your thumbs now. the islamic rulers in those countries would not put up with this. you're taking advantage of the good
2:52 am
manners of the west and you're a parasite taking welfare. >> well, you know, i mean on welfare issue i've addressed. that >> i agree with you. >> bare with me, look. i don't think your viewers want to hear about the fallacy of the benefits the fact is that jordanian reejem are and you know what they do, they're able to have parts of the penal code and social system. for your information, all the way to the -- >> i understand -- >> i'm sorry. i'm going ask an adult question. i'm against drink. the think the goal is not bad. what do you concede with your unwillingness to renounce violence makes your program repulsive to people in the west.
2:53 am
why don't you say we are against whatever you're against, but we're not going to threaten people with violence. >> and you know demonstration, you know, the demonstration was peaceful. police said they're not going to take action. muslims, and christians live side by side so what we're saying is there an alternative to corruption of liberal democracy and capitolism. it's lamb is the way for revival.. >> i wish you'd try this nontense in an islamic country. thanks for joining us. >> you're more than welcome. >> coming up, ainsley earhardt back with a final installment. you don't want to miss the heart warming story. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to hannity. ainsley earhardt has been showing us how building homes for heros has been helping in time for christmas. >> an elite special forces unit was hunting high value terrorist targets. they're about to land when it suddenly crashed.
2:57 am
flipping over, bursting into flames four people were killed and 16, severely injured. among injured was army ranger charles claybaker. his hip was shattered and he suffered a traumatic brain injury. a job he loved. >> i love being able to take the fight to the enemy. >> his story caught the attention of the folks at building homes for heros soon, plans were under way to provide him and his wife with a mortgage-free home. >> so compassionate, we just wanted to help him. >> one year, hundreds of thousands of dollars later the couple welcomed home in true building homes for heros style. >> oh, my god. >> we look forward to being your neighbor. >> today was the second time
2:58 am
i've been speechless. idea having a home you don't have to do anything anything do, you don't have to do anything but mow the lawn. it's a stress relief hard to put into homes. you dream about this. it's opening doors. we really appreciate them doing so much for us. >> this is going to be ours forever. it's going to be great. >> what a great organization. remember they need your help so go to building homes for
2:59 am
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hello and good morning. it is saturday, the 21st of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman. we have a fox news alert for you. overnight, suspects nabbed a big break in that deadly malakar jacking. four men have just been arrested in connection with with the gunning down of this man in front of his wife last sunday. we have the details straight ahead. >> and that "duck dynasty" double standard. new information about how far a&e went to silence phil robertson before the show even premiered. stay tuned for that unfolding story. >> and they fought for their country, but now two new jersey police officers say they are fighting for their jobs because of that. why they


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