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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 30, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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tomorrow, maria molina, where you going to be? >> i'm going to be live from times square with the centennial ball for new year's eve. >> it is one block away. it's like a big one. >> the wind chill, actual cold on top of that. >> sarah murnaghan tomorrow. fox news alert now. another terror bombing in russia. the second time in two days. only weeks before the start of the winter games. a suicide bomber targeting a packed bus during rush hour, killing at least 14, that number 14 has changed throughout the morning. that is where we start. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here to "america's newsroom." martha with time with the family, heather. >> i'm glad for her. i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. it the terror attacks hitting city volgograd, a couple hundred miles from city of sochi, putting russia on edge as it prepares to host athletes and leaders from around the world.
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bill: here is the first bombing. you saw the flash and smoke that followed at a crowded train station. surveillance video capturing the moment it went off. 17 were killed in the first attack. >> amy kellogg is live in london with the latest. amy any claim of responsibility for either attack? >> reporter: not yet, heather. russia's foreign ministry issued a statement saying these attacks were attempts by terrorists to open an internal front and that russia will not retreat. it is broadly believed that those responsible were islamist terrorists from the north caucuses region a very restive region of russia includes chechnya and tag go stan. there is a group called the caucuses emirate seeking to build an islamic state and threatened to bring president putin down.
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threating to wreak havoc on the winter games. russian authorities believe it was a male suicide bomber in the trolley bus in volgograd that killed 14 and many injured and including a baby five to eight months now in a coma whose parents have not been found and who may be dead. yesterday's bombing at very go grad's impressive central railway station captured on cc-tv cameras. it killed 17 people. first reports it was a female suicide bomber a black widow, someone avenging the death of a husband or brother. but that theory, heather has been put on hold. they believe a male have been involved in that attack as well. >> why this town, do we know why this town was targeted? >> reporter: why volgograd, heather, for many different reasons. it was a symbolic city. it used to be called stalingrad. it is city known for heroism and great resistance and great loss
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during world war ii. it is a major transportation hub for russia. finally these terrorist attacks, carried out by groups from the north caucuses often happen in the north caucuses themselves. they happen quite regularly. they don't have the same psychological impact on. russian population as attacks carried out in the very heart after russian city. this may, these attacks may have been sending a message to the russian government and the people that maybe sochi is ringed off and safe but russia itself is not. heather. >> amy kellogg, live from london, thank you. bill: islamic rebels believed responsible for these attacks have a long and bloody history in russia. 2000 two, 11 years ago, chechen militants seized a packed theater in the city moves could you. 100 hostages were killed when russian security forces stormed that theater. two years later a terror attack that shocked world with sheer brutality.
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chechen gunmen taking 1,000 people hostage in a school. that siege ending days lay iter with the deaths of hundreds of teacher and children there. there is developments out moves could you on that we will keep you updated on as well. >> bill, this is why this is such a big deal. 6,000 athletes from approximately 85 different countries expected to descend on sew church in the -- sochi in the coming weeks that doesn't take into at the dignitaries and vips. russia spending $48 billion to host the event and taking no chances on security. 42,000 police officers are expected to be on hand. bill: meantime, ready or not, here it comes, obamacare will kick in 48 hours from now and happy thank you year america. that is the administration report as surge in sign-ups past the one million mark. more on that in a moment. first, what will actually happen and when you head to the doctor on the 1st of january? stuart varney, host of
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"varney & company", fox business network, happy new year to you. >> hello, bill. bill: good morning to you. sign-ups, take it a step at a time. do we know who is actually signed up at this point? who is big money and enrolled? >> good questions, bill, all of them. there is a lack of sent about who is actually paid up in full. there is a lack of certainty about exactly who is fully covered on january the 1st. secondly, not everybody who signed up has presumably read the very fine print. so not everybody knows if their old doctor is in their new network. you can imagine some chaos at the doctor's office and at the hospital when accident victims, for example, show up in the first week of january unclear whether they're in the right hospital or right doctor or whether they have got coverage or not. so that is a big area of uncertainty. who is fully paid up and whose doctor they go to. secondly, we don't know the
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demographics. big sign says we signed up over a million people but we don't know who they are. how many young people, versus how many old people? this uncertainty affects the future pricing of these insurance products, and, whether or not the taxpayer has to top off the fund of the insurance companies themselves. a lack of clarity, bill. bill: old versus young there. you need those young people signing up. >> yes. bill: now the other big story people start to get their head around, stuart, in the new year are the taxes. >> yep. bill: what do we expect to learn about how many they are, and where they are, stuart? >> there is one big new tax that takes effect on january the 1st. it is rather complicated but the bottom line is, it is a stacks that will be paid on the insurance plans offered by small business. this tax will raise $8 billion in the first year. it is not applied to big pension fund, to big employers. it does not apply to those people. it is applied to small business. it's a big new tax.
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january the 1st, it rolls out. they will be paying. bill: what is your anticipation? what kind of stories do you think we'll pick up on in the coming weeks? take us through the month ever january? >> i think it will be chaos. that is strong and rather harsh prediction but imagine it. people don't know whether they are actually signed up or not. did they pay or did they not pay? have they read the fine print? which doctor should they go to? which doctor should know not go to? are they delaying any kind of sign-up at all? what kind of sign-up do they have? there is lack of uncertainty that will extend way past january. when the crunch comes, you need medical treatment, you don't know what you're going to get. bill: stuart, see you at 9:20 at fbn. we'll watch for the taxes to see impact and how people react to them. thank you, stuart. see you in 14. heather? >> we'll take a closer look at the surge in sign-up numbers. the white house reporting that
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more than a million people signed up for obamacare, just ahead of the deadline but that number doesn't tell the whole story. oh, no, as stu said, we still don't know how many people are actually enrolled, who just went through the process to sign up. either way, that number is still a third of the 3.3 million that the white house had projected to sign up by the new year. so there is a long way to go. plus, we shouldn't forget more than 6 million americans who lost health care plans because of obamacare. still no word what happens to them. bill: big storyies coming up in the month of january. big pr battle on both sides. expect the white house to talk about successes in obamacare. we'll see how that plays out. meanwhile a fox news alert. a man suspected of string of bank robberies and murder of a police officer is shot and killed by police. mario garnett had been on the run since december 23rd, robbing several banks along the
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way, sparking a week long manhunt. witnesses outside of a bank in phoenix where he was caught, they heard a lot of gunfire. >> i heard a loud pop. it is a tire. must be a plat. but one after another. and it was like four or five. that's when i knew it is not a tire. looking around no flat tires. no accidents, because it is loud. bill: garnett is accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a robbery in mississippi. more on this story later in "america's newsroom." martha: news aextreme weather alert for you. extreme winter storm sweeping across the great plains and parts of midwest over the weekend. bringing fierce wind and ice and freezing temperatures, causing scenes like this one. this happened in minnesota. a theater overhang collapsing under the force of all the store. a woman standing near the entrance reportedly managed to step out of the way just in the
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nick of time. >> while i was over there, i spoke to a woman who said she had just been going to step outside, and saw the thing collapse right in front of her. >> no one was injured. meantime that storm is on the move. expected to bring even more snow and ice to parts of the northeast. bill: but, but, but, not until wednesday. >> absolutely. holding off just for you, bill. bill: there is live look at times square. it will be chilly on tuesday night. big ball drop tomorrow night. i will be there with elizabeth hassleback for the "all american new year." we want to know today, do you have a new year's resolution? do you do that kind of thing. send a tweet to @billhemmer, at heather childers. do you have a resolution, heather. >> i have the same one i always make. bill: want to share it now or end of the show? >> i think we should wait until
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the end. we'll find out yours too. bill: right on. sending a dark cloud of ash miles in the sky. we'll tell you what happened here, heather. >> race against the clock for a teenage declared brain-dead. she is set to be taken off life-support hours from now. her family's desperate search for help. bill: outrage of "the new york times" report that saying no al qaeda involvement in the attack. fox's own sources on the ground saying that is simply not true. reaction from peter king from new york next. >> what did they get wrong? >> that al qaeda was not involved in this. there was some level of preplanning. we know that there was aspiration to conduct an attack by al qaeda and their affiliates in libya. we know that.
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heather: el salavador seeing its first come van i can eruption for the first time in 37 years. look at that. a cloud of ash and rock shooting about three miles up into the
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sky, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. everyone certainly watching the volcano to see if it will erupt again. bill: "new york times" taking some blowback under fire on benghazi after reporting that there is no evidence that al qaeda played a role in the murder of our ambassador and three other americans and that an anti-islamic film played a role inciting the violence. key republican lawmakers blasting the report calling it inaccurate and saying the attack on u.s. consulate was clearly planned and led by al qaeda. congressman peter king, chair of subcommittee on counter intelligence and he is my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning,. bill. bill: you saw the report in "new york times." you called it misleading. what do you think now. >> i complete lay agree with what mike rogers said in the bit you showed earlier on. ansar al sharia is affiliated with al qaeda.
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we'll not be probably attacked by al qaeda core again. we've known that for years, going back to christmas day bombing in 2009. these are affiliates of al qaeda. to say that it was an affiliate aren't al qaeda itself means absolutely nothing. from the start the question i had was, was ansar al sharia involved? they were. i consider that an at al qaeda attack that is the new face of enemy we face. they have adapted. bill: react to this then. that reporter was on the "meet the press." what he seemed to suggest, if you can not tie it to usama bin laden you can not call it al qaeda. >> he is entirely wrong. the fact is, this is the new face of al qaeda. we have to face up to that. that is what a number of us have been saying for several years now. that core al qaeda has been very much weakened. as a result of that, al qaeda is splintered. metastasized and morphed. in many ways more of a threat than it was on september 11,
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2001. if our state department people didn't realize that in benghazi, then that is even more of an indictment what we knew before. if they were trying to say they were not ready for an attack, because they didn't know it was affiliated with al qaeda, they feely even more than they thought they did, al shoe rea has a training camp near the compound in benghazi. bill: the reporter is david kilpatrick or. if by al qaeda you mine the organization founded by usama bin laden. this issue came you up on sunday also. hillary clinton before a hearing on the hill last january. watch. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it base of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would go kill some americans, what difference does this point does it make? bill: there are some suggesting that "the times" is covering for hillary clinton. do you believe that? >> i believe that the "times" is certainly covering for the state department. obviously hillary clinton was secretary of state at that time.
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i think they're also trying to defuse what they believe is a republican issue in the next presidential campaign. i'm not talking about a partisan -- talking about a legitimate policy issue. if they're going to claim that these affiliates of al qaeda are not al qaeda and therefore we don't have to be as concerned about them as we do about al qaeda and do not have to maintain anti-terror efforts at, same extent against these affiliates than we do against al qaeda that is very, very real policy issue that has to be discussed. we saw four americans killed because of this group. somehow that is not concerned al qaeda, we'll let our guard down, that will put our country at risk. bill: it appears this is far from settled. why do you that that is? >> it is because, except for fox the media has not really pushed this issue. obviously the democrats have gone into a defensive mode. i give adam schiff on the intelligence committee credit yesterday for saying that al qaeda was involved but it is
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complicated but al qaeda was involved. not enough republicans are raising the issue. they're afraid being accused political. the fact we have an obligation to raise the issue in the national interest. when hillary clinton says what difference does it make if we don't undo the mistake now, correct it for the future we'll have many more americans killed if we don't learn lessons of benghazi. too many people, "new york times", which almost always gets its wrong anyway, certainly have not learned the lesson of benghazi. bill: peter king, republican from new york. >> happy new year to you. bill: as you as well. seesee you in '14. heather: seven-time formula one champion fighting for his life. michael schumacher. what put him in a coma. bill: what a story that is. a girl declared brain-dead after routine surgery, now her moat
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doctor mother's battle to keep her alive. >> this is 5:00 deadline. that is critical up until that time we'll continue to pray. >> no amount of hope, no amount of prayer that can bring her back. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant iespecially when it's miralax. re can love their laxative. it hydrates, eases, and softens, to unblock your system naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. ve your laxative. miralax.
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bill: a few top stories developing in "america's newsroom" as 2013 wind down. formula one champion, michael schumacher fighting for his life after he suffered a serious head injury in a ski accident over the weekend in southern france. doctors say schumacher is in a medically-induced coma. he is still listed in critical condition. he hit his head on a rock. he was wearing a helmet. get ready to start counting calories next time you visit a vend machine. labeling boeing into effect as
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part of president obama's health care law. workers conducting a confetti test. that is always fun. they will drop one fun ton of confetti from different areas to make sure it falls for tomorrow night's knew year's celebration. heather: i find the cleanup amazing. bill: it happens quickly. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. heather: i'll be watching. the clock is ticking for the family after 13-year-old girl declared brain dodd. jahi mcmath, have you heard about this, she is in a hospital after complications following tonsill surgery earlier this month. the hospital has permission to pull the plug at 5:00 p.m. local time earlier today. adam housley is live from children's hospital in oakland. what do which know about this looming deadline? >> reporter: yeah, it is about 11 1/2 hours away or so here in oak land as you mentioned. at that point the hospital says they have the right after that court order basically expires to pull the plug on jahi mcmath
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who has been here more than two weeks. she came originally for tonsil surgery. come playcations of course caused major bleeding. what the hospital says her death, her family insisted all along she is still alive and there is hope. there are different rumors over the course of the last few days, that hospitals here in the bay area might take here. holmes in southern california, as far as away as new york. nothing panned out. through all that her stepfather says the family remains hopeful. >> a lot of pressure. but optimistic in my faith god will make another way for us. she is making little movements. and you know, she is still getting prayed for. >> reporter: now the hospital says that is not the case. that the family may be misled in that lawyers may be misleading as well. there is no movement whatsoever at you will. the patient here in their mind is dead. once again barring some court order, about 11 hours from now the systems here will be turned off.
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heather? heather: adam, there has been a lot of money spent. what do we expect? >> reporter: well, we know, the family raised online and with a fund-raiser in hayward, california, near here in oakland, they have raised over $21,000 for the movement. you have to have a place to take her and have to have a facility willing to agree with the family. as you talk to the spokesman here at oakland and hospital, they don't plan any doing any work on a patient they believe is dead. take a listen. >> time to find peace in this very tragic situation and move on. >> reporter: that is basically the angle the hospital has been taking. we'll find out more of course in about 11 hours or so, heather, whether the hospital will be allowed to turn off the ventilator and take out the feeding tube. or whether this will continue. it has been going on more than two weeks here at children's hospital, heather. heather: from a routine tonsil operation. adam housley, thank you. bill: rush to get to the doctor
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before obamacare kicks in. report of a new surge of appointments. our panel takes on that in a fair and balanced debate. heather: accused cop killer on a bank robbery spree. stopped in his tracks. here details of his bloody past. >> chills me to think about what might have happened had he not responded based on information we have now.
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bill: fox news alert now. want to update you on new
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details in the death after suspected cop killer accused after string of bank robberies. he is a mario garnett, age 40, shot and killed during a gunfight with police outside after bank in phoenix after a week long manhunt that stretches all the way back into mississippi. jonathan serrie on the story in atlanta. what do we know about this man, the suspect, jonathan? >> reporter: bill, police in phoenix. bill: arizona, say that mario garnett was originally in the midwest and served in the army for four years. a secret service spokesman tells the associated press that garnett was arrested back in 2010 after making threats online against president obama. the clarion ledger newspaper reports that garnett served time in federal prison for those threats. phoenix police say they have no information that would suggest the suspect had any family or friend in arizona. so it remains unclear what drew him there after bank robberies in georgia and mississippi. in phoenix, a 911 caller reported seeing a man wearing a
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mask, walking into a bank. police responded to the scene as the suspect was leaving. officers say the suspect opened fire. that's when a detective who responded from an unrelated nearby investigation fatally shot the suspect. bill? bill: so back in the mississippi matter, two officers were shot then. what do we know about them, jonathan? >> reporter: one of the officers, the one officer who survived, he remains hospitalized. however authorities say his condition is improving. however the slain officer, tupelo police officer, gail stouffer died in the gunfight. there was memorial overthe weekend. police in phoenix reached out to their colleagues in tupelo. here is what they had to say. >> we mentioned to chief mcgeyer we don't celebrate any death regardless of the circumstances. however, we hope in this case
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that the knowledge that this suspect had no longer caused harm to anyone bring as little peace to the officers of tupelo, mississippi, his family, the fallen officer and officer that was critically injured and their friends. our thoughts and prayers are with them and will remain with them as law enforcement brothers and sisters. >> reporter: so obviously a bittersweet resolution to this spree of bank robberies spanning three states. bill? bill: what a story that is. jonathan serrie, thank you. updates from atlanta. heather: many americans may have a last minute trip to the doctor on their new year's eve to-do list. "the wall street journal" reporting that thousandings of americans racing to the doctor's office, cramming in tests, elective procedures and specialists visits. that will be left out of their health plans due to obamacare. jonah goldberg, editor-at-large
6:34 am
for kirsten powers, "daily beast" columnist, both fox news contributors to talk to us about it. thanks for joining us. happy new year a little early to you all. >> happy new year. heather: kirsten, 39 hours to go, if you want to get the test, elective surgery you need to have done without paying more. will you be rushing to the doctor's office in the next 39 hours? >> fortunately i will not. i don't have any pressing concerns. for people do, some people want to get in before the insurance changes. the problem was people were promised if they like their plans they would be able to keep them and that's not quite what happened. of course you can get better coverage where you have access to all the doctors you want to have but you will have to pay a lot more than you're paying for the new plan and astronomically than you're paying for your current plans. heather: jonah, we heard you
6:35 am
could keep your doctor, you could keep your plan. you could go to the hospital of your choosing or the specialist you choose but it will cost you more. and maybe run out do it before the first of the year? bait and switch? >> bait and switch here. thank you for noting asking me of my long list of surgeries i still have yet to go. look it, but it is not just that it is more expensive. even some of the, almost all of the silver plans and even some of the platinum plans you're still locked out of some networks. you're still locked out of some hospitals you might want to have access to. it is more expensive and also restricting your choice. basically what we're seeing with all these people rushing to have the procedures and what not, basically what you expect from rational people watching the hmo-fication of health care. hmos were very unpopular because they constrained choice and kept costs down.
6:36 am
that is what obamacare is doing for millions of americans. people are trying to get this stuff done in time. heather: that's a good point. kirsten, people backing this plan now and versus the 1990s, the difference is people care more about costs than amount of doctors and facilities they can go to. do you believe that to be true? >> some people care and some people don't. everybody make that is decision themselves. my health care plan which is a blue cross-blue shield plan. it is very limited. i have to go to doctors in network. not doctors that i was seeing before but i chose to go with that because i want ad cheaper plan. i know other people will say no, no, i want to pay more and i want to have, i like my doctor and i don't want to have to switch. for some people they feel this decision has been taken away from them because they were happy with their plans. now they're in plans that they can't see doctors and that is something really important. people with really pressing health issues, it is more
6:37 am
important for them to stay with their doctors. heather: kirsten, you decided to go with the cheaper plan because your premiums were going to double, correct? >> i'm talking about my old plan. i was able to extend that plan into 2014. then i have to go into the exchanges in october. at which point, that's when my premium would double. >> it is all confusing and some folks, they weren't able to get on to exchanges to begin with. last minute people signed up. we don't know who is signed up who isn't signed up, do we know in fact what they signed up for and will they be surprised when the premiums hit them and all these changes where they can't go to the doctor, the facility, the specialist they want to go to? >> that is a factor why people are getting procedures and getting tests done is simply the one consistent message that the obama administration has stuck to, has been chaos.
6:38 am
you know they keep announcing changes to the plan, changes to the rules, changes to the exemption. they announce them late at night. they announce them before major holidays. people simply don't know, first of all they don't foe if they're signedded up for these new things. they don't know what is in for for them in 2014 with the new health care things. time for new year's resolutions and what not and makes sense to get some things done while you have some certainty because people understand the existing plan they have been on. heather: who ultimately will pay the price for all the confusion down the road when it comes to the midterm elections, kirsten? >> probably the democrats would be my guess. so hard, everything moves to quickly a lot can happen between now and next election day. we've seen some twists an turns. i do think it is worth pointing out, part of the reason these costs are going up, there are a couple million people who have health insurance who signed up on the exchanges.
6:39 am
so it is short about a million of what the obama administration was hoping but it is 2 million if you add in the state exchanges and the federal exchange. heather: their goal was 3.3 million. jonah, you had 3 million lost their coverage. still don't know what you're doing with them. >> that is the ultimate question here. kirsten is absolutely right. obama care creates some winners. and creates a lot of losers. right now the losers outnumber the winners but that mix could change. whether or not the people under obamacare are grateful to counteract the political effect to those that are losers under obamacare. 85% of the people like the health care they had prior to this they're seeing all these changes, losing their plans or losing their doctors or paying more or may have to pay more out-of-pocket for prescription drug benefits, that that anger is going to be concentrated mostly on democrats and mostly on democrats in fairly red
6:40 am
states. heather:5%, versus 15% who were in fact uninsured. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. bill: a lot to cover coming up in '14. two days, two terror attacks weeks before the winter games. could we see chaos as athletes around the world get ready to gather in russia. kt mcfarland. heather: two ships stuck in the frozen seas of antarcticca. we're learning about the latest rescue plan. i can still see him on the starboard bow, seven nautical miles away. they're waiting for when the other icebreaker vessels.
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heather: there is an intense search underway for a royal caribbean crudes ship passenger who went overboard. this happened saturday night as the ship was making its way to puerto rico. the 26-year-old missing passenger apparently on a family
6:44 am
vacation. several other passengers aboard the ship say they actually saw him go overboard. the incident also captured on the ship's surveillance camera. police are now investigating exactly what may have happened. bill: more now. one of our top stories. russia hit by another terror bombing, the second in two days in that country, raising major security concerns with the winter games only weeks away. a suicide bomber hit a packed bus during rush hour, 14 dead there. yesterday on sunday, another bomber hit a crowded train station, killing 17 people there on the map behind me, we'll give viewers bit after perspective, capital city moves could you, big country and lad mass in russia. volgograd, the sight of the bombings. along the black sea, the winter games will begin four or five weeks from now. chechnya on the map here. it has been a place of hot unrest for years now. no claim of responsibility for
6:45 am
either attacks in volgograd. i want to bring in kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst to talk about this and concerns they have. let's mace it. russia is getting ready for the winter games for a long time. security concerns out there you but make one clear point. before there was al qaeda, there were militants in russia. >> yeah. for, chechen rebels, the militants, chechen separatists are considered most ruthless violent killers on the planet. that is who this area is. guess where the olympics are? they're right in the middle of the region. that is where the boston bombers came from, for example. these are same affiliated groups that killed children in schools. this is the same group that put two dirty bombs in russia 20 years ago. bill: yeah. russia came out with a statement just an hour ago. i don't know if you agree or disagree with this but they said the terrorists battle they have in their country is no different from any other country be it syria or the united states.
6:46 am
are they right about tha >> yeah, in fact in a lot of ways it is probably worse because ongoing region of the country of russia is in open insurrection. the leader of the group, umarov, is he at large. we'll prevent the sochi owe him picks because the sochi olympics are on the burial grounds of bones of our ancestors. these guys want to fight. the russians are not unprepared. putin, former head of kgb, he has been fighting these guys for years. they're taking enormous efforts in sochi. there are thousands of terrorist -- antiterrorists guys. they are taking cheek swabs to get dna tests in case they want to suicide bombers they want to identify body parts. the problem is all the rest of russia. it big country. bill: there was a secure area considered 60 miles long and
6:47 am
25 miles wide. >> yeah. bill: which is huge. every car that goes in and out, a month before the games and a month after will be inspected. but your point is, you could probably keep that area safe but there are a lot of other soft targets. >> there are a lot of soft targets in russia. these groups are willing to move. they put a dirty bomb in a park in moscow 30 years ago, 20 years ago rather. they are ready. they know they could have attacks throughout the country. the problem with terrorism in russia, america, europe, we can see the big stuff coming. we have can see the big, coordinated attacks where a lot of money moves overboarders. what nobody is good at seeing are the lone wolf terrorists. bill: russia is pretty good at this stuff. >> you bet. bill: they fight back in somewhat after ruthless way as well. are they better prepared than we are? or can the u.s. government perhaps help russia? >> that is another problem that you point out. that we don't have great cooperation with the russians. we did with the brits, for example in the british olympics.
6:48 am
the russians have twice as many security people in the russian olympics. putin warned us about the boston bombers but somehow the warning fell through the cracks. so i'm not sure what our relationship is. i'm sure it is good as it will get but may not be as good as it may need to be. >> that's a great point. i will read details. we'll hear more come january. spectator passes. passport information only to get a ticket to gain access. >> right. bill: i mentioned area 60 miles long and 25 miles wide. no cars are allowed in or out. without an inspection for, what appears to me like 950-day period. i never seen security like in where. >> putin is taking this serious. olympics in this country. he has taken russia from the ashes of cold war defeat. he built it up. showing russia great on the world stage. economically powerful, oil exporter. he wants the olympics to succeed and he will do everything he
6:49 am
can. bill: one final point. we saw attack on sunday. we saw the one earlier today. who knows what happens tomorrow. that's a country on edge. >> you bet it is. and with good reason. bill: thanks, kt. kt mcfarland, our national security analyst here in new york. >> thank you. bill: heather. heather: still to come the u.s. capitol getting a major makeover. up next we take you inside the landmark to take a look what's being done and what's in store. bill: the former head of the cia and nsa has changed his opinion on ed snowden. he thinks the nsa leaker as a full-blown traitor. >> stole american classified document that is because of their release, jeopardizes our troops in the field in places like afghanistan. and has allowed nation states, russia, china, others to have valuable insight the way our intelligence service operate to collect information to keep america safe. i was going to the library to do my homework.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
bill: everybody's tweeting, right, heather? heather: absolutely. bill: even the sharks. scientists down under say more than 300 sharks equipped with tracking tags now able to send a tweet. warning swimmers and yourers in australia when they're half mile off the coast. that's cool. heather: warning i'm headed your way. bill: does this work. deadly shark attacks are rare. shark attacks killed six people off australia in past 24 months. heather: i want to tweet off a shark. i may have one or two already, if you mow what i mean. k. bill: nice. heather: u.s. capitol is getting a facelift. the landmark build something now undergoing a major that will last two years. peter doocy live in washington. peter, how much is this costing? >> reporter: $59.5 million,
6:54 am
heather. that is the budget for this enormous restoration project. the goal is to fix more than 1300 cracks in the cast iron dome because water is getting into those cracks and water, plus cast iron, equals russ. so right now the preliminary work is underway. by springtime though, scaffolding will wraparound the entire outside of the capitol dome and those cracking wit be fixed using a technique called lock and storch stitch. here is how that works. >> we'll drill out the crack and tap each of those drill holes and put in a pin and a series of pins that stitch along the crack. and then perpendicular to those pins we'll put in a serious of lock that is hold that stitch together. >> reporter: timing is everything with that project. once all the paint and primer is stripped off the dome, this
6:55 am
generation of cast iron flash rusts in eight hours. there will be focus making sure everything is done by the book. heather? heather: people visiting d.c. want to know how will this affect tours? >> reporter: for the first two weeks the famous artwork inside the rotunda will be covered up to install netting inside that looks like a big doughnut. once that is up, the famous painting on the ceiling of washington, which shows the first president rising into the heavens will be visible and most every duty restoration work is done during nights and weekend with the goal to have the whole project wrapped up well in advance of the time that the next president is sworn in. back to you. heather: we'll see if they do it. thank you, peter doocy. bill: pretty good line you had there, heather? heather: which one? >> sharks on twitter. they're already there. heather: you like that? they're already there. bill: as you can attest. white house report as surge in
6:56 am
sign-ups for obamacare. we'll tell you many questions that are still unanswered today. heather: at love them. one of the first lawmakers on the ground in libya following benghazi terror attack, reacting to "the new york times" report. jason chaffetz reports live with his take [ rattling ] that's one smart board. what else does it do -- reverse gravity? [ chuckles ] split atoms? [ whoooosh! ] hey, how is that atom-splitting thing goin [ rattling ] [ electronic whistling ] oh! [ zap! ] a smarter way to shop around. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> new hour. there is a race against time. a second ice breaker is joining the mission to rescue a ship stranded for six days near antarctica. there is a mystery how to figure this out. good morning to you at home or work. >> happy new year. people are trapped, 74, after the ship is stuck on large pieces of ice.
7:00 am
crew members are staying positive even after the first ice bricker failed to reach them. >> it is minus one and blowing snow. we are in a good mood because the boat is chose and we are looking forward to seeing her. the weather is clear as well so we are happy about that. >> good morning to you, john. more setbacks for the resue operation? >> not going well at all. there is a second and even stronger ice breaker that is being sent to help but it too has had to turn back. it got within ten miles of the ship but the weather closed in too much and it had to turn around and go back to open water.
7:01 am
the captain of that ice breaker is hoping the weather is better tomorrow. >> it is clear weather but it has been foggy and snowing around the place so i hope it clears up so we can see the situation and acting accordingly. >> reporter: it is looking like they will to do a helicopter operation. that is a difficult and dangerous thing to do because there is breakup in the ice around the boat so that makes it difficult to find a stable and safe spot to land and then the 74 people have the walk across shifting ice to get it to. so this is a long way from being over >> what about the people on
7:02 am
board? do they need to the help or are they okay for the moment? >> reporter: they seem to be dealing with all of this pretty well. we have been in constant contact with people on board. they have been tweeting out pictures and videos of what has been this week long ordeal. the spirits are pretty good. a reporter on board said people are watching movies and quote have faith in the leadership. but it is becomes more worrying for them every day that goes by. we know they have supplies for several weeks so there is no urgency in that sense but everybody would like to know when they will get home. it is now of course around 4 a.m. on december 31st and it
7:03 am
looks like their new years party will be on the ice. >> now to a weather alert. north dakota digging out from an inch of warmer than normal temperatures there. a holiday storm could ruin new years plans for millions of people. we have all of great news in the fox room. >> nice way to end the 2013 year. but i want to show you the current wind chill temperatures across the county. this is what has moved in behind the storm system that produced precipitation across the southeast and northeast. 13 inches of snow in portions of
7:04 am
maine and it is frigid out there. in minneapolis it feels like 29 below 0. 9 below 0 in chicago. and in dallas it ischilly even and new mexico and utah and even up into montana. and it will continue to impact the northeast for new year's eve. for the ball drop we are looking at temperatures in the teens. there is storm system developing from canada and it is going to be a light snow fall earnei eas montana, and minnesota and south dak dakota. buth north of chicago is looking
7:05 am
at over six inches of snow. that is thursday into friday. stay tuned as the forecast could change. but behind the storm system, it is going to be high. 7 in buffalo and only in the teens in new york city and boston. >> 72 in miami. we need to bundle up. >> come on, maria, work your magic. >> you will be out there in time square no matter what. >> new talk about the benghazi even events. and edward snowden is facing new criticism because of the
7:06 am
information he is leaking on the subject. >> and john kerry is going to the middle east considering a prisoner swap. secretary kerry is offering to free jonathan poller for the final group held in israel. he is a forer united states intelligence analyst who pled guilty to passing information to the government and was sentenced to life in prison. 1.1 million for the number of online signups which is less than the goal.
7:07 am
the white house considers this good news, right? >> there was a huge jump in enrollment in december and we are just a third of a way to an internal health and human administration target. they have been saying the pace is going to increase as we get to the march deadline but they are short for what they wanted. but more problematic is who is and who isn't signing up >> when you look at who is enrolling it is the less healthy population and probably older. >> reporter: the affordable care act needs young, healthy people to sign up to keep the cost down. >> republicans point out more
7:08 am
people have lost plans than signed up for new ones. >> so far. and that is even though the administration has asked insurance companies to accommodate people whose policy don't meet the standards of the affordable care act but still want to keep them. but republicans are attacking some of the plans for what they don't cover democrats are pointing out >> have patients and put more skin in the game and now we have the republicans attacking the high deductibles because they are so desperate to attack the plan on any number. >> reporter: that was howard dean there and he is also a doctor. >> cool thing there in 2014. hawaii. i think he wins. >> i think he does. >> as he mentioned, 1.1 million
7:09 am
americans may have now signed up for obamacare. figures say it doesn't tell the whole story. the unanswered questions. >> and conservative fans of the show are not happy with a&e. what they are saying today. >> and new outrage after a new york time report claims benghazi attack wasn't accordinated by al qaeda. >> the video, or the lack of video, is kind of an important element to what happened or didn't.
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
>> a dramatic rescue after a car goes after a cliff and plunges
7:13 am
300 feet into the ocean. the 19-year-old is recovering at the hospital. it took the crews an hour to save the man. they believe the driver drove his car off the cliff on purpose. >> the white house is reporting 1 million people have signed up. but that tells us nothing about who they are and if they have paid their premium. the critics say they are far from where they need to be. >> the numbers were well behind. they were at 900,000 on december 22nd so we have not seen the rush we thought we would see. >> how are you? >> good morning to you. >> taking the numbers at face
7:14 am
value. what do you think? >> this has been so bad this is actually pretty good news. they have about 2 million people that are not part of the federal exchange. their computer is working and a lot has gotten good. but the politic are still table. >> a lot of that was invited when you operate a 90 day late website and you cannot relay on it. and people like beck are like get together. >> i have to defend this every day. so i understand the problems with it. but here is the problem for the republicans they put everything on obamacare failing going into the 2014 elections. and it isn't going to be as bad as it was.
7:15 am
>> do you think more americans will pay more or less for insurance under the new law? >> for the first couple years they will pay more -- >> polyt politcockic -- politic speaking will that harm you? >> i think what will happen with the republicans is in 2010 when they had a huge year -- it will not be that big this year. there are new marginal seats left in america. they are divided like the country. it is small number in the middle. >> you are on record by the way. you are 1/3 of the way to 3.3 million and 15% of what you have to expect by the end of march at 7 million. how is that working out?
7:16 am
>> it is million for the federal exchanges and when you add in the other states it will be over two million. the question is who are the people. they need to have young, healthy people. >> all signs point to the fact the elderly and whose who want medicare are signing up. >> a lot of people without insurance are signing up as well. but in the end it is going to be a costly proposition, but people are forgetting and saying let's go back to the good old days and no body liked health care before. >> it seemed to work out for the majority of people. >> health care reform was an issue going back 20 years because medical cost and insurance cost were going. that is one of things about the
7:17 am
premiums there hasn't been a year in 20 years without an increase. >> but the change and difference is now they have a target. it is no longer the insurance companies. they can blame the law and they can blame democrats >> sure. and they probably will. the question is at what degree and what intensity. when you take a political party like the republicans who put all of their eggs in in one issue and that is a dangerous situation. the feeling in november will be a complete disaster and you will wipe out all of the democrats or marginal losses >> what is your resolution for 2014? >> i am doing the first hour of your big new years show and i understand it will be cold out there. >> confirmed.
7:18 am
because you are just standing there. >> i am going to lose 20 pounds for new resolution. and that is not to become blow drier anchor like you because i will never do that. >> you want to take that back? >> no, handsome young anchor man. >> you have your hair, too. >> i want to be around for my kids and to terrorize the conservatives and i will have a lot more weight so the heat isn't going to be bad. >> you are going to look great. i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. is your dance partner >> we are going to do that. it is going to be fun. >> join us for the all-american new year's eve. we start at 9:00. it is 3.5 hour
7:19 am
tour. that is more of a telethon than a show. as for today, send us your tweet with your resolution now. at bill hammer and heather childers. 20 pounds in 2014. >> i think he is going to do. a former nsa director is changing his tune and coming down hard on edward snowden. >> the links are going to continue because he is not in control. he gave the information to other folks and they will role them out according to their own needs. >> plus this -- [gun
7:20 am
>> remember the metoir that injured people? we will recap the best videos of 2013. 2013. meteor too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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7:23 am
>> what a finish to the nfl regular season. the packers win on the road in chicago final minute of the game they are trailing and then this: >> rogers is out. cob! touchdown! >> nicely done. rogers hit a 48 yard touchdown pass to a wide open cob. the bears are done for the year. and win or go home primetime
7:24 am
eagles on the road against the cowboys. t the eagles host new orleans at home in a wild card game saturday night. the height of the game's poplarity. >> and you know the north carolina panthers will be there. >> and the cia leader did new edward snowden okay but now he is saying trader is a better
7:25 am
term. why the change in language from the general? >> heather, because edward snowden keeps going and releasing or trying to release information to various country. the general used to head the nsa and cia said it used to be united states citizens who stole the country's secrets went to moscow and that was it. but this case is different. >> he has offered to reveal more american secrets to governments in return for something. and in return was for asylum. there is a word were this: treason. >> he says it will take years or decades for the united states to recover from the disclosures. >> others are defending him? >> one former nsa employees who
7:26 am
exposed techniques because he felt they didn't go far enough is saying edward snowden is no trader. >> i consider him a whistle blower. he exposed evidence about the program and how it isn't constitutional. >> edward snowden gave a christmas message on british television said a child born today will never know what it is like to have private thoughts. >> people have have been investigating the attack on benghazi are upset. >> we have thousands of people serving and we have a terrorist attack and if we cannot learn the lessons it will happen again
7:27 am
because the terrorist are still out there. >> wait until you see the unwelcome guest captured in a woman's beach photo. take a look. [suspenseful music]
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> fox's alert. there is more outrage claiming the benghazi wasn't an attack on america. survivors on the ground slamming this say this is completely false and a lie. a republican from utah has been fighting for answers for more than a year. he is back in salt lake city now. what did you think of the new york times story as reported yesterday? >> well, good reporter doing good stuff, but i think he is
7:32 am
shallow on the facts. the idea the video started this attack seems not to be true. there wasn't a single person that brought up the video when i was there. it didn't happen. the report hand-picked by hilary clinton said there is no video involved and she agreed with that. so for them to suggest a video is the reason for this isn't accurate. >> you know the reporter? david kirpatrick? >> i have not had contact with him. >> what he told meet the press is this: if by al qaeda you men the organization founded by bin
7:33 am
laden. there is a difference? >> we have been bombed twice previously. al qaeda was flying flags above government buildings in benghazi. to suggest there wasn't an al qaeda presence in the area -- even a responsible democrat on the committee and another democrat came back and said you cannot miss the ties to al qaeda. >> peter king was on last hour. and he said there is going to be a difference on opinion on benghazi. how do you think that is the case 15-16 months later? >> because the american people haven't been given the truth. we have not heard in a public
7:34 am
setting from the people on the ground. you look at the lack of military response and the lies for the weeks afterwards. we have four dead americans and no one has been captured or killed. to suggest this is a phony scandal like susan rice is just offense to a lot of people. we haven't gotten the truth yet. >> fox was was reporting there had been a week long series of meetings in libya and talking about the threats. it was identified al qaeda was the largest and more significant threat in libya all of the way up to the final briefing on september 10. do you think about that briefing? >> there is a lot of information. not all of it i can talk about.
7:35 am
you can go to you tube and find videos of the parade they had with al qaeda-type flags being flown around the city prior to the attack. every report you read would lead you to believe there is a lot of terrorist attacks. some affiliated with al qaeda. and hilary clinton, saying what difference was it make is offense and part of the reason we have not been able to bring people to justice and the fear we have that this administration isn't taking this seriousf into bring people to justice or prevent another attack. >> some are saying the story was written to give hilary clinton cover. do you agree with them? >> i cannot attest to the purity of the new york times. but this narrative is something we have never heard. void of the facts. and contrary to hilary clinton's only accountability review board
7:36 am
came up with. you have people on the intelligence committee saying that is not true. i don't think it is an accurate protr truth. >> greg talked about the video as a non-event in libya. when will that be clarified? >> 21 days after the attack i visited with the general and people there on the ground. the video was never mentioned because it wasn't a factor. it didn't come up one time. so trying to prove a negative. the reality is if you look at the sustained attack and the fact they had rprpgs in a
7:37 am
coordinated fashion this went on for hours and hours and was successful in the mind of the terrorist groups. it didn't create a spontaneous attack in benghazi. >> happy new year to you and your family as well in utah. >> we will switch gears now. the holiday spirit is more than just a the festive red cups at starbucks. coffee drinkers in connecticut are paying it forward by buying drinks for customers behind them. >> it is something i have heard about. and everybody who i see being
7:38 am
interviewed feels good about the experience. so i decided to do that for somebody else. >> you think they should keep that going? sgr >> you don't want to be behind me. i needed the big boy. would you pick out the scone and sandwich? >> and starbucks is a little on the expensive side. >> heather if you were behind me, i would be the gentlemen and get whatever you wanted >> i would definitely order a venti. >> a&e reversed their suspension for phil robertson and given into the fans. but some spert supporters are not happy still. and remember this -- >>
7:39 am
that is alive! >> a cook rescued from the bottom of the atlantic after a boat cap sized. we will recap the top caught on camera moments of 2013.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> here is a photobomb. a mom snapping a picture of her son swimming. you can see the close up. it looks like a shark. or it could be drift wood. >> it looks like a splash. >> what is that? >> we will find out, maybe. a little bolagna maybe. phil robertson will return to duck dynasty. a&e responded to the outcry
7:43 am
reversing the suspension but the group behind the fight to get him back on the air isn't happy with the network. they say faith driven consumers will remain watching to see if they embrace our breligious beliefs. so you know it seems like so mun is happy in this case with a&e. we have the christian c conservatives saying it is too
7:44 am
little too late and glaad isn't happy. is this major blunder or bank? >> i think people tuned in that never heard of it or maybe watched so i think it is going to be bank. these people have a choice to watch duck dynasty or not or anything on a&e or to buy or not buy the products. they have to decide if their love of duck dynasty is stronger than hatred. and everything is talking about the gay comments and i was offended by him saying pre-jim crowe laws african-americans were happy and that is not christian values to me.
7:45 am
>> what about the group saying it is too little too late? and they will continue to monitor the situation. >> i would have admired a&e if they really were offended and they said they didn't want it on the air but they never said that. a special interest groups that thinks they should make it impossible to fight with them has lost and that is a good thing. having read the evangelic
7:46 am
statement is saying have the religious morals is important. >> i read the faith-based group is saying they want to make sure a&e uses this opportunity to create a psa to talk about unit and tolerance and acceptance so what is wrong with making sure they include biblical principles. >> that is a slippery slope. a&e has no affiliates to any religious groups. there are a number of stations that are for religious people.
7:47 am
i think that is crazy. this isn't about glaad or tolerance. what would jesus do? i don't think he would have a television show or watching television and if they want to be christians they need to practice forgiveness. >> why not include christian values in that talk? >> once again i think the point is there are 2,000 channels on my television. and if you see people of faith on law and order or scandal? they are always having something wrong with them. they are the bad guys and i think there is an argument made: have a show with the same desire
7:48 am
for diversity and tolerance for these ideas that you do for same-sex marriage. >> thanks you for joining us. a lot of people have a lot to say. >> we have willy and cory live on new years. remember the act of kindness with when a bus driver stopped and saved a woman's life? >> are you all right? >> that is one of the top five moments caught on camera. the full list from 2013 is cool and next. ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision
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[ regina ] yeah, your generation has all the good stuff. at a company that's bringing media and technology together. next is every second of nbcuniversal's coverage 0f the 2014 olympic winter games. it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. >> new numbers showing a surge in enrollment with obamacare.
7:52 am
but many have more questions than answers. tweet us your questions for a town hall today. we will try to guide you through that. and weather has people steaming mad up north. and how to lose weight for n new-year happening in ten minutes. we will reveal the top five moments from 2013 now. >> now the top five moments of 2013. number five, imagine if this was your job: slicing into a two-day dead sperm whale washed up. a biologist putting in all of the effort to rid the animal of
7:53 am
methane gas. we are not sticking around to see how this is cleaned up. number four, a loaded gun meant to kill the leader of bulgeria jams. and they were tough on the assassin arresting and beating him within full view of the press. number three, a ten ton meteor racing through the atmosphere in the skies over russia. a fire ball of blinding bright lights said to have the power of an atomic bond. a thousand people hurt, hundred people hospitalized but no windup one killed. number two, a rescue driver finds a hand reaching out alone
7:54 am
in the sea. the 21-year-old was able to breathe in an underwater air pocket after the tugboat where he worked as a cook capsized. rescuers coached him the whole way through. >> you are a survivor! >> our number one video is this bus driver going above and beyond when he looked out the window and saw a woman in need. barton approached the women who he said was barely hanging on and puts his arm on her arm and she turned toward him. as he supports him she jumps down to safety. in new york, i am jonathan hunt. >> i like that last one. >> how about that whale?
7:55 am
that took me out of the chair. >> listen, wait until you see the moments in 2014 with cameras becoming more poplar. two deadly terror attacks weeks before the winter oly olympics. the latest on the attacks and how russia will keep athletes safe.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ bill: them thinking hasslebeck and hemmer at 10:00. guilfoyle and beckel at 9:00. here is what some had to say on twitter. >> elizabeth writes, nye year's resolution is put the lousy 2013 behind me and live
7:59 am
2014 to accept what comes my way. bill: allison knows the diet work out starts january 2nd, unless that is a monday. >> to grow our business and get a website that works better than obamacare. >> fred said no new year's resolution because i failed to successfully care oy out one in the past. >> james says my new year's resolution is become the ultimate best friend and be there for people when they need me for anything. bill: nice. aaron, sadly my resolution is the same. dirty four-letter word for the last 25 years. diet. >> diet. bill: start 9:00 eastern time times square with a million of our closest friends. do not be late. we have terrific lineup for 2014. >> they'll will be so much fun. bill: resolution for 2014 was and you said? >> work more with you. be happy and healthy. bill: like that. i like happy.
8:00 am
>> happy is good. what is yours? bill: i don't do resolutions because we break them by january 10:00. >> hashtag lame. bill: see you this afternoon, everybody. have a happy new year. >> bye. arthel: top headlines and brand new stories you see here first. jon: two deadly terror attacks rock russia weeks best winter olympics about. what russia just said about the deadly bombings and what is the plan to keep athletes safe at the games. two weeks to go before obamacare kickses in. why republicans seem too change their strategy on repeal. plus we'll answer your questions about the new law. nationwide manhunt for a accused cop killer and bank robbery suspect comes to a deadly end as the secret service weighs n why the suspects wagon their radar. it is all "happening now." we begin


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