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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 29, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> we'll need something warm because it's going to be cold. the good news is it will be warmer on super bowl sunday and brian is going to continue the coverage right up 'til the bitter end. >> i got to go do the radio. bye. >> have a great day. martha: happy we're inside. bill: yeah, we are. looks like fun, right? martha: yeah. bill: breaking news right now. the deep south in a deep freeze. a rare winter storm slamming multiple states down there. now millions reeling from the extreme weather. that's a look in atlanta where the freezing rain and snow literally shutting down highways. look how many miles that backup extends. people stranded on the roads, some of them overnight. many flat-out abandoning their cars and causing more chaos after that. look at the map here. states of emergency declared in georgia, alabama, mississippi and louisiana. you will into the carolinas, south carolina and north carolina. all governors saying we need help. good morning, everybody, that's
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where we start. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: they're in a world of hurt. good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. how about this part of the story. meanwhile house thousands of children were forced to stay in their schools overnight. that is what we call the opposite of a snow day. fifth graders were stranded in the halls of indian springs alabama in their school. problems began, take a look. it started to snow. everybody tried to leave where they were early. schools tried to let out, commuters were headed home. you got the horrible bottleneck that is should have taken minutes on a normal ride home lasting into the hours. >> everybody is discombobulated out on the expressway. >> were you nervous or frustrated? >> both. and ready to go home. i need to use the bathroom. >> it is best way to get around right now. there is bunch of crazies out here on the roads. might as well have a little bit of fun with it.
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bill: might be fun for some but not for millions of others. jonathan serrie at his post in month comery, alabama. you looked down right freezing there, jonathan. how are things for you and others on the roads? >> reporter: at least the skies are clearing up. we're hoping the sun will come out and begin to melt some of this ice. temperatures are still pretty low. a lot of black ice on the road. highway 231 very light traffic. yesterday we saw this jackknifed truck at the i-85/8-65 interchange in montgomery, alabama. there was major traffic gridlock in birmingham. in several alabama communities roads to schools became impassable, forcing students and teachers to stay put. alabama's governor reassured parents their children were in good hands with teachers. if need be they would send in first-responders assisted by the national guard with food supplies and heaters, anything
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needed. most of the schools would return later today. a lot of children stranded in georgia around the metro atlanta area. they say the kids will be back on buses home today but they're urging parents to be patient because the roads are still icy and it will take bus as long time to make their routes, bill. bill: i mentioned traffic a moment ago in atlanta. is there any relief in sight? some of these backups, jonathan, extended, 10, 15, 20 miles. >> reporter: just an a anecdotal story, our photographer got done at work at 4:00 hour and drove to the atlanta suburb of snellville. this would be half hour, 40 minute drive even in rush hour. in the icy traffic she didn't get home until 3:00 a.m. there are reports that there are still people stranded in their cars in atlanta. the national guard is assisting local road crews to get them out.
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one happy story in the atlanta suburb of sandy springs police assisted a father in delivering a baby, both the mother and baby are said to be doing fine, bill. bill: thank you, jonathan. we'll check back in with you throughout the morning, okay? >> reporter: will do. bill: in alabama he leads our coverage there today. martha: the traffic problems hitting some states particularly hard. in mississippi tractor-trailers flipped on the side of the road, pleading for help, holed up in their cars and others giving up and starting to walk home. not sure that is good idea. in virginia one driver waited out the storm when a tractor-trailer slammed into his car. drivers admitting they're simply not used to driving in these conditions. >> the stuff sticks to your windshield and cars, they're kicking stuff up all over the place. >> i hope this is over with soon. i had enough winter. >> this is not a time for fast starts. everything slow and easy. you want to leave plenty of cushion around your car
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obviously so if you need to stop or you slide, you won't be sliding into things. martha: looks like on other side of the woods. bright skies are on the horizon. they say the snow should be melted by the end of the week. bill: the truth they don't have the equipment in the southeast to deal with a lot of this. situation, skies not much better, a atlanta home to world's busiest airport, brought to stand still. atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international. has a major hub, ripple effects across the country. more than 3200 flights canceled last night. 500 canceled this morning. nearly 5,000 flights canceled over the past three days alone. martha: we'll make, we'll have more winter weather coverage coming up ahead. including snow that is stranding all those drivers, and causing hundreds of accidents we've been showing across the south. look at that picture. that is a tough situation under commute. how long will it be, how long will we see temperatures below
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zero along the east coast and also the midwest? what a winter this has been. we had such a mild, beautiful fall. and just a winter wallop. bill: i was reading in georgia. as of 9:00 they had almost a thousand accidents. that was before the overnight thing happened. jonathan serrie mentioned a baby girl being born on i-8 which is the loop that goes around atlanta. whew. more coming up on that. martha: she needs a snow day. bill: yes she does. snowflake. president obama laying out ambitious to-do list in the state of the union address last night watched by millions. a few items on the again day announced he promised he will go at it alone if he has to. >> let's make this a year of action. i'm eager to work with all of you. but america does not stand still and neither will i, so wherever and whenever i can take steps
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without legislation to expand opportunity for more american families, that's what i'm going to do. i will act on my own to slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects. i will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally-funded employees a fair wage of at left $10.10 an hour. if you cook our troops meals or wash their dishes you should not have to live in poverty. join the rest of the country. say yes. give america a raise. opportunity is who we are. and defining project of our generation must be that to restore that promise. martha: reaction last night after the speech came in fast and furious, indicated column charles krauthamer with a scathing critique last night during our special coverage. watch charles. >> there wasn't a lot in speech. he is playing a very weak hand. i was impressed by the fact he
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delivered it with conviction because there wasn't a lot in it. i would call it the chestnut speech. there was so many old chess nuts that were -- chestnuts shown it was almost embarrassing. martha: stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. you're saying much of the same thing this morning that there was a lot of retread and not a lost strong action what he outlaid last night. >> i'm looking a it from the point of view of the economy and economic policy. he presented a extremely limited set of options to get this economy going again. let me go through a couple of them. he wants to review and reform of job training programs led by vice president biden. a report on the plight of working families. a wage height, miniscule number of federal contract employees. a very vague new pension savings plan, with a taxpayer on the hook in case much any failures. a very brief mention of tax breaks for companies that bring
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hundreds of jobs back to america. just a brief mention. you add it all up there was no big, new, program to get the economy going, get us out of a very low growth rate and very high unemployment rate, with nothing there for that. martha: i don't think the president would argue his options are limited because anything that he would put forth that would be against what the republicans want to probably not get anywhere and you know, your thoughts on that? i know you will bring up ronald reagan's state of the union speech from 1985. what is the comparison you want to make there? >> i was watching president obama last night and i looked at the state of the union message delivered by ronald reagan in january 1985 and there was a real contrast between the two. president reagan stood up and said, 25 months of unbroken economic growth and 7.2 million jobs created in the last two years. that was president reagan nearly 30 years ago, a total contrast
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with president obama in the year 2014. martha: stuart, thank you. we'll look for more on fbm. see you next time. bill: so the house republicans highest-ranking woman, congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers giving the official republican response last night. >> the president talks a lot about income inequality but the real gap we face today is one of opportunity inequality. and with this administration's policies that gap has become far too wide. bill: we will speak with the congresswoman next hour here in "america's newsroom." where does america go from here? very important interview. martha: we'll look forward to that. we'll speak with her in a little while. meanwhile the president also acknowledged the speaker of the house last night and getting a thumbs up from john boehner. he used john boehner's family story as a point in the address. >> how a son after bar keep is
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speaker of the house. [applause] martha: that is kind of funny. got a standing ovation. joe biden getting up on his feet. speaker gave a quick salute, thumbs up you saw. after the address he made this video for the president. >> i appreciate what the president said tonight but what about those americans asking the question, where are the jobs? bill: but the biggest moment of the night came near the very end. the bravery of a wounded army ranger. his name is cory remsburg and he was last night. [applause] that went on for nearly a minute 1/2. sergeant first class wounded when he hit a roadside bomb
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during his 10th deployment overseas. he was in a coma for three months, partially paralyzing him. he is recovering with the help of many doctors and of course a loving family too. that was indeed a moment to watch in the balcony. wow. martha: it was a very powerful moment. a reminder what brings us all together. the support of our troops and respect for this young man and the fact he has given so much for the country. bill: thank you, cory. martha: quite a moment last night. we'll have much more on the winter storm that is paralyzing the deep south today but first republicans reacting to the president and his pledge to go around congress if he has to. house majority whip kevin mccarthy is here. he will talk to us in just a couple minutes. bill: a cruise ship carrying a mystery illness set to dock later today. we'll be live at the seen to try to figure out what happened. martha: hopefully not too close. bill: then there is this. watch closely. >> this is only about the
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president. let me be clear -- [bleep] martha: don't get to see that every day at the state of the union? a congressman caught on camera, threatening to throw a reporter off the capitol balcony, i kid you not. what he is saying this morning about that.
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martha: not much of a vacation. more like a nightmare and that cruise ship is almost home we're just getting word. royal caribbean's explorer of the seas is expected to arrive at a port in new jersey today after being forced to cut short their 10-day caribbean excursion last week. hundreds of passengers and crew came down with a nasty, nasty stomach bug. this is not a pretty picture and about to pull into port. the cdc is working to confirm exactly what happened on that ship with the norovirus. we'll let you know when we find out. >> he has to come and talk to us. he can't just say my way or the highway.
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i've got a phone and i got a pen and by golly if you don't give me what i want, i will do it anyway. that is the tone of a bully, not someone that wants to work with congress. bill: kentucky senator rand paul with bret baier his assessment of the president's speech. a lost reaction last night. republicans making it clear they were not impressed. republican kevin mccarthy, house majority whip. >> thanks for having me. bill: when we say republicans were not impressed did you think you would be? did you hi any republican would be? what did you make of it? >> i was hoping would i hear something new on the economy but the idea that rand paul talking about there the president has a phone and pen and we all have a constitution. you can't go around it. more importantly he ought to pick up the phone to call harry reid and pass 160 bills that we passed in the house that sits over in the senate. he talked about a jobs bill. we have the kills act about jobs training sitting in the senate and use the pen to sign it. those are things we want to work
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together on. but the threat really don't do much for america, or a new direction. bill: let me be clear on this. is there anything on the docket in terms of meetings or discussions happening between republican leadership, be it on the house side or senate side and white house. any at all? >> i don't see any or have any on my schedule as of today. we're going away on our issues retreat this weekend as republicans talking about it. so hopefully that we could get somewhere. that is much better way to do it than threatening people my way or no way. bill: what about in coming days, weeks or months. do you see anything on, how unusual would it be if there is no direct communication with the white house? >> well, that is kind of what has been going on for quite some time. there was a time when we were in a crisis that we kept saying we wanted to meet with the president. he said he wouldn't talk to us. so those are difficult times. hopefully it is a new year. a time to think awe new and act
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anew. time to put people first. focus on the economy. do some job creation. the president said we'll work on trade, deal with trade. tax reform. republicans want to have tax reform to expand the economic base. there are places, energy, we could become energy independent. the president talked about successes on public land, energy has gone down 17% with his regulation. there are lots of places we should be able to work together. bill: on the very beginning of the speech, i think first or second paragraph, he referred to the government shutdown. it was stacked right near the top of the speech. what did you make of that? >> well, not just there but also throughout, it seemed as though the speech was put through almost politics. he wants to find places to divide us. as many know, we funded the government all the way. we wanted to talk about things that we said this health care plan would not succeed. and i think when he looks in hindsight, he probably should have taken us up on our offer at
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that time. bill: speaking of health care, by my count he spent about four minutes on it. and the first mention of the affordable care act, came 39 minutes in. did you pick up on that? >> well, he knows it is not going well. he was trying to keep the democrats together on that, but i think even put them in a worse position. the democrats all stood up and applauded. if you're some of those senators up for tough reelections and you voted for that, you don't want to talk about obamacare and you definitely don't want that president in your state campaigning about it. it is going to remind the public of what they're so frustrated with. more people have lost their health insurance than have signed up. and those are just the numbers. he can't convince people otherwise. bill: 10 months to go before midterms, it will be talked about. kevin mccarthy. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. bill: from capitol hill. we'll speak again. thank you. martha. martha: we saw all of the state. union last night but saw an example of lawmakers behaving
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badly. a u.s. congressman caught on tape threatening a reporter after the big address. martha: i will break you in half like a boy. new york congressman michael grimm telling the reporter, i will throw you off the balcony and break you in half. what sparked the confrontation and what the congressman is saying this morning about this. bill: i thought richard sherman said about this. what is the biggest threat facing america now. top intelligence officials in our country will brief congress at top of the hour. general jack keane is here to tell us what he thinks. >> when american leadership is inconsistent, indecisive and we're willing to permit others to lead, who do not have the capacity or when we are paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequence, then american leadership is weak and the world is a more dangerous place.
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martha: a new york congressman caused quite a scene last night after the state of the union address. congressman michael grimm was in the middle of an interview with a reporter when grimm claims he was asked a quote cheap shot question. that got him angry. he walked away from the interview but enthey came back a couple seconds later, not realizing that the camera was still rolling. >> this is only about the president. >> what about?
6:26 am
martha: whoa. insulting his manhood. he says it's a valid question. ther was trying to stick up for himself. elizabeth prann joins us from washington with all the background on this story. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: emotions were running pretty high after the president's state of the union address. new york representative michael grimm is defending his actions after physically defending the reporter, michael scotto a local new york reporter. he asked him about a number of questions about the speech and asked a question about the justice department's investigation into grimm's finances. at that point he told him, if you ever do that to me again i will throw you off this blank balcony. here is another part of the altercation. >> think about anything off topic. this is only about the p.e.t.'s speech. >> what about? >> thank you.
6:27 am
>> reporter: now scottto still surprised at the congressman's reaction. it has been nearly impossible to get ahold of the congressman about that investigation. >> he walked away when i asked him that. then i signed off, tossed it back to the studio. he then came back and approached me and i was taken aback. i have never, i'm used to people giving me pushback for questions but i was not used to something like that. >> reporter: representative grimm responding in part. he said i verbally took the reporttory task and told him off because i expect a certain level of professionalism around respect. i doubt that i'm the first member of congress to tell off a reporter and i am sure i won't be the last. political director said in statement that this morning his behavior sun acceptable and disappointing and speaking of the congressman and demands a full apology. very interesting. martha: elizabeth, thank you
6:28 am
very much. bill: some days you have to learn when you see microphone on other person and -- martha: probably still on. i like the moment they come up, but he didn't back down the reporter. it is a valid question. i wanted to get an answer to it. bill: walk away next time. fox news alert now. there is utter chaos in the south. six different states. the governors have declared a state of emergency and look at the traffic jam in atlanta, georgia. scenes like these. we'll talk live with the mayor of one of the hardest hit cities in a moment here. martha: is the president trying to reignite the war on woman or so-called war on woman by suggesting that the business world is still a bit like the tv show "mad men", which takes 30, 40 years ago. >> it is time to do away with work place policies that belong in a matt men episode. ♪ oh-oh, oh, oh, la, la-la, la-la, la-la ♪ ♪ na-na-na, na-na-na--n
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bill: back to this news now. fox news alert now because the south and millions are reeling this morning from a rare winter storm. that nasty weather due to a blast of cold air stretching from the midwest all the way deep into the gulf coast. massive headaches in places like georgia where, well, snow is the last thing they're ready for in many cases. things not looking better in alabama either. when you get ice on the ground there, drivers stranded on roadsides, traffic backed up for miles, kids sleeping in a classroom overnight, it goes on and on. we'll talk live with the mayor of montgomery, alabama, how his
6:33 am
city is dealing with the first real snowstorm they have had in years. that's coming up. martha: so some new questions about whether president obama was attempting to reopen the so-called war on women last night. he made comments in the state of the union address about that. take a listen to part of this. >> it is time to do away with work place policies that belong in a "mad men" episode. this year let's all come together, congress, the white house, businesses from wall street to main street, to give every woman the opportunity she deserves because i believe when women succeed america succeeds! [applause] martha: nobody stayed in their seat for that one. everybody across the board, up so it is true that an argument could be made that women make less than men in the workforce on average. full-time working women earn $713 a week while men working full time, $869 a week. there is a lot of different stats we'll get into some of but
6:34 am
let's bring in alan colmes, host of alan colmes radio show, fox news contributor, tucker carlson, editor of daily caller and host of "fox & friends weekend" for their take on this. alan, why did the president go there on this. >> i think it is important issue besides the fact that women make 77 cents on the dollar. 40% of women who take time off from being pregnant are forced out without pay for being pregnant. 25% of them never return to the work place. there is no national policy for paid sick leave which is important for women, especially if they're single women or they have kids who need care. these are kind of things the president was talking about last night should be dressed. martha: he talked about a "mad men" work environment which sort of, refers, i think to the professional work environment and if you look at that tis ticks there are more women in management professional, related occupations than there are men right now. college graduation, 52% of college graduates are women. i also want to pull up before we
6:35 am
get to tucker in just a second, this from rand paul this weekend on this whole war on women issue which we know was very successful in the last election round for democrats. he says this whole sort of war on women thing i'm scratching my head, if there is war on women i think they won. tucker, i know they win all the time because iroverwell manied by women. >> i'm overwhelmed. they're not winning at white house, obama pays his fee pale employees significantly less than male employees. we did analysis of at "daily caller" of white house staff women are behind men. the numbers don't back up what he said. what he said is ridiculous. adjust time for women take off voluntarily to raise children they make more than men. you noted they graduate from high school and college much higher rates. they also live longer of the truth is obama got reelected because of female voters, especially single female voters, especially college educated
6:36 am
single female voters this is the constituency the white house panders do relentlessly his remarks relate no relation to realty. >> sick leave for women, women who get pregnant these are issues that congress can address. that is who he was addressing last night. you have people like erick erickson attacking wendy davis, she looks so cute when she is lying. alan west claim democrats only talk about women from the waste down. >> you know what? you can disagree with a woman's policy and not be against all women. >> of course. >> this conflation, no, no. you can't though from the point of view of the left. any critique of say, hillary clinton's policies is an attack on all women. >> that is not. >> that is infantizing. >> you're saying that. i'm not saying that. >> the truth, the numbers don't lie. talk to any social scientists. the losers in the obama economy are men. >> i gave you numbers woman are not considered for sick leave or
6:37 am
leave for pregnancy. martha: the way democrats talk about women and republicans talk about women perhaps is at the heart of this is whether or not, you know the victim, the poor woman who we need to make sure she get what is she deserves. a lot of women you're referring to who don't, a lot of woman don't voluntarily come back after they have children. they make that choice. i'm not saying there are not a lot of areas where they can be work done to make things more fair for men and women in the work place. the numbers, do not bear out there is war on women in the work place. it's a question of how liberals an conservatives sort of view what needs to be done for women. i look at cathy mcmorris rodgers who will talk to a while had a baby eight weeks ago and was on the tv with the republican rebuttal. alan. >> i disagree there is not a war on women in the work place when they don't make as much as men for the same job. by the way the president doesn't set the amount of money people make in the white house. he doesn't make those decisions
6:38 am
himself. >> oh, really? martha: whoa, whoa, alan. hold on. how can you stand up and state of the union address bemoan men and women are not paid the same and make sure in his own business and own work place it is not happening. >> i'm not sure he sets the prices. the point again the numbers don't lie in terms of sick leave, pregnancy and women are -- martha: alan, what did you say? >> women are forced out of the work place when they have leave or take sick leave or -- >> here's a newsflash. some women want to raise their kids at home. that is valid churches. i know that is incomprehensible to some but it is true. get back to the white house. in what sense is the president not in control of his own workforce by the way is not unionized. for president to say, labor is way to increase living standards and won't allow a labor union in his own office? >> glad to hear you stand up for unions. >> i'm sorrily saying his rhetoric in his own office ought to match -- >> i disagree. he was addressing what congress can do -- >> owe real loy? why doesn't he start at home?
6:39 am
>> what policies change to give equality in the work place which doesn't exist. we're in many cases a "mad men" world where women are treated. >> that is not true. women make more than men adjust time for child bear. that is one right-winger's opinion. >> republican party is not doing much to attack women voters. >> who cares about the republican party. how about reality. >> you always say that, tucker you do support republicans. >> you got to be kidding. >> you support the republican party. >> i think republican pandering to women is nauseating. why don't they tell the truth. martha: hey, guys. whoa. i think, you know when you take a look at this, i think most women do not want to be treated aspects class of citizen. >> absolutely. martha: they want to go to work every day, be paid professional doing their job real well and don't want to be created like some group of people who are given a special handout to make sure they're okay. >> not special handout. quality. equal pay for equal work. martha: many women get paid exactly what they're worth, alan.
6:40 am
and i think there's a lot -- >> exactly what they're worth? is are they not worth the same amount of money. martha: they are worth a heck of a lot. >> make more than men if you adjust for time take off voluntarily. that is fact. >> it is no the voluntary. women get pregnant. men don't. it is not voluntary. >> you're mad at biological reality. martha: this is very interesting. guys, tucker, thank you very much. alan thank you very much. >> thanks. martha: wonder how that would have been different with two women? extremely passionate about the war on women. bill: just getting rolling wean they. watching images in the southeast. the radar map is first. that is how the system is moving off out into the ocean. also there is an image from atlanta. check this out. talk to us on twitter. talk to us about what you're living through in the southeast. five, six different states going through. @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. we'll share some of your thoughts at end of the show. jonathan serrie will talk to the
6:41 am
mayor of montgomery, alabama, coming up. we can't get everywhere and we know many of you are living through it. martha: tell us what you think about the last segment. we would love to hear your thoughts on that. how about this unbelievable story this morning? a teenage girl's parachute malfunctions. she was celebrating her 16th birthday. she fell more than 3,000 feet to the ground. her amazing story coming up. bill: a critical hear something about to begin on the hill on the most dangerous threats to our national security. general jack keane on what americans need to know. >> ask any of our friends in the region about u.s. policy in the middle east and the two most frequent descriptions are, disengagement and retreat.
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martha: demonstrators in ukraine are still not happy with the latest proposals. the clashes continue. this is in its 10th week.
6:45 am
we know the prime has stepped down. now the government is trying to make peace by proposing amnesty for anyone arrested during the riots but the opposition leaders say that offer is not good enough. bill: all right, martha. 15 minutes before the hour. considered the most critical hearing on national security and it is about to start. the country's top intelligence officers will testify and among them, the director of national intelligence, james clapper. cia director john brennan, fbi director james comey, all before that panel. general jack keane is with us now, the former vice chief of staff of the army and a fox news military analyst. nice to see you, general, as always and welcome back here. if you think about what was said last night, and maybe what was not said about national security, what change in the state of the union address do you believe on that topic this year as opposed to 12 months ago, this address? >> that is an excellent point. the fact of the matter is this january, unlike what the
6:46 am
president said we're more secure, the fact is we're not. the middle east, it is indisputable it is more volatile and more dangerous. in iraq it is in chaos. the al qaeda has rea merged. they have establish ad bonafide sanctuary in anbar province and uniting with sunni tribes to challenge the sovereignty of the state. in syria, tens of thousands of al qaeda are surging into the country. they have formed the largest sanctuary al qaeda has ever had since afghanistan 12 years ago. that bonafide sanctuary threatens the middle east, jordan in particular, europe, where some of those fighters already moved into muslim countries and security of the united states. bill: i'm waiting to hear what they say about all this coming up in a moment. lindsey graham gave a interview with roll call last night, he said the world is blowing up. the world as i know it was not remotely described by the president. explains to me what happens if the syrian conflict goes on another year and assad continues to win. iraq is disincident greating to
6:47 am
your point. the whole region is moving toward chaos. we're doing nothing. we're talking about limiting drones with a question mark. you said currently, and tragically, there is no u.s. comprehensive stratgy to defeat al qaeda. why is that the dayscase and how much of a risk is that? >> it i was totally the case and totally irresponsible that it is the case. the fact of the matter we have a military tactic called drones to kill al qaeda leaders but we have no comprehensive strategy to defeat al qaeda in the long term, partnering with our allies, doing things we did post-world war ii like with idealogical threat of the soviet union which is similar to the idealogical threat of al qaeda. we formed alliances, partnerships, shared intelligence, equipment, training. we were organized against this effort. where is that today? we don't have any of that. we have informal relationships but we don't have a comprehensive strategy that our allies have contributed to as well. bill: what do you think the
6:48 am
effect of that is long term? if you don't have that strategy, you're not pursuing it, what do we need to know? about general? >> what will happen is what is unfolding right before our eyes. al qaeda and radical islamists are on the rise. indisputable in the middle east and northern africa and eastern africa. not all of sanctuary that is they have are necessarily threatening to the united states but this much we did learn, bill. the fact of the matter we left sanctuary in afghanistan prior to 9/11 unimpeded. we didn't do anything with it. from that sanctuary, they recruited, they planned and they eventually conducted operations against them. we can not let these things form and take hold. they eventually could be serious threat to security of america. bill: back to this hearing, what would you expect them to tell law make that's americans need to hear? >> that al qaeda in the middle east is on the rise. that the middle east is very volatile and the sanctuary in syria is certainly a significant threat and it's a growing menace
6:49 am
to the region. and i don't know how much they will talk about iran and, if it is an open session but the fact that irmatter is iran remains a menace to the united states and this deal we have with them is not taking us any place in terms of reducing or dismantling their nuclear capability. if they have some very pointed questions about what is the capability of iran, i think american people will get real answers. bill: we'll wait for headlines on that. thank you, sir. begins in 12 minutes. good to see you here, sir. general jack keane. thank you. of the. martha. martha: are college football players trying to form their own union? we talked so much about paying college players. coming up we'll tell about the effort underway to get players more rights and even a cut of the profits. plus snow is slamming the south. we have some pictures and tweets coming in. keep them coming of what you're seeing there on the ground. it is a huge mess. how long is this going to go on?
6:50 am
maria molina will give us an update and let us know when the sun will shine. >> the stuck sticks to your windshield and cars are kicking it up all over the place. >> i've had enough winter bulldog: oh boy!
6:51 am
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is ♪ bill: when was last time that happened? martha: i think it has been a long, long time, maybe never. bill: pope francis getting two very different honors on same day. first chosen as the cover of this week's "rolling stone", the first pope ever to make that. martha: there we go. bill: now you know. then there is this. street artist giving the pope a superhero makeover, making him as a superhero taking to the
6:54 am
air. martha: what do you think? bill: i think it is all right. martha: i think it is great. bill: i thought what i think of the rendition. martha: pope as superhero. i think it is great. bill: i bet he could care less. martha: no, he probably couldn't care less. but he definitely has been doing this -- getting people talking and shaking things up. so there you go. how about this shake-up. another one could be underway in college sports. northwestern university football players signing union cards to start the college athletic players association. this is big news. they're trying to get more rights for student athletes and possibly cash in on some of the ncaa endorsement deals. garrett tenney live in chicago with the latest on this so, garrett, what exactly are they hoping to get out of this? >> well, martha, the group said initially it included in their goals not to have players receive any kind of salaries but they quickly added they're not ruling that out as a possibility of something to get down the road. this is the first time in college sports that student
6:55 am
athletes are asking to be represented by a labor union. some of what they are asking for are better medical protection and for scholarships to be guaranteed even in cases of injury which is not currently the case. now the face of this movement is former northwestern quarterback kaine colt hour just completed his senior season. he said in the multimillion-dollar business players deserve a say in the decision-making process. >> i came to the conclusion, these occur in the ncc. as lietz don't have a voice, they don't have a seat at the table. the current model resembles a dictatorship where the ncaa places rules and regulations on students without input or negotiation. >> reporter: now this isn't anywhere close to being a done deal. the northwestern football players filed union cards with the national labor relations board. they will wait to hear back on the decision which could be appealed and which also could end up in the courts.
6:56 am
so this entire process could still take several more years to be a done deal. martha: that's really interesting. so they all, they want to extend, the union beyond football players, right? >> yeah. college basketball is a big moneymaker as well. the ncc though, they are responding to this application to form a union and that reads in part, this union backed attempt to turn student athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college, an education. student athletes are not employees and their participation in college sports is voluntary. we're confident the national labor relations board will find in our favor as there is no right to organize student athletes. martha, since public universities, they are not governed by federal laws and they are governed by state laws, it is just private universities that will be affected by this at least initially. martha? martha: could be beginning of some changes. we'll see. garrett, thank you very much. bill: back to spying and the nsa. eric holder will talk any moment
6:57 am
on the senate judiciary hearing on the hill talking about cushing the agency's spying practices. we'll talk to former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and get his take. ? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat too, and has five grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? oops. [ female announcer ] as you get older protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... 50% of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good e. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. ensure. nutrition in charge! [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft.
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7:00 am
>> massive chaos going on against the south. snow and ice is triggering hundreds of accidents in the south and left thousands of school children stranded overnight in school. welcome, everybody. >> some of these pictures are amazing to see. governs declaring a state of emergency -- louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, south carolina and north carolina. police report a thousand wrecks
7:01 am
in georgia alone before 9 o'clock. national guard has been mobilized to rescue drivers and others abandoning their car for shelter. >> buck lanford is live in atlanta. what are things looking like? >> it is about 15 degrees and if you can imagine 2-3 inches of snow and the temperatures dipping -- what was snow turned into an absolute mess with an ice surface underneath and this area is illequipped.
7:02 am
the kids were released from schools and you had parents trying to get home from work at the same sometime and it caused gridlock like people haven't seen in the year. >> that is unbelievable. we are hearing reports from colleagues in atlanta saying it took five hours to go six miles. sanding trucks and that kind of things -- do they get on the road or is that not possible? >> i could not hear your questions. >> trucks with sand and salt and things we would see ahead of this -- is that not possible?
7:03 am
>> reporter: it happened so fast and the emergency workers couldn't get on the road, salt and sand trucks couldn't get on the road. we had the first sighting of the trucks today trying to get the situation straightened out. we had a report of a child being born on the interstate. all of the interstates gridlock. people running out of gas, abandoning their cars and walking miles to get home or shelter, hanging out of home depots. kids spending the right at the gym. the temperatures are going to warm up today, but not enough to melt this. 14 in atlanta today and 65 friday and saturday >> that is a huge turnaround.
7:04 am
we wish you well. we are watching it throughout the day. tough situation in the south. >> i lived in atlanta for years and they don't have the equipment or supply -- supplies -- and it is tricky. what is in the forecast today? we have maria here. will they get above freezing? >> it is going to be a close call for the carolinas and georgia. by the weekend temperatures could be above average in the cities with highs into the 60s for georgia and the carolinas. i want to show you snow in new york. in maxson, they saw five inches
7:05 am
of snow. in parts of virginia picking up about a half of foot of snow and ice accumulation has been significant as well. some areas picking up half an inch of ice. that combination of snow and ice in the region and you can see that freezing rain and sleet coming down east of the tallahassee area. we are talking ice in florida up into parts of savannah and charleston. we have winter warning in effect. 16 in atlanta and 14 in nashville. single digits in atlanta. >> 6-12 in the carolinas you said and they got that. >> five inches was the least. mixing that and ice, it is a mess. we have been getting great pictures from people in the
7:06 am
south sending them by tweet. look at this one. this is richard's child asleep in a shopping cart as they hunkered down. this family looks comfortable. that is a great thing about being a kid; they can sleep anywhere. send us your picks if you are living through this storm and we will put some up at the end of the show. fox's news alert: eric holder is in the hot seat and senators will grill the senator on the overhaul of the nsa. the president wants them out of the business of warehousing phone calls. mike emanual is here.
7:07 am
>> we expect holder to lay out how the department of justice will address and implement those national surveillance changes that the president has requested. the president gave them 60 days to figure out how someone else can store phone and internet records whether it is the phone companies or a third party company. you have liberals who are worried about the government going too far. and you have mike rogers and dianne feinstein who says they are doing the right thing. but some are saying there is a concern about the privacy and there is going to be legislation. so he is calling for checks and balances so the government doesn't run amuck.
7:08 am
>> here is martha with more on this: what should be done about the nsa program? let's bring in former new york city mayor rudy juliana. we know the president spent the christmas vacation reading a lot about what is goes on in the nsa and proposed changes like moving the data out of the facility that was just built and cutting back on the foreign surveillance issues. what do you think about the changes? >> i think the attorney general has a difficult time. the president pushed forward a program people don't understand. we wanted the data in private hands rather than government hands. how that insures protection i cannot figure out. if anything the government is
7:09 am
better protected against hacking and intrusion than private organizations. so i don't think there is consistency or logic to what the president wants to do. i think he wants to preserve the program, and this is to hcredit he realizes we need it. on the other hand, he wants to satisfy the left ring. but i think hold is going to have a hard time with the committee because some senators want to put so many restrictions it will not function. >> what a bigger concern of yours? privacy issues or if the programs are being used effe effectively? >> we are a product of experiences. i was part of the group that
7:10 am
helped to establish the fisa court, and i lived through september 11th, so i fall down on the sense of security. i don't think the government has been shown to abuse this information. do they collect too much? are they holding too much? is there the possibility someone could abuse? of course, there is. but there reality is they have not. we need the programs more now than we did ten years ago. there are still al qaeda but it split up into different groups so we have les information about them. this technology maybe more important to preventing another september 11th or another bombing. >> good to see you.
7:11 am
always great to have you. >> 11 minutes past the hour. the weather paralyzing the south. and alaska might be used to the winter, but thousands of people are cut off for another day and we will talk to someone trapped in that town. >> the president said income inequality is holding people back. but kathy rogers make a different case. >> last month, more americans stopped looking for a jab than found one. too many people are falling further and further behind because right now the president's policies are making people's lives harder. people's lives harder. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance.
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♪ stay in the groove with align.
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7:15 am
>> police shot teenage runaway in hawaii in honolulu. >> the staff went into lockdown situation and that means no in and no out. >> it is as a gap we face between where you are and where you want to be. the president talks a lot about income inequality but the real gap we face is one of opportunity and equality. >> the highest ranking woman into the house delivered the
7:16 am
official gop response after obama's state of the union. she is the chair of the house conference and joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> that is a job that is froth with pit falls. how did you fell it went? >> my goal was to deliver that as republicans, our policies are no matter where you come from or live, ours will provide you peter life and we represent everyone. the republicans in congress have plans to get our economy growing. get those jobs created, affordable, quality health care and as far as energy. >> what did you think about the president's speech with regards to how we spoke to congress and what he may or may not see as possible avenues of getting together on things?
7:17 am
>> at the beginning of the year there is a lot of optimism that comes with the beginning of the year. but the president chose to say if congress doesn't agree with me, i will do it alone. that is not the right message. we are each elected in our district and we have a responsibility to the people that send us and the president needs to respect that and work with us and focus on jobs and job creation. the policy he is promoting are going to make it harder for that. >> where are the areas that you would sit down and say let's work out something together? where you think you could work together? >> i would put jobs at the top of the list. a job is more than a paycheck. it gives you dignity and purpose
7:18 am
and is that foundation for a better life. the policies that the president is promoting, or have been promoting, it making it tougher. we are seeing weak job reports month after month so that is needs to be the foundation of what we are. whether it is energy or health care -- >> i am sorry to interrupt. i want to pull up the president speaking and he is going to atlantic today. what up immigration? what are you willing to do there? >> we need to take the appropriate steps -- these big bills don't result in good policy. our approach in the house
7:19 am
secures the boarder but then takes steps to fix what is a broken system so we can attract the best and hardest working from around the world which is the history of legal immigration. but we don't support the big senate bill and will approach it differently in the house. >> what do you think about the war on woman issue? we had a big debate with guys. you are representing the republican party, just had a baby eight weeks ago, and the president said women are not being treated as well and referenced the show madman. >> i think the president is continuing to divide the country. we need to focus on those policies that insure no matter who you are, we will focus on
7:20 am
insuring you can have a better life. as woman within the republican party, i am more convinced that our policies improve your life. i know that women across the country are concerned about jobs. women are making the most health care decisions, 85%, and they are seeing their choices are being taken away to make decisions. >> we will have to see how they feel when the midterms roll around. congrats on the new child and thanks for being here. >> what the president didn't say about the health care site may tell the american people a lot. >> chris style is here on what the president left out. >> this is unbelievable.
7:21 am
this 16-year-old girl jumped out of an airplane and her parachute didn't open but she survived. >> what is your emergency? >> i had a first-time jumper get out here in chickasaw, oklahoma.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. >> how about this? one group is using the super bowl to encourage nfl to go green. but in a different way. the marijuana group says
7:25 am
marijuana is less damaging on the body so why are be being punished? >> what do you think? sound off on that. get this story. a 16-year-old girl falling more than 3,000 feet in a skydiving accident. she is alive and this is amazing. >> reporter: she planned to go skydiving with her father for her 16-year-old birthday. this picture was snapped before this happened. most states require skydivers to be at least 18 years old and they are urged to do tandem
7:26 am
jumps the first time. but they went to oklahoma where you can jump with parental consent. her primary parachute didn't open fullly and she fell. >> her pelvic bone split in half, more broken bones in her back, two broken ribs, her teeth. she hit the ground, but god's hand caught her. >> can you imagine? she is in intensive care at an oklahoma hospital. but bill, she is listed in good condition this morning. >> amazing comment -- god's hand caught her. how did this happen? >> everyone is trying to figure
7:27 am
that out. the owner of the company has told a local news station in oklahoma that her parachute was operating just fine. he said it opened but began to rotate. she was trained for something like this happening and didn't use the training to sort the problem out. they reported went through six hours of this training before completing the jump. >> best to her and her recovery as well. we are getting word there is a news conference on the response to the snow storm that has left thousands of people stranded in their cars, work, some sleeping overnight at schools. a lot of questions on whether or not they should have been more ready. >> a family feud breaking out in front of a judge.
7:28 am
the brother of a murder victim n fist fight with the suspect's brother. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on
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7:31 am
>> back on this story from the southeast. fox news alert. in the bottom left-hand screen, the mayor is giving an update. there is a report from fox
7:32 am
atlanta about emergency shelters are open and in business for counties across the state. some of the images keep going on and on. it is hard to imagine what these people are living through. >> the mayor is getting tough questions about preparation. that storm is doing damage far beyond atlanta. five deaths in alabama are being blamed on the weather. thousands of children there had to spend the night in classrooms with their teachers. today they have a simple goal: to get home. the national guard is coming in to help. >> alabama is no stranger to severe weather. but we are not used to this significant ice, sleet and snow we have experiencing. but it is happening all in the
7:33 am
southeast and it isn't only in this state. >> the mayor of montgomery is joining us. hurricanes is something you have experience with. but not this. >> we this every 3-5 years. we are not equipped as we don't have snow plows or salting equipment. but we have sand and people that know how to respond. the governor was speaking from operation center we have been manning. we didn't have schools today or yesterday. we sent the county and state employees home early yesterday. and we did something i have
7:34 am
never seen and that is we closed the roads at 6 p.m. and got people off the roads. you know, the story for us is that cooperative effort of everyone. birmingham is another story. that is where the sensational stuff is. here our people did a fantastic job with great coordination between the state, city and county. we are hunkered down and will decide what to do about the roads. >> some reports in atlanta the mayor is under pressure because the storm was predicted and they are wondering why they didn't do anything to prevent this. why did you make the decisions you did to make these decisions? >> god looks after you. it hit earlier and higher into
7:35 am
the state that was predicted. but we have been here before. we don't do it every year, but we prepare for the worse and hope for the best. we got the worse. it is still in the low 20s. it will stay a frozen mist and that is why you have the exercises and good people in place. i didn't get back into montgomery until monday night. >> it sound like everybody was doing their job. everybody is at home, right? >> i have been out since 6:30 and saw about 10 cars throughout the day. a lot of the overpasses are closed because of the ice.
7:36 am
it is beginning to thaw because the sun is out but we will probably keep them close for another couple hours and then have central traffic >> we rarely cover stories in this neck of the woods >> when i was talking to your producer, it is incredible we would be talking. in the north you do deal with this. we don't. we have hurricanes, you don't. it is nature's way of saying be prepared >> i am glad folks are hunkered down and not stuck in school thanks were the foresight. >> often times you get the system that comes down in dumps and everything melts. but it is still cold there so it isn't going to melt. hang in there. 36 minutes past the hour now. it took 39 minutes before the
7:37 am
president mentioned his signature piece of legislation. when obamacare finally came up the president said this: >> one last point on financial security. for decades, few things exposed hard working families to economic hardship more than a broken health care system. in case you have not heard, we are in the process of fixing that. >> he urged people to sign up by the end of march. he made no mention on the health care website. chris reed is here. give us your strategy? on the speech. >> duck, hide, flee -- i don't know. democrats haven't figured out what they are going to do this year because there is not a lot of options. they go back on forth on running
7:38 am
on obamacare and sometimes they say maybe we should try diversion or something else. you saw 11 orders of and the most important thing on the era. it is the defining issues on the back end. making jokes indicate what they want to do and deal with the rest of the law later. >> you wrote something cutting -- can i read this? just quoting -- you would think obamacare was a little bit. but the disaster that is on the
7:39 am
highway like an overturned pultry truck. you have the conservative blue dog democrats pushing away from this. >> there is the phony baloney pushing away that people do where you pick a single issue -- keystone pipeline. this is a false creation of distance. then you hear what mark prior from arkansas said in which they said i am disappointed with the speech and the president. that puts together that somehow that is president would desire to be present and that is not
7:40 am
the case. >> in the 30 seconds i have left, what did you think overall of the address? >> i don't think we need 30 seconds. it is meh. hit a few talking points. a laundry list. a lot of the president feels like box checking. i think that was a box that was checked. >> is meh spelled m-e-h? >> yes, meh. >> stranded and out in -- roads trying to be cleared in a town
7:41 am
in alaska that goes in and out. >> a teenager survived a scary ordeal after gunmen forced her into a car. >> she wasn't able to give accurate directions. pgpg@
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> police in the state of washington praising a 15-year-old girl's quick thinking and poise after investigators say that three armed people approached her on the road, wearing mask, and the forced her inside. the girl called her family from the car and the police tracked her down. no word on a motive, but she is fine. >> a dangerous situation in alaska going on. road crews are waiting for
7:45 am
avalanche conditions. this is after two major slides dumped tons and snow and ice on a road that is the only exit out and blocked a nearby river. john, welcome. good to have you here today. >> i think you folks are made of tough stuff and are used to this thing happening. how unusual is it and how many people are trapped on the other side of the avalanche? >> it is pretty unusual. it is an impressive amount of snow. but it isn't grossly uncommon. there is about 4,000 people in valdes here on this side. i would not say we have trapped.
7:46 am
we have air facilities and fort facilities. we are managing okay. >> food is being brought in through those routes? >> that is right. we got in touch with our local grocery store and they are bringing food in through the barge. same thing with fuel, oil and gas. and the hospital is getting supplies via air surface. we are adapting >> that is an extraordinary contrast from the folks in the south that are being paralyzed. but you folks chose to live in alaska for many reasons. beside the fact it as a beautiful place. and you are just made of the stuff that allows you to deal with that situation.
7:47 am
>> we like to think that. as you said, we live in the prettiest place on the planet and living without your road for a week or two is something you have to do. the is daunting task to clear all of the snow. >> we spoke with someone from there who said it takes days to get through all of the snow. i would imagine once they try to do it they could be in danger of triggering more movement, right? >> that is correct. the biggest thing is is getting the lake to drain. the water is finding its way out
7:48 am
in a controlled way. the water levels behind the snow are going down, but the rate it is going down at will take several days before the crews can get in and remove the snow. once they get in, it will be several more days before they can get the road open and that is depending on if there is damage. >> is everybody who is trapped as patient as you are? >> everybody is just find. alaskans take these things in stride. we are finding alternating means. we coordinated to bring in extra fairies and airlines >> keep up with the work up there and we are watching your situation. extraordinary everyone is doing okay. from atlanta to alaska. thank you, john. >> great town on the water.
7:49 am
thompson pass is the road. half a dozen schools in atlanta housed children overnight and people are still stuck in cars. a massive crackdown in new york. police arresting people in the sex trade. >> two men in court lunge after each other after a man's brother pled guilty to killing the other man's sister. what a scene.
7:50 am
don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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7:52 am
>> packed show today. carl rove on the 2014 elections. and ron williams and jonah go
7:53 am
goldberg. and a closer look at the afghanistan and egyptians. it is all coming up in seven empty minutes. >> a guilty plea in a murder case sparked a brawl in an ohio courtroom. you can see it turns out the defendant cut a deal for a lighter sentence and the victim's brother wasn't happy and started fighting with the defendant's brother. they were charged with con temp tv court and assaulting a police
7:54 am
officer. >> criminals looking to cash in on the sex trade in new york for the super bowl and the police are waiting for them. how serious of a problem will this be during the super bowl? >> it is going to be a big problem. this is a sick business story. but it is a business story. 10,000 women and children are trafficked in miami during the super bowl in 2010. we are talking about 27 million people worldwide. 1700 foreign nationals trafficking the united states. it isn't just foreigners. we are talking about u.s. kids -- 244,000 american children are at risk. the good news is this: the law enforcement authorities are dealing with this. we have hearings in washington. we have stuff going on in jersey. let's see what they have to say. >> we have made our mark and the traffics and the johns are already talking. they are talking about not going
7:55 am
to certain hotels because of our training efforts. taxi cabs are putting stickers that bear our hotline and mantra that human traffic is modern day slavery. >> that was the assistant attorney general. there is a broad-based education going on. >> are the children the victims? >> the typical age of a starting prostitute is 12-14. pretty kick. we caught up with a former sex slave is the best way to put it. barbara myer was caught in the sex trade after running away from home in washington, d.c. and that is when she got stuck in this. let's hear what she had to say: >> it is only about money all i was was a dollar sign.
7:56 am
all any girl, or boy, is to the trafficker is a dollar sign. that is all i ever was. i could have died. i probably should have died many, many times. it would not have mattered to him at all. >> she got on this eye on 14th street and that is a $15.5 billion industry. 1800-373-3788 is the number to call. >> this is a story we have been talking about a lot today. much of dixy is frozen in a crippling blast of arctic weather. ice and snow causing chaos there. stranded drivers getting out and walking to seek shelter. kid overnight in schools.
7:57 am
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bill: a lot of pictures coming in about the weather down there. abandoned vehicles all over the roadway in metro atlanta. the story will go on for a while. martha: the kids will get their homework done because they're in school overnight. "happening now" starts now. have a good day. jenna: breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: new testimony in the murder trial of a woman accused of killing her husband's ex-girlfriend. the lawyers for amanda hayes claim she is victim too. new report on the deadly asiana plane crash in san francisco. what the report says went wrong. alec baldwin known for wigging out on airplanes. he has another travel meltdown. we hope he got double miles for this episode. it is all "happening now."


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