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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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day. i don't want to say it again. temulency. ms. megyn, coming up next, always remember, the spin stops here, we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, live in the heart of new york city. and we do mean the heart of new york city. and tonight. breaking news on governor christie and a new attack on the possible presidential contender. >> i knew nothing about this. i had no knowledge of this. when i first found out about it. it was after it was over. >> we're live in the late-breaking details and the critical question. plus? >> this was the moment when the rise of the ocean began to flow, and our planets began to heal. has the president really stopped the rise of the oceans? we have an eye-opening
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interview. and then? a full scan of your body and the laughter begins, we have outrageous information from a tsa agent and he is spilling the beans, tonight, on "the kelly file." and breaking tonight, a close look for you at what some are now calling bombshell new allegations. i'm megyn kelly, a former new jersey transportation official who once worked for chris christie is making new claims tonight suggesting the governor lied about when he knew of the gw bridge lane closures. not about whether he was in on it. but about when he knew of the lane closures. this afternoon, details of a letter from the lawyer of now former port authority appointee david wildstein appeared in "the new york times" setting off
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breathless headlines like this one in the huffington post, kristichri christie knew about lane closings, another one, christie knew about lane closures on bridge. but hold on, if you read more carefully, here is exactly what the three-page letter which is about getting attorney's fees paid for, quotes this. evidence exists tying mr. christie to having knowledge of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated to in the press conference. now, right now it is like waving over you, right? it is like what? i'm going to explain to you whether this is a deal or not. tying him to having knowledge. the evidence exists to him tying having knowledge -- what does that mean? he knew? is that what you think? then why don't you just say he knew. it is not what the letter says, more on that.
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first, here is what governor christie said in his january 9th news conference. >> i knew nothing about this until it started to be reported in the papers about the closure. but even then i was told this was a traffic study. i had no knowledge of this, the planning, execution or anything about it. and then i first found out about it after it was over. and even then, what i was told was that it was a traffic study. and there was no evidence to the contrary until yesterday. that was brought to my attention or anybody else's attention. >> senior credibility eric shawn has more. >> chris christie did not respond to this allegation. when he took the mike, he just introduced new jersey's own rocker, john bon jovi. he avoided questions from
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reporters as you can see when he left. david wildstein's lawyer accuses the governor of not telling the truth about when he found out about the closures. during the news conference this month the governor said in part he only learned about the whole thing after it happened. >> i had no knowledge of this of the planning, the execution, or anything about it. and then i first found out about it after it was over. and even then, what i was told was that it was a traffic study. >> well, that is not true, says wildstein's lawyer. who claims evidence exists that contradicts the governor. the lawyer does not say what the evidence is. he also does not claim the governor knew about the scheme. or that it was all supposedly part of the political payback plot to stick it to fort lee's democratic mayor. the governor's office tonight says the lawyer actually supports the governor's claims.
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christie's statement does not address the central accusation that he knew of the closures at the time while while stein's lawyer claims he did. now, megyn, the subpoenas are due on monday, the public hearings are expected to start within weeks. back to you. all right, thank you, we're joined by steve laser, a former campaign fundraiser for president obama, a. let me start with you, steve lonegan on this. the breathlessness and the way that they ran, they ran to say he is caught. he lied, he lied about what he knew. what this former aide actually says through his lawyer is there is evidence tying mr. christie to having knowledge of the lane closures during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the governor stated publicly. your take on it.
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>> megyn, the liberal media is looking for a bombshell, and they have a dud. they are saying the governor knew about the lane closures, well, surprise, others knew about it. he never denied that he knew the lanes were closed when they were closed. what he denied and there is no evidence to the contrary is that he had any knowledge of the planning, or the effort to use it as receitribution, this is nothing but a dud of a bombshell. >> but he did come out and say, i didn't find out about the lane closures about this. he didn't say the lane closures. he said i didn't find out about it until it was over. and now this aide is saying no, he knew about it while it was going on. >> megyn it is even worse than that. i have to tell you when you look at what he said in the january 9th press conference, he actually said he didn't know
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about the lane closures, the entire thing until after patrick foyay's e-mail came out. that is completely non-credible. it becomes clear that the person of interest, in this case, the person of interest, governor christie, is hiding something. slowly coming out that discredits and disproves. >> i am looking for that in this particular allegation tonight, and just as a lawyer when i look at the language i don't see it. what i see is somebody saying there is evidence tying him to having knowledge of the lane closures when the lanes were closed. let's assume that is true. why do we care, you tell me steve -- >> how could he not know? >> the question is did he know prior, did he give the order? >> and they're not saying he knew prior. they're clearly saying they're not. to call him the person of interest, that is like being rod
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blagojevich's prosecutor. >> discrediting -- >> now, let's -- >> this is the third or fourth thing. so first of all it came out that he has a picture on september 11th with wildstein at the september 11 -- >> because governor christie claims he didn't know him as well as others -- >> but he appointed him to the administration. politicians do that with people all the time they don't know. >> he said he did because a close friend he did work with recommended him. that is no smoking gun. >> that doesn't mean i know you very well. >> there are three or four things, besides that. so we have the foyay e-mail that came out. christie says he didn't know about the lane closures. you have the allegations with -- the fact that he went to high school together and didn't know him. >> he said he knew him. let me just clear that up. we are not going to indict the governor on stuff that we don't have evidence on. the give came out of this press
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room and said i knew this guy. the guy accusing him right now. we were not that tight. right? we were in high school together. the reason i hired him immigrant is because a guy i am kind of tight with said, let's hire him. here is what i want to ask you, this guy wildstein in his lawyer's letter today comes out and says i can prove basically that christie knew about the lane closures when they were happening contrary to what he said at his presser. and christie comes out -- you play the sound bite, and we played it for the viewers, he said i didn't find out about it until it was over. that could be interpreted to mean when the lane closures were done. christie comes out and doesn't say i deny knowing about it when it was happening. he says i deny knowing about it prior to the lane closures. these guys are talking past each other, which leads the viewers to think what? what should they walk away with
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h here? >> everybody is walking away with nuances. >> the governor has the right to be proven guilty, he is innocent, there is no evidence he knew about it while it was happening, so what is the big deal? >> well, we should find out if there is a big deal. more subpoenas are coming in on monday, gentlemen, so we'll see. >> thank you. and breaking tonight, new details on a super bowl scare just 48 hours before the big game. letters containing a white powered substance at least at five stadiums. >> reporter: well, law enforcement sources tell me that they're 97% sure that this was nothing, that initial tests show the material was harmless. it was likely corn starch. but they have to take these things seriously and check them out on super bowl weekend.
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they will test it at the crime lab in trenton, but some of them were never opened, intercepted at a postal facility. some of the agencies received suspicious substances, and part of the more than 100 agencies that are assigned to secure super bowl xlviii with officers and agents monitoring from the air, ground and boats as well as a secluded command post. also today, the pentagon announced there would be a fly-over of jets monitoring the air space over met life because it will be restricted on super bowl sunday, megyn. all right, thank you, by the way, we're here in times square because of the super bowl. this is where some important people will be broadcasting to you on sunday. so they put me here. makes sense, and in the first,
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less than 24 hours after reports on immigration reform, president obama threatening executive action if congress doesn't actually get the job done. listen. >> it is my firm belief that we can get immigration reform done this year. and i don't want to pre-suppose that we can't. obviously, if at some point we see that it is not getting done i'm going to look at all options to make sure that we have a rational, smart system of immigration. >> richard fowler, host of the richard fowler show. for the first time, the house republicans come out with a plan saying this is how we think we can get it done. nothing will happen until the border is secured and we have enforcement of our security laws. the president says if you don't get it done i'm going to see how i can get it done. what is he doing.
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>> what the president is saying, how long can we wait until john boehner and the house representatives pass a reform bill. we've waited almost a year and they have done almost positively nothing. that is what the president is arguing, i think he is right to make the argument. >> this is very cynical, i would say on both sides, you have long-term double digit unemployment. real unemployment. and they want to double the number of unskilled workers who come here legally? that is going to help the americans already here. it is going to depress wages even further. >> the congressional budget office indicated that the bipartisan bill passed by the united states senate would actually put money -- raise
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money for the united states and would benefit our country. >> well, it would certainly benefit -- >> 11 million workers. >> i promise to give both of you the floor, but it is irritating when you talk over each other. >> the point is, megyn, these 11 million people already here in the country, they deserve the pathway to citizenship. they pledged allegiance. point blank period. >> that is silly, but it is a side show. this is about bringing in more unskilled workers because that benefits business and they give money to both parties and it benefits the democratic party because they will vote democrat. but it shafts the middle class. and there is no credible person that has looked at it and has not come to that conclusion. i represent the working people, really? are they really for this? it is ridiculous. >> the reason the republicans are getting behind it in part is because the chamber of commerce is pressing them because these
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companies like these workers. and chris stirewalt laid it out saying don't think immigration reform will get done any time soon, because the motivations are not pure, shall we say. thank you, gentlemen. and the president getting attention when he talked to cnn's jake tapper earlier today about some of his first term accomplishments versus his campaign promises. remember this from 2008? >> this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to flow and our planet ban to heal. >> so the president was questioned about that moment and whether there was diminished expectations. here is that exchange. >> i remember during the campaign when you talked about your presidency being the moment when the rise of the oceans would flow and the nations of the world would hear. and now you're talking about panic, and executive actions.
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do you think you were naive back then? >> well, part of it is we got some of that stuff done. >> and you know, that raised some eyebrows, mark, did the rise of the oceans stop? he had a lot of promises in there. >> yeah, i think that is the perfect epitah for the obama presidency. he promised to stop the rise of the oceans and couldn't launch a website. there it is. i think people will not look back at the presidency for obama and look at it when the rise of the oceans flowed, but big government flowed. the reason he is playing small ball with the executive is because no one trusts him to do anything big. his big government stimulus failed. 60% say that the economy was either worse off when he took off or stagnant. when you have a spectacular failure like obamacare, people
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look at that and say i'm not going to trust this guy when he offers few solutions to anything else. >> you look at the promise, saying this is the moment we would be able to provide care for the sick. well, obamacare did pass, the rise of the oceans began to flow, well, greenhouse gas emissions, he regulated those, secured our nation, questionable. and restored our image as the last best hope on earth. >> yeah, this is the quote about the obama economy, average wages barely budged. too many americans are working more just to get by and more are not working at all. that is his own state of the union address describing the economy after five years of the economic stewardship. how is that an achievement? the big achievement was an unintentional one. which is that people have lost trust in big government. gallup poll shows 72% of american people think that big government is the biggest threat
6:18 pm
to the country, including the majority of democrats. so for years to come now when liberal politicians step forward with a big government solution to some problem, republicans will respond by saying it is just another obama care. that will be a deadly retort. >> so he promised some spectacular achievements. >> and now he is issuing executive orders, raising the minimum wage for federal contracts. big achievement. he has a pen, but you know who else has a pen, his successor. executive orders can be repealed by the stroke of a pen by your successor. >> thank you -- >> i've got one, too. and jon stewart made news with nancy pelosi last night, but it didn't end there. we'll show you why in a moment, plus? the shocking confessions of tsa screeners and what they say they're really doing when you go through the x-ray screener. plus? political activists in the president's hometown now challenging mr. obama's second
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okay, we are going to set up a health care website that is an exchange. people are going to come to it. why is it so hard to get a company to execute that competently? >> i don't know, as one -- no, and that is my question. >> well, let me get the house minority leader here, i can ask her. what do you mean you don't know?
6:23 pm
how do you not know? >> well, it is not my responsibility. >> well, that was house minority leader nancy pelosi on last night's daily show with jon stewart. in an exchange that went completely viral today. and joining me, author of the book, crisis tales. lanny, there we have the woman who wanted to pass the health care plan before we knew what was in it. brushing off one of the fundamental problems with the rollout as, i don't know, it was not my responsibility. >> you know, i wanted to come out to have a good time withbut. i support national health care, since harry truman introduced it 60 years ago. i want it to be successful, i still want it to be successful. but the way democrats have to take ownership that we believe in government. we have to take ownership that we messed up. and nancy pelosi should say that. we messed up. and if we're going to fix this,
6:24 pm
we have to take ownership of the responsibility and not say i don't know. >> you know what is crazy about it. we just had mark teesen on a moment ago saying that 72% say they have no faith in big government. and now you have somebody as powerful as nancy pelosi is, and of course she was the speaker of the house at the time this bill passed, this massive law, coming out and say she has no idea how the crux of the rollout, that is went so very badly. >> well, i know how it went badly. there are some things that government doesn't do as well as the private sector. president clinton made it possible to be a progressive and pro-business. we should have turned over the job of developing this software to the private sector websites that already existed and could have done it and helped government. and right now those private sector exchanges are being shut out even while they're being
6:25 pm
successful, while bureaucracy creating a new invented wheel is not working. >> let me ask you this as somebody who is very well tied in, in democratic circles. do you think nancy pelosi is happy with how that went? i mean, how do you think it went when she went back to her staff and they talked to her about that moment? >> you know, i knew nancy before she was nancy pelosi, she is from baltimore and a very proud woman. and as a crisis manager i would tell her, nancy, we all know, we democrats, we screwed up. and we have to tell the american people why we screwed up, depending too much on government bureaucracy and not enough partnership with the private sector. and we have to own up to it, or else we'll lose the national health care because the american people lost faith in us creating an effective system. >> i guess so many people are so upset out there with their cancellations and looking for
6:26 pm
capability. and, i don't know, neither do we. >> we got to fix it. well, it is the tsa headline you never wanted to hear but maybe always suspected. as a former tsa staffer spilled the beans about the naked x-ray scanners and what really happens as you walk through the machines. and a video going viral after the president's state of the union, as a group of black activists shared their opinions from their hometown, saying the president failed to keep his promises. >> mr. president, we would probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. just quit. because this is what you call helping us? then just stop helping. >> we asked people a question,
6:27 pm
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and chop the water like a karate ninja? yeah. wait, what? why would it not? [ male announcer ] it's not complicated. bigger is better and at&t now covers more than 99% of all amecans. ♪ from the world headquarters of fox news, it is "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. and tonight in an investigation, a former tsa agent revealing the inner workers of the airport security in a new tell-all. you it is not good for passengers. trace gallagher has more. >> megyn, he was a tsa for six years and for months he blogged about the deficiencies under a
6:31 pm
phony name. and now, he has new allegations that he likens to a dog chasing its tail. he claims the airline practiced racial profiling, singled out passengers because they're rude. and they had code names for female passengers. he said tsa's machines didn't work before they installed them. the machines were good at just about detecting everything besides cleverly hidden guns and metal on the side of the body. but much to the embarrassment of the flying public, the scanners could see just about everything else. he quoted just as the long-suffering public waited on the security lines suspected, jokes about the passengers ran rampant among my tsa colleagues.
6:32 pm
many of the images we looked at were of overweight people, their every fold and dimple on display. and because they vowed not to record the security passengers, there were no screenings in the room where he says he saw bad behavior. tsa says the policies were no longer used going on to say every passenger deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and transportation security administration policy upholds this standard. tsa also says that any agent that practices unethical behavior will be fired. might be a little late in some cases. >> oh boy, all right, trace, thank you for that. and a developing story out of the president's hometown as a group of black activists in chicago share their thoughts on his state-of-the-union address. to say they were unhappy with his promises may be a bit of an under statement. >> what he did was confirm the lack of involvement, the lack of
6:33 pm
concern for our community. he doesn't care. >> he has been more hurtful to the black race than he has been helpful. >> i say to the president that you have done a grave disservice to us. and you would be better just -- just go ahead and step down, i mean, you can't turn this around. >> joining me now, a man featured in the remainder of that video. paul mckinley is a an activist and a member of the organization, vote, voices of the ex-offender, which puts young men to work after they have been to jail. and he has had some legal troubles in the past himself. paul, good to see you. let's start with that. you are a convicted felon, served more than 20 years in state prison for armed burglary and aggravated battery. so your critics would say your unemployment problems are likely attributable to that and not president obama's policies.
6:34 pm
>> not necessarily, a lot of the people -- i live in a sanctuary city, this is a city where you have people who put people to work and they have been to the penitentiary three, four, five times. the major reason we do that, the city of chicago is the most corrupt city in america. this state has sent governors and senators and congressmen to jail. and this city, because of corporatism, whatever you want to call it, it is an extremely corrupt city. so you can't really use that about chicago. >> because there are so many ex-cons running around, and actually many of whom have held off, as you accurately point off. the president did say in his state-of-the-union address the other night that he was going to do some outreach to the black community. he talked about how he wanted to expand educational access for everybody. he says he wants to work to reduce high school dropout rates.
6:35 pm
he has a college opportunity summit. he passed the affordable care act. he is worried about the voting rights of minority voters and tried to stop gun violence which is a major problem in chicago and the black community. so what more would you have him do? >> first of all, all of those things are very generous, we need the president to deal directly. first of all we need for him to say something directly to the black community. stop beating around the bush. he seems like he is embarrassed. we don't need a trophy president. we need a real man to stand up and grab this bull by the horns in the city of chicago, which is a corrupt city. this is the machine that we're dealing with. this city is so corrupt, there is no other city like this that had two football fields of marijuana being grown in the middle of the city. there is no other city like that in the world. so we want this president to
6:36 pm
deal with the corruption with starting on the fifth floor. with rahm emanuel, his friend, his buddy, who makes sure that all the contracts that come down, taxpayers' money, this is our money, whether i have been to the pen or didn't go to the penitentiary, i pay taxes. and when i pay taxes, i have the same opportunity as any other citizen. because i did not lose or forfeit my citizenship in america. and i'm saying this president has not said anything concerning the african-american community to make solves our problems. >> i got it, and unemployment for black youth is still almost four times higher than the national average. so paul, all the best to you. >> thank you very much. next, unintended guns and young children, what could go wrong? we're showing you an experiment that could create serious controversy. and what is in a name?
6:37 pm
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6:42 pm
i want you to listen now as david muer now sets up the thrust of this story. >> the study tonight revealing that 7,391 children rushed to the hospital every year with the gun injuries, so often accidents in the home. 453 of those children died at the hospital. >> you have seen it often when it is an accident inside the home? >> yes, i have, and it is devastating. >> now, gun advocates claim this is badly taken out of context. because what they fail to mention is that of the 7,000-plus gun injuries the vast majority involved mostly black males the ages between 15 and 19. and most of the shootings were crime-related. the shootings also included b-b guns and pellet injuries, and studies show that many young people don't shy away from guns. the kids were shown an nra
6:43 pm
safety video and then they were given a gun safety test by the police department itself. and then after that, the police department actually hid two guns, one in toys. another one in the backpack that was surrounded by candy and in both cases apparently we don't have the video. the kids found the guns, and in one case, one of the children found the loaded gun and pointed it at himself. but the gun advocates say if you want to teach gun safety to kids you should not hide the guns in toys and surrounded by candy. meg megyn? all right, joining me, leslie marshal and a fox news contributor. let me start with you, i get the point, don't put the gun with the candy. but their point at abc news was you show the kids the video, don't touch them. stay away from them, they're dangerous. and the point is to make it a little enticing to see if they
6:44 pm
understand the message they just heard. why is that bad? >> well, it is not bad to teach the kids gun safety, in fact, the eddy eagles program, stop, tell an adult, even you, megyn, as a mom, do you tell your kids a lesson one time and expect them to follow it religiously every time? we know as parents we have to teach our kids lessons over and over, what is wrong, it would be no more significant than if they hid the butcher knife in candy and then had the adult leave the room. wonder what the kids are going to do? it doesn't prove anything other than that kids are inquisitive, which every single parent knows they are inquisitive and it doesn't address the problem. most of the so-called children that are taken to hospital are late teenaged aged kids, up to 19 who are involved in crime. >> leslie, your thoughts on it?
6:45 pm
>> well, of that number, over 2,000 are accidents and not criminally related. but lars, i agree with you about having to tell kids over and over, i have a 5 and 6-year-old, we all know how that is. but the bottom line is we look at school shootings, we had 28 in the entire year last year. this message obviously is not working. parent parents and grandparents, people who have children in their home, need to as gun owners be more responsible with their guns. obviously, not hiding them with candy and toys. locking them up. not having ammunition, having safety locks on them. we know that in past shootings. we know that in roswell, new mexico, and newtown, children had access from their parents, took guns -- >> megyn, i'm not going to disagree with leslie. my guns are locked up when i'm not using them or carrying them. and it is irresponsible to leave
6:46 pm
them where kids can get them, although in some households i know of in rural areas kids understand the guns are left unlocked and the kids do not go out and play with them. they're taught well. and by the way, most of the school shootings we've seen involve again, late-aged teenagers who -- >> there is a difference between the little ones and you know, teenagers who get their hands on guns, thank you. >> thank you. and let us know what you think at megynkell megynkelly/thekellyfile. also, let us know what you think about the washington redskins and the team's name. also, coming up. do you believe this is about being targeted because you're a conservative? >> well, i will say the film "2016" is a film that has seem to have gotten under president obama. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?°
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d'so . that is us in the little fox studio. we have a little super bowl controversy for you this evening. today, the commissioner weighed in on the controversy surrounding the washington redskins' name. watch. >> but if you look at the numbers, including native american communities, in the native american community poll nine out of ten supported the name. eight out of ten americans in the general population would not like us to change the name. so we are listening. we're being respectful for people who disagree. but let's not forget this is the name of a football team. >> peter shankman is a principal. and as well as lis wiehl,
6:52 pm
prosecutor, and former democratic aide to chuck schumer, and a fox news contributor. he says people don't mind. >> i think he tried to keep it as neutral as possible. what he is trying to focus on right now is the super bowl. this story broke six months ago. >> but the numbers are huge in support. >> it is an incredible, huge expense to change a name. >> i'm a seattle girl, go seahawks. >> well, you're offended -- >> no, chiefs seattle, that is how seattle's name was born. i grew up in yakima, washington, yakima indians, we love -- >> that doesn't offend anybody, redskins does. >> people who are offended by it. and i think -- i went to st. johns law school, and while i was there we were changing from the red men to the red storm. nobody really got too mad about the name. >> let me just show you this
6:53 pm
because he is talking about how native americans are, all against -- a group of native americans put together this ad, they didn't have the money to air it. but here it is, in part. >> will rogers, geronimo, unyielding, strong. indomitable. native americans call themselves many things. the one thing they don't. >> pretty good. >> powerful ad, anybody that sees that ad, i challenge them to not feel. you know what? the nfl should want to change it because re-branding makes them money anyway. >> it is, it is, if you look at the commercials now we have a sneak peek for you on a couple of them. what is the first one we're doing?
6:54 pm
this is for volkswagen, look what you're about to see on sunday. >> let's watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody wang chung. >> i love this, it makes a mockery of the advertisement. they are putting all the things we want to see and put them in one pot. we've taken babies and puppies, here you go. >> do people walk away from this saying i want to buy a volkswagen? >> no, megyn, i think it is really cute and has everything in it. but i wonder what am i supposed to buy? >> i wonder if i'm supposed to be looking at carmen electric --
6:55 pm
elec electra? megyn, help me out. >> and looking at john stamos for dannon yogurt. >> oops, i did it again. >> i think that is kind of gross. how is that -- >> they're bringing back full house. >> megyn, when i was 10 years old, he was uncle jesse, why am i older than him now? how does that happen? >> he was -- i still find that kind of disgusting. >> peter? >> was that mary kate feeding him yogurt? >> all right, you can see those ads this sunday or go to our facebook page, and let us know what you think. we'll be right back. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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7:00 pm
. so don't forget to watch the super bowl, there is a big super bowl game happening this weekend. these are the teams. go someone! have a great night. i'm megyn kelly. and welcome to "hannity" from times square, this is a fox news alert. a former port authority official says that governor chris christie of new jersey, in fact, knew about the george washington closures back in september. joining us now for much more on this is eric shaw, and he is in the fox news center. >> yes, governor christie's office says he did not lie but a lawyer says he did. the governor says he did not know about the order to close the lanes until the bridge was closed. but the lawyer for the port authority, he says governor christie is not


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