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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 4, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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they disclosed the analysis about the lawfulness of all proposed executive order and that is tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us. we have a question for you right there. "o'reilly" is next. tonight, on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye", fallout from the most boring super bowl ever. why the government is considering dissolving the nfl and replacing it with a national hole digging league. and is president obama obsessed with finding a word that rhymes with orange before the end of his second term. >> that's obviously one of the things the president counts as a priority. >> and how is lance armstrong doing now that he is no longer taking steroids? the behind the scenes look at his come back uh tell the. come back attempt. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> very good. let's welcome our guests. i am happy to announce that this is the very first show as a permanent addition to the "red eye" panel for this young
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lady and narrowly beating out a sea turtle and a box of wheat thins and paul mccurio,. >> and he is as boring as ever, andy levy. never ever was a fan of the seahawks until a month ago. the band's latest album is called "munstang." and just how is his first live concert dvd. it is called absolute treasure for a reason because it is. and if hilarity were feet he would come in a sock. sitting next to me, comedian dan soder. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> my name is elmo, but you can tickle me anytime you want to, greg. >> should you inform on porn
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in your dorm? it is day 71 of -- >> a psa from brigham young university compares the war against master because to a real war in -- masterbation to a real where where people die. they tell kids to confront people with self-love or inform school officials. >> a lonely confused young man gets addicted to pornography. his roommates know. but they do nothing to help him. he stops going to church and there is darkness in his eyes. the young man is spiritually wounded on the battlefield of the great war. >> the psa then takes us to
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the battlefield. >> in our modern society the enemy has spread fear of getting involved when someone is in trouble. it has fostered a social stigma against people who speak up in the face of evil. the enemy whispers "don't get involved. it is not your problem. don't tell. you will be a tattle-tale. don't leave the wounded on the battlefield. >> you know who is really horrified by masterbation?
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>> you don't like it, don't watch. dan i go to you first. i actually find this idea to be very compelling. >> do you now? >> i do. i think in some households it is a war. what is coming into your house is free and cannot beacon trolled. you simply can't turn it off. therefore if you are in there and there are all of these wonderful images coming in, it is a pearl harbor for your sip sip -- synapsis. >> i disagree. it is more dangerous to live with somebody who is backed up. they have a, how do you say, a full cargo. you know how tense your roommate has to be when you keep busting him for rying to watch porn? >> that has to be a problem. >> paperer towels! steve is way too tense.
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>> i don't know. do you think this film could help people? >> greg, i went to college. i had a roommate. i have to tread carefully here. we are about to play a show in idaho and i want to sell tickets. i want to make sure i have the right answer. >> well then let's focus on porn. is porn harmful or helpful? >> it is a lot like the movie you showed. that's how i approach it. i go back to the hotel and it is like that. >> that's interesting. >> so are you wounded on the battlefield? >> i am wounded every night. >> joanne, one thing i noticed here is the video focused only on men and their war. not talking about women and their war. is that sexist? >> it is sexist. the most sexist thing about this whole story is the fact that a they did not use the female students in that acting for film and television class
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at the university. >> that's true. >> they only used the male students. >> i spent a lot of time peeping in the female dorm and it was not like that. >> and i don't know how expensive it is to reenact a war for women versus shower heads, but i'm pretty sure -- and it looked like world war ii and there weren't women on the front lines in world war ii. >> your accuracy is understated. >> all three have destroyed your argument. >> i am okay with it. it happens. >> for your first day on-the-job i would feel pretty bad. >> no, i feel great. >> that's because she is injured on the battlefield. >> andy is it wrong to compare a real war to a -- to masterbation. they are talking about a war for people's eternal souls
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which if you are a believer is a bigger deal than physical war. i get it. but let's not pretend this is about porn. plain and simple the mormons consider masterb a ation is a sin. they are worried about master because, period. but over the years the thought is they softened their position on it. i didn't even intend that. >> it wasn't even funny, dan. >> but it was. >> that makes me so sad. finish your thought and then i will destroy it. >> that was my thought. >> will it ever get any better? this porn saturated society? no, it will only get worse because there will be better technology. there will be holograms and you will be in your house -- >> so it will get better. >> but for somebody who has a teenager, it has to be a war to them.
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>> i think it used to take a lot more to see naked images. that was what made it so available. it was like a spirit quest for a young boy. >> you had to see it down by a creek. >> and the act took place in uncomfortable places like garages or attics when your parents were gone and not like a lap of luxury that leads to addiction. >> like a porn den. used to be porn elves. people who would leave pornography b you. >> those people were called perverts and oftentimes arrested. >> or uncles who played santa. >> especially those who would wait to see who took it. >> i used to tie a string to it. >> did an ad by coke make you choke? probably not. some took offense to the super bowl commercial featuring "america the beautiful" sung in different languages. it is so disgusting i am
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plugging my ears and closing my eye holes. >> ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for spacious skies ♪ >> disgusting. among the less than thrilled was former congressman allen west who wrote, quote, if we cannot be proud enough to sing "america the beautiful" in english in a commercial during the super bowl by a company as american as they come, dog gone we are on the road to perdition. people still talk like this. >> dog gone. diswhrie is a disturbing commercial for me, and almost as disturbing as this.
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>> that's horrifying. we shouldn't be laughing because now people will be putting doll heads on their pets to be on "red eye." >> the fact it was rewind and do a ceremony and burn it. >> i thought it was awesome. >> you liked it? gite whole thing about the multi lingual -- i was drunk. every ad sounded multi lingual to me last night. >> are you angry over this? >> i stand with representative rest and i am conservative as hell. >> yes, you are. >> i agree. i think every ad should be sung by lee greenwood. every word, every ad. i am not going to rest until -- >> i admire your dedication. >> i am conservative as hell. i want everyone to die.
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>> you look absolutely distbussed. disgusted. >> my militia and i are watching the super bowl. with lovely cans of dinty moore stew strung about and i took it the other way. i respect colonel west, but we looked at it as true victory. now we are all over the map. we are all america because we dominated. >> that's how i looked at it it. i thought it was a wonderful compliment to america. >> oh please. we are america because we all love high fructose corn syrup. >> no, all of these people born into different cultures singing "america the beautiful"? who the hell do he think they are loving the idea of america and wanting to come here to make a better life for themselves? this is absolutely disgusting. >> i think there is a dose of irony in what you are saying.
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is this political correctness run a muck or political correctness run a meck. >> a multiple of feelings. the commercial alienated two groups of people. atheists because they sang god and diabetics because this is not diet coke. this was coke. >> coke also makes coke zero. before you go offending the most american thing ever do your research. thank you, soldiers. i support you. me and my ma lish saw members. >> i am just happy to see west taking a stance. >> allen west is a very funny, smart guy. but these are traps for people. you can't get angry about this stuff or you look like -- >> they are not even trapped though. it is not like coke was trolling. you think they would make a nice commercial how america is inclusive and everybody loves
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coke. they are devising their own traps and then walking into them. >> there was nothing wrong with the commercial. you say i have to find -- can you imagine you were sitting home and watching that. how could you get angry? >> the thing is conservatives -- >> i get angry for different reasons. >> the thing is conservatives need to know better. if someone on the left says something stupid you don't hear liberals think this. if one or two conservatives say something, the story is conservatives do this. conservatives have to be extra careful and extra smart. >> we have to mock our own i would say. boy, i ended that segment on a downer. maybe i will use awkward silence right now to make everybody forget about it. should namath be ashamath? broadway joe, as i like to call him, showed up for the super bowl coin toss wearing a
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modest coat. peta didn't care for his outerwear. the animal rights group tweeted an image of a pile of skinned animals with the message "fyi, real joe namath, here is the rest of your fur coat" and i took it out because it was gross. i would rather focus on this baby polar bear seeing snow for the first time. >> is that the noise he is making? >> no, that was me, sorry. i have diver particular could you lie ties and there was air seepage out of the body. as long as it is air it is okay. perhaps he was expecting colder weather. can we blame him? >> no. >> you need to be prepared. the weather has been crazy in
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new york, new jersey. but i thought it was great what he wore though because i'm sure he thought everybody will want to ask for my autograph and take pictures with me. let me look like a golden girl and then no one will ask. >> it was a tribute to the old coat he wore. >> when the jets won their only super bowl. they act like they won more, but they haven't. you are as relevant in the super bowl as the tampa bay buccaneers. i like someone wearing a fur coat at the coin toss at all times because i really like it to feel like a blood sport. we can really -- if we could have asian men in eye patches slapping dollars around the players as it impose down -- if namath did this or this as the coin toss i would prefer that. >> look at that coat. >> how do you feel about this? did he take too much attention away from the coin toss?
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>> i like that you said the coat was a tribute to another coat. it is a tribute. >> you know, i understand that peta has had something to say about this. that's what they are going to do. they are peta. fair enough. i think namath is untouchable. he is one of of those guys you can't go after. he is a millionaire and drunk on television and wears pan tee hose for money. i have been there. all three. check all of the boxes. i am untouchable too. >> i am not touching you. >> are you not touching him? >> it is a free country. >> for now anyway. namath tossed the town too early and would denver had won if he had not screwed up? >> i don't really follow that. seattle won the coin loss and elected to defer. if denver had won the coin
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toss, they would have taken the ball first and the legion of boom would have kicked their ass either way. it made no difference. who cares about the coat. let's be happy joe dent molest anybody and move on. >> i want to kiss you right now. >> let's try not to offend everybody else. >> during the super bowl the website saw a huge drop in traffic in seattle and denver if you see that and then after the super bowl it impose back up toward the -- it goes back up toward the end of the game. we are a nation of chronic jerkoffs. we are. >> this should be byu solution. you have a super bowl every day and nobody is watching porn. >> that's why you had kids. go to sports after school was so they didn't dwo back and do -- didn't go back and do
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things. >> yes. >> wow. epiphany. >> i am trying to follow it. >> that graph says delayed gratification, and this is how you solve delayed gratification is by getting involved in something so you can put it off until you get married and find a nice -- >> or for three hours. >> a bunch of people say okay, game is over. >> the best thing is in denver it spiked back up after the game was over, but in seattle it wasn't for a couple hours because they were celebrating. >> joanne, any thoughts on the graph? >> it was pretty. i liked the colors. >> we made a good call here. she is bringing her a-game. this next story begins with the question do nice guys actually finish first?
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if the race was for "biggest loser" count it, america.
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is being nice the way to entice? when searching for a life long mate, forget the wallet and dashing good looks. a relationship expert, whatever that is, claims the number one trait to look for is agreeableness. tashero writes that niceness may be boring, but it is the best indicator that your partner is a keeper for the long haul. this courteous, flexible, good natured soft hearted and tolerant person is your answer to fulfilling love and sexual desire. let's go to "red eye"'s own
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relationship expert. stosel has lost some weight. >> whatever it takes to get you to lose the 10 pounds. it is sword play in a spandex pink out feet. outfit. your last name is valentine. so you noah lot about love. >> last time i was bumped for stos se l. >> well, and you remember that. >> oh i remember everything. >> you don't forget when john stossel bump you. what do you think? >> i am in a band that is about to go on tour and we are
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looking to get in the van with us and be our road dog, you know what i mean? we are looking for somebody with a passport that can get into canada and we are looking -- it gets lonely on the road. i am looking for a road dog. >> does it matter what gender? >> well, yeah. it does. we are looking for a lady, all six of. the 6 of us would like to date you. >> one lady for all six of you? >> looking for a road dog. >> the six of us would like to date you. >> you have high standards though. they need a passport. >> how are you not overcroweded? >> you need to get this. >> there is not a lineup. >> the way he was rocking back and forth. how did that not happen? >> i have to be on the show.
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i am looking for a road dog. that's why you came here. >> joanne, you often ask your dates to see the credit score before he takes you to dinner. does that help? >> i unfortunately do not follow this study. i go from his lo ks to his money and three is past relationships. that is very revealing. my mother once told me growing up, they are still married. i said why have you never fought? i learned when to keep my mouth shut. thanks, mom. being agreeable is important. >> i know. spoken like a truly terrified woman. >> your father has a heavy hand. let's just talk about your day at school. >> and then she just starts blinking her code. he's in the other room. he's in the other room.
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>> that's how we communicated. >> you were always wonder yg there is a go bag in the closet. >> honey, get your going to grandma's jacket with your toothbrush in it. >> you noah lot about this, dan. >> a little accurate. >> what do you think about this? women like a challenge. >> i like it finally took science 4 billion years to decide women like being agreed with. of course they like doormats. it is like an employee. having a girl friend is like having a probation officer. >> that's a good point. that's how my marriage is. >> she said looks and money because that makes sense. hot women difficult situations and they can throw their hands up. right? their friends are like, right, let's go to brunch. i could have told you a guy named taz who does 40 minutes of ab exercises in the morning
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is not a good boyfriend. >> but he is nice to look at. >> she knows. >> the looks thing will go away. you will give up on that pretty soon. >> then i will let go of myself too. >> that will be fun. >> andy, are you one of the most flexible people i know and one of the most lonely ayes isolated miserable guy at home and rarely leaves his apartment for anything other than maybe milk for the cats. the cats that de spies you. i don't even know if you have a question. i guess my point is you are agreeable yet you are alone. >> it is because he is seahawks fan. >> the same study shows the number one worst trait is
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nourotisism. shame on you who did the study. >> that is racist, who ever you are. >> i don't know which of the three pronunciations. >> that's true. >> gnaw -- neurosis is the worst? that's bad because that's all i have. >> i am easy going, but i have to watch my stories. if you are getting between me and my stories we will have issues. >> you and my nana should go on a date. she is a 9er fan. >> i am being agreeable and not interruptiing. >> i don't like you anymore. >> coming up, this noise. why is lex luther in the news? i am not really interested
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should we hem in their venom? law professor rosenbaum argues that neo nazis should not be allowed free speech. studies show hateful rhetoric can cause emotional harm which
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would be longer lasting and more traumatic than feck pain. than physical pain. he says, quote, why should free peach be exempt when the social cost can be more injurious. why is this quote so long? the civil society is making it so that others are made to feel less free. he said all of this while wear 5*g klansman robe. if you are in a band you should chant free speech and whatever you want. what if somebody said your music inflicts emotional pain? >> nobody has ever done that before. that's a hypothetical. listen, i hate neo nazis. i love america. that's where i stand on this. >> strong stand. that's amazing. >> you are conservative as hell. >> conservative as hell. >> i don't think i ever met anyone as conservative.
12:34 am
>> you need a t-shirt called conservative as hell. >> i can get one off the internet. >> joanne, you said this idea of banning hate speech would mess with your bimonthly nazi parties. i was surprised by that. >> it is once a month and during my time of the month when i am a real bitch so it makes sense. >> it is a metaphor and not an actual thing. >> party for one. >> the issue is a slippery slope then if are you gauging emotional pain. it is subjective and not objective. you can't label that. >> very true. >> and then what is next? how far will that go? it is not public sort of venues, but what about the internet and on-line on twitter and my space? >> what about the internet? >> what about it? well that's where people feel. they are not speaking face-to-face with someone because they are anonymous.
12:35 am
people can say hateful things. >> i go on and i anonymously say loving things on the internet. >> it is the most fun thing in the world. >> i go oh you are just marvelous. you are amazing. >> six european countries prohibit nazi symbols on flags. is america too slow in catching up? >> it is weird we haven't done it yet. we are the ones that bt whatted it. that wanted it. >> should we tell the flag industry what to do? >> they are not doing a good job at policing. >> you haven't seen the new south dakota flag. it is pretty wild. >> i haven't seen south dakota. >> you can tour there. what happened on the way over here? >> i was in a corporate limo. >> it felt good, didn't it? >> i feel good about myself. >> i say disable youtube
12:36 am
comments. i am on board with that. have you seen the youtube comments? >> no, it is unhealthy for your brain. >> it is hilarious if you have no personal stake in the video. if it is your video it is brutal. >> i like it when it starts out the first three are funny and then somebody says something and it goes off on a tangent about something different. and then there are 65,000 comments about something else that goes into this deep, dark hole. >> the worst were the pageant blogs. people will rip on the girls. they are told to never read them and we all do. >> i do, but i am month longer in pageants. >> i disabled pageants. i had to. a bunch of mean people out there, dan. they are saying ugly things and i was tired of policing it. i am doing this job to promote beauty and make the world a
12:37 am
better place. >> as a fan of your blog we know your words are stinging enough the way you criticized your outfits. >> i want them to be better. >> i am all for it. >> andy, i believe -- the only kind of speech i don't like is people calling for an end to free speech. i think it is something i tweeted on saturday, but you were kind enough to retweet. >> i tweeted out the daily beast on how free speech is bad and causes emotionally harmed. please remove it. that pretty much solves the problem. >> did they remove it? >> they did not. >> they are hipocrites. >> they do not care about my emotional harm. >> he even said please. >> spoon full of sugar.
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>> that was very good. i am not good. it is another six weeks of winter for us and six weeks of groundhog rehabilitation for staten island's punxsutawney phil. on sunday new york city mayor let the world know how he really feels about these woodland rodents when he talks poor phil to the ground during the traditional shoutout revealed. while some are labeling it an accident and there is no parm done to our furry friend, it is obvious our mayor is out to de stroit america. he is starting with this harmless rodent. joanne, you pitched the story because you hate rodents. why is this so important? >> it is important because the groundhog is a land beaver. >> that's the technical term. >> he got nervous. our mayor got nervous around a beaver. it is a tradition and i love traditions and i love shows
12:39 am
and pageant tree. so he is out to ruin it all. i need to bring that out. >> it is an ugly theme. as a fellow new yorker are you terrified about your future? >> my future here? >> anywhere. >> no, i have come to terms with a lot of stuff at this point and feel good. here is the thing. he came out of no where. i think anthony wiener was on schedule to be the next mayor. he does this harmful tweeting. i am thinking anthony wiener would want to get the groundhog. i could have been handled right. if only he would have kept it in. >> it would have been a different scene. he would have been groping the hedge hog instead. >> everybody knows groundhog union is one of the most
12:40 am
powerful unions in new york city. you drop a groundhog and nobody will forget. we need more careful handling of new york groundhogs. i wanted to see how long that would go. it was way too long. >> i was okay with it. andy, animal cruelty or incompetence or a bit of both? >> the ground hog got scared because it looked down and saw the shadow of socialism moving across. that's what happened. >> i love the statement where he is like, this is one of the great events on staten island. quick, name another. >> the first time i heard staten island and great event. >> the only thing i know when
12:41 am
i take my driver's test i will go there and i have never been there. >> sounds like a prank at the dmv. >> the prak is that i have to take a driver's driver's test because i let my license lapse. >> you and four 16-year-olds nervous in a kia. >> it was not that bad. >> you got yourself a road dog. >> anyway, they are doing fine. >> time to take a break. we have a lot of stuff. more stuff when we come back.
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not really. >> they are perplexed by lex. that's the subject of tonight's -- >> "red eye" debate 2014 live from the" red eye" debate
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>> welcome to the "red eye" debate center. i'm your host greg gutfeld. on friday warner brothers announced the choice to play superman's arch enemy lex luther was jesse eisenberg. that is him on the left and i'm on the right. the upcoming superman versus batman film has raised eyebrows like an eyebrow raising farm. the casting of ben affleck as batman and now dorks have something to obsess over that a guy who plays nerdy characters will be portraying the man of steel's nemesis. andy, i go to you first. you are the king of dorks, nerds, losers, maybe. what is your take on the casting? >> bravo. i say bravo. he proved he can play a megla-maniac in "the social network" and he has been generally good in everything he has done. we don't know who this luther will be. a scientist, businessman?
12:46 am
we don't know, greg. we just don't know. but either way luther is not super power. he is just super smart. eisenberg is good at playing people who are a little off. >> i am going on dennis rodman. i am big on rodman and he has done wonderful work with television. >> no, i got this. i got this! to me, i am not in casting casting and never will be. >> good qhois. good choice. i thought you would go with michael sara. >> i could have gone with that. i think he lives behind me. i have seen him on his bicycle. >> it is everybody in brooklyn. joanne, isn't it adorable how nerds get so excited about this sort of thing? >> one could say adorable. or not. i had to -- didn't know who
12:47 am
this character was. >> oh my god. >> these are the guys you never go out with apparently. >> oh my god. >> that is like down on the list like comic. >> how is that working out for you? >> that must be fun. how are those conversations at dinner? >> i like working nights. so upset you don't know who lex luther is. how do you not know lex luther? bottle it up high school band. bottle it up. push it toward your career. can you just look at me and tell me you love me like a brother? just say i love you like a brother. >> i love you like that brother. >> that voice is perfect. there what is a voice of lies. >> there is not enough cure music in the world to make me feel the feeling i am feeling
12:48 am
right now. >> i like the casting choice. he has to get rid of his hair. >> you are really in pain. >> i know. >> this is like recovered memory. >> the original luther had red hair that an artist mistakenly made him bald. >> oh yeah, i don't know. it hurts. >> it does hurt. >> lex luther? nothing? >> no. >> brian cranston should have been lex luther. >> that's a good one. >> i was upset because there were rumors. >> too obvious. >> i know. this is the argument you could hear at a hollywood store. >> it was great when you took a chance. yes it was. >> now you will put in a new one. you don't know dc is headed in
12:49 am
the right direction. >> listen, it is a sophomore scan. >> don't get me start 0*ed ultron. >> you are in a band. >> it will not be created by henry penn. >> i it bothers me. >> i am trying to. your disgusting display of sadness is overwhelming. coming up we will talk about his hot new single.
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♪ >> that may be the song of 2014. that's if i have anything to do with it.
12:54 am
they may just be the best band to come out of detroit sense the who. that is a clip from the song adam levine's 9th album "munstang." you can and should download it on itunes this second because my phone is going off. that never happens. lead singer dick valentine has been with us all night. let's ask about his newest masterpiece. give all of your money to adam levine, but adam levine don't need your money. his wane -- his rain was only 22. four other white guys too. it is a coup. why? >> i believe that a song is already written. the less you interfere with it the better. it was already there. >> i speaks -- it speaks to himself. >> i never met him. i don't know if the song is about him. >> everybody thinks it is about adam levine, but what my
12:55 am
theory presupposes is maybe it is not. >> we all have our own adam levine. >> could this be a different adam levine? >> i love the song and i love the album and i like what we are doing. we are working on album number 10. your album cover, there is a mistake on there. >> it is a gene jacket. >> this wasn't our idea. we misspelled the name of the band. don't change it. >> so you kept it? >> you thought it was awesome. >> we are getting back on the road. >> where can people get tech cets for -- tickets for the tour? >> on the internet and
12:56 am
probably at the door. >> we will be going to the pacific northwest and then going to canada. >> is there a way people can find out -- >> what is your website. >> electric and we are on facebook as well. >> how much time do i have? 45 seconds. this is an amazing question. i never realized the electric six had six people. do you need to have six people in the band at all times or do we go crazy? >> there is a contract that says we need six people. 21 years into this thing. >> why don't you call it electric five? it might have been easier. >> it might have been. i would have had more money at this point. >> multiple personalities?
12:57 am
>> i got great people in my band and love working with them and i am excited to get back with the band. >> we have to go. joanne, dick valentine, tv's andy levy and that does it for me. bye. trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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fbn, with chicken, if you have it. good night. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfield along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, and he once wrote a cookbook for the easy bake oven, dana perino. this is "the five." just a light bulb, kimberly. yesterday in an interview with fox news host and my squash partner bill o'reilly, president obama slapped fox news for covering things like the irs and obamacare. >> bill, you have a long list of my mistakes. they believe it because folks like you are telling them that. these kinds of things keep surfacing, in part because you and your tv station will promote them. >> now, blaming fox news for obama's scandals


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