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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 6, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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vote in our gretawire poll and up next, the o'reilly factor. so go to good night from washington. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," has nascar become too deaning russ? we will show you the new pilot program that could either cost the sport millions or be the most brilliant move ever. plus, how long did it take joe biden to fall asleep on the couch during the super bowl? >> 3.4 seconds. >> and finally a suicidal kangaroo threatening to jump to his death on live tv. how did it all end? stay tuned to find out. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is so greek, she sleeps in a bed of humus. fox news contributor and one of my fellow and favorite
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co-hosts on "the five." he runs the media, our jewish friend, tv's andy levy. and her favorite hobby is staring at meres and going yep. if jokes were chocolates he would come every february 14th in a box. sitting ?eks to me, the clean humored comedian tom shillue. he will be on tour you -- across the united states in march. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. there must be something wrong with my mouth, greg. i can't take it off of you. >> before we start the show today is "red eye"'s seventh birthday. this train wreck has been going on for seven years. we debuted in 2007 and to celebrate we had a party for our staff and friends. of course we brought a camera crew and here are highlights from "red eye"'s seventh
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anniversary bash. >> there is vick. we invited old friends and talked about our favorite parts of the show. ♪ >> all those pecks. earlier in the evening we held a special dinner for all of our guests. you come to know and love them over the years. ♪ >> i think i will just stop there. i think the joke is over now. it was very special. 1606 shows and that's 229 shows a year. hard to believe. >> by the way, my neck still
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hurts from d jing and going like this all night. >> i was at the party. i don't know why you didn't put me in the front row. >> did you beat the music? >> no, i am not going to beat the music. come on, andrea. >> tom, you were never really outside. you were in that room behind that wall where that hole is. >> yeah, yeah. i don't know what the hole was for. you kept sticking your eye in it which was weird. it was one of those construction sites where you look through. >> it is a waist high construction site. >> it was a peep hole for midgets. >> you put your head through and you think are you a strong man. >> i couldn't get my head through. >> you tried. >> yes, you tried. >> good times for everybody. let's get to a story. disgusting. can't believe we beat cnn. will a rapper put him in the crapper? the news you haven't been waiting for.
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george zimmerman will square off against dmx in a three-round fight at a time and place to be disclosed next week. celebrity boxing promoter says the rapper and father of 12 was chosen of those who responded to fight trayvon martin's killer. dmx seems chill about the whole thing telling tmz, quote, i am going beat the living [bleep] out of him. i will break every rule in boxing to make sure i [bleep] him upright and i will rip my [bleep] out and [bleep all over his] bleep [face. let's look at the over-under card. >> watch this move.
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>> black versus white. i am just so tired of it. andrea, i don't think dmx is that excited for it, do you? >> i would hate to see him when he is riled up from a fight. he has come a long way from my boom box in my college dorm room to fight george zimmerman. and i must say george zimmerman is so versatile. fighting a black guy, what a change. good for him, really mixing things up. >> they better make sure he doesn't bring a gun. >> and shoot him. >> i love this whole giving a a portion to charity thing because that makes everything okay. >> isn't george zimmerman already a charity? isn't that what got them in trouble? he made himself a charity and he took the money in and got in trouble for that. maybe that's it. maybe he is going to keep the money and pay his bills because he thinks he is a charity. >> i am going to go out on a
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limb and say this is not a good idea. >> thank you for that of the. >> anyone who thinks it is a good idea i would be willing to box them. that would be a great map. -- a great match. >> i would like to see you in the ring. you wouldn't have a chance with perhaps a strong wind. >> that's why i am willing to do it. nobody thinks it is a good idea. >> in the list of historically dumb, this has to be up there. >> yeah, but also entertaining. that's what america loves. i understand he wants to get back in shape is what he said. he likes boxing for the athleticism. really he is just going to be crippled. there goes his health completely. and if he is really doing this for a charity, what they should have done is auctioned off the spot to fight him. i feel like they will get a lot more money that way. thrice who wants to -- like who wants to hit him the hardest? >> his wife would be the first in line.
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wasn't he accused of beating her up twice? i guess this is better than beating up her wife. >> it is not going to be pretty. do you have any advice for either of these guys? >> i have advice for both. for dmx, he needs to make sure they go through a metal detector when he steps in the ring. you never know where a gun could be hidden. for zimmerman, my advice is to lose. he pulled the gun because he felt his life was in danger. if he beats dmx in the ring, the defense falls apart. i hate to give him this much credit, but maybe that's his strategy. he will go in there and get the crap beaten out of him and say i can't fight. i had to use a gun. of him i don'tat smarts. think of strategics. >> as dumb as it is, i suspect dmx may beat the crap out of him. >> and it will be great for his career. when was the last time --
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>> what if dmx just shoots him? >> that would be interesting. >> my guess is zimmerman wants a reality show. he is on par with the octomom. in this weird world of celebrities we should forget about. >> is this definitely happening or just all talk here? >> a lot of times we do stories that never happen. it is a fair question. >> if a celebrity boxing promoter says it is happening, it is happening. well, enough is enough. they stopped the flow of delicious yo. it is day 128 of -- that's our theme song now. the russian government is blocking chiboni yogurt from reaching the athletes in russia because it doesn't have a certain situation. the obama situation has stepped in
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and they commented that there is no time to waste in getting our olympic athletes a nutritious and delicious food. well, in other troubling news, visitors to sochi say the hotels are gross with sinks spewing yellow toxic water. that looks delicious. r kelly is going -- journalists especially have been tweeting about their hotel hardships like this cnn producer who described his room as shambles. another hard to please reporter wrote, okay, so my hotel doesn't have a lobby yet. stay strong, nerds. meanwhile, let's see how russia's security forces are preparing for the game. ♪ >> i can hear that song for days, probably will. tom, at this point aren't we just
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piling on the poor russians because they are not as cool as the west? they don't have good toilets ? >> and this city, sochi, what is this city? i never heard of it until the olympics, have you? >> no, i haven't heard of it. let's get to the wining reporters. they are reporters. these athletes, they have to compete. these jerks are going over and writing about it. they can't sleep on a cot? stop complaining. when you go to another country you should live like the locals. if they have crappy hotels you stay in the crappy hotel. >> do you feel that way on tour? >> yes. i love the nice hotels. i don't love the nice hotels. i like the red roof. >> way to slam the red roof. you said you like the red roof and they suck. i like the red roof because the people are so nice. they always have the free pastry in a pack. i don't want you to offend anymore people.
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>> that is a urinal cake. >> no wonder the tart flavor. andrea you claim to be greek and i have yet to see any proof. what is the point -- isn't this the worst greek yogurt? >> you only put the story in tonight's show to piss me off. chobani means good for your lady parts which is troubling -- no, it doesn't. it means gullible. >> i thought that was true. >> the female athletes are upset they can't get their yogurt which is helpful in the olympic village where i hear it is quite the party. >> it is the uti center of the universe. >> i can't believe chuck schumer, mr. media whore who has his face on every issue. there is a yogurt lobby that has him going out for greek yogurt everywhere. don't you think the yellow cake and the -- or the yellow -- yellow cake used to be a bigger issue. >> given the state of the
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toilets there, the athletes should only be eating food that bends them. >> that's -- that binds them. >> that's true. >> that made me think of what i am going to eat tonight. joanne, you are ukrainian, at least physically. journalists have been complaining about the shabby hotels. should they get over it? >> yes, and know. yes and no of the the hotels should not be shabby. they put in billions of dollars to make this sort of resort town. it should look like the next disney world. there is no doors and light bulbs. it is not a third world country. this is a nice, tourist attraction and it is a shame. >> it is a shame. your outrage is palpable. you sound leak you are about to write an angry letter. >> i am going to the ukraine. don't you think they deserve it on some level? it is like holding the olympics in karachi,
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pakistan. what do you expect? they are corrupt. they will use the money for anything but putin's back waxing? >> and that will cost a lot of money. he has a big back. >> and then you can sell the hair on ebay which i will purchase. this is how i look at this. first this question, they are shooting stray dogs. >> i think that's a typo. i think they are shooting gay dogs. >> that's even worse. poor gay dogs. >> that's what they do. >> now that your joke is out of the way. i have a theory about russia. they need a few decades to get things together. i see them as your best friend who has been in jail for 20 years and he just got out. you just went to peck him up. he was in swrail forearmed robbery -- jail for armed robbery. he is not used to gays. he is like what is going on with these guys holding hands or any of the political correctness. there is too much stuff for our russian brothers and they are trying to get their act
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together. >> they are not trying to get their act together. they are going the other way. 10 years ago it was a much freer country and now it is going the other way. 24r* are a couple things with these hotels and i agree that the whiney journalist is annoying. brut -- but the examples sound bad. not having water is a problem. and another said the water is restored. do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous. why just your face? why is it okay to use the water on other parts of your body? i don't get that. >> water is often a weird color when you are in a new building. >> it happens everywhere. when i was in russia even the nice hotels they give you bottles of water. >> that's true, every hotel they want you to use the bottled water. in this case they don't want you to die. >> there is one good thing. there are all of these stories about how basically the minute
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you get off the plane all of your computers are getting hacked. they said within minutes of arriving in sochi, two computers and his cell phone was hacked. we know most journalists have the most incredibly bizarre sexual fetishes. >> this is true. >> this is a great way for them to get all sorts of stuff and they can claim it wasn't really them. they have to look at the bright side and stop whining about the water and start ordering the leather. >> such a good point. he will balk instead of walk. he will not march in the st. patrick's day parade because he thinks the irish are, in his words, evil, drunk garbage. actually it is because lgbt groups are not allowed to participate. gay people are welcome to watch, but they say that -- anyway. the inclusion would dilute the focus on the whole being irish thing. the mayor disagreed with their exclusion and says he will
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allow city workers like firefighters and cops to take part in the pes tiff tees. festivities. critics say -- >> they would never do that. >> anyway, this is the only parade i would care about. >> according to my statistics, one of those ducks is gay. >> at least. >> he has a rough life ahead of him. a lot of duck bullying going on. joanne, you worked as a bartender for many years until you gave notice last week. how often is st. patrick's day? >> i am not irish. i hate parades and drunk people, but i love the color green. so i am a little conflicted. >> i hear you. you are wearing green right now. is that turquoise?
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>> it is tour royce. turquoise. all men are color-blind. >> i thought only older women in comfortable shoes living in the midwest. >> >> in new mexico. >> in new mexico wear turquoise. >> surprise. i am a middle aged woman from new mexico. you know, parades happen. it is your choice to participate or not. i applaud our mayor for sticking to what he believes in. i think these city workers can decide if they want to participate or not which is what he said. it is up to them. >> andrea, i think this goes back to the early 1990s. there was one gay group that was not allowed in. should they just say, okay, come on in. you are irish. we don't care who you are sleeping with? >> i know this is going to come as a news flash, but the catholic church doesn't
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support gay marriage. every year they have this battle, and every year they go after the politicians in new york. remember hillary clinton? was she going to walk in the paw read or not? bill do blass yow was her campaign manager at the time, she said she would, wouldn't, would, won't. she eventually did. they need to let go of the policy and if they want gays march in the parade, have them march in the parade. it is not a big deal. on the other hand it is a parade about being irish. the gays have their parade. why can't the irish have their parade. >> what if they are irish? >> well they can march. but they can't be lgbt. >> i marched in a lot of parades as a cede. i was an altar boy and a boy scout and the fights and drum corp. no matter what i was marching with people would stand on the sides and call me gay.
12:19 am
>> you are out there with a flute. >> was the flute made of metal? >> it was a plastic flute. they called you gay for everything back then. >> that was the terrible way that people would use the shorthand to make fun of people. i condemn it. andy, quickly. >> yes. oh i thought you were asking a question. it is not that they are not allowed to march in the parade. they can't carry banners. it is an irish pride parade. that's not the same thing as saying you can't march in the parade if you are gay. that actually would be illegal. if the mayor disagrees with that stance, then good for him. >> imagine the fun posters. like erin-go braless. >> parades suck. >> we don't need them anymore. >> we president do need them. >> you know what the best
12:20 am
parade is? everybody that marched toward this country because we are awesome. you know what i mean? that's the parade that matters. they all came here. >> god bless america. ♪ land that i love
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than impressed. a new survey reveals that one in five women are disappointed in their marriage proposal. the beggest complaint was -- the biggest complaint was it was too small or not one at all. they were dismayed if the man didn't get down on bended knee and failed to organize a special proposal and not ask for her parents' permission. they were so upset they wanted to cry tears of anguish. 45% would contribute to the cost. and they wished the partner could more of into ryan
12:24 am
gosling. let's go to the beat boxing goat. >> that's not real. i don't think that can happen in real life. >> it was cool. >> it was cool, but lying is not cool. >> they got him to do something though. they beat stuff and make great meals in certain ethnic restaurants. >> i hate uh sten -- uh sten day shoes proposals. i think they should be more simple. what do you think? >> i think it depends on the girl. i think it depends on the girl. i agree. if it is more about the show.
12:25 am
if it is more about the size of the ring. if it is more about everything besides the fact that this man is asking you to be these wife, you probably have a problem to start. >> i think you do have a problem. >> really if you think about the symbolism of a ring that's what a lot of girls miss. it is really the circle, right? the never ending love that doesn't stop and doesn't end. they buy into the how big is the ring. just be happy in today's world that men are actually still marrying girls instead of staying single. >> if you look at it strictly as a symbol then simply get a prince albert. joanne, i don't even know why i said that. that's a disgusting comment. >> i'll recover. >> we know you are a gold digger. >> yep. >> can a diamond ever be too big? >> no. well do i have a tiny hand. so proportion wise it can't be too larg purchasing a diamond is a huge
12:26 am
commitment. the man is saying i am ready to make that commitment on you. if i were to buy you, greg, a car that you had to drive around for the rest of your life, would you be satisfied with a camry? >> no i wouldn't. that's a good point. wow. that would be cool if you tried to put a camry on my finger though. i don't know, tom. >> that was a good point, comparing something useful to something that has no use at all. good point. >> vow saying the ring has no use. >> it has no use, but i agree. you have to get out there and it is good. it makes a guy think okay i really want to do this. i will blow all of this money on an absolutely useless thing. it is better that it is useless. >> useless? no, no, no. girls can use it to rub in their friends' faces. my ring is bigger than yours and isn't that what it is all about? >> i understand.
12:27 am
but the fact they go and spend all of this money anyway, i think it is a good thing. it is just the kind of thing a guy meeds to make up his mind. >> that's the point. if you are thinking about price, then that's not the woman. you have to think about will she say yes. >> and the woman being disappointed is also good. it gets her ready for a lifetime of disappointment every weekend and seeing the lump of a man sitting on the couch doing nothing. >> i should have known. >> he tricked me with the ring. that's what they say. the ring was the best -- the ring was the apex of the whole relationship. after that it went all the way down. andy, is there anything that disgusts you more than the institution of marriage? >> it wouldn't have been able to pick a story less relevant to my life. i have a couple of questions.
12:28 am
i would like to know what percentage of the men end up disappointed with who they propose to. i would like to know what percentage of the 21% of women who were disappointed by the proposal call themselves feminists. and finally, i believe the ring is a symbol of ownership and i do not believe in owning other people except on twitter where i do it every day. >> you know what you are? three weeks away from joining a mens' rights group. you will be there complaining about how women's haircuts are cheaper than men's. >> they do need a leader. >> they do and you can do it, but you are jewish. i hate proposals in public. i love it when women say no. i often wonder how many times does a woman -- is a woman misreading something where she thinks -- she thinks he is proposing, but he breaks up with her. that has to happen a lot. oh it is going to happen.
12:29 am
>> it was the opposite. my wife thought i was breaking up with her and i proposed. >> well you have that face. many women thought you were going to propose and you drag them through the woods and killing them. >> i was like this. >> it was very lurch like. i reached in andnd thatted it to her. >> you gave her the heart of the person you used to date. >> here is a lock of your own hair. >> i cut it off while you were sleeping last night. >> remember when you woke up and you had that scar on your abdomen? here it is. >> here is your kidney. >> have i been carrying it -- i have been carrying it around for a year. >> it is diamond encrusted now. >> that's a good gift. coming up, what is up with this freaky guy? he is wondering the same thing about you.
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bieber, drugs, plane, drugs, drugs, drugs. it is day 4 million and six of of -- we just have one guy that keeps crossing that stuff out. >> full time job. >> 300 grand a year. according to a report justin bieber's super bowl-bound plane was so full of marijuana smoke last week that the pilots were forced to wear
12:34 am
oxygen masks. the toe-headed twerp and his father were also uh -- abusive to a flight attendant. the pilot put the mask on could cause a positive drug test and could cost their licenses. he admitted to smokes weed on the plane. they searched the aircraft and no drugs were found, but they found a cardboard cutout with yours truly and a hole in the back. i find it a little odd, but complementary. >> you listen to bieber every night before you go to bed so this behavior must drive you mad. >> and every morning. and right before "the five." like you get in the mood. isn't pot supposed to make you happy? >> yeah. >> why is he so rude to the flight attendants? what happened to fly the friendly skies? fly high the friendly skies? and why do you want to make the pilot stoned? don't you think you would hold off? don't you think that is the one person you don't want to mess with? >> that's a lot of pot if the
12:35 am
pilot is putting on a mask. you are a dad, so you claim even though we have never seen your kids and your wife for that matter. it is kind of weird the way you drift in. >> do people bring their wives here? >> it is a family show, tom. >> i believe you, tom. >> strong father figure, right? he parties with his son and gets high on a plane. >> what's up with this guy? bieber is doing this because he thinks it makes him look cool like kind of a -- what do you call the -- he wants to be a gangsta-type? he was a teeny bopper. the way you advance from teeny bopper to pop star is you become a bad dude. you start breaking the laws. but it is not going to work for him. we are over that. we have seen it happen so many times before. he should model himself after me. >> that's so true. >> that would be truly radical. who is the radical in the room? tom shillue. >> they are. they are not
12:36 am
booing him, they are shillueing hem. that was so stew ped. >> i liked that. >> i can't do that with now shaw sheen ski. >> you should have changed your name. >> there is time. i can get married. celebrities being abusive to employees, how does that make you feel? >> i get so angry with whatever service industry they are in, you can tell they haven't because they are terrible. i have no respect. i don't care how much money you have or who you are, did you not learn manors growing up some -- growing up? and then with your father there. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> that's how it ends. >> in the bieber household, the apple is the bong. and he is going out with his dad. if he is trying to not be a bad boy don't you not go out with his parents? is -- >> is this step dad?
12:37 am
>> that's his real dad. that's exciting. >> it is true everybody here has worked in the service sector. >> i waited tables. >> i waited tables. i drove rental cars for budget. i bottled soda. >> you bought el ited soda? >> you squirt the soda into the bottle? >> you lived so many lives. >> i worked at the grapette bottling company. >> that's why it is your favorite drink. now i know why. now it makes sense. >> why did you get fired? you said you were squirting something? >> it wasn't soda. andy, i'm sorry i got off track. have you been saying are to the last four years justin bieber should get his butt kicked. could you be the problem? i'm with jono. i don't care about the pot. but vape it or be polite.
12:38 am
being abusive to the flight attendant, people who are rude to service industry people without cause i think should be drawn and quartered. >> especially celebrities who you can treat everybody like crap, why not treat the people waiting on you better than everybody else. >> i don't even let them wait on me. i go into the kitchen and make my own food. bar extenders? bartenders i grab a bottle and start missing. >> why do you mess with the person who handles your food? it is not rocket science. >> if i was the pilot you know what i would have done? i would have sent -- there were probably two. i would have september the -- sent the flight attendant out with parachutes and said we are out of here. >> there is good coming out of all of this. bieber when he was here he was denied entry to his favorite club and turned away from four super bowl parties including
12:39 am
one jay-z was playing. even though he is a a celeb club owners and party goers don't want him around. that will hurt him more than anything else and may get him to grow up. >> look what i have. >> not cool, man. >> we are going to take a break. more stuff is on the way. you may have heard of my new book. it is called "not cool" coming to a city near you. it is coming with the bus. here are the dates, 31 city in 11 days. i would love to meet some of you. go to g for the entire tour schedule to see where i am going to be.
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will a talking pup make women sign up? it is day 12bajillion of.
12:43 am
>> obama uh poke lip sew. >> a new multimillion-dollar ad campaign getting young women to enroll in obamacare launched on tuesday and it has pets singing duets. >> ♪ enroll today ♪ that's what we are here together to say ♪ ♪ enroll ♪ today ♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪ ♪ there's a plan for everybody ♪ ♪ so don't accept defeat ♪ you can get covered and still ♪ ♪ buy me treats >> meanwhile good news for the administration as the cbo announced that the affordable care act will reduce the number of full time jobs by 2 million by the year 2021. and fennelly -- and finally he saw tweets from some football players there is a good chance they were taken from an e-mail
12:44 am
sent my the white house. tom, i don't know where to begin here. i hate pets now. >> i haddea as i was watching that horrible ad. it is so offensive these ads. if they were a bunch of come mu cysts, it would be less offensive than all of this cutsiness. why don't right wingers come out and instead of putting money into ads pay the fine. tell people if you don't sign up pour this we will give you the $95. spread the $95 all-around the country and start a massive resistance. no one is signing up for this. >> how much would that be? >> cheap. the koch brothers are loaded give everybody $95. >> that's $95 times what? >> a million. >> it would be 95 million. >> it is a genius idea that is
12:45 am
impossible. you are crazy. >> andrea, what do you make of the commercials? do you think the cats are being used? >> yes and i think the women they are targeting are being used too. tom, your idea is pretty good. they should have an ad campaign where you see the animals starving. the star willing dogs and cats. if you sign up for obamacare you won't have money for cat food. that will really scare women. as a woman i am insulted. they think we are a bunch of idiots. they know if they can get women dependent on the government they will have women for life. that's their plan. >> and their pets. were you insulted by this commercial? they do think you sit at home and eat yogurt and pet your cat which you do. >> my cat won't let me pet
12:46 am
it. she hates me. >> that's a shame. >> but that's a who other story. these adds are getting so ridiculous they are worse than the limo commercials. >> the only problem is that's a local commercial. >> they have car services. >> i love it. >> that commercial took away jobs from real people. why use pets? >> andy, please don't bore me with statistics. >> i just read this whole thing. i thought the ad was aimed at pets. i thought the whole idea was cats and dogs would sign up
12:47 am
for health care. >> they don't have thumbs though. >> i miss read this entire story. >> if something is a good product you don't need pets to sell it. that's my point. you don't need cute things. >> it is dependent on pet videos. >> thank you, tom, no more pet videos. >> i like the pet videos. >> you like them really? >> my kids love them. it is the only way we can have family time together is watch "red eye" and fast-forward through the talking and we watch the pets. >> as i said before, you do not have a family. you do not even have a tv. i think you live somewhere in the building like bad ronald. >> i believe you have a family, but i believe they are all stuffed. >> you put them on the couch and you put your arm around the stuffed woman and you pretend to watch tv.
12:48 am
>> i will bring my family. i will expand my family on this show. >> i was with you, tom, until that comment. >> i am now frightened by everything about you. i think we will take a break. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? i guess we'll use it. i don't know. maybe it is becoming a crutch for us.
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save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" we have liz mcdonald and, oh god, sherrod small. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> yea. all right. is it arts or my creepy cousin carl some wesley college has an unwelcome visitor. the life-like statue called
12:53 am
sleep walker is part of an art exhibit at the campus museum. some students at the all female school are asking to have the man -- a mannequin removed. they say it is a source of apprehension and fear. but the college administrators say it is meant to provoke dialogue. for now the installation will stay with the drunken selfie with hash tag, underpants guy. joe one, -- joanne would everybody be happier if it was a woman in a bra? >> if it was a woman in a brrrr they would take -- in a bra they would take it away. for some reason a guy in under underpants it funny. it is creepy, but i don't know why people say it disrupts their campus life and they are terrified. it is funny. i am more nervous for the motorists driving by who might
12:54 am
stop and call the police. there is someone on the woman's campus. he is going to attack. >> he seems like a disoriented hospital patient who left without his robe. >> he looks like walking dead, but not dead. >> i am oddly aroused by this, tom. the statue was created in your likeness. >> that's terrible because i am looking at it. i am creeped out. >> you are creeped out by your own likeness? >> i got these stories and i was preparing to well these wealthy students to get over it, but i hadn't looked at the picture. i just head the story. now that i see it, it is ridiculous and creepy. they should take it off the campus. i too am sexually offended by this man. wait a minute. maybe it is not done yet. maybe he is an old new england guy who is on -- he is working on a plow. his clothes are not done yet and he left the plow to go to
12:55 am
the war. it is a revolutionary war statue. >> you solved another mystery. andrea is this too weird to be art or not weird enough? >> it is weird that an all girl school was offended by a male statue in his under pants? isn't it weird an all girl school does president want a nude -- i didn't like he was in tighty whitey. that is very 1980s and reminds me of my older brother when i did the laundry. a schlumpy guy in his underpants in an all female world. let's do the side by side. doesn't it look like jim norton? let's see this side by side with underpants man. jim norton. >> it is true. but jim is creepier. >> jim has a creepier molester stair going.
12:56 am
why do i keep looking behind me. i can look over there. >> i know he is watching me. >> andy you said art and art education disgust you. should we do away with museums entirely? >> i think if it is making students feel uncomfortable, art should be in people's comfort zone. if even one person is offended the artist has failed. the only problem is this is not a piece of or the. it actually is jim norton. he has trained himself to remain very, very still. he is going around girls's colleges and standing around in his underwear. >> that's art. that's performance art. it is beautiful. >> it is so beautiful. >> if that were my campus that statue would be in my dorm room in five minutes. >> i hope i didn't pay for that.
12:57 am
andrea, you did it. tv's andy levy, joanne, tom shillue. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. bye, bye. ke you sick if you
12:58 am
12:59 am
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don't. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." add this one to the long list of harmful side effects from obamacare for our economy. the president's health care law could cost america's job market more than 2 million workers. this is according to a new projection by the non-partisan congressional budget office. take note, bob. its director explained why on capitol hill today. >> by providing heavily subsidized health insurance to people with low income and then


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