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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 8, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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drinking weird colored water. vote in the poll. up next o'reilly factor. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." why are demented fashion designers forcing hot models dress in outfits of chocolate? the story special report refuses to cover. and how awful was the president and joe biden's last vacation in the virgin islands? >> we will not go back. >> we will not go back. >> and what is russell brand been up to since divorcing katy perry? we decided to find out. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guest. her last meal was salted walnut which she licked and threw out. i am here with joanne. and he was recently hired to
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do product replacement. it is tv's andy levy. and he kills on stage and also on the highway as he often falls asleep while driving. comedian tom shillue. he will be on tour across the u.s. with the great comedian jim gaffigan. bring your family. he will will them. and he puts the sass in arkansas. it is mike huckabee, host of "huckabee" named after mike huckabee on saturday 8:00 p.m. eastern time, great show on fox newschannel. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> is your body made of mcdonalds? i'm loving it. >> it was just a job. he believed do as i say and not as i do. mcgruff the crime dog was sentenced to 16 years in
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prison for possessing a mountain of marijuana and weapons. he was one of a few actors to play the drug-hating blood hound seen in the 1980s ads like this one. >> mcgruff here. i want you to learn a song that teaches you how to say no to drugs. >> users are losers and losers are users ♪ ♪ don't use drugs ♪ don't use drugs. winners don't use ♪ ♪ and users don't win ♪ don't use drugs ♪ don't use drugs shot. ♪ ♪ if you know a user part of the time ♪ ♪ tell them to quit and take a bite out of crime ♪ smote. >> in 2011 -- i had a burp there. police raided his home and found a thousand marming marge plants and 27 weapons including a grenade launcher and ammunition. when dea arrived, they encountered some resistance.
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>> that is definitely what i would call some resistance. governor, welcome to the program. always an honor to have you here. it makes me happy to see you. >> great to be here. i know a lot of other programs on fnc have not covered the story the way we have, wall to wall here at "red eye." i look at this and i say when a crime-fighting dog is arrested for drugs is it time to rethink our drug policy? >> maybe it is time to rethink our dog policy. when dogs are into drugs clearly the usage of drugs has gone widespread. i think it is the legalization issue in colorado. it got the best of him and he decided he may as well join
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the trend. >> i have to poke a hole in that theory. i believe the story is three years old and perhaps two. it is news to us, governor. >> maybe it was because as a result if mcgruff goes drugy then so does washington state and colorado. what is next? >> i will go to joanne who is too young for mcgruff. i argued that drugs were illegal at the time, so why not legalize it if dogs are already getting high? >> you bring up a good point. >> thank you. >> no? not a good p oi nt? i haven't seen this commercial until right now. i don't know if we have anyone like this besides political figures or michelle obama. but we have the disney pop tarts, but then they go to rehab. >> are you comparing this to
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perhaps a -- i don't know. >> we don't have anyone else like this? what about smoky the bear? what about woody the owl? >> never heard of these. >> and you are hn arsonist. >> i am. i really could have benefited from this smoky -- smoky the bear? does he smoke? that's not good for you. >> it isn't good for you. he was trying to put out forest fires while chain smoking. >> he caused most of the fires. >> we had so many characters that we would confuse -- i confused smoky the bear with the bear that ate the sugar cereal. >> sugar smacks. >> and woodsy the owl with the owl that bite on the -- >> tootsie roll!s. >> yes. they were all in the same soup. >> i have a feeling you are going to de bunk part of the story. >> i will de bunk the whole
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story. mcgruff was a campaign from the 80s. jack kiel was the man who created the character. he was the don drapper. and he did the voice of mcgruff for years. this jerk was a guy who dressed up in a suit. remember this elmo who was molesting people on the streets of new york, he was jerk who put a suit on. he was essentially a temp to do the work. >> there was only one of them? >> no there were a lot. you could hire them to come to your basketball game. he put on a suit -- now these guys who go around putting on suits for $9 an hour, they are generally the type of people who drive around with pot. >> this is what i hate about you, tom. you come on the program and you take one example and you smear an entire industry. >> we can be talking about santa claus. that's going to hurt. when santa claus is busted, i think it is time to shut the whole thing down. >> he is always looking for packages. >> mcgruff did have a trench
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coat on. he hung around playgrounds and he had on a trench coat. do you want a bite? no thank you! >> and he is walking on his hind leggs which is -- hind legs which is unnatural. andy, you always said a crime cat would be better at spreading awareness. >> it is no surprise to our viewers that i have never said that is my guess. i think this is on fortunate misunderstanding. mcgruff is known as the crime dog. morales thought it was a dog who commits crime. if he was the anti-crime dog this never would have happened. >> that is a question that we will have to ponder as we will move to the next story. >> the ring wouldn't spring. it is day whatever of -- >> at friday's opening ceremony large, fake
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snowflakes hovered over the ground as they would. and they grew into olympic rings. except one didn't leaving four rings and a runt. interesting. speaking of runts, bob costas went on air with his eyes swollen shut due to an infection or so he claims. it could have been novelty glasses. he described vladimir putin as a great peace maker. what is he talking about? what am i saying? a sexy scandal is brewing. the top female russian olympian yens combated the manly stereo types of russian female athletes. they were criticized for per perpetuating other stereo types. finally the games were underway in one of the most watched events and it was downhill skiing. i believe we have highlights.
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>> i think their little brains enjoy that. they say this is fun. some of the fun they will enjoy before they are poached and eent which makes me happy, imorcher. >> putin portrayed as a peace maker. could costas been high on his pink eye medication? >> i have it on gut authority. it was because his wife caught him staring at those models and that is the swelling. it was all a big story about this infection stuff. it was her fist in his left eye. he will never look at those women again. >> it was a false flag. i finally get to use the word without sounding crazy. tom, you were a medalist in stalking secretaries. you are somewhat of an expert on olympics. what is your overall take?
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they are stuck behind the desk. i thought he looked sophisticated. it lends him a credibility. in further news we have -- it was a good look for him. >> it was like he had a reverse monicle. >> he should stick with it. >> you should just shut up now. >> he said it would work itself out. >> that's not what happened. have you ever gotten those eye infections? >> you have to take strong antibiotics. >> the only way to get rid of pink eye is by spreading it. >> it is true. you rub your eye and you touch somebody. it is like pink eye tag. i played it a lot in high school. >> i find it hard to believe with all of the condoms they are handing out in sochi costas still got an infection of the. >> i know how he got it. he needed a pillow because he is very important. someone was very angry they had to give up their pillow so they farted on it first and
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then gave it to him. that's how he got pink eye. >> that's a picture i don't want to see. >> i had no idea that's how it spread. i didn't know there was a certain vaporized infection. >> i don't know how i know that. >> now you know you don't have to touch someone to get rid of it. >> i think it is more rude to spread something through flatulence. i have lost my track here. andy, you are wearing a wrist brace right now. >> i am. >> and you are here doing a show. it is hipocritical of you to make fun of bob costas going on the air with pink eye. >> which is why i haven't made fun of bob costas going on the air with pink eye. i say good for him. >> you called him the diseased elf. >> no i said i am the bigger hero of the he is 5 foot 4 then i am the bigger hero. >> that's true. >> can we show the pictures of the russian athletes again? this is shameful and bordering smuty.
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look at these women showing off their finely toned bodies. look at them. in is disgusting -- this is disgoinging. disgusting. >> cane point out, they look even better when they are involved in their sports. what do you call that? >> when they are competing? >> anyone who is familiar with russian athletes, they look great no matter what. i am confused, governor, i had no idea there was something going before. did you know? >> didn't know that there was stuff going on. >> a lot of stuff was going on like the brown colored water in the hotel rooms and the fact that many of the places weren't finished. it looked like a break down in disaster is what it looked
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like. >> i feel bad for russia. not for putin. >> but there are always events. >> isn't it like the grammys? they give out the awards before the big telecast. >> for china it was huge. we watched stuff for a week before. all of these things and they were drumming it. >> that was a parade going by your apartment. that's what worries me about you. you have a mental issue. he snubbed a major hub. vice president joe biden was in philadelphia which is in pennsylvania on thursday to speak about america's infrastructure. as usual he said nothing to offend anyone. >> if i blindfolded someone and took him at 2:00 in the morning to the airport in hong kong and said where do you think you are. he said this must be america because it is a modern airport. if i blind folded him in law gar de yaw he would think i was in a a third world
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country. >> i love the fact you have to blindfold them. among those delighted was new york city's communist mayor who told reporters, quote, i thought his comments were inappropriate. laguardia needs an upgrade, but they handle an extraordinary amount of traffic. speaking of gaffs. >> look howdy pressed he is -- look how depressed he is. >> i have been there. >> you know pandas suck. >> why kick them when they are down. >> i am going to joanne. couldn't the vice president learn from you as a pagent contestant you phrase things in a more positive sounding way, correct?
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>> that's what he did. he didn't answer anything about the state of the airport. he just kind of said we have made some improvements and we have a long way to go. power to new york. i uh plowed him for that. >> do you? i don't see you applauding. >> it is not like a big applause. >> how many times has joe biden tbon to a commercial airport in the last five years? seriously? and besides if you go to terminals d or consider at laguardia, they are great. delta spent millions of dollars. the old main terminal? yeah, it could use an upgrade, fixer upper. >> a little lo vie n. >> but the other terminals are great and have great food. it is a nice place. joe should get out more. >> are you going to have fun running against him in 2016? >> am i going to run? you want me to break the news on "red eye."
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oh why not? >> you broke the christmas turkey news. >> i did break that news and that did go over like -- the turkey is still laying on the ground. >> wouldn't it be great if you ran against him in 2016. >> could be because i know more about laguardia airport than he does. that would be the platform. this is a man who does -- doesn't know his airports. >> you often sleep in them without a plan. i think law gar -- laguardia does that. he agrees with the vice president. he liked to fantasize about being blindfolded and brought to airports. making weird illusions to hostages. why else do you get blindfolded in an airport? >> there are a lot of reasons. >> i have blindfolded myself in airports. >> so i can catch a few z's.
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you put you the eyes on and go to sleep. he said -- he admitted that it is like a third world country. law gar de yaw needs an upgrade -- laguardia meeds an upgrade. and the people there work under very difficult circumstances. he agrees it is a pathetic airport. >> last word. if joe biden by some miracle wins the presidency -- >> greg, greg of the hang on. hello. okay. not a good time all right. fine. greg, hang on. i will be right back. >> this is weird. >> they need me on the ship. activate. >> okay, well we are going to take a break. come back and we will have some stories for you.
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his driving was risky so police goes frisky. it is day 1003 of -- after much anticipated -- anticipation justin bieber's video was released. but there is no music. he is not siping and it is a burly cop with large, gentle hands. it shows the canadian cutie being patted down by miami's
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finest after being arrested for being an idiot. can we watch it again with music? ♪ >> music changes everything. >> i give him a nine and a half on the style and an 8 on the performance. >> what do you make of bieber's shaw fan gnaw begans? if he was your kid, what would you make him do? >> i couldn't say it on air. the kid is out of control. you know who i feel sorry for? his mother. she has been on my show a couple times. a lovely lady. she was urged to abort him.
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i don't know if you know the story. she was a teen mother and a drug user. she went to a home for unked with mothers -- unwed mothers and decided to keep him and gave him life. he should be grateful and take a couple across the face. >> was it exciting? >> it was great. >> i disagree. he is completely in control. he is not impressing me. he is not even doing anything dangerous. he drag races, but he doesn't crash. he is supposed to wrap it around a tree. he was puffing on cigarettes? i want him laid out flat. i want him to dangerously od. >> that's terrible. >> boo. >> i don't want him to die. you can overdose -- >> what on valentine's day candy? >> he is a poser. she acting like he is keeping it real, but he is not. he is trying to look like a
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bad dude and he is not that bad. >> you know what he reminds me of? you don't want to know. you want him to do something slightly dangerous. >> he is doing drugs. he may as well od and wake up a little bit and then stop it. >> my point is -- >> nothing wrong with a little overdose to wake you up. >> sometimes when you overdose you don't wake up. >> he has to learn lessons. i said the same about charlie sheen. if charlie sheen woke up dead instead of being -- >> he would learn a lesson. >> others would learn a lesson. he is the shining example of i can do whatever i want. i can do drugs. what was it? >> i don't know, but i want to move on. >> if these guys died, then other people -- >> can i just stop you? this is exactly what erin said about philip seymour hoffman.
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he said if he died of an overdose less people would die so he was doing a service by dying. that's what you are saying. >> that's exactly what i was saying. it is on the money. >> sorkins said it better. >> joanne, you like bad boys, but does this video make him anymore bad in your eyes? >> no. it looks sad. him just standing there he looks like a kid. >> well he is. >> bad boy is going to prison and i don't want that late night phone call. that's worse than a booty call. i am not giving you money for bail. you have a ton of money and i would like some. >> maybe you should wait for him outside of jail if he goes to jail. >> last word to you, andy, being the tool he is, how many times do you think he watched and enjoyed this video? >> you are on to something there. he is on this being hard kick. he is smoking blunts and sippin the lean.
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i think he thinks getting arrested gives him a street cred. he is not bright. we have to remember that. the sad thing is, this is his version of being hard. it is not even being hard. >> do you know what it is? do you remember when we did that story on the fraternity that had the pimps and ho's party and they were all expelled? he is doing that in real life. he is dressing that way and acting like that. >> he is doing what a lot of young men do, except he is getting caught and there is a big media frenzy around him. he should know better because he should have a pr team like don't do that. >> instead he is with his dad in the car with him. we have got to go. fox and friends. that is like in three hours so you have time to shower. first, a school that banned candy on valentine's day.
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only in obama's america. i am shaking my head in disgust.
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thursday with jay leno's last night as host of "the tonight show" allegedly. we here at "red eye" decided to pay tribute to his long
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career the only way we know how. >> did you catch leno on thursday night, greg? >> yeah, right. >> he did this one joke. check it out. >> bad news for the state of california. supreme court decision will force the state to release 46,000 convicts because of prison overcrowding. but the good news, looks like the oakland raiders will have more season ticket holders. the stadium will be packed. >> not bad. >> pretty good. >> it sounded familiar. i was wracking my brain figuring out where i heard something like it a couple days earlier like late tuesday night or wednesday morning. and then i figured it out. >> supreme court orders thousands of prisoners released. this actually might help the raiders start selling out their home games again. >> nicely done. because their fans are criminals. >> wow, andy. i can't believe you traveled to the future and then stole that joke from jay and then traveled back to tell it on
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"red eye." >> what is the point of time travel if you can't travel a to the future and steal a joke and then come back. >> you should travel to a time when we have a cure for the common cold and then come back. >> i would rather steal jokes from jay. >> that makes me giggle. should candy be bandy? an elementary school asked parents not to send sweets attached to the valentine's day cards. explained the candy heart less principal, quote, we are working to encourage healthy practices as well as manage food choices in classrooms where food allergies -- food allergies are present in order to maintain a safe environment. mostly schirn and -- mostly children and love and children and love. i am so angry over this. how can a kid know he likes
12:33 am
her? >> i have to go back to kicking her chair and calling her name. i am in therapy. these schools are going to be responsible for the rise in adolescent eating disorders. >> why? >> moderation is not being taught. they have a no tolerance policy for all junk. then these kids go home or out of school they will start binging on sugar and drunk foods. >> they will od. >> it is one day. it is a holiday. it is a day when most people are depressed because they are not getting all of the love notes and the things. so let them have some sugar. it eases the pain. >> it is the only way to make the pain go away. >> let them eat cards. it would put fiber in their diet and it is healthier. it gives ruffage. remember when you were a kid
12:34 am
and your parent said you need ruffage. what did you need it for? what was that about? >> i don't know. >> these kids need some ruffage. you know what it does for you. >> i am scared to ask. >> don't ask because it is not pleasant. but every kid needs ruffage. >> they will let him have popcorn and fruit. >> they shouldn't. these candies used to have the be mine. i don't know if you have gotten them late aly. >> they changed them. >> it says e-mail me. i remember being amazed looking at them. i always assumed they were in a warehouse in maine. they were made in 1958, but they always make new ones. >> they are made by neko in massachusetts. i got it off the website -- i don't know where i gutted -- got. it 8 billion are made a year.
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>> in the city of boston you can smell them being made. >> there is no danger in them eating those things. they would more than likely eat the chalk off the chalkboard than those nasty things. >> they are -- andy i bet you will say something mean about valentine's day and how candy is overrated. >> not about the candy. valentine's day is a ridiculous and phony holiday. >> is it really? >> tell that to saint valentine. >> i would if he had the courage to face me. he won't come on the show. >> i he won't. >> if you are out there. come on the show. debate me 101. >> it is a good holiday for kids. >> for kids. >> dumb for adults. >> i agree with joanne because i think she stole my talking points. >> no shame. >> this is up there with the zero tolerance policy.
12:36 am
where if your pop tart is shaped like a gun you are suspended. you don't want ids c having candy, fine, if it is a a special occasion let them have candy. >> let them eat cake. >> he said that earlier. >> did you? mine was like something someone said once in history. >> and how did that turn out for her? >> my point is, let them eat cake, greg. >> going back to one of the ones on the heart, let's get busy. >> i think it means let's do homework. let's workout and busy ourselves with activity. >> we need to buckle down and get this work done. >> i apologize. send your free wafers to "red eye" their journey may not be over. according to reports former
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front man of journey, steve perry, which i can't tell which is which. he is in talks about rejoining the band. the singer of "don't stop believing"" open arms" and "cold as ice" we are trying. i am doing my best. not so fast, not so fasters. they say the reunion talk couldn't be further from the truth and the band's management said no reunion plans. all is well and who is killing the truth -- who is telling the truth in this war of words. >> i think journey will come back together because they need the money. they put out some great songs. i'm all for it. >> get them on "huckabee." >> why not? we had def leopard and toby keith. >> they were one of the biggest bands in the world and
12:38 am
had our official prom song. is a reunion necessary? they have a singer. >> a reunion is not necessary. they got a little guy froth fill teens -- philippines and he is the greatest ever. now his dream come true. >> you are rete. the kid is amazing. haven't seen the movie, but i know what you are talking about of the should he od too? >> some of these other jerk s who od the rest of us wouldn't have to. >> i know, i know, joanne, you weren't born yet and journey was decades before. what are your thoughts? >> i have lived an incredible journey. i think i know a little bit about journey. >> for three years i per formed in an off broadway show dedicated to the 80s. i know a bunch of these songs
12:39 am
"don't stop believe"" open arms" and it is great when you are getting ready to go out and you put on a journey pandora station. it is great. it is chill. >> what happened to you? you are losing your mind. by the way i danced to journey at my school dances which is how you love to hate them. you tie it to a fruitless romance. >> all roy mans -- romance 1* fruitless. i don't think he was lying. i think he was acting faithfully, but they have gone their separate ways and there is no escape from the fact. >> time to take a break. you may have heard i have a new book on march 18 ath called "not cool." i gave one to huckabee and you berried it.
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and i forgot to bring it. 31 cities in 11 days. check out g you have to come. i will say hello. i will look oddly at your mother.
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when humans are erased will rats take our place? british scientists say in the event of a future mass extinction row dents are best suited to rule the planet. that's because they infiltrated most air masses in the world. and they live on despite attempts to control their populations. the rats would likely balloon in size. no one is more
12:44 am
afraid than giant rats than joe mackey. good to see you. this is way scarier than dinosaurs. you must be terrified just talking about it. >> i am terrified, greg. the terrifying thing is this is actual scientists and not science fex writers. flip a coin. >> couldn't this happen and we all die out? >> the only good news in the story 1 humanity will have gone extipping. extinct. i will have to fight the rats and i doubt there will be a rat doing a scary story about me. >> i don't think there is a rat version of "red eye" where there is a frightened correspondent talking about joe mackey. when should we expect this to happen, next year? >> with sars and toilet snakes
12:45 am
there is a lot that could take us down. >> other than getting big will they evolve in any other fashion? >> they will get intelligent and lays see and self-en tippet telled. self-entitled. >> decline of the west. australian scientists have found an unclassified species of jellyfish on the shores of tazmania. these things are popping up everywhere. is this a larger plan to take over the planet. >> at least not yet. that is a bunch that sentence to prisoners. we are good to go with that. >> it doesn't matter. if you are stunning, isn't it certain death? >> scientists say no that you will be fine. but scientists have not named them yet. i bet the first scientists who is saw a polar bear, oh look, they are harmless, well they are food. some say to urinate on
12:46 am
jellyfish sting, is that how it turns out? >> turns out that doesn't work. it is a prank in high school. >> you were told to do that by kids? >> don't let anyone pea on you. >> that's a shame. are you still thinking about that. >> no. pass. >> a a new study claims playing violent video games stunts a kid's growth. should we be worried our youth will all grow up to be monsters? >> it is too late. they are always monsters when i run for the bus they yell run forest. they weren't even uh -- alive in that movie. >> they are mocking you without the data to mock you. wouldn't you have these teens staying inside all day than be outside walking around and bothering the rest of us?
12:47 am
>> maybe you are right. these video games are rated m for mature and you will never grow up playing video games for three hours a day. >> aren't the new games violent? they throw the barrels at the plumbers. >> i wouldn't mention that around kids. they would love teasing you about your calico vision. >> last topic. scientists in vermont discovered volume be bees. this happened when flies attach themselves to bees and causing brain damage and jerky movement and night activity like a zombie. this sounds like the scarest story you ever brought us. are you terrified? >> i am terrified. somebody gets stunning by a jellyfish and i have to pee. >> we always assumed we were
12:48 am
safer at night, but now they can come out at anytime. >> the good news is these zombie bees only live for two hours and the bad news is, that's the length of the movie "titanic" and they had to attack. >> i have no idea what that means. that went over my head. >> i should explain it later. it is a three-hour movie. get some tuna fish and some tissues. it is a love story. it is a beautiful movie. >> it has a saddening. >> we all know the ending. >> i don't want to spoil it. thank you know anything about the titanic, it is not good. >> thank you for that, joe. >> our frightened correspondent, always nice to see you.
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a new "red eye" will be
12:53 am
back on monday. next week dana perino and on monday ambassador john bolden and jesse joyce together again. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> they claim they will only do the show in pairs. it is weird. she will turn food down to wean the crown. she is the first runner up to miss venezuela and will do anything to look hotter. she even went as far as showing showing -- sewing her tongue preventing her from eating food and licking stamps. the 90s are back. thank god i held on to my old clubbing shirts. joanne, have you ever thought about competing in a pagent? >> i would never. that's disgusting. why would i parade around in a bikini? >> man, they are going to such
12:54 am
extremes. venezuela, paneling ends are like football. it is part of their vulture and they would do anything to win. i applaud her for her dedication. >> we do things and it is our job. >> we ought to -- this mesh idea with the tongue, i think miley cyrus should. >> i have seen more of her tongue -- the inside of her mouth than her hung has. >> it is dry, it is very dry. i don't know if it will be dry. tom? athletes go to extremes to win. isn't she an athlete? if she were she could use something called self-control. that's how you stop eating. you just don't eat. the reason the mesh works is
12:55 am
it is painful. did you see her eating the stake and potatoes? come on, this woman seems like she should be able to resist stuffing food down her gullet. >> are you into delayed grat gratification. >> sometimes i bring in food and i say don't touch that. >> like candy. i would sit thereafter lunch and leave my brown knee on the table. the women would go by and always be like, that looks great. are you enjoying that later? then they would they can chair mail and be like, are you going to eat that already? they don't like the control. >> any thoughts on the story. i don't know which is weirder. you would make them look at the food and then send them back? >> you put a bowl of m&m's
12:56 am
in front of them and say you can't eat that and then you make them wait. >> i believe he is right and we are running out of time. >> can't you eat a ton of ice cream? >> whyy. >> i don't understand. >> grinning yoohoo. >> it is not real chocolate milk. >> the pageants love it. >> that's it. we are going away now. goodbye, america. ;ñ;ñ;ñ
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this is what keeps the lights on. tonight. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfield. dana is moving. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." jay leno's first night on the tonight show was on may 25th, 1992. he made tens of millions of americans laugh. but we rarely got a glimpse of the softer side of jay. last night was the exception. >> this has been the greatest 22 years of my life. first year of this show, i lost my mom. second year, i lost my dad. then my brother


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