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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 8, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> i'm eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, dana perino and greg it's 5:00 o'clock in new yorkciy city and this is "the five." jay leno's first night on the "tonight show" was on mayto 25, 1992. he made tensni of millions of americans laugh over the last 22 years. but we rarely got a glimpse of the softer side of jay. last night was the exception. >> this has beenen the greatest2 years of my life. first year of this show i lost my mom. second year i lost my dad. then my brother died.
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and after that i was pretty much out of family. and the folks here became my family. and i'm really excited for jimmy fallon. it's fun to kind of be the oldnd guy and sit back here and see he where the next generation takes this great institution and in closing, i want to quote johnny carson, who was the greatest gus to ever do this job. he said, i bid you all a heart felt... . >> the night wasn't entirely sentimental. shear part of his classic monologue. listen. >> thank you. i don'notst like good-byes. nbc does. i don't care for them. tonight is our last show for real. i don't need to get fired three times. i get the hint. the worst thing about losing this job, i'm no longer covering nbc and have to sign up for obamacare. t >> he had to get one ofo those n there. >> that made me smile, big old grin. that was a cute i just love this guy.
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i don't want to say good-bye, jay. i want to say hello.n't i just hope that he gets pickedt up someplace else. how about fox?d >> bob, right of way jay leno fan? >> yeah. >> bob is crying. >> i was waiting to see if hisg cat and dog died. >> terrible. >> it's sad, but listen, i don't follow these late night shows. but it's amazing how many people do and how much they caree about -- there is more stories about these people and what they're up to. but if they're in trouble or g t fired. i mean, can't they just have a into drama late night show in i don't understand. >> i don't >> no drama like right here.>> >> oh, right. d >> if dana has her wi-fi off. >> oh, my gosh.. or diet coke. >> or the dreams -- >> i had dreams in my five last night. it wasn't really a comedy. >> what do you think about thatu do you really -- he really poured out his heart?at >> not easy to say good-bye to a thing you've helped build, all
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the good-byes and it takes forever. i am not for the big long f good-bye. i feel like we've been doinggod this for a month, saying good-bye to jay leno. but we're going to see him do more. so i think it's interesting to see people that talented figure out a way to reinvent themselves as either younger people come up or technology changes, how can you continue to do amazing th things every day? i look forward to seeing what it is and trying to follow in his footsteps. >> you want to tell him good-bya or jimmy fallon hello? >> i can j do anything you want. >> you are very talented. >> how about the good-bye? >> people are calling it the end of an era. it is not the end of an era. johnny carson leaving was the end of an era because everybodyw watched him and when johnny carson left, he left! jay leno is not going to leave.t you don't understand. he's done this twice. we're like going through his marriages. for him, work is marriage.
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he's going to be in three weeksr he'll be back doing another show, 3:00 a.m. is mine, warning. as for jimmy fallon, leno constantly talks about him and there is a strategy behind thist the strategy is screw you conan. because what he's saying every s time he says jimmy fallon is the next johnny carson, he's basically saying, conan, this i because you got me canned. it's like making out with your t new girlfriend in front of youri ex. he's not being gracious. there is a legitimate strategyro behindnt this. >> they're all kind of looking at each other. >> hang in there. jay was on his game delivering a funny yet poignant monologue, more fun followed. oprah, carol burnett, jack black and others delivered a musical tribute in the form of a "sound of music" parody. watch. >> ♪ you'll be back here next year ♪ ♪ so long, farewell o
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♪ i'm here so what the hell ♪ for your last show i'll do the a tarzan yell ♪ ahhhhh ♪ ♪ so long, farewell ♪ you really raise the bar ♪ it's you -- if you were me ♪ you'd buy them all a car ♪ . >> that's cute. >> that was fun. >> i liked it. >> but again, not a big moment for anyone under 40. >> yep. >> most people have no idea because they're watchingha tv differently. people aren't going and saying, the "tonight show" is on the way it used to be. ton people are watching tv at it different times of the day. for example, this is nothingint compared to how people felt when "breaking bad" ended or "mad men." >> were you projecting right w now? >> no. >> because i would take the opposite off that. you i find that moving on of jay a
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little tough for me -- >> it's because of the 20 years and you feel as though you'veel aged with him? >> i kind of grew up with >> dana is exactly right. we have to say good-bye. we're almost as many years saying good-bye as he's been one the air. h but the fact is, he's going tong be doing something. he's the kind of guy that cannot sit down. who johnny carson went into a retreat and disappeared, went tp malibu, wouldn't come out. i thought that was kind of cool. jay will be back out. but i thought kim kardashian was supposed to be in this thing. was the heat too much that the plastic was going to much? >> she's in it.i she's part of the singing part of it. see, in the white dress.g i like this. i really>> like him. i think he's a winner. i don't even know why they let him go. i like him better than jimmy fallon. i'm sorry. have.lway >> i do. >> oprah took that singing parti seriously. >> i don't like the blubbering over this.
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>> six minutes more blubbering. yeah, oprah took it seriously because carol burnett knows she can't sing that well. oprah really tried to sing well. >> i would sing horribly. >> here she is. i guess the heat was down in the room. >> bob, ithe looks like you hava tie. >> that was the one thing that stood out. >> they were trying for theason under 40. maybe they were trying for the t under 40. t >> that's what it was. it was a gm graphic power grab. >> a star-studded what's nextreu for jay montage. check it out. >> why don't you take all this newfound time and develop anke interesting hobby, like workingo on old cars.stin >> actually, jay does work on old cars. he's got a whole garage full oe them. >> okay, well maybe jay, with your newfound time, you could finally invite me over to your (bleep) garage. >> jay, do what i do.
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use your down time to paint. i love it. check it out. >> jay, i know you're happily married to a wonderful woman whi you never cheat on, but if this ever gives awe one time hall pass, i'm your girl. >> why would i (bleep) what hewt does. let him figure it out forhe himself. i got a job. >> or you could do this. f a lot of people that are justho sitting around doing nothing to make money, they sell maps. he can do that! >> oh, my gosh. >> you're liking it more now. >> that part was pretty funny. >> i'm amazed at the promotion>> and expense and all of the effort. there was a lot of effort. obviously they're on the staff level at the network. there was a lot of love for jay and so they wanted to make the good-bye as warm as possible and they put a lot of-b money into . will they put corresponding number of resources behind jimmy fallon's rollout? are we going to talk about jimmg
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fallon for the next month? i will be interested to see what kind of promotion that they -- that they trio hold that th audience that jay -- he leaves - with a 15-year high in terms of the ratings.term >> this is also part of the fallon promotion because they're trying to get everybody to watch and make a lot of fanfare to get eyeballs focused back on the "tonight show" again. this is the first part of the"th book end and we'll see what fallon can bring. the staff loves him. he is beloved. they really like this guy.he he's a class act. people don't have anything bad to say. >> not everybody. >> except for you. >> no, no. i like leno. not a fan of his writing staff.n for some reason, they have a knack of coming up with jokesof days after they've appeared elsewhere. kno >> by the way, they made fun of me on that show. i still like him. >> these networks a fortune because there is not a lot of
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expense except for the host andy a few other people. >> there is one other trick, thn reason they spend so much time and effort on the late night show because when they turn thet show off at night, they turn thh tv back on in the morning and you want your morning show.ning >> did you see martin luther mat was asking for a date? >> and she didn't ask you. >> never mind. >> martha is not bob's type. >> i say we set that up. >> we try it one more time. o >> no, we're not. >> did we circle back on that? >> f >> here is how others said good-bye. >> nbc has the olympics. it's a big deal. nbc will finally get to show somebody who is okay with passing the torch.dy w >> our friend, jay leno, 22 years as host of the "tonight show," 22 years. that's remarkable. >> retiring, congratulations on a wonderful run and i'll tell
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you something, if i was jay leno and i was retiring, you know what i would do? i'd go out and buy myself a car. >> so jay, thank you very much. he's been a great guy. i'm going to miss him.ll >> all right. i don't know. david letterman -- has he completely lost it? >> he's tired. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> i also think a lot of these jokes are recycled. that's when you get one good zinger, one a night would be a >> conan's was >> how come isdy lacing letterms how they're come going for one>i seat? >> he's ruling the roost, and everybody else, conan, then fallon.then >> cbs doesn't play this game of having these other late shows. i just want to say that when we were watching that, dennis saidh this is the longest 12 minutes in television. and i want to say that playoff
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of a certain other host here, it is rather long, jay, and we'veht enjoyed it. but man, stop. >> you're done with it? >> i'd say good-bye. >> we tied that up with a bow. all right. y with us becauseow bob is going to make good on the super bowl bet he lost to me.n he's going to settle it by wearing this little number here, this blouse. >> give me a break! gave may break! >> this hot little number. >> no way!o >> you're going to look so goodo in that, bob. g >> you're going to look great in snake skin and cream. up next, games begin with slope style, very cool stuff. you. show plus, did boss -- bob costas really hail a peace maker? of
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all right. you like that? then stay here.
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the winter olympics are underway in sochi.sia. they go on until february 23. there, p obama won't be butr he talked to bob costas about his relationship with putin. >> we tend to have blunt conversations. the one thing i will give mr. putin credit for is tha when we sit down and talk, there is not a lot of beating around the bush or niceties. i think it's all business and in tell him where i strongly disagree with him and he doeswi the same. >> i have a lot to say about that.. costas did a profile on putin a and sees him as some kind of peace maker. >> in the past s year, putin brokered a deal to allow syria, to avoid a u.s. military strike by giving up its chemicalng weapons and bring iran to the negotiating table. >> this is a fox news alerthis because bob costas apparently has a gigantic russian man crush
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on slade mir. that's how i see it. what is this? what is he doing?s >> first of all, i am a very, very, very big fan of bob cost costas. he's very good.d. but when we had -- remember when he did that thing at the nfle. about guns? and i saw him then, he was upset with the fife. -- he was upset with me because i said something about it.. i talked to him at the train to station and i said, bob, just -- little shock that you would be talking about guns at half this is sort of the same thing. this is a very complex issue here. whatex putin's role was in syria and iran, neither of which were probably very good. i just wish -- 'cause i like him so much and wish he would do what he does best, which isish stick with sports. >> or what they should do at nbc is they -- i'm sorry. what they should do at nbc is,
2:19 pm
so they have the olympics team that is writing the copy for somebody like bob costas to read from the teleprompter and what they need is somebody from the political desk or the state department, nbc reporter that covers state department because if bob costas isn't going to be up to speed on what is happening in syria, somebody should be there to help him and somebody should just fact check --k it >> this doesn't sound right. does he think, wait a minute, are you guys sure? we're going to call -- it doesn't occur to him to sarkseai we're going to call put putin a it'se maker? is that right?n i think they fell down on thethy job staff wise. >> nbc, hosting the olympics,>>s bob costas works for nbc. nbc is in a world of hurt f because everyone is saying thisk is going to be the no show olympics. people won't tune in.his so they're doing everything they can oo make it look less corrup, more peaceful, putin is a peace keeper. he's playing the corporate game.
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but i agree when he reads that, he's got to be thinking, am i reading something i would beeads saying? i don't think so. i agree. i think he's just reading some of the political arm of nbc says read this 'cause we got toding smooth this over. there are terror threats. there are threats of hotels falling apart, corruption. issues with where they stay on gay marriage.ap they're trying to down play allo that stuff and make it look liky a peaceful, fun games. >> so is nbc some kind of russian -- >> there is some things he said about his crackdown on gay he rights. he didn't gogo completely in the bag with putin.plet however, costas' opinions are not why you hire a costas. the only person that knows thatt is costas. talk a bit about obama, talking about russian exceptionalism, that he finds a tough guy worlds so silly. the same way he finds oury exceptionalism a bit weird. o but that's okay if you can beat him. the problem with laughing at
2:21 pm
putin is that he's making obama into his own nesting doll, putin is a bad guy, but good at it.bad obama is a good guy who is bad at it.>> >> yeah, aubrey hawkins he made that -- obama, he made that statement because he knows people doesn't respect him. that's ain he does not. >> i have a feeling that bob costas when he talks about guns was very, very heartfelt about it. i think he really believes it and he wanted to take thatante opportunity. i agree with dana, somebody wrote this w if i could have sat down withldh him and i read that and said bob, this is not right. this guy is more trouble for us in eastern europe and threatened more eastern european countries, not to mention the fact he's now with one of the biggest massass murderers in the world. >> costas' eyeball was very red. i don't know if you saw that last night and droopy. he should be the officiald mascot. >> i got something good for you. let's take ama listen to thismeh call. it's. fantastic.
2:22 pm
slope style. first, shear what bob costas had to say and then we'll chat it out. >> i think the president of the ioc should be johnny knoxville. basically this stuff is jack ass stuff and called olympic sports. >> you mean that in the best possible way though. >> i mean it in the kindsest possible way. >> all right. is he your inspiration? do you have a man crush on him?e >> i'm supposedly going to haver to shave this off before the end of the weekend. look, you see that sport right there? yeah, okay. so it's kind of like your extreme games. young people like those kind of sports. it's not your downhill skiing. it's snowboarding, free styling. you're going after the young demo, i think it's actually smart to do that.mart evolve with the demo. >> what do you think? >> who is the jimmy fallon of nbc sports? because it seems to me there iss like a passing of the torch, t
2:23 pm
maybe it should be in order. >> boy, you have it out forco costas.. >> no, i'm the one who told you to give him the advice at thegi train station. >> yeah, right. >> more free pr advice. me. >> i think slope style is -- i >> i like it.tyle >> is not so much a sport or is a showing off of technique. you're notinstu're somebody, which is but i'm torn because it takes b practice to do that and anything that requires practice requires discipline and if you can have people understand the value of discipline, it's a good thing.i. >> shaun white was supposed to do this, but he with drew and said he had concerns about safety of the ramp. >> i think it's funny that somebody who does that kind of tricks is worried about safety. >> yeah. exactly. >> i think he was afraid of risk. >> can i read into his comments? >> yeah. >> i'm not going to win that. >> 'cause the olympics, you can get sponsorships, but that's noe
2:24 pm
where the money is. if he gets hurts on a course heo thinks is not properlythe maintained and he gets hurt, then he won't make the money later.>> >> the guy that i interviewed -- the only thing they took away from my favorite sport, which the guys cross-country ski. >> biathlon. >> that's rivetting television. >> i love it. directly ahead, republicans aren't going to pursueoing immigration reform until trusted.ed.ama can be ha, ha. never. you're going to hear from speaker john boehner on that when "the five" returns. it's called an ad lib. ♪ ♪ gs up! legs up! legs up! verizon has free tablets and ee phones. get here anyway you can. good job!
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♪ ♪ mass chaos in the commercial break, which we're not going toc talk about. a week ago, house republicans floated the idea of passing immigration reform this year, 2014. but yesterdayf speaker boehner hit the brakes, saying they're not going to move forward until the president gains their trust. >> the american people,, including many of my members,op don't trustle that the reform tt we're talking about will be implemented as it was intended to it's going to be difficult toene move any immigration legislation until that changes. >> charles krauthammer is someone who thinks they made the right decision. >> republicans are absolutely right to say thatde if you cannt trust the president to carry out the law faithfully and he hasn'a even carried out faithfully his own laww which he's amended 16ie times and he's nowd going to continue to amend, unilaterally and lawlessly, how do you expect him to carry out faithfully a law in which he's going to have
2:30 pm
to compromise on enforcement? so it's absolutely right not this year. work on health care reform. win the senate and do it next year. >> it sounded like president obama was sending the cops to arrest charles krauthammer because you could hear the sirens in the background. eric, interestingly on immigration reform, i know you have long thought it was bad to push it this idea. a but even people you wouldn't have expected to think it was a all coming out and telling john boehner not just as member of the congress, but all the pundits are saying, this is not the right time. do you think it's the right tactic? >> look, if th se comprehensive immigration reform should happen, it shouldn't happen number get through the next election. you have a winning s hand.appe obamacare is a colossal failureo hang that across every democrat you're running against. win the house back. win the senate and start work oo the other things later. by theba way, i'm not saying it shouldn't happen., close the borders and increase legal immigration.. buti' right now, roll with yourd winner, man. don't muddle the message. that should be the only focus.
2:31 pm
you think they have a point, greg, about -- the reason they say they're not going toeyr move forward is that they don'tt trust the president that once they pass the bill, he wouldn't try to amend it through executive orders since he gave e speech saying he'll do justs that. >> he's a good politicalck argument, but you don't give upc your wallet to the mugger if they have a gun. the left are winning in one way in the sense of redefining a desire for borders as the combination lock on my jim lock service bigoted because it excludes other people from getting in.le >> i wouldn't want to go in g there. >> you can't have freedom without frontiers and limitsthou enhanced liberty. that's why you got to do the enforcement of the borders first. if you put amnesty before enforcement, you can't collect a cover charge after everybody is in the party. >> that's so true. >> that's right. >> bob, do you think they could maybe, in congress, just trio hit a couple of singles, get on
2:32 pm
base, for example, do the -- we're going from football into baseball season, so i thought i would help. >> do you see what i mean? they could do a few of thoseht things rather than trying to do a big huge bill that america doesn't have the stomach for?gsr >> here is the problem that boehner had. boehner was smart enough or? realize that the republicansd. needed to do something on hispanics because they're getting absolutely clobbered at the voting booth. and this will not help them. i'll tell you the reason heth couldn't get this thing was his caucus wouldn't go along with it. they were listening to theo pundits. i would do something, anything. but the republicans now arei going on threewo decades of beig essentially anti-hispanic in the view of hispanics. and so i don't get it -- >> it's a view but it's not true. >> but a view is what goes's ino the polling booth. >> also it's always about it being comprehensive. you'reot talking about doing something, but everybody has tal comprehensive pushed down theiro throat. another word for you're screwed
2:33 pm
>> where did you come up with three decades? >> i think that president bush did, but when president bush then tried to pass immigration reform in 2007, it was really -- everybody that didn't play ball. but mostly the democrats made ab political decision not to do it that year, bob. >> i agree withde you. but wheree i get it goes back to 1986 when reagan did his -- amnesty bill. he was opposed by most of thee republicans. it wasn't a bad bill. but they didn't enforce it among employers. that's where it goes back to. >> kimberly, what do you make of all this? right decision, not the right time? >> this is what i think, noti offense, call it like it is,no grade the paper. f. f. on obamacare. now, why am i going to go ahead and reward you if i'm the american people, or the senators or anybody and say go ahead and do immigration? i, quite frankly, haven't been shown you've been able to do aen good job on any of these other things that precede it. you haven't done a good job on
2:34 pm
obamacare. more jobs will be lost. why will weat shove through a immigration without support ande have another big mess? >> because you're part that's hispanic. you're commonwealth, so you can come here any time you want to. >> look at bob! look at the face. >> you watch ufc, ultimateng fighting??ye >> yeah. >> if you got a call on a guy, he's about to go out, obamacare. >> god bless obamacare! if i'm a republican, i'm for taking obamacare on! don't let anything get in the way! >> oh, my god. >> i'm doing jesse. >> ahead, valentine's day in just a week greg has pointers for all the men out there onhe what to do for their honeys. >> honeys? >> that's what they wrote. >> you don't have to say what they wrote. >> bob then after that.
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you are not going to want to miss. later, bob is going to slip into something a little moreg a comfortable. he's settling a bet he lost to eric. you won't want to miss that coming up on "the five." ♪ ♪ but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mcelebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for ny with arthritis pain d inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function celeex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic.
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y. sorry. i hate balloons. i hate valentine's day balloons. >> balloons don't like you either. >> valentine's day is a weekek. away. since no man plans this far in advance, what if they did?ey it's on a friday. so you can't get out of it by saying you've got a big day at a work tomorrow. here some tips. don't pick a new spot and avoidd themes.
2:40 pm
unfamiliar plus exotic equals diarrhea. avoid restaurants with specials that require a coupon. love is different than getting your car washed.cou don't pick an unusually fancyin joint.w that reminds me of the mediocrity of your usual spots. if youat normally eat at mcdonald's, go to a different mcdonald's. don't buy stuff that becomes clutter. gifts should be worn, eaten or die in a vase. anything that hangs around is depressing. i speak of helium balloons and cats. if you thinkme an acquaintance would be surprised bay card, don't do it. as much as i'd like to, i'm not. sending one to maria, although t think she did wink at me.t don't ask what do you want for valentine'as day, because she'll say nothing. and that's what you'll get atme. night. if you're single, don't propose. you don't need an excuse to make life's biggest decision. do you buy a car because it's the indy 500? no. if they say they don't want flowers, they want flowers. and don't forget mom or herd do
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allergies. get tulips. forget cactus. old people sit on them. sometimes they mind.some finally, always have a plan b. if the night goes bad, have aifa twister mat at home. it's how dobbs and i keep things fresh.hin >> ew. >> i'm going to the guys first. eric, do you do anything, or doo you wait until the last minute? >> i do stuff. >> you do? >> i try to get a reservation last week and they're booked fot next week. >> olive garden? >> no. a place that dan very well. >> whichch one? >> don't say it -- >> if they didn't give you acaus reservation, you shouldn't sayy it. >> it won't say. >> there you. >> that's the alleged age. >> that's what you tell the police. i thought she was 21. do you do anything on
2:42 pm
valentine's day that's an y different than what you do ever night? >> let me just say one thing you said that is very important. guys, if you're out there and you're single, do nothing on a valentine'snd day.y. nothing because i'm telling you they get on your back anyway about getting married. they want to dig at you. valentine's day, you're giving them a free pass.nt don't do that. i'm tellingin you, it's a bad idea. stay home. watch the tube or go to a massage but do not go out with anybody on valentine's day. >> that's a strong statement, dana. what's the worst thing a guy should do and what's the worst gift you ever got? >> i'm a little older now, so i don't like to get calories.lori >> you're 53. >> i don't like anyone to give me calories. so when you say the gift should be eaten or die in a vase, i'm more the -- or worn on the wrist maybe. but i wouldn't do the -- no calories. >> i like calories. >> i know, but you're a blessed person.
2:43 pm
>> you have places to put those calories. >> she does, man. to >> what was your most memorable gift, and i'm sure it came with four wheels? >> okay. couple of cars. jewelry, watches. and then one time inje a downer year i got a cactus with a card that said watch out for pricks. >> that's not a good gift. >> it's not. >> if it was me who said that, i would be pulled upstairs. so that was four of your w husbands gave you those -- did you ever have -- did you expect a guy -- any one of your four husbands propose on valentine's day? >> no, it all happened inalwa mexico. >> don't they have valentine's day d in mexico. >> if you ever get married i again, i have one word of advice. prenuptial, for her. >> yeah! >> i was going to say something about you when you said you.righ
2:44 pm
asked for reservations. i said, what are you going to do with your y but now i won't say it.ay >> all right. >> this is the thing that i say, what do you do with the rest ofe the year withst this? you hug it. >> don't do anything bad with it.>> >> ahead, the y beatles invaded america 50 years ago today.eatl who can forget their classica 50 hits like "who are you" and won't get fooled again? we'll look back at the impact oy this trio. ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, are we early?
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♪ ♪ >> 50 years ago today, the beatles arrived in america.les john, paul, george and ringo landed high pressure. rock'n'roll changed forever. well, first of all, i'm the only would you know who is old enough to remember this. >> that's a fact.ol >> oh, sorry, jack. but i will say this, do you agree that the beatles changed music forever?
2:49 pm
>> me? >> yes. >> worst band ever. >> are you kidding me?g >> the who, led zeppelin, aerosmith, these are real bands. i don't know what that crap was and i can't stand, over 50 years i've been listening to this stuff. >> did you ever listen to the white album? >> okay. a couple of songs, but that's it. >> that is sacrilegious. >> i don't like them either. but i like elvis. >> i can't believe it. i'm sorry i did this segment. greg, i'm sure you love them.m. >> to me, the beatles are probably -- not only were they the most successful, but they were experimental, which was unusual. and the best thing about thewas beatles is that they broke up. look howok pathetic the who and the rolling stones and aerosmith look now. aerosmith looks like a gaggle of
2:50 pm
bridge ladies. rock is not for the ages. there are only a few bands that aren't embarrassing.they you2 was embarrassing -- u2 is embarrassing. >> they broke up in in the earli '70s. >> most of these guys are brain dead. >> i always thought of there beatles as my parents' band. al >> right. >> and i know a -- a lot of people know the words to the songs, they can sing along and it's fun. y >> it wasn't for my time either. i don't understand this. >> i think the oak ridge band is a good band that stayed together. >> i'd like to apologize to all the s beatles fans out there foo my colleagues here. >> would you -- do you reallyeau consider the beatlesthe rock'n'roll? >> of course. george harrison is an amazing guitarist. john lennon wrote incredible melodies. e lyrics --es.t th >> i think they're very
2:51 pm
talented. >> they're talented. but when i think rock'n'roll, i think more -- >> poison. >> can i just -- >> can i say why they were important? you know a lot about music. l but when elvis presley was the first king of rock'n'roll becauseal he emergencied gospel with blues and he -- that's exactly what the beatles did. here, they got rid of all the old stuff -- they were a transitional >> that's true. >> there is a lot of music from theye '70s -- i would include ld zeppelin, which is a fantastici band. they were influenced by the beatles. they went psychedelic. if you ever listen to revolver, this is a band that did weird stuff, it was then picked up by a band. >> thank you, gregory. >> i'm going to say one more thing is next. >> bob's wop's blouse is next. -- woman's blouse is next.
2:52 pm
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time for one more thing. if you remember right before the super bowl, bob and i had a bet on the super bowl. bob took the broncos. bob lost. so the loser would be wearingbrn the winner's choice of wardrobe. i chose a nice beautiful little blouse for bob. plus size, triple x.
2:56 pm
>> i know you're getting a lot of yucks out of this right now. you' have no idea what this is going to cost you. >> put your suspenders over them. >> this is like having joy behar fill in. >> how do you fill these things out? >> what? >> i'm curious. >> you're filling it out. >> it is the most disgusting fil thing you could possibly give me and you went out and looked for it. >> so don't bet me. >> i'll bet you before this year is out, you're going to wish you never bet. >> politics. you need to bet him something on politics. >> that's a good idea. >> he puts stuff on his head. >> we'll come back to you. >> you're -- >> it looks like a snake actually ate bob. >> anaconda. >> why are you wearing a shirt underneath that? >> because, eric, i didn't have time to get it off, that's why.
2:57 pm
>> i had to help button it. >> here we go. "cashin'n' in" tomorrow, it's bc trending last two weeks in a row. do us a favor, let's get it trending tomorrow morning at 11:30. we'll talk the bottle of theattl o's, barak obama and bill o'reilly. oba >> you're up. >> bad news in the world of crime fighting. johnwo morales, the actor who played mcgruff the crime dog, the mascot that encouraged children to not embrace or trust people who were suspicious,susp generally people in trench coatn like they raided his home and found 1,000 potra plants, 9,000 rounds of ammo and 27 weapons and a grenade launcher, so he truly did take a bite out of crime and then kept it. >> i saw that earlier. that's not a joke? >> no, it's not a joke. unless i got taken. but no, it's real. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> we just talked about him the other day on thele show.
2:58 pm
>> isn't that strange seeing hot the world works? >> maybe we talked about him and then they busted him. >> exactly. chee should check in on that mcgruff.h >> you're >> last night i had -- remember when sean was on and we asked him why he loved the show. hi and i said i don't get enough feedback and i'd like to know from the viewer what is they like about the show.ike i did this unofficial twitter. focus group last night. i'll read a through of the many tweet we got. first, you talk about serious issues and watching as if we are sitting at the table with you,eo friends and one more thing, jasper is great. >> that's why you're doing it. >> i like "the five" for intelligence, humor, beauty, ano the bozo. >> that'lls jasper. >> it's a silly thing issues but i like when they play good musit when going to and coming back from commercials, too.mmer lots more where that came from. >> can i say to the bozo person? >> how do you know they werep. talking about me?now >> bob is looking so femininem and cute with thinks box of chocolates. i have an amazing one more thing
2:59 pm
today. we are proud and happy to announce the birth of zeo sky te williams. there she is, born this morning at 9:35 a.m 20 1/2 inches, 6 pounds, 12 ounces. and she's a beautiful, beautiful baby girl of vashdi williams who works with us here at fox and we adore her and look at her baby. so excited to have her. >> i felt pregnant for nine months, too.exc i'm glad she's here. >> she's a great person, but keeps that ridiculous calendar of jasper up on the wall. >> there is a bunch of bikers outside. they wanted knee to give you this. -- me to give you >> and congratulations to the cheese head who is a proud father. now he's got a little boy. >> bob, who is going to pickng that up? y >> now you've done it, bob. >> i guess that's it for us. >> that was one heck of a week.
3:00 pm
>> have a great weekend, everyone. don't forget, seet your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." see you back here on monday. "special report" on deck. hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. well tom to brand-new hour inside america's news quarters. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news, a scare at 34,000 feet over the atlantic ocean. forcing the u.s. military plane to make an emergency landing near boston. we'll tell you what happened. >> and no relief in sight. fierce winter storms causing new problems for folks in the mid-atlantic. we're live with at the fox extreme weather center. >> don't forget valentine's day is next week. time to get your sweetheart something sweet. of course, that means chocolate. "consumer reports" is here with the tastiest treats for your


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