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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> mark says, angioplasty. >> mark -- >> buzz kill. >> where's your sense of humor. >> that may be reality but come on. thanks so much for watching. i'm allison. >> i'm bill hemmer. here's gretchen carlson. see you tomorrow. >> thanks so much. today on "the real story" senator ted cruz is here to respond to a new report on the benghazi attack showing our americans were vulnerable because of security that wasn't up to snuff. senator cruz live. the obama administration had a special touch when it comes to social media outreach, right? what happened with their social media approach to obama care they appear to be losing? we will have a fair and balanced debate for you. something from the ground hitting planes thousands of miles in the air. who the fbi is targeting in an effort to keep you safe. >> hem gretchen carlson. hope you're having a great day.
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breaking news with the debt ceiling debate. looks like it will all come to a head tonight when the house is expected to vote on a clean debt ceiling bill after a republican plan to tie any increase in the borrowing limit to restoring military pension benefits gets scrapped over concern it wouldn't get enough votes. now the gop planning to take up a bill no strings attached. stu is host of varney and company. stu, what did republicans do to come up with this clean bill? there was so much talk it was going to include military benefits? >> it was a big surprise. everybody was expecting strings to be attached and various groups of republicans put this bill.ings that they wanted all of them were swept aside because none of these strings could get enough support. should we build the pipeline, one of the strings. should we restore military, cost of living allowances, none had enough support to get this bill to pass so john boehner turns around and says right, we've got
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a clean bill, no strings. we're going to vote on it tonight. >> is that good or bad for republicans, democrats or for the market? >> look, first of all, the stock market has gone straight up. the dow industrials right now up about 190 points. that's a solid rally in part because of this clean debt bill. i think john boehner is on to something here. i think it's a solid political strategy. what he's saying is, we will avoid any kind of government shutdown, there will be no debt crisis, we're going to pass this thing and the president can borrow what he wants until march 2015. that means this election year, 2014 no distrackships. it's all about obama care. >> interesting. some people are reporting or thinking that there is, you know, some sort of fraction within the republican party because some republicans wanted to attach like the military benefits, et cetera. >> no question. there is enormous friction within the republican party. the tea party is probably livid about this. they saw this debate as one
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opportunity to reduce government spending. it's not going to be there. it's a clean bill. no strings attached. and it is very likely to pass. it will need all the democrats to support it, got that, and they probably will, but it's a clean bill, no government shutdown, no crisis and the president gets to borrow what he wants. no distractions to the election. >> it's interesting how you end on that point, maybe john boehner had a reason to do that so that everything as far as he's concerned would be talk about obama care. we'll have to see how that all plays out. >> we shall. >> stu, see you again soon. >> thanks. >> president obama changing the health care law on his own yet again. the administration delaying part of the employer mandate until 2016 now, so this delay affects medium sized businesses. can you keep them all straight? requiring companies with 50 to 99 full-time workers to get health care. so another way of putting it, this impacts nearly 8 million americans. and now treasury officials say they're going to require businesses to certify in writing
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under penalty of perjury that they aren't cutting workers to try to get around that mandate. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live with this very complicated topic. so ed, the president still defending this health care law, but break this down for us because i think people watching at home are going to be really concerned about what this means as far as government intervention into private business. >> well, gretchen, the uncomplicated part of this, we've counted it up and it's the 2 227th time that the -- 27th time that the president has unilaterally changed his health care law. you have republicans on the hill changing noise about how he has been rewriting the bill with all the delays. the president insisted this gives folks more flexibility to transition to the new law, but republicans on the hill say this is about politics and about another delay until after the mid term election. take a listen. >> we understood from the start that there were going to be some
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challenges in terms of transition. you know, when you've had one system where a whole lot of people did not have any health insurance whatsoever, for a very long period of time, an we finally passed a law to fix that, we knew there were going to be some bumps in transitions. we have increased uncertainty and right now, i think that we can look back and see, this obama care law was initially passed with a delay until after the 2012 election year. >> reporter: the idea from eric cantor being that democrats, particularly in the senate who are vulnerable, do not want to have to defend this law. the more delays they can get between now and november will be helpful to them politically. you have republicans like eric cantor saying the president said this is going to be a year of action but now delaying the law even more. >> so much news going on today. the president was meeting with the french president but what's this new tough talk from president obama on iran?
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>> both leaders pressed on the fact that there are a lot of people around the world skeptical of this interim agreement that iran will sort of dismantle its nuclear program. the president decided to put in tough new language basically saying if iran breaks this interim agreement we're going to come down on them he said like a ton of bricks. the problem is the skepticism on capitol hill not just from republicans but some democrats like bob menendez who want to ready new sanctions because they're not sure the administration is ready to come down on iran like a ton of bricks. >> so much going on. ed henry, great to see you as always. if you live in the deep south, you know what, i hate to tell you you're about to get slammed with more extreme winter weather. millions from north carolina to louisiana now in the path of a storm bringing snow, freezing rain, and the dreaded ice. so remember the storm that left thou pz sass of motorists stranded along highways in tlaebts a few weeks ago. time to bring in jonathan live from where, atlanta, to see if this one could rival that.
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are they more prepared this time around, jonathan? >> they are more prepared this time around, gretchen. this is one of several staging areas that d.o.t., georgia d.o.t. is using to ready its equipment, sending it out to trouble spots and pretreating some of the elevated roads and bridges, areas likely to ice over first. we've only been experiencing rain on and off here in atlanta so far today, but drive just 40 miles north of the city and this is what you see. our photographer jeff burton is sending this live shot from cartersville, georgia. you're looking at i- 5. you can see snow is sticking to the ground but so far traffic there is moving smoothly but as we go into the evening, officials are urging people who don't have to be out on the roads to stay at their homes, weather the storm from home in hopes of avoiding the gridlock we experienced in metro atlanta two weeks ago. >> exactly. the other question is, can the city actually keep the lights on this time? when the ice comes we know what that does to power lines. >> yeah.
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that's a big concern any time you have a serious ice storm like this one, ice accumulating not only on the power lines but nearby trees which end up falling on the power lines causing them to break. the national weather service is comparing this storm to one that hit metro atlanta in the year 2000, knocking out power to more than 300,000 homes. so officials urging people to stock up ons supplies and be ready to weather the storm potentially without electricity. it's a very real possibility. georgia power has trucks at various staging areas so that they can rapidly respond to any trouble spots and florida power and light has just announced it's sending more than 300 workers from florida to georgia to help restore power after the storm. gretchen? >> all right. sounds like they're getting well prepared there. jonathan serry, thanks so much. have you ever seen the choose life license plates where you live? they are no longer a choice in one state. why they've been ruled
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unconstitutional. it may make you mad. also, really looking forward to speaking to senator ted cruz from new developments on the benghazi investigation to the new delay for obama care we'll ask the senator to put on his lawyer hat today. are all of those changes even legal? as always, i would love to hear from you. what would you ask senator cruz. tweet me @gretchencarlson and use #therealstory. wild ride for some kids on a school bus. who took the wheel and how that wild ride ended up. we'll come right back.
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time for a quick check of the headlines today. security increased at a northern california electric substation which was sabotaged last year. that attack raising concern
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nationwide about the vulnerability of our entire electric grid. pg&e says they are now installing opaque walls and advanced camera systems at that plant. meantime sochi the weather is a different story. this year's winter olympics are so far the warmest in history. while much of russia gets cold, sochi has a subtropical climate so with an average temp in february of around 50, that's making it tough for some of the ski events there. did you ever do anything as a teen that you now regret? i know i didp. but i didn't do this. 14-year-old minnesota boy may be thinking about that today because now he's in serious trouble after stealing a school bus and taking it for a joy ride. police say the bus driver left the vehicle running at a gas station, that's the first wrong move, while she went inside to get a cup of joe. that's when the teen hopped into the driver's seat taking off. listen to the explanation the teen gave police. >> the youth that we later
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arrested and interviewed claimed that he saw the bus was abandoned and felt not his words, my words, compelled to return it back to center line charter. >> the bus never made it to the depo the. the teen drove it to another gas station, ended up crashing into a gas pump. no one hurt in this whole thing but the boy has been charged with felony auto theft. new testimony on capitol hill about christians under attack. they're being persecuted for their religious beliefs as part of chaos unfolding around the globe. christians raped, murdered, beaten, many losing their homes and liberties but getting very little international attention. now lawmakers are looking at how to change that. so is our shannon, live from washington. how widespread is this christian persecution problem? >> well, gretchen, according to a new pew research study hostility against religious groups has reached a new high
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and sitting atop the list most persecuted are christians. the study cites violence across the globe including attacks on christian owned businesses, homes and churches. mob violence has led to pastors being gunned down in front of their congregations and beheadings of those who have converted to christianity. chris smith who chaired today's hearing seen the problem firsthand in many places including most recently china. >> frank wolf and i went to china to meet with a number of house church leaders. every one were arrested, detained, roughed up and the one we did meet with after the fact he, too, was persecuted, simply for meeting with two congressmen, simply for trying to live out their faith as they see fit. >> reporter: lawmakers say the u.s. needs to be leveraging trade and foreign aid to force other countries to stop persecuting christians. >> what is the administration doing about this, shannon? >> according to a lot of
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lawmakers and witnesses who were in today's hearing, not enough. here is what the president said just days ago at the national prayer breakfast. >> extremists succumb to amylism that shows they don't understand the faith they claim to profess for the kiing of the innocent is never fulfilling god's will. in fact, as the ultimate betrayal of god's will. >> despite those words the president is taking criticism for leaving a key post in his administration unfilled. the ambassador at large for international religious freedom. that spot remained empty for a couple years during his first term and it is vacant again. during today's hearing one of the expert witnesses said leaving that post unfilled, despite what you may say, sends a message of inattention and a lack of concern. gretchen? >> wow. big story. shannon bream, thanks so much. governor chris christie, bringing in big dough for the republican governors association but is he a benefit or
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so there's been a ruling in the battle over the choose life license plate in north carolina. with an appeals court deciding it's unconstitutional to allow
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production with a plate -- without a plate showing an opposing viewpoint. lawmakers approved the plates in 2011 but rejected several proposals to offer plates with messages like trust women and respect choice. that's when a federal judge ruled an anti-abortion plate alone was unconstitutional and stopped the state from manufacturing it prompting the appeal. stay with me on this now. right now, 29 states and the district of columbia offer the choose life plates. new question about the rights of americans abroad as fox news confirms the obama administration is considering the use of a drone now to target a terror suspect who's also an american citizen. a senior u.s. official says the suspect is a really bad guy. they are now debating whether a drone attack on him is legal. national security correspondent jennifer griffen live at the pentagon. the senate armed services committee held a three-hour committee with two top u.s. intelligence chiefs did they ask about u.s. drones targeting americans? >> well, it's a great question.
11:22 am
shockingly, gretchen, none of the senators on the armed services committee asked director of national intelligence james clapper or mike flynn about the leaked report concerning new plans revealed yesterday to target and kill a u.s. citizen with ties to al qaeda. u.s. officials confirms the white house has been mulling the past six months the legal justification to kill this american. military sources tell us they believe yesterday's leak has likely tipped the suspected american terrorist and the opportunity to kill him may have been lost. separately on the hill today, senator kelly ayotte asked a related question. >> if we capture the current head of al qaeda, al zawahiri, tonight, where does he get detained? would it not be important to interrogate him? and could you identify a length on how long you would need to interrogate the head of al qaeda? >> again, a hypothetical question. >> i see that as a huge problem
11:23 am
on a very important issue unlesser of you are able to -- unless either of you are able to tell me what the plan will be. >> the legal debates continue. >> was anything said at the hearing about u.s. troops staying in afghanistan after this year? another hot topic. >> the most important headline from the hearing that the u.s. will now likely wait until after president hamid karzai leaves office this summer to get a security agreement that would allow u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan. without that agreement, the u.s. would have to roll up its drone program there which would harm the u.s. ability to target terrorists like zawahari in pakistan. >> whoever the next afghan president is, he is likely to be more reliable than president karzai. and his signature is likely to instill more confidence than would karzai's signature. with two months to go in the presidential campaign, i hope our witnesses will tell fuss
11:24 am
they agree that the united states and the coalition of which we are a part would be better off waiting for karzai's successor to sign the agreement. >> i don't believe president karzai is going to sign it. >> and now we've learned president karzai has ordered the release of 65 hardened taliban fighters this thursday, some of whom have american blood on their hands. gretchen? >> wow. big news there. thanks so much. new jersey governor chris christie making an appearance today in chicago as the chair of the republican governors association, he's traveling across the country trying to raise some dough but some worry he could be a liability for the party. msnbc host joe scarborough saying, quote, he's a distraction to the rga if republicans job is electing governors and you got a guy running away if him that's a serious problem. that's not what the numbers say. this past january chairman christie raised a staggering $6
11:25 am
million. that's more than twice as much that has been raised in a signal month in rga history. joining us guy benson, fox news contributor. i don't know, guy, how you did in math in high school or college, but you didn't have to get an a-plus to figure out that's a lot of dough. >> well, it's a record amount of money that governor christie has brought into the coffers at the rgand this is a glimmer of good news for governor christie amid a very difficult month for him. i think it will quell some of those murmurs you have heard about maybe he should step aside, maybe he is a little too toxic to be running this particular organization, and based on what he's experiencing on the campaign trail with these governors, at fund-raisers, talking to big money people within the party, he is excelling. he's brought in a record amount of money in fact as you pointed out in the month of january. gretchen, last week "the new york times" published a story that revealed that top democrats
11:26 am
at the very highest levels of the party are having regular conference calls, the purpose of which are to discuss the best way to exploit the bridge controversy to help bring down governor christie. >> right. >> one of the biggest items on that hit list against christie was to try to force his ouster from the rga and i think it's going to be a tough -- a tough thing to do at this point if he continues to fund raise at this clip. >> i want you to take a listen because this is just moments ago. chris christie in chicago, let's hear what he had to say. >> you only have a few minutes to wallow in that disappointment and then if you're a leader you have to try to get a handle on the story and then take decisive action which we did by letting people go. the fact is, they expect me in the legislature to continue to do what we did in the first four years, find solutions to new jersey's problems and get things done. >> all right. he's addressing the bridge gate problem wherever he goes but you bring up an interesting point there have been republicans in states in which he's traveled
11:27 am
that aren't showing up next to him. is that right or wrong for them? what do you think? >> well, they have to make those decisions on their own. i think that if they want to engage in some of this fund-raising and then get a slice of the dough, which christie is bringing in, i mean they probably want to stay close to him. for the most part, by the way, the party has been very supportive of chris christie, very few people have stepped out of line and said anything other than he should stay on as rga chairman. what he -- go ahead. >> i was going to say the other interesting thing you made me think of when you were saying that is that actually, a lot of people believe that this has emboldened the more conservative side of the republican party to like chris christie more. they don't like the treatment he's received. >> right. there are many people on the right side of the spectrum that think he's getting railroaded by democrats, by the media and there's always the old police al adage of the enemy of your enemy is your friend. if you're getting attacked by the times and msnbc every day there are republicans who will
11:28 am
say let's rally to his cause at least on this particular issue and if the broader sense of, you know, if he's going run for president his rga thing is great, the fund-raising numbers are very good, he's going to have to convince the american people, particularly the independents that he's lost in the last few weeks that he was telling the truth. >> that will be interesting to see how that plays out. in the meantime i don't know, he could go into banking too. he as raising a lot of money. good to see you. >> thanks, gretchen. >> who is winning the social media war of words over obama care. does this mom jean picture make you want to enroll in the health care law? our political panel weighs in the social media war. behind the scenes for the screening of my screen debut in the political thriller "persecuted." there's fred. >> as long as you have power and ambitious people congregated together you will have abuse of that power and corruption. evil flourishes when good men do nothing. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose.
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11:33 am
be next. the president using social media to his advantage during the 2008 and 2012 elections, but it's a completely different story when it comes to his signature health care law. concerns growing anti-obama care sentiment in the twitter verse and beyond could impact enrollment. joining me now for a talk on this some real talk, david avel la and dan gerstein. all right. david, if we look on our screen to the right here, on the right side we have the hash tags that republicans and people who do not like obama care have been successful in putting into the twitter verse. defund obama care, broken promises, fairness for all. that seems to be usurping the democratic line, the administration's line about how great obama care is. why? >> i think it is very hard for supporters of the president's health care law to go out and promote something that was based on a lie. that if you liked your health care plan you could keep your health care plan. take that one step further.
11:34 am
who wants to go out and say like that if you want to pay higher taxes, if you want to lose your health care coverage, if you want to have to change your doctors you're for obama care. i don't think you're going to get too many likes on that. >> how do you see it? this administration admittedly has been so successful at simpleistic messages which is ky on social media. where is the disconnect? >> you're giving them too much credit on the simplistic message part and the public opinion on the health care law is a good barometer of that. i wouldn't read too much into this. it's easier to tear something down to build it up. that's true about social media. very short. measure of intensity than broad public sentiment. this is not good for the white house and it's leading to this chatter and this feeling that there's this broad dissatisfaction. it's more perception than reality. i think to some degree the white house is succeeding in spite of itself. the last numbers i saw they had
11:35 am
about 3 million private insurance sign-ups, now trending closer to the projections, it's a flawed law, i think people feel uncertain about it but an indication people really are desperate for changes in our health care system. >> i don't know about that. another change, i think this is the 27th change that administration did now with regard to small businesses that we talked about at the start of the show, and i'm just wondering, if this social media campaign they've had like pajama boy and mom jeans that we just showed and that block of cheese summit, it seems like nothing is catching on for them. >> it's because it's a bad law. there is an article in the "l.a. times" a few weeks ago that was very insightful. a young woman quoted and said, i was for obama care until i realized i had to pay for it. and as people learn about the details of this health care, the more and more it's going to become unpopular. even to the point that now that nancy pelosi knows what's in the law, she goes on to shows to discount it saying the white
11:36 am
house is in charge of this great failure of it not succeeding. >> see if the social media kicks up in a different way for the administration or for republicans. guys, i got to run, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i got to run because i have an alert. the defense resting its case in the murder trial of a florida man accused of fatally shooting a 1-year-old after a dispute over proud music. we heard dramatic testimony from the suspect michael dunn telling the court that he was gripped by fear during his confrontation with three teens in a neighboring suv outside a jacksonville store. >> after hearing the something something cracker and this and that, i hear, i should kill that [ bleep ]. and i'm flabbergasted. i'm like, i must not be hearing this right. then even more elevated voice i hear, i should [ bleep ]. screaming. >> okay. >> there's no -- there's no mistake of what he said. that is what he said.
11:37 am
>> well dunn is pleading not guilty to first-degree murder saying he acted in self-defense. prosecutors say the evidence proves it was premeditated. guess who's getting miked up right now in? ted cruz joining us next. the fbi offering thousands of dollars for your health tracking down people aiming their laser pointers at pilots. that's what we were showing you. putting your safety in the air at risk. and the government funding a massive study on pizza. wait until you hear how much pizza america eats every single day. right back with senator cruz.
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brand new update on the benghazi investigation blaming the white house and state department for security failures leading up to the deadly attack. the interim report just released by republicans on the house armed services committee is just
11:41 am
the latest to find blame with the administration's response to this attack that left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. texas senator ted cruz is a member of the armed services committee and is my guest today. great to see you, senator. >> gretchen, always great to join you. >> this report seems to say exactly what the previous reports have said, that they should have known better, right? >> that's exactly right. there were multiple requests for additional security from ambassador stevens from the ground. the state department refused those requests. the secretary of state did not provide the security and we now know, as these reports have confirmed over and over again, that the pentagon knew the day these attacks happened that these were terrorist attacks. what we don't know is why these attacks happened. what we don't know is why the administration changed their talking points, edited out references to al qaeda and to
11:42 am
terrorism and what we don't know is why cheryl mills, hillary clinton's top political aide, went and instructed career foreign service agents not to tell the truth, not to talk to congress, not to say what happened on the ground when four americans were murdered in a terrorist attack. >> senator, where do we take it from here? there have been a lot of hearings and more and more reports, but as you sit there today on capitol hill, what can you tell our viewers about where this story goes from here? >> well, this shouldn't be a partisan issue. we need to get to the bottom of what happened and we need to make sure it never happens again. in my view, what we should do is we should form a joint select committee to investigate benghazi. i've introduced a resolution, it has 24 senators senators as co-sponsors to get to the bottom of what happened, why these attacks occurred, why they weren't prevented, why the talking points were altered and critically why nobody has been held accountable, nobody at the
11:43 am
state department, none of the terrorists have been brought to justice, and this ought to be a bipartisan priority. gretchen, when i travel home to texas, i talk all the time to men and women of the military, men and women who serve in the diplomatic corps, and they're outraged and offended that their federal government, 17 months ago today, is when those attacks began, and we still haven't seen the terrorists brought to justice. >> all right. i want to move on now because you are a lawyer, sometimes people might forget that, and the former solicitor general of texas, so senator, i would like to ask you about the legality of the latest change to obama care announcing yet another delay for the employer mandate. how do you see this one? >> well, it's yet another example of lawlessness from this president. you know, we've never seen a president who takes the view if he disagrees with a federal law he can ignore it, refuse to enforce it or just unilaterally change it. and obama care has been the embodiment of lawlessness.
11:44 am
he initially granted an exemption to big business directly contrary to the law but he wanted to take care of his buddies in big business. granted an exemption to members of congress, directly contrary to the law but he wanted to take care of harry reid and the senate democrats. this latest announcement, he's yet again changing the law, violating the law, it's unconstitutional and it is unprecedented. >> let me ask you this, senator. it's my understanding this nugget of information within the latest change is that small businesses would have to sign a statement under threat of perjury if they're actually going to increase or decrease their employee level that would put them into a different level of the mandate. i mean, is that the government telling private business who they can hire and who they can fire? >> the burdens obama care are putting on small businesses are enormous. small businesses generate two-thirds of all new jobs and gretchen, every time i go back
11:45 am
to texas, i spend time traveling the state listening to texans and we've done small business roundcle tables throughout the state. if you get 10, 15, 20 small business owners in a room, doesn't matter what part of the state you're in, east texas, west texas, up in the pan handle or down in the rio grande valley they describe obama care as the biggest job killer they're facing, biggest burden they're facing and millions have lost their jobs, forced into part-time work or lost their health insurance. >> i know you support building the keystone pipeline. do you think president obama should open it up make the crucial decision before the mid term elections. >> of course he should. we just had recently his former energy secretary who admitted the delay on keystone has nothing to do with the science. it's purely a political decision. and just this week, i laid out the outlines for a broad energy agenda for a bill that i intend to introduce, the american energy renaissance act, which
11:46 am
would, number one, stop the federal government from getting in the way from messing up the incredible energy renaissance we're seeing, and number two, would open up new lands because we have the potential to create millions of high-paying jobs, jobs which are the top priority for americans. >> yep. >> if only the federal government doesn't stand in the way. >> senator cruz, a lot of issue, lot of different hats you're wearing, we appreciate your time as always. have great day. >> thank you, gretchen. have a great day as well. >> the fbi offering a $10,000 reward for information on these laser pointers and their affect on your air travel. that story is next. two young sisters missing since 1975 reportedly snatched minutes from their maryland home but now a possible break in the case that shocked a community nearly four decades ago. right back. >> we need everyone who may know something to come forward regardless of how insignificant it might seem. it might be enough to put the pieces of this puzzle together.
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>> the fbi launching a new campaign putting a stop to pranks of blinding lasers. investigators saying there were incidents reported by new york city pilots last year. where are they on this investigation? >> there are a lot of incidents and the fbi is offering new reward money, up to $10,000 because of the increase in incidents of people pointing lasers at planes. up 39% in new york last year. the fbi says there's no evidence that any aircraft has crashed as a result of a pilot being blinded by one of these pointers but the feds don't want to wait for that to happen. especially with thousands on the
11:51 am
ground whose lives would be at risk. a jet blue pilot was temporarily blinded by a laser on approach to jfk. he had blurry vision for a week after the incident. the pointers are cheap and they can hit targets miles a way. there are ten incidents a day, prompting the fbi to offer a $10,000 award for information leading to the arrest of anyone. signed in the law on valentine's day 2012 reads whoever knowingly aims the beam of a laser pointer at an aircraft or at the flight path of such an aircraft shall be fined or imprisoned not more than five years or both. anyone with information is encouraged to call the fbi 212-384-1000. the feds used to have to prove intent. it's not like that anymore.
11:52 am
who's doing it? mostly teenagers. >> $10,000 as a reward. thank you so much. a possible break in a cold case. sheila and kathlyn lyons were last seen at a mall just a short walk from their home in maryland. now police are releasing new information on a person of interest who they say may have been something to do with their disappearance. >> it was march 25, 1975 they walked the half mile to the wheaten plaza mall which is in their neighborhood in maryland. there were several witnesses who actually saw them at the mall, including, gretchen, their older brother and some witnesses even saw them walking home. one witness said that she saw a man who resembles this sketch you're about to see that was actually fixated on the girls at the mall. that sketch also resembles the
11:53 am
person of interest, 57-year-old lloyd welch. known as michael welch. he's been arrested several times for sex offenses against young girls. police say he spent years traveling the country and they believe he has other victims who could provide information. >> it's not an easy thing to come forward if you have been assaulted or if you know someone who has. you may have tried to put it behind you, but the information you provide could help lead us to information about what happened to sheila and katherine. they deserve justice and their family deserves closure. >> the girls' older brother is now a police officer. they released this statement saying, quote, throughout the years our hopes for a resolution of this mystery have been sustained by the support and efforts of countless members of law enforcement and the news media and the community, the
11:54 am
fact that so many people still care about this case means a great deal to us. one of the most famous cold cases in the d.c. area. 39 years and not a single tip worth pursuing. >> thanks so much. a nascar legend not mincing words about danica patrick and what would it take for her to win a cup race? his surprising comments next. spokesperson we decidedo settle this. a steecage death match of midsizsedans. the volkswagen passat against all comers
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turbocharged engines agnst...engines. best in class rear legroom against other-class legroom. but then we realized. consumers already did that. twice. how does one get out of a death cage? right now, lease the 2014 passat s for179 a month which includes a $500 bonus.
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popular. the creator of flappy birds speaking out after pulling the popular game. he said it was too addictive. americans really, really, really love pizza. one in 8 americans eat pizza on any given day, more than one quarter of boys eat pizza every
11:58 am
day. i wish i could eat pizza every day. a plus called dumb starbucks. we told you about it yesterday. just a big marketing stunt apparently. nathan fielder from comedy central is behind it. the l.a. health department shut the shop down for operating without a permit. earlier in the show we told you how christians are being persecuted in many places across the world. but could it ever happen to that extent right here in the united states? a movie called persecuted addresses the issues of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. i'm lucky enough to have a small role in this movie. it was screened before members of congress before it officially opens in may. here's a sneak peek with former senator fred thomas and comedian fred stein. >> as long as you have power and ambitious people together you're going to have abuse of that
11:59 am
power and corruption. >> freedom of speech and religion is the core upon which this country was built. we see them eroding every day and we come together jointly to try to put our fingers in that dike and hold those freedoms to pass to our children and grandchildren. >> how easily you can be seduced when suddenly a little power, a little persuasion, somebody throwing a little -- boy, you're great, you're something and they're basically manipulating you. >> our founding fathers came here to get away from religious persecution. the one thing i hear most from my constituents is they believe we're right back at that point. right now it's a hinge point for the country and we're at a watershed moment. >> persecute opens across the
12:00 pm
country may 9th. nascar racing legend richard petty slamming danica patrick saying the only chance she has of winning a sprint cup race is if everybody else stayed home. wow. now it's time for shep. from the state dinner at the white house to the more exciting one. think doritos meet mozzarella stick. earth shattering. also georgia looks to avoid a repeat of disaster from a week ago but are they ready this time? let's get to it. good afternoon to you and yours. it's 3:00 in new york city and a brutal winter storm is hitting the deep south. could be a catastrophic event of historical proportions. that's the actual warning from the national weather service two weeks after just a couple of inches of snow andce


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