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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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pictures from behind the scenes. don't forget to set your dvrs. back here again tomorrow. "special report" on deck. a winter storm that iced over the south dumped blankets of snow in the northeast, endangering lives, cutting off power and making travel a nightmare. this is "special report." good evening. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier. we begin with the weather. if you live in the eastern half. country, yours is probably bad. entire communities are paralyzed. hundreds of thousands of customers are without power, and at least 20 people have died. senior correspondent rick levanthal begins our coverage tonight from philadelphia. >> reporter: maurice is working overtime shoveling snow in the worst winter he can remember.
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>> nothing you can do about it. all you can do is keep working through it and pray that it stops, that's it. >> reporter: philadelphia closed its doors ahead of this storm, cancelling school and government work and then suspending bus service because of deteriorating conditions. the state reduced speed limits on highways and bridges and banned empty and double tractor trailers. pennsylvania has spread millions of tons on the road, well ahead of the five-year average. in georgia, more than half a million customers lost power. 200,000 in the atlanta area still recovering from a devastating ice storm two weeks ago. but some are making the best of it. >> i'm having a great time. don't ever get to go out and do this in atlanta very often. this is the first time i've done this in ages here. >> reporter: part of the nation's capital were blanketed with more than a foot of snow forcing a government freeze and grounding every flight at dulles and reagan national airport. more than 6,000 flights were
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cancelled nationwide. >> a storm of this magnitude, particularly where you have to close runways like this, it will take time to dig out, both here and in the northeast and the southeast, and the aviation industry, the air travel networks so interconnected, a ripple effect from here, i think they will feel it across the country for a couple of days while the airlines catch up. >> extremely frustrating. they give a call. not a human being that called me. i couldn't talk to them about it. not enough information. the worst part about it i couldn't reach them. >> reporter: new york city got slammed with blizzard-like conditions with the mayor defending his decision to keep schools open. >> you think about 1.1 million kids, so many families depend on the schools as a place for their kids to be during the day, a safe place, a place where they are not only taught but they get nutrition and they are safe from the elements. >> reporter: back in philadelphia, folks who ventured out found rough sledding, and some got stuck. >> the city just shut down bus service. >> did they? >> wow, then i don't know how
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i'm going to get home. >> reporter: roughly 10 inches of snow fell in philadelphia overnight and today. this is the fourth storm this winter of 6 inches or more. that's never happened here before, and this rain that's falling now is expected to turn to more snow overnight, perhaps several more inches with the temperatures dropping into the 20s so all this slush will freeze up again which is why the mayor decided to close schools, government offices and courts again tomorrow. shannon? >> rick, thank for the update from new york. now, what can we talk about expecting tovrm tomorrow? meteorologist rick wright is live in new york. good evening, rick. >> good evening. another 12 hours or so before this storm is done, but i want to look at the last 48 hours. a two-day storm starting here across parts of texas and the deep south and then last evening all across areas of the south and georgia, into south carolina. that pink causing that devastating ice storm and then an incredible snow storm throughout the day today. now we're looking at snow again in washington, d.c., and in the next couple of hours philadelphia will turn back to snow.
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this storm makes it the fifth snowest winter we've ever had in the philadelphia area and likely by the end of this we'll get into the third snowiest. we've had cloudy conditions in new york. light rain still in philadelphia. but the storm is turned towards the d.c. area. it's going to turn back to philly and with the snow that we've already seen many areas around the foot and then the rain on top of it, it's become a very slushy mess. tonight the temperatures below freezing, an additional 2 to 4 inches for all the big cities will make tomorrow morning's commute, shannon, equally as problematic. >> all right. we have been warned. rick, thank you very much. the winter storm virtually shut down political washington today, but there is still a lot of talk about the latest obamacare enrollment numbers. chief white house correspondent ed henry says that much of that talk is tinged with more than a little regret and plenty of doubt. >> reporter: while insurance industry officials today raised fresh questions about whether the obama administration's new
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enrollment numbers rin flatted, vice president joe biden proclaimed the health law is finally on track, even as he acknowledged that a stop in miami last night there have been stumbles. >> i talked about how a slow start, not being able to, you know, get on the internet, the website, but that's moving along. still occasionally get a glitch and slow up, but people -- it's not so slowed up they get up and leave. >> reporter: and an increasing number of americans wish they could leave president obama's signature achievement all together. a new fox poll out tonight showing 55% wish the law had never passed. 37% are glad it did. asked if we knew in 2009 what we know today would congress have passed it? 64% said no and 28% said yes. >> the obamacare snafus, all this stuff is hurting -- and his approval rating is declining and his credibility problems all drag the democratic brand down.
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>> reporter: other democrats note that with more young people signing up, the president's critics have to admit he's turning the corner. >> we're getting encouraging numbers on the sign why you. i think that that's good. every american should be pleased. >> reporter: insurance industry officials are skeptical and estimate to fox that somewhere between 10% and 25% of the 3.3 million people who have enrolled have not paid any premiums yet so they are not actually insured. one senior insurance industry source telling fox, quote, those numbers are inflated. the question is how much. pressed wednesday by fox on how many people have paid into the system, white house spokesman jay carney suggested the data is handled by the insurance industry. >> i would refer you to cms, but it is important this is not, again, when people like to talk about it as government health care, it is profoundly not that. >> reporter: except insurance industry officials responded to carney's comments by noting the president's team does have at
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least an idea of how many people have paid since the administration cannot hand out the government subsidies until they know who is legitimately insured. in the new fox poll, 9% believe their family will be better off. 25% think worse off and 65% say the same. >> they can't deny what the american people are feeling and what they are seeing. the fact of the matter is i believe 2014 will be a wave election for republicans. if they stick to the economy and obamacare. >> reporter: administration officials told us tonight they do not know for sure how many people have paid premiums because they have not yet finished the back end payment system for shannon? >> one of the many topics we'll discuss with the panel. cold weather has been blamed for a drop of half a percentage point of retail sales in january. the dow was up 64, s&p 500 gained 11 and nasdaq finished
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ahead 40. the message tonight to afghanistan's president is mind your own business. that's the defiant tone being struck after afghanistan released a dozen suspects that the u.s. still considers very dangerous. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the specifics. >> reporter: 65 afghan prisoners, some with american blood on their hand, walked free today from the notorious parwan prison not far from where u.s. troops are still stationed at baghram air base. despite severe warnings from u.s. military commanders and a threat from senators to cut off aid, afghan president hamid karzai remained defiant. >> it's the afghan judicial authorities decide to release a prisoner, it is of no concern to the u.s. and should be of no concern to the u.s., and i hope that the united states will stop harassing afghanistan's procedures and judicial authority, and i hope that the united states will now begin to
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respect afghan sovereignty. >> reporter: 17 of the detainees originally captured by u.s. forces and handed over to afghan authorities, are directly linked to the production and placement of roadside bombs. 23 tested positive for explosive residue when they were captured. >> translator: previously there was a prisoner released from baghram and went back to the taliban and was later killed in an attack. these guys, i think they will return to their people, to the taliban. >> reporter: many released today belong to the pakistan-based taliban faction known as the haqani networks the group believed to be holding america's only living this w. who has been in captivity since 2009. >> i don't believe introducing a resolution condemning this action by president karzai. i will be urging my colleagues to cut all developmental aid off of afghanistan as a response until the next election. >> reporter: karzai recently began negotiations with the taliban and is increasingly
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worried that with most if not all u.s. forces pulling out the end of the year he will need to cut a deal with the taliban leaders. the latest prisoner release is seen as an ray tempt to curry favor with his former enemy. shannon? >> jennifer, thank you. up next, who was behind the false narrative immediately after the deadly benghazi terror attacks? but first a look at what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in atlanta with ice from yesterday's storm collapsing the outer walls to the former daughters of the american revolution building in midtown atlanta. fox 5 in new york with a new jersey school system holding a virtual school day. everyone stays home and works on their school-issued laptop, and this is a live look in philadelphia. the big story for fox 29. the city remains under a snow emergency. mayor michael nutter told resident today to avoid parking along emergency roads and call 911 only in life-threatening situations. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we'll cook all day today,
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tonight, two new data points in the benghazi time line raising new questions about whether early intelligence was indeed politicized. here's chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. good evening. >> reporter: ten days ago we first told you about a critical e-mail to the cia's deputy investigator from the agency on the ground in libya who said there was no protest on the attack. the e-mail was not the first time cia leadership was told the video played no role. on september 12, one day after the benghazi terrorist attack, the cia's top officer on the ground in libya known as chief of station and his team sent situation room reports, also known atsy. t. reps, to cia leadership in washington. >> a crisis like bengszy, you would expect this is going directly to the seventh floor. >> reporter: a recently retired cia member says that's cia speak
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for leadership. at the time david petraeus and his second in command mike morel among others. fox news is told the raw intelligence shows a coordinated attack by extremists, not a protest. >> in a situation like this you're looking at it immediately and your aides will be asked to tag it to you're continuation the second it comes in and bring it right in front of you. >> reporter: also on september 12th based on the raw intelligence reporting being distributed outside the cia the chairman of the house intelligence committee told fox news benghazi was a terrorist assault. >> it was a coordinated military-style commando-type raid that had direct fire and indirect raid, military movements involved in it. this was a well-planned, well-targeted event no, doubt about it. >> reporter: republican senator richard burr sits on the senate intelligence committee which recently released this bipartisan report concluding the benghazi attack was preventible. investors never found credible reporting linking the attack to a demonstration s
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anti-islam video. >> we've done a forensic on that event. we've never found a reference to demonstrations from individuals who were on the ground, whether it's the chief of station in tripoli, whether it's the diplomatic security or the grs response team that went. from day one all referrals were an attack that was under way. >> reporter: fox news has learned new details about a secure video conference call less than 72 hours after the attack. two sources familiar with the call say it included morel, the cia chief of station, benghazi survivors who were evacuated to germany as well as greg hicks, ambassador chris stevens deputy. after an update from personnel on the ground washington is also told washington's singular focus on the video left participants in libya baffled and dismayed, that the cia's number two seemed to dismiss their reporting. on september 14th the bodies of
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ambassador stevens, foreign service officer sean smith and former navy s.e.a.l.s ty woods and glen doherty were flown to andrews where they were honored for the sacrifice. mrs. clinton blamed the video for their deaths. >> we've seen the heavy assault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> on september 15th, in what appears to be a direct response to the administration's public statements, the cia's chief of station sent an e-mail to morel which said the attacks were, quote, not, not an escalation of protests. these documents released by the administration in may show at the time morel was already coordinating with the white house and state department on the talking points. on the 15th the bipartisan senate report shows morel cut half the text, including prior
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warnings to the state department. the word islamic was dropped but demonstrations stayed. in the following day, september 16th, susan rice used the talking points edited by morel which conflicted with intelligence reporting on the ground in libya. >> today we asked morel for his recollection of the initial intelligence reporting and the video conference call. he said in a statement he stands behind what he testified to congress about the talking points, quote, neither the agency, the analysts nor i cooked the books in any way. while he is a standing invitation to speak with fox news morel says he does not intend to do so. >> shannon. and you say at it and new information continues to trickle out. >> a lot more there. the united nations says four more countries could start building their first nuclear reactors in the next five years. they are bangladesh, jordan, turkey and poland. the u.n. says the industry has experienced a slowdown since the disaster at japan's fukushima facility four years ago. a u.s. research institute says north korea has accelerated excavation at a remote mountain
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site used for underground nuclear explosions. secretary of state john kerry met with his sok why counterpart in seoul and warned the north against any possible aggression and mixed signals about a return to nuclear talks. activist say government shelling and air strikes have killed 400 people in syria's largest city so far this month. it's part of a campaign by president bashar al assad's forces to retake neighborhood under rebel control since the middle of 2012. still ahead, we will go back live to new york for the latest on the winter storm, but first one is the city's mayor and the other is the state's governor. why two new york democrats just do not see eye to eye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ mattress discounters a major victory for gun rights advocates. a federal appeals court has
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struck down san diego county's concealed wednesdayons rules which did not recognize self-defense as a valid reason to get a concealed carry permit. today's ruling is in conflict with other federal appeals courts meaning there is a strong chance the u.s. supreme court will eventually weigh in. now a look at the unusual relationship between new york's new mayor and its governor. both are democrats, but senior correspondent eric shawn tells us the similarities between bill de blasio and andrew cuomo don't extend much farther. >> special welcome to my friend, mayor of new york. >> they are friends, colleagues and alumnis of the clinton administration but they are express conflicting philosophies. >> this is not a rivalry so much as a competition. the problem is de blasio will learn as every other mayor has learned, a very hard lesson. the mayor is the boss. >> bill de blasio is pushing a liberal agenda and in his state
3:24 pm
of the city speech he again called for higher taxes. >> the truth is the state of our city, as we find it today, is a tale of two cities with inequality gap that fundamentally threatens our future. >> that contrasts with the more moderate policies of his fellow democrat, new york governor andrew cuomo who is mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. cuomo, who is up for re-election this year, wants taxes cut. >> and because we spent less we could tax less and we did. >> reporter: but deblassio demands a tax hike to fund universal pre-kindergarten. >> raising taxes on the rich makes our commitment to our kids more than just words. it makes that commitment real. >> reporter: deblasio replaced longtime police commissioner ray kelly who is seen as xhor conservative. cuomo made him a special state adviser but both have played
3:25 pm
down any potential friction. >> you will have differences. it's not that i don't have differences with the assembly and the senate from time to time. we do. it's how you deal with them. >> guess what, guys? once in a while we may have different perspectives but we're going to work it through in a lot of different ways because we have a lot of fundamentally shared goals. >> reporter: one friend to both men has been quoted as saying their relationship is like a move, a lot of love and a lot of battles. the future of new york city itself could depend on whose vision wins out. i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> how to really impress that special someone on valentine's day and not break the budget and an ex-girlfriend comes out swinging against liberal billionaire george soros. we'll get personal with the grapevine next. honestly? my kids re always on my laptop.
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move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at and now the political grapevine. a judge in chicago has reduced a fine against an abortion clinic for extensive health code violations from $36,000 down to just 77 bucks. during an inspect in 2011, the illinois health department found a laundry list of problems at the women's aid clinic, from rust and dirt in exam rooms, to storing fetal tissue in the same freeze err as tv dinners, to a soiled paper towel being removed from the trash and used on a patient's food tray. court documents show a lawsuit was also filed against the clinic for not performing cpr on a patient who later died.
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the thomas more society, a public interest group, say the judge reduced fines to just $77 after the owner claimed the clinic had been shut down and that was all the monleft. it's claimed the new facility, just like the old one has opened in the same place with the same website. well, a new steamy twist in the real life soap opera playing out between billionaire george soros and his soap star ex-girlfriend. it happened tuesday during a deposition for a multi-million dollar lawsuit followed by the 34 yield brazilian actor against the 83-year-old for allegedly going back on a promise to give her a posh condo in new york city. he gave it to his wife instead. "the new york daily news" obtained court documents saying she lost her cool, putting it mildly, going on a profanity-laced tirade and attacking several people after she was told she couldn't videotape her deposition and send it to the media. soros' lawyer claimed she lunged at soros hitting him in the head, knocking off his head
3:31 pm
phones. she's also accused of punching both lawyers and slapping an assistant to soros before kicking him in the shins. finally, nothing says romance like a night beneath the golden arches. a mcdonald's in tampa is transforming into a sitdown restaurant complete with waiters, flowers and fake candles. what isn't changing, thankfully, is the menu and nothing says romance like a quarter pound we are cheese. the restaurant is fully booked with more than 40 reservations for tomorrow night. "the tampa bay times" says a similar concept has been quite successful at a mcdonald's in north carolina. the special guest there, live music by a man known only as ron. >> hey, we're in the calm before the next storm that's about to follow the first storm here in new york city. a light rain falling right now. temperatures comfortably above freezing, make being the evening commute a little better.
3:32 pm
not so much this morning. here's what it looked like in new york city this morning. in fact, some 8 inches of snow being brought by that blizzard, far more than that outside the city, and this storm has also been a killer. at least 18 poem have died across the affected states, including a 36-year-old pregnant woman here in new york. she was hit by a mini snowplow as she loaded groceries into the trunk of her car. her baby boy was delivered by emergency caesarean section. flights have been canceled across the country affecting travelers thousands of miles away from the storm itself. the first part of friday looks to be little better for air travelers as the airlines scramble to get planes where they need to be. >> i've been here since 2:00 yesterday afternoon, and i'm leading tomorrow at 7:30 if my plane is on time to get down at
3:33 pm
about 9:00 tonight. >> i turned and my wheel went too fast, caught the ice and turned all the way around and hit my right side on the parking sign. >> reporter: amtrak has cancelled some trains in the northeast and the south. many other commuter trains have also suffered delays and trucks have been banned from some highways in new york and connecticut. while philadelphia essentially shut down ahead of this storm cancelling school and government work and then suspending the bus service because of deteriorating conditions. a similar story, of course, in the nation's capital where you are. the federal government shut down, landmarks closed. schools, too. commuters enduring a difficult and dangerous journey to and from work. to the south, the biggest issue on the roads has been power. by this afternoon more than 800,000 customers were without power. in north carolina, south carolina, georgia and alabama. ice the chief culprit there hanging heavy on the trees and
3:34 pm
power lines and ultimately bringing them down. back here in new york, shannon, we're expecting another blast of snow in the next few hours, a result of a storm that the national weather service has called cripplin paralyzing and catastrophic. few in its path would argue. shannon. >> very tough time for a lot of folks, jonathan, thank you. authorities say a freight train derailed in pennsylvania spilling several thousands tons of oil. 19 cars carrying heavy crude and two cars containing liquid propane went off the tracks. no injuries were reported. what the latest obamacare numbers mean and how the health care overhaul is playing with the american public. the fox all stars join us right after the break. when i first got shingles it started on my back. and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain
3:35 pm
than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball and just, just wait till it passed.
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we know how many people may have put the policy in their shopping cart in the website, but we don't know how many people actually went to the checkout counter and paid for the insurance. >> the white house and the bad rollout put some democrats in difficult positions, absolutely. i think that goes without saying but you've got to find a way to go out there and emphasize the positives in terms of what the health care law does. >> hmm. what are they? we'll talk about it with our panel. syndicated columnist george will, mara eliason, national political correspondent of national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. welcome to see that you are all safe and sound. snow plows have done their job. george, i want to start with you, the administration touting that 3.3 million have signed up but there's still a lot of questions about who has paid, did they actually follow through or are these things they put in their online cart but haven't checked out? >> there's really four questions and one of them as senator
3:39 pm
barrasso has said how many people have paid. doesn't count until you've paid but second only 27% are in the 18 to 34 group which means adverse selection by age is still under way and they wanted about 40 to make that fly. second, 55% are women. women have higher recourse to the health care system. so that's another form of adverse selection, in addition to the youth adverse selection, and, fourth, most of these people who have signed up, a clear large majority are in the 36 states that have not established state exchanges, so they are buying this through the federal exchanges, and there are four, count them, four lawsuits in various federal courts saying clearly that the plain text of the law says subsidies shall be available only through exchanges established by a state. therefore, there are four problematic variables there. >> those lawsuits still proceeding in a very big question which may end up again
3:40 pm
at the supreme court. a lot of new polls out today so we want to break down some of these. mara one of the first fox news polls we had released at 6:00, if we knew in 2009 what we know today, would congress have passed obamacare? 64% say no and 28% say yes. with that in mind, what do democrats do with this this fall because we see them running ads, some of them as if i'm fighting against obamacare. i mean, they seem to be changing -- >> some of the endangered senate democrats, particularly in red states and jeanne shaheen in new hampshire and mary landrieu in louisiana, were right out of the gate very quick offering legislation to fix some of these problems and trying to address them, that's important for them. look, i don't think that the net popularity or unpopularity of obamacare has changed. when you ask that same question a little bit differently, do you approve or disapprove the law, you still get over 50% disapprove. it is a ball and chain for democrats. however, i think that right now the white house feels the disasters are behind them. those are in the rear view mereors and as long as there are
3:41 pm
not horrible stories like the website isn't working or a death spiral begins on the part of insurance companies and we won't know that. >> or when the employer mandate kicks in, if it ever does fully kick in. >> the player mandate will kick in for large employers. what's been delayed is the mid-size employers, but if there are no other big horror stories like you had with the rollout, they think that they can manage this. it's still a net negative politically. >> another one of the polls, charles, this is interesting because it shows a big shift. your family under the new health care law, back in october, they asked better, worse off or the same. back in october when this was just starting to trickle out, 21% said they would be better off, 35% worse, 39% said same. major, major change now because now we have just 9% people saying think think they are better off, 29% worse off and 65% the same. all that's happened between the polling in october and now is
3:42 pm
the law has kicked in. >> most it. >> and people are beginning to feel the effect on them. this isn't a normal issue where you approve and disapprove and thus you might support your party on the side of the issue. this is something that hits everybody right where they live. health care unlike any other issue is one that is a very intimate subject in your life and one that affects everyone equally. it's not like issues which affect a region, affect a class, affect some ethnicity. this is everybody, and if you get 25% of the population saying they are worse off, what you're doing is you're throwing a dart at a map of the united states and everywhere you get a quarter of the population who have been personally hurt. when you're personally hurt, it affects your vote a lot more than that you have a disagreement over policy with a party or two. and that i think is why the democrats are so scared. this is no abstract issue anymore. people are losing their
3:43 pm
insurance. they are losing their doctors. they are losing their hospitals. some of them are losing jobs or hours as a result over the law, and it isn't as if people are waiting for another disaster on the website. it's as it progresses more and more people are going to be affected, particularly as the mandate, employer mandate kicks in over time and people lose jobs and lose hours and lose their coverage, and that's where the democrats are going to get hurt irrapbly. >> one other point. those things are happening, not all because of obamacare, but right now obamacare owns the entire united states health system, and there are a lot of changes going on in it and some are negative, and that's what the president and his party can't do anything about. anything that goes wrong in health care will be blamed on health care. >> when you decide to revolutionize a sixth of the u.s. economy and issue tens of thousands of regulation on as delicate an ecosystem as
3:44 pm
american medicine you deserve the blame for everything that goes wrong. >> well, we have a poll, as a matter of fact, on blame. how is that? blame -- do you blame the obama administration for problems with the implementation with the health care law? >> perfect segue. >> it was the perfect segue. you set us up. 76% of people, if you add up the top two categories, say the administration bears some or a lot of the blame and the highest percentage went to a lot at 46%. george, what does the administration do with that, and are we going to see more democrats avoiding contact with the president as they are fighting for their lives and their seats? >> oh, they are avoiding him like an infectious disease. when he comes to their states he doesn't want to campaign with them. there's not much of what you can do because of what charles said. they now own the health care system and mara said there's lots of people having lots of problems with health care not related to observingary, doesn't matter. it's going to be their problem. the question i wish they had asked just of the cohort of obama voters in 2008, if you
3:45 pm
known what you know now would you have voted for him? there would be an asterix over his election, just as there is an asterix over his 2012 election because of the harassment of conservative groups opposing snim. >> some would say they relied on the promises from the white house and the president that if you wanted your doctor and your plan you could keep it. obviously last year rated the biggest political lie of the year for 2013. i want to make sure we hit this other poll on the way out on this popyk. another interesting topic. is the law more about helping americans or controlling their lives? 56% of those surveyed said it was about controlling their lives. that is something we didn't even hear six months ago so folks have certainly soured on this, at least 56% of them. all right. that's it on health care. but next up for the panel, afghanistan's defiance of the u.s.
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if the afghan judicial authority decides to release a prisoner, it is of no concern to the u.s. and should be of no concern to the u.s. and i hope that the united states will stop harassing afghanistan's procedures and judicial authority, and i hope that the united states will now begin to respect afghan sovereignty. >> i'll be introducing a resolution condemning this action by president karzai. i will be urging my colleagues to cut all developmental aid off to afghanistan as a response to after the next election. >> let's start with our panel,
3:50 pm
george, mara and charles. it's no concern to the u.s. of these folks being released. we're talking about 65 afghan prisoners, 17 of them originally captured by u.s. forced handed over and directly linked to the production of roadside bombs, 23 tested positive for explosive residue. none of our business? >> the afghan government says these gentlemen have gone to their homes. presumably to mow the lawn and start a small business. we don't think that's going to happen. if karzai is so concerned about his sovereignty, there is a large majority that wants to give him sovereignty by leaving. i count myself in that cohort. >> will the election change our relationship at all? >> the white house hopes so. karzai is someone who has to be endured for a short period of
3:51 pm
time and he'll be gop ane and me the united states can get someone more cooperative and more consistent. because there will be u.s. forces of some sort there even after the pullout and they will have to be. because if he's worried about of a can sovereignty, that really depends on the united states proeg protecting it. >> the administration said we are disappointed they released detainees that we believe pose a threat. we ernlg turge the afghan govero make every effort to make sure they do not commit new acts of violence and terror and immediately bring to justice any who do so and we strongly urge the afghan government to come to an appropriate resolution including more serious consideration by afghan prosecutors. senator graham is talking about making that happens by cutting off aid. >> these are simply empty words from the state department. karzai knows what happened to the dictator who was the last
3:52 pm
one undr ter soviets. he hit out for a couple years. forced out. and ensure gepts lynched him and mute lated him in a pretty horrible way. he knows that is what happens to him when the americans are gone. so he has been openly cutting a deal so that he will live after u.s. evacuation. so he releases the prisoners, he has secret negotiations with the taliban, he denounces united states left and right, he refuses to sign on to the status of forces agreement. why? because even if we leave this year, he's already heard the reports that the pentagon wants to evacuate all americans in time for 2016 so that obama can leave with a legacy of having gotten us out of the war. as if our national interests ought to be dictated by how
3:53 pm
obama looks in history or how he vindicates a program that he had made in the past. he looks at that and says the americans will be gone for sure one way or the other. i'm going to be here and i don't want to be lynched like the last soviet dictator. >> what becomes of the agreement that we've not yet been able to get signed between the u.s., afghanistan, our soldiers left there? >> and what happens if we sign it? it's an enormous country. we'll have 10,000 troops there. one or more operating bases. how that stabilizes that enormous country, i don't know. we went into afghanistan, 148 months ago, we fought in the second world war for 44 months. this is the longest war in our history. we went in and became full scale mission builders. and it simply hasn't worked. it's no one's fault. no one knows how to do that.
3:54 pm
but if we stay in afghanistan, the rope is not going to be afghanistan. which is hopeless, which is never going to be democratic or anything like what we want. the only rope nly reason is so bases near pakistan. so it's a forward base. it's not that afghanistan is at stake. it's our interests in the bad guys in pakistan. >> you mentioned ongoing secret peace talks with the taliban. what becomes of that? if karzai is the one negotiating that and he's gone come april or may, what happens to that deal? >> the white house has always been open to negotiating with elements of the taliban who met certain criteria who renounce violence, who agree to other measures. i think that those kinds of talks will continue. they just won't be the kind
3:55 pm
karzai is holding. you have to deal with some parts of the taliban and somehow bring them into the governing structure there, but not the ones that are went on terrorism. >> is it possible to do that and keep stability there? >> i don't think so. the taliban has a saying about americans. they say you have the watches, but you we have the time. they know we're going home. theynow they are we ha. they know we're going home. they know they are home.ou we h. they know we're going home. they know they are home.u we ha. they know we're going home. they know they are home. we hav. they know we're going home. they know they are home. so the future of afghanistan is not in our hands. >> but what will likely happen is a partition. they will control the south. it is controlled by warlords which is the way it was before the u.s. invasion. >> either outlook, not good. stay tuned. as snow days pile up, so do the creative ways to announce that there won't be any classes. coming up, using a 180s hit song to get it done. ♪
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, another winter storm, another snow day for the kids. and we've been impressed with how creative school administrators are getting with their announcement. tonight we give you north carolina durham academy. ♪ ♪ stop collaborate and listen, ice is back and the roads will glisten ♪ ♪ turn up the heat and let's go. sleet falling gown like a million missiles, early dismiss dismissals, so stay in your house and drink hot tea ♪ ♪ check out boots while the ice is salted, no cool today, ice,
4:00 pm
ice baby, no school today noets. >> ♪ >> i appreciate the effort. on the record with greta is next. i appreciate the effort. on the record with greta is next. a fox nows alert. the nation is getting pounded and it just won't stop. another burst of snow and i'll barreling up the east coast. and in the southeast, the storm knocking out power to hundreds of thousands and more than 6,000 flights canceled nationwide. on the record is on the ground in the hardest hit areas and we begin in north carolina where the storm left drivers stranded all over the roads. lindsay. >> reporter: yeah, the major concern tonight is all of this slush freezing over. and i can tell you it's already getting slick and there is a lot of if. today we saw round tw