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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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going to say it. please check out the factor website, different from bill o'reilly, and no umbrage when writing to the factor, i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, and tonight. a full-on political assault is under way. >> tell senator shaheen it is time to be honest, obamacare doesn't work. and tonight, they turn to an old friend, the irs. and. >> what is your group, by the way, guys? >> we're just the people's man, how about that? >> how about that. >> and the oil pipeline protesters seen here with their torches and mask target a big executive in his home. tonight we'll speak with the big oil executive who is all too familiar with these tactics.
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and then, the big storm not only brought snow and ice to a third of the country, it touched off a bare knuckle brawl, the new york city mayor against one of the country's best known weather man. and reports say o.j. simpson doesn't much care for prison and is now on a hunger strike. tonight, see where o.j. is so very sad and is blaming his time behind bars on president obama? only on the kelly file. right now. and developing tonight, top democrats try a controversial move to keep the republicans from grabbing the reins on capitol hill. welcome to "the kelly file," everybody, i'm megyn kelly. with a little less than sninine months to the elections, democr democrats are on the ropes. and republicans are dropping tens of millions of dollars reminding the american people of just who is responsible for so many americans losing their
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insurance. >> call president obama and tell him his health law is not working and we don't want to be trapped in it any longer. >> tell senator somewhhaheen it time to be honest. >> tell president obama obamacare is hurting families, we deserve better. >> okay hagan, she just doesn't get it. >> tell kay hagan obamacare hurts north carolina. >> obamacare is hurting iowa families and we deserve better. >> well, these democratic senators in particular are being singled out. and tonight we hear that they are pushing back. some suggesting that the irs, i say the irs -- the irs, hello. yes. should aggressively regulate these organizations. didn't we just go through that? i think so. in any event, they're arguing that these groups are distorting the truth and the irs must stop
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them. you can't make it up. the democrats are in trouble for their votes on obamacare. and being in trouble they have turned to the very group that is itself in trouble for silencing conservatives, to help them silence conservatives? >> it is almost laughable if it was not so pernicious. look, senate democrats are in a predicament. every one of those you see on the screen voted for obamacare, and every one of the people on your screen is on video telling the same lies as barack obama. you can keep your plan. and so these conservative groups are running ads in their states making sure that every person in their state knows about it. and they're desperate to stop them so they're turning to the irs, instead of turning to the irs to stop them why don't they defend their policies? why don't we have liberal groups going out and telling everybody how wonderful obamacare is.
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the answer is simple. because they don't want to defend the obamacare, they're running from obamacare, and these groups are calling them out. >> they explicitly say they want the irs to crack down, on all of these groups they say. not just the conservatives, the 501(c)(3), and 4th, they want the irs to crack down on all of them. that is exactly what they were saying back in 2010 which led to, according to the inspector general, which led to the targeting of conservatives in the first place. >> no, that is exactly right. and now you have a new fox news poll that shows that 64% of the american people think the irs is corrupt. they're turning to the organization that is right now under criminal investigation although it has been leaked that they're not going to get charged. but they're under investigation and under that shadow they're turning to the irs to not only target these groups but to de-fund and silence them. it is unbelievable.
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>> it is happening again, and we heard chuck schumer, democratic senator chuck schumer, a couple of weeks ago being explicit in his calls for the irs to crack down on these groups yet again. and now we have all of these top democratic senators saying yes, that is the answer to stop these ads, listen to mr. schumer. >> the tea party gained extraordinary influence by donating millions into campaigns with ads that distort the truth and attack government. but there are many things that can be done by the irs and other government agencies and we have to redouble those efforts. we haven't worked hard enough on this. >> couldn't be more explicit? >> it is kind of funny that it is cyclical, they were spending millions in a smear campaign against romney, running ads that say he killed a woman and took away her health insurance.
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it is very convenient, what has changed is the democrats are about to lose control of the senate and so they're in trouble. and they can't defend their policy. there is not enough money out there to run ads explaining to the american people and convincing people that obamacare is a good idea. so they can't defend the policy. so the only way they can win is by silencing the groups who are calling them to account for it. they are looking into the camera and saying you can keep your plan. and it is not true. and there will be a second wave of cancellations and at the same time there will be videos on air showing them saying you can keep your plan as people are getting these letters. >> the americans are going to see this unless the irs steps in to help the democrats that are complaining. thank you. and some of these democras s may be reaching out to the tax agency to help them. but as mark mentioned a moment ago, the new polls show that believing the targeting of groups is an example of corruption.
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and 1% says that congress should continue to investigate, including in that number, a big number of democrats, even after president obama appeared with bill o'reilly in that super bowl ad and basically said, nothing to be seen here. >> you're saying no corruption? none. >> there were some bone-headed decisions but no mass corruption? >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> a senior fellow at the cado institute warned of this profession. professor, it is good to see you. you warned about presidential overreach and how dangerous this is to be -- what the irs has done. what the president has done with respect to our immigration laws. what the president has done with respect to obamacare and you see it all working together in a certain narrative that tells us what about this president? >> well, so your poll spoke about corruption. but i think we should really talk about this in constitutional terms.
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so the president is obliged by article two to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. >> we got that, we put it on the screen to see that. >> and what this president has done is it looks a lot like he rewrote laws rather than executed them. it seems like it crossed the line towards legislation. >> but how does the irs controversy suggest presidential overreach? because so far it seems that is an agency thing and nothing has been able to tie it to the white house, how is that relevant? >> so the first thing to notice again is that the president should take care that the laws are executed. that is not executing them himself. that is taking care of the executive branch. so what he knew was a bit beside the point. he should have known, he should have been supervising the irs.
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>> when you talk to congress and say you have these presidential overreaches. we had had a progressive trial attorney, jonathan turley, who had the same constitutional opinion as you. and the impeachment, which you saw it is not bad enough yet, but the main thing is the elections, when you go to the ballot box and put people in office. when you have a tax agency that is trying to silence the groups that are going to the polls, then that undermines the whole remedy that you are proposing for the presidential overreach. >> that is quite right. this is the most frightening form of the dereliction of the duty to make sure the laws are faithfully executed. what the framers were perhaps most worried about was a
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president who would discriminate on the basis of politics. and what is so terrifying about that is it can undermine all that follows. because if you don't believe in the result of the elections you wouldn't believe in the legitimacy of the government. >> what about the president and saying i haven't gone as far in terms of the executive numbers or the reach. i certainly didn't put the japanese in interment camps the way we did in world war ii. i mean, there have been some presidential actions in the history of our country. >> well, if the only thing was -- >> that was an example of presidential action. >> i don't think counting executive orders is really the point. it is that some of these orders seem in contrast with statutory mandates, if the president said in january 13th, the statutes
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could not be more clear. the president decided he would not enforce it first one year, then another year and will only enforce it against certain employers and not other employers. this is in the teeth of a crystal-clear statute. >> we'll see if it gets postponed in the 2014 elections. and as we take tomorrow's broadcast to investigate what is now called a presidential power grab, we'll investigate why one liberal legal scholar says the president is quote, becoming the very danger the constitution was designed to avoid. and we'll hear arguments that there is nothing new here. nothing at all. a "the kelly file" special report tomorrow at 9:00. we hope you join us. and extreme weather, a major winter storm wreaking havoc for much of the country, pounding it
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with snow and ice, cars buried under nearly two feet of snow. here is a picture from just outside of new york city where they're just starting to dig out. and now it is raining. fox news rick reichmuth. >> megyn, you see this exploding across the south and overnight, all the pink bringing the really incredible breaking ice across parts of georgia and north carolina and then across the eastern seaboard. it turned into rain at one point today and that stopped snow from growing too much in places like philadelphia and new york, but not before philadelphia got almost ten inches of snow. putting them at their fifth snowiest season they have had on record. and i think we'll get a little more snow tonight. there is another snowstorm coming on monday. a smaller storm, but i think we'll see the snowfall totals go up. tonight's temperatures just below the freezing mark. so there is a lot of slush out there. that won't freeze things solid
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for the morning commute but it certainly will not help. there will be slick roads in the morning. that is also because you see the colder air filtering out here. snow in philadelphia, rain in philadelphia. we'll see another two to three inches of snow. and then megyn as i said friday night into saturday the chance of another two to three inches of snow again across this same area. >> all right, thank you, rick. >> you bet. and drama ensues when it comes to weather in general. and new york city mayor bill de blasio announced before the storm's arrival that the forecast was not a concern and that the schools could stay open today. that was a different prediction than the one made by weather man al roker, here is his forecast. >> as you head up into new york, new jersey, and parts of new england we're talking anywhere from six to nine inches, three to six inches, as well. >> despite the warnings, new york city's mayor chose to keep
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schools open anyway, leaving teacher teachers and parents outraged. we have the governor telling people to stay off the roads, you have the mayor telling people to go to school. the mayor defended his decision and placed the national weather service. >> we knew based on the reports of the national weather service that we could have as little as three inches of snow on the ground by the time kids walked in the door of their schools, and we could have more. we could have four or five or more. it was a grave situation. >> always assume the best, that is the best planning mechanism. assume the worst will not happen and that did not plan accordingly. that did not sit well with al roker who began an icy war by way of e-mail with the mayor. hey, todd. >> reporter: hey, megyn, just waiting on the frogs and the locusts. yeah, this blizzard beatdown
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happened earlier today. and when al roker heard what the mayor said, there was some sort of a polar vortex. we had some of his tweets. first he tweeted how dare the mayor of new york city throw the national weather service under the school bus, the forecast was on time and on the money. and he wrote, this morning i knew the new york city mayor would close schools, talk about bad predictions. long-range de blasio forecasts? one term. well, the mayor didn't take kindly to that. and earlier today he lashed out and took a pot shot. here is what he said. >> i respect al roker a lot. watched him on tv for many, many years. it is a different thing to run the city than to give the weather on tv. >> and megyn, 45% of the student body actually showed up for class today. new york city says you know
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what? tough luck, if you didn't show up for school today you're not going to be able to make up that time. it is an unexcused absence. now let's be clear, they expected kids to walk through 30 miles per hour winds, snow falling through to three inches to get to school. and the head of new york city school systems today said the weather today, it was beautiful. well, yeah, if you're a penguin, beautiful, megyn. >> and then after the kids show up they sent them home early, saying never mind, we're wrong, you should go out. oh, it is beautiful outside. unexcused absence. it is like aa.d.d., todd, you gt to wipe those glasses. and tonight, at 10:00 p.m., shepard smith will be here as america tries to cope with this
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record snow and ice. >> and we think that you and the company are corporate criminals. >> oil pipeline protesters target a big executive in his home. tonight we'll speak to the executive who is all too familiar with these tactics. and then, stunning story about what is looking like a massive act of civil disobedience from gun owners in one state. and showing up, what american families really think of the health care law. >> well, it is a mess. >> former presidential candidate mitt romney joins us on the debate and his 2016 future. can i help you? hey, is it true we can get four lines, unlimited talk and text and 10 gigs of data to share for 160 a month? yep. at&t's new family pricing. that's 100 bucks cheaper than us. i know. are you guys with verizon? what makes you think that? oh. just her nametag.
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hi, my name is amanda, my friends and i came down to let
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you know that we think that you and embrige are corporate criminals and should be in jail -- >> what was the -- >> they shut down your pipeline. >> they put a lockdown on one of your pieces of equipment and now they're facing three years in prison. >> 10:00 at night, not happy to discuss it, not here, not now. >> you think you can just go to work and punch in and poison people and come home. >> and not be bothered by the likes of us. well, that was this group here by anti-pipeline protesters who showed up at the home in the night at the home of the executive. the group was upset about the arrest of three fellow protes r protesters last year, the three were convicted of chaining themselves to an oil pipeline project, they were convicted. but the protesters were upset about the sentence. mackie is a board member of the
6:22 pm
company. john hoffmeister is the founder and ceo and has personal experience with groups like these. john, good to see you, shell oil, i have heard of that. good job, i want to ask you, though, you say he is not the first? he is not going to be the last? >> no, you know, there are the good -- the good thing about our american system is people have the right to say what they think. now, there is good judgment and there is not so good judgment about when and what to say and where and so forth. and there are questions if you -- consequences if you step out of line, you don't have the right to chain yourself to pipelines. you are out of line, you have free speech, but then don't come on the other side complaining if the law is treating you justly for whatever you did. whether it is chaining yourself
6:23 pm
o -- it is bad behavior, that is what it is. that is where the freedom of speech carries with it equal responsibilities for those who want to take advantage of their right. there are other ways they could do it more reasonably, which i think the executive was suggesting. >> i was shocked at his composu composure, he said this is 10:00 at night, it is not the time to do this. these people with their masks and torches and talking about how they feel they have the higher end of justice in storming the man's house. i realize the oil business is somewhat controversial, but maybe even people like you should be able to feel safe in your homes without having people like this coming and bothering you. >> well, when you take on high levels of responsibility you take on more risks. that goes with the territory. but also, you're trained. if you're not trained you should be trained. because there is all kinds of aberrant behavior out there, and
6:24 pm
if you're not anticipate iing i and you're not up for it then maybe you shouldn't take on these risky positions. >> what did folks do you when you were running shell? >> well, i've had speeches interrupted by loud voices. i had, in the case of one particular incident in wisconsin groups walking through the auditorium carrying a fake pipeline, protesting the keystone xcel pipeline as an idea. trying to disrupt the speech. trying to take over what is going on. and what happens is they become the fools in the room. because the people who came to participate in a legitimate discussion over a legitimate debate, both sides of the issues, and there were two of us debating, one side versus the other side, they were completely selfish in taking over and demonstrating their inmaturity, they're unreasonableness, their inpracticality.
6:25 pm
it was not just the security people who wanted them out. the audience wanted them out. they're just a nuisance, obstructing their experience of free speech, which includes listening as well as speaking. >> it is not to diminish their position, it is to diminish the tactics meant to intimidate and debate. john, good to see you. >> thank you. up next, former presidential candidate mitt romney joins us about what he really thinks about the botched health care rollout and how president obama is misusing his constitutional power. does he think we're in the middle of a crisis? and reports say o.j. simpson doesn't really like prison. he apparently now says he wants to die and is on a hunger strike. tonight, see why we just learned that he apparently is in prison because of president obama. in the new new york,
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. ♪ ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ because tena gave you a new outlook, we've given tena a whole new look. ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ presenting the fresh, new face of fearless protection. ♪ nothing's missed with tena twist... ♪ a developing story tonight out of connecticut where there are reports that tens of thousands of gun owners are refusing to register their firearms under a new law in what
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some are now calling a massive act of civil disobedience. trace gallagher has more. and in fact, megyn, we talked to a lawmaker who said he never saw this law disobeyed so much. this is what is classified as an assault weapon so that more weapons can be prohibited. you can still own an assault weapon as long as it was registered by the state police as of the 31st of december of last year. look at the numbers, just 38,000 were registered, another 2800 in the process of being registered. now, nobody knows for sure how many of these weapons are in connecticut but it is a lot more than the 50,000 you see on your screen. even conservative estimates range from 150,000 to 350,000, that means connecticut now has hundreds of thousands, potentially of brand-new criminals because not registering is a felony. now some state lawmakers say
6:31 pm
many gun owners did not know about the law or ran out of time. but run republican state senator told us he has firsthand knowledge that residents believe their rights are being violated and refuse to abide by the law. listen to him. >> when people start to question the laws and the lawmakers and the process that they went through, then that kind of eats away at the underpinnings of democracy. i don't think that is too far a stretch. >> right now there is no plan by the state to remedy this, megyn because there is no amnesty. so if you go into register your assault weapon right now you could get busted. this is astonishing considering that connecticut is not exactly texas, megyn? >> all right, trace, thank you. a brand-new fox poll just out suggesting americans have little hope that the health care law will help them. and don't believe the law would have passed if americans had been told the truth about it. this week we asked how families are doing under the health care law and a whopping 90% said
6:32 pm
their family is either the same or worse off than before it passed. the president has of course struggled to maintain his credibility on this law, thanks to his repeated assertions about how you would be able to keep the plan if you liked it, including the assertion in the first presidential debate in october of 2012. >> and let me tell you exactly what obamacare did. number one, if you have health insurance it does not mean a government takeover. you keep your own insurance. you keep your own doctor. >> right now the cbo says up to 20 million people will lose their insurance as obamacare goes into effect next year. this is why the american people don't want obamacare. it is why republicans said do not do this. >> well, earlier i had the chance to sit down with former governor mitt romney. >> megyn, good to be with you. >> what a moment, now in receipt
6:33 pm
-- retrospect. you knew and the american people knew, that the plans are being cancelled. doctors are being lost. hospital coverage is being lost. let me start with you, do you believe the american people should trust this president? >> well, i think they have lost the confidence they had in them. i think one of the great things you have as a leader of the country is the confidence of the people and the beliefs that what you're telling them is the truth. and i believe in the campaign and the months afterward the president consistently said if people liked the insurance they had, they could keep it. they could keep their doctor, prices continued to go up. this turned out not to be true. and the breach of this promise seriously eroded the president's capacity to lead at a very critical time. >> and now, president obama's problems continue to crop up day by day, the president's actions, i think he has taken on obamacare ended up being 28 moving around congress, that
6:34 pm
doesn't involve them extending the employer mandate and so on. and there is a question being asked not just by conservatives but by liberals, we had jonathan turley, a very left-leaning professor, who does not support the event. >> and the whole structure of the house put together is the biggest problem. but the implementation having been an unmitigated mess, and the people who need relief from the implementation of obamacare are the american families and that is the group that deserves to get some relief from this act. and i think it has been very disappointing and very revealing to see the president go through and make these changes, which is a very tacit, and in fact, explicit recommendation that the law is not working and that the administration has not done the job they said they would do. >> many people feel the only chance to reverse the law now is
6:35 pm
to elect a republican president. and to have the republicans win control of the senate and do it legislatively in the next presidential election. i know you have been asked, including recently whether you would consider a third try at the presidency. and there are polls out of new hampshire that place you as a frontrunner, you said no, you are not going to do it. let me ask you this, are there any circumstances under which you would consider running? >> well, i'm not running and i can't imagine any circumstances that would get me to run again and the reason is very simple. and the reason is, i think the best chance we have of taking back the white house is somebody who has not yet run in the way i did last time around. somebody who brings a new vision and is able to communicate that to the american people in a way that leads to a victory. and so i'm going to be supporting a republican nominee in 2016. and i believe it is critical for many, many reasons. obamacare being one of them. so i will fight for that person. and i think someone besides me is more likely to be the winner and that is why i'm going to be stepping aside for them. >> what is the one piece of
6:36 pm
advice you would give to the gop nominee having gone up against the democratic machine. >> well, start early. work long and hard. make sure that your message is communicated as early as possible so the democrats can't villify you before your words are even out of your mouth. make sure you don't make mistakes like i did. learn from the mistakes. make no mistakes. >> tough to do. >> it is in this world. >> let me go on to the olympics because as the man who stepped in and saved the salt lake city olympics back in 2002, i know you have been watching the olympics carefully. and one of the things you have been watching is the exorbitant, huge expense that they put on for the olympics in sochi, why should anyone care? >> well, i think it is a real problem when you spend that much money. $50 billion spent by china and russia. you may think what is the harm
6:37 pm
if a country wants to show on? because by the way only a fraction of that is needed to put on an olympic sport, you can do that for a much, smaller amount of money. frankly the games here in salt lake city were held at a much, much smaller number. so what is the harm? the harm is that that money could be used to fight disease and poverty. the harm is other nations being able to host the games are frightened about being able to do so because they can't keep up with the big spenders. and the harm is the poor of the world look at this kind of excess and they have to be dismayed and sometimes angry at what is being spent. i think the international olympic committee has to limit the kind of money that goes into budgets to put into olympic games and to make sure we're not spending money that is frivolous. >> and you did it for a little $3 billion, which is pretty impressive. i want to ask you this, russia has come under fire for hosting the olympic games and for
6:38 pm
allowing them, because of putin, the russian government's stance on gays. and just recently, they said a gay would not be allowed to adopt children, you can get arrested if you say anything pro-gay in russia, is that an issue because they have been hosting the games? >> yes, i think the russian position is a reprehensible position. and they're pursuing the kind of agenda they're pursuing. i understand this is not being pursued at the olympics and gay athletes are able to participate. it is unfortunate, i don't know if you can prevent countries from hosting the olympics. look, i'm no fan of putin, i think he is a thug. i think he is one of the worst actors on the world stage. i'm not a fan that he is hosting the olympics, but i think olympics is about sports and you have to put the politics aside.
6:39 pm
>> go team usa. >> yeah, you bet. >> all the best to you. >> thanks, megyn, good to be with you. and we often speak about charles krauthammerer and the power. up next, learn why he is fired up tonight about mammograms. watch what he will have to say. this will make some news, send me a tweet @megynkelly. watch this segment after the break. [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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6:44 pm
critics call this study deeply flawed. dr. charles krauthammerer is a fox news contributor and he has some thoughts about how it will lead to obamacare among other things. charles, this is causing a lot of consternation. the american society says this is an incredibly faulty analysis, they stand by the annual mammogram recommendation that most women adhere to in this country. your thoughts? >> well, look, i'm not here to adjudicate the debates between the experts. but nobody can look at this study and not be impressed with its rigor. this is a study of 90,000 women. studied over 25 years. and most important they were again sort of the scientific gold standard. the women were randomly assigned. randomly assigned to either just
6:45 pm
a breast exam or to mammograms. and after a quarter century of follow-up they find there are no difference in the death rates. now, that is a pretty astonish finding, so astonishing, that an editorial in the same journal that ran the study by one of the world's experts in epidemiology said it should police make us re-think whether or not the mammograms do any good. and in fact, when they got the mammograms, and 20% received chemotherapy or radiation or mastectomy, and yet the death rates were not affected which would imply that all the suffering and pain were unnecessary. so her conclusion was it was not only useless, it was worse than useless. >> they also found the 25-year survival rate was 70% for women who had a mammogram and the
6:46 pm
breast cancer detected thanks to the mammogram. and it was only 62% for women who did not have the mammogram. so there was some data suggesting the mammograms had been helpful. but what is the point? overall you're right. the study is not indicative of the need for more women to have a mammogram and suggested more harm could be done with unnecessary mammograms and such. but why are you taking issue with this? >> well, in fact i happened to write a column last week in which i talked about things we believe are medically true and carried out for years and decades often turn out to be totally untrue. the example i gave last week was antioxidants, which is the rage, everybody loves antioxidant, and in the annals of antioxidants, three studies found out they were either useless or harmful. and there was an editorial there, people who studied these
6:47 pm
results and said that they are so useless that we should not even waste research money on looking into these. and then i was struck by the fact three days later you got the study on mammograms. the reason it affects us directly is that the obamacare mandates not just everybody has to have the coverage. but it mandates what coverage everybody has to have. remember, megyn, last -- the end of last year when they cancelled 5 million policies, which the administration said was inadequate, chintzy policies and therefore had to be replaced. well, one of the reasons these were considered inadequate, they did not meet the obamacare requirement that you have to have in every health care plan, free mammograms. so the question i'm going to ask then is this. given the uncertainty about this and the fact that there are some very skilled people who believe that this is either useless or worse than useless, are we going to rethink this or is this going
6:48 pm
to remain part of the requirement for any health care plan? and not only is it required in the health care plan it is one f of the few things that every health care plan has to provide free, without a co-payment. if your child has an ear infection you have to do a co-payment. if you want to purchase antibiotics, but if you have a mammogram or contraception or sterilization or any of these or things that are anointed as being needed, i am always struck by this things we need, by settled science, and science is not that easily settled. >> it is one of these things in the united states, at least anecdotally, who had their lives saved by mammograms. i mean, even amy robach had a
6:49 pm
malignant tumor, and is under going treatment. i don't want people to take any hard line on any actual study. >> i agree with you, but remember it was not between a mammogram and nothing. it was a mammogram or a breast exam. and the point was that a very low tech procedure would give you the same effect in the end. >> charles, great to see you. >> pleasure. >> well, reports say that o.j. simpson is not happy in prison. and now he is refusing to eat. why apparently he is now blaming all of this on president obama? okay. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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s . o.j. simpson making news from behind bars tonight. turns out he is not a fan of prison and is now reportedly trying to end his life with a hunger strike.
6:54 pm
trace gallagher on our west coast room. >> reporter: and so far, no other outlets have been able to match the report. as you know, o.j. simpson lost his bid for a few trial and he is not eligible for parole until 2017. the inquirer quoted o.j. simpson saying i'm not going to eat or let the doctors revive me, i used to live my way and now i'm going to die my way. he went on to say that o.j. simpson wants his kids to get the millions of dollars locked up in his nfl pension, we talked to one of hiskids. he says he doesn't buy the hunger strike story but says that certain parts of it are true. >> he is eating less than he was probably, doing a lot of things less than he was. he pulled himself away from the world. he is depressed. and there is nothing that nobody can do to give him a fair trial to stop it. >> the friend then told us the
6:55 pm
only reason o.j. simpson got convicted in the first place is because of president obama. back in 2008 during o.j. simpson's trial he got an all-white jury and apparently didn't protest because he didn't want to hurt obama's chances of being elected. listen again. >> he told me on the phone this is not the time to have racial unrest in america, obama is running for office. so he sacrificed himself for obama. and now, he is sitting in a situation depressed. >> o.j. simpson was an obama fan, unclear if he was today. he was sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. megyn. >> i don't even know what to say. so glad that o.j. simpson has become so sensitive to the needs of the country. trace, thank you. we'll be right back. >> sure. hey, o'reilly here, one big american car maker is mocking
6:56 pm
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so earlier in the show, give
7:00 pm
mitt romney said that obamacare is an unmitigated disaster and called president putin a thug. if you want to see it, we posted it on our website, thank you for joining us, i'm megyn kelly. surprise up next. see you. hannity is off tonight, i'm shepard smith with news of more snow hitting the east coast. and the news from this snow, blaming it for the death of more than one person. plus, word of thunder snow hitting the area now. and "the today show" weather man, al roker is blasting the new york city mayor in a public fight on twitter. and there is other news, a courtroom cliffhanger. the man who shot and killed a florida teen after an argument over loud music. the jury is out, see the dramatic surveillance video and hear the gunshots, so let's get to it. >> now, shepard


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