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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and taking advantage of all the snow on the ground, creating this heart-warming message in a yard northwest of chicago. it's 250 feet by 400 feet. nice work. and thank you for watching "the real story." i'm in for gretchen. and shepard is next. >> verdict watch in north florida majors accused of murdering a teenager after an argument over loud car music. the suspect says it was self-defense. will we get a decision? >> the obama administration gives the green light to banks to do business with licensed marijuana shops. it's an an historic step. >> and counterfeit food. this one was bran new to me. from coffee to olive oil to honey, cinnamon, lots of stuff, full on fake. we'll tell you what you might be feeding your family.
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how to avoid getting fooled on the food. >> valentine's day to you and yours. we could learn whether a man who shot and killed a teenager after an argument over loud music is guilty of murder or whether the jury believed he really did act in self-defense as he insists. jurors are in day three of deliberations over this man, michael dunn. if they find him guilty of murder in the first degree, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. here's the back story. a couple of years ago michael dunn opened fire at an sports utility vehicle full of teenagers, killing 17-year-old jordan davis. it happened outside a convenes storm. the man testified he politely asked the teens to turn down the music, but he claimed they shout racial slurs at him, threatened to kill him, and he thought he saw a gun, something his girlfriend says he never
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mentioned to her. one potential key piece of evidence, surveillance video from the store. listen for the gunshots. three at first, and then four, and then a break. listen for the break and then another three. gunfire gunfire -- [ gunshots ] [ gunshots ] >> somebody is shooting. >> the last three shots as the car was pulling away, on the move, and after the shooting he never called 9-1-1. in fact he put his girlfriend in the car, left the area, drove three miles to their hotel, ordered a pizza, made some drinks, took the dog out to go, and the next day, after a night sleep, drove two and a half hours home to brevard and that's when he said he decided to contact some police officers, to the not 9-1-1, and the cops never found any weapon in the teens' car. steve hair -- harrigan is in the
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florida newsroom. the judge cleared something from the courtroom. might have been something going on the jury room? >> he was concerned people could overhear the discussions in the jury room so he cleared it as they continued to await a verdict. they've been at it now for 17 hours. they could be debating guilt or innocence or what charge does this rise to the level of, first degree, second degree murder or manslaughter. the 12 person jury is eight mines, two african-americans, one homic and one asian. >> it's my understand that the defendant attorney spoke about comparisons to george zimmerman's trial. what was said there? >> defense attorney came out and spoke to reporters for the first time. he said there's a lot of politics behind the case. he said if the state did not fail in its attempt to convict george zimmerman they would not be talking about michael dunn today. >> the problem with the media attention, and then this
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happening on the heels of it and, and hen this case is on he heels of a not guilty with george zimmerman, i think just escalated that political pressure and things like that. >> of course, couple of key differences. looks like zimmerman was in a scuffle or fight before firing one shot. he also called police before the shot was ever fired in this case, michael dunn went away without a scratch, fired ten shots into a vehicle with ten people and never informed police. >> steve, thank you very much. let's gate legal mind on this. lots of disputes and who said what. one of the disputes is about whether the kids in the car said, kill him, or whether actually the defend in this case said, you're not going to talk to me like this, right before he started firing at them. that's what witnesses say. >> the issue here is there's no evidence supporting moe of what
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mr. dunn has said. this is a very tough situation because most of the evidence, of you look at it objectively, it supports the prosecution's theory. >> the prosecution's theory is there were teens playing music, he didn't like them, the word, thug, was used, depending on whose testimony you believe, and eventually the guy made him so mad he started firing at him, and driving way, even hit the taillights twice. >> even as the car backed out and pulled away, he kept shooting. now, to me, that indicates something of -- that is not something who is trying to defend himself you shot once, shot twice, if you said what happened. but in this situation he obviously used -- that's something the jury has to decide -- whether or not he used force that was excessive. >> surveillance video shows us that the guys who were shot at, including the dead guy, all came back to that convenience store, but not this man. he went straight to his hotel, even when he got home, put his carne garage.
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never contacted anybody, and according to all the testimony, never told his girlfriend about any gun. >> that's why this is unlike george zimmerman. when the statement was made by his attorney, it's laughable, because george zimmerman there was a phone call that was placed to the operator to 9-1-1. he could have easily done the same thing if in fact he was actually defending himself, as he asserts. >> one things the prosecutor said in closing -- she said, who has an accident, who felt threatened, who feels threatened by someone? and then fires a weapon and doesn't call authorities. not for hours, not for another day. >> somebody who may be guilty may think they're going to get away with it, and that's the situation here. many people argue that this self-defense he put forth only came forward after he was caught. >> i have to admit, i watched this thing. like court, i've covered trials for a quarter century. just as a casual observer, not affecting the jury, it felt like an open and case.
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-- open and shut case, and we have reason to believe there was an argument going on some they've been deliberating more than 17 hours. >> the jodi arias case went on for five months and him that cam back in 16 hours. in this case, the evidence looks to fall on to the side of the prosecution, i think you'd have a quicker verdict here, and that's not happening. they too have a lot of lesser included charges -- >> they're seeking first degree murder but would take something less. >> second degree, manslaughter, and then attempted murder of the other occupants of the vehicle. >> jurors can do whatever they want. >> i have seen juries come back in trials i've done and looked at their decision and say, okay, how could you have gone for one and not the other. doesn't make sense. >> they can do what they want. good to see you. >> thank you very much. happy valentine's day. >> the own ebb administration just -- the obama administration will allow banks to do business
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with licensed marijuana companies instates with legalized marijuana. states that are washington and colorado. federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug on the same list as heroin, which is lovable but that's -- which is laughable. until now banked faced drug racketeers charges if they accept money from marijuana sellers. official says the banks often refused to let marijuana businesses open bank accounts and those business owners had to use cash and there's a chance of theft. >> this is an unprecedented move for federally insured banks to be allowed to do business with companies that sell products that remain illegal under federal law. the justice department, along with the financial crimes
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enforcement network, just issued a set of guidelines to banks telling them they don't have to allow pot shops so open account and if they do they are under he heavy scrutiny. banks much out to see if, quote, customer seems to be using a marijuana related business as a pretext to launder money from other criminal activity, i.e., not related to marijuana. so, banks help the feds look for any suspicious activity. and shops don't have to deal on an all-cash basis. >> what's important to me is the marijuana industry is required too pay taxes. we pay a significant amount of taxes in the state government, federal government, and if we're only obligate ode to do that we should have the luxury of a bank account. >> for example, in colorado, the state collects a 25% sales tax on pot. so, now it will be easier to keep track of.
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>> 25%. wow. forecasters say more snow is on the way. after all it snow snows every other day, after that monster winter storm caused travel trouble. thousands of people without power. people backed up with airport delays from days ago. we're tracking the latest from the fox extreme weather center, and cops say a robber went to great lengths to break into a jewelry store. probably should have planned the escape. just break this window and we'll get out of here. no. smoke 'em if you got 'em. so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave? hi boys! i've made you campbell's chunky new england clam chowder. wow! this is incredible! i know. and now it has more clams! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. what? [ male announcer ] it fills you up right.
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fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. the worst of he is no just about gone, so we're waiting for the next snowstorm, which is a day away. hundred0s of thousands of people without power. 21 deaths blamed on the storm, most in car crashes. and look at this scene near philly today this morning. dozens of cars in one huge wreck, tangled with tractor-trailers along the pennsylvania turnpike. officials say it hurt at least 30 people. 75 cars in this thing. the first wreck and they all piled into one another. not easy for people trying to fly. the most cancellations today are in charlotte. newark, philly and d.c. nearly 4,000 flights are
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cancelled or delayed today. one woman in d.c. says the earliest she can fly to los angeles is monday, the day she was supposed to get back from her vacation. in fact this winter has been the worst for grounded flights since the feds started keeping track in the '8s so, airlines cancelled more than 75,000 flights since december, and looks like there's more snow on the way, but nothing like we have been seeing. our chief mrs. is in the extreme weather center. he has been on snow watch for days,. >> i think across the western half of the country are thinking, why so many delays? they have been having incredibly warm temperatures and dry conditions for the most part. they're getting rain now. look at the maps for boston, new york, and philly. the blue column is where you should be for snowfall. the yellow column is where you are. and the airports in the south,
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atlanta, all those delays with the crazy weather. so this is what is left of the storm that has impacted us for now. three days from the south, from texas, towards the even seaboard. this is the next storm, now across parts of indiana, through the central plains, throughout the overnight hours and the earlier part of today. this storm, though, is going to pull off to the east and become another nor'easter. a different kind of nor'easter. the nor'easter we just had was born across the gulf where there's a lot of moisture. this one is across the land and not as much moisture. that white is more snow, and we're talking about a very snowy day and a really windy day tomorrow in eastern massachusetts and eastern parts of maine. aside from that, though, most everybody else just looking at a dust of snow. maybe an inch, two or three inches, for the most part not
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that bad but a little more snow for people who might not want it. >> looking better down south. >> we have been so cold down across the south, and now look at this. 57 in atlanta. still a lot of people without power in that area from atlanta, towards south carolina. next couple of days looking like this. today, really nice day. tomorrow will drop a little bit but brief. 48. and then look at sunday across the south. 60 in atlanta. 60 in charleston, 65 in pensacola. >> i know it's going to end, though, rick, you know how? college baseball season opening day is today. my rebels are in orlando for a three-game set. >> that means it's got to be getting colder and rainy soon. >> probably. >> the daytona 500 next weekend. the same story. >> go rebels. >> the today show weatherman al roker dialing things back at bit. said he crossed the line with his forecast that new york city's mayor would serve one
12:17 pm
term, but al roker is standing behind his stinging twitter criticism of mayor deblasio for not calling of school yesterday. the mayor argued the snow came heavier than forecasters predicted. roker accused him of throwing the national weather service under the school bus. the subways were frighten -- were fine and the streets were fine. if they closed down school everytime we had snow there would never be school. >> police say a would-be julie thief was trapped inside the store and could not escape before officers got there. surveillance videos caught this genius. yesterday morning. he got into this case here, this is south of slick city. the owner of the store says he got in there using a crawlspace connected to a restaurant. didn't get in this case. you can see the guy on the floor breaking the case. now trying to get out of there. he had gold and silver pieces there. the thing is he tripped an alarm
12:18 pm
and when he broke in, so the video shows him trying to get out. turns out that is shatterproof. >> glass, and he gives it the old college try. the cops showed up. he didn't resist. had a smoke inside the store. probably the last one for a while. >> a world traveling blogger who disappeared during a walk will never be coming home. family members react to a devastating discovery. we'll have the latest on the case. that's coming. ♪ [ male announcer ] how did edward jones become one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more tn halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy.
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21 minutes past the hour. some of the winners from the annual world press photo contest honoring the best in photo journalism. we thought we would give them a nod. this is a religious progression in the philippines.
12:22 pm
absolutely incredible. less than a week after the typhoon slammed into the island and killed thousands of people there. forced more than four million from their homes and one of the winners in the photo competition. this image shows antigovernment demonstrators in the central african republic. >> this photo shows a woman and two children hiding during a westgate mall africa. rebels took cover while fighting in sierra's civil war. a watchdog group estimates more than 130,000 people have died in that conflict. and here is the photo of the year, and an incredible one. i'mside we had to put those words on it but we're required. i it shows africans raising their phones into the air.
12:23 pm
trying to get an inexpensive signal from across the boredder in somalia. djibouti is a common stopping point for africans seeking a better life in europe or the middle east. this photograph is an american who was working at the time for national geographic. >> family members say they're devastated after a missing woman turned up dead in texas. they're waiting for official confirmation but police say the missing woman's jewelry and i.d. were with the body. her name is leanne bearden. she traveled around the world with her husband' blog about it juvenile. she has just returned to the united states -- or had and was visiting her inlaws in tax. she left for a walk, about a monthing a now and never came back. a week later her husband spoke on fox news. >> babe, don't be scared. we're looking for you and we're never going to stop looking for you. i love you so much.
12:24 pm
dope be scared. we're looking for you. >> now officials say they're doing an autopsy to find out how she died. casey has the news from our texas newsroom. this body turned up pretty close to where she vanished, right? >> it did. in fact less than a mile or so from her in-laws' home, this a northern suburb of san antonio. yesterday, a man called the cops saying he discovered a body in a remote wooded area near his property. i talked to the local police department down there today, and they tell me they're not releasing any other information until the occupancy is complete, which is underway as we speak. there have been some local news reports that have suggested leann bearden had been depressed after returning home to the states from he world travel, but investigators are being very tight-lipped whether that is possibly a factor here, or whether foul play is involved. >> they searched so carefully. have search efforts given an idea how they might have missed
12:25 pm
her? >> they turned that neighborhood upside-down, and a lot of people are asking that question. how could they have missed her? because for eight days after her disappearance, there were dozens of search and rescue crews that had descended on the neighborhood. volunteers from the state of texas. they searched 23 square miles and found nothing. remember, she was found just blocks away from where she left on that walk. the ceo of a group called texas search and rescue, says that a body was found in a neighborhood that they did not explore at the time because they had been told that the family had already cleared it before they arrived. shepard to be continued on this bizarre case out of texas. >> thank you very much. casey. >> haven't heard from this guy. we're hearing now from oscar pistorius one year since he shot and killed his girlfriend, the model. we'll show you what the former olympian has to say and how it might play into his upcoming murder trial, murder trial that is such a big deal in south
12:26 pm
africa, an entirely new cable channel has been created which we do nothing but cover the trial.
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a fox report now and more headlines. at least five people are dead, including three children, after a fire tore through a duplex this morning in minneapolis. the scene was an awful one. the medical examiner has confirmed an assistant fire chief said one firefighter is in the hospital. >> more than 100,000 people have left their homes after volcano erupted in indonesia, spewing ash for miles. at least three people reported dead and transportation officials have closed seven airports. >> general motors officials say they'll work to restore the eight cars that plunged into a sinkhole at the national corvette museum in kentucky. but they say that simply removing the wreckage from the
12:29 pm
pit will be a painstaking process. one that could take weeks. among the damaged cars, the one million-th corvette to roll off the assembly line. ♪ ♪ (bag shaking) (vo) bring the thrill the catch... now with new shrimp flavor.en. friskies. feed the senses.
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half past the hour. the former south african track star, known as the played blade runner, is breaking his silence exactly one year after he shot and killed his girlfriend. prosecutors say he gunned down riva steenkamp in his south african -- in the south african capitol of pretoria during an argument last year. they say the double amputee fired not one but four shots at the then 29--year-old model through a locked bathroom door. he said he thought this girlfriend was an intruder in the middle of the night. business store ya released a statement said the killing was a devastating accident, and says the pain for reeva's parents and
12:32 pm
family consume me. the family closed the bar. the father is outside the pub. demonstrators paid tribute to steenkamp by protesting violence against women in pretoria. >> pistorius' trial is less than three weeks away and some reporters are calling it south africa's trial or the century. i guess down there that's not an overstatement. >> it's not when you have a news channel that will be dedicated 24 hours, seven days a week to televising the trial. >> sound to me like the trajectory of the bullet is going to be key, because he has made the claim that he thought he heard an intruder are got out of bed, walked on his stumps into the bathroom so he was low to the ground. the claim from the prosecutors is he was standing. he put them on. that was the moment of
12:33 pm
premeditation, so if the bullet is going down, it's one thing. if it's going up, it's another. >> at we speak there are forensic experts examining the information and getting ready to present it at trial. experts have come for the defense and say this evidence is going to be key. was he standing or on his stumps? he said the felt threatened because he was on his stumps and throughout the intruder was coming and he was in a vulnerable position. however if the trajectory shows he had put on his legs and fired these shots, it will show his story has some big holes. >> and a lot of witnesses. >> 107. >> that quite a case to put together. >> absolutely. i believe they intend to show a number of things. we have heard the witnesses that will be listed as liz taylor, the defendant's ex-girlfriend,
12:34 pm
who says he got angry at a traffic stop and shot his gun through the roof of the car. her mother said she was glad to get her daughter out of that situation, from the violence she was exposed to, including him with his gun. the prosecutor plans to list other witnesses such as some of his buddies in his gun club that say he often would get drunk and threaten them with a gun, and he had issues with anger and with using firearms. those things will be key for the prosecution's indication. >> two ex-girlfriends on the list, too, and sometimes if you can establish a pattern of violence, especially violence against women, in our system, that's very helpful for your cause. >> it is. there's also a 2009 case where mr. pistorius made a settlement where he was accused of attacking a woman house guest at one of his parties. his attorneys tried to say that we made this settlement because he said he couldn't fight a criminal and civil case at the same time.
12:35 pm
that's also damaging for him. >> thank you so much. live from the florida newsroom. good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> well, sodas and other sugary drinks could soon come with warning labels. a senator in california introduced a bill to make it happen. the warning would read: state of california safety warning. drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. if the bill passes the label would got on drinks with 75 points -- 75 -- this comes a year after new york's former mayor michael bloomberg tried to ban large sugary drinks before an appeals court ruled it unconstitutional. if this happens in california, the rest of the country follows. we'll be watching. >> the u.s. military could soon give our troops on the battlefield food they have craved for decades.
12:36 pm
mres is what they eat but never had pizza. mr es are males ready to eat, replacing canned foods. these are packages that can last for years without refrigeration. now researchers at a military lab say they're develop offing pizza with a shelf life of three years. we have a picture of a pepperoni pizza prototype. coming out of a lab which laura ingall visited a few years back. >> it's chicken. >> i can imagine i'm at a sports bar with a cold beer, having this? i can see the similarities. >> now pizza, which is good, because it's america's favorite food. in fact, a recent government study finds that on any given day, one in eight persons across the country has a slice of pizza.
12:37 pm
lea gabrielle used to eat mres. if you don't look at them, it's better. >> i have to agree. if you don't look at them and can heat them up, which is what we're doing. we did preheat these for you to make them better. >> very kind. >> you have had recent meals at the white house, and these doritos -- i wanted to give you a special valentines lunch. >> you have done it. i like didn'ty moore beef stew, used to eat spam. i like junk horrible food. but this is not horrible food. it has great nutritional value. good calorie content. good nutrients and good nutrition. it's just hideous. >> it does look hideous, and you're right. it's intended to sustain somebody in combat, who is sweating a lot. >> this is the chicken fajita. >> this is what i went for in covering wars because i thought it tasted best.
12:38 pm
>> you have to try another one. like this grilled jalapeño pepper -- no -- grilled jalapeño pepper flavored beef patty, and they make the names better for the ones that are uglier. remember the pressed tobacco, it has that consistency. >> see what you think of this. >> it's spam meets ground beef. it's not horrible. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. this is the secret weapon, tabasco sauce. >> they give you the bottles at every mess hall. >> service members used to carry these in holsters so they never had to eat an mre without their tabasco sauce. >> plenty of people would say, when i asked. the, what do you snead? tabasco sauce. >> how do you like that? >> this is lasagna. this is rick's favorite.
12:39 pm
how are you going to make an mre pizza. i the hack dom know's would last three years. i mean that in the most loving way. >> a lot of preservatives, so this is a real pizza, and because i really like you, i brought a real pizza today. >> by real pizza, you mean something in a silvery box, not frock john's pizza. okay. >> this is actually gluten free pizza. >> i don't know if they can make pizza that goes in mres taste like this, but -- >> can you imagine -- if you -- everyone doesn't get the same meal. everybody would be after the pizza if it's any good. >> that's the question, will it be good. guys on patrol are tearing off a corner and squeezing them out like eating toothpaste so pizza might be something they can -- >> i don't think i have to give a descriptive addon for people
12:40 pm
to understand what it is this looks like. and this is one of the things that -- this is beef taco filling and quite good. would you really put a spoon in that and put it into your mouth? >> they've been working on these. they're trying to make these better. some of the named were meals rejected be the enemy. meals that refused to exit. >> this one already has. this is -- this chicken fajita filling is somewhat esthetically pleasing, my ex-mother-in-law said food should look pretty and taste good. that is what she said and how she said it. don't be ragging on people from tennessee because they don't talk like they're from jersey. >> you usually have some crackers and other things, some little coffee, things you-crunch
12:41 pm
up. >> these are fresh spoons. john, you like -- this is the fajita one. who do i need to go to for this one? oh, yes, ryan. what is this again? some kind of meat something -- >> i think that one is the beef taco filling. >> i'll give it a shot. >> where is my mic. >> all right. >> not terrible. >> if you just close your eyes, just close your eyes, all of this is more edible. >> too late in closing the eyes. >> one more time, john. one more time. i mean -- i'm sorry, chuck. that's just -- i mean, it looks like a bad saturday morning after a frat party. >> you have an all-american meal right there. >> i shouldn't have said that, should i. >> i don't know. >> the reason we did this segment is because they're work only the pizza. >> the is actually better than the stuff from the vending
12:42 pm
machine. this is better cold. >> everything is better than the vending machine. >> if you had crackers, which you almost always do, and i some hot sauce -- >> i'm going too need that, yes -- going to need that. >> we're going install pay toilets to get the revenue up after this. >> oh, my gosh. >> we dead the segment because they're working on pizzas for soldiers. >> they should and they're working on. the big challenge has been that the moisture in the cheese and sauce leaks into the crust and then it becomes moldy and bacteria forms. >> like that. >> they're trying to add sugar and more salt that are -- so that the water binds to it to keep the water in the crust. there are you can have your pizza while you're on combat patrol, hap -- better for morale >> fake food. this is not fake food. this is real. tell you about fake food you probably have in your cabinet. find out what may be in your
12:43 pm
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[poof!] [beep]
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[clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. >> 14 minutes before the hour. i'm shepard smith reporting. nor more food now. cops confiscated more than thousand tons of counterfeit food and drinks worth millions of dollars. officers found more than noun gallons of fake -- 30,000-gallons of fake oil and vinegar, and 80,000 cookies and chocolate bars, 20-tons of spices and condiments. and enough fake champagne to fill 60,000 bottles. officials say the operation involved 33 different countries in europe, americas, africa, and asia, and rounded up almost 100
12:47 pm
people for questioning. how can you but sure what you're eating is real? let's bring in a restaurant and drinks editor of bon -- bon apetit, and lea is here. >> that previous segment -- i've eaten a lot of food but -- >> she's very brave. >> shep is very brave. >> i'm reading the research for the segment and i find out my cinnamon is not sib mon, my pepper is not pepper and if it comes with a bottle -- >> a cute little bear, not honey. >> oh do i know the difference and. >> olive oil, 69% of extra virgin olive oil was actually extra virgin. the big confusion is, where is it coming from? you two things to look for and that's the vintage. you want the most recent year. you want 2013.
12:48 pm
>> why? >> unlike wine, olive oil do doesn't need to age. you want it to be as fresh as possible. >> i never understood extra virgin anyway. you either are or aren't. >> that's true. >> black and white thing here. >> virgin costs more. >> what does extra veryin mean? >> has to do with asidity. >> and balsamic vinegar -- >> two types of balsamic vinegar, the stuff like molasses, we don't eat that. salad dressing stuff, look for stuff with grape nuts in it so -- you want to avoid added sugar and you want to avoid mostly carmel coloring. carmel coloring in foodes bad. >> coca-cola.
12:49 pm
>> pepper, my mccormicks -- >> i'm not going to sea mccormicks. with coffee and pepper, buy whole peppers and whole bean -- they grind the pepper on your salad -- >> you don't know what year that was ground. when you go into your cupboard and find cinnamon that's been there for two years -- >> it's new cinnamon. >> it's new cinnamon.-- anotheru should grind -- wow. >> cinnamon stick. most -- none of this is true cinnamon. true cinnamon is seylon
12:50 pm
cinnamon. this is not a bad thing. it's knot real. the real cinnamon is very thin, almost brittle and this is like a piece of bark. so with this don't buy preground cinnamon, buy true cinnamon. if you can't, buy this and grate it yourself. >> did you know if it's in a plastic aboutle and looks like a bear, it's not honey? >> i assumed it's honey. >> you can't help from buying it, it's so cute. this bear here, you think it's honey but the honey comes from u.s.a., canada, and argentina. they get around. the extra virgin is all over the place. >> put this together for you. this is when you need to trust your hippy friends and go with the single origin farm, go to the farmers market, it should say a place. even new jersey.
12:51 pm
>> andrew boltin, thank you so much. i learned something today, about mres -- >> all of this would make the mres taste better. >> we'll be right back. honestly? my kids re always on my laptop. i didn't think i could buy them their own, let alone for under $300. t this asus with windows is lightweight and has everything they need -- not like chromebooks that can't install office or have to be connected to the internet to get much done. with this they can do homework, chat, play games -- on their own laptop, antheir own time.
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the bullying case around the miami dolphins involved multiple bullies and multiple targets. an attorney looked into a pattern of almost daily harass. on the team. the nfl hired that attorney to conduct his own investigation. he says some teammates routinely ridiculed jonathan martin who walked away mid-season. the lawyer claims another unnamed player was subjected to name calling and improper physical touching and says an
12:55 pm
assistant trainer faced racial slurs. the dolphins suspended richie incognito. an attorney for incognito calls the report replete with errors and the fact does not support the conclusion that jonathan martin's mental health, drug use, or performance issues were related to the treatment by his teammates. trace gallagher has the latest. what more do we know from this report? >> we know the report from ted welsh says that jonathan martin didn't make any of this stuff up after he left the dolphins. it guess through in the report and details this list of bullying, not just by richie incognito but other linemen. there were also text messages between incognito and others about retaliating against jonathan martin because he was a snitch. the other player is said do be a
12:56 pm
young offensive lineman who was bullied and the assistant trainer is a japanese-american. after the long pattern of bullying, the report says richy incognito did not intend to drive martin off the dolphins and cause lasting emotional harm, and says the coach didn't know anything about this at all. >> lots to go, trace gallagher, thank you very much. >> we'll wrap things up and send you off to neil cavuto right you off to neil cavuto right after this. fraud could mean lower credit scores... ...and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to
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on this day in 1988 the american speed indicater dan janzen fell during a race at the winter olympics hours after he learned his sister died of cancer. he just missed a bronze four years later. he decided to stay in the his after this sister died. but he slipped and fell. later he finally became an olympic champion and took a
1:00 pm
victory lap with his baby daughter named jane after his sister, 26 years ago today. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. look at the dow, nice work. >> we're digging out. he's digging in. we're freezing. he just keeps on spending. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. on a day when a lot of people are dealing with this, the president is doing this. pushing for a billion dollar climate resilience fund. keeping the focus very much on the warming, even though about 60% of the country is freezing. it is that very kind of spending that send shivers through market watcher david many. >> here we go again. >> it's weirdly two things that are fruiter threats. we have the deficit on one side,