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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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good night from washington, d.c. and i'll see you on gretawire all weekend long. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight, many russians and putin on their behalf resent american assertions of exceptionalism. they point to our own flawed history. >> controversy has erupted about nbc's portrayal of russian leader putin. >> everyone's out on arms because costas was talking about putin. >> so what's going on? we'll analyze. >> if the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, so be it. >> huckabee may run for president.
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tonight he'll tell us how he'd do versus hillary clinton. >> embrace your past, but live for now. >> apparently that line has not impressed the state of california. it may legitimate against soft drinks. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. politics and the olympics. that is the subject for this evening's talking points memo. there's always been politics at the olympic games. in 1936, they were held in berlin germany. presided over by one adolph hitler. it was in those games where american track star jesse owens humiliated the third reich. this year the games in russia now a bit of controversy. nbc sports anchor bob costas lit the fuse. >> at the center of every
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question is the country's president vladimir putin. he was the central force behind bringing these games here and just in the last year he brokered a deal to allow syria to avoid a military strike by giving up its chemical weapons. and help bring iran to the negotiating table over its nuclear intentions. and he has repeatedly showcased his confidence to take on the west, particularly the united states. >> what mr. costas stated was true, but the context is weak. vladimir putin in a villain. a former kgb thug. he's a prime supporter of the syrian murderer assad. sure he tried to stop any military action against assad. he's his buddy. but it was not obviously for humanitarian reasons. again, in iran putin protects the crazy mullahs causing trouble all over the place. if you're going to criticize
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putin, you have to bring a lot of perspective and nbc b did not. thus the predictable happened. >> everyone is up in arms because he praised putin. why is everybody surprised that nbc news would log praise over a soviet kgb leader? when they are his prisoner for two weeks as the televising network. besides that, there's not that much ideological difference. >> putin sycophant bob costas wins gold medal for authoritarian a-kissing. unquote. surely true that nbc doesn't want to t off putin. but i know costas. he's not some crazy left wing guy that would celebrate a man like putin. he was simply reading a script designed to be innocuous.
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but these days nothing is innocuous. everything is political. therefore bob costas finds himself once again on the defensive. talking points always likes to analyze from the shoes of the people in them. i would not have read the script that costas read. however, i don't believe that costas and nbc sports meant any harm at all. so for me, it's a wash. and that's a memo. for the top story tonight, reaction from goldberg and dobbs. first up joining me from miami, you say? >> i say you asked for context, i'll give you a bit. here's a quote. i don't know anyone who sees putin as a peacemaker. bob costas said that. putin supports a vicious and brutal regime in syria. costas said that. >> when did he say those things? >> during his interviews a the . these are all olympic quotes. >> this year. okay.
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>> this year. >> this now. ongoing olympics. >> right. putin has a cold war mentality. costas said that. corruption is rampant in russia. costas said that. costas had a guest on who he did not challenge on this who talked about russia's vicious anti-gay mentality and about how network news shows in that country, you can't possibly say anything bad about vladimir putin. so the idea that costas somehow portrayed vladimir putin as a benign figure is ridiculous. let me tell you what i think this is really about. this has almost nothing to do with bob costas. this is about cable television left and right. this is about talk radio. and this is about blogs, conservative and liberal, that have a constant need for a supply of bad guys and controversies. and the controversies can't be small controversies. because that's not interesting
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enough. so every little thing has to become a big controversy because that's good for business. bill, we have enough real issues that divide us in this country, legitimate issues like obama care. we don't need mole hills turned into mountains in order -- even though they may be good television or good radio, but they're not good for america. >> okay. now, isn't it true, though, that the script that we quoted from that costas read was not a very well-written script? wouldn't you see that? i wouldn't have read that. i don't know if you would or not, but i wouldn't have. >> i think you made a good point. that while it was true, i mean, it was factually true. >> but misleading. >> okay. but in the context of other interviews and things -- >> but let's stay -- you can't assume that everybody's watching every second of what your performances are over there. goldberg and o'reilly, we're in
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a studio, all right? and we're doing some live event, and they come in as they always do with script and stuff. because when you do what costas does over there, you can't write it. i can write my own stuff. he can't. so i'm taking a look at this. and i'm going you know what, guys? i'm not reading this unless you put in this line and this line. that's what i would have done. >> okay. good. why are you minimizing what i think is the real issue here? >> because i'm not sure whether it's the real reason or not. i'm not challenging you on it. it may well be true. >> i understand. but let me give you one easy to understand very quick vignette. barack obama who i don't agree with about almost anything goes over to nelson mandela's funeral. as he's saying hello to a number of world leaders, he says hello to raul castro, the cuban dictator. conservatives on this channel
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said he embraced castro. he didn't embrace castro. because castro -- >> he almost kissed him. he's very close. >> he didn't almost kiss him. he bent down because of the height difference, but conservatives made it sound like -- >> let me challenge you on this. >> -- he was kissing adolph hitler. >> castro is not hitler. he is hitler like. >> big difference. bill, bill, you may want to reconsider that. they're going to come after you. >> i don't care if they come after me. >> he's not even hitler-like. >> they killed on cuba a tremendous amount of people, the castro brothers. >> i'm no fan of the castro brothers. >> i'm at the kennedy honors thing, who else is up to me? snoop dogg, mr. marijuana and bad poster boy for the kids. snoop dogg puts out his ring
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encrusted hand to shake my hand. okay? you know what i did? i shook his hand. >> you didn't shake his hand. >> no, i did. but i kind of went back like this. i shook his hand, all right, and i said nice to meet you. that was it. it wasn't a move in. it wasn't an embrace. >> how would you like it, bill, if some crazies, you know, in some values, culture, organization said bill o'reilly shook hands with that vulgar rapper snoop dogg. >> i wouldn't care because i knew i was doing the right thing. and i didn't criticize obama for shaking castro's hand. you have to do that. it's protocol. i think we're wandering a bit. i think the mistake costas made was that he read stuff out of context. 20 seconds. >> and why we're not wandering is because that is a piece of a bigger more depressing puzzle. and that puzzle is a constant
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need for controversy and it goes on and on and on and it is bad for this country. it polarizes us. >> all right. bernie goldberg. next on the rundown, lou dobbs may say differently on the putin olympic controversy. then mike huckabee on how he would defeat hillary clinton if he runs for president. factor's coming right back. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. hi boys! i've made you campbell's chunky new england clam chowder. wow! this is incredible! i know. and now it has more clams! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. what? [ male announcer ] it fills you up right. impact wool exports from new zealand,
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now to the lead story, nbc kind of praising the russian tyrant vladimir putin. here now lou dobbs. author of the new book "upheaval." so what do you think? >> there was nothing accidental about it. and if i may disagree with you on this, this was not an accident. when you're speaking to a billion people and nbc has a billion dollars invested in the outcome, there are no accidents there. he talked about president putin being the center of everything,
5:14 pm
being centered at the planning, implementation. it was a brokered deal for syria that putin put through, not obama. this was a network, in my opinion, that was pandering to its host country and doing so, i think frankly, shamelessly. >> what about goldberg saying that in the course he had criticized putin on a number of cases. and i think what happened was costas was just given a script and read it. i don't think he analyzed it with any -- >> this is not a personal criticism of costas at all. but what i am saying is it's one thing for the sports department to be there doing their thing. they don't have to go to public policy, to the initiatives of -- >> no, they didn't have to mention all that. they didn't have to do that. >> there's a purpose and a reason. and by the way, i think they had a former soviet propagandist
5:15 pm
sitting next to them. >> that might have been brokered by putin and his guys. >> he wasn't there by accident. >> that's right. you're under their tutelage while you're over there. >> they could have found a conservative voice of some kind. >> nbc could have found a conservative voice? when has that ever happened? is there anybody who works for nbc who's conservative? i don't think there's anybody. it's funny though the guy running the olympics, jim bell, he's not some crazy liberal guy. costas isn't some crazy liberal guy. these are moderate guys. >> they may be moderate guys, but what they did certainly was not moderate. >> but i don't think they even thought they were doing anything wrong. they just want to get through it. >> my criticism is of nbc -- >> do you think they sat down and said we want to make this guy look good, make putin look good. do you think they did that? i think they wrote that stuff to get it out of the way. >> to just float it out there. the soviet propagandist involved
5:16 pm
with it had nothing to do with it. another arch liberal had nothing to do with it. >> i don't think it was a make putin look good. i think it was get this out of the way. when you have a bad show, nbc has a bad show and they have a lot of them, they still have to promote the show. and it's garbage. >> what are you saying you're going to love? sla vladimir? you'll love him. he sprints. >> and he's topless with tigers. that's why they get hammered because they didn't think it through. you've been in the business long enough. how many executives actually think? do you know any? >> yes, i do. is that the correct answer? >> you're going to pander here? >> i'll put it this way. when my audience is as large as yours, i'll give you the full answer. >> most executives and writers are just doing this to get it on and i bet you costas didn't
5:17 pm
even -- he's probably shocked we're even talking about it. >> because he's a gentle soul. >> he is. >> he would never go on during the half-time of a football game and talk about gun control, for example. >> that's a different story though. >> it's similar to me. >> that's in his craw. >> i hear something resonating there. >> i'm going to get costas on the show when he comes back. i'm going to play your sound clip and let him have it on you. i don't think he's an ideological guy. the gun thing is different. he doesn't like guns. that's for sure. putin likes guns. he might have pointed that out. putin's got lots of gun. >> he has lots of guns. and other things that go bang. >> all right. lou dobbs. next mike huckabee. if he runs for president, can he defeat hillary clinton? later on los angeles going crazy for pot. that woman will get you some medical marijuana if you have heart palpitations.
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new mair ris poll asked about political matchups in 2016. according to the poll hillary clinton would defeat mike huckabee 55-41. but two weeks ago a ppp poll much closer. so the governor's remarks about women libidos apparently hurt him. here now is huckabee. don't take them all seriously. but if you decide to run, she's the person you'll most likely have to go up against. and you have a gender thing here. first woman president. you know, she's going to get a lot of votes just on that alone. how do you cut through it? >> i think first of all i'm not sure she's going to run. i think everybody assumed she
5:22 pm
will. but look. she's going to be at an age where it's going to be a challenge for her. and also she's got a record. she was a senator and a secretary of state. can you name one country in the world with whom we have better relationships after her tenure as secretary of state? one? >> iceland. >> maybe. maybe on a cold day in iceland. but otherwise, no. >> look, with all due respect, the mass of people don't know what they're voting for. okay? >> sure. >> elected a president who had no experience, who had no record, who showed up in the senate and voted present most of the time who had no ability to run anything because he never had. brilliant man. absolutely. if you underestimate his intellect, you're crazy. brilliant man. but no experience, no record, nothing. elected twice. against both times john mccain, come on, and mitt romney. both accomplished men. folks don't care. so if you run, you're running
5:23 pm
against emotion. emotion. how do you cut through it? >> first of all, i think you've got to remind people that hillary clinton was the one who said if the phone 3:00 in the morning, who do you want answering it? remember she made it as if she was the person you wanted on the end of the phone. then i'd cut to the statement after benghazi she made. what difference does it make? if this is the answer you get, you've got the wrong answer. >> what i'm picking up from you, governor, is you would go negative against mrs. clinton. >> not against her but against her record. >> that's like saying i'm going negative against o'reilly, not against him but against the factor. it's the same. all right. >> no, i don't think -- let me be clear. i don't think anybody beats the democrat next time by being against the democrat. they've got to be for america they've got to show here's what we're going to do that's going to get the job market back and
5:24 pm
put people back to work. b >> but a huckabee/clinton race or a christie/clinton race would be more personality driven than all the others. >> most presidential elections are personality driven. >> but you guys are outsized personalities, pardon. you're big personalities you and christie. in person clinton is very low key. but you guys would have to take her on to mobilize the so-called base. because if you do what john mccain or mitt romney, you lose. neither of those men took on barack obama. they didn't. >> let me be clear. the first thing that has to happen is winning the senate this year. with all the presidential politics going on -- >> so you would run if they won. >> i just won't make the decision until that part has been settled. >> would it be easier if republicans win the senate? >> i think so. as he says with his pen and his phone.
5:25 pm
>> and also you're taking the side if they had elected a republican senate. that's another thing. but what is going to win the next election is not a horizontal description. it's what i've long said has to happen where the republicans need to up the game. it's vertical politics. it's making sure we have a message that takes people up, not down. that makes things better, not worse. most average americans, they don't care about democrats and republicans. they care about themselves. >> yeah. they want to see if you're going to make their lives better. but you have to also take into account gender politics and demographics. >> twice i had women opponents when i ran for lieutenant governor and governor. it's a different kind of dynamics. it's very different. >> as you say as you just learned, every time you mention the women you're going to be anti-women. bully, you're going to be this and that. >> what you do, you don't
5:26 pm
apologize. because what i said is nothing which i'm going to apologize. >> that's not the way the media spun it. >> you know what? i get on the o'reilly factor and can overcome all of it. >> now you're talking logic. >> that's how it happens. >> you've got to let us know, man. you've got to give us a tip if you're going to go. you've got a few years. you have some time. and if you go to the website free god you can get a free movie. call one nation under god. the governor is promoting the film. so check it out. as the factor moves ahead, marijuana increasing all over the usa. but it's bizarre in california. and while they're protecting pot out there, they don't want you to drink soda. oh no. proposed law would attack the soft drink industry. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. ♪
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tonight the most populated state california has not legalized marijuana, but really they have. if you look in the back of alternative newspapers, there's scores of ads for medical marijuana. some featuring scantily clad young women promoting all kinds of pot bargains. as we told you early on, this medical marijuana thing, a complete ruse. joining us now from boston dr. kevin sebet author of the book
5:31 pm
"reefer sanity." you worked for president obama and you advised him, his administration, on drug policy. so we have two states that have legalized pot now. 18 members are asking to remove it from the dangerous list of drugs. give me a sense of what's happening? >> this small group in congress is really repeating the evidence list talking points of a marijuana lobby that frankly stands to make millions if marijuana is fully legal across the united states. this is a lobby that's taking the pages out of the big tobacco play book. >> sure. a lot of money to be made. we're seeing that in denver right now. they all say we have alcohol here. why not marijuana? how do you reply to that? >> look, alcohol is legal for cultural reasons. it's not legal because it's great for your health. although we do know that marijuana is not as embedded in our culture as alcohol is.
5:32 pm
and frankly, alcohol and our legal policies on alcohol, tobacco, and frankly prescription drugs have led to a massive lobby that lives off of addiction for profit. the question is do we now want to add another list to that list of legal drugs? the science, we can't have another debate. it's about as addictive as alcohol and for kids one out of every six kids who smoke marijuana at age 16 will become addi addicted. that has huge kble kagss. >> as a former teacher and high school teacher, i know what it does. once the kid starts in any drug, it's over and all of that. in europe and portugal has legalized marijuana, what's happened over there? >> they haven't fully legalized it. this was for the use, the personal use of low level amounts of any drug. not just marijuana. rather than be referred to a criminal system, you're being referred to this panel of sort
5:33 pm
of three social workers that determine if you need treatment or a fine or whatnot. and the issue is, drug use has increased since that happened in 2001. they have not seen the reductions in crime that they were hoping for. frankly there has been a message sent that low levels of drug use is okay. on all drugs, by the way. >> portugal's use of drugs has risen in the face of this decriminalization. >> no doubt about it. >> in holland, if anybody has travelled to amsterdam, they know what that is. it's a free zone for drugs and marijuana in particular. it's happened there. >> marijuana use is tripled among adults after that. lately they've been scaling back their policy. it's a public nuisance to have these coffee shops that attract the kinds of tourists they don't want. so they're closing down coffee shops and finding out that now the netherlands is just about the number one country in europe
5:34 pm
that has to demand more marijuana treatment because there are actually more people with problems in the netherlands than almost any other country in europe because of this. >> what i hear you're saying, though, as we said in l.a. and in california, it's de facto legalized now with this medical marijuana ruse. so we're going to see at the polls most people want legalized marijuana. at least decriminalized. you say once that happens as it has happened in washington state and colorado, we'll see the marijuana adex for it rise in a very troubling way. that's your prediction? >> no doubt about it. look, i don't think anybody wants to throw people in prison for low level amounts of use. that's not what legalization is about though. it's about creating an industry whose business it is to increase addiction. if your business model is you have to increase addiction, then that's going to happen. already after this first month in colorado, things aren't going well. kids are going to the e.r. for ingesting pot cookies and candies and edibles.
5:35 pm
that ad you showed in california is almost nothing compared to the ads almost that are in newspapers, not all tendternati. >> there's a lot of money to be made. all right. we appreciate your point of view. when we come back, big u.s. car maker mocking the french. wait nm yuntil you see this. factor's coming right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ where you think you're gonna go ♪ ♪ when your time's all gone? male annocer ] live a full life. the new lexus ct hybrid with an epa estimated 42 mpg. the further you go, the more intesting it ge. lease the 2014 ct 200h
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♪ thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. presenting the cadillac line. >> why do we work so hard? for what? for this? for stuff? other countries with b they work, they stroll home, they stop by the cafe, they take august off. off. why aren't you like that? why aren't we like that? it's pretty simple. you work hard, you create your own luck, and you've got to believe anything is possible. as for all the stuff, that's the upside of only taking two weeks off in august.
5:40 pm
>> you like that, huh? >> you know, aside from the guy's shorts being a little too tight, i actually love the commercial. i mean, it isn't a cultural shot across the bow against the french, yes. but it's the french. the men smell, the women don't shave their legs, they smoke too much, they cheat on each other. the question is does it reflect reality, this commercial? and if the year was 1958, yes. but these days people that have two weeks vacation, you feel sorry for them. this is a nation obsessed with useless bums like the kardashians, the real housewives, the jersey shore kids. >> so they make fun of us. >> but the underlying tone is if you work hard and you invest your own capital that you can get the pool and the cadillac and the nice house. whereas if you just, you know, take -- if you're a layabout, you're not going to get that. >> or if you take the whole month of august off opposed to just two weeks. >> but the germans are
5:41 pm
different. >> why the spot at the end? why france? >> have you been to france? >> of course. they'll let you in. france is a country that -- he actually described it. they do get all of august off and their work rules are 36 hours. they get all kinds -- you can retire at age 23. it's unbelievable the disincentives to work. >> okay. so what does that have to do with cadillac? and i own a cadillac. >> if you want a mercedes-benz, it's going to be hard to get it if you incorporate that kind of a lifestyle where you don't want to work hard. >> but there is a certain humility attached to american exceptionalism without which it turns into arrogant, ugly americanism that you have to watch out for. by the way, cadillac was bailed out by the taxpayers. >> they paid that money back. >> god bless.
5:42 pm
all right. >> i drive a caddy. >> an escalade, pimped out. no doubt. >> just a regular car, a regular sedan. and i don't take the month of august off although i am working on it right now. in california as we discussed, they love the pot. medical pot. anything wrong with you, pot, pot, pot. but you want a dr pepper? no. all right? so the legislature is thinking about a bill that would -- when you buy a soda, you would have a giant label saying this soda will kill you in a variety of different ways. it's almost like the cigarettes. >> it's like a cigarette warning. and the truth is there already is a calorie count on all of the sodas. >> but it's like this. nobody can see it. >> nobody's who's going to see it will care anyway. >> i look at the calorie things. >> they're talking about kids developing diabetes. here's the problem. they say when scientists this conclusive, we as legislators
5:43 pm
have an obligation to advise the public and protect them. they're going to get cancer from smoking weed. >> there is a high diabetes rate in this country. it doesn't matter what the kids care about. >> the government should stay out of it. there should be warnings and advisories and all that crap, but remember when they first came for cigarette smokers, the tobacco users, everybody was silent. and people warned you, hey, it's a slippery slope. they're going to come for your doughnuts and now they're coming. i'll make a prediction unlike your super bowl prediction will come to fruition. people will be standing outside restaurants sneaking french fries. >> in california, it's staggering though. pot, hey, hey. >> no problem. >> but dr pepper, i don't know. >> by the way the beverage association says only 4% are
5:44 pm
affected by soda and the obesity problem. what about the other 96%? >> i drink a lot of water. i'm a boring guy. once in awhile i'll have a little soda, but not a lot. >> wow. >> how about a french croissant? >> during the week, huh-uh. going to hold it over. i got a really good one tonight. >> i have a better one. >> no, you don't. and then the factor goes on the road next week. we'll tell you where so you can get out of town. moments away. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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back of the book tonight. pinheads, once here again. you see saturdays at 9:00 p.m. and bernard, you never see him except on the show.
5:48 pm
janine has chosen mayor de blasio and schools chief carmen ferina. because during the blizzard they said this. >> given the information we had, it was right to go ahead with school. it's not something you do lightly. to close school. >> because this storm was so unpredictable and what we heard last night is not necessarily what we saw this morning. coming down here, it has totally stopped snowing. it is a beautiful day out there right now. >> okay. >> so there's a monster winter storm slamming new york city. someone is killed by a snowplow, there's car accidents, buses hitting cars, and she says it's a beautiful day out there. what video are you watching? >> no. it's medical marijuana. >> but the best part is she gets into her suv, cancels her meeting that night because of inclement weather. >> and de blasio wouldn't close
5:49 pm
the schools, so the urchins had to trump through the blizzard and blinding snow. >> just proves that bill de blasio is incompetent. this is the first of many missteps he's going to make. by the way, can you say what you said in sign language? >> i thought she was trying to get warm. that's what she was doing. >> but if you notice, de blasio dresses down because it's not a regular day. but he's sending these little midgets to school. the kids can't get through the snow. >> okay. midgets you can't say anymore. height challenged. >> i'm talking about children. >> you can't call them midgets. >> they don't care. did i just get in trouble? >> my pinhead is the guy in baghdad, the bomb instructor. he was instructing suicide bombers on how to use a suicide belt. now, they wear signs, the guy only had seven fingers and no nose and his nickname was butter finge fingers bashir.
5:50 pm
he blew everybody up and himself. i bring it up on valentine's day because it's like an aphrodisiac for people tonight. >> this happened. a bomb maker in iraq teaching the people and then everybody got blown up. how many people dead? do you remember? >> 21. >> 21 people dead. >> including this guy. you can see them up in heaven saying jihadists get virgins but nothing for you. >> yeah. blew them up. >> he only had seven fingers? >> that's because he had a few accidents beforehand. just don't say the word midget again please. here's my pinhead of the week. actually two guys. >> a drum roll please. >> there's three of there are the miami dolphin hazing thing. all right now the report is in. and three guys have been singled out. put their faces up there, please. all right, ritchie incognito.
5:51 pm
they're all offensive linemen for the family dolphins. what they did was hectored, assaulted verbally two of their teammates. using racial slurs, homophobe terms. i remember reporting this story, i got a lot of letters, by guy, 300 pounds, toughen up. all right, here is the deal on this. nobody should have to take that kind of stuff. but the miami dolphins, where are their leaders? i know the dolphin franchise, bob greasy, don shula, all the guys in the past, this never could have happened. you can't have this in the locker room, you say? >> i can't imagine a room more testosterone charged. but the lines, you really have to push them a little bit. come on, these are fired up
5:52 pm
guys. >> it is the pattern, the texts, calls, everything else. >> and the investigator said that hazing and the bullying and teasing and vulgar banter went both ways. >> these three guys, this report says all three, incognito, jerry and pouncey, he may have fought back, but these guys made it difficult for their teammates. >> i can't believe the judge is actually defending these mutton heads. >> because they're charged up. >> this incognito was just reinstated and tweeted to martin that the truth is going to bury you. he resumed his basically, the nasty punk tactics, so pin head doesn't even cover. >> it will be interesting to see what these dolphins do. these guys are good players, they're good players. >> but if as they say on the
5:53 pm
team, swish the fish. >> it indicates new standards now, it is different. and it is not the way it used to be. >> well, there is not a lot of leadership. >> all right, pin heads, two things to tell you about, first up, auctioning off my notes for the presidential interview, barack obama, signed by him and me to benefit the fisher house which benefits the families of wounded veterans. this is a one-of-a-kind thing, o one, so bid on that, billo', to the fisher house, you get a replica, suitable for framing. all right, ms. megyn and i, kilmeade, doing a benefit april 3rd. billo' will connect you with the box office. that will be a blast, and can you imagine me and kilmeade? it is going to be fun. all right, factor tip of the day. we're on the road next week and we'll tell you where we're going. the tip, moments away. ♪ we're gonna be late.
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factor tip of the day, factor moving out of new york city next week. but first, 29 palms, california, bill i watched your segment on afghanistan, served in iraq, people there don't really care. and i've been both to iraq and afghanistan, i can tell you the rules of engagement prevented us from closing down the operation. everybody seems to forget that. not us, we reported accurately on it. and the afghan system of justice is different than us, they don't recognize fingerprinting or dna, that is why the terrorists went free. and what happens if lawyers don't take cases on contingency. fair question, a judge should be able to decide whether civil actions have merit or are just
5:57 pm
shakedowns, and then assess payment for frivolity. this entire assessment of sleazy lawyers suing, has got to stop. and don't know which is dumber, interviewing with watters in the sno snow. and good laugh warms the heart, watters work and the snow is genius. and what is the difference between jesus and bill o'reilly? jesus walks on water, o'reilly walks on watters. you know, you might want to hide out for a few days after that one. and jim, i'm taking my wife to see you in san diego, it's her birthday. we'll see you guys a week from tonight and happy birthday. that san diego show sold out but
5:58 pm
tickets remain in pittsburgh at the console energy center, buffalo at the shea, billo' has information. so get on it this weekend, people, the shows will sell out. and carlos, anaheim, california, i have read killing lincoln and killing jesus, they're all outstanding books. can't wait for the next one, and great time to read the lincoln, kennedy and jesus books, final tip of the day, first up, happy valentine's day. have some fun second, we'll be in los angeles next week causing trouble. we go out there every year before more people watch the factor in california than any other state in the union, and we would like to recognize that. anyway, in l.a. today it was 78 degrees. in new york, there is a foot and a half of snow. so here is the tip, when you have a choice between sunny and warm as opposed to icy and fr z
5:59 pm
freezing, take the heat, so to speak, that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox website which is different from billo' also we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o' and word of the day, do not be a tr troglodite when writing to the factor, next week we'll have a full cadre of features. we'll have a special feature of watters world. hysterical, you believe what we'll do. and then mad as hell on thursday night, so we want those letters to know what you're angry about i always like going out there. a different feel. the oscar week. there will be a lot of swells floating around.
6:00 pm
and i'm sure they're happy to see me. again, thank you for joining us tonight, ms. megyn is next, i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. good evening every, and welcome to "the kelly file" special on the presidential power grab. i'm megyn kelly. tonight, we investigate the growing concern over what critics are calling a lawless presidency with an executive branch ignoring the constitution and creating, editing or ignoring laws as the president sees fit. to be fair, mr. obama has not tried to hide what he is doing. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. i told my administration to keep looking every