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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  February 15, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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we will be reporting from california, with mary catherine. and also a special watters world, a presidents day edition. and all new on h-factor, your life will be better, did you see it? welcome to a healthy you, i'm carol alt. this is an argument i have had with several dietitians who come on this show? is it okay to skip breakfast? personally i don't think this is a good idea at all. if you misbreakfast, you're going to make poor diet choices all day long because you're hungry. plus, he's been part of the fitness industry for more than 30 years. can you believe that? you maybe even caught him on his popular television show, bodies in motion. but what makes him so knowledgeable, interesting, and
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funny? i think it's that he really knows his stuff and he's so passionate about what he does. he'll show us some strength training you can do right at home. but first, many women use makeup to look younger, feel more beautiful, or just to give them confidence. but what if makeup is doing the exact opposite, what if it's making you look older? what if it's act sent waiting the long feature and what if you don't know you don't look so great. helping to turn back time is genevieve. i love moore magazine and i read it and i found this amazing arable th article about turning back time. i see women who get stuck in an era. >> something that worked for you in your 20s, suddenly stops working for you around 35 or even 45 in some cases. so you need to relearn some of
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your makeup habits. >> right, or they go back to a time that was a good time for them and think that is reflected in their makeup. it's got nothing to do with your makeup and makeup can actually make flaws and faults look worse. >> if your skin is evolving, your makeup needs to evolve. >> your skin is constantly changing so you have to change up your foundation, your powders. >> your first tip was about powder. powder makeup, in your teens and certainly in your 20s it's all about fighting the shine and keep your skin from looking greasy. powder foundations, in particular some mineral makeups have grown in popularity because they're great for sensitive skin and they're good for your skin, and this is all true. but on older skin -- a setting spray, you can use your favorite
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powder foundation, just as you have always done, but then you spritz it on. it breaks up your makeup and makes you glow. >> dewey does not mean oily? >> dewey is your friend. >> please don't put it on the outside parol part of your eye and it seems to act sent wait the lines. >> perfect, next up, what do we have here? >> this is for eyeliner, when we all learn to do our makeup, we sent to do corner to corner, top to bottom. as we age, it gets harder and harder to pull off the under eye makeup. maybe we're wearing a heavier eye cream, we're tired. some people aren't willing to
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stop putting eye makeup on all together. so one solution is just to do is outer third of your eye. it's les likely to smudge or smear but it leaves the eye looking defined. we have waterproof makeup or water resistant makeup. >> when you put eyeliner on, straight line it looks great. once you're in your 30s, 40s, a 50s, you pull the lid taught, or cross the lid, you let go, and suddenly that straight line is a little crooked. so the solution is try not to be so precise. go for a chubbier eyeliner, or if you're really married to your gel liner or a fine tipped liner, rather than drawing it across the lid, sort of push it up into the lash line, you'll define the eye, but it doesn't reline so you don't have to worry.
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a lot of women will put on extra layers of mascara. maybe the 40 lashes that you have, it looks like four because they all clump. so the solution first is to always make sure you have a lash comb. this one actually comes with a comb on the end of the mascara. make sure that you're combing through, so every lash is getting its due, so to speak. >> i also have some mascara that are plush, they have bits and pieces that are fibers. >> i actually am wearing one today. so you're ahead of the curve, you can cheat a little bit that way. caky concealer, it's a problem, you need a concealer at the age, you want to cover dark circles, but the skin is dryer, so the second you put anything
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emollient on the skin, it sucks it up. >> this is something that i learned, take your concealer, put it in your hand, mix it with your moisturizer, the more hydrated you are, the let's caky. >> 100%. >> and the lips, with lip liner. >> the bleeding lips, the lipstick that bleeds into the little lines. the easiest solution is a good lip liner. you definitely don't want one that's darker than the lips. or this one is actually clear, and it literally acts like a fence around your lips. it's got a little bit of silicone in there. and it prevents it from bleeding out. >> finally, color. we tend to shy away from it as we age, a lot of women want to go with a more neutral palate, and that tends to be flattering, but don't abandon color all together. if you have neutrals on your eyes or cheeks, get a little
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puff of color on your lips. if you have browns on your eyes, a little bit of color on your lips. it will make you look glowier and fresher. >> thank you genervieve for beig here. the question of the week, is it really okay to skip breakfast? we'll find out. i can download anything i want. [ girl ] seriously? that's a lot of music. seriously. that's insane. seriously? that's a lot of gold rope. seriously, that's a signature look. you don't have a signature look, honey. ♪ that's a signature look. [ male announcer ] only at&t brings you beats music. unlimited downloads for up to 5 accounts and 10 devices all for $14.99 a month. ♪ all for $14.99 a month.
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doctors and nutritionist -- that breakfast can help give you energy for the whole day long. well, according to at least one doctor, you can throw those sentiments out the window. with me now is dr. joseph
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marcola who's challenging us to skip breakfast all together. doctor, what do you mean? >> i know, it's surprising, why would you skip breakfast when almost every expert says its the most important meal of the day. >> 2/3 of the people in this country are challenged with weight control issues. the reason for that is that if you think about our ancestors never had access to three meals a day. you reduce your body eeds ability to actually burn fat. even though you may have ten, 50, 100 pounds of fat to burn, your body can't burn it efficiently. >> because it's never without. >> it's always got sugar and you teach it, you trick it to only burn sugar effectively.
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so you increase your enzymes to burn that and decrease your enzymes to burn fat. so by skipping breakfast, you can teach your body to burn fat effectively. >> i get the sentiment of fasting, i fast to destress the body and raise my ph. but breakfast, why don't you skip dinner? >> the key here is intermittent. what we want to do is restrict your body to a six to eight-hour window where that's the only time you're getting food. once you teach your body how to burn fat effectively. it's almost magical. the desire, the cravings for sugar almost magically disappear. it's profoundly effective. >> but that's actually the opposite of what we have been taught, that when you don't eat well, rk, and well is all relat everybody has a different definition of what eating well is. that your body actually calls
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for sugar, because of course that's the quickest energy you can get. and that's usually when you break down at 11:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the afternoon between meals to have the candy bar. >> that's right because that's what our body is adapted to. is only way it knows how to get energy is from sugar, then you're going to crave more of it. it's not an easy process, it does require some self-discipline and will power, it may take a few weeks to a few months to realize how swroefr weight a person is. but once you're there, and you're burning fat, it doesn't require self-discipline at all. you have plenty of energy, your body is actually able to metabolize and remove toxins from your system, its helps you sleep better and slows down the aging process. it's also something that you don't have to do the rest of your life. once you're at your normal body weight like you are, you're golden, and you can just do it
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intermittently. but the vast majority of people have not been successful with this advice of having breakfast. 2/3 of the country ask overweight with heart disease, cancer and diabetes. >> in my brain, i'm going, it's easier to skip dinner, because then you actually sleep after that and you really don't need all that much energy. so basically, you can do either one, which ever one works the best. >> it's important during that six to eight-hour window that you eat nonstarchy vegetables. that would be the majority of your weight. do not overdo the protein. we really want you to restrict your protein to maybe four to six ounces a day. the rest, 80% or so are from healthy fat, and by healthy fat, they do not mean vegetable oils,
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that means butter, avocados and coconut oil, which are magnificent for breaking down quickly. >> coconutlive only, and manuts >> skipping a meal once a day teaches your body to burn sugar. >> so that you can gain your ideal body weight, so that you can have plenty of body weight. you're not a victim or a slave if you don't have access to healthy food, you'll get to your natural body weight and you'll age gracefully. >> up next, the star of discovery, fit and health is here with some easy steps to help you get in shape at home. ♪
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welcome back. okay, so now that 2014 is a couple months old, i have to ask you, are you still keeping your new year's resolution to stay fit? or have you fallen off the exercise bandwagon? don't worry if you have. here with us today to get us back on the straight and narrow with fitness you can do in your own home. body's in motion's 30th anniversary, at 6:30. holy cow, that's a lot of workout. >> a lot of workout. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> like you said, a lot of people fall off the track, they fall off the wagon, they want to get back on.
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to those of you at home, you want to get off the couch and work out with us, it's fun. >> you can use things that we can use around the house. >> we can use a ball. >> or a heavy soup can. >> a heavy soup can or a baby. >> a puppy. >> a little puppy, whatever you want. so are you ready to move? >> listen, darling, i was born ready. i was waiting for you. >> let's grab a ball. this is a little heavy ball. we're going to start with very simple moves and we'll build up a simple routine. those of you at home, please follow us. we're going to go down and lift up, down lift up. >> any mistakes you can make doing this? >> yes, what i like to do is make sure that my upper body is in a straight line. >> oh, i was -- >> so i don't bend forward. so i'm going to take it from here into the chest and up. down and up. so what we're doing is we're
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squatting and we're extending the arms up, we're moving a lot of muscle and a long range of motion, right? >> right. >> four more, three more, two more. now we're going to pivot from side to side. we're going to go down and we're going to pivot. so easteven when you travel, yo place your bags over the counter, this is the move, right? it's all functional moves. >> like climbing the stairs and doing things all the time all day long. >> of course you can do. >> and you can take your ball on the road and work out in your hotel room. >> anything you can grab, really. from here, we'll take it into a twist. twist. twist. >> bend your knees and you do this? >> not only that, you also kwanwant to give it a little curve with the foot. a pivot. >> with the foot? >> from here, eight more times.
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this works your core, works your hips, thighs and buns. we're just warming up by the way. we're going to start, take it into the chest, okay? so left and right. left and right. >> and what does this tdo? >> this works a little deeper into the core muscles. watch the elbow, you want to take the elbow all the way back. >> why is this different than the other one? >> right now we're also engaging the obliques, so you're working the thighs right in here. >> watch your elbow, i'll knock you in the head. >> that's the idea is to get the elbow all the way up. not to the side, but all the way up. from here, we're going to add a step, tap, tap, tap, tap. so now, as we're doing this, right? >> uh-huh. >> then make the step a little bit bigger and drive your elbows into a 45-degree angle up.
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>> i also use my arms a lot too. >> absolutely. >> this gives your triceps biceps a workout. >> hips, legs, and thighs from here, four more, three more, two more. now we're going to add an extension to the front. open extend, open extend. >> i didn't do well in european dancing with the stars. i'm not that coordinated. >> you're doing good. left, extend. right extend. left -- okay, come on. you're doing well. let's start over. and four, three, two, one. step extend, step extend. we're going to slow down. so those of you at home, you're working out with us. take it a easy, one step at a time. we step, we reach, very nice, three more. >> we can go faster now.
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>> ready to take it up? >> yes. >> right extending, left extend, left, right. if you want to get the cardios going, we're going to add a triple step in the middle. >> i couldn't even do the single step. i'm going for it. step, triple step. left, triple step. right, triple step. now watch those elbows, get those elbows in. you want to work the core. remember, every move is core based here. >> okay. >> right? >> so you initiate the move from the abdominals. >> so what does the triple step do? >> it just gets your cardiosystem go. four more, three more, two more. we're just warming up. >> gosh, this is it for me. >> let's do a little more. you ready? okay, we'll do a side step and extension. on four, three, two, here we go. so it's side, and extend.
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>> okay, same side. >> side extend. side extend, nice. when you come in, bring it through the chest and extend out. >> okay. >> so chest, turn, chest, extend. chest, turn, chest, extend. >> that should give you an all around great workout. >> absolutely. >> i'm so happy you came on. congratulations, 30 years. i heard a woman was 10 when you came on and now she's 40. >> i appreciate you coming up because i have had quite a workout. >> it isn't really that hard yet. good job. ♪
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welcome back.
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it's time for ask carol. today renee asks, what do you think about superfoods? well, renee, i think superfoods are great, and they're terrible. first, why are they terrible? they're terrible because people think if they eat a superfood like a gogi berry, that they're going to get some kind of miracle, all health, all body rebuilding. it doesn't work that way. they're also terrible, because if you cook the superfood, they're no longer a superfood. superfoods are only good one way, that's raw. and they're only good if you eat a wide variety of them. they're even better mixed into your diet all day long on a consistent basis. there's no short cut to health, not even with a superfood. sorry. don't forget, if you have a question you would like answered, just tweet or facebook me. you can also reach me on my web sate, enjoy your day and i hope you're
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learning to be more of a healthy you. president obama reaching out to middle east allies in a series of high profile meetings in california. hello, i'm gregg jarrett, glad you're with us. welcome to america's news haurghaurg headquarters. the president starting off his latest round of diplomacy in jordan, pledging millions of dollars to help jordan deal with the overflow of refugees from the civil war. those syrian refugees are placing enormous strain on


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