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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 15, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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that is washington. that's our show. see you next week. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm greg gutfeld. glad you're with us. lots happening now. top of the news, extreme winter weather continues and now a brand-new storm is brewing out there. we're going to tell where you it's headed. workers on a major auto maker rejecting a plan to unionize. now union officials say they may challenge those results. >> and the gop has a new warning about obamacare and some potential cuts to medicare. what could it mean for seniors with serious health concerns? our political panel is hear --
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here to weigh in. but we are going to start with the loud music murder trial happening in florida. jurors reaching a decision on four of five counts. but still have not agreed on the final count. michael dunn, seen here, faces up to life in prison if convicted. he claims self-defense in the shooting death of 17-year-old jordan davis after an argument in a florida parking lot, after the teen refused to turn down his music. deliberations are now in their fourth day. steve harrigan live with the latest. >> reporter: these developments coming just a short time ago. the 12th person jury sending a note after the judge 1/2ing him that -- informing him that they reached verdicts on four of the five counts. not saying which way the verdict goes, but also informing the judge they have been unable to reach a verdict on the first count. that is the main count of murder
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and a lesser charges of second degree murder or manslaughter. unable to make a decision on those charges. the judge called the jury out and gave them what's known as an allen charge, telling them to go back into the room and settle things if they can. here is how the judge did. >> i want you to go back into the jury room, then taking turns, tell each of the other jurors about any weaknesses of your own position. you should not interrupt each other or comment on each other's views until each of you has had a chance to talk. after you've done that, if you simply cannot reach a verdict, then return to the courtroom and i will declare this case mistried as to that count. >> that's what we're waiting for now. very hot profile case that much of the nation has been watching. will this jury of 12 be able to reach a verdict in this last-ditch effort on the charge of murder or will there be a
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mistrial on that count alone? keep in mind, dunn could still be found guilty on those other charges, three charges of attempted murder. it could mean, if found guilty on those charges, he could still be facing 60 years in prison. we're waiting to see on that main charge will there be a mistrial or will this jury somehow be able to come together, get over their disagreements and decide one way or the other, as many people are watching very closely to see how this turns out. >> many people are watching. you're watching. steve, stay on top of it. if any new developments break, we'll come back to you. thank you so much. a big blow to unions, hoping to make headway in the south. workers at the volkswagen plant in chattanooga, tennessee, voting down the united auto workers union attempt to unionize that shop. the defeat surprising many. this as volkswagen supportive of the uaw efforts. bryan yennis has more on what
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this could mean for the union's expansion plans. >> reporter: the united auto workers membership and influence has been declining for decades. the uaw has publicly admitted the union has no long-term future if they can not begin to organize outside of detroit's three major auto companies. and expand into southern united states, which is exactly why last night's vote was so big. the plant was seen by union supporters as the uaw's best chance to begin expanding into the south. but after three days of balloting workers at the plant voted friday night 712-626 against joining the uaw. while friday night's vote is a major win for republicans, like senator bob corker of tennessee, who blamed the uaw for bankrupting u.s. auto makers in detroit. he has been the most vocal opponent and was crucial in bringing volkswagen to chattanooga. the plant became a political football over the past few weeks. corrigan republicans warning workers a vote to join the uaw
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would threaten future expansion plans at the plant, including a new contract to build a new mid-size suv. republicans contending the uaw had an unfair advantage by being allowed to campaign at the plant. ultimately, though, workers had the final say. >> it's not politicians, it's not the owners of the auto plant and it's not the uaw. it was the workers. they decided that they're making sufficient wages that they had a voice with management, and they like their jobs and didn't feel like they needed a union representation. >> reporter: the uaw release ago statement which read in part, while we're outraged by politicians and outside special interest groups interfering with the basic legal right of workers to form a union, we're proud that these workers were brave and stood up to a tremendous pressure from the outside. the uaw says they're going to -- they might contend the results of this vote. volkswagen says it will honor the decision by its workers, but
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look to see if they can start a german-style works council at the plant. >> bryan, thanks very much. two days after a powerful winter storm dumped heavy snow in much of the northeast, a live look at times square now. this system still moving across the region. it's coming down right now mainly in the form of rain and a few flurries. this time the storm is only expected to bring a light dusting. so that's what we're seeing right now to most of the northeast. but new england could still face blizzard-like conditions. janis dean live in the fox extreme weather center with the latest. >> hi. yeah. we have three storms that we're watching. i want to point out across the northwest where we've got rain and mountain snow moving in. another fast-moving storm across the midwest. i want to show you the northeast. that storm that is going to hit new england starting to hit new england could feel like threatening because we're going to see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour once the storm really gets wound up.
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i just want to show you, this is a very impresssive storm. the lines that you see in black are isobars. so they're lines of equal pressure. we see them very tightly packed like that, that means the storm is strengthening. so this is quite an impresssive storm that's going to bring really life-threatening conditions to northern new england and eastern canada as the storm moves north and eastward towards the sunday time frame here. this is an unbelievable storm. and that's two big nor'easters in less than a week. wind gusts already 20, 30, even close to 40 miles per hour near nantucket. so even though the storm really hasn't gotten its real act together, we're still dealing with incredible wind gusts. airport delays for all of the new york city airports. and you can see light snow still in philadelphia, new york, and providence. that's just going to continue, especially for new england where we have blizzard warnings in effect. wind gusts easily over 50 miles
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per hour. in some cases, hurricane-force winds. we're going to watch this move north and eastward. very impresssive storm. then we watch another one, another one behind it monday and tuesday pushing across the great lakes in towards mid-atlantic and northeast. 6:00 a.m. tuesday. and gregg, i'm gog try to push this out of the way. >> do what you can. as the old saying goes, if it weren't for bad luck, i would have no luck at all. >> we're going to get you out. you and your kids. i'm going to do it! i promise. >> thanks. there is a heated debate after the president's recent appointments of his top donors to top diplomatic post. some calling it payola. critics are raising questions over their qualifications following a number of gaffes and mistakes. those nominees include former senator max baucus to china, who
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admitted he may not be the most knowledgeable person for the job. doug mckelway is in washington with the details. >> reporter: it has been a tradition that presidents reward donors with ambassadorships. but president obama has been criticized for lack of qualification. the president's pick for ambassador to norway has never been to that country. he testified in his confirmation hearing that norway is a constitutional democracy. it is, in fact, a constitutional monarchy. the nominee for ambassador to hungary, colleen bell, is a soap opera producer who raised $800,000 for the obama campaign. in he want to delivery, they appeared to know very little about the country. even max baucus made a stunning admission about china where he will be the next ambassador. >> senator, i'm no real expert on china.
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it's my strong belief that chinese people are just as proud as we americans are proud. >> state department spokesman has defended the president's picks. >> we have ambassadors who are from political backgrounds, formed company, large and small. but our process has continued to be or our approach has continued to be approximately a 70-30 balance. >> reporter: senator john mccain ended his questioning of ambassador nominees with a highly sarcastic remark. he said, quoting, i have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees. gregg? >> thanks very much. well, the federal government now giving banks the green light to do business with marijuana shops. but banking industry groups say the obama administration's tone doesn't make them feel comfortable about taking illegal
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funds over concern they could still be prosecuted for holding dirty none in their accounts. dominic denatale live with more. the guidelines, they're supposed to help the banks. so why are the banks reluctant to adopt them? >> reporter: well, one simple fact here, and that is that cannabis, marijuana, is illegal under federal law. these guidelines that came out on friday, well, as far as the bank is concerned, it really doesn't protect them against potential prosecution or litigation of dealing with the marijuana businesses that now need banking services. is it politically motivated? the banking service industry really just doesn't know where the government is coming from with this. what they want to see is hard legislation. take a listen. >> i would tell the fed they need to go talk to congress. they need to talk to all the federal regulators. they all have to be on the same page. then and only then will we begin the discussion of accepting this
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new industry. >> begin to discuss accepting this new industry, which means even though banks under guidelines can accept deposits from these businesses, well, no bank is saying it's going to do that any time soon. >> but so if the banks don't take the money from the marijuana businesses, then where does it go? >> reporter: so far they're hoarding the cash, which is causing all sorts of safety concerns. you got to remember that marijuana's roots still lie in criminal background basically. and so the elements surrounding that have got marijuana businesses saying, well, look, we can't keep handing on to these huge piles of cash. it's looking dubious. until the banks can accept it, people are stuffing it under mattresses or safety deposit boxes or in safes in the business. and that long-term really isn't sustainable. the security risks are too
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great. >> it's dubious -- >> you can't pin that one on me. >> thank you. i made you laugh. >> i think you got away with it. >> i did. >> a bitter rivalry is heating up the winter olympics again. the u.s. defeating russia in a nail biting preliminary round. it was tied at the end of the regulation, but the u.s. came out on top 3-2 thanks in part to a stellar game and the final goal during eight round shootout fromfi$ú@x t.j.oshe. he sealed the deal with four goals. you may recall the u.s. handed russia a defeat in the 1980 olympics. the blame game taking center stage in the men's speed skating. you know, the u.s. teams switched to their old uniforms after blaming the new high-tech suits for their poor
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performances early in the game. but apparently the costume change didn't make much of a difference, defending olympic champion and the rest of the team, unfortunately, are without medals. >> it's the suit they're wearing. it's not them. >> no. they're awesome. the king of jordan visiting the united states. inside look at the meeting between president obama and king abdullah ii coming up. also a heated debate over expected cuts to medicare. how could it affect seniors with serious health concerns? >> and commercials are not the only way to advertise. the next trend in mass marketing putting products right at your fingertips. next [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. president obama putting his signature on the one-year debt ceiling extension and signed off on restoring military cost of living hikes. ellen page has come out as a lesbian. known for "juno." she made the announcement during a conference for gay teen-agers, saying she was, quote, tired of lying by omission and wants others to live without shame. the man behind the muppets
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has died. john henson reportedly died of a sudden heart attack. he was only 48 years old. house republicans are lashing out at the white house on expected cuts to medicare thanks to obamacare. supporters say the cuts help balance a law within medicare. but gop leaders action like florida congressman tom rooney saying americans seenors are getting short changed. listen. >> across the country, millions of seniors are paying more money for fewer choices, less access, and far less peace of mind. this goes well beyond a glitch. this is a breach of faith. >> joining us now, kristy, the president of new heights communication and former spokesperson for former vermont governor, howard dean. and matt, a former director under president george w. bush. good to see you both.
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>> good to be here. >> kristy, i'm going to start with you. i want to give you an opportunity to defend this first and explain to us how this might not be as damaging to the elderly as those who oppose the change say it will be. >> that's right. it's actually a bit of a confusing issue because there are two programs that service the elderly. medicare and medicare advantage, which is where the cuts will be taking place. medicare advantage was started under the bush administration and it was the government paying private insurers to offer medicare benefits to people. but what happened was because private insurers -- >> wait, one second. i need you to be a little more specific in terms of just people. i'm talking about the seniors who might be affected by this. if this is not the case, tell me why it's not the case. >> right. right. so what i'm saying is essentially we have a pool right now that are kind of separate and unequal. medicare advantage is 25% of seniors -- >> i'll take over here. excuse me. so here it is. medicare advantage is an
3:21 pm
alternative to traditional medicare. so in a week, february 21, the administration is expected to announce the 2015 rates for medicare advantage, which enrolls about a third of all medical medicare beneficiaries. so i'm going to move to you now, matt. under obamacare, about $200 billion are expected to be cut from medicare advantage over the next decade. so you heard congressman rooney say they would force seniors to pay more for their health care and lose access to their doctors. talk to me, talk to the people who will be affected. is this the case? >> yeah, that's right. at least 25% of seniors enrolled in medicare advantage and the problem is that under obamacare, they might be forced to change their doctors and enter other forms, the more traditional form of a fee for service medicare. this is another breach of the promise that president obama
3:22 pm
said when people could keep the doctors that they had and keep the insurance that they have. this is a 2% cut going to 2015. i never want to hear another democrat, especially president obama, say republicans are cutting medicare or scaring old people when in obamacare, one of the ways they pay for the huge price tag of this big health care overhaul is to cut medicare and medicare advantage, which by the way serves mostly low income seniors because the out of pocket payments are fewer and lower. >> all right. kristy, go for it. >> okay. so as i was saying, i'll say it again, there is two pools. medicare advantage has the healthy people. traditional medicare, like 75% is basically everybody else. so what obamacare was trying to do in the first place was essentially say we need to stop this insurance companies denying the sick and only wanting the healthy. we should have everyone should have the opportunity to have quality health care. so that's what's happening here. we're trying to say that
3:23 pm
everyone should have an opportunity could be put into the pool. >> then why, kristy r the folks who oppose this saying that no, that's not what is going to happen. they're not taking care of most of the seniors. they're 30% of the seniors are going to lose some of their access to their doctors. >> well, i think unfortunately some people, including congressman rooney, are being a little disingenuous. this has been touted by republicans for years. the truth is paul ryan's budget cut medicare. made billions in cuts to it. so i think there is a little bit of incentive tore them to not be entirely truthful. >> you don't feel like the seniors will be hurt the way those who oppose it are implying? >> no. let me be clear. i think it's very important for the obama administration to handle this rollout in exactly the right way. so far it seems that they are. the people that are in medicare advantage have been told this is what's going to happen. they've been given a lot of opportunities to get into traditional medicare if that's what they want. >> but is it easy to make the
3:24 pm
transition? >> why should they have outrunsation? i don't understand this. why do they have to change their doctors that they were told by the president they wouldn't have to change? they should be able to stay in medicare advantage and the only reason why president obama is trying to stop this program is because it's a bush era program that actually uses private sector forces to try to keep the cost of medicare in check. >> right. sure. but actually ended up being costlier and less efficient. >> that's not true. >> they're trying to make it less costly, more efficient. >> untrue. >> what i want to do, and i'm going to give you each 20 seconds 'cause i have to go. kristy, i'm going to start with you again on this. i want you to talk to seniors who are watching going, what is this going to do to me? should i be worried? >> no, understand not be worried. what this means is that if you are in medicare advantage, you may have an opportunity to get into traditional medicare. that's all it means. >> okay. matt, go ahead. 20 seconds now. >> this means that if you're medicare advantage and doing something like fighting cancer,
3:25 pm
some serious disease or health problem, that president obama is telling you that due to this cut, you might have to shift and change your doctors mid course in your treatment. it's a breach of the proposals made the american people and it's why the american people are going to take it out on democrats in november. >> matt, kristy, i'm sorry, we have to leave it there. we're out of time. we could continue, but i have to go. thanks to both of you. >> thanks. president obama meeting with his allies and at least trying to find a way to end syria's bloody civil war. we're going to take you inside their meeting in a live report. also senator john mccain is criticizing fellow republican ted cruz of trying to make a rift in the party. so is ted cruz going rogue? plus, who needs tv ads when you can sell products on smart phones? how companies are branding their way into your life, coming up. honestly? my kids re always on my laptop.
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united nations mediator ending the talks with the syrian deposit and opposition without finding a way to break the deadlock in the peace negotiations, saying the opposition now believes the government has no interest in discussing a transitional government. in the meantime, president obama meeting with jordan's king abdullah in california over the refugees forced to leave the violence in syria behind them in another push for diplomacy in the middle east. now the full details from james rosen. >> reporter: good evening. president obama and king abdullah ii spent two hours in private conversation yesterday with much of the talk dominated by the syrian conflict. the dictatorial regime of al assad has managed a stalemate in the civil war with significant help from iran and russia.
3:31 pm
mr. obama edge mr.ed to five-year extension of u.s. aid and fresh loan guarantees to help ammann cope with the 600,000 syrian refugees since march 2011. also on the two leaders' agenda, u.s. efforts to mediate a settlement between israel and the palestinians. roughly 2 million palestinians live in jordan. many of them have asserted their so-called right to return to homes in the palestinian territories, which many refugees fled amidst the 1948 arab-israeli war. here washington's position was likely a disappointment to jordan's king abdullah as the obama administration reaffirmed that israel shall remain a jewish state by definition and few observers expect the right of return to be part of the middle east peace deal that the u.s. is attempting to broker. >> a stakeholder in the negotiations and therefore our
3:32 pm
national issues are of most importance, but i'm optimistic that even with the major challenges that america has been really work tirelessly to improve the situation between the palestinians -- >> the state department says secretary of state kerry is hoping to finalize soon a framework agreement that will set the parameters for future negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians. >> james rosen in washington, thanks. so the super bowl is over and after spending millions on a 30-seconds spot, the companies are coming up with new ways to make ad revenue. but using smart phone apps to push their brand messages, while offering a a service -- that's what they're going to do. we're going to call it appertising. the ceo and founding partner of
3:33 pm
lexion is here. how do you like that name? >> i like it. >> i must say christine burke coined the phrase. dismiss the credit. but it's not surprising that -- 'cause there is an app for everything. isn't that the running joke. it's not surprising that they would bring the advertising market to apps. so who is at the forefronts of this? >> i think bef let's take a step back. what's the purpose of marketing? that's not only to build a brand, but it's to create a community and user engagement and ultimately to sell products. >> yeah. >> so we see quite a few companies, like those mention that had are really at the forefront. let's start with audi. >> a car company. >> yeah. a car is an infrequent purchase. how do you connect with your potential customers in between that major purchase? so they have an app that's very useful. it's providing a service to the end user and showing the benefit of the car to the app. the car has a feature where the
3:34 pm
engine actually turns off when the car is idle. the app shows you what is idle and draining the battery on your phone. so it links the two. >> huh. okay. so that's audi. does audi have company -- who else is getting in on this? >> so ikea. >> the furniture store? >> yeah. it's letting everyone play interior designer. you can actually take a 3d image of a room and put in different ikea furniture and see how does it look? you can insert a photo of yourself in that. so you get a real sense of does the color work? >> i love it. >> it's fun. >> is it available now? or do you have to have an iphone? i have an android. >> so i also have an iphone. so i think most of them are available for both. but i know you can don't load this through iphone. it's very smart on the part of the company. one click away from buying any
3:35 pm
of this furniture. >> it's so interactive and unlike a traditional commercial where you're sitting this, watching your favorite show or movie, and the ad comes up, or in a billboard or magazine, you're thumbing through, and here comes the ad. but if go to seek out an app, that means you're possibly already in the mindset to go buy something, right? >> most definitely. so with this, it's hopefully providing something useful to the consumer and you're also very much target to go that company that you are an engaged, potential customer because you've gone out of your way to download the app. so you would be signaling like let's say to ikea, i just moved and i'm very interested in buying furnish. 'cause when we download these things, we often enter in our e-mail address and some personal identifying information. >> i got to tell you, that's where i get freaked out. 'cause then i don't want them to bombard me with other stuff. if i want to ikea because i want furniture, i don't need you telling me, how about i suggest this movie company to you?
3:36 pm
or how about if i suggest renters insurance? i don't need all that. that is the issue, though, because we're going to talk about the nike app which helps you get motivated. it's a workout app, but also uses a gps system. so tell us about that and the whole privacy issue. >> sure. so with nike, what they'll do is they encourage people to just do it in terms of exercise. you can log your runs and they do that through a gps tracker on the phone. you can signal on facebook that you've completed a run, compete with friends, train for something. however, when you have something tracking your movements, you might ask it, how long did i run for? but it's tracking you everywhere you go. it's tracking all of your movement. so you should be aware of that and certainly comfortable with that. >> yes. i don't know, that whole idea of somebody watching me creeps me out. >> of course. >> oh, lord. >> are you part of this segment? >> there are so many skeletons
3:37 pm
in your closet. i can hear them rattling right now. >> really, they're not even there. >> listen, once again, you have come here with some good information, something new and fresh. i appreciate it each time you come. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> she's giving me the old talk to the hand. all right. not all snacks are created equal. we are breaking down the top brands of pre-popped popcorn coming up in "consumer reports." and texas senator ted cruz accused by one of his fellow republicans ofjzoh' hurting thp party, but should ted cruz even care? maybe he loves it. we're going to go in-depth on that straight ahead ♪
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a verdict is expected any minute now in the murder case of michael dunn. this man seen here. the jury coming to a verdict on just four of the five counts after he was accused of killing 17-year-old jordan davis after a dispute over loud music. dunn claims he killed him in self-defense. a new winter storm has new england in the crosshairs.
3:42 pm
massachusetts, governor urging drivers to stay off the roads. the eastern part of the state is expected to get slammed by blizzard-like conditions. and u.s. and chinese officials say they're taking action on climate change. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his chinese counterpart in beijing and the two agreeing to take steps to reduce vehicle emissions and increase energy efficiency. has texas senator ted cruz gone rogue? at least one of his fellow republicans think so. earlier this week, the texas senator demanded a 60-vote majority to pass the debt ceiling increase, meaning some republican high school to join democrats in the vote. even though a simple majority from democrats alone was enough. that move getting the attention of arizona senator john mccain. he tweeted out this link to the "wall street journal," blasting cruz's procedural push as bad for the gop party, especially the upcoming midterm elections.
3:43 pm
if you're ted cruz or one of his supporters, do you really care? if that's the case, are we looking for a whole new era in politics here? joining us to talk about it, fox news contributor, susan estridge. so mccain is apoplectic, claiming cruz's maneuvers, sabotaging the republicans chances. don't you think that most voters out there don't know that a handful of senator republicans joined the dems -- the debt creel something not cocktail party fodder. >> well, that's probably true, gregg. i think the story is probably an inside baseball story at that level. but it's kind of fun to watch. he's got -- john mccain is sort of right that when you're facing a midterm election and there is this potentially unpopular vote and the democrats are going to
3:44 pm
have to do it and they could do it on their own, why, if you're a republican, would you want to make your fellow republicans cast an unpopular vote? if you're john mccain, the answer is you don't because we're on the same page. if you're ted cruz, the answer is you do because you're trying to define the republican party and trying to make it stand for something and you don't want, as we used to say, two democratic parties, or two republican parties. so these guys coming at it from very different points of view and it's at least amusing, if nothing else, to watch it play out. >> disagreement and debate i always thought is healthy. but followers of cruz are absolutely cheering him on. for them and others, they don't care about the nuances of parliamentary procedure. they care that he stood up for fiscal responsibility, he's a symbol on that. if he's running for president,
3:45 pm
susan, in 2016 -- everybody thinks he is -- he probably doesn't care if he's a pariah to fellow republicans in that clubby senate. don't you think he's probably loving it? >> oh, yes, absolutely. say what you will about cruz, he's a smart guy. all right? and he understands full well that when it comes to the iowa caucuses or even the new hampshire primary, the folks who are most likely to vote are the folks who are ideologues, the folks who care deeply, the folks who quite frankly agree with him and not john mccain. and so for ted cruz, this is all about a strategy for activist, a strategy for ideologue, a strategy for defining the party. then you got john mccain sitting out there going, hold on, friends. we actually have an election coming up. and one side is going to win and one will lose. we'd like to get more seats than
3:46 pm
the other side. so why are you making our guys and girls take tough votes when we could make it easier for them? and it's two ships crossing in the night. cruz's guys are going to be pushing them forward and mccain is going to be sitting this frustrated as all heck that this guy is supposed to be a leader of the party. it's hurting party candidates. >> i'm probably dating myself. but in decades past, i recall when predecessors of mitch mcconnell and speaker boehner could really rein in the renegade colleagues. used to threaten to take away coveted assign ams, shunning the rogue law maker. doesn't seem to work these days, does it? >> no. if anything, there is a split. if you asked right now, moving outside of washington, who has more power to manipulate the levers, john mccain or ted cruz, i mean, ted cruz has got the activists.
3:47 pm
ted cruz has got plenty of money. ted cruz is getting invited everywhere. really what is john mccain going to do to punish him? the answer is actually not much. >> well, so much for ronald reagan's famous 11th emmy award, thou shall not speak against another republican. ha is a relic in the trash bin of political history. susan, thanks so much for being with us. good to see you this saturday. >> good it to see you. happy valentine's day. >> you, too. you're wearing the pakistan. pink. >> don't forget you can catch susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country each and every wednesday and friday. check it out. good stuff. >> scorched popcorn. those duds at the bottom of the bag, we're breaking down the top pre-popped brands coming up in "consumer reports".
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
oh, yeah, it is a staple in american households and movie theaters. we are talking about popcorn and much of the u.s. in a deep
3:52 pm
freeze and everybody at home trying to get snacks, why not include popcorn. >> that is a favorite of my wife, she is always stuffing her face with popcorn. and why not save time with prepopped popcorn. joining us is consumer reporter manager. am i in trouble for the crack about my wife? >> no. i do the same. >> you had a shocked look on your face. >> maxin, you tasted 13 brands. >> we brought you the flavored and white cheddar is kettle corn. >> we'll start with white cheddar from trader joe. >> it had a nice balance of cheddar cheese flavor. and salt. >> tender. >> tender and nice balance of
3:53 pm
salt and real cheddar cheese flavor. >> that is excellent. >> 2.50 for the entire bag. >> $0.06 a serving. >> and to the wise brand that is air popped and cheddar. >> tender and nice real white cheddar cheese flavor and a balance of salt. >> what do you think? >> it tastes like the other one. >> they are similar. >> yeah. >> it is the wise brand. >> i like the salt and others like the kelth corn because it is sugar. >> you will have more fat in those and little more than air pop. >> why do these have more fat? >> they are cheese and more fat. >> it is okay. we'll get to the sugar and kettle corn. >> it is called smart food.
3:54 pm
i could use intelligence. let me try this. >> i was going to say you are smart and why you eat it. >> it is smarter because it said so. >> these have less fat and more sweet. >> that is very sweet. >> and people enjoy it and it has a crunchy outside and tender inside. >> it is fluffy. >> what about calories on this? >> they are similar inical rows. balance of the fat and sugar. 130 to 160 per serving. >> this is not bad. this is tasty. not too much sugar. >> it is the kettle corn. that is great. >> this one is called comboit brand. >> it is from walgrowns and $0.19 a serving. >> i missed how much that bag
3:55 pm
is. >> smart food. >> it is $4. >> it is a little bit more. >> it is a larger bag. and you have to think of it per serving. $0.42 a serving. >> and this is 2.05. that is $0.19 a serving and it is good, to. >> i can't tell a difference between smart and nice. >> you can get this at walgreens? >> certainly. yeah. yeah. >> i am talking with food in my mouth. but truth to be told i pop my own popcorn every day. >> that is the smartest thing to do because you can control the oil and fat. popcorn is good for you as long as it is unadultated. >> thank you. we'll talk to harris faulkner
3:56 pm
with breaking news, >> we'll take a break and then to harris. harris faulkner with breaking news in just a moment. stay with us. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
3:57 pm
of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause rious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right ay if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in md or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores friabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't ink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem maye more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain is -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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fox urgent. as you can see on the other side of the screen we are listen to the verdict of a trial of a man accused of killing a teenager in an argument of lout muc. it is wrapping up now on trial. 47 year old michael dunn. let's watch and listen. >> verdict as to count five we the jury find him get as charged in the indictment so say we all. jourit is dated february 15th, 2014. >> ladies and gentlemen, the jury polled.


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