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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 16, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> that's robin wright. tharchgs so much. see ya tomorrow. >> the end of syria's devastating civil war and now more uncertain. an unimaginable catastrophe continues to carry out. they even told the world i'm sorry and apologizes to the embattled syrian people for the failure. it was a mere half hour of discussions between the syrian government and the opposition that ended with a deadlock and now there is no date set for the next round of negotiations to stop the killer.
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welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm jamie colby. good to see you and great to be with you. let me tell you about the stealimate that is happening as violence is escalating in syria. 3400 people have been killed this month alone. u.s. leaders point the finger of blame at russia and iran for the break down. peter is joining me now with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. as of right now we see three weeks of talks have not done going end the deadly three-year long war in syria that claimed 140,000 lives. senator john mccain is saying things are getting a lot worse as a result of russian and iranian influence. mccain said the white house policy has been a dismal failure. >> we sit down at the table with him on nuclear weapons and talk about the removal of chemical weapons, it turned into a
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regional conflict and the weapons flown in and the training from iran and all of it is evolved into the situation that we are in today. >> senator mccain is urging the white house to work with viable opposition groups inside syria. the president is committing to humanitarian assistance only and promising not to put american boots on the ground. the united nations mediator who was working this past three weeks to get a peace deal is sorry for not coming through for the syrian people. >> i am very, very sorry. i apologize to the people. the hopes which were very, very high that something would happen here, i think little has been achieved to give them even more
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hope that maybe this is the beginning of the coming out of the horrible tragedy. >> we have no idea when a third round of peace talks will take place. nothing is on the schedule and the parties have gone their separate ways. back to you. >> to you so much for the report see you soon. eric. >> as the syrian negotiations end in failure in geneva, they will resume in two days in vienna. it's a so-called international community cannot stop the tragedy of syria, what makes them think a nuclear bomb can be stopped too. john joins us every sunday about this time. senior fellow at the american institute and fox news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's a shameful plight for the un. horrendous failure and carnage continues.
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do you think it can ever be stopped? >> i don't think it will by negotiations and the kind we have seen in syria. when you hear representatives with the obama administration saying they are shocked at the attitude of russia and iran. the attitude has been unchanged in the last three years of the up rising against assad and the conflict. the russians were never going to negotiate the result that pushed assad out of power and they were never going to commit it without shedding blood. the notion that they would sit down and negotiate in geneva and the positions that russia and iran have held for three years, they would disappear and anybody in the administration believes that, they are dilutional. >> john mccain calls for more action and the president wants to spent humanitarian efforts. >> i don't think that's going to
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work. this is a conflict where no one would represent the american national interest. not the al qaeda and other terrorists who are active against it and not the elements of the muslim brotherhood. i'm not sure there any viable sources inside syria today that we can count on. i think this is one of the tragedies that is just going to grind on until somebody wins. >> what are do we do about the national interest? what do we do about putin and the russians? the administration source saying they are having a happy olympics while this is going on in syria. >> the official goes on to say they can't have it both ways. he is wrong. the russians have run ring around the united states and syria and egypt. they are running rings around the iranian and north korean nuclear weapons program.
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there is a long list with the new start treaty that the administration signed and the senate ratified and the decision to cut way, way back on the national missile defense program. putin has been a masterful player and medvedev before him. for the past five years we have been asking. >> 48 hours from now the negotiations start with the nuclear program again. what do you expect? >> i expect iran will continue to breakthrough that it achieved in geneva last november. there was a thursday or friday "wall street journal" that the lifting of the sanctions have given a kick start to the icon me. all predictable. looking at both the negotiations on syria and iran, these are two sets of core obama administration policies that are failing badly and continue to fail. >> sitting down to vienna, look
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w457d what happened in tehran. death to obama. death to kerry. the reason they are chanting, death to sherman meaning sherman the chief negotiator and man oh, man. one of the protesters is quoted as saying death to the u.s. and it will be so forever no matter what the president agrees with. the americans. how do you deal with the regime that allows this while they are sitting down to get something done in vienna. >> this is a regime that uses negotiations for their own purposes. i think the obama administration approached this as if there were a way to talk iran out of the nuclear weapons program. it wasn't going to happen before or tomorrow. these negotiations would fail. as iran has done so many times before, they are gaining advantage while we are retreating. the unimaginable ka taft
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officery that is syria continues. as always, thank you for your insight and analysis this morning. . >> big news when a florida jury said they were unable to reach a verdict issuing a partial verdict in the loud music murder trial. the injury found michael dun guilty on four of five counts so the judge declared a mistrial on the highest count of first-degree murder. he was charged with shooting and killing then 17-year-old jordan davis outside a gas station in jacksonville. today would be jordan's 19th birthday. that shooting over the argument and jordan's mother emotionally sharing reaction to the verdict after it was handed down. >> we are so grateful for the
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charges that have been brought against him. we are so grateful for the truth. we are so grateful that the jurors were able to understand the common sense of it all. and we will continue to stand and we will continue to wait for justice for jordan. >> as i mentioned jordan was unarmed. obviously dunn was. they dismissed suggestions that they overreached that first-degree murder charge. >> someone fires ten shots into a car full of unarmed teenagers we will file first-degree murder. premeditation doesn't require a specific length of time. >> the prosecutors say they were correct in including the charge initially and saying they do plan to retry dunn on that
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charge. still he faces at least 60 years in prison on the first four convictions handed down yesterday. >> jamie, nuclear safety officials not given the all clear after a radiation leak in a waste sight in new mexico. the air monitoring recorded radioactive particles from the ground at unsafe levels and makes the first alarm since that plant opened in 1999. the 1 tl initials also confirmed the water and the environment now not at risk. the cause of that leak and the fact that those alarms went on are still under investigation. >> you have seen it before. an unruly passenger. in this case kicked off a plane when it was forced to make an emergency landing in canada. the flight was en route landing
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in new foundland. refusing to listen to instructions and had to be detained. no word of exactly what happened and the plane continued its journey without that passenger. >> we're hear about this happening at times. a body found in the wheel well of a south african jet. the man's remains were discovered by ground crews at dulles international airport when it came in from south africa. the death is currently under investigation. most likely a stow away. it will be turned over for an autopsy. >> tragic. the chilling new developments for craigslist. a pennsylvania woman said she killed more than 20 people across the country as a member of a cult. miranda barber making a confession in a jail house interview. she and her newlywed husband are
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both charged in the murder of a man they met through craigslist last year and police are investigating her claims that there 19 others. unbelievable. >> president obama as you know has repeatedly changed or delayed very parts of the health care law by using a pen. is that really legal. chris wallace joins us next with the answers on that. get ready to start dreaming. power ball jackpot is guess what. $400 million. what would you do with $400 million? >> a lot. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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. >> guess what. the power ball jackpot just got a lot bigger. yfts there were no winners and the new jackpot soared from 3$30
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million to $400 million. the next drawing is on wednesday. there going to be a lot of long lines, but the odds are if you match all six numbers, one in 175 million. president obama's changing or delaying parts of the federal health care law again. there is a total of 24 times without going back to congress. that's a controversial practice from the start, but is it illegal? mike lee of the senate judiciary committee sat down with chris wallace earlier this morning to address just that. >> this is a shameless act, a shameless power grab designed to help the president and his political party achieve a particular out come in the partisan election. that's wrong.
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>> joining me now, news sunday he joins me now. the president was caught again on a hot mike. i heard it. he said that's the beauty of being president. you can do whatever you want. and he is. but he's not the first president to do this. >> no. not only that, but in terms of executive action being taken a lot fewer over the next five years, than george w. bush or bill clinton or ronald reagan, i asked about that and he said there executive actions and the kind this president has taken have been bigger and have strained more at the limits of the executive authority and more on congress's prerogatives and he said because somebody else did something wrong doesn't mean he was right. i get asked it a lot. if this was wrong, it was unconstitutional.
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why not take him to court? why not sue him? this gets technical and you will understand it better than i do. they can't say they have been harmed by what the president has done. as a number of congress, aren't you harmed if the president does things you are supposed to do? he said it doesn't work that way. i have to think he got a lot of legal advice. i suspect he would like to take the case. >> definitely being on the judiciary committee and the people who really harmed you are trying to get coverage and have been so frustrated by the process. does he have a plan otherwise? in order to affect changes that will make this work for the american people? >> the republican set 18 in 2014 and the republican senate in 2016. as frustrated as he is, this authority when the
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administration pulls back, they never said it was attacked, but the chief justice said under the tax code, they have a lot of authority in their ability to implement compliance with the law and they are saying that is something to implement. i'm not sure how delaying the mandates from 2014 to 2016 implements compliance. it seems it prevents it. what do i know? >> you know a lot. it is interesting. i was on the air when that decision came out. i sort of knew in advance it wouldn't work under the commerce clause and it would under taxing authority. it does seem like the administration is using everything it can to make this work in their favor. may be he as used powers less than other presidents, but he sure is going-over the line as far as it can go. in order to effect what he wants to happen. do you think that message is getting to the american people?
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we are going to talk in the noon hour about new polls that have came out. people have changed their opinion. >> there was a poll that came out and asked people is this the way it's supposed to work or not? the answer is no. they think we all remember civics class where the president proposes article one, section one of the constitution said all authorities wraps with congress. if you believe your civics lessons, and the law is very specific on this. the law says that the employer mandate begins on december 31st, 2013. >> i'm getting that. >> we have the congressman on, the democrat from california. he said that it is within the power of the is the under the tacking authority. >> we are going to watch the show and i wanted to take a couple seconds to promote everything you have. it's a good time remind people, different branches,
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>> that's right. it's like a broken record. i feel like bill murray out of groundhog day. we are talking about more snow on the way. here's the latest round. a foot in the massachusetts and maine will get a foot and a half. it's not really done yet. almost. we have another system behind this. across the northwest, we don't want to leave you out. we have a couple of storms giving more snow as well as rain and a clipper system over the great lakes and parts of the midwest. here's the departing nor'easter that brought 50 and 60 mile per hour winds moving into eastern canada. our next storm system, this is monday at 3:00 a.m., invading the upper midwest and deal with perhaps freezing rain over parts of missouri, illinois and ohio. there is tuesday morning moving into the new york city area and new jersey and long island up
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towards new england. looks like tuesday could see a storm that could drop several inches of snow for the upper midwest. then perhaps measurable snow for all of the big cities. we will have to watch it of course. good news. are you ready? wednesday, 46 degrees. by friday we should be in the 60s in new york. look at d.c. >> from winter to bring. thanks so much. >> i'm going to buy that ticket and get the heck out of here for the weather outside. is it something more serious to worry about. we will talk about an effective disorder. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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. hi, everybody. it's time now for sunday house call. >> welcome as always on this sunday. joining us as always, chairman. >> dr. segal joins us as well. author of the inner pope, unlocking a secret code of sickness and health. great to have both of you here. >> hello. >> if you came in with a report that the medical announcement, the veteran news announcement tom brocaw is diagnosed with melt


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