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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

4:00 pm make us disappear. we'll see you next fox news sunday. this is the fox report. tonight, is the president bending the constitution to fit his health care law? critics tonight speak out. and so young with a secret she couldn't keep. a young woman saying she has killed over and over because a satanic cult led her to it. a teenage bride accused of murdering a man she and her husband met on craigslist. now this newly wed says they killed at least 22 people across the country. tonight how police are responding to a killer confession. and new concern.
4:01 pm
the very people the president promised to help could actually be hurt by the nation's giant health care law. fox reports the new problems with obamacare for a lot of people with pre-existing conditions. also, a rescue operation takes a strange twist when a group of meaners trapped underground refuses to be rescued. they want to stay in the ground. i'm harris faulkner. some republicans in congress are laying it out bluntly, claiming the man sworn to preserve, protect and defend the constitution is instead violating it. their argument centers around president obama's use of executive powers to implement an um in of delays and changes to his signature health care law, the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare. some of those crucial to how it affects multiple americans, including multiple delays to the employer mandating.
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republicans say there simply isn't much they can do to stop president obama, but some democrats are coming out in defense of the white house saying the president is well within its power to make sure laws like obamacare are carried out. what has triggered this latest burst of criticism? >> it's that move last week to delay part of obamacare and without congressional action. the obama legislation announced that medium-sized businesses will get another year. it prompted mike lee to accuse the president of violating the constitution. >> this is a shameless act, a shameless power grab that for the president's party. that's wrong. the constitution doesn't give the president that power. this power belongs to the people. the people delegate that power to their senators and to their
4:03 pm
congress men. >> republicans say even if the delay is the right way to go, the president doesn't have the right to act on his own. harris? >> and critics are saying that the president's actions are indefensible. but democrats are defending the president how? >> they say he has every right to adjust the regulatory framework of the law. that's within his discretion. the president has taken action before, especially when he delayed the employer mandate for large companies. and democrats say he's not doing anything illegal or improper. >> it's the same authority that every president had to make sure the laws are administered and executed in a way that helps all americans. the president's simply providing small businesses with the flexibility they need start adopting the law. small businesses support the flexibility. >> now businesses with 50 to 99 employees will now have until 2016 to comply with the law. >> fox news political insiders will have more when they join me
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later in the fox news report. we'll hear from you as well because we'll pull in your comments that you put on facebook. you can tweet at fninsiders. again, we'll pull some of those comments a little later during our segment. the latest now on a story that was breaking last night. a verdict in that high-profile murder case in florida. attorneys are working on what they will do next. this was a case about a deadly argument of loud music. the verdict was coming down last night. the jury found the suspect guilty on four of five counts yesterday. they convicted dunn of attempted murder, but a mistrial was declared on the most serious charge, first degree murder
4:05 pm
because jurors could not agree on that. dunn said he feared for his life when he fatally shot the man. he will still be behind bars a very long time. >> there. the 47 year old michael dunn could be facing as many as 75 years behind bars. each of those three counts carries a 20-year minimum. and the parenting of jordan davis who would have turned 19 years old today would be praying for the man who murdered their son. >> it's sad for mr. dunn that he will live the rest of his life in that place of torment. and i will pray for him. >> so he's going to learn that he must be remorseful for the
4:06 pm
killing of my son, that it was not just another day at the office. >> we expect dunn to be sentenced on those charges of attempted murder sometime next month, harris. >> you know, i've pointed this out to viewers last night when the story was braking that when the prosecutor stepped up to the microphone for the news conference after the verdicts were hand down and announced, they looked familiar some of them, and i said this is because this is partially the same prosecution team that we saw in the zimmerman trial as well. and now the prosecution is getting some criticism. >> that's right. some more criticism for what is at least in part another high-profile failure. the prosecution failing to deliver on that murder one charge. downhimself appeared stunned by the verdict. and his own defense attorney said he never saw this coming. >> it is disbelief. it has not sunk in. even when he sat next to me he said how is this happening? >> the state has said they
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intend to retry dunn on that first degree murder charge as soon as possible. harris? >> steve harrigan, thank you. fox weather alert now. a new vicious storm system is on the radar and this weekend has been bitter already. more than a foot of snow fell over parting of new england overnight. now thousands of people are without lights and heat out on cape cod. our meteorologist is here with what we can expect to come down next. kaitlyn? >> hi, harris. unfortunately, another snowstorm. and this is for portions of the northeast and new england that already saw the snow yesterday. and it was coastal new england that got hit the hardest. right now much quieter. we do have some pockets of snow around washington and pittsburgh. but you can see it spinning off in the canadian maritime. but we spent all day digging out. and the highest amounts were
4:08 pm
right around maine and massachusetts. 20 inches is what accumulated yesterday. sandwich got 15 inches. hyannis, 10 inches. even long island. and the big cities, east hampton, 7.5. this evening it will dive out of canada, start to bring accumulating snow to minneapolis and chicago. then it races off towards the east, places like philadelphia, new york by tuesday morning seeing the new snow. and that will push again into new england. so boston, maine seeing more snow. this is out through tonight, monday as tuesday. it will not deliver blizzard conditions like we saw in new england over the weekend, but it will add additional problems. we're generally expecting 1 to 3 inches from the dakotas back to
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the great lakes and into the northeast. the heaviest amounts north of there including minneapolis, chicago, upstate new york and new england. and this weekend we also noticed some big records being broken. new york and philadelphia both with 55 inches of snow this winter. that makes it the third snowiest winter and the snowiest february. i'm sure we'll be talking about more records the next time i'm joining you. >> i'm going to get my hands on that groundhog. you make it sound so nice, but we have like 2.5 feet that have not melted outside. thank you very much. right now, a teenager admitting to murder not just once but says there are nearly two dozen other victims across the country. she's promising to plead guilty in court to at least one
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killing. now police are gearing up to the claim there may be so many others. also we're being warned this is one of the worst seasons ever for avalanches. word tonight two colorado skiers swept away in a lethal avalanche. stay close. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is!
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a tragic end in the search for two skiers buried by a giant avalanche in colorado. the bodies of both of those skiering were found by a search team this afternoon in the rugged back country near aspen. they were part of a group that they say triggered that avalanche yesterday. authorities warned skiers of treacherous mountain conditions across colorado after two days of very heavy snowfall. this weekend's tragedy marks the third deadly slide in the state in less than a week. snow enthusiasts are being advised to be very prepared with the proper equipment, food,
4:14 pm
water, beacons. but it is not limited to skiering and snowboarders. they're also issuing avalanche warnings for people traveling along the roads. a confession from a pennsylvania teenager accused of mur defrmt now detectives are wondering how many victims there might be. 19 year old miranda barber said she will plead guilty to butchering a man that she and her husband met through craigslist. she admits she is part of a satanic cult and has killed 20 other people. >> miranda barber confessed from inside a pennsylvania prison on friday night. in a phone interview with the newspaper saying she and her 22 year old husband killed the man in november. get this, on the couple's three-week wedding anniversary, they lured their victim with a
4:15 pm
craigslist add offering sex for $100. her husband strapped a cord around his neck. she claims she's killed at least 22 others around the country, in alaska, california, texas. there are so many murders she stopped counting. she says the majority of her killings over the last several years took place in alaska where she join the a satanic cult at age 13, shooting and killing her first victim with the help of the leader of the cult, saying i would lure these people in. i studied them, learned them and even became their friend. i did this to people who did bad things and didn't deserve to be here anymore. authorities are now recording the interview. the police are working with investigators from other states
4:16 pm
to corroborate her claims. she says she's ready to speak with police about the other murders and wants to stop living a lie. she will be evaluated by psychiatrists. the 19 year old says she doesn't want to get out of jail because if released she would continue to kill. harris? >> boy, that is unreal. rescue crews pulling miners out of an abandoned shaft. many more remain, though, possibly trapped underground. but if you can believe it, the word from beneath the surface? they don't want to be rescued. and new worries. the affordable care act, obamacare, could be hurting some of the same people it was
4:17 pm
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rescuers trying desperately to reach people trapped underground. this is happening in south africa, and the miners we're told were working illegally in an abandoned gold shaft. crews have brought at least 11 of them outside to the surface in johannesburg. there could be at least 200 others farther down the tunnel. fox's producer is in johannesburg joining us. >> caller: if you saw this in a movie, you probably wouldn't believe it. but rescuers say potentially up to 200 miners are hiding at least 60 feet underground in darkness with human temperatures around 100 degrees.
4:21 pm
they're scared to climb out, because as they come to the surface like the first 11 rescued earlier, they will be arrested for illegal mining. the local emergency services chief says it's too dangerous to go underground, not just because this mine shaft is unsound, but because there are cases of illegal miners being involved in murders below the surface. >> that explains it. i think that was the big question. if you were stuck down there, why wouldn't you want to come out? they're afraid of legal retribution. how did they get down there in the first place? >> caller: according to mining sources, in the cutthroat world, the first group found gold, and after an attempt to steal it, a second group dropped huge
4:22 pm
boulders down the vent. they found the minering when they were on a routine patrol looking for signs of illegal mining and heard cries for help. >> these guys are stuck down the shaft because the others tries to cover it up. what's the plan for getting them out? >> caller: they have to wait on the surface. the security authorities are sitting there tonight, the cops and the mine security. but they may well not come out of there. they may try and break out of another place, because these mean tunnels that you mentioned in the introduction are many, many miles long, and they could, possibly even escape by coming out miles away, possibly even out of an entrance in another town in south africa. >> wow.
4:23 pm
crime underground in south africa. thank you very much. a bomb goes off on a passenger train, and among the people who didn't make it off that train alive are three children. it's our top story around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan. several cars went off the track. an ethnic militant group is claiming responsibility saying the bombing was in response to alleged killings by pakistani forces. venezuela, riot police clashed with students in the streets streets. the students were hurling rocks and other objects. they're angry about soaring inflation. a man haunt is under way for a man involved in three deaths in
4:24 pm
recent protests. north korea. crowds honoring kim jong il on what would have been his 72nd birthday. it's dubbed the day of the shining star. brazil. samba. thousands of people dancing in the streets of rio de janeiro. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the president is making a lot of changes to his signature health care law, apparently trying to save it. but is he breaking the biggest law of all? the constitution? and the fallout from the irs targeting scandal. remember that?
4:25 pm
when they were picking out groups with the words tea party in their names? the republicans don't really want an investigation. why is that? and you play a big part in the conversation. tweet your comment comments @harrisfaulkner. and you can also leave your postings on facebook. i'll pick a couple from there too. stay with us. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day women's 50+. legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling
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i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. fresh headlines now. investigators trying to identify the man whose body was found in the wheel well of a plane at washington, dulles airport in virginia. the south african airways plane was parked in a remote area when ground crew members discovered the body. no word yet on what caused the man's death. a russian olympian who fractured her spine has been air lifted. doctors performed at least six and a half hours of an emergency procedure after she crashed yesterday. and u.s. power ball players will get another chance to strike it rich. nobody claimed last night's drawing.
4:30 pm
so the next jackpot will soar to $400 million. one of the big selling points of the affordable care act/obamacare was that people with preexisting conditions could no longer be denied access to coverage. obamacare may actually be hurting some of those very same people. here's why. it has to do with how the law treats expensive non-generic prescription drugs. you know if you have a serious situation, lot of times you can't take generics. now you will be left with paying everything for yourself. jim ingle with the details. >> reporter: people with serious pre-existing conditions and diseases may be treated badly by obamacare because they may have to pay for expensive drug treatments with no help from the
4:31 pm
exchanges. those with expensive diseases suches lupus or multiple sclerosis are on a closed list. >> you have to pay out-of-pocket to get the medicine and it doesn't count against your deductible or your out-of-pocket limit. >> it could be that an ms patient would be expected to pay $62,000 for just one medication. that's a possibility under the new obamacare that's going on right now. >> reporter: in fact, one conservative group is running an ad about a woman with lupus who supported president obama. >> i thought obamacare was going to and good thing. >> reporter: but emily lamb says she got a letter saying her insurance was canceled because of obamacare. >> i'm having to work a second job to pay for obamacare. for somebody with lupus, that's not an easy thing.
4:32 pm
because i can't afford to continue to pay for obamacare. i don't get to get my medicine and i don't get to see my doctors. >> reporter: one of the problems is that some drugs for ms don't have generics. patients could face huge personal bill, forcing some to skimp on their medications. >> when you're treating it for most people they handle it pretty well. if you don't treat it, it's the kind of disease that people end up in wheelchairs potentially. >> reporter: drugs not on the preferred list would also be more expensive. >> when you go outside that list you have to pay out-of-pocket. but you do get some co-insurance mining the plans will pay some of the cost of that. >> to be able too make sure that all the systems were operational in 2014, they realized they needed to give an extra year to get those systems changes in place. >> reporter: officials plan to try again next year. additional benefits will cost
4:33 pm
more, meaning premiums would have to rise or the networks of providers would shrink any further. and now more controversy surrounding the president's signature health care law. some republicans in congress say the president's using of executive power to make changes to obamacare violates the constitution. utah senator mike lee accuses the president of essentially rewriting the law and calls his action as shameless act. but senator lee admits there isn't much congress can do to stop president obama. let's bring in former republican congressman and a fox news contributor and joining us via satellite, doug shone joining us from l.a. bring us some sunshine, won't you. you can join the conversation as some of you already are because the twitter feed is flying.
4:34 pm
or faulkner. 29 delays. 35 changes, at least since obamacare became law. clearly there are problems with it. is the president bending the constitution with all those moves? >> well, i think he may well be, but i call this, harris, simply abuse of power. bottom line, the president is making laws and changing laws on his own say so. we heard meek lee, but bottom line, there's been no chorus from the republican party about this. there's no sense of outrage. i'm angry. i think most americans are, because the law isn't what they were promised. they can't keep their policies. they can't keep their doctors. premiums are going up. the president is delaying it for political purposes, not to make it better. >> is this the way it's supposed to work? >> no.
4:35 pm
we're supposed to be a nation of laws, not men. we are in what i call a semi-banana republic where the president or whoever it is, george bush make up a law, you don't have to implement or change, but nothing like we've ever seen in obamacare. and let me just say this in response to senator lee. it is because of the attitude of people like him that they can do nothing. the republicans could shut the country down over the question of the president not following the law. as opposed to what they shut it down before. they should demand i do it. they have the right of standing. but you know what? because a lot of them are in favor of that kind of behavior. the political class always is. >> we have polling in the new fox news poll this week that shows that 70% of the country believes obama is ruling improperly by doing all these changes on his own, executive orders, recess appointments,
4:36 pm
including 54% of democrats who say he shouldn't be doing it. >> but the media is silent in the political class, including some of people on this network i must say who don't want to do this because they're in favor of these kinds of things because they feather their nest at the expense of people. this is the worst disaster. >> you are spreading this around like peanut butter. you're saying this is just the way washington is? >> when president bush did something he didn't like, he did a signing statement which is saying i'm only going to enforce part of the law. >> when one starts it getting worst and when they find out they can do more you continue down that road. i'm sure doug agrees with that. >> you mentioned some fox news polling. i want to put some numbers up on the screen, because this is how people feel about obamacare at this point. they wish it had never been
4:37 pm
passed. you want to know the percentage there? 55%. so if the president is looking at this kind of polling, he may be brandishing his pen because he knows he's got to change t doug? >> harris, that's exactly right. and he is doing what he's doing, delaying the employer mandate for small and medium-sized employers for political purposes, to get through the next election. he is not doing it because of any right to do it or any legislative approval. pat and john are right. this is a government that is out of control where the citizens are basically dealing with a rigged deck of republicans and democrats who do what they want and don't serve the people's interests, serve their political interests. >> i know you'll say something good too. but the republicans' fault in here sh that they will not stand up on anything. we'll go through other things with new a minute. that 55%, more than, almost 2/3
4:38 pm
of the american people including the majority of democrats believe that if what had been known about this law had been known at the time it never would have passed. >> but we told that you have to pass it to find out what's in it. i mean, that wasn't an accident. that's true. we didn't make that up. that happened. >> we got to look at the big picture here. the united states of america has a law -- obamacare -- running, as we've heard, one sixth of the economy. >> right. >> where more than half the people don't believe in the law and don't like it. >> wish it hadn't been passed. >> more than that. >> how can it work? >> the reason the president won't fix it, the reason the republicans won't is because it's all about politics. the democrat party will defend to the death no matter how disastrous this is, even if it kills them, because they cannot admit they made a mistake. and the republicans won't offer an alternative.
4:39 pm
>> they may very well luck into winning the senate and keeping the house this year, and this snake is going to get thrown on them. and they don't have a clue what too do about to do about it. >> you're talking about luck into winning the senate. we're seeing with them not putting up as much of a fight as the country thought they would over raising the debts limit, what happened there? >> bottom line, they made a decision that they didn't need to fight, that they -- >> why not? >> the polls going their direction. because john boehner could not command the majority of his own caucus to fight. they lost disastrously on the government shutdown over the budget last september and october. and bottom line, they made a tactical decision to retreat, to not even stand up for pensions for our military. bottom line, it was political surrender for political gain.
4:40 pm
but bottom line, no one is putting the american people first. no one is putting the interests of the american people ahead of short term political gain. >> how about a betrayal. >> it's a tragedy. >> it's a surrender. >> i want to bring in some of our twitter responses. will says why can't the citizens say sue the obama administration for violating the constitution. don't we have standing, meaning the citizens? >> first of all, we already have a suit in the supreme court over the recess appointments. that's going to be decided, whether they were unconstitutional. i'm sure there's going to be something somewhere in the lower courts on the 29 changes that he has made. all these things take a while, but they will get there. >> it breaks my heart. if any democrats of conscience -- constitution first, if any republicans actual lay put the country before what
4:41 pm
they thought were politics, you should have 100 or more people who could file a bill and go to the court and demand standing. and you know what? they might get standing, but at least the entire country would be riveted. this is kabuki theater not to do anything. they don't care because they all want to do it themselves. >> we did have rand paul suing the obama administration over the nsa thing. not a peep about the obamacare. >> nobody will, by the way, one person, what i'm saying is where's the 100 and some. we have 180. >> we have 180 on benghazi and they won't talk about it. >> we saw the speaker of the house, not just with regards to the debt limit but also with regards to the irs investigation and those tea party groups that were singled out. why isn't the gop pressing for that investigation? i know you all have your thoughts about that. you tweeted about it earlier. and i just want to mention this because doug put this out on twitter. he says that the gop has
4:42 pm
surrendered. let's talk about that. that generated a ton of tweets. we'll be right back. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. eartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! . . . .
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. well, people definitely have a feeling about this irs investigation targeting tea party groups. doug schoen is in l.a. drumming of sunshine. why do you feel the gop surrendered on this issue? >> i've been sickened that nixon went down the toilet, in part for talking about using the irs to go after his enemies. here obama is doing it, the obama administration. where are the republicans from boehner on down having high level investigations to get to the bottom. >> where are they in. >> here's the answer, it's an obvious one.
4:46 pm
when you have 71% who want an investigation, 64% believe vetting is a seen of corruption. the reason is the establishment republicans want the irs to go after the tea parties. get it? they want them to go after the tea party. >> why? >> because the tea party is an outside threat to their power hold. the republican leadership who have been attacking the tea parties, they want the irs to do this. worse, the irs is also now given the assignment this week to be used against businesses who may be cutting their work force because of obamacare. this lawless operation going on that no one will investigate -- >> and one other one before doug gets in here. another one that doesn't get enough publicity, pro-israel lobbying groups. the irs went after them.
4:47 pm
>> i want to get to other things. q bones on twitter tweeted this. both parties fear the tea party would put an end to the massive corruption. whether or not it would, who knows, which speaks to what you guys were talking about. i want to put up words on the screen because you were talking about a poll we took with fox news. should congress continue to investigate the irs. 71% of americans now say they want that to happen. doug? >> harris, what john and pat are saying is absolutely true. close to three quarters of the american people see an abuse of hour here. they believe that the irs is being used for political purposes. they want to stop it. they want to investigate it. but both sides, the democrats, the republicans, don't want to do it. and indeed, in the republican party, i'm of the opinion that the establishment republicans are fighting harder against the
4:48 pm
tea party than they are against the democrats. >> because -- >> bottom line -- >> go ahead. sorry. >> it's because this is about intra mural politics, not the interests of the american people. >> this is about preserving privileges and arrangements that benefit these people over the country. >> that just makes it seem so seedy. >> it is worse than seedy. it is worse than corrupt. it is an issue that nobody is allowed to speak of. but the people in the american polls know it. this is a corrupt political system that doesn't function. and it rots from the head down. >> let's talk about a wider strategy fort gop. why not fight, and you guys are laying out a very distasteful, but you seem to agree on this, and i'm seeing this all over twitter and facebook, too, picture of how washington works.
4:49 pm
is there a wider track f er str winning in 2014? >> yes. they have cleared the decking of every controversy that could hurt republicans, right? >> what do you run on? >> they don't want to run on anything. they want the democrats to go down the toilet with obamacare. >> no principals. neither party believes in anything for which they're willing to lose, including the safety of the united states. and i'll take that argument on with anybody. and also, a big blow to big labor. workers at the volkswagen plant in tennessee rejected an effort to unionize this weekend. the aflcio reacted to the defeat saying in part, history will she this narrow loss will not deter millions of workers from t-mobile to musicians and auto workers who will continue to
4:50 pm
stand up to right wing politicians. >> if we brought big labor leaders to sit at this table and we asked them this question -- which are you more upset vote obamacare is doing to 40-hour workweek, the backbone of what labor has kplshed, every one of them would tell you, obamacare is a bigger problem for them. >> all they want to do is -- they still support obama and the democrats. they don't care about their workers. let me say this about -- that was an outrageous statement for this reason. the facts of the matter are, the german government, prime minister merkel, and the top union there, which controls there, leaned on volkswagen and the mlrp, another body that the president just made up recess appointments for, which is still before the court, volkswagen -- this was a rigged system. volkswagen supported the vote. everyone did. no opponents were allowed to speak in the plant. and it still went down.
4:51 pm
because the american people know these things are rigg edrigged. >> and the workers at the plant said they had jobs they loved, they didn't want to put those in jeopardy. very interesting. we'll continue the conversation and get your facebook posts and tweets in too. stays close. sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. oh, it's great. yeah. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. ♪ new at&t mobile share value plans for business. our best value plans ever. for example, you can get 10 gigs of data to share. and 5 lines would be $175 a month. plus you can add a line anytime for $15 a month. sharing's never been better for business. ♪
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we're back. just before the break, we were talking about the union failure, the defeat at that volkswagen plant and some response now coming on twitter. sick and tired says, maybe the union vote failed because they saw what unions did to the steel plants and coal mines in the valley. don't blame republicans. if not for the tea party, it would be worse. and then on facebook amanda lee
4:55 pm
windsor writes, of her own party, we are so disgusted with the republicans, we may just stay home and not vote in the primary. the republicans should be standing up and fighting this president and they are not. phat? >> well, i think that's true. and i think that it speaks, you know, we talked about speaks to a larger question. you know, the capitalism led to -- but the republicans basically have laid down. people who believe, yes, the obama administration is just as bad or worse, but the republicans will not fight them as a principled opposition. >> the american dream is something you want to talk about. >> well, we have a new mcclatchy poll that shows that 80% of americans today say that achieving the american dream will be harder for their children than it was for them. which is the exact opposite of many generations, who said, things will be better for my children than they were for me. and under this administration, that thing has turned rapidly. >> well, that's interesting, because that's actually something that a party could run
4:56 pm
on. doug, are you there? is that true? >> you're absolutely right, harris. you couldn't be more correct. bottom line, this is a rigged system. ordinary working people -- you're absolutely right! because the bottom line is there's no pro-growth inclusive strategy from either side to create jobs, to educate our kids, to provide real and meaningful retirement security. bottom line, those issues aren't talked about. you have a political class, as pat and john compellingly have talked about, that protects their own interests, and you see people saying, at least the tea party is honest, workers voting against unions. bottom line, it's a rejection of the status quo, and it's an endorsement of fundamental change. >> independent 02 on twitter says, tea party, seriously, you're saying their the answer? yeah right. >> no, it is not. there's a much bigger coalition. underlying all the cynicism and anger in this country, what
4:57 pm
really is missing a vision for what doug was talking about. a resurge in america against the corruption and for the american dream. that will sweep up the country. >> you literally get the last word. there's olivia, your grandchild did well at the westminster dog show. "huckabee" is next. it's te for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is twon't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. i can't believe your mom has a mom cave! today i have new campbell's chuy spicy chicken quesadilla soup. she gives me chunky before every game. i'm very souperstitious. haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. a steel cage: death match of midsize sedans. [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. the volkswagen passat against all comers. turbocharged engines against...engines. best in class rear legroom against other-class legroom. but then we realized. consumers already did that. twice.
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we'll enclude them tomorrow night. tonight on huckabee. let's n tonight on "huckabee" -- >> let's not have another 40-something vote to repeal a law that's already helping millions of americans. >> republicans donate have t s numbers to repeal obamacare, but there may be a legal way out. and an american terrorist in pakistan. a possible target for a drone strike. >> when a u.s. citizen goes abroad to wage war against america, his citizenship should no more serve as a shield than a sniper shooting down on an innocent crowd. >> but where do we draw the line? alberto gonzalez responds. plus, a pregnant mother struck by a driver. >> shortly after i woke up, they had told me


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