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tv   A Bush Family Album  FOX News  February 16, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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commemorative t-shirt. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "judge jeanine. >> we met at a dance, he was the first person who ever kissed me. i almost fainted from excitement. >> he packed up mother and me and moved out to odessa, texas. and i always have admired him for his pioneering spirit. >> our dad is probably the sweetest person you would meet. he is very kind and good and old
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fashioned. >> it is amazing how he lives, by his actions. >> he is modest. there is a difference. >> he is not perfect and no one is. but amazingly he is as close as you can get. >> he was the only dad who could catch baseball straight behind his back. he was a cool dad. >> the family of the 41st >> the family of the 41st president of the united states shares intimate stories only they can tell. welcome to "the bush family album." i am brit hume. while they praise and criticize him and his political career the family of the 41st president of the united states remembers him for most as a loving family man, a man with a servant's heart. on this program a peek into the bush family archives as we get access to their family album. they provide a sense of what it was like growing up in this powerful american family. you will hear from bush 41 himself. he sat in on an interview with
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his wife and couldn't resist adding a few comments. just across this cove behind me walker's point where the bush family gathered for generations. now a bush family album. >> when i grew up my mother used to show me a scrapbook of my dad at yale and pictures of my dad when he was at war. i will never forget in the scrapbook there was a piece of the raft that had rescued him. and a picture of my dad being pulled out of the sea by the uss medivac and was made more real when i thought about that raft, a piece of the raft. >> he is a war hero to hmany americans and their own children. they the bush kids describe growing up as our 41st president sons and daughters. many of the photos inside this until now private album were taken at their home on the coast
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of maine in ken bnebunkport. >> it was an anchor to the win ward. it means it's a place where our family gathers. >> walker's point is a summer home where the bush family history has occurred. >> a lot of memories in this place. all of them happy. >> my great grandfather purchased that in the early 1900s. mother and dad love it there. he loves going there loves the fish, loves the waves crashing across the rocks. he found solace and comfort there. it's a place where his sons and daughter come to be with him. >> the only summer he wasn't there was when he was in the military. i think it was perfect. >> they moved over almost 50 times maybe over 50 times. we have had a pretty transient life, but that's been our one constant.
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we love it. we know our second cousins know because of kennebunkport. >> it is a huge family history in it but it is neither too opulent or over done in any way. they are not trying to impress anybody. it says a lot about him and about barbara bush. it's a place for family and friends to be together. that is the atrks of it. >> you can see by his body action and his words how important kennebunkport maine is to him. it's important to us. it is important to the entire network of the bush family now because the joys he gets of watching his grandchildren blossom into adults and to see the success of his family i think far exceeds any success he has had in his life, which in my mind far exceeds anything else my family has ever done.
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>> my husband is brave in our 65 years. there's no dark side, truthfully. sometimes he makes me sort of mad, but i have never been ashamed or embarrassed, and i have always been proud of him. >> george herbert walker bush met barbara pierce at a high school dance in 1941 a few weeks after the december 7th attack on pearl harbor. >> george asked someone there, you know the girl in the red and green dress. >> beautiful girl. >> he didn't say that. yeah, i grew up with her. go cut in on her. then you can bring her over to introduce me to her. they played a waltz. waltzing matilda didn't waltz. i said do you mind if we sit down for a minute? we did and we talked. then i went over to the andover dance with him. first person that ever kissed me.
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kissed me in front of 15 people who didn't seem to notice. i almost fainted. 16, 17 -- you were 17 then. >> 17. you were 16. >> 18 the next day. it's like a song. you were 16 i was 17. >> i don't think they are interested. >> two teenagers in love with wars in europe and the pacific, the future did not look bright. bush joined his fellow americans and enlisted as soon as he turned 18. he earned his wings, became the youngest pilot in the navy at the time. >> we wouldn't hear from him forever. his mother and father were wonderful. i had a brother who was overseas i had a brother in law who was overseas. it was different. different times. >> lieutenant bush flew an avenger torpedo bomber carriers. the ctargets were japanese
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installations on small islands. his war time diary includes descriptions of his close calls and the bombing run hit by japanese flank bush completed a mission then headed to sea. he was able to bail out but his crew the tail gunner and radio man didn't survive. >> i knew he went down. his mum called me about a day later saying he is fine. he is in hawaii. he could have come home then but he choose to stay. hugely patriotic american. >> bush arrived home on christmas eve 1944. two weeks later friends and family attended george and barbara's wedding. >> it was a very sort of funny day i think. but we had a luncheon and my honest husband stood up and just wowed them all because he said something nice about, and you
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know, barbara is beautiful, blah, blah. it means barbara means barbaric, strange. he lied. beautiful wedding. >> not long after their wedding day the new bride's father wrote a letter predicting the young couple's future. george was at yale. i think he's the big man on campus. he says some day he could be. of the -- president of the united states. he really thought george was wonderful. we didn't expect that then. we did not think he was going to be president then but he worked hard all his life and did everything the best he could i believe. best son, best father, best student always. >> athlete. >> best@lea athlete. >> barbara bush credits the bush family matriarch for much of her
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success. >> she was the most extraordinary woman, great paddle tennis player and very nice. put on less airs than any one i know. she taught him a lot of things you learn in kindergarten talk about the other fellow don't talk about yourself. maybe she made george a fault he shouldn't have had, but she told me one day i think george bush is the greatest president i knew and i knew a lot. he had one fault. he never took credit. >> george h.w. bush personal modesty has not kept his family and his wife from telling in a way he never would how he influenced them america and indeed the world. more of a bush family album in a moment. in the nation, reward safe driving.
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>> president george w. bush the he would dest of george and barbara bush's five children. >> he could have stayed up, gone into wall street, settled into a very comfortable life. instead he packed up mother and me and moved out to odessa, texas and i always have admired him for his pioneering spirit. >> moving to odessa, well, i never had been here before. it was dusty, but people were wonderful. >> george bush went to texas to build a career on his own instead of following in his father's foot steps. >> he told me he really didn't want to work with something you couldn't touch like banking or something. his family had done and maybe others, too. he was offered jobs by a lot of groups. proctor & gamble. >> they make a fine soap. >> george didn't apply.
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he wanted to go i think they trained. i think he really loved that feeling of doing something different. >> when i think back to midland, texas, i think of baseball. my dad was a very good baseball player. he was the captain of a successful yale baseball team. they went to the ncaa championship twice, badly lost both times. he was a good first baseman. i used to love to play catch with him. i remember the first time he said, son, i can throw it as hard as i want. which meant a lot to me. when i had come of age at least in terms of me being able to catch a baseball. >> the family began to grow with robin and another son, jed. bush learned the oil business and found the pet toll yum corporation with a group of investors in 1953. it became an offshore drilling
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operation with rigs around the world. >> we had some very difficult times when the rig went down that was a third of your company's holdings. that's tough. but you have to have someone who knows what it means to have 60 people or whatever number they had depending on your livelih d livelihood. >> the times they faced were nothing compared to a parent's worth nightmare when 3-year-old robin was diagnosed with leukemia and died a year later. the lessons george bush learned in building a business and creating jobs and meeting a payroll became key to his next career. >> he was going to run for county chairman he didn't tell me there were 300 some precincts or 200 and some precincts that he was campaigning. i thought they would all fall down and say yes, perfect. all of our friends thought it was nutty but george rolled up his sleeves and did it. he loved it. >> politics became the family
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business. and with the same eagerness and drive he used to build his company george h.w. bush worked his way to the top. >> preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> dad handled his relationship with president reagan extremely well. he rye maemained loyal to the president. when the curtain rose he gave one of the greatest convention speeches ever. that helped define who he was. >> i will keep america moving forward, always forward for a better america, for an endless ensduring dre-- enduring dream a thousand points of light, this is my mission and i will complete it. >> my dad was an informal guy. he can relax, and he sure loved his dog ranger. i love the picture of ranger
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relaxed on the rug in the oval office. the picture to me speaks about the importance of the job. the amount of work that a president has to do in order to do the job that people expect, having ranger around added some comfort to him. >> george h.w. bush's president faced challenges and opportunities on both international and domestic fronts. the liberation of kuwait and putting down sadam hussein in the war gave bush one of the highest approval ratings as president. his numbers fell sharply during the 1992 presidential campaign. >> i think it was the worst year of my life watching george bush get defeated as president. >> i called governor clinton in little rock and gave him my congratulations. he ran a strong campaign. >> mother's attitude was it's
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over get on with your life. that's exactly what we did with his help and his encouragement. >> george called everyone, the staff, he was very, very proud. he announced ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states and in he walked. he was funny. >> i stayed in the lincoln bedroom i couldn't resist getting on the phone i called up the secret service as the president. feel like john in the night in the nude. >> wouldn't be prudent. not gonna do it. >> he autosed gestures that i don't use. not gonna do it. wouldn't be prudent. >> george was very good. he assisted everybody in the white house. worked to the last moment. they helped the clinton people as best they could.
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his precious mother died the day that the clintons came to see the white house. >> the loss president of the see for george bush held an unusual twist of fate. >> i thought about it a lot, it broke my heart. i realize with the press against you, and you don't have the house or the senate, george never had that. that you would have had the worst four years of your life. and not me, just the family. it took a while for me to find that. i think that's true. >> maybe george wouldn't have been elected president. >> he wouldn't. he wouldn't have been governor. >> maybe that's okay. >> it would have been difficult for me to run in 1994 and difficult for jeb to run in 1994. his pain, the pain of loss made it possible for us to run for public service, which i have found to be one of the great ironies of my life. >> for only the second time in
6:19 pm
american history a father and son each served as president. john adams was our second president and son john quinn see adams number 6. george bush 43 remembers his first day in office and a surprise visit from 41. >> i was sitting at the bess can and reflecting absorbing the environment and in walks my dad. it was an exciting moment that he would come and share the early moments of my presidency with me. >> president george w. bush and h. w. bush would share a great deal but the father did not have a vision or a plan for his son. >> he didn't have a vision about what i should do in life. he didn't say you need to go out and practice fielding for 10 hours a day because i want you to be a great short stop. his attitude was i will provide examples for you have how to live your life. i will set certain values and go get it. i wish you all the best.
6:20 pm
obviously if we needed help or advice he was there but he never tried to steer the course of our life for which i am eternally grateful. >> there's one thing that sets the two presidents apart. >> i think it's fabulous, but not to the point that i want to emulate him. >> that was fun out there. great fun. >> when he was a kid and had to jump out after getting shot down he hit his head and couldn't remember the moment so he wanted to relive what it was like to jump out of an airplane. since then he is serving as an example to older citizens that, you know, you can live life to the fullest. i think it's really cool. >> through out his life president george h.w. bush set examples for others to follow. including me. i have followed bush 41 out of the side of an airplane at the celebration of his 80 birthday. it was very cool. indeed very cold at 13,000 feet. we will be right back.
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etern . >> our dad is probably the sweetest person you would ever meet. he is very thoughtful and kind and good and old fashioned in that way. he just makes you feel like >> he makes you feel like a special person when you are with him. when i call him on the phone he always has the most enthusiastic, is that you? is he's just pretty special. >> he was the only dad who could catch a baseball ten straight times behind his back. he was a cool dad. he's like a good wine. he has aged. he has gotten better with age. he is a cool guy. >> dorothy bush coch and marvin
6:25 pm
were the youngest of the family. >> his father went to politics. >> you see your sdad on the magazi magazine billboard it is surreal. he was one of only 24 when was a republican. as your profile visrises in politics there's more scrutiny. for those of us who care about my dad it gets tougher and tougher. >> with his family support and despite many political battles there are a lot of battles. >> he was head of the cia head of the republican party. he was a lot of things. he is a man who can't say no. >> after the thankless job after
6:26 pm
watergate and nixon resignation gerald ford on a post. >> when he said guess where we are going? 400 countries when they got to china. it's the best thing that happened to us. >> what's today? >> i was thinking about the weather. we learned about something i learned in the state department. i would walk to myself. when we got over there was not one thing i learned that was appropriate. i loved it. the food was divine. >> we took a fun trip to thchin. we were there a couple of months. we traveled. my mom became an expert on a lot of the tourist sites in china especially the forbidden city. it was an exciting time.
6:27 pm
there the there>> there were further challenges. >> my dad became president. it was a huge thrill but it wasn't a surprise really. it's not as if he wasn't qualified to be president. i don't know. it kind of fit with who he was. but for us our dad was just the same. >> i will say it wasn't a lot of fun all of the time. all of us are so protective of our dad. there was a news week article when he was running for president it said the wimp factor. i said to myself that's kind of odd. he's a guy who served the country as a young pilot. probably an expectation this ivy league guy would go to wall street but he built a business. here's a guy who was a family guy. he literally watched his daughter die which took a lot of courage to keep a family together. here's a guy that by virtue of
6:28 pm
what he has lived proves that he is not a wimp. there are a couple ways you can handle that you can retreat or do what dor and i did was spend more time with him. >> my dad is famous for letter writing. that gives you a glimpse of who he is. >> george bush expressed his gratitude of others through a continual stream of personal letters and notes. they were edited and collected into a book by his long time assistant gene becker. he describe them as letters written when my heart was empty or full of joy. caring and rejoicing letters. >> he had no interest in looking back at his life. he sits in his office and thinks of ideas of fun plans and things to do in the future and who can he call. >> daughter doro was the author of my father my president the
6:29 pm
memoir her father was too modest to write. in 2006 the uss george h.w. bush was christened. it seems fitting to our 84th president and a way to honor commitment to his country. his daughter dot to wield the champagne bottle. >> she is the world's best sponsor. she is unbelievable. they put in tapes for the moms and dads to read a child's book and then sent the tape home so they can hear the voice. she has been a great sponsor. >> on june 10th, 2012, the bush family welcomed the ship to the main coast. they spent time with the crew and took part in a reenlistment ceremony for 60 sailors. >> sent me a picture of the new carrier.
6:30 pm
beautiful, beautiful seat. that's a fun part in the navy. >> for a guy who lives life straight down the middle he was aggressive. >> he could be not reckless but he's good at drive ago boat. for an 85-year-old man to go over 3-4 foot waves. it is pretty aggressive. >> whenever he had a chance he shared his love of the ocean fishing and fast boats with friends and visitors. >> dad was anxious to give president put tin at the time a ride in his boat. he's an outdoor man, an adventure you are. get into his boat and of course after a slow start he cranks that baby up and it was
6:31 pm
interesting to watch vladimir's reaction to the former president blasting across the atlantic. fortunately diplomatic relations weren't severed at that moment. >> one thing you will learn from it spending time with folks who know my father is that he's got literally 200 people who think they are among his five best friends. we always joke in our family about having a 5th beatles. >> we call the 5th beater types a brother from another mother. there's tons of them. >> coming up, he was a political rival but also a great admirer of president george h.w. bush. >> they refer to me as their black sheep son. i am the one straight from the fold. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something.
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am harris falkner. massachusetts just got a foot more of heavy wet snow overnight. now power outages are widespread across cape cod. we had a break in the snowfall so people began digging out from if boston to maine. we go back into the freezer. windchills below zero. americans getting ared for the
6:35 pm
storm. it is moving across the station. popular fundraising web site kick starter said it has been they immediately shut down the site saying they had office data no credit card information but account names user names e-mail addresses phone numbers all access. they are asking 6 million people to change their pass word. >> coming up jeb bush, kneneil h and the self described black sheep of the bush family former president bill clinton tell us what they thought about president george h.w. bush and why. >> my dad is the most complete man i know. >> governor john ellis jeb bush. >> hard to describe it as a son but he is courageous, he is honest, he has integrity.
6:36 pm
he is not perfect. no one is, but amazingly, he's as close as you can get. >> but to trait jeb admired most in his father is what he sees as his courage. >> my dad exhibited that in his entire life starting as the youngest navy pilot in world war ii moving to midland in his business. it took courage to get out of one's comfort zone to take the risk of running for office in the minority party back in the early days of the republican party in texas certainly as president he showed a toughness and fortitude. he went into politics when he was 40. he traveled a lot he wasn't always at home because he was always working hard but when he was with us it was always fun. they were always good things go to a baseball game or play tennis or just outdoors playing
6:37 pm
catch. fantastic father. he wasn't a strict disciplinarian but when he messed up his words of saying, i am disappointed in you was devastating. it was like a thousand lashes and one month stuck in your room. so his means of child rearing were to basically set an example. >> being an example and setting standards for his children was george bush's role. barbara bush went about raising the family. >> i am considered the meanest person in the world. toughest. every one of the boys would give a speech and couldn't -- george w. called me in florida once said mom, don't watch the news tonight. i hear this roaring of laughter.
6:38 pm
of course i would say what's the matter? he said well today a young girl asked the president is it important to eat as a family. he said, yes. she said did you eat as a family he said... >> i did eat with my family so long as my father wasn't cooking. just kidding, mom. >> that's an average bush joke, right? right. >> it was personally for me gratifying to see the victory when people forget this when he was like 15 points in the polls and two months to go. it shows the extraordinary tenacity with my dad and inspired people to work together. if you look at the four years you look at the incredible events that go in a completely different direction is leadership. he has courage to act on his
6:39 pm
convictions. >> the world has said this aggression would not stand and it will not stand. >> there is an inner strength when the world was focused on operation desert storm. the impression was my dad was a nice guy and nice guys can't be tough. c you can be tough and be behind. being tough in a prav vado sense is not top. you don't want a bt always focused on themselves you want them to act like principles and he did. >> aggression is defeated, the war is over. >> it was something that he gets nauseas when he hears it. more than the accomplishments or as president or as a public figure the fact that my dad has
6:40 pm
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6:43 pm
it is amazing how he lifts people not only by his example but by his actions. he is a very remarkable man. in my teenaged life and beyond he has been in political service. it is very normal. everybody thinks he flies in private airplanes and go to the best restaurants. dad was out there can couldn'ting the hamburgers when we were young kids. average kind of family with exceptional parenting. i always thought so highly of my dad it didn't surprise me when he became president. we worked hard to get him to be president we all did. >> while many had the perks of living in the white house that was not an option for the bush children. >> he said if he were ever elected president the kids wouldn't be allowed to move into
6:44 pm
the white house. we have adults we have our own families and so they stuck to that. >> every one looks back at my father's presidency they are going to see a remarkable pattern of success in everything he did. on the domestic and foreign policy side. tearing down the burr lynn wall and the crisis in china with diplomatic savvy. obviously when they attacked kuwait he rallied the forces for good an put together the amazing coalition and just exactly the right way. got every chance in the world to right his wrong and he stopped in the border it was the right thing to do on the domestic side
6:45 pm
there was taxation which turned out to be his down fall which he made the famous in politics stap statement... >> read my lips, no new taxes. >> he did what was right at the time. economists supported what he did to keep the economy going. he signed into all of the legislation for the disabilities act. he signed into law the first volunteer service oriented act for the united states. he had legacy domestic foreign that put them at high ranks. i think one of the most important legacies from a personal selfish perspective in the commitment to volunteerism and encouraging others to try to pitch in and do what they can to make the world a better place. >> july 16th, 2013, he was
6:46 pm
invited to the white house to do a presentation. for the 5,000th time they presented a daily award to honor. >> we are surely a kinder and gentler nation because of you and we can't thank you enough. >> like a rock he has a steady stability and kindness and givingness and lovingness. you have never waiver uniota from that. the bush brother from another mother, president bill clinton. his add mir rigs for bush 41 is strike c striking. it's next. i'm beth...
6:47 pm
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i always liked >> i always liked him. he had a tough fight with president reagan. when he finished second and was asked to be vice president, he did. >> they were one strong political opponents it turns out bill clinton was one of george h.w. bush's admirers. >> the first time i met him i believe was in summer of 1983. the governor's association event in maine. he hosted it at his house at kennebunkport. we all went there. i had my daughter who was then three years old and i walked up to the vice president and i said, mr. vice president i would like you to meet my daughter chelsea. i said chelsea this man is the vice president of the united states. she looked at him and said where is the pabathroom? >> from the start clinton was impressed by bush. he took her by the hand and took
6:51 pm
her to the bathroom and introduced toy daughter to his mother who was then still living and made a big impression on me. that's the kind of man he is. he is kind, he treats everybody with genuine respect. he is interested in people that are interested in them. >> he was a coon serve tive but he was open argument. he logs on the right or the left gets this country from trouble. he integrated housing in america. i thought that showed he had character. i liked him because i thought he was a very good man. i think he will go down in history for the positive things that he did to improve the security of the united states in his term the berlin wall fell
6:52 pm
which was a reflection of failure of communism and in part a reflection of the success of every american president harry truman to george bush. >> in 2000 they invited them to the white house for a notable occasion. >> we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the white house and i invited all of the former first ladies and presidents there. it was an amazing night of history. it was before they awarded the election to president bush, his son. there they were sitting in the white house. they had to be calm and had to try to enjoy this and had to realize the moment and yet they had no idea whether his son was going to be president or not. they handled it. they were amazing.
6:53 pm
>> former presidents gather for events on rare occasions. in 2004 an earthquake shook and tsunami hit the coast of southeast asia. it was an unprecedented natural disaster. more than 200,000 people were dead or missing. many areas were destroyed. two and george bush showed americans we are sometimes more united than divided. most people didn't know where it was. a lot of people didn't know about sri lanka. we really sort of rescind elled our bond that existed before the election in 92 in a way that this wasn't poosible in the
6:54 pm
years that i was president. i loved it. we had a great time together. i think we did a lot of good. >> the unusual partnership started again the next year when hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast. >> it was nice not only to see republican and democrat working together but they relaxed and knew you could agree and disagree. they refer to me as the black sheep son i am the one straight from the fold. that's really the way america should work before people get out of politics. >> i like him we had to struggle to find common ground in this country. on his heart it was ben win. he cared wi -- genuine. he believes that people who have had the opportunities we have had in life should serve as long as they live and are able.
6:55 pm
i want people to know that about him. 's good man. >> president clinton believes george bush will be remembered and admired simply for the way he lived his life. >> if every american could see him driving that speed boat, he became the same man who was the youngest vieter pilot shot out of the air in world war ii when he was 189. you get that almost boyish excitement the fire in his eyes you could see that is really the secret to every man and woman's life. you know you have to have something to look forward to. you have to find joy in the moment. and he does. he is still jumping out of airplanes every five years to mark his birthday. it is astonishing. that's how i would like people to remember him. he has a lot of juice. he loves life and he's a
6:56 pm
genuinely good man. >> people find it astonishing these rifles became such good friends. i have interviewed them both and their relationship is genuine. just because you disagree on something doesn't mean you can't work together. that's an attitude that once separated much of the american politics from the rest of the world. sf now we close the bush family album with these final words. >> he was a professional. he was a man with a great heart. he taught me values matter that principles shouldn't be violated. >> he is kind, he's thoughtful. he's funny. >> the example he set for us there's no other greater gift we could have. >> the final legacy is he is
6:57 pm
going to be remembered as the president that has a great love for people. his ability to bring out the best in people. >> it is more like an ocean rather than a stream. but over time the cumulative people looking at him over time i think he will be treated really really well. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and 5 essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet's amazing juices and new amazing prune light. imagine not beingve near this so often.
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♪ >> are you a member of the privileged? do you get special breaks in life. they want everyone to have equal opportunity but they get special breaks to certain companies. >> all benefit from it. >> all benefit? no not all benefit. privileged benefit. like members of congress when it came to obamacare. >> is there any other large employer who gets the same treatment? >> congressional provision only applies to congress. >> we will be damned if we are going to loose our health insurance because of unintended consequences. >> multi


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