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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 17, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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after accusing president clinton of sexually groping her in the oval office, she maintains this is fair game for 2016, is she right? i'll press her on it, set the dvr. welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show. are you ready? america, beckel is in the house, let's roll. >> ted cruz is so hated among his republicans that at the tuesday lunch they have, every tuesday, he will need a food taster. >> why do liberals hate senator ted cruz so much? bob beckel thinks he has the answer. and civil rights leaders denounce the latest rash of comments, this time levelled at supreme court justice clarence thomas and his wife. >> you look up at the sky, you see there, it looks like you're
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talking to somebody. what is going on there? >> and it is the emotional interview with olympic champion bode miller that everybody is talking about. did the interview reporter cross the line? >> climate change can now be considered. and plus, the reaction of john kerry. first, he begs me to stay in new york. now, he wants me to hit the road. you wouldn't believe where jon stewart wants to send little old me. >> he said he wants to leave anyway. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. texas senator ted cruz is making the mainstream media nervous, just look at what they said about him on two of the sunday shows. >> i tell you, ted cruz is so hated more than the republicans, that more so -- at the tuesday lunch they have, he will need a food taster. >> let me ask you about ted
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cruz, i'm reminded of the song, who do you do about maria? to me, how do they solve a problem like ted cruz in the republican caucus in the senate. >> all right, so the liberals in the media, and across the country, threatened by ted cruz? good to see you. >> you're a frustrated quarterback, you know that? you're really a frustrated quarterback, being a talk show host, but you're too hold. >> let me ask you this, how do you solve a problem like ted cruz? so hated, he better get a food taster, you may actually agree. i think republicans in washington are afraid of their own shadow. i think ted cruz represents what the party should represent, which is balanced budgets. fighting the democrats. not being a carbon copy of them and i think he threatens the
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leadership because he actually takes a stand. >> you know, we agree on that, the old saying don't get in front of your enemy when he is in front of the firing squad. cruz brought this on himself, he is a guy who came into washington, my hometown, a lot of people blame him for the government shoutdown. i think you're probably right, he does threaten the leadership, what are they going to do about it? >> remember during the cr he is doing the big filibuster, they said no, it is politically the wrong time to fight on the debt. we'll do it when the debt ceiling comes up, so it came up last week, and what happened? the house and senate caved and gave obama a blank check for a year. to me, they're the ones that backed out and he is the one that is standing on his principles. >> we're not on your back porch talking politics, you ought to say what cr means, the
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continuing resolution. >> well, people remember the filibuster. >> that is correct, i was a little surprise the republicans didn't fight on the debt ceiling. i expected it. the argument, they didn't want again want to be blamed for shutting down the government arrest putting the united states at risk on full faith and credit. >> shouldn't they be the party that says we're not going to steal from our kids anymore? we're going to balance the budget. we're going to cut one penny out of every dollar, why not take that fight to your liberal friends? >> well, the argument would have been to get something out of the debt ceiling, in other words, to get serious spending cuts. if i were advising them i would have done that. i was very surprised to see john boehner and others go without a fight. this is one thing that had a deadline on it -- >> they would have had a give. you know what the word is? i hate to say it. i think the republican party, i think they're playing safe. i think they're afraid of their
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own shadow. they're afraid they're going to get blamed. and what is missing is a vision that is inspiring that offers solutions as an alternative to a country that is now rejecting obama and the democrats. >> why don't you put a word on it, they're wusses. >> okay, timid, whatever you want to call it. they're wusses, so john kerry made a statement about the ambassadors. let's roll the tape. >> the ambassadors, appointed by our democratic president, he is a business man, nominated for the ambassadorship to norway. >> have you been to norway? >> how about the guy obama is sending to argentina? probably been there? >> have you been to argentina? >> senator, i haven't had a chance to be there yet, i traveled extensively around the world but have not had the chance. >> surely the guy they're sending to iceland, he has to be
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an iceland-aholic? >> i take it you have not been to iceland? >> it definitely couldn't be because norway raised 800,000, or the icelandic bungled it. nancy pelosi told me personally only republicans are, it means iceland costs three times more than argentina. >> very funny way to make a good point, right? why would you excuse this? >> i'll excuse it for this reason. it is every president -- look, george bush nominated and put -- >> he is out of office six years. >> and australia, two of our most important allies, one of them was a lobbyist. >> you will agree, these three people basically bought the nominations? >> i wouldn't say they bought them.
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i think they got them in a position to be picked. >> how did they get themselves in a position to be picked. >> if they were sending you to fiji -- no, i would have sent you to where they check the nuclear bombs off. i was actually considered for a while to be ambassador to the bahamas, did you know that? >> you didn't donate enough money. this is why every american hates politics. you're buying influence and ambassadorships. >> yes, of course they probably don't like it. they probably don't wake up in the morning and think about it. this has been going on since beginning of time. >> basically, these people bought these positions. >> these and other administrations. >> i'm asking about these three. >> you know me well enough now i'm not going to give in on this. i will just keep saying to you, george bush and others did the same thing. >> all right, do you think these
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three people, similarly, whatever word you want to use, kind of bought their way in there? >> first of all, if he did, who wants to go to iceland, anyway? >> i'll take that for violargen -- >> bob beckel is going to stay and give us his take on how christians are being brutally murdered around the world. and radio silence, we have an example against supreme court justice clarence thomas, he was criticized for having a wife who was white. and i'm not kidding. he was also called an uncle tom. as we continue. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money.
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well, back to "hannity," a christian village in northeastern nigeria was attacked over the weekend, leaving more than 100 people dead. now, the islamist and insurgent groups stormed two villages in nigeria and opened fire, specifically targeting males and forcing some to drown in a nearby lake after they escaped the gunfire. now, the violence extends well into nigeria, there have been attacks in libya, syria, iraq, pakistan and kenya, so why exactly are the christians being attacked. co-host of "the five," bob beckel and dr. jassar, it is happening with regularity, why is it happening so much and why is so little being said about it? snow we
7:13 pm
>> well, it is happening because you have the dictators and the group who are waking up the increasing the populist groups. they antagonize the west, just ands as you saw many leave, now christians are being attacked. and they have to life. and this administration took until november until they identified this group as a terrorist organization. there is no strategy against political islam. >> bob has raised the point, i want you to respond, dr. jassar, look, i know you for a long time. you will joke around, but when you hear an issue like this you really get worked up. and you're most angry at moderate muslims for being silent as their religion is
7:14 pm
hijacked by radicals. >> and i hear what the doctor said here, my problem has been that there has not been a single, as far as i know, leader of a muslim country, particularly in any of these countries where these horrible things have happened that have stood up and said they're wrong. except in egypt, where the head of the military did briefly. the fact that no imam or anyone else in the religious sects have said anything about it, i have said you have to leave our people alone. in some cases the christians were there before the muslims. >> let me ask dr. jassar this, bob is right, the silence is deafening, but isn't the reality that if they stood up, they would be killed. how real is that? >> it is very real, not only are we targeted in the west for what we say from those radical
7:15 pm
groups, but in these countries the dictators allow them to thrive and stay in power as autocrats. really if it was in our dna to be radical muslims, then what are the people -- >> they gave them tanks and f-16s, we're so stupid. and the head of the interim, the brotherhood, calling people of israel apes and pigs. >> i agree that president obama should have spoken out before on this, and more forcefully. let's get back to what we're talking about, the death of christians and assault on christianity in these muslim nations. when you say these dictators say nothing about this and allow -- >> they're afraid. >> what i basically think they
7:16 pm
are, i think they're cowards. i think they're afraid of islamic terrorists and they're just flat out cowards. and they represent supposedly 85% of the muslims in the world are peaceful or moderate. but i have not heard one of them stand up and say anything. >> these dictators don't represent -- the majority of the muslims need the help of the west who want religious liberty. >> they have to speak out, too, dr. jassar, and their silence is deafening. coming up, an alabama democrat doesn't like clarence thomas because he is quote, married to a white woman. so why do the cowards over at naacp, once again, their silence is deafening. and the journalist who brought bode miller to tears, that and much more as "hannity" continues. is the bes. i don't have to leave myesk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
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welcome back to "hannity," after supreme court justice clarence thomas said the country focuses too much on race, liberal alabama state representative alvin holmes took to the floor and attacked thomas for those comments, criticizing him for his interracial marriage and calling him an uncle tom. unbelievable, so we reached out to the naacp interim president
7:21 pm
and the chair for their remarks. and guess what? once again we received nothing. in addition we called the reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson, and of course they too did not respond. and we reached out to find out more on the attack on barber, and we received complete radio silence. our fox news contributor richard web is back. if the naacp's mission is the advancement of colored people and you have these bigoted attacks against black conservatives, don't they have an obligation to speak out and condemn these things and stand up for these black conservatives? >> well, listen, i think there is a big difference in what we saw from reverend barber and what we saw from this representative from alabama, i think the representative from alabama is out of line, i'll give you that. >> every time i ask you a
7:22 pm
question, you don't answer it. should the naacp, the national association for the advancement of colored people, here you have black, prominent conservatives that never seem to get the defense of the naacp, is that wrong? >> listen, sean, i said it twice, three times, i think the naacp stands up for black votes across the country. >> is it wrong? should they stand up in these two specific cases? >> well, i think the cases are completely different. >> all right, well -- >> can we just stop parsing the bs which is going on here. let me finish, richard, i've had it with this, you know, whether we worry about the explanation or the apology, they're bigoted attack attacks by bigots who are under the naacp banner, both representative holmes and representative barber. >> how is reverend -- >> holmes has been a part of the
7:23 pm
naacp, he has been in offers since 1974. these guys go out with their bigoted attacks. a and the root of the problem is they feel they can make the attacks, so screw the explanations, keep the apologies. what i am sick of, every american, you won't answer se sean's question, i will. the naacp, which has lost all credibility in recent years does not defend colored people, which is under their name. it defends those who agree with them. i'm sick of it. you can keep your apologies, sean, i don't care, the bottom line is the root of these problems, reverend barber, representative holmes, feel that they're entitled to make bigoted comments, and then the organization, total silence, where are they? this fits their agenda. >> is it bigoted, richard, what this representative said about clarence thomas said in alabama, is that bigoted? >> yeah, i think it is.
7:24 pm
>> is it bigot i had to say that tim scott is a ventriloquist dummy? if he is a conservative with the quote, tea party? >> a personal attack against somebody's wife, who -- who is completely out of the picture is different than the attack on somebody's voting record. >> it is not an attack on the voting record. watch what he said and listen what he said, he used a perjorative. >> because he carries a right wing agenda. >> you like to talk about body language as a part of communication, which it is. look at the body language that comes out of these guys, it is unacceptable. it's time that americans turn on this. let's speak about representative holmes, for a second. if he has a problem -- does he have a problem with blacks who marry white women or black women
7:25 pm
who marry white men? >> it is the conservative business -- >> what is the root of his problem? it is you don't fit their ideology. >> they want conservative blacks. here is the question, so the naacp, it is only liberal, progressive democratic black americans, not o-- >> not all black americans. >> not conservatives. >> and the history is there, no matter what questions, you know what we need to do, sean, offense, all right, you and i combine, just you and i alone. two of the biggest radio platforms, fox news in this country, and we need to turn on them and go after them. start with there is no explanation necessary, why don't you stop saying it to begin with? >> i want the naacp to stand up and speak out and stand for -- wait a minute. the prominent black americans that are being called bigoted names. you even too timid -- >> wait a second, let's talk
7:26 pm
about this comment that was made by the representative of alabama. that comment was wrong, and was not decent. >> why won't they answer us? >> wait a minute now, sean, the fact that you and david agree with that you guys should also agree that two men should have the ability to get married. >> we're not talking about gay marriage. >> it is the same exact thing. there is no deflecting here at all. >> we're talking about an issue. >> clarence thomas sat there and did not vote for marriage equality. yet you say -- same thing. >> you are the true coward history, richard. >> no, you're being the coward, why won't you stand up and call out the naacp families -- >> the agency should -- >> and the naacp stands up for a woman's right to choose. and for black folks. >> simple question, richard, should the naacp issue a statement against representative alvin holmes for a bigoted
7:27 pm
attack on clarence thomas? yes or no. >> i think. >> yes or no. >> i think the attacks are bigoted it. you got the attacks on me. >> make a decision for yourself, i'm asking you. >> i made my decision for myself, david. >> i asked you, yes or no. >> i'm telling you, he should is not have said those words. >> what about skocott. >> should the naacp issue a statement condemning this? >> i don't work for the naacp. >> see he can't even go against the dynamic, and i like richard, he seems like a nice guy. but this is what goes on in the left quarters of the black community. they feel that they're somehow entitled to some higher purpose. i got news for you, we're all red, we all bleed red. we're all human, there is only one race human, and frankly if a man and woman lie down, that is where it stands with most americans. i'm offended by --
7:28 pm
>> no, no, no, i'm not going to let you get away with that. >> all right, we got to go. >> the fact is, they stand up for voting rights, women's rights, and the right to choose. >> stand up for clarence thomas's rights, for allen west's rights. >> she is a woman. >> all across this country, you wouldn't stand up for them. >> guys we have to take a break, thank you. and coming up next, olympic medallist bode miller broke down sobbing after a journalist repeatedly questioned him about his dead brother. and t.j. oshie says he is not a hero, but the men and women who proudly wear this cup's uniform are. time to set your dvr to "hannity." so you don't miss. we'll break a break and be right back. [ intercom ] drivers, to your marks. go!
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and welcome back to "hannity," it is the post-olympic interview that everybody seems to be buzzing about. bode miller breaking down after winning a bronze medal in the men's super g. so did the reporter question him too closely about his brother. >> i know you wanted to be here with your brother, so what does it mean for him? >> i mean -- i don't know if it is really for him. but i wanted to come here and -- i don't know, i guess make myself proud. but -- >> when you look up in the sky at the start we see you there. and it just looks like you're talking to somebody, what is going on there?
7:34 pm
>> exploand joining us now on o great, great american panel, outside editor is back with us, and tamera holder is there. i got the one question, when you look up in the sky it is like they're pushing and pushing because they want the tears on tv. >> exactly, and that is wrong. don't you think that is wrong for nbc or any network -- >> of course you make you cry, because you're a liberal. >> you always make me cry. it is so not fair. >> as i make you cry, look up in the sky and think about it. >> am i going to hallucinate about it? >> colorado rocky mountain high. i feel like, this is a big moment. leave everybody's private lives alone. >> everybody felt uncomfortable. if you look at twitter, everybody responded, saying
7:35 pm
leave him alone, he was obviously giving vague answers because he didn't want to talk about this issue. the initial question is fine, but notice this is a private moment, a private experience he should have been having if he is crying. not at that moment, he didn't want to have it with that reporter. >> they made the decision to actually air this when they did not have to because it was not live. >> it is hard to get angry at cooper because she is going for something that every tv interviewer goes for. if he had a little tear it was cute. but because it went so far, they decided to zoom on him, and try to get under him. >> he defended her, he defended the reporter and said it is okay. >> i'm not happy with the olympics, we're not winning enough gold medals. it really ticks me off. i'm really competitive, i hate losing. >> really? >> yeah, really. >> but i really care about the
7:36 pm
hockey team, especially after sean white lost, i wanted him to win. and you have t.j. oshie score the winning goal in the overtime shootout. huge wins against the russian, reminds me of the cold war, good times. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is a joke, but the overtime shootout. this is what he said, the american hero is wearing camo, they're the heroes, i'm like amen, brother, finally an athlete, very cool. >> and had a little humility. that is rare with athletes. >> i agree 100%. >> i hate it when you agree. >> and isn't it nice when you see the troops who are in fact watching. that was really cool that we saw on the tv screen and through social media that the military had access to view the olympic games. >> also a reminder not to throw
7:37 pm
the word "hero" around. because with athletes, men and women in uniform, yes, mother teresa to me, yes? but everyday average citizens not necessarily heroes if they have a great job. >> there are a lot of people who think that edward snowden is a hero. >> he is reminding us, saying men and women who give up their lives every day, we can all agree that they're hero. when it comes to athletes -- i don't know that they're in the same category. >> i just liked that little bit of humility. it made it real. >> it was nice to see there was a moment of nationalistic pride. the olympics are where we're supposed to talk about the nationalist growing pride. >> actually we're going to celebrate -- >> american military heroes. >> but i believe in american
7:38 pm
exceptionalism like the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. >> it is not just republicans, and the people on the right. >> on the fifth anniversary of the failed stimulus, i would say it was an a bysmal failure. >> and meredith vieira using the olympics to lobby for hillary clinton for president. i was a little shocked. >> you know as i was leaving, a guy from canada said you know if that hillary clinton mplans to run, she should have oshie for her running mate. >> do we have to get hillary in there -- >> it is a joke, you don't take anything as a joke -- >> you make me laugh all the time. you're very funny, but know annoys me. >> why? >> because that -- >> oshie -- >> i tune into the olympics for the same reason everybody else does. people want to see people crash
7:39 pm
on the hills, crash on the snowboard course. they want to see us check the russians and kill them in the rink, by the way. a and have a good time. that is why people watch. >> keep politics out of sports. it reminds me of the relative you invite to thanksgiving dinner, and they start talking about politics, i don't care it was a joke. >> you don't think a lot of people watch the olympics when the guys are doing huge jumps with skis, to see if they fall? that is what they're waiting to see. >> she said something in jest, it is like me saying ted cruz should use him as next running mate. >> the clintons are a part of the media. we're going into a situation where uni vision is now partnering to promote a good cause about increasing the
7:40 pm
ability of immigrant youth to have access to education and that is good and fair. this is going to be somebody running for the presidency. and it should be disconcerts to some people that she has access to media outlets, without any representation from the other side. >> and a platform to speak about -- >> they don't -- >> on spanish language like univision, which is supposed to be an entertainment venue, is actually promoting the candidates. >> all right, we'll take a break, and respond to this. >> and the climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction. >> really? really? our secretary of state is comparing global warming to terrorism. no wonder other countries are always laughing at us. plus, first he wanted me to stay in new york. now he wants me to stay in the country. now the job he wants president obama to give me so i would serve my country. i will explain coming up. in the nation, we reward fe driving.
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all right, welcome back to "hannity," all right, secretary of state john kerry has done it again. this time, he is making ridiculous comments about climate change. >> terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, all challenges that no no borders, the reality is, climate change ranks right up with all of them. we do not have time for a meeting with the flatter society. >> weapons of mass destruction?
7:46 pm
really? some people are getting fed up with the liberal talking points on global warming. >> of course, the climate is changing. it is always changing. that is what gave us the war on poverty, when a politician on a subject implicating science, hard science, economic science, social science, says the debate is over you. you may be sure of two things, the debate is over and he is losing it. >> well said, if you go back to time magazine in the 1970s, they had a new cover, the new ice age is coming. now it became global warming, now there is a period of global cooling. they adjusted it to temperature or climate change. >> wait a minute, who is they? or is it just the liberals, because actually this should not be a political debate. this should be a debate about businesses and what businesses are doing.
7:47 pm
>> you really think climate change -- >> sean, let me finish. do you think that businesses are actually -- what they are, counting this into their bottom line? their business bottom line, that is what they're doing, coca-cola, they're affected by climate change. >> stop with your liberal talk -- >> no. >> how come in the 1970s it was the ice age coming? then it evolved into global warming, and now that neither one of them turned out to be true, now we're calling it climate change, the same experts that alway -- >> what is your point? >> because whatever needs to be said in order to advocate for government intervention. they want government to come in. >> who is they? >> the people who are advocating for heavy government. >> have you talked to anybody from nike or coca-cola?
7:48 pm
>> there is -- >> regulation of industry. >> they think that quote, capitalism is destroying the planet, raping and pillaging the planet for profit, and this is really a socialist agenda. you agree? >> yeah, absolutely. you have identified an interesting theme. democrats are in the process of identifying two major problems that will shape their agenda, which have been problems since the dawn of time, inequality. and the weather, and those two things are never going away. the way they justify an intrusiv state are now the problems. >> so they were going through this global warming, and then we have the coldest winter on record, and the great lakes -- >> and the snow is melting in russia. >> and the people that went to see the melting ice caps got stuck in the ice, and then the
7:49 pm
rescue ship got stuck in the ice. >> but it doesn't matter because as long as you panic people about it, the goal is to get people panicked. if you panic citizens. >> it doesn't affect me except if i want to go ski in sochi. the corporations are saying -- >> who? >> john kerry. >> that we do something about climate change. anyone advocating that we have government involvement to advocate climate change, has an agenda. >> people from coca-cola, talk to people from microsoft. >> they are advocating in government involvement in climate change? >> they are making changes in their business and the bottom line is affected by global warming. >> mitt romney on "meet the press" stated bill clinton embarrassed the nation while he was in office. i don't even know why this is controversial, but let's watch. >> i think hillary clinton if she becomes the nominee will have plenty to discuss about her own record. i don't imagine that bill clinton is going to be a big part of it. that being said, the times when he was president were by and
7:50 pm
large positive economic times for the country. on the other hand, he embarrassed the nation. he breached his responsibility, i think as an adult, and as a leader. in his relationship. and i think that is very unfortunate. >> i think there is something the way he is saying here is very accurate. inspiring agenda. you know? bold-colored solutions different from pale pastels not being a watered-down version of the democratic party or they're not going to win any election. >> the point is fair. i'm not sure if anybody would agree he embarrassed the nation. >> the intern? >> the problem is where people are, especially members of the media, important people in the immediatar fair and balanced individuals saying this is not an appropriate thing to talk about. it's 100% appropriate thing to talk b >> no. it's nochlt it's 22 years old come up with a new idea debesides talking about a phone
7:51 pm
shall candidate's husband. >> now we're not supposed to vet a candidate's spouse? now that is out of bounds? >> you couldn't do that with romney's wife because then we're anti-women. if we mentioned she had no business experience just a talking head for the republican party. >> she makes a good point saying her record is going to be what is going to matter because bill clinton is incredibly popular. his popularity in 2012 measured at 69% by gallup. if it's not going to negatively affect him, it's not going to affect her. >> i agree it's old news and fair game, but i think the answer for conservatives and republicans is that they better get sthechls a message. >> people need an option. >> choice. >> if hill very not going to be able to be their girl -- >> how about republicans don't have a list of five things the tea party can agree on?
7:52 pm
penny plan and alternative for obamacare? >> i'm waiting for a obamacare alternative. >> pull it out of your pocket like the contract with america. >> you and i can say this. >> republicans in congress are timid they, they're afraid of their own shadow. >> timid loss with romney? with mccain? >> scott walker took a $3.5 billion deficit and took a stand on something. that is the kind of record you're going to be able to run on. you can't run anyone for congress. job is to figure out -- >> the job is they're supposed to be public servants. >> you're attacking, we've turned a conversation about mitt romney bashing bill clinton into a bash on conservative republicans. >> is the strategy for 2016 --
7:53 pm
>> a squared plus b squared? >> nothing. mitt romney, the loser. >> look at nikki hailey, then, cruz, marco. >> they all hate each other. >> they don't hate each other. they different on issues. which is fine. >> i like libertarians >> we're all individuals we should support individualism. >> whatever you say. >> i'll see new 2016 when you lost another election, sean. >> okay. whatever. >> jon stewart begged me not to leave new york but now wants me to pack my bags. where he wants me to move. my friend, jon, coming up next. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for...
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welcome back to "hannity" a few weeks ago my friend jon stewart was begging me not to leave new york. you might remember this little song. >> stay mr. hannity, stay... ♪ who would we impose bond ♪ please, mr. hannity ♪ then my good friend jon wants me to pack my bags. >> now we need a new russian ambassador, why can't it just be picking someone we aren't that crazy about and sending them away. he said he wanted to leave
7:59 pm
anyway. >> ouch. complete 180 but that is not all we have to share with you tonight the second season of "house of cards" released on netflix. i have a little bit of a cameo. take a look. >> thank you very much. he's the beginning of the story i fear, it is not knowing how it will end. everyone is fair game now, including me. >> this is par for course what we've come to expect from president walker. when he's selling a new car, he can't say enough about it. he dodges and ignores a warranty. i'm going to tell you something. our warranty is the constitution of the united states. there is no limit on that. he needs to read fine print and start answering our questions >> i can't watch yet but if you want to, it's on netflix. before you go, set your dvr record
8:00 pm
"hannity" the series so you won't miss an episode. start weekday mornings with fox and friends and thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ead. that's it for us. greta will be with you tomorrow. >> factor from l.a. is tonight. >> don't speak to us like we are ignorant. we love our children like you love yours. lock them up. >> that was al sharpton convicting george zimmerman of murder back in 2012. now a new study by m.i.t. exposes others for exploiting the killing of travon martin. we have details. >> ask not what your country can do for you but. >> what your country can do for you. >> that's what i said. >> jesse watters on presidents' day and new survey by "newsweek" saying most americans know very little about their coury


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