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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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"hannity" the series so you won't miss an episode. start weekday mornings with fox and friends and thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ead. that's it for us. greta will be with you tomorrow. >> factor from l.a. is tonight. >> don't speak to us like we are ignorant. we love our children like you love yours. lock them up. >> that was al sharpton convicting george zimmerman of murder back in 2012. now a new study by m.i.t. exposes others for exploiting the killing of travon martin. we have details. >> ask not what your country can do for you but. >> what your country can do for you. >> that's what i said. >> jesse watters on presidents' day and new survey by "newsweek" saying most americans know very little about their country. we will tell you what's
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going on. >> the president runs this vast country from the kremlin. >> here we are inside the kremlin post. come with us up the very same steps into the heart of vladimir putin's government. >> also tonight, charges that nbc and other american news outlets are actually being unfair to putin in russia. charles krauthammer on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. the factor begins right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we are out here in los angeles for our yearly visit. we have some very interesting stuff for you this week. the talking points memo this evening why many americans know very little about their own country. you may remember on election day last november i said that america is a changing nation, which is why president obama had a fairly easy time winning
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re-election. the dishonest liberal media took that as a lament that i was whining about lie. i was simply reporting, giving you the facts about a dramatically changing america. a recent study by "newsweek" asked 1,000 u.s. citizens to take the same test that is given to foreigner who's want to become american citizens. by the way, about 92% of citizenship applicants passed that test. so immigrants do well. but we, the people, do not. among u.s. citizens, 29% could not name the vice president. joseph biden. 43% were unable to define the bill of rights. 40% do not know america fought japan and germany in world war ii. 40%. 73% do not know communism was the main concern of the cold ware.
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and 67% of american citizens do not know that our economic system is capitalism. that's a disaster: so what's going on? it's quite clear that the public school system is a main culprit. it's no longer teaching history geography and civics in way. i know there are good schools but most he public schools could not care less about instructing young americans about how their system works. number two, the internet has created a generation of self-absorbed addicted, distracted and ignorant people. the powerful machines, hand held many of them, are diverting a lot of americans away from real life: you can now create your own world on the net devoid of reality and millions of americans are doing that. result is that very few shoe rude people shrewd people
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are now wielding enormous power. americans are voting for what they can get, not for what is best for this nation. and both the republican and democratic parties know it. therefore we are a country in decline primarilyóñ6because 320 million american americans citizens are not paying attention. they do not seem to be interested in the welfare of their country. they are primarily interested in their own welfare. once again, i'm generalizing and a i have a caveat. i'm not pandering here. those of you watching this broadcast right now are most likely not in the ignorant category. you are taking the time to watch news program to get information and analysis. but if you add up all the americans who watch tv news and read the newspaper, it is a minority not a majority finally with the internet now dominating.
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one last stat, according to a poll by the mccormick tribune freedom museum, just 25% of americans can name more than one of the five freedoms the first amendment guarantees. they are: speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition for the redress of grievances. again, just 25 could name more than one of those but more than half of americans can can name at least two members of the simpsons cartoon family. and that's the memo. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both are fox news analysts. it's kind of bleak out there, juan? am i correct? >> look, i couldn't more ignorant and self-absorbed i said thank
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god for o'reilly let him say it because it's true. if you say these things people may get offended. it's outrageous. there is a real consequence here, bill. if people don't know what's in the constitution, how do you then stand up for your constitutional rights if people don't understand what's going on with our politics, if they are not watching, reading, listening, essentially, they are feeding -- ceding their own power. >> i'm creationist, i don't believe in science. what? people say to me it's just my belief. that's the way i think. i think you should be interested in scientific inquiry and knowledge. that's nothing against god. >> well, there is a poll that says about 49%, i think it is don't understand that human beings evolved from lesser, not lesser but from other creatures. >> from other creatures. >> that's another poll. that's a scientific thing. i want to stay on civics here. marry catherine, here is the anomaly. we have record voting
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turnout in the presidential elections. we have a lot of people going to the polls. >> right. >> so that would say well, they are interested in their country. they do want to participate in democracy. yet, they don't know a thing. how do you explain that? >> well, no, i think people do want to participate. i do think a lot of times people are not as informed as everybody would like them to be. frankly, a federal judge in virginia last week got the declaration of independence and the constitution mixed up in a ruling which was got quite a lot of coverage. i'm not sure i am so surprised about other folks getting these kind of things wrong. backlash toll' problems where people take to whom schooling or home schools or private schools to circumvent what's going on in public schools when it's not working for them. it's not about learning creationism at home it's about learning math. >> again, that's a different issue. the issue of at least
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knowing how to write and how to spell and how to do math. that's a different issue than your country. but, what i'm trying to get at is when you have uneducated pop police and you see this in the third world juan, the charlottetons can come in and gain tremendous amount of power by bam booze lick people. many president obama and his crew are doing that pandering, giving, entitlements, spending, buying votes. and i'm not going to get into that right now. all right? i think there is some of that on both sides. >> thank you. >> it's a danger coming with this better. internet. this internet is overwhelming people. >> this internet is a gift. i'm not going to have you two defaming the internet. >> greatest gift to mankind. where you can find any information you have to take responsibility find that
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information. it's all out there for you. base form where you can find it in ways you never were able to before. >> if you harness it to learn you are correct, that is not what is happening mary katharine. >> but that opportunity is there for so many people. >> doesn't matter. >> it does matter. because many are avail themselves of it. go ahead, juan. >> i think that mary katharine is right. if you use it to gain knowledge, it's great. but what happens, mary katharine, is people use it really to just dive into things that they think about, believe, in they become trapped into little niche groups. and they exclude people who disagree with them. they exclude new information. what you see is that people become, to use bill's earlier description self-absorbed. they become like targeted and they don't want to hear anything else they are in a community of people who are like-minded, like-thinking and at some point it becomes destructive. and when you don't know as the polls indicate people
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don't know joe biden is vice president. -- i can't help but think that people are watching that as entertainment. >> i'm going to give mary katharine the last word. >> joe biden by the play. mary katharine, i have to pose a question because you only have 30 seconds left. >> go ahead. >> you are very very wrong and you you are also reflecting your generation, okay? when. >> because i'm well informed because i use the internet all day long? i actually speak quite well for my generation. >> it was a good thing. you say what you want. the polls and the survey say quite something else. when they came up with morphine it was a great thing. it was a pain killer. it allowed people. >> everything can be abused. i agree with you. >> joe biden by the way is one of the most internet covered vice presidents of all time. how do you explain the gap in knowledge people on the internet all the time and getting junk biden all day. >> because if you are texting your life away as
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many people are are. you are not on those sites. all right. i have got to go -- >> -- talk to you about it later. >> next on the rundown. jesse watters went out to find out what the folks know about their chief executives. watters is next.
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continuing with lead story, americans not knowing much about their country. because we are celebrating presidents' day we have a special watters world. jess jesse went out and posed questions about famous president quotes. ♪ ♪ we're doing something for presidents' day asking people for famous slogans the buck stops here. >> trump. >> no. >> franklin roosevelt. >> no that's mr. truman.
8:15 pm
>> the bus stops here? >> not the bus, the buck. >> i will turn this damn bus around. >> harry? >> truman? >> harry truman. >> yes, that's what i just said. i swear. >> who said that, the buck stops here. >> don't know. >> oh, you don't know? >> truman. >> i don't know. >> nixon? >> what did he do anyway. >> he was the president. >> he was? oh my god i feel stupid. >> this certainly comes as a shock to me. >> who did harry truman bomb do you know? >> i'm going to say it, russia. >> no. japan. ♪ ♪ >> speak softly and carry a big. >> nanny. >> please, i have a headache. >> speak softly and carry a big. >> frame? >> speak softly and carry a big. >> stick? >> excellent. do you know who said that. >> roosevelt. >> which one? >> teddy.
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>> carry a big stick? i don't remember. >> teddy roosevelt [bleep] >> what are you so mad about? >> there is nothing to fear but. >> fear itself? >> who said that? >> i just did. edgar alan poe? >> fdr. >> very good. >> a house divided against itself cannot stand. >> lincoln? >> lincoln? i don't know. >> you got it. >> embarrassingly enough, i haven't heard that one. >> you haven't heard that? >> no, rub it in. >> who did lincoln free? >> the slaves. >> are you sure? >> no, not sure. >> ask not what your country can do but what you can do for your country. >> thank you anyway. >> i think i hear my mother calling me.
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>> ask not what your country can do for you but. >> what you could do for your country? >> very good. [screams] >> you can do for your country? >> who said that? >> john f. kennedy. >> excellent job. >> kennedy? >> you got it. [screams] >> ask not what your country can do for you but -- >> what your country can do for you. >> no. that's what i said. ask not what your country can do for you but. >> what you could do for your country? i didn't come up with that one. >> do you know who said that? >> bill clinton. no jack kennedy. >> you are o'reilly factor. >> he was funny at the kennedy awards. >> he is the only one not nervous about what i'm going to say. [ laughter ] >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor? >> yeah. not a fan. >> my husband is addicted to
8:18 pm
it. >> did i read one of his books to have an open mind though. >> that's nice. >> what do you think you are doing? >> the spin stops here. >> that's right. >> all right. so how many part-time would you say you queried out there? >> about a dozen or more. >> if had you to give them a collective grade, what would be it be. >> a c minus. everybody knows the jfk quote. other than that, it was very difficult to. clear something up, we don't just scrape the bottom of the barrel here. two people that bombed the jfk quote one of them went to fordham and the other went to nyu which are great schools. >> before you shove the mike in their face, you ask a little bit about them? >> actually i said where did you go to school? he said nyu. i said how much does that cost? >> must be arts. >> you do talk to them a little bit before you start the interview?
8:19 pm
>> it's not that hard at penn station. >> not that hard anywhere not just at penn station. you are trying to get a cross seconds of people. >> one of the women had a fur coat that coat must have cost a lot of money. some people were homeless. we get a wide have a right. >> you didn't get any homeless people. >> people hanging out. dark skinned people with the hood. she was hanging out at penn station. >> maybe she was undercover. penn station detective. you shouldn't generalize. living large and watters will be back with a report you are going to want to see. directly ahead senator rand paul says the party is in trouble: new study says al sharpton and others exploited the trayvon martin killing. those reports after these messages. in the new new york, we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas,
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impact segment tonight with the republican opportunity next october could win both the house and the senate in the midterm election, you would think that the g.o.p. would be optimistic. but for some that is not the case. >> republicans will not win again in my lifetime the presidency unless they become a new g.o.p. a new republican party and it has to be a transformation. not just a little tweaking at the edges. >> why are you supporting mitch mcconnell? >> you know, things are complicated with regard to endorsements. >> joining us from austin, texas, republican karl rove. so, senator paul, i believe, wants to return the party to it a conservative position across the board is that your reading? i have a slightly different reading. i think he wants to have a strocker influence of libertarianhpdcñ principles inside the republican party. look, each party.
8:24 pm
first of all, let me say two things about senator paul. first of all i admire the fact that this man believes strongly that the party's pr explained and can have septemberability in every corner and community in america. is he challenging the republican party to reach tout to young people, to african-americans, to latinos, to asian americans, to get outside of our normal comfort zone. i admire him for doing it second of all, he is he running for president in 2016. every candidate that is going to run for president in 2016 is going to face a challenge of thousand describe a republican party or on the other side a democratic party that they ought to lead. and it's one of the three big challenges every presidential candidate is going to face. how do you describe the party and unify the coalition that makes up your party? each party is made up of a series of coalitions. republicans have libertarians, economic conservatives, social conservatives, national difference conservatives, democrats haven't v. an even more polygog. liberals and high tech people. business oriented people. pop police who hate
8:25 pm
business. unions that believe in jobs versus environmentalists who oppose things like the keystone pipeline. cultural traditionalists like a lot of catholics versus socially liberal people. each party constantly face this difficulty of how do you have candidates presidency who can can can unify a coalition? >> but, the thing about rand paul is the lib darren rand paul wants which is basically let's stay out of it unless we have to absolutely have to get in. so he is asking, the senator is asking for a profound change in the g.o.p. yeah at times isolationism has dominated each political
8:26 pm
party. in the 1930s each but i accept the fundamental premise which is rand paul is asking for a pretty dramatic change in the attitude and outlook of the republican party and how are you going to keep social conservatives in the tent if you say look, we ought to legalize drugs. >> legalize drugs. >> how are you going to keep national defense conservatives in there if you say we have a military industrial complex that needs to be shrunk. this is the challenge of running for president and this is the challenge of trying to fashion a winning message. >> okay. now, the other guy on the right, who is not a libertarian is ted cruz. and it was an interesting comment about the senator from texas. roll the tape. ted cruise is more hated. shutdown. tuesday lunch they have every tuesday. is he going to it need a food taster. >> do you believe that? >> well, look, i think you have got to distinguish between ted cruz appeal
8:27 pm
among grass roots republican. >> no, no, do you believe what jonathan karl said he is hated among the rank and file republicans? do you believe that? >> no. no jonathan karl was talking about the republican members of the united states senate. not the rank and file of the republican party. he was talking about his colleagues in the senate. yeah, there are a the love people really irritated with him among the caucus. i happened to be up there last fall and got an earful from a number of them. i happened to be up there a couple weeks ago and got another earful. you need to distinguish grass roots and colleagues have found him difficult to deal with. >> fair point. >> the message he has portrayed here at home has been well received. >> all right, mr. rove, thanks as always. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. charles krauthammer on charges the american press is misleading the world about putin and russia. then, a new study out of mit that says there was some outrageous exploitation in the trayvon martin killing. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] it's simple phics...
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-hit the beach in florida. -and a reunion in seattle. we can afford to take more trips this year. [man] when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. [woman] so we got our 4-star hotels... for half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ personal story segment tonight sensational case in pennsylvania. 19-year-old miranda barber accused of killing a man she met on craigslist has now confessed to that murder and killing more than 21 other people. the sunbury, pennsylvania daily item newspaper broke the story. joining us now by phone from sunbury, francis, the reporter who interviewed
8:32 pm
ms. barber. first of all do you know this woman killed 22 people? >> i have got to tell you, bill, when i walked in there for this interview she requested me. i went in there i sat down. she started telling me these -- she started telling me these things and the first thing is i'm shell shocked. i sat back and look at shoond hes would meek and mild and calm cool and clented. do you believe it was that many? it's just hard to believe but i do belief that there is something else out there, yes, i do. >> well, when you interviewed her, obviously a woman like this, a serial killer like this. she was married. she was on craig's list in a pros -- prost prostitution. we will do the math on it now she also says her
8:33 pm
husband was involved with this to some extent, right? >> yeah. hiding in the backseat according to what she told me in the jail house and then he popped up. >> all right. so he was hiding in a backseat. and helped her execute these people? >> yeah. she said originally that he was supposed to just -- they were supposed to just strangle this man and that he missed the signal and then she got mad and she participated. >> how did she kill that man who has been arrested for and the others? how did she kill them? >> there was a stabbing. she stabbed him. the autopsy report showed more than 20 stab wounds to the man. it was pretty gruesome murder for this little town. >> now, this is a 19-year-old who, according to your article was involved in some kind of satanic cult? >> that's what she says. she says she began being involved in satanism when she was 13 years old. >> and while she was involved, she killed people?
8:34 pm
yeah while she was involved. she said the first time she was involved she was 13. there was a man that owed the leader of the satanic cult money she lured him into an alley. the guy she was with shot him and this guy came over, put his hands on her hands and said now it's your turn and she pulled the trigger. she said from there she embraced satanism and what was inside of her. >> now, what are the authorities doing about your article? >> well, it was taped. the interview was taped but it was taped by the prison officials. i i wasn't allowed to bring anything in so they did all the taping. the police have seized the tape and they are taking every single thing she said seriously. if this is a woman if so committed this murder and who is to say she didn't do this before? >> which police are involved? >> sunbury police are the ones that made the original arrest and now from what i understand they have been involved with what they are
8:35 pm
saying is state agencies and federal agencies. >> across the state lines the fbi would have to get involved. good work. > if she did indeed kill 22 people. obviously this will be a national story and important one. keep us posted francis. we appreciate you helping us out tonight. >> researchers from mit saying that al sharpton and others exploited the al sharpton situation. is the american press being unfair to putin?
8:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tonight. new study by three researchers at the institute of technology it it says that the american press played a major role in the trayvon martin george
8:40 pm
zimmerman case. study points to al sharpton as being personally involved in the story rather than analyzing it. also says that fox news anchor geraldo rivera inflamed the story with some comments he made about hoodies. and finally the study points to president obama who says if he had a son he would look like trayvon martin. the study concludes that tv world -- story web sites often distorting what the facts were. joining us from new york chairington a criminal defense attorney and from washington howard kurtz most of media buzz seen on nc sunday. what did you take away from the study. >> this was bare lay story in florida until the trayvon martin and activists pushed it into the national media especially cable news which loves, which feeds on polarizing crimes, these racially charged crimes.
8:41 pm
left and right played inflammatory role here including sharpton as you mentioned who openly crusaded on behalf of the martin family and yet allowed to push his cause on his msnbc show night after night. >> he convicted zimmerman, sharpton did. that disturbed me ms. chairington, did it bother you? >> you have to understand that al sharpton is an activist. this is what he does. this is his role. for him to be passionate about a topic such as. this i don't think that anyone would be surprised. the fact that msnbc gave him this platform i think also they would know that this is al sharpton's forte. is he activist. he brings out these issues to the public to garner support whether it is to bring justice or make sure that america knows what's going on. >> did it bother you as an attorney, as a member of the criminal justice system that sharpton, with comcast behind him, jones nbc, all right, convicted an american on television?
8:42 pm
does it bother you? >> well, i mean, it didn't necessarily bother me because i knew. >> it didn't? >> it didn't bother me i knew where he was coming from. this is what happens in society unfortunately. >> it disturbs me that they are a very large corporation with a lot of power would allow one of its employees to convict somebody on television of murder. that's disturbing. >> what you have to understand is comcast knows what al sharpton is like and know he is. >> comcast can tell him what to do. he works for comcast. but. >> but clearly they didn't tell him what to do. that's the point. >> clearly that's my problem. >> howard, the hoody remark on rivera. i will stick up for rivera. we don't agree a lot. but he made a social comment that a certain look that is embraced by young black american men, all right.
8:43 pm
drives suspicion. that's true. i don't know what the study why they had such a beef with that. >> well, but in the context of the case, bill, i mean that was throwing gasoline on the fire. and it seems. >> why? >> because it seemed like geraldo rivera was blaming this 17-year-old unarmed kid for his choice of attire and somehow he attributed. >> i never herd rivera say that rivera didn't say that. >> he used the word hoody. >> so what? it's true. he was reporting the truth. >> well, you know, without taking sides here white kid wearing a hoody. would george zimmerman have gone after him in that respect? what i saw as if became such a staple on television news was the left tried to blame zimmerman, paint him as this ogre, as this bigoted guy who wouldn't wait for the police to show up and the right some on the right i should say blaming trayvon martin talking about his use
8:44 pm
of marijuana, talking about the extent of zimmerman's injuries that. >> was terrible. i agree. >> acquitted him. >> both sides inflamed it. but, on the hoody thing, i want to get your take on this ms. chairington, rivera reported the truth. juan williams, black, confirmed it when he sees a young black male with a hoody he crosses the street. he was honest to say that i don't know why that was included in this studdie. >> i don't know why it was included in the study. i honestly don't know where those comments really fit n the whole case. i understand he was trying to place blame the fact he had on the hoody caused him to be followed. i don't see how the hoody really impacted or inflamed the case at all. i think that was just his opinion. he brought his opinion to the forefront and i don't know if that was a majority view at all. so honestly i just don't see how his comments really inflamed the case at all honestly. >> very interesting segment
8:45 pm
guys. appreciate it krauthammer on deck. charges from a left wing journal that the u.s. media is misleading the world about putin and russia. charles is next. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:46 pm
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8:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, provocative article from the nation magazine a far left journal. the piece written by stephan cohen who teaches at princeton is entitled distorting russia as the american media misrepresent putin, sochi and the ukraine. has not been given credit for certain things. the media overstated the terrorist threat in sochi and finally that the situation in ukraine is not being reported accurately either. joins us charles krauthammer
8:49 pm
and author of the big best seller. you read the article, what's your impression? >> you say to yourself a nation which you correctly identify as a far left magazine has been apologizing for russia way back to the soviet days for decades. at least in the soviet days, even though the defense of the soviets was despicable, it was in some respects understandable if you were a lefty. after all the soviet union was the great hope for socialism and communism. you could say they were liberals in a hurry. they killed a few million, too many people along the way. they broke a lot of eggs to make omelets, but you believed in the omelet, but here you got putin. there is no ideology. there is no ideal that he is presenting. he is not a defender of anything. he doesn't represent anything except a thuggish authoritarian state that a president's own people, throws people in jail
8:50 pm
wantonly is very prejudiced in all kinds of ways. and wants to lorde it over imperial way over its neighbors including ukraine. and to me to go ahead and to say well this is a distortion of the westukraine. and to me, to go ahead and say it is a distortion of the west, is simply a decade of apologies that go back to the west. >> why would this preseasofessoe cohen guy, want to support putin when he is oppressing people, why would a princeton liberal want to defend that? >> what do you think i am? a psychiatrist? >> really, you don't know? >> well, if you go back to their history they have been defending this soviet union, russia, ever
8:51 pm
since. the most plausible explanation is this is a nice cudgel with which to attack the united states. its idea is to expose it as hypocritical, maybe not a belief in putinism. after all, who can actually believe in that kind of thuggish upset, a guy who dismantles the very idea of democracy, the rubber stamp parliament, there is no democracy there, it is a one-man rule. so who would want to defend that? for example, putting people in jail if they say nice things about homosexuality. so why if you were a man or woman of the left would you defend it? it seems to me, the only plausible reason might be, and here i have to play psychiatrist because you're forcing me into this, as a way to sort of expose the west for its hypocrisy.
8:52 pm
>> you like putin, you like the united states less than you like putin. it was interesting in the article that ukraine right now is trying to get more freedom. i mean, they don't like the -- putin's heel on their neck. but cohen says that we are undermining a quote, democratically elected government in ukraine. so that even though they want more freedom there, and this is a very undercovered story because people in america don't generally care what happens in ukraine. but the left is saying we're the oppressors because we're trying to push through a coupon of th democratically elected government. >> it may be democratically elected but it is not governing
8:53 pm
democratically. hitler was democratically elected twice. so one man vote, one time. that is not a guarantee of anything. what we're talking about are the structures of a democracy. and here was ukraine trying to make a deal or being offered a deal to essentially be a part of europe. which would mean an association with the free europe we know. the one that liberated them. all of a sudden, the democratically elected guy decides to change course and become a puppy of the russians and putin. >> putin. >> that is why you have the problems, and that is why we should support the protesters. >> all right, charles, as always, thank you, factor tip of the day. two websites where you might find money you did not know you were owed. the tip, moments away. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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8:57 pm
credibility goes out the window. he has been a target of the far right ever since he spoke out about guns after the murder-suicide in kansas city. amazingly, they're label him as a far left crusader. here is the thing, i have known the guy for a long time. he doesn't like guns, he is entitled to his opinion on that. overall, costas is a sports guy, not a political guy. we covered the story fairly. and interesting discussion about bob costas, his pandering on putin, no doubt he was doing it for the highlights, and the big russian bear was appeased. and few mention the cost of legal alcohol, addiction, destruction of families and drunk driving deaths. and now, we want to legalize marijuana? are we slow learners or what? and joe hoffman, i know several
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teed off about anything, again, thursday, again, thank you for joining us, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here in los angeles becausewewer you. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city, and tonight. >> we'll look at all of our options in the next few days. >> new political fallout after america's largest union loses an organization fight so critical that even presweighed in on the and then, see what steps the clinton camp is taking with the full president papers after a blast from the past recently raised questions about hillary clinton. plus, events moving fast in venezuela, where our diplomatindiplomats are getting the