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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 18, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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says here's what we're for and this is how we're going to do it. they talked about it, but you need to be able to put up a positive -- this is what you do, this is how i do it, instead of saying no, no. >> i agree with that, but don't you think they should ask her what she plans on doing instead of talking about what her husband did, instead of talking
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about her appearance, her weight. leave that and ask, here's what we're going to do, what are you going to do? >> listen, if obamacare goes as badly as you think it is, they'll raise that issue on her because of the health care reform debate began with her heading up the health care reform panel at the white house. but i think you're exactly right about this. you're going to have to force her to say this is what i would do. she's going to have to force republicans to say, okay, what is your answer? for the last four years, you have said nothing. >> i think you should be able to ask hillary what is she going to do, and ask bill, who are you going to do? go ahead. >> all those questions, five ws and an h. unfair for romney to say that clenlten embarrassed the nation or accurate? >> i getteuess it's fair -- >> how many people are voting
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who have no idea what happens? >> miley cyrus was in england and did a theatrical performance where she simulated a sex act with president clinton. i don't think anyone in the audience understood what was going on because they were 4 years old when it happened. going back to what you're saying, we're all in agreement that it's not about the negative approach to hillary. it's the positive approach of the republican party. the person cannot just be right about the issues. they have to be persuasively, meaning they have to be able to convince people, if you're not political, that you like this person, which president obama was able to do. he convinced non-liberals, young people, to vote for him without really understanding what his ideology was. >> i agree with you, bob, the republicans have to say, this is what we're about, this is how we're going to fix the economy, but if you want to go after her, look, there's no disputing that when those four bodies came back from benghazi, i know everyone hates benghazi, they're sitting
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in the hangar, and she mentioned the video at that point as part of the blame for why the guys are dead, and knowing very well at that moment in time it had absolutely nothing to do with the video. if you want to do something, there's your negative attack ad? >> are they going to have to address that, bob? i think hillary clinton thought she has put it to bed, but does it haunt them? >> anybody who is going to vote against her on benghazi is already voting against her. you have hard core conservatives who think about benghazi a lot are going to vote against her anyway. >> you don't think it's a matter of character and judgment? >> you could argue that, but this is a woman who has persevered through an awful lot, she's been first lady, a senator, secretary of state. the people in the millry like her, and the other obstacle with the republicans, a majority of voters in the country are women.
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there are women who would vote, who would otherwise vote republican, who will vote for a woman. >> that's why they -- i said they need an obama. they also need a hillary. they need an obam-illary. >> you could imagine eight or nine white guys and a coronation likely for her, and when the report came out in the free beacon saying she was ambitious, i think, if that's the attack they use, they're going to say, they're going to rally women by saying what's wrong with a female being ambitious? and they're going to pit women against men, and women are going to say, we want to see a woman in the white house. we want to be a part of history, the same way they want to be a history with obama. >> the word was ruthless. i think that was the other word. >> there's a lot of ruthilousness. >> i agree. >> coming up, a warning from our
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folks, it's cold outside. in fact, last week, 49 of the 50 states or 57 if you're president obama, had snow on the ground. record snowfall and extreme temperatures, i can go on and on. for the last 17 years, there is no, literally, no measurable warming of the globe, but john f. kerry says the debate is over, global warming is happening. over the weekend, he said he's not going to debate it anymore and took a shot at anyone who disagrees. >> the science is unequivocal,
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and those who refuse to believe it are simply b lly burying the heads in the sand. the president obama and i believe very deeply that we do not have time for a meeting anywhere of the flat earth society. >> all right, greg. so you pointed something out important. >> well, yeah, jakarta has been often the target of terror attacks. 1 degree cellulous is somehow more damaging than iranians getting a nuke? he could be secretary of h & r block. you can't make money off good news. you can only make money on the climate if it's bad news. hurricanes and cyclones have fallen. this is great fact. since the 1920s, the global annual death rate from weather related diseases has declined by 99%, and hurricanes that hit mexico, no death.
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but when they hit places like burma, of equal power, they kill 200,000. the answer is always going to be in prosperity and freedom. that's good news. he can't sell that. by the way, none of those people were listening to him. they were going, you're out of your mind. >> they're wondering how much money can we get for that? >> the senate democrats late last week said this is the new thing. we're going to talk climate change. over the weekend, the talk shows go there and john kerry goes there. how does this happen? >> i think that this is the influence of john podesta, who recently left citizens for american -- whatever it is, and went to the white house. he's calling himself a strong environmentalist. i would call myself a strong environmentalist. let's say on the science part they're right. i'm not saying they are, but their policy prescription is so weak, they never talk about it. they have decided to fight on
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science grounds. it's very unusual for the secretary of state to talk about flat earthers and amazing if they had that much conviction about the people killed ensyria. if they would focus on the geneva talks. we were closing to an international agreement with climate change with the asian pacific region. there's no policy answer that john kerry is offering right now. >> bob, how do you explain that? of all the things in the world right now, john kerry figures this is the best thing to spend his time on? >> let me say, we get in fights about this, so let's say there are those of us who agree with the national academy of science that says 99% of the published scientists in the world agree there's global warming. let's leave that aside. you don't agree with that. these guys see a cataclysmic situation developing if this
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continues. if it does, what kerry is arguing about this being a weapon of mass destruction, if the oceans were to rise 3 or 4 inches, it would wipe out hundreds of millions of people. >> would they have to have a policy? >> in bangladesh alone. >> not true. >> why isn't it true? >> i'll tell you, well, go ahead. >> i wanted to throw out there, the study you're sighting over and over, is debunked. gueye have it right here. >> debunked by who? >> by the journal of science and education. they went back and looked at all this data and it turns out it wasn't 97%. it was less than 1%. >> that's ridiculous. just ridiculous. >> because of manmade -- >> anybody who put that out is bunk. that's bunk. >> can i get andrea in here? >> i'm just listening to you all talk. i think richard linson, we brought up before, m.i.t. professor, has it right.
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and most people probably agree with him. okay, a small amount has happened, but there's no need for alarm bells. no need to go crazy. i think it falls probably somewhere in the middle. what i find bizarre is john kerry also is overseeing the keystone pipeline. why they would move that under the purview of the u.s. state department, and it's not just the indonesians saying what is he talking about, there are probably terrorists in caves laughing, saying this is what the secretary of state has made his number one priority? great, we're glad this is what he's going to focus on while we plot to kill them. >> i'm sorry to cut you off, but i have to get this in. this is something john kerry also said in the speech. >> climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction. >> greg, go ahead. >> the farther you get away from
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september 11th, the closer you have to september 10th. >> good point. here's the science, like you said, temperatures haven't risen over 17 years. while co2 has been rising. that distinction is discrepancy is interesting, but if there's a slight increase over the century in celsius, that saves lives. a warmer climate allows you to grow more crops and more people die in cold weather. so they're actually arguing for more death. >> wait a minute. if i was in the philippines, 3 or 4 inch rise in the south china sea will kill tens of thousands of filipinos. >> okay. >> i would love to see the science on that. >> okay. >> ahead on "the five," team usa hockey hero tj oshie reveals what he was thinking when he scored the winning goal. that shot earned team usa a victory on russian ice. you'll hear from him. plus, an nbc reporter pushed alpine skier bode miller to tears when she questioned him about his late brother moments
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after his win. did she go too far? i say no, but i'm definitely in the minority. you decide nex
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three decades after the miracle on ice, we witnessed another one this weekend when team usa pfsz hockey players defeated russia in an olympic nailbiting thriller. tj oshie scored the winning goal in a shootout in overtime. he scored four times in six tries. he spoke about the incredible moment and what he was thinking about right before it. >> what was going through your mind at that moment? >> what do i do next? there's a little panic in there. i saw the replay. it looks like i wasn't shaking, but i was underneath, and really happy the last one went in.
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>> that was an awesome game, wasn't it, bob? you said you watched it. >> amazing, i tell you the thing about it. when they have penalty kicks in soccer, for example, there's a big, hung net, and there's a goalie. and it's pretty easy to get a ball in. when you're trying to shoot into a hockey net, it's a very small area, and these guys are very, very good, these goaltenders. these guy did four of 6, and the last one, he did it almost in slow motion. had the guy completely confusioned. >> had to feel good to beat the russians on their own turf. >> maybe not be a miracle on ice, because it was amateured against professionals, but interesting aboutotia. there was a picture on twitter with some military people in afghanistan jupping up, clapping when he scored the winning goal. and oshie, people were saying you're a hero.
1:42 am
he said, i'm not a hero. the people in camo are the real heroes. he's a great kid. a great person on top of it. >> dana, you said you didn't watch the game, you were at yoga, but you have to admire what eric said he said about men in camo, which is so different than hollywood actors have been saying, which is my job is just as dangerous. >> i read about it, and high husband said the game was incredible. i do think it's interesting to listen to a lot of the interviews after these competitors come off the field or come off the ice, wherever it might be. they're very humble, and a lot of it seems very sincere to me. unlike in the nfl, where it seems like it's all talking points when they come off the field. we talked about the things they said and shouldn't have said, but these guys seem completely genuine. >> greg, you had your face painted, your entire body painted, was it worth it. >> it wasn't for the game.
1:43 am
completely different. matt lauer asks him, what is going through your mind? just ask them what they're thinking. also, olympic hockey reflects the exceptionalism of american life. the best players in the teams play in the nhl. why? because our system is better. there aren't players flocking to lot v latvia. >> from a feel good moment to a not so feel good moment, a lot of people pretty outrages for a reporter from nbc, for pushing bode miller on the death of his brother before the olympic games. he lost his brother to a seizure last year. here's the interview lighting up the internet. >> you're showing so much emotion. what's going through your mind? >> um, a lot. just a tough year. >> i know you wanted to be here with chili, really experiencing these games.
1:44 am
how much does it mean to you to come up with a great performance for him? >> i wanted to come here and -- i don't know, i guess make myself proud. >> when you're looking up in the sky, we see you there, and it looks like you're talking to somebody. what's going on there? >> so what do you think, greg? did the reporter go too far? >> i don't think so. i mean, i don't think she was being mean. she was following up with a story. i get more annoyed by the fake outrage on twitter, which to me is actually more obnoxious. people used to shout at the tv. now they just go on twitter. but i think she was doing her job. i think, if he torgave her, what's the deal? >> he did. he tookdana, and he said i forgive her. she was doing her job. >> i can tell you this, having seen that, i think everything was fine until the last question. she says you're looking up to
1:45 am
the sky. what she obviously wanted him to say is yeah, i'm talking to me dad brother. so superficial. >> i completely disagree. if you watch the runs, you saw him doing it, you wondered what he was doing. she pulled out of him the emotion. you can't win these events without having a lot of emotion and having something to ski for or whatever for. she did her job. by the way, there was a barrier between bode miller and kristen. he could have said, thank you very much. he stayed. >> nbc does this well, other networks, too, but that's what draws you to watch the olympics. if there hadn't been any personal stories and he went through a strajied and skied and he's been in the american public life for a long time, it would be like watching any other
1:46 am
event. the olympics are different. >> it humanized him. i don't think it was that bad. also, he started the interview, if you watch the full interview, talking about the emotion he had. he tipped it off. she didn't go there first. he went there first, and i don't think she saw him tearing. he wiped his eye and the tears started to flow after the third question. i actually don't think it was that bad. directly ahead, it's presidents' day, and we'll tell you which of the 44 are our faves. can you guess? next. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> mr. gorbachev, open this gate. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> today is presidents' day, time to celebrate the people who the had honor to lead this great nation. there have been 44 so far. some better than others. all right, andrea, who is your pick for best president? >> george washington. >> good choice. >> i feel like he was just one of the greatest leaders that we
1:51 am
have ever had. he knew that we needed to get away from a monarby, and backed a republic instead of a democracy, which is fascinating if you read about him. he was just a leader in every sense of the word. he also was offered the position of king and turned it down. that's so different from politicians these days who just want the power. he was totally devoeded to this nation and making it great. >> and didn't really want to be president. eric, let me guess. let me guess. it's so obvious. please, let me do it for you. >> ronald regan. >> for two reasons. number one, because he brought us out of what was malaise. this is what he did, he saved the economy. he saved the country through the economy. number two, probably more importantly, another thing he did, he won what would be the biggest, the bifar the biggest war the planet has ever seen, the cold war. he won the cold war without firing one single shot.
1:52 am
>> what? >> no help from the democrats at all. >> is gorbachev a democrat? >> that's funny. >> will shock you. you might not have heard, but i worked for president george w. bush, so he is my choice. >> it would be weird if you didn't pick him. >> and actually, i believe it. >> you do? >> yeah, i do. >> okay. >> my favorite president is dwayne elasaundo herbert. he managed the decline of america in style and with pets. an amazing leader. you didn't mess with him. look at that hair. there he is. >> okay, greg. leave it to you on presidents' day. mine is a fairly obvious choice for me, franklin delano roosevelt. he brought us through and out of a depression. he brought a nation that was reluctant to go to were into the
1:53 am
second waurorld war, and it was for him, we would have been living under hitler and muse illini. he brought us so many things, it's hard to add them together. he was a great, great president, and more than just one war. >> can lincoln get an honorable mention? >> absolutely. "one more thing" is up next.
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time now for "one more thing." eric. >> okay, friday afternoon, friday night, a huge labor decision went down in tennessee. the uaw was trying to unionize a wv plant in tennessee. they allowed the uaw to pitch their story, and the workers at the plant rejected it. doa, very important going forward because that's the south
1:56 am
right to work state. if they unionize there, it could have superintepread to other pl. >> a great story. >> very interesting story. >> andrea. >> this is a better story. guess what turns 30 today? >> pajama boy? >> let's dance! >> yes, it's been 30 years since kevin bacon got on that tractor in that nail biter of a scene where he had to make the other guy jump off, and he did that very sexy performance in the factory, but it's turned 30 and i can't believe it's that old already. what a great movie. >> i never saw that movie. >> you never saw it? >> i was so excited to see that movie. in 30 years we have gone from footloose to twerking. time goes by fast. >> that is progress, add least in my mind. not a big fan of footloose. >> i loved it. >> i thought it was going to be about something else. dana? >> i'm going to go quickly because i have two things.
1:57 am
everybody loves spring training, the yankee ares in tampa. look who else loves spring training. that was caught, so that means hopefully the weather is going to get better, and bob and i want to hold up our new cups. thank you to rebecca and sally. they're educators and they just retired. mine says i am jasper's mom, and bob's says i love jasper. >> they know you really love them. >> thank you, guys. >> they did a nice job. pell black pug pottery. >> oh, me? banned phrase. zero sum. you hear that a lot. it means if someone wins, someone loses. like if you take a slice of cake, the bigger slice, the less somebody else gets. it's how liberals see the economy. >> zero sum. >> zero sum. they don't grow the cake. they only see if i have a slice,
1:58 am
i'm taking it from someone else. >> they ban it because there's too much sugar. >> gabe sonier, who was a janitor at a school in louisiana, started off as a janitor 30 years ago. the principal said i would rather have you score papers than pick them up. he went back to school, got a teacher's degree, became a teacher in the same school he was a janitor, and recently, he became the principal. congratulations. great story. >> i love that story. how did you find that "one more thing"? >> who found that for you, bob? >> i found it myself. >> nice private school? >> no, not a private school, jerk off. >> >> it is tuesday february 18th. a nightmare in the sky. turbulence so bad passengers are thrown from their seats and
1:59 am
tossed through the cabin. >> people walking down the stre suddenly pummeled by punching bags. >> why the agency customer service or lack there of could cost you money. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. you are watchingç "fox & frien first" on this tuesday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley aiearhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. wither going to begin a
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terrifying flight. the passengers tossed around the cabin as the plane makes its descent. the passenger claimed an emergency on the flight that was flying from colorado to montana. four were treated and released from hospitals. one flight attendant remains hospitalized this morning. a flight safety team is reviewing what happened. >> one death row inmate ma[i a last minute plea by suing a pharmacy. michael taylor will be there early this month. he filed a lawsuit making the drug that ln used to execute him. it is not listed as the manufacturer with the fda. the drug has been criticized in the past for causing unnecessary pain. the pharmacy has agreed not to provide the drug to the state. >>


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