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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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follow me on twitter @megynkelly tell me what you think. thank you for watching. i'm megyn kelly this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity," tonight we have a jam-packed edition of the show. are you ready? we have ann coulter, elizabeth hasselbeck, ali north. let's roll. >> controversy over the new movie "son of god." why was satan scrubbed from the script? you took it out on purpose? we have the exclusive answers from the producers of this biblical blockbuster. >> you have to be so disciplined
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to discipline. >> and my good friend, elizabeth hasselbeck drops by. as chaos erupts from around the world. is our lead from behind president now to blame? president obama are you listening? >> it is the rant that some say launched the tea party? is the movement just as powerful five years later? ann coulter says she has the answer. thank you for joining us, tonight, breaking developments on the unraveling situation in the ukraine, but first, the blockbuster movie, quality s"so" ak chronicles the life of jesus. >> the people today, they called you king. they think you were a messiah.
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>> but you seem to ignore them. aren't you going to be our king? >> who do you think i am? >> you are the son of god. >> you can't have known this by what you know of me, peter. it has been revealed to you by god. you are peter. and on this rock i will build my church. >> now, i've seen this entire movie. it is a very, very powerful movie. as a matter of fact, most of the people i was with were crying during the movie. now the release comes during a very interesting time. the studies reveal nine of the top grossing movies of all time
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were either family, or religious. joining me now, from the fox business network, our friend, sandra smith. good to see you. nine out of ten? >> of that, iron man 3, frozen, man of steel. they were some of the family-oriented films that were huge box office hits. and "fast & furious," even that film had huge references to jesus christ. and beyond that, the reports show that the top 25 films in 2013, those that were faith-based, sean, averaged 7 million at the box office. those that were not faith-based averaged $22 million, a quarter less. so you will get movie executives and heads of major studios that may not have christian beliefs that are going to be wanting those dollars. >> and they will profit off religion, that many perhaps had
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contempt for. you worked on "the passion of the christ," father? >> i did. >> and you worked closely with mel gibson, box office receipts, this is huge amounts of money. look at for example the bible, the series of which the son of god is the base for this movie coming out. 13.1 million viewers. a record at the history channel. they never had numbers like that. look at "duck dynasty." family oriented show. they have been as high as $14 million at times. why? >> first of all, it is not just that you throw up jesus and there is a blockbuster, remember after "passion of christ" there were lots of films that tried to make a quick buck and failed. this is the formula here. you have to have a great production, and it has to be deeply faith-driven. we're going to have some coming up, for example, "noah," with russell crowe.
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we'll see how it does. this is the formula, really good production and faith-driven. >> paul, you work with the hollywood reporter, out there with all the hollywood liberals, don't take it personally. but seriously, obviously, there is something to this. but you always still kind of get the lowest common demoninator, your reaction? >> well, the movie guide stats that you say, the movie guide comes out every year and the top ten kind of looks like that. nine out of ten, seven, eight out of ten. always in that range. hollywood is not going to dump "american pie" and the hangover that wouldn't be qualified to be recommended by movie guide. so the figures, the statistics are kind of misleading, they decide which ones have the positive mentions, which ones don't. so you get a lot of lousy movies
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in the mix and they can point to these and say our rated, raunchy does sell as much as "the passion of the christ". >> you would argue that maybe there is just an appetite for something a little more wholesome. >> you know i think the appetite is always there, i don't think there is a new hunger or thirst. you mentioned roma downey, they were big names and super talented. they decided it would be worth risking their career on something both financially and both their names, saying hey, i'm a christian in hollywood. >> wasn't that something with mel gibson, working on "the passion of the christ." he put his own money in at one point. >> i remember being in a trailer right on the set of the passion, and he said i put my money, my
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name on this, nobody wants to touch this. this is twas the giving of the controversy, he said guys, if we fail on this, if this doesn't succeed, if we allow people to stop this there will not be another major religious film for the next 60 years. >> the new film "noah" has been coming under criticism. the interview with "the hollywood reporter." said there is significant worry about the folks, calling them noisy. what does that mean? i understand there is a conflict and battle between those that want it to be pure to the biblical version. and those that maybe want to take some creative license? >> hey, you know, as long as it is great film i don't mind taking some artistic license. you look at the passion, for example, there is artistic life, no problem. but when you try to do something, hey, i'm going to make a film about a religious topic and i take my own personal
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life that is not respectful of the faith element, well, certainly it is not going to drive christians and others to it. >> let's not ignore that russell crowe made -- >> you mean mel gibson. >> it takes very significant hollywood actresses and actors to actually make this work. and i don't think we should leave this out. because as we look at 2014 these box offices are going to be targeting these huge numbers that these faith-based films are bringing in at the box office. i already talked about the will smith planning one, brad pitt is rumored to be playing pontius pilate. >> warning to them, if they're not faith-driven, they have to bring somebody else in and make sure that it is respectful. >> will it be respectful to those who identify themselves as catholic or religious?
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>> it is very possible. because there is allegedly, from what we know about it because they haven't shown it to us, but there is a strong focus on environmentalism and over-population. and that sort of thing. and christians are not going to want to go see a story about noah where these modern-day problems are injected into it. they want it to be a more biblical story that is true to the message. so there could be trouble with the staunch christian audience, you know, the devout christian audience, but that doesn't mean there are not a huge people that want to see this. you know -- biggest issue is budget. >> anyway, i do like russell crowe in "gladiator." strength and honor. and spiraling out of control, ukraine, and juan williams tries to justify the president's position. and tune in this friday night,
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strongest terms will not condone the violence taking place. we hold the government primarily responsible for making sure that it is dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way. that the ukrainian people are able to assemble and speak freely without fear of
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repression. >> all right, that was president obama speaking out about the deadly violence in ukraine. and the city of kiev was still burning, although according to reports they have reached an initial truce. but i highly doubt that because of anything our commander in chief might have said because his credibility on the world stage has taken such a big hit since taking office particularly because he doesn't make good on his threats. you may remember this about syria. >> we have been very clear about the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. that would change my equation. >> well, it didn't change it, the president played down the
10:15 pm
comment, "red line." joining us now, fox news political analyst, juan williams, and colonel oliver north. juan, before i fight with you i am going to turn to colonel north. i look at what is happening here as vladimir putin literally taking obama to the cleaners. and by that i mean, from syria, iran, egypt, the middle east, ukraine, and earlier, poland and the czech republic. putin illegally really is taking over in areas where russia was -- and the former soviet union were long gone. >> putin has been handed this by what is essentially jimmy carter on steroids. if you could have imagined that someone is happy that obama is president, has to be jimmy carter because he is no longer the worst president in our history. well, she had a part of this,
10:16 pm
but what obama has done, sean, is leave us bereft of leadership in the part of the world that needs to desperately have it. i'm in last person that advocates putting troops in to quell the civil war in syria, like the civil war in egypt. but it would have been nice to have at least the credibility, of being respected by our allies. and we have neither because of his total failure of leadership. >> juan, look at this, you have pro-western elements in ukraine, and then you have vladimir putin pushing more sort of russia dominance sphere in the region. >> i don't know how you reach that conclusion, i was listening to you and colonel north talk about the lack of credibility. i hope the two of you remember clearly when the president threatened to use military force
10:17 pm
in syria, the congress would not approve. the american people did not want the united states getting militarily involved in another war. >> that was a fallback position. if they crossed the line then they did nothing. >> correct, and when the president said he wants the american people to speak, he wants the congress' certification for this action there was not any support for it. and i hope you remember it. now, with regard to what is happening in the ukraine, i think you should look immediately to the european countries because what you see there is they have failed in terms of coming to the aid of democratic elements inside the ukraine and allowed the russians and putin to come in with their $15 billion bailout and take control. >> there is absolutely nothing the europeans can do. because vladimir putin has them by the -- >> cajones? >> yes, thank you, no, he did, because if you look at the map you can see the seven pipelines
10:18 pm
going from russia to the ukraine, if he shuts them off and he can do that he will literally freeze them out this winter. now, what you have is the total lack of credibility in the president of the united states. that is because the chief executive has totally failed in his role as not only the head of state in this country but also the leader of the free world. there is no leadership in the free world except perhaps from our canadian neighbors who at least stand up and say the right thing when it comes to supporting the people of israel. >> last word, juan? >> well, i just think the world is a difficult map at the moment. but clearly the united states has been involved and been involved in everything from trying to end two wars, iran, afghanistan. >> blame bush. blame bush, like a broken record. >> no -- i think that what we have in terms of the european union's failures, remember, victoria nuland, the state
10:19 pm
department executive saying you know what? blank you, because they're not dealing with the problem. why you choose to pick on obama, it is always his fault. >> an italian leader who standing up to a russian leader who was always the president, no matter which party it was, whether or not it was truman or reagan, rolling back the enemy. we don't have one. >> going to end it there. nice to see you. coming up, was this character from the bible mini series left off on purpose? in the new blockbuster, "son of god." we'll have roma downey, and coming up, "fox and friends" elizabeth hasselbeck, and ann coulter will join us. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you.
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i cthis year aloneore places offi hit new and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ welcome back to "hannity," she has quickly become a fox friend favorite. and earlier today i spoke to "fox & friends" elizabeth hasselbeck, how are you doing? >> i'm well, sean. >> how are you doing? >> the ratings are great, i love
10:24 pm
watching you, being difference from "the view". >> steve and brian are so great. they take great care of me. the entire production team there is awesome in terms of checking. it feels like home, long road that i took to get there but i love it. i've never had the morning feel so great, really. >> so on friday night, roma downey and mark burnett, who you know. >> two of my favorite people. >> you were on "survivor". >> mark almost killed me, yes. >> so they come out with this series, they have now turned it into a movie "the son of god." near doing a special one-hour series friday night. i had a chance to meet them. you have images in the mini series where you have the devil walking across. and people said oh, they chose somebody that looks like obama, there. okay? and that didn't show up in the
10:25 pm
movie, on purpose? >> absolutely on purpose. >> you took it out on purpose. >> i did, i absolutely wanted the devil on the cutting room floor. >> really, why? >> i felt that the conversation that ignited after that moment in the mini series served to be such a distraction. >> they never -- thought that that would become such a big controversy, people saying oh, that looks like obama. and they didn't want it to be a distraction, it is out of the movie. >> a wise decision. >> i'm okay o-- you know, they probably saw what was owner a smaller scale with the television series, a reaction. it did provide distraction. and then i think what they did, it was a powerful editing moment. the distraction is out. you can focus on the fact the film has people talking. for the first time you really can get a full visual in mark burnett's creative stroke there on who this guy was. someone came to this earth. and he died for us?
10:26 pm
not just died? like gruesome, horrific, embarrassing, humiliating death for us? who is he? >> why do you think "the passion of the christ," why do you think their series, this movie, huge hits and then hollywood still goes back to the lowest common demoninator, what does it say about them? >> hollywood? >> yeah. >> i think they understand human nature. no one is above one decision that puts you in front of something that is below maybe what your best stand standard would be. i just think those decisions are common and everybody is very close to making them. but i do think what they have indecent we done well. he is not afraid of people, he loves risks and loves to see what makes people tick. he is not afraid of divisiveness, he gives you all that.
10:27 pm
>> what was the worst part when you were on "survivor" for you? because i watched that show. they made people do brutal things. i would never want to eat bugs or rats. >> it was 39 long days. >> what was the worst thing you did? >> go? >> what was the worst thing you did? did you eat a rat? >> i ate a pig. that is not so bad. >> did you eat bugs? >> i ate bugs. >> what kind of fish? >> we smoked it, let me know what i relied upon. >> he wants to do a fox news version channel of survivor. >> is he here? he -- >> who would win? i would be brutal. i'm competitive. >> you would be competitive. you. >> i would be competitive. >> you would be final four. >> you would be final four, we would do an alliance. >> we would make it. >> all right, the always
10:28 pm
outspoken ann coulter here, but first, the "hannity" showdown. i go one-on-one with the atheist who is actually getting bibles removed from hotels. but first, stop what your doing, "hannity" the series is all coming up straight ahead. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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we offer great discounts, like responsible rider, paid in full, and homeowners. making us number one in motorcycle insurance. isn't this romantic. it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive. welcome back to "hannity," we continue with more of my interview with "fox and friends" co-host, elizabeth hasselbeck. we both have kids? >> yes. >> they want to give teachers more power to spank kids. and what they're suggesting, as long as it is not a red welt. >> she is a mom and grandmother and defends it as a proposal,
10:33 pm
corporal punishment and really just sort of letting people know the boundaries of discipline. >> no welts. >> it may not even make it beyond us talking about it. it is certainly a fiery topic. >> did you get hit as a kid? i got the belt. i deserved it. i have never hit my kids. i don't do it. i don't have to. >> i think everybody understands their kids. at the same time she offering the belief in this bill, the belief that invites everybody to be in that spanking process. if they do give permission, they write a permission slip to spank a child. you have to be so disciplined to properly discipline a child. spanking aside -- >> i'm not trying to be nosey. >> we're not spankers. i think it actually would not work for our family. it gets uncomfortable.
10:34 pm
>> is it really that tough? >> i have to out last the kid, it is tough for me. strong willed. but i think you have to know your child. and i think our children are used to gabby adults. there was not much talking when it came to discipline, there was right and wrong. >> parents were too busy working, little different environment. this is a perfect punishment, take away the phone, the ipad, x box, go in your room and you can only touch books. there is the answer, that is the punishment. not an ibook. >> i would never give permission to any adult to hit my kid. when i go to school at the beginning of every year, i say here is my cell phone number, here is my e-mail, if they act up, call me, that is my job. >> we need to teach kids their bodies have value. it is confusing for a child to say so my teacher can hit me but
10:35 pm
not touch me? where is the line there? >> because my father hit me with a belt. if i look back now i was in trouble more times than not. >> i believe that. >> why do you believe that? >> by the way, i don't believe that educators want that responsibility. >> i don't think so either. >> spanking someone's child? they want hands off. in the few articles i red -- read, the teachers didn't want to assume the responsibility, never mind if you're doing that for one you have 30 kids in the class and have corporal punishment that is given to you by parents. >> i had had nuns that walked around with a ruler. all right, so jimmy fallon starts the first night, we have highlights, i want to see if you're fallon or leno. >> mark, you keep name dropping
10:36 pm
just to impress people. >> you think i'm lying? >> kind of, yeah. because you keep calling your good friend olympic snowboarder jamie anderson. >> really? well, then, let me introduce to you my good friend, olympic snowboarder, jamie anderson. >> let's take a look at the pros and cons of competing in the winter olympics. pro, the medals come in gold, silver and bronze. con? so does the water from the faucets. >> you do the best impression of me, you really do. >> i don't think i go up that high. >> you're doing me from the '80s. >> no, but then you rise to the occasion. you come out, i talk to you -- and you start doing that, you kind of raise your voice. >> i thought they had a good couple of opening nights. >> yeah. >> how do you get rid of -- this is what i never understood. the number one guy in every demo. >> and slowly, it was a long
10:37 pm
good-bye. but i don't think -- i think we'll see more of jay leno. i think he is so fantastic. so i'm -- stello, i love jay leno, i think you can be both. i think jimmy fallon, he is fantastic, i've been there. the entire time is a blast. he is hysterical. i think as long as he is fair in his funny he will be fine. >> isn't that the difference with leno? he was an equal opportunity guy. some of the late night comics are afraid to go after obama and that irritates me. >> he was so sad to see his last day. but i do think the day, suddenly, hand-off. >> you're involved in this charity. >> team red white and blue. there is a summit that george w. bush and dr. biden had with those in the private, public, and also nonprofit. >> is that joe biden?
10:38 pm
>> no. >> oh, i was going to say, we call him crazy uncle joe here. >> i know you do. >> they got together with leaders who are trying to help transition, and we have one suicide a day when it comes to veterans, they're young, they want to start businesses. i think helping them transition is great. we had members of team rwb there. and basically, if you're in any estate you can look up team rwb, if you walk, you run, you can take part in yoga. it is about connecting our service representatives as they come home. it works to combat ptsd. >> quarter of a million guys who came back have ptsd. >> absolutely, they do. and it is our turn now. when they come home, they have served, go on a run, we know whether or not it feels like to be physically active and what it does for stress. imagine doing that with a bunch of people who essentially are moving in tribute to saying
10:39 pm
tha thanks, we'll be here. >> elizabeth, it is great to have you. >> sean, you're fantastic, best to your family. and coming up tonight. forcing the hotel to remove the holy bible from guest rooms. they're going to be here for a "hannity" show. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing relief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. a dry mouth isn't. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book?
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. welcome back to "hannity," all right, bibles in hotel rooms. that is standard practice in the u.s., but it would not be anymore if one radical atheist group has their way. the group received a complaint about the quote, religious propaganda at the hotels.
10:44 pm
they then located the group to remove the bibles from their rooms effective on the first. she explains the reason. the co-founder and president of the freedom from religion, anne laura gailer. >> yes, it was, back in alabama. >> i debated you back in alabama, i'm getting younger every day. tell me what -- you go to the hotel. you and your husband or any member of your organization. so they have the bible maybe at a -- in a drawer next to the bed. tell me how you're so offended by this, that it is so outrageous, those people who would like it. it is not forced, doesn't take up space. why is it such a big issue for you? >> why would a university place a religious book in a hotel room -- >> because they think their
10:45 pm
customers want it. >> unless there was a message of endorsement. we think you should be reading this book or we think you would want to read this book. imagine the outcry if somebody opened up their bedside table at a public supported institution and found the quoran. >> if they wanted to put one in there, you're acting like your so offended. >> well, i am offended because -- >> at the university and o-- >> i don't like to pay high prices to stay in a hotel room to find a book in there that says that i should be murdered. that bhasphmerers should be put to death, that women -- >> don't open the book, you probably don't like to watch me, usually. >> well, you said that i am not offended, but i am offended by
10:46 pm
the bible because i don't think there is another book where between whose pages life is so cheap. that sanctifies genocide. >> you get off on insulting people's deeply held religious views. how much money does your organization take in a year? >> well, actually this is none of your business. >> because you're going to raise money off of this. >> that little bible that sits there is not offending you, you're going to send out letters and raise money. you're going to raise money because you're not really offended. i don't believe that for a second. >> we didn't put out a press release saying donate on it. we just put out a press release pointing out that this is a victory for secular -- >> and will you get checks in the mail supporting your group? >> well, we are a membership organization and we do invite people who are free thinkers to join us.
10:47 pm
we are the largest atheist and agnostic organization. >> are you pro choice? all right, so -- >> if members of the public who encounter violence of the separation of church and state. >> if the bible is tucked into the drawer next to the bed and you choose not to open it, just like you may not want to watch a channel on tv that is on their channel, maybe even religious channels, you are saying something that to me just makings zero sense and that i don't believe. and that you are so deeply -- >> well, i would think you would be offended if you found the god's illusion and atheistic materials in a hotel that was supported by the government. a public university hotel. don't tell me you wouldn't be. >> up until the early 1960s the lord's prayer was said in school, bible reading was done on a regular basis in two supreme court decisions. that means from 1776, our founding document through 1787, all the way up until the 1960s,
10:48 pm
bible reading was done in school and the lord's prayer was said. and guess what? a theocracy never emerged in america, that is interesting. >> sean, that is not true. in the state of wisconsin, our supreme court out lawed bible reading. the same was true in other states. it was a fairly recent thing that you had so many states deciding that the lord's prayer, we owe a great debt -- >> with all due respect, you guys on the left are just intolerant. it doesn't bother you, it doesn't offend you, you're going to raise money off of this. >> i'm intolerant of violations of the first amendment. >> you don't have to read it. >> i'm intoll ranlt -- >> it can sit in your night stand, and you don't -- you're pro choice, right? >> you know --
10:49 pm
>> you can choose not to open it. >> but the government should not tell me i should have it at the bedside table. if i want to buy it, i will travel with it. people who are that pious that they can't go to sleep without reading a bible will carry one with them. >> you don't have to open it. good to see you, it has been many years. appreciate it. coming up. how many people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills, raise their hand. president obama, are you listening? >> all right, the rant that is said to have helped launch the tea party. and it was delivered five years ago today. when we return, ann coulter here to tell us if she believes the to tell us if she believes the tea party is still aflac. ♪ aflac, aflac, afc! ♪ [ both sigh ] ♪ ugh! ♪
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welcome back to "hannity" five years ago this rant was delivered on the floor of the chicago mercantile exchange >> how about this. why don't you put up a web site. have people vote on the internote see if we want to subsidize losers' mortgages or buy cars and buy houses and give them to people that might have a chance to prosper down the road and reward people that could carry the water instead of drink the water this, is america. how many of you people want to pay your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay bills? raise their hand? president obama are you listening? i'm thinking of having a chicago tea party in july all of you capitolists that want to show up in lake michigan i want to start organizing >> some say those words helped launch the tea party movement
10:55 pm
so. how far, has the tea party come? ann koult yes, how are you? i'd take your hand but i'm sick, so... >> i never shake hands >> okay. mrs. trump. >> neither do you. >> you give me a fist pump >> tea party patriots partners on the radio show, i'm a registered conservative. i think it's going to be stronger than ever. >> two ways are looking at it. people in america v.are fantastic the heart of america. i think they've made a huge difference they did in 2010 elections. in the house, republicans picked up more seats than they did in famous 1994 election. that was a huge win, but we lost a lot of senate seats and unfortunately as with any, any, i think any grass-roots movement there are a lot of conmen and scamsters
10:56 pm
tricking good americans into sending them money claiming we're fighting for you. they aren't fighting for you. >> people are there in the trenches every day this, is what they do >> one out in america, yeah but a lot of them, i think, a lot of the rich ones are -- anyone claiming to be going after establishment republicans key word there is republicans. that means media won't get on their back. look at their finances. and it also means republicans, if we don't elect republicans i don't care which republicans we'll not listen to obamacare. i said it so much the only way to repeal obamacare is to elect republicans. not to be fighting against republicans by the way i never push anyone else's column by mine. today, every has to read thomas old's article. >> republican party just punted
10:57 pm
for a year and gave oak yauma a blank check saying on the cr debate when ted cruz was filibustering we're going fight on the budget. >> we need a majority. >> but they go beyond not liking obama or obamacare they need an inspiring vision bringing together, united, remember? unite the tea party. who is saying it? >> repeal obamacare keep your eye on the ball it's going to wreck the country. there is only one way to repeal it. public education sucks and that hasn't fallen on its own, subway system, airport security. irs. it doesn't fall on its own. have you to elect republicans. >> in the mean meantime? >> these people are just trying to get money off good americans. >> in the meantime... >> do you know they're going after establishment republicans?
10:58 pm
democrats? >> the republicans don't fight on the debt keeling and give obama a blank check? >> give them a majority. >> are you saying they couldn't get the key stone pipeline? or -- >> they can't. >> they can't get anything? >> don't fight. >> no. no. fight to give them a majority. then, we'll repeal obamacare. and have to keep those pipelines >> they have the senate and house. then, what are they going to tell us? give us the presidency? then we can do something? >> no. no. >> obama is still their president >> not if we, well, if it weren't for shysters running against establishment republicans we'd have 51 republican senators right now, right now, one big election this year, we'd have a veto-proof republicans so thank you, shysters and conmen. >> the tea party members are saying hold strong to your principles >> scott walker face aid recall
10:59 pm
>> he's the governor. we don't have control of one branch of the federal government. it's like people claiming they're doing fund raising dmoirn with cancer ask then, redecorating their offices this isn't because i'm against fund raising for children with cancer. of course i love the tea party. there are shysters. >> some should be defeated. >> i'll tell you who should be defeated. >> i'll tell you who should be defeated one that's vote for amnesty. are they going after lindsay gram? no. they are not >> some are >> senate conservatives sfund not. they're not going after lamar alexander. that is the establishment and that will wreck the country. unfortunately persuaded them amnesty has gotten so far, the country is going to be wrecked and they're saying screw it, i'm going to take what i can get. there is still hope, america. don't sewn doen yat to the senate conservative fund. >> ann coulter, good to see you.
11:00 pm
>> set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. start your day with "fox and friends" first. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thththththththth. president obama's biggest power grab ever. creating the news police. the obama administration launching fec pilot program sending investigators into numerous. numerous like ours at fox news channel. one of the questions they want ask is this. what is the news philosophy of the station? is this pilot program designed to send a message to journalists and not a particularly good message? >> bring in our political panel a.b. stoddard and washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. byron, are we getting the news police. >> this is bad bad bad. kind of outgrowth of the old fairness doctrine which died unlamented death many years ago. basically what's going to happen the


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