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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 20, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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terrorists. >> since i screwed up at the end of the show. real clear politics, how likely are democrats to lose the senate in you'll have to read it to find out. don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of the 5. back other tomorrow. i'll be better. "special report" is next. the death toll rises as the truce collapses in ukraine. while kiev burns, what should president obama do? this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. dozen are dead and hundreds wounded in vicious street battles in the ukranian capital of kiev. last night we received word of a truce but little evidence that anyone on the ground paid attention to that. amy kellogg is watching developments tonight from moscow. >> reporter: this was supposed to be day one of the big truce that made headlines last night.
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it turned out to be the bloodiest day of ukraine's conflict yet. this video appears to show snipers firing on protesters. the dead were rushed in the chaos to hotel and other safe spaces turned into triage centers. those dead died of gunshot wounds to the head, neck and heart. ukranian officials call this restrain >> translator: there's not a single other democratic country where a police force would have demonstrated such moderation and tolerance as ukranian policemen did. >> reporter: the opposition tactics are becoming more violent as well. >> as for peaceful discussions, unfortunately, at this stage nobody listens to anyone. we tolerate corruption, stealing, everything. there is only one method left to show everyone that something must be done about this. >> reporter: the interior ministry claims protesters
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kidnapped 67 policemen. the fight spilled into parliament today where a debate on ways to stop the violence got ugly, too. >> translator: the fact that today people are being shot on the street because somebody wants to remain president or prime minister or in another position is a crime against humanity and their country. >> reporter: european union foreign ministers worked all day and are working overnight to try to get ukranian president viktor yanukovich to call early elections. meanwhile in sochi, russia, a ukranian olympic alpine skier quit in protest and is going home to join the opposition camp. >> translator: to go on the start line when people are dying and when the authorities broke the main rule of the olympic competition which is peace, i simply did not do it. >> reporter: while european foreign ministers try to broker some sort of deal in ukraine at this hour, it's not clear how much influence the west has.
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the pentagon has confirmed tonight that the ukranian ministry of defense has refused to take u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel's phone calls for at least the last week. in the meantime, moscow is distask an envoy to kiev at the request of president yanukovich. >> amy kellogg live in moscow, early friday morning, aim, thank you. president obama is acknowledging some philosophical differences with russian leader vladamir putin in some places as ukraine and syria, but he's downplaying any cold war type competition between the two nations. chief white house correspondent ed henry on what some see as a very real power struggle. >> reporter: aides to president obama today took any u.s. military option off the table for dealing with the chaos in ukraine, the signal they are on the edge of following the european union's move to impose sanctions. >> given the violence that we saw overnight in ukraine, i think it's fair to say that the options available to the president are being considered
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with some urgency. >> reporter: this follows a stern warning from the president to his ukranian counterpart on wednesday, as kiev was engulfed in flames. >> there will be consequences if people step over the line. >> reporter: critics quickly noted the president has talked of lines before, particularly the red line over syrian president bashar al assad's use of chemical weapons and did not follow through. >> i think vladamir putin fully understands that barack obama's rhetoric will continue, but there will be no substantive u.s. actions that have any effect on what's going on in the ukraine. >> reporter: what binds the situations in ukraine and syria together is that in both cases putin seen to be pulling the strings. at a leaders summit the president stressed he's candid with putin about their disagreements. >> mr. putin has a different view on many of those issues, and i don't think that there's any secret on that, and, you know, our approach in the united states is not to see these as some cold war chessboard in which we're in competition with
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russia. >> reporter: conservatives insist this is a struggle for power between putin and the west over the fate of the former soviet republics. >> are you going to go toe to toe and eye to eye with putin? you haven't done so so far. highly unlikely you'll do it now >> reporter: "wall street journal" reporting on its front page today, quote, the obama administration has found themselves completely caught off guard by putin, everything from syria to the russian offer of asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. >> is there a frustration at the white house that there's a perception that putin is in control of the president on these issues? >> there's a lot of common ground between the united states and russia that could be staked o out. >> reporter: it's being reported tonight that syria will miss a u.n. deadline to destroy its chemical arsenal, perhaps another example of consequences. not so much. >> ed henry live on the north lawn. more on this with the panel. the leader of the opposition in venezuela is facing criminal
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charges tonight. leopoldo lopez surrendered to police, as we told you in, front of thousands at a rally earlier this week. authorities are charging him with arson and criminal incitement. they are set to try him in a makeshift courtroom inside a jail. president obama is asking officials in venezuela to do less arresting and more talking. >> we call on the venezuelan government to release protesters that it's detained and engage in real dialogue, and all parties have an obligation to work together to restrain violence and restore calm. >> german police have raided homes of nine elderly men suspected of serving as guards as the auschwitz death camp during world war ii. three of the men were arrested on allegations of accessory to murder. prosecutors announced last fall they are recommending charges against about 30 former auschwitz guards. we have new information tonight on the man at the center of the controversy over those misleading talking points
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delivered after the benghazi terror attacks in the fall of 2012. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: new details in the senate benghazi report alleged that the former deputy and acting director of the cia mike morel misled lawmakers about the obama's administration's role crafting the bogus explanation that a protest gone array was to blame for the murder of four americans. >> in this case we found that there was actual coordination which could influence them and did influence what the cia conveyed to the committees what happened. >> reporter: in late 2012, committee republicans say morel testified the talking points were sent to the white house, quote, for their awareness, not for their coordination, which carries with it the power to influence and detailed language, quote, no effort was made to correct the record. the acting director's testimony perpetuated the myth that the white house played no part in
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the drafting or editing of the talking points. after morel's 2012 testimony, committee republicans insisted on reading the raw e-mail traffic in the days leading up to then ambassador susan rice's sunday show appearances. >> what we kept saying is you guys, you had these meetings and e-mails back and forth. if everything is copacetic as you say it is, give us the e-mails >> reporter: senate intelligence committee vice chair said in a recent interview that they only got the e-mails between the cia, state department and white house because the senate threatened to hold up john brennan's confirmation. >> reporter: once released republican lawmakers say the conflict with morel's testimony was clear. morel works at the time was cia director david petraeus' number two was at the heart of the process cutting 50% of the text and white house coordination began at the earliest stages.
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also in late 2012 morel and rice met with republican senators ayotte, mccain and graham who claim he blamed law enforcement for the changes. >> what i found curious is that he did not accept responsibility for changing the talking points. he told me the fbi had done this. i called the fbi. they went ballistic. within 24 hours his statement was changed where he admitted the cia had done it. >> reporter: new details confirmed by fox news suggest a similar scenario played out before the house intelligence committee chaired by republican mike rogers. in mid-november 2012, morel testified, along with james clapper, the nation's intelligence chief and matt olson, a senior counterterrorism official, in a closed session. when asked who was responsible for the talking points first requested by roger's committee sources familiar with the testimony told fox clapper said he had no idea while morel remained silent. >> if your silence does create a misleading impression, even if you don't have a strict legal
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obligation to speak up, i think as a public official, somebody entrusted and infused with the public trust, do you have an obligation to speak up to make the truth known. >> reporter: in may 2013 morel was asked to testify a second time before the house committee. sources say he then admitted changing the talking points but offered shifting explanations. among them, that exposing the failure of mrs. clinton's state department to act on repeated security warnings seemed unprofessional. two sources say morrell insisted the talking points were an afterthought at a september 15 meeting where the text was finalized but this e-mail from the president's deputy ben rhodes suggests otherwise. >> if you're not getting the full truth abondon your oversight function or call those people back. >> reporter: since retiring from the cia morrell has taken on high-profile assignments for the administration, a paid tv commentator and works for philippe raines who has been described as mrs. clinton's
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gatekeeper. morrell stood by his original testimony saying no one cooked the books. when asked today to address specific allegations about his testimony he referred fox to the cia public affairs office. >> we'll continue to follow it. thank you. >> you're welcome. going inside the obamacare numbers, what's real and what's not. but first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. ktau looking for the person who holds the winning powerball ticket. one sold at a service station ten miles north of san jose. the store owner gets a $1 million prize. fox 35 in orlando, florida, with the dui arrest of a man police say stole a humvee from a national guard armory in sanford and drove it to deltona. and this is a live look at evening prairie, minnesota, ugly there, the big story tonight, another big storm. the twin cities could get 6 to
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10 inches of snow by morning. it seems like in some areas it is non-stop this year. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role roughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day women's 50+.
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it's all about the numbers tonight. in health care there is word that some of the lofty salttics we've heard about the obamacare signups may not be entirely accurate. and vice president biden is doing his part to lower expectations for the near future. here is chief national correspondent jim angle. >> reporter: though officials have confidently claimed surging enrollments in obamacare so far and a strong finish to come, vice president joe biden during a stop in minneapolis suddenly suggested the totals may be lower. >> initially we talked about by the end of this period having 7 million people lined up. we may not get to 7, but we're going to get to 5 or 6 and
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that's a hell of a start for people. >> reporter: quite a difference from the confident predictions last fall before the rollout from health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. >> i think it looks like 7 million people have signed up by the end of march 2014. >> reporter: the non-partisan congressional budget office stuck with those numbers until just recently when it lowered it from 7 million to 6 million but the vice president is the first to mention a number as low as 5 million, suggesting growing doubt in the administration. in its report of signups through the end of january, the administration claimed 9.6 million total, 3.3 in the federal and state exchanges, another 6.3 million in medicaid health care for the poor, but a non-partisan health care firm says the number of new signups in medicaid, the only ones made possible by obamacare, is much lower than 6.3 million. >> it's about 1.3 million to 1.8 million. people who are new to the program. the rest are part of the regular
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churn that are in and out. >> reporter: and those in the regular churn don't count as part of obamacare because they were already eligible before the health care law. for those new to medicaid under the expansion encouraged by obamacare the administration pays 100% of the cost for the first three years, but it pays no additional funds for those already eligible which is often one of the top three items in state budgets. >> the state pays that bill. if it's an expansion the federal government pays the ball. matters a lot whether it's newly eligible or existing eligible who are signing up >> reporter: vice president might have also irritated other officials by giving the wrong date for the end of enrollment which is march 31st. >> there's a drop dead date for the first round in the beginning of march. >> reporter: not the beginning of march, the end of march. if the vp is right on the numbers though and only 5 million sign up in private exchanges and the administration has much less than 2 million newly eligible in medicaid so far, then it will be lucky to
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hit half the original projection of 16 million enrollees by the end of next month. brett? >> another topic on the budget. the white house let it be known today that it's dropping an effort to shift the cost of living increase in social security. >> reporter: well, that's right. last year the president had proposed a shift in what is called the chain cpi or consumer price index, a measure that more accurately reflects shopping habits so if you go to the store and apples are more expensive, you can buy a different fruit. it would have reduced the future increase in benefits by no more than .3%. no reduction in benefits, mind you, just a smaller increase. many interest groups bent berserk though and today the president backed down and took it out of his budget. in less than 20 years social security will be unable to pay full benefits and will have to cut them overnight by about 25%, but it looks like doing something about that will have to wait for another president. >> quickly, if he's not doing
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chain cpi, they probably won't do any other entitlement reform. >> reporter: proposed nothing that would do anything about the tens of trillions of unfunded liabilities. >> jim, thank you. what do you make of the health care numbers? let me know at or on twitter. a town hall meeting in minnesota and how tough it is for democrats at home to defend obamacare. listen to this question and the responses from senator amy klobuchar and congressman peters and tim walsh. >> i thought part of the health care act was to save $2,500 per family. what happened? >> i voted no. so i'll let these guys answer it. >> still ahead, is one party okay with less work now?
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stocks were up today. the dow gained 93. the s&p 500 finished ahead 11. the nasdaq was up 30. now a bizarre story from wall street. a rash of suspected suicides among workers at powerful financial firms. let's get more now from charlie gasparino of the fox business network. hello, charlie. what about these mysterious deaths on wall street? >> the numbers are pressing staggering are and i've covered the financial crisis. people committed suicide during the financial crisis and what we have here is six in the past six weeks, places like jpmorgan chase, bank of america. they appear to be suicides, and
3:24 pm
we say appear because, you know what? the jury is still out exactly on what's causing this. >> do any of these appear to be related? >> no, but, you know, you never know. wall street's not a great place to work right now, you know. lots of investigations, regulation. it appears that these are type "a" personalities. these are people that are prone to extreme behavior so they don't appear to be related in the sense that they know each other and they are doing something in concert but they could all have the same symptoms, they are overworked, underpaid. we should point out that all the firms are out there. having counseling for these folks, and there are investigations across wall street, and when you see massive investigations on wall street, you see rash behavior among wall street participants and that's about all we know. >> we'll follow t.charlie, thank you very much. now another story, a follow on a story we brought you yesterday. the fcc is denying that it's moving towards regulating
3:25 pm
television stations despite word of a special study that has raised alarm bells here on capitol hill and in newsrooms across the country. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz howie kurtz is here with more. good evening, howie. i want to ask you. why do you think the fcc is asking questions about news gathering at tv stations strikes so many people as ominous. >> this is insidious, bret, because though the fcc has the power to regulate broadcast stations in the public interest, how much news they put on as opposed to "seinfeld" reruns, not supposed to get into content. obama administration is examining stations for perceived bias is just haywire, and who in their right mind wants the government deciding whether coverage is fair? >> is there a history here of applying political pressure on television stations? >> during the watergate period the "washington post" was investigating that scandal, richard nixon's fcc challenged two television licenses owned by "the post" company.
3:26 pm
that's a classic abuse of power and why this is so troubling. now the fcc in a left from chairman tom wheeler to the hill is talking about making changes here. the commission has no intention of regulating political or other speech of journalists or broadcasters. the fcc ought to keep its nose out of newsrooms in my view and here you're starting to see the retreat in the midst of an uproar. >> it sounds like a walk back. >> it shouldn't even be gathering this information because it has a very big club, the power to pull licenses from television stations so the mere asking of questions can carry pretty strong whiff of intimidation. >> okay. howie, as always, thank you. requiring american flags to be american made. a 100-year-old rookie running for congress and political ads based on the music you listen to. it is all in the grapevine next. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway diculousness... from fashionhat flies off the shelves.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. pandora says it knows which way you lean politically by what music you listen to. the music streaming service is going to target ads to its listeners after sizing up what party they might favor. listen to country, chances are you will vote republican. a fan of jazz, you're a democrat. jam to classic rock or hip-hop, it's a little harder to tell. so does its theory hold up, that's really the question. spotify reports stevie wonder and beyonce top president
3:31 pm
obama's play list. republican senator marco rubio listens to everything from tupac to electronic dance music and republican congressman paul ryan listens to ac/dc and led zeppelin. believe it or not, it took an act of congress to make sure our military's american flags are not made in other countries. last month a bill passed requiring all flags purchased by the pentagon be 100% made in america. the office of california congressman mike thompson, who sponsored the legislation, says the bill is about making sure all d.o.d. flags are made in the u.s. with 100% u.s. products. the pentagon says in the past all flags were made in the u.s., but it could not guarantee all of the materials used in the flags were american made. and finally a florida man is proving you are never too old to make a difference. a 101-year-old joe newman is running for congress. he lived through the depression and two world wars.
3:32 pm
he says his fruit of experience far surpasses everyone else in the race, but he knows he will not be around forever. quote, at 101 years of age, a natural term limit exists, and i have no designs on a length political career. democrats have historically tried to portray their party as fighting for the working man and woman. big labor, blue collar, but now some democrats are extolling the supposed virtues of working less. correspondent doug mcelway tells us why. >> reporter: recent reports from the non-partisan congressional budget office project two pillarsn agenda, obamacare and increasing the minimum wage will lead to decrease jobs. >> machines will replace men and as a result there will again be widespread unemployment. >> reporter: democrats have been forced into unfamiliar arguments to defend job loss projections
3:33 pm
created by their own public policies. >> i don't really care what the cbo says about the job impact of obamacare. obamacare has far-reaching impacts and part of them is going to encourage entrepreneurship. >> the single mom raising three kids has to keep a job because of health care can now spend time raising kids. that's a family value. >> we're going to have parents working home and working reasonable hours. people will be able to retire. >> reporter: obamacare creates a quandary for the most productive workforce. by lower subsidies as a worker's pay increases obamacare creates a disincentive to advance and an incentive towards government dependence. >> the idea of the rugged individual who is a self-reliant person and who makes his own way in the world is something that's deeply embedded in the american character and work is deeply embedded in the american character. public policy should be trying to encourage work, trying to support work. >> reporter: house minority
3:34 pm
leader nancy pelosi has routinely said obamacare would create greater job flexibility. >> we want people to have the freedom to be a writer, a photographer, to make music, to paint, to start a business, to be unleash the entrepreneurship of america. >> reporter: but americans have always had the freedom to do that. what is different under this any paradigm, critics say, is hard pressed taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for the choices others make to work less. bret? >> doug, thank you. this is a fox new alert. senior law enforcement officials are telling fox news that the latest threat about that shoe bomb potential for commercial flights coming into the u.s. is tied to an al qaeda affiliate in yemen. senior officials saying that this is tied to al qaeda's yemen-based affiliate whose leaders are technically savvy bomb-makers. it also says the warnings were sent to airlines flying to the u.s. from around 30 airports in europe, the middle east and
3:35 pm
africa. of course, you'll remember that richard reid back in 2009 was tackled by two flight attendants. the british citizen, as he tried to light his shoe on fire with a high explosive in that shoe. that prompted a lot of changes as far as getting on airlines. now we're being told that this is specifically tied to al qaeda's yemen-based affiliate. as we get more information about this threat, we'll bring it to you here on fox news. ukraine burns. the superpowers watch closely. we'll talk about president obama versus president putin on this issue next in the panel. i ke prilosec otc each morni for my frequent heartburn.
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our approach in the united states is not to see these at some cold war chessboard in which we're in competition with russia. our goal is to make sure that the people of ukraine are able to make decisions for themselves
3:39 pm
about their future. >> america has already imposed sanctions in regards to some of the ukranian government representatives. in this way they are creating additional stimuli for the opposition not to compromise and indirectly if not directly urging protesters to continue the lawlessness and chaos. >> president obama and the russian foreign minister talking about the situation in the ukraine. kiev still burning as the violence continues and the death toll continues to rise. this is the -- the president said there will be consequences if people step over the line, was the quote, and obviously critics jumped on that referring back to the syria red line statement he made just a few months ago. this comes as the pentagon has tried to reach out to counterparts in ukraine. take a listen to this q&a at the pentagon about that. >> we haven't been able to
3:40 pm
connect with anybody from the defense ministry there in ukraine. >> how many times have you tried? >> how long do you let it ring? >> do you have the right number? >> we've been trying pretty diligently here in the pentagon, been trying pretty diligently this whole work. >> how unusual is that for the secretary of defense not to have his call taken? >> i'd say pretty unusual. >> is there another case where at least this secretary has been unable to reach his counterpart like this? >> defense secretary's call not being picked up. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post," nina easton, columnist for "fortune" magazine and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. chuck, what do you think? >> the last thing we've seen about our defense secretary's calls not being answered let alone returned tells you how frightened the military
3:41 pm
establishment in ukraine is of any kind of russian backlash, the sensitivity to any u.s. contact shows you the tremendous cloud russia wield, the fear that vladamir putin has already been able to instill in that country as a whole. i don't think we can blame this situation on president obama per se, but i do think it reveals a hole in his approach to foreign policy. when he talks as he often does about how the whole world is no longer a zero sum place. he referred to the fact that there's no competition with russia so forth and so on. it's fine for him to say that, but that's clearly not how russia under vladamir putin views this situation itself. they view it as a zero sum game in which they are determined not to be left with zero, and it is very -- it's a vital interest of putin, and he's playing for keeps with the results that we see. >> right. nina, critics of the administration say there's this moral equivalence, like the protesters shouldn't do this,
3:42 pm
and ukraine shouldn't do that. obviously he said some forceful things yesterday in mexico, but what about how the administration is playing this? >> well, i thought, you know, when i listened to him say this isn't a chess game, a cold war chess game with moving pieces. well, you want to say, well, that's how putin views it. certainly that was the root of this crisisch the ukranians were going to have -- turns towards europe with a trade agreement with the eu, and russia basically bought them off, both with threats and with billion dollars -- $15 billion in credit to salvage their economy or attempt to salvage the economy. they are determined -- russia is determined, putin is determined to keep the ukranians as a central part of this empire and not to let it go to the west. keep in mind, too, 2008, georgia, you know. that was a case where georgia
3:43 pm
was turning towards nato and he -- they cracked down and tanks went in. so he's playing, as charles says, he's playing for keeps. >> it's important to point out, too, that ukraine is a center point for a lot of oil and gas to go through to europe for russia. >> right. what obama -- the premise of the whole reset policy was that we are not in competition, and putin could not believe his luck to come across a naief in the white house who would believe that. we're not going to make you feel calm. the russian disease not cooperation on iran. they are running syria. they are arming syria, thumbing their nose at us with snowden and now ukraine, and they are playing a zero sum game. the fact that no one answers our
3:44 pm
call in the defense ministry in kiev is a sign of how weak and irrelevant the u.s. has become. i can assure you that if putin is on the line the phone is answered, and we aren't helpless right now. there's something that we really can do. this whole civil war is going to hinge on whether the military in ukraine joins or not on the side of the government. what we ought to do instead of speaking about crossing a line or what do they say, we have options which is the usual obama speak as a way of saying nothing, we ought to be very specific. any general or commander in the ukranian army who obeys orders to shoot the people anywhere in the country will be considered a war criminal for trial in the hague. that would have no effect in syria oremen or sudan, but it would have effect in ukraine. it's a european country, and that is something i think that we ought to do -- announce immediately as a way to restrain the hand of the ukranian
3:45 pm
officers who know that their decisions are going to decide whether or not they are going to be war criminals or if they will side with their own people. >> that's something that would resonate in the country because even though this is something that started off as a question of whether the ukranians were going to turn towards europe, it's become a -- it's become about the crackdown. it's become a response to the crackdown and a potential civil war, you're right, charles, that's very much in the offing and very much a potential. >> do you think if the winter olympics were not going on right now that there would be a different response from russia and this would be handled differently by president putin? >> well, i think it's a good question is whether any of it would be happening at all if the winter olympics weren't on because, of course, the opposition as well knows -- >> sees the world spotlight. >> sees the world spotlight on them and perhaps thought that the winter olympics would restrain putin and, therefore, they could be more aggressive. what i do think is that, as i've
3:46 pm
said before, it's yet another reason why it was such a disastrous and ill-chosen location for the winter olympics this year because it simply, you know, it gave leverage to the putin regime, and, you know, misplaced this spectacle of peace and friendship in a country that's capable of this kind of behavior international. >> there was a quote on the wires, someone in ukraine saying this should not hinder their efforts for the 2022 games in ukraine. >> it may though. >> keep in mind, you know, yanukovich, who is the president of ukraine, is a pretty thuggish figure himself. it's not just about putin. it's about his puppet there. >> to charles' point about the military, i think you have to understand that the last guy who actually said as commander of the ukranian military that he would not fire, he would not order them to fire on the
3:47 pm
people, was removed from office by the president of ukraine, so these guys are caught between, and if you threaten them with arrest, i'm not sure how big a threat it is because they do co-all run to russia and have asylum and be taken care of it. >> if you lose the war, you're looking at a lifetime in a european jail would probably would be rather cushy, but losing a job and ending up as a war criminal i think are of a different scale. it's our only effect. >> when i was bringing you the breaking news about the shoe bomb bomber and the linked group in yemen, i said richard reed incident happened in better alre.
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when ever i hear of the government going into a news room to do something other than deliver coffee, i become frightened because the government should not, as a general rule be any part of journalism. >> how much government coercion might there be with this? is the government trying to dictate speech and how journalists are supposed to do their job? it doesn't matter what your political strike is, especially when you have a competitive communications landscape. >> it's for the research project for the fcc. this is how to quote goes that raised a lot of eyebrows here in certain to ascertain the stories selected, station priorities,
3:52 pm
content, production quality, populated served. eight cins, critical information needs and responsiveness to underserved population. if they agree with the criticism launched, the commission has no means to -- any resulting study or any other means. the research design is a precursor to a formal study. if used, the goal is similar to those of past reports, seeking to identify whether market barriers exist and if so, whether they affect diversity of media and voices. okay. back to the panel. charles, interpretation? >> if government were to bring coffee to fox, i would get a taster before i touch it. look, this is as if the irs and the e.p.a. and the nlrb haven't done enough damage, the fcc now
3:53 pm
has to trample on what rights are remaining. this is an outrage disguised as a study. the fcc regulates the media. it has the power to remove your license, meaning to ruin you overnight. any question is never innocent. what is it asking about critical information? who decide what is is critical information need? critical information needs is a concept you have in kiev and moscow, not the united states. everybody decides on their own. the idea we don't have enough diversity, there are no media today than in the history of mankind, including cave drawings. this is an outrage. what the house of representatives ought to do tomorrow is pass a law with holding up every penny from every such study now or ever more. >> i need to correct charles. it's actually cin, critical
3:54 pm
information needs, which is full of acronyms. this would be funny, if it wasn't scary. they are going to train government bureaucrats to come in and talk about how they do their jobs. sound familiar? obamacare. they are going to ask things like what is your news philosophy. they are going to be trained not to show too much alarm or emotion when interviewing the fox news. >> you don't buy commissioner wheeler? you don't buy the statement or the walkback? >> i think it's outrageous. i'm outraged taxpayers are paying for this. if this is a university study. no, it's scary. they wheel tremendous power, fcc over licensing. just by virtue of being there, the chilling effect of what they are doing. what do they know about deciding what's news and what's not news?
3:55 pm
>> chuck? >> just for variety sake, i'm going with funny instead of scary. i read through the research design. i have read through the documents related to this. this study is less threatening than it is unintel inlgable. i cannot understand what they are going to accomplish. the contractor they hired to do this has absolutely no experience in this area. in fact, their website says this organization focuses on four priority areas, substance abuse and mental health, sexual and reproductive health and gender health. this is the group getting i don't know how many dollar contract to go out and explore news rooms. the broadcasters filed a brief in this case. they are confused the multifaceted focus of the research has the potential to
3:56 pm
undermine it. >> don't get you off the hook. this is not funny. okay. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some awkward media coverage in sochi. rest... while a body in motion nds to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain and improve daily physical function so moving is easier. because just one 200mg cebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high bloodressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex,
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from hosting the "today" show to covering the winter olympics, matt lauer is getting lot of air time. sometimes in the same place, there are satellite delays in tv. that can make for really strange moments or, as one late night show termed it, creepy. ♪ creepy matt lauer. >> won a world championship at the tender age of 17. now she's 18. everybody talks about how young you are. you are no novice, you are a force. >> thank you. nice talking to you. >> you, too. >> now, there's a satellite
4:00 pm
delay, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. thanks for inviting us into your homes. that's it for this special report. greta goes "on the record" right now. does president obama think no one at fox will see a government spy in our news room? tonight, an fcc commissioner goes "on the record" and blows the whistle and tries to install one. they call it a monitor. no one is stupid. we know what they are trying to do. the commissioner joins us. nice to see you. your op-ed blew the whistle on this. what do they want to do? >> they are proposing to do what they are calling critical information needs or cin study. they will send researchers into news rooms across the