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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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with your time, congratulations it's a great movie. i hope everyone will go see it. >> thank you >> that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. the o'reilly factor from california is on tonight. >> they score! >> intense day at the olympics in russia because these are much more than games. power politics in play. we will have a special report. someone has to administer these programs, sir. we do not have -- we have a new company in place to run the -- to run -- to run the program going forward. if you read "the new york times" today, page one, you'd think governor chris christie is under siege at a recent town hall meeting. but that may not be the case. lou dobbs with analysis.
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and once again, there's controversy over "sports illustrated" going to the beach or something. miss laura ingram doesn't like it. >> we are in a state of deterioration. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from los angeles. thank you for watching us. very intense day at the olympics in russia. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in a fiercely competitive contest, canada defeated the usa in hockey 1-0. of course national pride was on the line. you may remember russians were devastated when finland knocked them out of the hockey medal round. putin was furious.
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he had that gulag look in his eyes. failure over there, not acceptable. everybody knows the usa and russia are competitors for world power, and so the olympic games and medals won take on a huge significance. right now the usa leads in medals with 27. russia, canada and the netherlands are close. holland gets a lot of mileage out of speed skating and this year they have not been gracious winners. >> i think that there's question about american not winning here is more about the system that you have in your country. because you have a lot of attention for a foolish sport like american football and you waste a lot of talent in a sport where it's meant to kill each other, to injure each other and nobody in the world is competing you at that field. >> well, that's rather
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condescending. i'm a skater myself and played football as well. believe me, there is no comparison as far as athletic ability is concerned. football requires much more. so take that, you netherlands people. as far as canada is concerned, it's america's ally but we're also rivals. canada can't compete with us as far as production is concerned. however, we do share a common language and heritage, kind of. quebec is french speaking and canada did remain loyal to the british crown, a huge mistake. while america did not. but essentially we are the same people, even though canada has a much more socialistic approach to economics and a much more liberal, social point of view generally speaking. with all that in play, the hockey game today was well matched, but canada clearly played better. both teams were playing, again, for national pride. not just a medal. and you know what, that's a good thing. pride in your country a positive. patriotism a positive. loyalty a positive.
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so go usa. but let the best competitors win. and now for the top story. with reaction with us here in los angeles, geraldo rivera. do you agree there's always a political subtext to these contests? >> sure. look at germany, 1936. clearly hitler thought that the prowess of german athletes was a reflection of the prowess of germany's military might. >> the master race. >> the master race and all that. but it's very difficult. i was curious as you did your commentary, it's more difficult for me to be passionate about losing to canada. it's almost like kissing your cousin or losing to your cousin. it's like losing to minnesota. >> yeah, but i wanted the usa to win. >> of course. we want the usa to win, but when you lose to them it's not the same. >> if we had lost to the russians, geraldo and i would have had to go on a bender. well, geraldo would, i don't
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drink. i would have watched geraldo go on a bender. because russia and putin are villains, they're trying to hurt us, where canada, they just tweak us. every canadian tonight, they're going out. because they got the big ood guy. they brought down the big guy. >> there are ten times as many of us as there are of them, them being the canadians. they are one-tenth the size in terms of population. but i read an interesting book that you would love by a lady called diane francis called "merger of the century" and the book postulates that these two countri countries, the united states and canada, that we should merge into one land. you mentioned -- >> the canadians wouldn't want that. >> they wouldn't like it. but imagine the super power. they have the resources -- they have china on one side, china looking with coveting their natural resources. they have russia, russia telling canada stay out of the arctic, we control the arctic. >> that's never going to happen. if i were a canadian and i've
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been there many, many times, beautiful country, i wouldn't want to be an american either. because you are connkind of spe being a canadian. you get into america and america takes over. mexico would be much better off under the usa. they would be. because then their economy and natural resources would be harnessed in our system and all mexican economics would rise. but again, mexico, they wouldn't want that. they wouldn't want that. >> it's interesting you mention mexico. we have the north american free trade association since 1987. that was supposed to basically erase the borders and allow free trade to flow. it really worked for a while. it really did. then what happened? what happened was 9/11 happened and then all of a sudden now terrorists were sneaking over the border from canada. >> you say it worked for a while. it wasn't like the e.u. you still had to apply for work permits here. >> you show your driver's license, you got in. >> so many mexicans didn't go
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home, you see. that was the problem. and then -- >> and i embraced them and you did not. >> it wasn't a matter of me embracing them. it's what's best for the country. and what's best for the country is a disciplined immigration situation so we know who's here and what they're doing. but we've gone over that. let's get back to the olympics. let's get back to the olympics. originally when the greeks invented it, it was smart for them to do it. what they wanted to do was stop the fighting. stop the wars. have everybody come together and compete in a peaceful way. therefore, maybe, you know, become less hostile toward each other. but then as you pointed out, and i told geraldo to point it out, hitler changed everything. in 1936. because the germans were the master race. and then what happened was that hitler got his butt kicked by jesse owens, the black american sprinter. >> vladimir putin, the russian president, had two goals. he wanted to demonstrate russia's prowess in terms of
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their ability to build out of nothing, create out of nothing this lovely city, sochi, and he was willing to spend anything to make -- >> you can't even take a shower there so how good was that. >> so grade him and let's give him a b -- d. >> you can't take a shower, you're getting a d. >> to him, another more important item was the prowess of his athletes on the field. >> right. >> as most dramatically represented by the hockey team. when they lost, it seems to me that the russians are so deflated now that they will look at the sochi olympics and they'll consider them to be, you know, a mediocre success at best. >> especially if the usa when it's all tallied up, remember the usa hockey team will get a bronze. they'll get a bronze medal, all right. russia will not get any medal there. so there's two more days. we'll probably win the medal count and make all americans feel good. >> will we get a bronze? what about finland and sweden? >> it goes on points.
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>> i got you. >> so sweden plays canada and we're rooting for canada up there. we like sweden but not as much as canada. canada will get the gold, sweden will get their silver. >> what about russian cheating in figure skating for the ladies? >> it's subjective. you really can't tell that. it's not like hockey where you score the goal. figure skating is subjective. all right, go ahead. we appreciate you being out here. next on the rundown, chris christie losing authority, is he, in new jersey. if you read "the new york times" today, you think so, but that might not be accurate. lou dobbs will weigh in. and laura ingram has some criticisms of the new "sports illustrated" bathing suit deal.
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impact segment tonight out here in los angeles. i get "the new york times" delivered every morning as well
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as "the wall street journal" and "the l.a. times." on page one of the new york paper there's an article about a recent chris christie town hall meeting. the article heavily implies that christie was under assault from his constituents at that meeting. i called my people in new york and said, hey, look at the videotape. i think they're throwing things with christie. i think they're hitting him with sticks. we couldn't find any evidence of that at all. take a look. >> when you go home tonight, would you please destroy all your bruce springsteen cds. he's not a friend of yours, governor. >> you see, the cds can be destroyed. i have it all on my iphone now. >> now, most of the questions were about hurricane sandy relief, not the bridgegate -- so-called bridgegate scandal.
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new jersey resident and fox news guy lou dobbs, i set that up just the way it happened. i was going why wasn't i told about this riot where christie was thrown to the floor and people were jumping on him, all right? so we looked at every frame of the meeting. it was all on tape. nothing happened. if you read "the new york times" it was like the guy was set on fire. >> looking at this "the new york times" and the hometown, if you will, home state "star ledger" you would have thought that the good governor had just been torn to pieces. "the new york times," bill, pointed out that governor christie is now seen as mortal, as if begrudgingly he'd been brought down from olympus. i mean that is the nature of jersey politics, give and take. look at this guy without his coat in the middle of citizens who have assembled to have a back and forth with their
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governor. how many states do you see that happen in. when's the last time that you saw a real give and take between president obama and constituents, citizens. "the new york times" decided to focus, as you say, on hostility when, by the way, there just wasn't much of it. by the way, that was an expression of concern by the gentleman in the american legion hat saying to him destroy your bruce springsteen tapes. you know, crazy stuff. >> now, i want to point out again that there were very few questions about the george washington bridge thing that the liberal media is seizing upon every single day for the last five months, i think. and look, i'm not diminishing the story. if governor christie ordered lanes to be closed because he wanted to punish a mayor that didn't support him or if he knew about it and lied to us, because he said he didn't know about it, he's through. he's got to leave, he's got to resign, he's out, gone, see ya,
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shananana, hey, hey, hey, good-bye. but we're sitting here and there is no evidence of that today. i'm not going to keep reporting garbage speculation as the liberal media does. so here's my final deal. >> all right. >> i believe there is a collusion going on in the left wing press to destroy christie because they believe, the left wing press believes, that he is the most effective candidate against hillary clinton. that is what i believe right now. i could be wrong. >> you know, the old expression they don't kick sick puppies particularly off of a porch, that's what they're trying to do with christie because they perceive him exactly as you say, a powerful potential force for 2016. and the fact is despite all of the bad press, and i happen to agree with you, that there is if not a conspiracy, a coordinated effort to attack the man in the leading liberal newspapers and
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news organizations in the directly ahead, laura ingraham, a little miffed at "sports illustrated" bathing suit edition. later pinheads of the week. we've got some good ones for you. those after these messages. some time?
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we can review from the ingraham angle segment, if you read miss laura's website this week, you know there is some disenchantment with the current edition of "sports illustrated" magazine. once again the swimsuit edition on display. joining us from washington is miss laura. aren't you used to this by now? that edition has been going on for 50 years. i think mae west was the first one in a bathing suit. she had flappers on or something. so why did you put it on your website? what was the point? >> well, we went back and looked at the original cover in the early -- i think 1964, am i right? 1964 was the first cover back 50 years. it was a woman in a bikini and she was obviously very attractive and it was kind of a nice bikini, she looked great. you kind of kept looking at the covers as we went on. there was one in 1972, a woman that looks like a regular metropolitan woman in a one-piece. she looked really cool. you keep going and keep going up
8:22 pm
until this year where i think we have to just forget the swimsuit part of the equation at all. it's like "sports illustrated" issue. i don't know if there's any -- is there cloth on the bottom? i couldn't really tell. i'm sure you're putting it up on the screen. >> so you say it's a little too salacious. >> yeah, come on. it is what it is. >> here's why it's happening, and i want to get your reaction to this. >> yeah. >> the internet, once again, the internet, makes pornography available, acceptable, available -- >> mainstream. >> -- very easy to achieve. that has driven magazines like "playboy," "penthouse," these magazines, not out of business totally but to harm them, hurt them. so the "sports illustrated" people basically have to keep upping the ante. >> but it's kind of passe. most kids if they're deliver or
8:23 pm
have an internet connection, they can get porn really easily. everywhere. it's the most profitable part of the internet, porn. >> right. >> so they can get that. but the question is, bill, i have a young daughter. she's not even 9 years old. we're in the grocery store, we're shopping. it's just one more thing. it's not the end of the world, but it's one more thing that we have to, okay, maria, look that way and i've got to turn the magazine around. i don't think young wng up to ty have to look like porn stars or dress like porn stars or even have as beautiful bodies as those women do, two of them are celebrity wives, to be appreciated by men. i think a lot of women, especially young women, have body issues, body image issues and they are led to believe that they have to dress a certain way and conduct themselves in a certain way in order to be really, really attractive. i think that is the sad part. >> all right, now we're into a very interesting issue and we don't need to see any more pictures. everybody knows what we're talking about now.
8:24 pm
>> yeah. >> so this is a very interesting issue. young american women, i would say 30 down to 10, 10 to 30, are barraged in every way, on tv, on the internet, magazines, whatever it is, with a certain look. there's a certain look, okay. and as you rightly pointed out, not every girl or woman is going to be able to achieve that look. it's just biology. yet if they don't achieve it, somehow many of them feel inferior, their self-image goes down. but i'm not sure there's anything that society can do about it. do you have any solution? >> right. as parents we have to be the first educators of our children. and so that means i think what you're starting to see, bill, you're starting to see two cultures develop. traditionalists, mostly christians, other people of faith or just traditionalists who want their daughters -- yeah, they can dress cool, they can be hip but maybe they have a little more modesty.
8:25 pm
maybe they think modesty and virtue is really important and they feel like they can attract a wonderful man, have a wonderful life, have a terrific husband and not dress that way or act that way in public. so i think there are people and they're going to live separately. their culture is going to be very different. they're going to not watch certain shows on television. >> you know what i would like to see, they used to in many public schools teach health. and under that egis of health you could put in a lot of these things about body image, self-este self-esteem, biology, dna, all of these things. and bring it in an academic way to younger americans. it's a pipe dream. public schools can barely -- >> how about modesty. modesty has a bad connation. modesty is really important. >> the aclu would be right on your neck on that one, all right? they don't want any judgments about anything. >> this is not part of the war on women, by the way?
8:26 pm
where's gloria stein um when yo need her? >> under health. all right, thanks very much. this evening a number of former members of the obama administration now supporting the keystone pipeline. we'll talk with daryl hannah about that. and late-night guys are and late-night guys are protecting president obama. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male anner ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh, what a relief it is! plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. (voseeker of the you can separate runway diculousness...
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the follow-up segment
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tonight, keet stone pipeline. at least five top former members of the obama administration now supporting the pipeline which would bring oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. it's estimated the construction project would create 42 news jobs. also a summation of the state department assessment environmentally released a few weeks ago said the keystone pipeline would be unlikely to alter global greenhouse gas emissions. that from "the washington post." i talked about the situation with the president on super bowl sunday. >> all right, keystone pipeline, new study comes in, environmental impact, neglible. 42,000 jobs. your going to okay it, i assume. >> first of all, it's not 42,000. it's a couple thousand to build the pipeline. >> 42 all told. >> bottom line is what we're going to do is the process now goes agencies comment on what the state department did. the public is allowed to comment. kerry will give me a recommendation. >> so i assume we'll do that
8:31 pm
after five years. >> we'll take a look at it. >> i'll take that as a yes. >> actress daryl hannah, what do you say to this evidence that, look, 42,000 jobs. i mean that's significant. >> well, that's thought to be greatly exaggerated. there's been independent studies, independent studies -- sdplt state department says it. >> well, here's the other thing. the state department, the reports that you're quoting from "the washington post" were reported before people had a chance to fully read the report. the report was quite extensive. and those articles came out like within hours after they were -- >> the post hasn't walked it back. we confirmed what they said. >> but here you go. what i'm saying is the summation is incorrect. the report says that the keystone pipeline is the equivalent of putting 6 million cars on the road, actually 5.7 every year. >> it's not going to have any effect with greenhouse. why would that happen? >> exactly. that wasn't the summation.
8:32 pm
that was a paraphrase that was taken by the article. >> i don't think -- with all due respect, i don't think any study would change your mind. and i'm not saying that in a derogatory way. but you are an environmentalist. you don't want this pipeline. >> that's absolutely correct. >> so no matter what study, no matter what happened, you're going to oppose it. >> but president obama did make a commitment that if this pipeline had a negative effect on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and carbon in the atmosphere that he would have to reject it. he couldn't look at the face of his children -- but the report does say it's the equivalent of putting 5.7 million cars on the road every year. >> all right. >> so that's not a neglible effect. >> when you had a former interior secretary salazar, when you have the former national security adviser donalin, former secretary adviser jones, former geological survey director marcia mcnutt all saying that we should do this, it's best for
8:33 pm
the country -- >> the country has actually no beneficial -- the country is taking all the risk by endangering our water supplies. you're in california right now. we've got 150-year historic drought going on in this state. we've got people culling their herds, abandoning their farms. >> if you had a water pipeline to the rockies, it would be good. i was in nebraska a couple of weeks ago. they could really use the jobs. all these states could use the jobs. >> you know what, they could use jobs in providing clean energy in regional self-sufficient communities that provide energy that is not dirty energy. this dirty energy is not coming to us. this is the biggest misconception that is being repeated again and again by fox news is that this oil is for america. they want to get it to the gulf of mexico so they can export it. >> ship it out. >> that's right. >> they have trying to be
8:34 pm
getting it to the coast in canada but the first nation's communities, 200 of them on the east coast had to have their treaty rights in their constitution so they can't get those pipelines through. they have got seven or eight proposals on the table to get this oil out somewhere but it's land locked. >> if daryl hannah runs in 2016, i hope you do. >> i'm not going to. >> you have to do what's best for the country. >> that's right. >> the people. >> this is only best for the koch brothers and the people who are going to profit from selling it overseas. this is not oil for our country. >> it's best for employment. >> employment is best in creating really resilient communities that are self-sufficient making american grown energy. >> some of that oil from canada, according to both the canadian minister and the people who control it is going to wind up here in the united states and we would be less dependent on opec. >> the amount of oil that we use from the tar sands we're already processing in oklahoma. >> so nothing --
8:35 pm
>> this is not oil for the united states, this is only a pipeline for them to get it to the market. >> is it an evil thing? >> well, here's a way it's evil. are you a climate denier or believer? >> i don't know whose fault it is. i want a cleaner planet. >> if you had -- if your kid was about to get hit by a bus, would you not try to stand in front of the bus and stop it? >> i'm not convinced the bus is on that pipeline. >> okay, i'm not saying -- well, let me explain. >> i've got to go. last word. >> because this pipeline is a conduit for tar sands expansion, and that is -- that's what the problem with the pipeline is. it's not about the pipeline, it's about extreme energy extraction. they can't sell it anywhere. they can't get it out of the country. >> they can sell it to china. >> except for they can't get it out. >> we always like talking to you. >> thank you. i like talking to you. the former head writer for johnny carson says late-night talk show hosts are helping president obama. that is true? a report moments away.
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8:40 pm
believes late-night comics are protecting president obama. raymond stiller says the only plausible explanation is their fear of being labeled racist. joining us from new york to discuss the matter, gretchen carlson. you see her at 2:00 in the afternoon and bernard. you do this satire stuff with imus, right? >> don imus in the morning, yes, very good. >> so you do this stuff so you're a good guy to talk to about it. siller says that they're protecting obama, but the stats say that far and away the president is the butt of most of the late-night jokes. what do you think? >> well, i think that especially initially there was a lot of trepidation about the president is the first black president so there was definitely a lot of trepidation there. but nowadays it could be that or people are afraid of getting audited or spied on or still have a little bit of that chris
8:41 pm
matthews tinglitis up their leg. do they still go easy on obama? yes, i think so. most of the jokes about the president are policy flaws. you know, the economy, benghazi, obamacare but with bill clinton it was more physical -- >> bush was his intellect, more personal. >> bush was stupid. and president obama you've had the comments of 57 states, the navy corpsmen. you had the savannah and charleston around the gulf coast. the other day it was alex and you don't hear much about that. and plus the president, he's kind of -- he's got big ears. a. chris christie gets it. he's also a little bit hen pecked. he's got a wandering eye for the ladies. the florida attorney general -- >> i don't believe he has any wandering eye. i want the female point of view on this.
8:42 pm
go ahead. >> siller blames it on race that they're scared to make fun of him because he's afraid they'll be deemed racist. i think that's a copout. i actually don't believe that they really narc on president obama's policies that much because i believe that they do try to curtail their comments to make him look better. take, for example, lauren michaels, who's run snl forever and now runs jimmy fallon's new show. he originally said that there was nothing funny about president obama when he came on the national scene until the debates became so obvious between clinton, hillary clinton and obama that they finally started making fun of him. recently he said the reason they don't make fun of democrats as much as republicans is because republicans actually take being the butt of the joke better. really? >> well, look, here's the stats so everybody knows. the only late night guy that tells more jokes about republicans than president obama is letterman. and then leno was way, way
8:43 pm
mocking the president over republicans. the rest of them are. but i think you both make a good point, that they don't get personal about barack obama. when they go after him, it's because the computer doesn't work -- >> that's right. teleprompter. >> or something like this. but let's face it, you can't make personal comments about the first black president of the united states. you just can't. >> which is what the man wrote about. >> and he's right, absolutely right. you cannot do that. all right, now, in kansas there is legislation being introduced by a democrat that would allow spanking in public schools, gretchen. how do you feel about that? >> listen, i grew up being spanked by a yard stick, sorry, mom. i turned out okay, all right? >> debatable, debatable. >> oh, thanks. thanks, bill. but here's the thing. they already have a law on the books that you can spank in kansas, so why would you increase it to ten lashes that produce redness or even bruising? and let me tell you something --
8:44 pm
>> let me boil it down, let me boil it down to you. you want your children spanked by someone else? >> no. >> do you? >> no, i don't. so i don't agree with it. >> do you? do you want your kids spanked by another adult in any context? >> i agree with you, times have changed. but like gretchen, i got the belt and i went to catholic school and the nuns came from the order of the sisters of no mercy. we had one nicknamed sister mary manglea. there was order in the classrooms but nowadays you can't go all chris brown on the students. it's just different. it's a different time. >> i don't think -- look, i don't think it's been ever different in the united states since 1776. i don't think responsible parents want another adult hitting their children. >> i agree. >> or any contact, all right? >> totally agree. >> and that's the bottom line for all these political pinheads. all right? no.
8:45 pm
no. i taught school. i didn't have to lay hands on any kid. i controlled them other ways. >> some kids need to get stun gunned but you can't do it. you just cannot do it. >> it should be a parental decision only. >> totally. >> we're going to hold gretchen over for the pinheads of the week and this would be a good time to tell you about two charity deals. next week will wrap up the auction of my notes. money is going to help the fisher house, a fine charity that again and again has been a life saver for wounded veterans. if you would like to bid on it, do so. if you'd like a replica, a $25 donation for the fisher house will get you that. also on april 3rd, we'll be at c.w. post college, brookville, long island, new york, doing a show on cable news to benefit the schools of st. mary. it's going to be a blast. you'll have a great time. ticket info on bill o' or ticketmaster.
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right back with the pinheads of the week. ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru.
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8:49 pm
back of the book segment, new york city city mayor bill de blasio. here's why. >> mayor bill de blasio's car blew through stop signs, went above the speed limit and committed various other motor vehicle infractions, just two days after he announced a massive safe streets campaign. did he practice what he preached? not today he didn't. >> all right. so in new york city a lot of people being killed by cars, jaywalking, and de blasio's car is zipping around and going through stop signs. >> it's the hypocrisy of it all happening within one week. it was just two days ago that the mayor was talking about reducing the speed limit in new york city because of all the accidents from 30 to 25 miles
8:50 pm
per hour. he was saying if we get these speeds down, it would make a huge difference between losing a life and saving a life. and then two days later, you see the video right here shall he was going from a pothole press conference back you see he was going from a pothole conference, back apparently to the gym and to city hall and his detail blows through the stop sign. >> and there are cops driving him, so the cops can't get the teikyo loretto heights theat ticket, but he is in a hurry. >> would he have his license suspended if he was just a little guy like the rest of us? new york city is saying there are times when the mayor needs special protection, i'm not quite sure of that -- >> going to the gym there? i don't know if we need to spin there. >> all right, mcgerk's pinhead of the week is a fatwa, from the muslims to muslims, take it up from there. i want you to get in trouble,
8:51 pm
not me. >> muslims from the arab emirates, this program that is taking people to the moon, they say it is suicidal, they say it is a waste of life, you're just killing yourself. but where are these brave hearts putting these fatwas on bombers and such. by the way, the mission to the moon, they built the windmills and dykes, also -- the only way -- >> oh. >> the only way that anybody from the arab world is going to go into space unfortunately, there are not going to be any -- you know, one small step for mohammed moments, or baghdad, we have a problem. that is just not happening from that part of the world. >> so they issued a fatwa, but
8:52 pm
we don't expect them to colonize with the dutch. and we respect the joust that we have with this man, but here is what he says. >> it shows that in fact, anti-black racism has risen over the past five years, there poll ing that shows the explicit anti-blacks have gone up with whites to the point where now more than half of white americans have these anti-black attitudes. >> that is simply not true. all right, we looked at the ap study that he cited and it is not even close to being accurate. so we suggest he re-read the study and stop demonizing white america for being racists. because that is insane. there are racists in every
8:53 pm
color, every creed, but to zero in somehow in america, white people are becoming more anti-black when you don't even read the study. i want everybody to go to the ap study and punch it up. pinhead of the week. all right, i have to republun y guys, factor tip of the day. the biggest thing wrong with california. we're out here all this week and i've seen it firsthand. the tip, moments away. ♪
8:54 pm
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let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. ahoy, mateys. house? hello, dear. hello. hello. van with airbrushed fire-breathing dragons. ah! check. thank you. the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. turk . factor tip of the day, the worst thing about california in a moment. first, we have a big boulder pressure show tonight in san diego. sold out, thank you all. but miller and i will be in pittsburgh on march 14th, cincinnati april 25th. buffalo, new york, april 26th. honolulu, may 10th.
8:56 pm
and some new shows, grand rapids, michigan, june 6th. rapid city, south dakota, july 6th. july 26th hopefully the snow will have melted by then out there in the dakotas. join us for all the shows on billo', you like them so i hope you come see this. and bill, in south africa, michelle, michelle, michelle, if president obama is abusing the constitution there are more than enough agencies in this country that will hold him accountable. and if the courts rule or congress sanctions the president, i will revise my opinion. and believe me, there is a lot of that stuff going on right now. no journalist in the usa has been tougher on president obama, president bush, president clinton than me. i hold them all accountable every night. but i am not going to question the patriotism of any president
8:57 pm
unless there is evidence to the contrary that is beyond a reasonable doubt. fair? and o'reilly, the teacher's universe are there to protect the kids? what universe do you live? don, i said the unions should be there to protect the kids. as you know i live in the real world. and john kerry, texas, the supreme court has ruled that obamacare is a tax, every business should adopt the laura restaurants lead and show their employee employees insurance as a tax. we all know that that is a great example of that. and it really annoys me that the restaurant in l.a. is charging me 3% more to pay for their employees' health care, i will not eat there. and bill, i just finished your
8:58 pm
book, "killing jesus." and it brought me to tears. it was truly an amazing piece of literature, and bill, the tip of the day got my daughter in law $450 from her late husband's estate. she found it on i am glad i could help. and finally, the factor tip of the day. we have had a great week out here in los angeles, the weather is fabulous, people are very nice. everybody should visit california. it is a spectacular state. but there is one huge downside. the progressive government out here in place for years is taxing business and working people of california in a punishing way. fees on everything. everything you can think of, there is a fee. extra costs. it really adds up.
8:59 pm
and so thousands of californians are moving out of here to low tax states like nevada and texas. that is the beauty of living in the usa, you have 50 choices plus puerto rico, virgin islands, south pacific, guam. all american territories. the best thing about california, just that everything you would ever want is here. everything is here. the worst thing about california? you're being held hostage by your government in sacramento. you really are. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' also we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the o'reilly@ foxne of the day.
9:00 pm
when writing to the factor or doing anything else, do not be meretricious, and ms. megyn is next, i'm bill o'reilly. we'll be back on monday, and please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly. and tonight? >> a kelly file exclusive for the questions for the man behind this film. >> obama has a dream, that america be down sized. >> key senators now asking if dinesh d'souza was targeted for political payback. he joins us live. and then after heroin turns up at a grade school the teacher's union decides to stonewall the investigation? tonight, some fired up parents join us with their reaction. plus? >> the