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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 22, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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you here next week. the fox news alert. the fox poll beginning with change in power. the embattled president leaving kiev and reportedly trying to enter russia after being forced out by months of protests. hello, everyone. i'm marthel neville. >> amy kellogg is in nearby moscow. we'll get a report.
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in the meantime late breaking jay carney the white house press secretary put out a press secretary monitoring ukraine and say dramatic moves could help bring a deescalation of the elections adding, quote, going forward we will work with our allies, plus russia and european national organizations to deal with a strong pros spus ukraine. note that the white house vary carefully did not call russia an ally. they said allies plus russia. president obama did speak with putin yesterday. their relationship has grown very tense but the president insists this is not a cold war chess game. we'll be keeping a close eye on all these fast breaking developments. live reporters like amy plus sharp analysis all throughout the afternoon. keep it right here. >> indeed. word of major arrest. one of the world's most powerful drug lords, 56-year-old joaquin el cha powe guzman was caught
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overnight in a mexican report town by u.s. and mexican authorities. he was on the most wanted list. authorities say his drug empire stretches throughout north america and reaches as far as way as europe and australia. now the case of an american student missing in italy ending unfortunately in tragedy. john durkin, a bates college athlete reported dead. durkin originally from new hampshire had not been heard from in two days. he was among several students participating a study abroad program. according to friends the 21-year-old football player stayed behind in a bar in rome after his friends left. no word on how he died. just a tragicic story. >> we're going to talk about something you love. they're trying to work across the aisle to find ways to get the u.s. economy moving again. one issue on the agenda, president obama's push to raise
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the minimum wage. elizabe elizabeth prann is reporting from washington. >> hi, arthel. while so many state leaders find themselves on opposite sides of the aisle this year the theme of getting americans back to work is something they all agree on. it's just a matter of how to create jobs and how much workers should earn. the white house is capitalizing on having so many state leaders in one place. president obama riding the momentum from the state of the union continues to push an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. he says real action and real results happen at the state level. >> because even though our economy is growing and our businesses have creating about 8.5 million new jobs over the past four years, average wages have barely budged. >> some experts point to the congressional budget office's findings which shows inflated minimum wage does increase salaries for millions but it could also leave hundreds of
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thousands without a job. >> not terribly surprising, the idea that if you raise minimum wage it makes it more costly to employ somebody. that there's no decrease in hiring, that's just nonsense. the result is minimum wage doesn't solve poverty. only 19% goes to people who are poor, so this is politics trumping good policy. >> president obama will host the governors aet black tie dinner on sunday followed by a meeting will most likely be on the defensive as they semin mum wage being left to the individual states and markets. back to you. >> all right. elizabeth prann reporting from washington. an alert. apple reporting a flaw in software which could affect millions. it could allow hackers to intercept e-mail. and experts say mac computers are even more at risk for potential surt breaches.
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bri bryan llenas has more. what are they saying? >> it's as bad as you can imagine, affecting everybody who has an i phone, ipad, ipod touch or mac computer. yesterday apple quietly revealing a major vulnerable on the current version of its ios software, specifically the part responsible for encrypting your internet traffic, making sure no one can see what you're doing on line. it could make it susceptible for man in the middle attacks. they can read i'm, secure information, log in and read other secure information meant to be encrypted. >> if you're sitting in a coffee shop and a hacker is sitting there can make a website look as if it's facebook, you log on, they're able to see every key stroke you're doing, so they're able to see passwords, they're able to see your contacts, other
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information you're sending without even knowing it. >> now apple releasing a security fix on friday urging users to download the update. if you have an i phone 4, later generations, fifth generation and ipad two and later models but there still is no security fix available for mac computers. >> the fact of the matter is that these exploits now -- it doesn't matter what device you're using. people have access to an open network. they're able to spoof certain things and jump on. it doesn't matter if you're on an hp laptop or apple laptop. it doesn't matter anymore. >> download the update immediately. a security fix is on its way for mac computers. be careful when using them in your hotel room, coffee shops, even in your home. >> i'm going to go get that
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update immediately. >> it's a big deal because as you know, mac user -- i've got an android phone but i have a mac computer sand & say they're not going get to me. >> it's big stuff. >> have you been watching the olympics? >> i have. >> definitely heartbreaking to team usa hockey losing to finland in the bronze medal game just one day after heartbreaking loss to canada in the gold medal match. so team usa shut out by finland, 5-0. the finnish men hockey team has won four medals. here's the current medal count. russia holds the top spot with 11 gold and 10 silver medals. norway coming in second with 11 gold and 5 silver followed by canada and the netherlands. >> you know what you left out? president obama lost two cases of beer to prime minister.
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>> it's just not right. >> not only are we losing gold, but we're losing beer. >> i'm about to turn into a poor sport. anyway, a community mourning the murder of a young girl. how one girl is rallying to remember 10-year-old hailey owens and support her grieving family. anti-government protesters face off against security forces. we'll have that story as well as all the violent protests and crackdowns in ukraine all over both of these big stories coming up next. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't?
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sustaining moderate to minor injuries. a candlelight vigil taking place in missouri for 10-year-old hailey owens. she was taken off the streets tuesday and murdered. police say they found child pornography in the middle of the home of the football coach accused of the murder. a plane was forced to land in the middle of alabama. ten passengers suffering from breathing problems and eye irritation. emergency crews say hydraulic fuel leaked may have caused the problem. okay. let's go straight to ukraine. we've got live pictures there. ukrainian president's chief political rival is now addressing protesters. we're told that what she's saying is to keep up the protest, not to given in now. a lot developing there. the widespread unrest, the
11:43 am
violence we've seen. white house press secretary jay carn carney, arthel, putting out a statement saying he's monitoring the situation. he spoke to president putin yesterday. so many developments and something everyone is keeping an eye on. >> this is huge, too, because you know she's if former leader of ukraine and the biggest leader of the biggest opposition party there. she was jailed for seven years. now she's been granted. now all of her charges against her have been dropped so she is free again to actually run for re-election at some point. >> right. and so her actually getting out there and telling the protesters keep it up suggests that this is not ending anytime soon. we're going to keep a close eye on that. amy kellock is in moscow. she's joining us at the top of the hour, so we'll get to that next. venezuela has been hit by widespread and unrest as well. that's reportedly le lly led to deaths of eight people molly
11:44 am
henneberg is live with more. what's the latest? >> he's pushing the socialist venezuelan government to release jailed figures and step back from, quote, stifled dissent. in rallies today red shirted supporters of the socialist government say they were marching against fascist violence. opposition groups said they were tired of high crime, food shortages and inflation. referring to is violence earlier this week secretary kerry put out o statement saying the government has confronted peaceful protesters with force and in some cases with armed individual lap tees, claiming to support the government. it has imprisoned students and key opposition figures. it has imprisoned students and key opposition figure. it has limbed the freedoms of expression and assembly necessary for legitimate political debate.
11:45 am
this is not how democracies behave. he says he wants to have a dialogue with the u.s. but some critics of the obama administration say the president and secretary kerry should do more to help move venezuela toward greater democracy. >> they're really frustrated. after years of watching their economy crumble. and now what they're trying to do is speak out. what we should be doing is having the argument jumping forward. relishing the argument to say capitalism is didn't than socialism and here are the benefits of capitalism. >> earlier this week they were ordered to leave the country citing violent protests. the state department calls those accusations, quote, baseless and false. ed? >> thank you for staying on top of the story. >> well, ed, the united security council passing resolution calling for increased
11:46 am
humanitarian aid to syria. it demands assad and the opposition provide immediate access to relief groups to deliver aid to millions of syrians in desperate need. russia had opposed it. there is no automatic penalty if either side doesn't comply with the resolution. >> now, a potential bank robber was subdued in shanghai. the man carried a kitchen knife and followed a female customer to bank counter. you see the video here. he acted erratically. he was taken over by commerce. he's currently under investigation. >> i'm thinking about the olympics. you say president obama lost two cases of beer. roy kind of beer, do you know? >> it was supposed to be american beer and we were supposed to did canadian or moulson. >> you might want to be correct
11:47 am
and get samuel adams or budweiser from the northeast. >> president obama and the gop pushing different narratives ahead of the ee leksdss while mr. obama wants to talk about increasing minimum wage the republicans are touting new obamacare horror stories. which weighs in? we weigh in right after this break.
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big midterm elections coming up in november. president obama calling for an increase to the federal minimum wage. president obama already signing a bill to raise the minimum wage
11:51 am
for federal contract workers. let's bring in our political panel, jimmy green and chip salzman. welcome to both of you nice to have you here. interesting article leading up to the midterm elections and talking about what both sides are trying to do. this line struck me. political analysts and some officials from both parties say congress will tread water for much of 2014. my first thought was, why would that look different from what congress is doing lately? the second, there's probably certain of our viewers who like when congress treads water, instead of sitting around passing more laws. what do you think about the idea that both parties seem to be kind of scared to tackle big issues right now. theyen watt to play it safe and just rally their own voters ahead of november. like the president, for example, pulling back on social security
11:52 am
cuts. >> shame on both sides. they certainly aren't working hard for the money. we don't elect these folks to campaign, to go out and press flesh and kiss babies. especially when you look at the inaction in congress. this has real world consequences. not raising the minimum wage. not moving forward on immigration policy. not reinstating long term unemployment benefits. not fixing obama care. that puts the brakes on our economy. people are suffering because of this. going out, campaigning, i know that's just the nature of the land, we shouldn't accept it, and a part of me wants to say, throw the baby out with the bath water. >> what about your u have speak who's been saying, you're not going to get an increase in the debt ceiling unless there's spending cuts or changes to the health care law. he gave in because republicans said, let's punt on this so we
11:53 am
don't make a big mistake ahead of the elections. was that a mistake for the republicans? >> i think a lot of times republicans kick things. i think from a pure political point of view, it was ease yesh to do a clean debt ceiling and talk about obama care, talk about the economy. and i think republicans welcome this debate on the minimum wage, because the minimum wage increase doesn't have its desired effect. there's too many people in washington, that's never signed the front of a check, they've only signed the back of a check, you're talking about a small business person with ten employees. you raise that minimum wage, he may not hire that 11th employee, or he's just going to raise his prices to cover the cost. that's not good for the economy. >> congressional budget office this week put out a report, and said, raising the minimum wage would help about 16 and a half million people get more money in their pockets. on the negative side, it would kill 500,000 jobs.
11:54 am
how could the president support something that's going to kill half a million jobs in the election year. >> there's a aren't 600 economists say the minimum wage needs to be raised to 10.10 dwz. and that is because it is going to raise a million people out of poverty. and the cbo, god bless them, who knows where they came up with this analysis, they're using old economic models that fly in the face of what the majority of the kmiftds say, and the majority of republicans want, not the ones in d.c., but the ones across the country support an increase in minimum wage. you raise the minimum wage, you take people out of poverty and get them off of government programs, it's a win, win. both the democrats and republicans aren't willing to say, we have eight and a half months left, we have a lot of
11:55 am
time to do some work, they aren't willing to do that, then i hope in 2014, that there are some folks who are going to put themselves out there, and we can get some new representation. >> let's bring chip in. we learned friday after the markets closed, medicare advantage is going to have major cuts, affect our viewers around the country. they weren't expecting these major cuts, how bad could that be for democrats, the democratic senators are going to have to defend these big cuts? >> it's devastating really, you're looking at the senate map, you're looking at places like arkansas, louisiana, north carolina that are close races, this is devastating to the democrats in there. you are already seeing the polling. president obama himself is dragging down, you talk about the issue of obama care, it really brings the numbers down, montana, south dakota, west virginia, those states are gone, i think this brings in the
11:56 am
states like iowa and some of the states on the margin, it could make a difference. obama care is going to be a central issue, especially when it comes to the economy. this is dragging down the economy. >> how will democrats say we can't have these cuts? >> yeah, he's going to do what he needs to do to try to get to victory. but when you look at the real medicare crisis, it's the fact that these republican governors are leaving millions of their residents out of health care. >> we thank you both very much. and we're coming up for the next hour, talking about the fact that she seems to be a prominent socialite. >> she may become a prisoner. more in a moment. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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hello, i'm ed henry, welcome back to america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour. is ukraine's government on the brink of collapse, the latest on the growing unrest, as the country's president leaves the capitol and a former opposition member is released from prison. why the fcc was forced to back off on a proposed study that threatened to curb journalists first amendment rights. and a socialite accuses of hiring a hit man to kill her
12:01 pm
husband. we'll take a look at the murder trial as the defense and prosecution lay out their case. we begin with the chaos that keeps growing in the ukraine. parliament holding a special session as the political crisis really reaching its boiling point right now after a very tumultuous week. on february 18th, riot police broke through protesters barricades in the capitol. thousands of protesters refused to leave the square. the next day, the president met with opposition leaders calling for a truce. police opened fire killing more than 60 people. that same day, the european union said it would impose sanctions on ukraine. just yesterday, the president and opposition leaders signed a deal in the formation of a new government. today, protesters seized the office of the president who's
12:02 pm
now seeking refuge. this as the parliament is refusing to give over power. amy kellogg has been all over this story, she joins us from moscow. how are you staying on top of this fast breaking story? >> ed, i think the big concern right now is a power vacuum, you've laid out what's happened, and i think there are a lot of questions about who really holds the reigns of power now, and will some of the eastern regions in fact answer to any dictators or rules, laws passed by this interim government that is formed, and also, i think it's important to point out that the german foreign minister who was a party to the truce or the deal that was signed yesterday has urged caution, he's worried about an escalation, saying that the deal that was struck yesterday provides a reasonable road map to a resolution. the former prime minister whom the president jailed for
12:03 pm
corruption but who europe said was a political prisoner is free tonight from the hospital where she had been serving her jail term of late due to back problems. she went straight to independence square where she is addressing an enormous crowd. she said tonight that ukraine will join the european union quickly and everything will change. ukraine has lagged behind some of its neighbors, that is the heart of this conflict. one study has per capita output ranked 137th in the world. countries like poland have managed to reform and grow. parliament voted today to oust the president, that's how it all started, they accused him of abandoning his duties, the speaker of the parliament is technically in charge. he's not going anywhere, even though there's a report he tried
12:04 pm
to board a plane for russia today. this is according to the speaker of the parliament. he appears to be shoring up his base in ukraine. now in an act of humiliation, protesters broke into his private villa in suburban kiev, they went into his saun, that played with his chair yoke can i machine and marvelled at the lavishness of that villa. ed? >> amy kellogg, mocking the president basically playing in the sauna, using the karaoke machine. later this hour, we're going to be taking a closer look at america's interest there. bob wells joins us live with his take on the crisis in ukraine, it's been ralphing day after day. >> captain wells has a good take on things. we'll be looking forward to that. i want to tell you, that one of the world's most wanted drug lords has been captured in mexico, u.s. and mexican
12:05 pm
authorities, nabbing the head of the cartel at a seaside resort in mexico. guzman faces multiple federal drug trafficking indictments in the u.s. he is said to be a chief supplier of illegal drugs throughout north america, europe and australia. his arrest comes after a 13-year manhu manhunt. some serious cuts could be in store for medicare patients. it could amount to as much as 3.5% for next year. john fund joins us now. really great to see you. i wonder what you think about how big of an issue this will be in the midterm elections in november. republicans jumping all over it. >> democrats, i mean, senator chuck schumer and six democrats who are up for election in 2014 have written a letter to the president saying, please don't make these medicare cuts. it's a surprise to a lot of
12:06 pm
seniors. 30% of seniors belong to medicare advantage. it offers benefits that traditional medicare doesn't like vision and medical. 90% of people say they like the program, but that's the one part of medicare that's going to be cut, and the money is apparently going to be transferred to obama care to help people sign up for the uninsured. and it's a shell game to a lot of people looking at this, because they're happy with their medicare advantage plan, and once again, they're not going to be able to keep it as they envisioned it. >> you raise a good point, republicans have been up in arms about this, there are some democrats up for re-election in november worried about losing control of the senate. they've circulated a letter to the president saying, don't do this are democrats in the senate on the spot not just to push back on these cuts, but maybe support legislation that would come up with changes, broader
12:07 pm
changes? maybe delays on the individual mandate or something like that, to the president's health care law? we're getting beaten up back home over this law? >> i'm astonished you think something with obama care could be delayed? that would never happen? >> it's only happened a couple dozen times or so. >> they were supposed to happen two years ago, they came up with this demonstration project, and poured money in to delay the cuts. the cuts are coming due, they should have taken place in 2012. it wouldn't surprise me at all that you're right that somehow money or something will be found on an executive order to delay these cuts until after the 2014 election, which, of course, democrats are worried the senate has taken in. >> what do you think about the fact that republicans on the hill talk a lot about cutting the nation's debt? there were cuts to veteran's benefits, the budget deal at the end of last year, they were squeamish about it, and both sides had to give in and go back on those spending cuts, we heard
12:08 pm
republicans on the hill saying, we need entitlement reform. why isn't the president doing more on entitlement reform. here are some medicare cuts, and republicans and democratic senators say, no, no, don't do this? >> you're right, there are hypocrites in both parties. they talk the talk on entitlement reform and they don't deliver, the president could have had permanent entitlement reform proposals, over time, like we did with social security in the '80s, extending the age at which you qualify for medicare from 65 to 67. that would be a permanent fix. the president always avoided those permanent reforms, he's gone for quick fixes, like cutting medicare advantage, which is a program he doesn't like, because it's private sector medicine managing it. >> help me understand, social security future benefit cuts had been on the table -- >> they're not now. >> they're not going to be in there now. the white house says that's because the president put those painful cuts on the table.
12:09 pm
that's their side of the story. does this mean, though, that the president is given up in his final three years in office on major entitlement reform? >> no, i think the president believes he can get something on behalf of his agenda, that would be tax increases, he's waiting to get a tax increase deal. of course, just a few months ago, i think he got a deal which included tax increases, now he's back at the table. both sides are positioning themselves for a long drawn out siege. i don't see anything happening, until the stalemate is broken by either republican senate and house, forcing things under the president's desk, painful vetoes or the 2016 presidential election, when we're going to get a new president at one party or the other. >> sounds like both sides stuck in place at least until after the midterms. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, ed. >> appreciate it. a federal appeals court ruling against the university of notre dame in a case claiming that the obama administration
12:10 pm
contraception coverage requirement is forcing the university to violate its religious beliefs. the appeals court turning away the school's request for a temporar require injunction sparing its health laws contraception mandate. the university is informing employees that they are eligible for a separate contraception arrangement while the case continues. the fcc putting the brakes on its proposed media study. the project which drew a lot of criticism now postponed for revisions after complaints from media groups and republican lawmakers as well. the plan would have sent researchers into newsrooms across the u.s. to determine how journalists decide which stories they will cover. the questions will change the original proposal through sharp criticism as 34 argue it was an attempt to regulate news content. the united nations security council passing a resolution calling for increased
12:11 pm
syria. it demands assad's government and the opposition provide assistance to syrians in desperate need. hi, conner. >> well, for the past few days there's been a lot of behind the scenes negotiations by u.s. and european diplomats to make this thing happen. russia and china for the better part of the last three years have done anything they can to prevent resolutions coming before the security council. they've vetoed every resolution, as this three-year long bloody civil war wages on. the security council boosts humanitarian aid to syria. today's resolution demands that all groups from syria allow humanitarian aid everywhere in the war torn country. it doesn't do anything to stop
12:12 pm
the violence there. >> this resolution should not have been miss. humanitarian assistance is not something to be negotiated. it is something to be allowed by virtue of international law. >> in reality this is a weak resolution, the process shows how divided the international community is on syria. the u.n. says right now more than 9 million people are in desperate need of aid and assist answer, more than 140,000 people have been killed in the last three years. international efforts to forge a cease-fire have failed. and peace talks just broke down in the last week or so. both sides are blaming each other for the violence. neither side seems willing to negotiate in all fairness to end the war there. >> that's what it seems like. thank you for that update live in jerusalem. >> you know all those u.s. flags flown at military bases around the country? it turns out they are not 100%
12:13 pm
american made. now they will be. a new regulation requiring that the department of defense only purchased flags which have been solely sourced in the u.s. this means everything from the fabric right down to the ink must come from right here in the united states. new developments in the volkswagen union vote. the union filing an appear with the national labor relations board. workers in chattanooga, tennessee decided against unionization. the appeal cites interference by politicians. a no vote would result in company expansion in the state. california farmers taking another hit as a result of the drought. the historic drought, you know about this story. a federal agency announcing that farmers will not receive irrigation water this year. this announcement not only impacting agricultural business there. but also our wallets. dominick vinitale in our los
12:14 pm
angeles newsroom with more. explain how this works? >> reporter: here's the problem, because we're going into a third year of drought here in california, we've seen supplies spike in prices, it happened last year, it's going to happen again this year, we don't know yet how much it's going to hit consumers pockets. here's the big problem. let's show you just how bad the drought is leer. parts of california are beginning to look like a third world catastrophe. north of the santa clara water district. water levels here are just a third of what they should be, because we've just had so little rain for the past three years, agriculture in california uses 80% of all the water that we actually get here, have you to remember, california accounts for about half of america's fruit and vegetable produce that it creates. the federal allocation has come in, basically you see on the
12:15 pm
map, the green line, everything north and south of the red dot which is sacramento is going to see absolutely zero federal water allocation. and, you know, that's pretty devastation, because that area accounts for two and a half billion dollars toward the california economy, that's where we're getting most of our produce from. what are we going to see? farmers are look at ways we can source water, it's difficult, and they are going to have to look far back in the past to figure out how to get water. >> they had eight county water trucks that ran seven days a week, for 18 straight months to help the dairies survive this lack of water. so we're looking at resurrecting that to some degree. >> it's incredible to believe this is happening in the world's most productive agricultural area. yet it is. we're seeing localized stoppages
12:16 pm
of water, whereby residents can't turn on the fawcett in their homes. how much is that going to be spread across the state? they're saying the allocations for some homes will be as low as 50% you would get in any given year. they're asking for residents to volunteer, to just reduce their consumption by 20%. it appears this year, that's not going to be enough. >> not good for the farmers, and, you know, california prides themselves on producing such great fresh produce for the country. >> thanks. >> absolutely, some of the best produce in the country comes from there. >> you could go to the grocery store and -- thank you, dominick. we'll talk to you soon. that's the great thing about california, any regular supermarket, you don't have to go to a specialty store to get good fruits and vegetables. how did the u.s. men's hockey team do against finland? a medal was on the line. we have the results next. former pope benedict making
12:17 pm
a surprise appearance at a ceremony at the vatican. why was he there? and what was going on at the basilica there. the nation's governors flocking to washington. they have a lot to say about the minimum wage and so will we? this is not just good policy, it also happens to be good politics. the truth of the matter,the overwhelming majority of americans think that raising the minimum wage is a good idea. [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz is an ra medicine
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time for a quick check of the headlines. mateo renzi was just sworn in as italy's newest and youngest prime minister. this is renzi's first parliamentary job, he was formerly the mayor of florence. pope francis inducted his first batch of cardinals since becoming pontiff. no americans from the 19 new cardinals. pope benedict made a surprising sayre moan me. next month, president obama will
12:22 pm
award the medal of honor to 24 vets. only three of the recipients are still alive. the president's been making a special effort to award the medal of honor to people posthumously. it had traditionally been folks who -- it was something he wanted to make sure to do. >> it's nice for them, their memory and their families. >> it's a big weekend for nascar fans. are you a big racing fan? >> yeah, i like it. i'm a bigger baseball fan. i can keep up, i think. >> drivers taking practice. at the daytona speedway for the first race of the season. more from daytona beach. >> there's always excitement when it's the daytona 500. the first nascar race of the year. and fans get incredibly excited. there's always a big story at daytona, it turns out. one of them is the number three
12:23 pm
car back. the first time it's been driven in daytona, when dale earnhardt died on this track, and turned 4. this year austin gill and is back, he's the grandson of richard childress, who was the driver of the number three car. that's big excitement. he's racing the pole position. there's other rookies here today in the nationwide series, a rookie named chase elvy is driving, we talked to him, and asked what it's like to grow up around a bunch of kids trying to get into this event. >> we want to try to do a better job than the next guy and get the job done. >> i'm excited, i feel like we have a great group. i'm happy with our team, and we're doing a good job today for them. >> the first big race of the season, it's the super bowl of
12:24 pm
nascar, and it's their first race of the season, the daytona 500. >> nice, nice, nice. >> nice job. >> what a bad assignment. i know you have an iphone. >> first we're going to talk about the olympics. >> is that first? >> we have some other bad news, unfortunately. the u.s. men's hockey team shut out in the bronze medal match against finland. finland's star player leading their team to a 5-0 victory at the age of 43. he's 43, he's out there. >> u.s. walking away empty-handed after a game of missed opportunities. take a look at the medal count. america currently sitting 4th, 27. russia leads with 29. i wonder if that came up in a phone call between president obama and president putin yesterday. what do you think? >> i think they have a lot of other matters to discuss. >> they talked about the olympics. a lot of people worried about
12:25 pm
security, i wonder if there's a tweet there about the gold medals. >> he probably had to open with some kind of gesture of kindness. >> tense relations lately. >> you have an iphone, right? >> i have an iphone. >> you think it's safe? >> i think it's safe. i have it locked right now, maybe i'm going to keep it over here. >> you want to pay attention, there's a new warning about a flaw -- that's right, in some of apple products that could allow hackers to access all your info, ed. and also, another story we're covering, a businessman quilled in a mysterious car explosion, now his ex-wife is on trial for murder accused of hiring a hit man to kill him. our legal panel breaks down the facts of this case coming up next. >> i had my clothes in my hand, i put them in the trunk, went to open the driver's my door to the car. >> then what happened. when i turned around to put the
12:26 pm
key in the lock of the door, i heard an explosive.
12:27 pm
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
and the nation's governors descending on washington this weekend for their annual winter meeting. they're trying to find ways to get the economy jump started. president obama's push to raise the minimum wage. elizabeth fran has more from washington. >> the annual national governor's association winter meeting has historically geared toward finding common ground. while so many state leaders find themselves on opposite sides of the aisle this year, the theme of getting americans back to work is something they all agree on. it's just a matter of how to create jobs and how much workers should earn. the white house is capitalizing on having so many state leaders
12:31 pm
in one place, the president continues to push an increase in the minimum wage to 10 b$10.10 hour. >> even though our economy is growing, and our businesses have created about 8.5 million jobs over the last four years, average wages have barely budged. inflated minimum wage does increase salaries for millions, but it could leave hundreds of thousands without a job. >> not terribly surprising. the ideas if you raise minimum wage, no one loses their job or there's no increased in hiring, that's just nonsense. but the more important point is, the minimum wage doesn't solve poverty. you look at the cbo study of all the money that's transferred, only 19% goes to the poor. this is politics trumping good policy. >> republican governors will most likely be on the defensive
12:32 pm
seeing as they feel raising the minimum wage is better left to individual states and the free market. ed, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth, reporting from washington. >> you're tweeting about it, right? >> we're going to go now to an aspen socialite. she's on trial for her ex-husband's murder. she's accused of hiring her ex-boyfriend to plan a pipe bomb in her ex-husband's car. phillips has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. her ex-husband was killed in that explosion back in 1996. now, according to prosecutors, phillip wanted to collect on a $2 million life insurance policy. police say phillips paid her ex-boyfriend up to $400,000 to carry out the hit. he is currently serving two life sentences for gary's murder.
12:33 pm
here a trial witness describes the scene. >> there was no smoke, no fire. and when i got this car, it was gone. i didn't see gary at first. when i finally did find gary, he was in the driver's side slumped ov over. >> heather hanson is a defense attorney, and here to talk about this case, good to see you, heather. there's so much aen watt to cover. i want to talk about this. a 17-year-old murder case here, i wanted to ask, who has the bigger burden of proof, defense or prosecution? we were talking earlier how you recently discovered the victim's children, the deceased man and philli phillips, they had two children together. the children sued the mother for wrongful death in 2009 and they were awarded $10 million.
12:34 pm
>> that's right. i think it may have been children from a first marriage he had. >> okay. >> but they sued her for wrongful death because they believe she killed their father. in the meantime, the police had not yet filed charges against her, they were then awarded $10 million, she had escaped to austria. she probably didn't put on a defense to that case, it's another problem in her heap of legal problems she's facing. >> speaking of that heap of legal problems, who has the bigger burden of proof here? >> the prosecution has the burden of proof. the time lag is a problem, yesterday an atf officer testified, he said it took seven years for them to create a report in this case because of the columbine shooting, they were so focused on that, that they had not focused on this. dna is not what it is now. pipe bomb now, they were able to get it back to her alleged co-conspirator, at that time they weren't able to do that. >> speaking of the alleged co-conspirator, her ex-boyfriend has already been convicted.
12:35 pm
the jurors in phillips case, the judge is saying, you can't pay attention to the fact that this guy is already on, has been convicted of this murder, you know it's in their minds. >> you can't unring the bell. >> does this give the prosecution a bit of an advantage? >> it does. what's going to be interesting, it's going to be an 8 week trial. the victim was associated with some questionable characters and owed some people some money, that's going to be the full defense in this case, all they need is one person to have a reasonable doubt it may have been a mob hit to get around a conviction. they're grasping at straws there. >> they're say ago this guy who used to own slot machines, he had dealings with questionable characters, including people who might be members of organized crime. there's people out there who may want to kill this guy, they mentioned the fact that the deceased had filed a $10 million lawsuit against one of his
12:36 pm
investors. >> and it's a good argument to make, you know, if you can have reasonable doubt as to who may have planted this pipe bomb. she was in aspen, it's a conspiracy that she's being tried for. and so there's no doubt that she was not there. if they can doubt that maybe somebody else planted this pipe bomb, then she gets off scott free. however, the prosecution in the other case was able to meet that burden of proof with regard to her ex-boyfriend who's now in jail. >> you're saying they have to put her at the scene of the crime? >> no, they don't. they're not going to try to. the ex-boyfriend was at the scene of the crime. she's being tried for a murder. >> right. i thought i heard you say she had to be on the scene. >> no, if i said that, i misspoke. >> there's no death penalty in arizona, as you know. >> there is, but she's not being tried -- >> there is a death penalty in arizona. >> between the two of us we get
12:37 pm
it all straightened out. jodi arias was tried in arizona for the death penalty. they did not pursue the death penalty here, his family members said they didn't want them to pursue the death penalty. >> that's a harder -- it's harder to get her in jail? >> it's harder to get the death penalty, and also i think the death penalty, there has to be an aggravating factor. there has to be some sort of extreme violence or a younger victim. she's enough removed they're not going to go after this. >> before we go, what's the likelihood of this lady getting some jail time? >> i think it's strong. the defense is putting on 100 witnesses, but the prosecution has a great case. >> we'll be watching and have you back to talk about it some more. >> thanks so much. doing your taxes can be stressful already. you don't want to make it worse by giving your money to someone else. we'll tell you how to keep your money safe. we have an update on the
12:38 pm
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surveillance video of a horrific hit and run, it happened at a gas station in las vegas. you see this car narrowly hitting him. the car stopped for a moment, but then he speeds off for a time. the man was taken to the
12:42 pm
hospital and treated for a serious leg injury. police are looking for the driver of that car. it's a 2010 or 2011 honda accord with a california license plate beginning with 6c. that's all they have. any information is urged for you to call the las vegas police department. the number is 702-828-5634. >> man, that video was something. tax season is here, i don't even want to think about it, but it is. and that means scammers are coming up with new ways to steal money from the unsuspecting taxpayer. the irs released their dirty dozen scams. here to help you avoid losing your tax return to thieves, scott game, founder of help save
12:43 pm
my help save my dollars, what's going on. what are the biggest scams you're seeing. >> every year the irs releases a list of scams which tend to be more prevalent during tax season. this year the focus is on scams from phones and identity thefts. >> someone gets a call and on the other side, what do they say on the phone? >> you'll get a call saying, you owe money to the irs, ulene get a call from an irs number. and they'll claim your money and say, if you don't pay us, we have a warrant out for your arrest. these guys are complete thieves. these victims don't owe any money, we've seen cases where people will pay them. you'll get a follow-up call from the police department again fake. and keep in mind, if you do legitimately owe money to the irs, the irs is not going to call you out of the blue, it's going to be a series of letters in the mail. >> beyond scamming people, which is against the law, impersonating a police officer also a problem. who are these guys and are they
12:44 pm
getting caught? >> the best way to increase the chances of them getting caught is to report this stuff to the irs, go to you can call in and tell them you've been the victim of one of these calls. the bottom line here is that it doesn't sound right, don't buy into it. >> always get advice. how do you protect your identity as well? identity theft is a big problem. >> we get the idea on the phone scam, what are two or three things our viewers can do to protect their identity. >> identity theft has been a huge issue, especially with a recent breach of a target which has impacted a third of the american population, you want to make sure you're monitoring your credit and debit card statements. also, check your credit report, you're entitled to one free one a year. and also, if you see any activity on your cards that doesn't look right, you want to make sure you report that, especially to the credit bureaus, and they can put a fraud alert on your account for
12:45 pm
up to 90 days, that will increase the chances of any fishy activity being caught about. >> folks went into target and had no idea that they were going to get wrapped up in this thing. what about when you're going into retail. how do you deal with it. it's a difficult situation. the consumer, there's only so much you can do. we've been seeing reports that target is investing about $100 million in new chips on these cards and their devices at the registers to try to crack down on some of this. it's a tough situation, vigilance is the best solution. >> appreciate you coming in. scott gamm, founder of don't miss a special hannity. sean is going to sit down with the producers of son of god. they delve into crucial issues, why satan is not making a
12:46 pm
comeback in their successful "the bible" series. >> you have images in the miniseries where you have the devil walking across. people say they chose someone who looks like obama. there, that didn't show up in the movie on purpose? not on purpose? >> absolutely on purpose. >> you took it out on purpose? >> i did. i absolutely wanted the devil on the cutting room floor. >> why? >> i felt that the conversation that ignited after that moment in the miniseries served to be such a distraction. >> by the way, can you watch the entire interview on a special edition of hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern. that's right here on fox news channel. the ukrainian parliament calling a special session of anti-government protesters taking a look at the capital. what could it mean for america? that's coming up, don't go away. g for families
12:47 pm
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the political crisis in ukraine coming to a head today. parliament voting to oust the nation's president. however the leader is refusing to step down as he remains in hiding with his supporters in the russian-leaning eastern part
12:51 pm
of the country. meanwhile, the opposition taking control of the capital seizing the president's office today as former -- the former prime minister speaks out to the crowd vowing to run for president. again, after she wins release from prison. joining us on this is captain wells. former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. so much to talk about. let's go here for starters. let's talk about what happens next to ukraine. how much involvement will those opposition protesters have in government affairs moving forward? will ukraine go more in line with european union or russia in terms of politics and the right
12:52 pm
for the people? >> thank you again. first off, it really is important speaking, as just laid it out, with regard to the details about what's happening on the ground in ukraine with the opposition with the president in the russian sector of ukraine. for stepped-up effort with u.s. diplomacy. we are in touch with our embassy there in kiev. we are also watching closely the -- this has been a very fluid situation. it has been very tragic to watch this almost civil war-level like circumstance occur inside of ukraine. critical important to the united states. lots of interest involved here. obviously with the russian federation. and the united states and european union. germany, france, et cetera. looking at the next steps, though, it all -- is right there in kiev with this one particular power center with parliament. also, with the former -- for the president, right now in consultation with some adviser, former parliamentarians as well
12:53 pm
as some russian. >> explain to us why this -- why ukraine is so important. we are talking about economically and as far as military positioning there with the black sea, explain why it is important. as you said already to the u.s. and to your mean interests as well as to russian interests. >> i will start with the russian interest. as you probably recall, it was part of the soviet union. and, in fact, it used to be the center of the former ukraine socialist republic. most of the energy, natural gas pipelines go through ukraine and support the former soviet bloc and free nations of western europe. the black sea fleet, the russian federation fleet, special protocol after the -- the berlin wall came down to operate the russian federation fleet. for the european union, energy interests are certainly a primary concern. also, the european union and all of the different bordering
12:54 pm
countries, hungary, poland in particular, have growing economic interest. finally the american interests, making sure we have a stake in the freedom and aspirations of the ukrainian people. be wary of the russian federation sensitivities and concerns with regard to ukraine. but also the european union and their particular history in the recent past. >> sure. as you know, putin was shelling out a lot of -- billions of dollars to ukraine while yanukovych was still there. >> it is very important to putin and for the federation for a long history. his next move is to looking at holding on with regard to the economic as well as the security relationships that he has with the ukraine. he's not -- working with the europeans and is also -- talking with president obama with regard to the future of the -- >> how honest are those talks
12:55 pm
really? >> that's always a great question. there's always -- quite a bit of inreand certainly the russians have been involved maybe too much with regard to the internal politics of free ukraine -- ukraine has been a sovereign country. 46 million people. the russian federation has interested. the ukrainian people in their particular elected government should have the policy prerogative, not the russian federation. >> i know -- moving poured, we are going to be watching to see how much the people, how much say they will have in the government moving forward. listen, i'm out of time and appreciate your expertise and always good to see you, sir. have a good saturday afternoon. >> thank you. >> of course. >> it was fun. >> hard to keep up with you. i have to practice. >> keep it here. >> we are to the at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "a healthy you" up next.
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