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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  February 23, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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you may remember the california dude who buys lobster with food stamps. how do you feel about that? >> i feel it's kind of a big joke. >> we track him down for an update. the next "factor" may make you angry. welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. did you know there are thousands of diets registered with the u.s. government? that kind of surprised me when i first found that out. how do you know which one is right for you? for me a good diet is not solely based on if it help you lose weight. my criteria is does it make you healthy? of course, keeping weight off is an added bonus. remember, a healthy body will be at its optimum healthy weight. today we explore the earth diet that claims to keep you healthy all while eating only what nature provides. plus, the wet brush. which is supposed to detain gl hair with ease.
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is this like the emperor's new clothes? it seems all the women with long hair in this building love this brush. i just don't get it. is it just that they are susceptible to suggestion? or is it something different about my hair that this detangling brush just doesn't work for me? the creator of wet brush is here to convince me that it really does work. but first, this is eating disorders awareness week. diseases such as anorexia and bulimia are a very big problem today. today i'm pleased to have kirsten hagland with me, miss america 2008. she has a book which tackles the subject of eating disorders and our youth. thank you so much for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> first of all, i would like know what exactly comes under the title of eating disorder. >> right. there is anorexia, bulimia, but also binge eating disorder, and other disorders not specified, which is a long way of saying eating disorders that can be a combination of many of those things. there is binge eating disorder
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which came to the dsm-v this year. it is a new eating disorder but it is often characterized by cycles of bingeing and not purging. this can often lead to individuals who are overweight or obese. >> so we have anorexia, which is not eating at all basically. >> severe calorie restriction. yes. >> and bulimia which is? >> cycles of bingeing and purging. >> and then purging and now you have the third one which is? >> binge eating disorder. >> which is eating and not purging but you just eat every now and then. >> right. well, binge -- cycles of binge eating which is an abnormal -- consuming an abnormal amount of food in a very short period of time. then coupled with guilt, shame, and feeling very low self-esteem and depression. >> i think that's it, that many people think that this is a physical thing. what i'm understanding from you, it is a -- very deeply rooted and mental problem. >> right. an eating disorder so often is the manifestation of deeper emotional and psychological issues. actually anorexia is the most deadly psychiatric illness that exists. these are mental issues that
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have serious physical consequences. you are exactly right. it is deeper emotional issues and you need to treat those things in order to recover from an eating disorder. it is not just about the food and about the weight. it's very similar to things about alcohol. people with trouble with alcohol or drugs. yes, it is about the alcohol or yes, i it is about the drugs. more it is about what that person reaching for and how are they looking to be fulfilled, and they're going to alcohol, drugs or an eating disorder in order to fill that void. >> do you think that the fashion industry has anything to do with this? you know i had to ask that question, right? >> of course. so many do. so many people in the eating disorder field and field i work in say genetics load the gun and environment pulls the trigger. there are genetic predispositions to eating disorders. if you have an eating disorder in your family, if your mom, sister or brother has one or struggles with depression or anxiety disorder you will see a higher likelihood of developing an eating disorder. so there is a biological component and also the environment in which we're placed. we are constantly getting thousands of messages,
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especially women, let's be honest, we are not beautiful enough, not thin enough. thin is the goal rather than heal health, which is emphasized, thank you. that they get these messages. what do they do with them? if they have this genetic or biological free predisposition and seeing all these images of an ideal woman which is really a model is 1% of the population of women in the world. actually has that body type naturally. when you get all those environmental factors, yes, the fashion industry does have something to do with it. it is not the main culprit. >> but this is the environment you were in as well. >> yes. >> did you have any problems with eating disorders? >> i struggled with an eating disorder. i started when i was 12 years old. i started restricting my calorie intake severely. i wanted to lose five pounds but it started harmless but it slowly took control of my life. that's mostly because i was a ballet dancer. i had it in my family. i had family members that struggled with ocd and depression and i was in a ballet environment. i was dancing seven days a week, every single day. i had that very thin body ideal i was looking up to. it took control of my life.
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about three years later i found myself at a depleted state mentally, physically and emotionally, so my parents took me to the doctor. i did recover but when i decided to compete in the miss america organization, i was recovered at that point. i actually felt that it was my job being a title holder in that system to be able to have a captive audience of young girls looking to me, looking up to me saying i want to be like you and to be able to tell them, i'm not perfect. i'm so not perfect. i'm flawed. i'm just a normal girl, just like you. you know, i was -- struggled with something huge in my life. i can tell you now i got to where i am by being healthy and being strong and fit and taking responsibility for my body and my health. >> i want to talk about your foundation. you started the kirsten hoaglund foundation because you were being approached by a lot of women. what you found out was that none of this is covered by health care whereas there are so many other disorders are. >> exactly. eating disorders are -- it is a very, very complex thing to deal with. >> that's the mental, physical, and then, of course, it is not covered by health care.
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a lot of these women struggle in silence. yes. we want to empower young women and their families to be able to get the access to care they need. as you mentioned, it's not covered by health insurance or an insurer will cover five days of treatment which is nothing. so what we try to do is try to step in and fill a gap. we raise money for treatment scholarships and we scholarshiped 25 girls to date since 2009. >> congratulations. >> various levels of care, residential care, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs. we just try to meet the family where they're at and it's a huge part of the advocacy work that i do and i'm honored to do it. people can go on to recover and live a healthy productive life. it is not something they have to struggle with the rest of their lives. we want to spread the message of hope. that there is recovery and fullness of life. >> very quickly, how can we help you? >> you can go to my website., it's my name, dot-org to find out more about the work that i do. i work as a consultant for a
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treatment center and i travel around and speak at colleges. if you find bout the work i'm doing come see me speak and get involved. kirstenhaglund.o we will get you any information you need. >> thank you very much for bringing light on this very terrible disorder. >> thank you. >> we appreciate your being here. we explore one of the nicest diet lifestyles to hit the health world. will it not only keep you slim? will it help you stay healthy, too? we will find out right after the break.
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welcome back. what better way to get in touch with nature and live a healthy lifestyle than to eat nature's food? sounds simple, right? could it be that easy? well i have to admit i had never heard about my next guest's diet until recently. i was curious to know, is it a healthy diet that also helps you lose weight? joining me with the answers is the founder of the earth diet. liana warner gray. thank you so much for being
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here. tell me about the earth diet. >> the earth diet is a lifestyle that has us focus on what earth provides naturally. >> you call it the earth's diet because why? >> because it's basically appreciating all the ingredients that earth provides us with. >> prbt' aren't you miss australia earth? >> i was. yes. miss earth australia. yes. >> i knew hit something to do with that. it's very apropos. it is like a raw-food diet, right? >> primarily yes. i promote people to eat a majority of plant-based diet. >> why do you choose plants and not meat? >> because from what i have seen with working with a lot of people, people thrive off of plants. people lose excess weight when they eat majority plants and just feel better. >> do you get people saying how can i grow big and strong on plants? do you ever say did you ever see a gorilla or a cow? they're herbivores that are big and strong, so it's very -- it's a very good diet. >> yes.
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>> there is lots of proof out there to show the results like the before and the after. >> you have a book out? >> yes i do. >> what's it called? >> "the earth diet." >> i could have guessed that one. couldn't i? what i liked about your diet -- what you pitched me when we talked about coming on the show was to talk about what people are eating and what they could substitute in from the earth diet that would be much more healthy for them. i think that people don't really understand how many great products there are out there. >> yes. people don't really understand and i was addicted to junk food for five years before getting a lot of health issues and being forced to change my diet. i have also learned a lot of other people are addicted to junk foods and chemicals. i found a way to, you know, show people how they can still incorporate and eat their favorite flavors and foods and tastes and varieties but using earth-natural ingredients. >> i'm gleaning from that statement you made you believe all your health issues came because you were eating junk food. >> i do believe that, yes. >> you think that -- for a lot
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of people it is the same way. >> yes. there are so many chemicals in junk foods and it is hard for our body to process and digest all those chemicals. >> i also think people don't think about that. i had one or two, one or two pieces of cake or cookies or chips a week or a day can really make a huge difference in your health. >> yes. >> that's what this show is about. let's show people how they can be just that little bit healthier. >> excellent. >> why don't we start over at this end we are talking about the nacho cheese chips. >> yes. the egg processed kind is extremely toxic for the human body. if people eat a packet these, imagine these in here, immediate bloat. a good alternative is the raw kale chips. and this also low-cal chips on the market, too. like beet chips, and carrot chips, zucchini chips. >> i'm a big zucchini chip eater. i just ordered 21 bags of zucchini with sesame dijon.
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oh my gosh, i am so addicted to them. there are so many mortgage opportunities out there on the market today to find great raw snacks that are good for you. >> yes. >> there's no excuse these days not to be eating healthy. >> there is really not. >> we can use substitutions and get rid of the nacho cheese chips. are these the -- naked ones. they also have the cheese kale. >> yes. >> which are really cool, too. >> people can make their own just putting kale into their dehydrator or oven and use salt and make their own. >> they've also got onion chips, onion rings. okay. let's go on to sodas. you are talking about sodas. by the way, both have caramelized coloring in it which we learned is created by huge amounts of chemicals. caramelized color is one of the terrible ingreed zblepts just terrible ingredients, just one. >> that's just one. >> you are talking about kombucha instead. >> it is nature's soda.
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it is becoming well known to be the replacement for people who love soda. >> i'm going to one-up you. i love my probiotic drink. i put it out here. this is actually mine. this is my favorite probiotic drink. you can get it with probiotics with sparkly and fizzy. candy versus fruit strips. >> people can make it at home by juicing fruit or pure pureeing their fruit, putting it into the oven or dehydrator. you get these beautiful fruit straps here. to make them more like candy, if you want like the squishy, chewy candy, you can fold them or even roll them into balls. now you have a big square gummi bear. >> when you put this in the oven it should not be over 115 degrees. that's the envelope. pushing the envelope towards the edge of raw. over 115 degrees it kills the enzymes but it denatures the vitamins and minerals, makes it harder to absorb. >> yes so keep it under. dehydrate for four to five hours. >> perfect. cookies. what do you have in place of cookies? >> okay.
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instead of processed cookies we can make cookies with three simple ingredients that are gluten-free and high in protein and nutrition. almond flour, almond meal, honey or for vegans they can use maple syrup or pure vanilla extract or you can get the vanilla pod and scrape out the beans. you just mix those three together and you have a raw cookie dough. then you can roll it into ball. >> some people like eating the cookie dough. >> they do. yes. it is ready to eat in five minutes. >> by the way, you can get your raw almonds, germinate them for eight hours in water and put them in the dehydrator and power them yourself and you have a completely raw cookie dough. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming on. i'm going to check out more about the earth diet and i appreciate you explaining it all to us. >> thank you, carol. >> coming up -- creator of the wet brush is here to try to convince me that his brush will really help me untangle my hair without any pain or tearing no matter if it is wet or dry. we will see. [ female announcer ] you know the little song he'll hum
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welcome back to "a healthy you." have you seen the commercials for the wet brush. right? >> is your hair full of tangles or knots when you get out of the shower or pool? is your old, tired paddle brush or wide-toothed comb making your brushing experience long and painful? >> it hurts. >> well then, stop suffering and start detangling with the wet brush. >> i have to say that i've heard from several women around here that they love, love, love this brush, that they can't live without it. well, i'm a little bit more skeptical about it. i have been using it for about a month and i still have to somewhat pull and yank to get it through my hair. am i doing something wrong? with me now is jeff rosenwig from the wet brush company to try to convince me that his product really is the best brush
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around. hi, jeff. >> hi, carol. >> i'm going to give you your chance to prove to me. i have very thin hair and it's very long, and i usually use a pick to get through my hair. i start at bottom and work my way to the top. i was trying your brush and there was no way i could start at the top and go all the way down without tangles and catching my hair. i'm giving you a chance today to show me what i'm doing wrong. okay? >> well, i don't know that it is exactly that you are doing something wrong. i think what really is the major benefit of our wet brush is it is extremely gentle. when you use a pick the teeth on the pick are rigid and pull and tug at your hair. with the wet brush, because the bristles are so soft and gentle, they detangle and they go through the hair like butter. you can start at the bottom with a wet brush. it is very healthy to start that way. except when you are using the brush, you won't be pulling and tugging at the hair. you can work your way up. and it will effectively detangle
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your hair in the healthiest way possible. >> that was the most honest answer i had. i watched your commercial and you are saying look at the hair. it is all tangled and pull the brush through. i was under the impression from the infomercial that you can start the top and pull it on through. i'm glad that you have clarified that. it was really a very honest answer, that it's not about the fact that your hair is tangled and you can start from the top and pull through without tangles. it's the fact that your brush bristles are different than other bristles. how are they different? >> most brushes have rigid bristles and made out of nylon pins or boar bristles which can be very good but are not flexible enough. with the wet brush our bristles are made out of a material we call inteliflex. that stands for intelligent flexibility. they know when to be firm and they know when to be flexible. when they encounter a tangle or knot they bend out of the way. the next time they get it. they loosen it up and then they completely detangle it. no pain, no tugging. no pulling, no ripping.
1:23 pm
>> that's a big thing, no ripping of hair especially if your hair is long. that's important. we are going to show how this brush works through you. would you mind showing us how this goes, cindy? we saw in the beginning it was very tough to get the brush, it was a tangle and now it just brushes right on through. can you show tuesday brush can you show us the brush itself? are there any hairs in the brush that have been caught up in the brush? no hairs in the brush. basically you also told me you can do it on dry hair. you did something amazing which is why i did this on set. show me what you did. you dry-combed your hair. back-combed it. you are making it purposely tangly. that's really tangly. turn to the side so you can see it from the front. excellent. may i -- my hair purposefully
1:24 pm
tangled in the back. i don't know if you can see it. i have it all back combed. now i want to try. all right. it is a little tough but not as tough as my pick. my pick is very, very rigid. it went through without -- can you see what i'm doing here? i even -- sometimes take it from the bottom and move it on up. what you should do with long hair, especially after you wash it. and no hair, one. >> a little. >> one. >> there will always be natural shedding in all hair brushing. >> the whole point of this -- okay, a couple. the point of this, if you can come in close on this brush, you call it inteliflex. did you make up that word? >> yes, i did. >> it sounds like it. i don't know any other brush that does this. they bend. hang on. let me see if can i get it. there we go. they bend and they go through the -- knots. loosening it up first and then the second time through, it brushes on through. i understand what you are
1:25 pm
saying. this is probably the softest brush i have seen. all right. so we have seen how this works. you heard jeff's explanation. you heard how they created this brush. and i was much better with it this time than i was at home when i was using it on my wet hair. the point is, how does it work for you? jeff, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. coming up "ask carol." starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ]
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robert scott bell to answer this question. robert, do you mind? >> no. i'm honored to be carol for a moment. >> so the "ask carol," what do you do for muscle cramping? >> this is mostly a magnesium deficiency. there are other forms that are much more adequate. it can be a simple issue of chronic, subtle dehydration. utilizing technologies to micro cluster and structure water will do a great job in replenishing the cells that are lacking. the electrical activity needs water to be able to conduct what's normal. >> what about a lack of salt. >> yes. virtually, again mineral deficiencies, magnesium is the key among them. >> the right salt. i'm not talking about table salt. >> like the ancient mineral krisial salts. you can make a brine out of it. >> thank you for answering that. if you have a question you would like answered tweet me or send me a message on facebook. you can find all the info below. that's all for today. thank you so much for joining me. until next time, i hope you are
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learning to be more of a healthy you. all righter, here we go, time for "sunday house call." you are about to get healthier. >> that's jamie coleby, i'm eric shawn and welcome to "sunday house call" dr. marc siegel author of "the inner pulse: unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> and dr. david samati, chief of robotics surgery, great to have you here. >> hello. >> good to be here. >> good to see you guys. >> we start with something that affects so many americans, eating disorders such as anorexia and other conditions. this happens to be national eating disorders week a


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