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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 23, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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common sense. thanks for joining us on this special edition of "huckabee." from new york, this is m i don't know, awfully fishy, thank you for joining us. this is "the kelly file." ♪ ♪ >> do you need help? >> nothing to help with. >> what are you doing? >> going fishing. >> i'm telling you, there is no fish out there. how did this happen? >> come with me. >> what are we going to do? >> change the world. >> your sins are forgiven, my son. >> i thought only god could do that? >> which is easier are to say his sins are forgiven, or for
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him to walk? >> through the miracles. >> they all do. >> blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god. >> pray to him and he will listen. >> 5,000 came to see him. 5,00 5,000. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." now, that was the trailer for the blockbuster movie called "the son of god." it chronicles the life of jesus. the movie's producers, roma downey and mark burnett created the movie. welcome. >> thank you. >> does he do survivor at home? >> oh, yeah, he has the kids doing all kinds of things in the pool. and we practice and have so much
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fun. >> i can't help it. it is my personality. >> so those crazy ideas on your "survivor" show, come from your mind? >> we're the test audience. i'm somebody who knows scuba diving, and i don't even like to swim. >> well, congratulations, that is a big step forward. >> let me ask both of you this. so you put together this mini series for the history channel. blockbuster, huge, massive historic ratings for the channel. nothing ever higher. why? why do you think it was such a big success? >> clearly, the nation, hungry for god, who loves god. one nation under god. you know and a lot of media plays it as if americans don't love god. that is so not true. we have been to 30 cities in 40 days. churches are full. some churches are asking regular churchgoers to come on saturday nights to make room for all the new people they want to get in on sundays. >> well, there are some churches
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growing, and then you have other churches that they have seen declines. this obviously resonated. "the passion of the christ" was one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time, why do you think, roma? >> well, you know, just has not been on the big screen since then. i think we are visual learners. there is so much of what i remember as a child i saw it in the movies. and the opportunity to see these important stories that are just part of who we are, see them brought to life on the screen. i think it makes that emotional connection. and we retain that. i think it is useful for us. it is good information and it is inspiring. >> you know, you go back to old hollywood and look at classics like "the ten commandments," or ben hur, they were huge massive blockbusters. seems hollywood wants to go to the lowest common denominator,
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there is a message here, isn't there? >> there is a message here and clearly there is a big thirst for the bible. big thirst for jesus. and the message is let's make more about god and about the bible. who wouldn't want to be with god every day? who wouldn't want to know jesus? we believe that thoroughly. and i think the ratings show that. i mean, 100 million people -- you know the canada, the bible series beat hockey? >> in canada? it is almost a separate religion. good point. what made you want to do this project? obviously, you're well known for "touched by an angel." you're well known for a lot of series on television. and you put everything behind this, why? >> it came in as a whisper in
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our hearts, you know? which is -- felt the importance to do it. and we sat down together over a cup of tea. and mark said you want to do what? the whole bible? and i said yes, i think that is what we should do. and we shook hands on it and we decided we would do it together and we never looked back. and you know, i think when we originally started off on this journey many people thought we were nuts, that we had lost our minds. >> you mean on the mini series or the movie or both? >> well, now on the movie part, i am sure people are thinking these two won't be quiet. we can't put them down, we had had the bible series in 2013, we had "the son of god" in 2014, you know these are our shared stories. >> we're hollywood's noisiest christians, and we're going to keep being nosey. >> do you say that like it is viewed negatively?
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>> we don't think so. i think what the bible series did in this upcoming movie "son of god" it almost gave people permission to come up and talk openly about their love of god. and that is 400 employees. we don't know everybody and certainly don't know what they're thinking personally. but as a result, the bible series, at least 50 came up to me privately and said mr. burnett, thank you so much for making the movie. it meant so much for my family. it is really giving -- we thought oh, we're going to get searched. the tsa guy, we said what is wrong? he said nothing, i'm just thanking you for the bible. >> and the tsa adventures, did that allow you the freedom to just pursue the passion? this other stuff, is it less than a business than the
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passion? >> our other shows and projects allowed us the opportunity to you know, we had the resources, we had the platform. we had the leverage, you know, to be able to do this. we came to it with no fear. we felt full of love. i think everything begins with intention. and our intention in this always was to bring the stories forward as the love story that they are. to bring this loving, healing hopeful message. because i believe it is that that people are thirsty for. either there is no god or there is only god. >> what about america, you see cultural decline, you hear about it all the time. do you believe america culturally has deteriorated from say from where our founders and framers started? >> well, we are naturalized americans, we have been here like 25 years now. our kids are americans. the nation, built on the bible and built on free enterprise.
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>> liberals hate when you say this is a judeo-christian country. they don't like to hear that. what about people of other religions? look, i experience this every day. i believe that america was founded on judeo-christian principles. >> well, for sure, it was. and also traveling for so many months, so many good people who are so vibrant. i felt god is very much alive. jesus is very much alive in this nation. it is almost like we did on the election tour or something, city by city by city, we're going to elect jesus. >> well, i think certainly if you turn the news on you would think there is nothing but bad news everywhere. >> there is a lot of it, drugs, poverty, food stamps, people are struggling. >> i understand, but i still think there needs to be more noise for the good guys. and there are good people doing good things all over this country. >> all right, when we come back you felt some sort of moniqira s
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vituperati >> the people today, they called you king. they think you are a messiah. >> but you seem to ignore them. aren't you going to be our king? >> who do you think i am?
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>> you are the son of god. >> you can't have known this by what you know of me, peter. it has been revealed to you by god. you are peter, and on this rock i will build my church. >> well, a clip from the brand-new blockbuster "son of god." and joining us now we continue with the filmmakers, roma downey and mark burnett. there were times when i interviewed you, roma, you told me you felt you had signs or a feeling or belief that god was there while you were filming this and that you wanted this project to happen. remember that? >> yes, of course, i remember that. we prayed from the beginning of
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this project. we prayed that we would -- that we would be able to tell the story effectively, make those emotional connections. and tell the story truthfully. when we were on set, and we were about to shoot the crucifixion sequence, which is the most challenging of sequences, logistically, spiritually, emotionally, we asked everybody we knew to send prayers to get through this one. and we had a man on set to clear snakes and scorpions. and on any given day he cleared one or two snakes. and on the morning of the crucifixion, he had a bag and had been clearing more than 40 snakes from the foot of the cross. i think the symbolism of the snake was not lost on any of us. and we couldn't help but fear it was like a spiritual cleaning
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had gone on ahead. and we certainly ahad felt all through the project that there was a spiritual cleaning. because i think the film is very important, particularly for our new generation that they would know and understand jesus. that they would have an opportunity to see what an amazing man he was and how much god loved us that he sent us jesus. >> let me ask this, the clip that we just showed. and we'll get -- father morris is in the audience and will probably correct me if i'm wrong. i actually went to a seminar years past, and that sequence, where peter says, you're the son of god. the catholic church takes this peter, the rock, the pope, and i always thought there was a more spiritual element to that where he knew that he was the son of god because it was revealed to
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his heart. father morris will argue with me in a minute, right? no, you agree with me? but you -- and this is what you do in the movie. you take big biblical stories, jesus walking on water. jesus saying to peter, i'll make you a fisher of men. the last supper. the crucifixion. you go through. you don't tell the whole story but you told snippets and put it altogether. how did this decision-making process come about? >> just so you know we were only slightly into the series of making the bible series. and roma said mark, this should be a big movie. this should be seen in community on the big screen. and we decided okay. had no idea how we would get it distributed. we started making it. and we knew the responsibility, sean, of that. we had done about 30 versions over a year just trying to get the feeling.
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we didn't want to tell people what to think or how to feel. we just wanted to present the story. so you felt it and would seek more. and all of those things you mentioned. that moment there, where finally the disciples have realized now he is the they have been following a leader at this point who may have been the next king david to fight the romans. >> that shows their weakness, though, they all ran when he was arrested. peter did deny him three times. that is all included in the movie. but you did feel, part of the mini series was in the movie. but it is mostly new material built around it. >> yeah, so as mark mentioned we would do these screenings every week in morocco. we put the assemblies up and invited the cast and crew to come in when we were making the bible series. and as the jesus narrative started to unfold and we saw how extraordinary it was we decided
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to film additional footage. >> so you actually shot this before the mini series came out. not knowing you were going to do the movie for sure. >> no, we knew we would put a movie together. what we didn't know was, what kind of life the movie would have. we thought perhaps we would do special events screening, that sort of thing. we showed it to a few people. they said you really have to send this out to the studio, it is so good. and then 20th century fox said we love this. we're going to distribute it in 3,000 theaters. and we're going to distribute it not just in english but in spanish, as well. >> all right, there is only one controversy with the movie. you have images in the mini series where you have the devil walking across. and people said oh, they chose somebody that looks like obama. all right, there, okay. and that didn't show up in the movie. on purpose, not on purpose? >> absolutely on purpose.
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>> you took it out on purpose. >> i did. i absolutely wanted the devil on the cutting room floor. >> really, why? >> i felt that the conversation that ignited after that moment in the mini series served to be such a distraction. and this movie "son of god," was about jesus, and i just didn't want to give satan anymore air time. >> did anybody -- because it does look a little like obama. you didn't see that -- >> well, listen, it was never the intention. >> do you regret that it was in the first one? >> well, i regret that it became the distraction that it became. you know, we were expecting jesus on the screen. i was sure that everybody would be speaking the name jesus. that that would be the point of conversation around the water cooler. and i thought isn't that just like the devil to be the
9:20 pm
narcissist that he is, to make it about him. you know, when you do something that is filled with light as this is, the intention is to shine the light in the dark, that the darkness pushes back. and so anyway maybe it gave me too much pleasure to say that the devil was on the cutting room floor. but that is where he is and that is where he remains. get you behind me, satan. >> all right, don't go anywhere, we have more fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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. a and you are the messiah, the chosen one sent by god? no. >> i'm saying you must accept god's words. >> how dare you, that is sacrilege. he has never studied the law, this man knows nothing. his healing is the work of demons. peter -- >> turn the other cheek. >> you will pay for this. >> and welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." and we continue with roma downey
9:25 pm
and mark burnett, "son of god" is their brand-new movie. i watched this movie with a number of people. there was not a dry eye in the room. has that been the normal reaction? >> yeah, i just think that people are really touched by the story. it is deeply moving. and i think it is one of the beautiful things to be able to watch it collectively in the cinematic experience, and feeling the overwhelming love. because it plays out like a thriller, really. it is a political thriller on the one hand, three-pointed drama with the romans led by pilate, and the temple authorities, and the disciples led by jesus. and they're all on this collision path to jerusalem, a path on this collision course. it is highly dramatic and then woven through it.
9:26 pm
of course it is the beauty of the love story, of god's love for humanity, that he acceptsen jesus. >> i thought he captured what i thought in my mind, jesus would be like, confident, strong, loving. i mean, he seemed to have all of it put together. >> we wanted an actor who could portray the lion and the lamb. and i think the compassion and tenderness that he brings to it on the one hand and the strength and charisma, beautiful job. >> and this went back to "the passion of the christ," too, very graphic. the krufrzion scene. obviously, the lashes being given out prior to that, carrying the cross. it is hard to watch. >> yeah, it does -- >> it is -- we worked hard to get a pg 13 rating. but it still is really hard to
9:27 pm
watch. especially because -- unlike the passion which i dealt with three days in jesus' life, so when he is arrested you pretty much have the back story. in this time, by the time he is arrested you have fallen so love with the humanity of jesus. when he is arrested, people who have known the scriptures their whole life are watching the movie saying in one way i wish the story would change. of course, they don't really wish it. >> it also shows jesus knowing that peter would betray him as peter said he wouldn't, and then he told him or seeing in his own mind the vision of the crucifixion that was upcoming. that was something he obviously knew, father take this cross from me. et cetera. one thing that also struck me, and i want to get my audience's take on this in the next segment is how events today are similar to back then. you have got corruption political leaders. you have corruption politicians
9:28 pm
and ministers and power-hungry people. it seems like it is not very different in spite of maybe the advancement and technology and everything else. a lot of things remain the same. >> especially in that scene where pilate meets jesus for the first time. there is a whole scene about when pilate asks jesus, what is truth? you know that pilate knew he was innocent. you knew that he knew the truth, but for political expediency, he was basically willing to condemn the man because it suited his political purpose. that still happens today. >> and you had the scribes, the leaders, they wanted him out of the way because he was a threat to their power. isn't that what is going on today? >> absolutely, humans haven't changed much today. >> we added a scene in there to show the ruthlessness of pilate
9:29 pm
when people come to him and say he is taking the money we were gathering for the temple and you have used it to build an aqueduct. and he said really, did rome give you water or did man give you water. >> and the crown, render unto caesar, and the answer for me, everything is god and caesar has nothing. but they always tried to trick him -- >> and that happened every time. so much so that pilate kept telling nicodemus, he made a fool of you. >> he was so curious to find out about jesus. >> john 3: 16. >> all right, we'll take a break, we have a great studio audience here, when we come back my feet felt so heavy at the end of thday. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles.
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>> the stars shall come out. and a sceptre shall rise out of israel. >> the world became flesh. made his dwelling among us. >> a son! >> lady, i believe your son is
9:35 pm
the promised king of his people. what is his name? >> his name is jesus. >> that was another clip from the movie "son of god." and we're going to bring in our studio audience along with mark burnett and roma downey. now this goes through the whole life of jesus, most of the story is about his working life, right? >> yes. >> father johnathan morris. >> sean, i got to see this last week. and two big jesus moments in my life were one, my mother reading the children's bible to me as a little kid. secondly, going to the holy land. i can say this was a third jesus
9:36 pm
moment in my life. because we encounter jesus. and hollywood is not going to make big bucks just off -- just by putting jesus on the screen. they're going to make big bucks by putting jesus on the screen when there is faith behind it. that is why the passion worked. that is why this works. and i thank you, mark and roma, for doing that. it is not just jesus, it is people believing that he is who he said he was. >> what are your thoughts? >> my jesus moment was roma and mark had a screening with 800 hispanics, when he started multiplying the loaves, and for the first time ever, i saw him cry. because it is a universal story of the love of god and his provision for everybody. >> what was the reaction in the room? >> it was like a silent hurry of
9:37 pm
reverence and awe. >> were there a lot of tears? >> oh, there was just a flood of tears. it was like a wave of love washing over everybody when he lifted up that basket. and multipled it. it was a moment. >> and billy blaze, how are you, good to see you? >> for me, mark joked about being the most boisterous christian couple in hollywood. they can open up and talk about god. the other aspect of that, the general public, christians who sometimes have shunned hollywood a little bit. they can come back and say you know what? hollywood is there, there are projects that we can do. it is good for them to become a part of it, don't shun it. >> it is interesting from a financial perspective these movies have done so well. and yet they're hard to often
9:38 pm
produce. lauren, you cover religion for the fox news channel. and you covered a lot of those stories. >> well, absolutely, and the stories coming out now as to how there are more and more hollywood movies taking the bible. free licensing, no copyright, taking the stories, one of the things you hear about jesus is he sort of popped on the scene. you did a scene, very important, john's gospel has the i am statements, i am the bread of life. i am the good shepherd. this is not a conjugation of the word, to be. this is going back to who shall i say israel is sending me? and god says i am sending you. jesus is actually making a direct connection to that moment. and when you bring out in the beginning that he was present in the garden, in the burning bush,
9:39 pm
in the flood, you're actually connecting those two things. >> that is a great point. >> a very good point about the movie. >> that is a good point altogether. ralph reid formerly of the coalition freedom, welcome. >> thank you, sean. i think that mark and roma are really a national treasure, because they have this platform through this success that they have had in their careers in filmmaking and television and so forth. they have done extremely well. they didn't need to do this because of a career reason, they did this because of their love of the lord. and the powerful message that comes through, sean, i've seen the film. and i urge everybody to go and see it and bring a friend. as you captured earlier. when jesus was on the earth, some people said he was crazy, a lunatic, some said he was a prophet. some said he was just a teacher.
9:40 pm
>> well, everyone says that about you. >> and some tried to make him a king and a political figure. and in the end he was none of those things. he was who he said he was, which was the son of god. and the beauty that is portrayed and the masterful film-making of this couple, the lives that were transformed, sean, everybody who he encountered, their life was never the same. that is the power of the message of the gospel, and that is the power of this film. >> all right, when we come back, now we're going to do questions for mark and roma and get the rest of our studio audience in here. i'm sorry for your loss. still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank, the exhaust... well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ]
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. judas. your friend from galilee has caused quite a stir. one cannot deny that he as followers, especially among the less well educated element. but you, judas. >> what do you want with him? >> just to talk. judas, you are his friend. bring him here. discreetly. >> and what is in it for me? >> and welcome back to the
9:46 pm
special edition of "hannity." we turn things back over to our studio audience as we turn things back over to roma downey and mark burnett. as i was watching it, out of all the apostles, he is the one that will betray jesus, and i'm thinking wow. >> yeah, it is pretty incredible. but the thing is that god knew beforehand that was a part of the plan. and jesus knew, that is why he kissed him and said he knew he was going to portray it. that is why it happened. but what i love about this film and i thank you so much for making it, and especially for my generation, and younger people who are going up around so much cynic cynicism. it is a very important perspective one of the most non-churched cynical generations. for them to see this and see he was the son of god but he was also the son of man.
9:47 pm
he was human, like us. it causes us to ask the questions and investigate. you said, roma, who didn't know god, who was not a believer who really raise questions on who jesus was. and it raises so many important questions. >> one thing i would add, it is not preaching. he is telling the story and if people are impacted by it. they're impacted by it. caro carol? >> i believe that this film has the potential to really reach the secular as well as the christian audience. and that for christians it tells us about -- it reminds us that jesus, as he was leaving the earth he said that greater works than these will we do. and i believe in america sometimes and in parts of the world we act as if we are powerless. and we're not supposed to be powerless. one of us is supposed to be able to put 10,000 to flight. and we've lost sight of that. and the last thing i want to say is sean, we're waiting for you
9:48 pm
in tennessee. >> i got kicked out of new york in case you didn't hear. todd stearns. >> well, i'm not a pastor, but i just want to say thank you. we live in a society now where christians are being told to hide their faith and to keep it quiet. that we don't have a place in the marketplace and public square. and yet you come along and have created a beautiful master piece that moms and dads can take their children to go see a film that is family-friendly. and i think everyone here would say that this is a film that is life-changing. >> tony perkins, good to see you. >> thank you, sean, i have read the book, i haven't seen the movie. but i have no doubt it will do just as well as the mini series. sean as you pointed out, human nature really has not changed.
9:49 pm
people are still looking for true hope. i add my voice to those thanking you for bringing the message for hollywood. there still is hope for hollywood. >> and steven mansfield has a great story, you have followed the faith of presidents and wrote "killing jesus" the faith of prominent leaders. so i'm interested from that perspective to the movie what you think. >> you know, because i like history and like writing history i was intrigued by the earthiness of the movie. you know, we've all seen ghost movies, i like the fact they show the movie to get the effect. i like the fact especially there is a lot of race on the screen. you see more diverse races, different backgrounds. this was very much in the gos l gospel, why jesus cleared the temple, for example, he was defending a certain segment of society against people who were
9:50 pm
racially biassed. the historian in me likes the fact they captured it on the screen. the whole idea is that the son of god entered into a time and period in the muck and mire, and the different physical bodies to represent god in the world. i'm proud of them. that all of humanity just failed. and that he recognized that. and that that was the purpose of his being, and going through the sacrifice is that every, all sin, you see that today. you see it in the movie as well. >> we're conscious to show the flaws of everybody in the movie. except for the only perfect character is jesus. all had flaws romans and temple authorities. you can identify. young people saying felt what it's like to be with disciples such a scary time.. >> i had an opportunity to step
9:51 pm
in to playing the role of mary the mother of jesus. >> you did a great job. >> she was also the mother of a son. you know i have loved jesus my whole life. and i never considered what i must have been like to be his mother to stand at the foot of the cross to see her son so brutally murdered. >> only three people there. >> only three rest ran away. but jesus said seven things from the cross. yet one of the things in that he took time to love his mother, which i think said so much about him. you know? >> coming up, closing thoughts or retirement. but when we sta worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on what matters today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your retirement goals into small, manageable steps.
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>> they are hungry. >> give them food. a house. bring them to me. >> thank you, father. for what you bring us. >> our father in heaven, feast for us. how much more will he give to you? put god first and everything else will follow. if you hunger
9:57 pm
for righteousness, you'll be filled. through me. >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity" we bring back our special studio audience >> i just like to thank mark and roma for quality. film making so gorgeous and beautiful but beyond that and importantly, you can feel the power of god here from clips we've been able to see. not only quality film make whiching is important because as we know, christian films have kind of lacked that a little bit in past years. noft knot to say anything bad about them, "fireproof" number four at the box office and hollywood is woah, what happened? hollywood has seen the light no, pun intended but now we have quality and power of god. thank you. it's magnificent.
9:58 pm
>> from a political perspective, i want to comment you're tieing it into what's happening in israel today. it's important that we understand in the context that you ushua was persecuted. now, we see how jews are being persecuted once again. >> i have been applauding the program for a year, ways doing a lot of secular show sxtz movie got awards on the same day they're opened promoting them hundreds of times and i loved the movie. they've them the highest prize, and roma was so beautiful. you got the grace prize it was so beautiful. we do numbers and tell what does well and give studio heads 80 pages of detailed numbers every year, movies with faith and values do
9:59 pm
better at the box office. we talked about it yesterday the news that needs to get out into the life blood of hollywood >> sean, thank you for the privilege to be with you, mark and roma. a lot of times when hollywood infiltrates our heads, hearts and home rarely is it a good thing. but when you take heaven with hollywood into our heads, hearts and homes it becomes a man thing. people asked for years was he man or god? i say both. if he wasn't god why did 10,000 angels sing in his birth. if he wasn't a man who hungered in the wilderness? if he wasn't god who fed the 5,000 with the little boy's lunch? >> very well said well said. >> guys blockbuster numbers. huge hit. you've been generous
10:00 pm
with your time, congratulations it's a great movie. i hope everyone will go see it. >> thank you >> i go to the university of california irvine, >> louisiana state university. >> virginia tech. >> guatemala. >> university of south dakota. >> university of -- [inaudible] john: a special edition, 1500 college students from all over the world gathered here to debate what makes for a free society. these are our future leader learning about liberty. students usually don't learn about that in school. tonight, what you ought to know about economic freedom, free speech, personal responsibility, drugs, privacy, and


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