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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 24, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the "the real story" today. coming up right now. "shepard smith reporting" from the fox news deck. talking about robots doing the vacuuming. >> first, a violent sex offender who opposite once attacked a child is on the run after he cut off his ankle monitor. who gets first crack at the drug lord. a few days after being captured, a fight is shaping up about putting him on trial. that and the crazy details how he almost got away. don't you have a secret tunnel under your bathtub? >> good monday afternoon. at 3:00 in new york city, the people inside a new york restaurant had warning a deadly gas was spreading through the building, and dozens of them
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started to slowly suffocate, likely with no idea they were breathing in poison. one of two major emergencies involving carbon monoxide, a gas you can't see or can't smell, and even there are laws that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain homes there are no such laws for businesses. government figures show carbon monoxide kills hundreds of americans each year, sends thousands more to hospitals, and once it gets you, you can die in a matter of minutes. the latest incident happened at a restaurant on long island. the)!!j toxic gas sent more tha0 people to hospital and killed father of two. it all unfolded after a legal seafood restaurant in the walt witman mall. a major restaurant chain with 31 locations. fire officials say a broken pipe filled the building with carbon monoxide. emergency crews responded after a woman passed out and hit her head, but the first responders
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say they started getting sick themselves, and realized something was seriously wrong. >> when i came out there was a whole bunch of ambulances everywhere, telling everybody to get checked out. and it was bizarre. the day was normal, and then all of a sudden i just went down hill. >> certainly did. firefighters ordered everybody out. it was too late to save the restaurant manager. doctors at the hospital tee cleared him dead. laura ingle is on the top story. what is the latest on this investigation? >> i just got off the phone with a spokesperson. work crews are on the scene today trying to secure the faulty flue pipe in the heating system that caused the deadly leak. as investigators continue to look for a reason why the pipe brogue, the restaurant is closed. the assistant manager who fell and hit her head while looking for her manager -- that's how it started -- said to be doing better and arriving from carbon monoxide poisoning.
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the whole thing has left patrons shaken. >> it's so frightening. we live here, shop here all the time. you never know. poor people war just sitting here having dinner. very scary. >> there are 25 state laws that require carbon monoxide detectors in certain residential buildings, hotels and schools, but appears to be no laws requiring general businesses to have the detectors. >> tell us about the incidents in maine? >> 21 people, seven of which had to be hospitalized, suffered couple carbon monoxide poisoning at a time share building. this resort was not equipped with detectors either, showing victimly high levels of carbon monoxide and one of the building's gas ventilation systems malfunctioned. doctors say it can feel like a flu but without a fever. shortness of breath and nausea. >> carbon monoxide poisoning can
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be fatal but not if you catch it in time. >> our doctor adds of you fear you have carbon monoxide exposure, get out to the fresh air as soon as you can. >> laura, thank you. what a weekend, crazy details about the downfall over the world's most wanted drug kingpin and just how close he came to getting away. mexican marines working with agents from the united states captured this man, "el chapo" guzman. he is a drug cartel lead sore powerful he was on the forbes list of the world's richest people. his nickname means in spanish, shorty. mexican troops closed in on one of his homes near the pacific coast after more than a decade on the run. but as they stormed his hideout, "el chapo" managed to duck into a hidden tunnel drilled beneath his bathtub. they say this was just not an escape hatch but a sophisticated
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network of tunnels underneath the city. the agents chased enchap o'about last him in the maze. official tracked him using a wire tap. and mexican marines pin pointed his location inside a condominium in a mexican resort town. they stormed the room preparing for battle. one official said we never anticipated ever he would be taken alive. but "el chapo" gave up without anybody firing one single shot. the drug lord apparently curled up in bed with his 24-year-old beauty queen wife, in his other safe houses officials found more networks of underground tunnels, all of them hidden beneath bathtubs. prosecutors say the drug lord was behind the smuggling of massive amounts of drugs across the united states border. his henchmen stuffed cocaine in cucumbers and bananas. now he faces trials in both the
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united states and mexico, and mexico could lead a fight over who gets a crack at him first. the chairman of the house homeland security said to mexico, let us do this first. he escaped from mexican prison. >> that is the right approach the united states has to have. the u.s. government, meaning the state department, justice department, and our president, need to put pressure on mexico to make sure that he is it send over here. it's no secret how the mexican jails are run. he escaped once before. we have read plenty of articles about judges, politicians, elected officials, being killed at the hands, massacred, by the drug cartels. why put him back in a mexican prison? so he can escape again? he needs to be here in the united states in a maximum security prison. the issue will be, if the u.s. actually has a death penalty, is it going to be a guarantee the death penalty won't be used
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against him if he stands trial in the u.s.? those will be the issues. >> if i were a mexican citizen and a family member was killed by the cart el, i have an issue. let's do this we're. >> exactly. if you took a survey of all the citizens in mexico they would say the same thing, he's safest here in the u.s. as opposed to mexico because he can escape. if you talk to the higher elected@s$brñ officials in the n government, they'll tell you the same thing. it's in both the u.s. and mexico's best interests for him to be here in the nuss a maximum security prison. >> then you have to figure out where to do it. there are charges in texas, new york, california, chicago. >> exactly. that can all be worked out. their is going to be, is mexico going to have him first? are they going to use him to interrogate him, get all the information they need in regard to perhaps other cartels, and then will they work with the u.s. to send him here.
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>> it was the most surprising anticlimatic charge takedown, and everyone involved with this never would have dreamed. this guy was asleep. they walked in and took him away without a fight. unbelievable. >> this is a big political win for the current president of mexico. there was a perception he was being soft on the cartels, soft on crime, because that was not his priority when he came into office. so he and his party will use this to the most they can to get the most political capital out of it. >> once you put him in supermax, then you have to figure out which charges make the most sense, where you have him dead center. >> exactly. he was responsible for shipping in-heroin, cocaine, they have hit lieutenant in chicago -- would make sense to have him in chicago because his lieutenants are there, ready to stand trial, and also murders here, and i'm sure there's more evidence that's going to come out. >> i'm sure it will. a lot there. no supermax in mexico.
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>> exactly. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> prosecuting a president. officials in ukraine have put out a warrant for that country's leader, or former leader, accusing him of mass murder for killing civilians and say he has to face justice. one problem, anyway can't find him. have you seen this man's mansion and his zoo? and all the rest? what a turn of events in ukraine and what happens next matters to the united states and russia in a huge way. stay with us.
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ukraine's president is now a wanted man. wanted for murder. the country's government today issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of mass murder of peaceful civilians during protests in the capitol city of kiev that we watched live last week. employs say -- police say somebody last saw the president last night leaving a home in eastern ukraine near the russian bearder. pre president left his presidential palace in a helicopter on friday, hours after signing a peace deal with the opposition. protesters rejected the agreement and demanded that the president step down immediately. lawmakers have since opened his empty palless to the public.
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the lavish compound has a golf course, exotic animals animals a luxury car collection, dozens of knew and very old. also has a lake and a mockup of an old european sailboat, with a built-in dining room. some protesters have taken a few shots of the golf course, apparently using the president's open golf clubs. michael barrett is a former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense and is live now. man, i don't know where you even start with this guy and how in the world they can get him back. the politics of this are extremely important for the united states and russia. >> they are. although if we're honest as more important to russia than the u.s. so i think at the end of the day, what you're going to see is that putin is going to give up on get another government in
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there. >> he will want to try to influence the election through the ballot box, not use military fort. >> through the ballot box is the one piece. i have a good friend who is an old russian hand. he says the only thing that matters in russia is two fists. one has to be clenched to be ready, and the other has to be there to take bribes so you'll see putin and russia making overtours to draw people over to get enough vote votes to make sure ukraine stays win russia roz sphere of influence. the european union will not be a position to counter with bribes that are as large or be willing to use force. >> by way of observation, not opinion, putin acts more like a czar these days than like a president, and he is clearly looking to expand his territory and influence. i wonder how far it is the experts on this matter think he might go, and then would the united states and the rest of the west be able to come
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together with some counter? >> i think -- i'm a little surprised didn't come down the way it has in asyria with assad. putin said i don't care about anybody else's opinion. in this case assad is a guy that putin gets along with and can handle, whereas in the ukraine, he is willing to throw the president overboard. he obviously doesn't have any particular love for him but is not going to let ukraine go. so he's willing to let one individual president fade off into the distance, but he is not going to let ukraine go, and europe won't stand up to them. they're not in the economic position to do this, and putin coming off the heels of a successful olympics from his point of view, he's still a very strong man in the region and ultimately the financial interests will win out. >> we'll have two different factions going here, one from the eastern part of ukraine,, which has russian as a first language and aligned most of the people with russia, and the western part of the nation, which sides more with and lives
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closer to europe. i wonder how high fears are this country could end up divided? >> it's definitely possible. depends how strong a deal putin makes and can buy off the pro western interests to come back to a neutral position and many leaning slightly towards russia. at the end of the day there is a bifurcation of the population in ukraine and you can see it splitting into two. there are also tremendous international forces to prevent that. for hundreds of years the international community tried to keep countries together, and you've sat in places like pakistan, iraq, afghanistan, countries that could be cut up on more rational lines than their current borders. but there's a ginepri disposition to keep things held together. >> cutting our military forces. the pentagon's plan to trim the numbers of troops and eliminate some of our attack aircraft.
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why a chinese official says his country's air pollution might be a good defense for one of our nation's most high-tech weapons. oh, really, china? that's coming up. t!
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from the fox news deck, for the second time in the last few months a truck hit a police cruiser in utah and both times involved the same officer. the latest incident was yesterday morning. that's 30 miles south of salt lake city. the officer finished a traffic stop when the truck slammed into the side of his car. to the officer is okay. the driver apparently tried to run after the sobriety test. the cops nabbed him and he faces charges of drug possession and
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resisting arrest. back in thames an out of control pickup rear ended the vehicle of the same officer. >> the pentagon today recommend something steep budget cuts for the army. actually explaining how to deal with the budget cuts that could bring their levels the lowest since before world war ii. that's a deceptive statistic. chuck hagel made the announcement during the defense department's budget proposal hearing. there are several other military items on the chopping block, and i want to show you them. among the u.s. air force's entire a- -- fleet of a-10 wart hogs, saving $3.5 billion over the next five years. so, and then there's this, the u2 aircraft, high altitude
12:22 pm
reconnaissance jet, and the pentagon is also proposing to some rink the u.s. army to preworld war ii levels. look at this graph. u.s. rooms on the ground skyrocketed during world war ii, after the war forces went way down and rose again during the korean and vietnam wars. in the past decade the size of the nation's military has dropped to roughly half a million troops and now the department of defense wants to bring the number lower. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. expecting to lose some perks in the budget. >> subsidies for military commissaries are expected to get cut which will make buying products for military families more expensive. they're also looking to trim the growth of tax-free housing allowances for personnel and then also the issue of military pay. >> we must now consider fair and responsible adjustments to our overall military compensation
12:23 pm
package. for fiscal year 2015 we will recommend a one percent raise in basic pay for military personnel. with the exception of generals and flag officers whose pay will be frozen for one year. >> the budget also proposed that copays for military retirees and relatives of active duty military would go up, as would halve insurance deductibles. >> trimming down is never easy. the whole nation has figured that out. trimmed from sea to shining search. what are the experts and politicians saying? >> former army vice chief of staff says cuts are understandable but that's are disproportionate to the federal budget. he said about accounting the army, cutting into a defiant force that prevents violence from happening. the retiring chairman of the house armed services committee sounds concerned as well. >> in the last few years, we have changed our strategy that has stood us well since world war ii.
12:24 pm
that we should be able to be equipped, ready to go, two major con -- cob continue generals sis health cut back to fight one and hold one. >> that's the very reaction from a key lawmakers. you will hear plenty more when those behind me find out how it impacts their districts. >> so many people -- members of congress get a lot of perks and a lot of votes based on what happens there it's important to note here that our military still has a budget bigger than the next ten military budgetness the world combined. so what do you think about the proposed defense cuts? you can tweet us @shep news team. >> a top general? china's navy says his nation has a new defense against the pentagon's latest laser weapon. chine's crippling smog. according to chinese television
12:25 pm
the general says the american navy's new laser system will work only when the weather is good, allowing enemies to attack on smoggy days and said lasers are, quote, most afraid of smog, inquote. environmental activists blasted the chinese leader's comments on social media, but he says he was simply stating the weapon's weakness and he does not support smog. >> federal and state investigators now on the hundred for the escaped child rapist after he reportedly cut off his monitoring device. the latest on that manhunt coming. did the recent thaw get you jumping for spring? stop jumping. -that freaky polar vortex is on its way back to america and this week is going to be horrible. not for everybody probably, but it's going to be horrible for me, which is priority one for me. come on. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive,
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>> a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. the longest serving member of congress, john dingel, says he will step down. voters first elected him in 1955. he is 87 years old now, one of just two world war ii veterans serving on capitol hill. >> the basketball player j collins made history in los angeles, becoming the first openly gay player in the nba. the nets signed him yesterday and put him up against the lakers. he says he is concentrating on the game. >> about focusing on the task at hand and not thinking about history or anything like that, along those lines. >> collins says he is not used to getting quite this much attention. >> scientists say this the oldest piece of earth anybody has found, dating back more than four billion years. so earth is at least four billion years old.
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the feds now report they're offering a reward for the capture of this convicted child rapist. the word is he cut off his ankle monitor and ran away from a halfway house in denver. reports indicate the fugitive raped a six-year-old child in 1991 and tried to rape a pregnant 17-year-old hitchhiker five years later. justice department officials say the man has escaped like this before, back in 2009 they say he cut off a leg monitor and ran away from a group home in washington state. they say he was serving time there for failing to register as a sex offender. trace gallagher is live for news our los angeles news room. authorities realizees he was missing. how did that happen? >> 22 minutes after he cut off the gps ankle bracelet the department of corrections were out looking for him. at the time he was supposed to be staying at a group home in denver with other sex offenders, about he fled that home and
12:32 pm
that's when police issued this radio alert. listen. >> already cut off his gps tracking bracelet at 1426 hours. party is extremely violin and habitual sex offender, on federal probation. >> you heard them say how dangerous 51-year-old eric hartwell is. he raped a six-year-old girl. the denver police never notified the public that hartwell was missing until 25 hours after he disappeared, when a local tv station picked up the report. then denver police issued this tweet, quoting here, eric hartwell is wanted on a nationwide felony warrant for parole violation sex assault, all questions should be directed to the colorado department of corrections, who is handling the case. still no word, though, shep, on exactly why they waited before sending out the notification. >> this guy is supposed to be monitored for life, right? >> he is, though it's unclear exactly who is supposed to be monitoring that ankle bracelet.
12:33 pm
but we are now told that apparentsly this guy is elusive. he is known to grow facial hair to kind of change his appearance. he was last seen wearing a puffy jacket, jeans, and a t-shirt, and he has a tattoo on his right hand. and, again, the feds are offering the possible reward so anybody who has tips, you can either call denver police. they'll put you in contact with the department of corrections. >> trace gallagher, live. while congress keeps d.c. deadlocked president obama is turning to the nation's governors in an attempt to get something done. today president obama met with the non governors -- the national governor's organization at the white house and pressed the group to act on its own to raise the minimum wage. the president got some polite applause but it is clear that most republican governors will not support the president's plan as they continue to fight his signature healthcare law, obamacare. we're live the white house. the president pointed to some state health care exchanges having success, but some of them
12:34 pm
do seem to be in trouble. >> they are, shepard. maryland's exchange signed up just a third of the 90,000 people it projected by the end of january, and oregon signed up only one. the governors seemed less interested than members of congress in showcasing their support or opposition to obamacare. didn't occupy as much of their time as perhaps the keystone xl pipeline. the oklahoma governor, whose state would get the keystone expansion to refineries, says mr. obama promised a decision in costume 0 months. but the connecticut governor says not everyone is happy about the piping canadian oil across the country. >> we don't all agree that moving canadian oil through the united states is necessarily the best thing for the united states' economy. that's not to say we don't want to make sure that we're maximizing our access to american gas and american oil. >> malloy's comments prompted an
12:35 pm
exchange with bobby jindal outside the white house. malloy said one of the biggest is states don't get revenue from the oil and gas are not inclined to take the risk for environmental damage. >> among these governors, there's great disagreement as there is across the whole country, whether increasing the minimum wage is a good thing or bad thing. >> and with bobby jindal, a big disagreement. mr. obama praised states that have boosted their minimum wage and would like donning raise it nationwide. in steps to 10.10 by 2016. but republican governors strongly disagree, and of course bobby jindal is one of them. >> we shouldn't accept policies like the minimum wage, which the cbo says will destroy 500,000 jobs. just said obamacare will result in two million fewer americans working. america can do better. america can absolutely grow our economy. we shouldn't be waving the white flag when it comes to growth.
12:36 pm
>> jindal accused the president of presiding over what he called the minimum wage economy. white house press secretary accuses the governor of the governor jindal economy at $7 an hour. >> he once accurately predicted that a computer would beat a person in chess. at the time it seemed just impossible. now he has another forecast for our future. this time about when robots will become smarter than all of us. setting your calendar for the rise of the machines. next. >> first. a lot over the country bracing for another round extremely cold weather. it could bring record low temperatures, dangerous wind chills and snow for parts of the central and eastern united states and could last through the first week of march. the last time a wave of arctic air like this made its way across the country was back in january. it affected 200 million people.
12:37 pm
officials say at least 20 people died as a result of that storm. or series of them. and some analysts estimate that it may cost our economy $5 billion. janice dean, the weather machine, is in the extreme weather center. i was looking ahead to wednesday and thursday. looks awful. especially across the northeast when the arctic air moves south, the core, the upper midwest and wind chills will be dangerous, minus 20s, minus 30s. minneapolis, struggling to get out of the highs in the single digits and the minus teens. those are overnight temperatures, and, taking a look at your surface temperatures, heading through the work week, that's below zero. that's below freezing, reaching as far south as the gulf coast again, northern parts of florida, lasting into saturday, and even into next week.
12:38 pm
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. well into march we'll be dealing with the potential for more arctic air. >> and parts of california, finally get something rain. is it going to help the drug? >> yes, it is. it's going to really help things. we have a series of storm systems moving into california. liquid gold is what they're calling it. looking wednesday, thursday, substantial rain and mountain snow in the sierra, in towards southern california, and taking a look at the long-range forecast, we're showing this storm system, another one behind its, perhaps more potent, bringing more moisture to this drought-stricken area. 91% of california into extreme or exceptional drought. and then another storm behind this one. so this is great news. the drought monitor is really dire across california. we'll continue to monitor it, and the latest news is just ahead with more of "shepard smith reporting."
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when will the robots be smarter than the humans? by 2029. according to artificial intelligence director who happens to be google's director of engineering. he should know. he has a good track record when it comes to forecasting the future. he said a computer would beat a person at chess and we would have a world wide web before we had one. now he says we're 15 years from a future with machines becoming conscious and smarter than the mostent than all of us people. look at some of the robot. this first robot, it was gary casperof've, and deep blue that challenged the. chess legendin' 199 . he won the battle but lost the rematch and now can't compete at all. this is an early generation the the mars rover. the sojourner, and then we have
12:43 pm
seen some strong computers go against people like ibm's watson here. it defeated the jeopardy champion, ken jennings, in 2011. and then their google's self-driving car, and let's not forget the artificial intelligence in our pockets, siri, who is annoying but -- and often gets things wrong, but she is there or he is there. let's bring in kennedy, the host of the independents. on the new fox business network. >> better than ever. >> have to get over and check that out. it's very good stuff. so, the computers are taking over and that's fine with you. >> i'm not a so worried about it. i think we should embrace technology. this is inevitable. what are we going to do, go back to a society and live in caves? doesn't seem to make much sense.
12:44 pm
once technology advances you can't just stop it. the evolution of human thought will become the evolution of supercomputers and machines and robots, and the only thing we can do is really work with them and become part machine ourselves. think that's a very sexy and sin trying idea. >> -- intriguing idea. >> becoming part machine. >> yes. >> some of us are, prosthetics and modern miracles but becoming one with a machine is creepy. >> it is creepy, but if you love sci-fi, you have to let your mind wander and when people think about artificial intelligence their minds wander to the darkest of places. we think about us versus them, and maybe those are human constructs and things we cling to that won't exist when machines are in charge, and i think that human beings are -- that we want to be the overlords. >> of course we do. >> that's the most terrifying thing to see that -- think how
12:45 pm
sharks feel. >> i'm sure it's a difficult life. google glass is getting us close. there will come a time very soon if everyone wears google glass, everything will be recorded and the government will be able to back it up, figure out who did what and then shoot us with a drone from the sky. >> that's the most worrisome, that government will try to regulate artificial intelligence. that could be the recipe for dollars. when you have government and machines cluing, then -- colluding, then we'll be in ref trouble. >> weñ@oever thought about the h fact the can be tracked with these great devices. that wasn't a consideration when i about the first iphone. but i guarantee you it occurred to them. as conspiracy theorist myself, these things are in our hands and cheap enough for most everybody to have. >> this is what is on the market. think what is happening six generations ahead? think of the people who program these devices. they know exactly what they're
12:46 pm
capable of and there are very few of them. >> if there were a machine parter for you? >> an even bigger heart so i could adore the world and all the children. >> god, your heart is as big as it's going to get. else? >> faster legs and better lung capacity. >> and i guess everybody will be able to have all of those things. >> so when your parts start to wear down, instead of sinking into a deep depression, just get new ankles. plantar fasciitis? we'll sand off the of your feet. >> who bays for nat? obamacare is going to pay for everything. robot parts parts and new healte plans. >> sounds wonderful. sign me up. see you again. a fox report now more headlines from the fox necessary duck. a fire killed a couple and four of their children, age six to
12:47 pm
14. an older brother is the only one who reportedly survived. this happened over the weekend in indianapolis. fire officials say it may be the deadliest fire for a single family in the history of the fire department there is as of yet no word on what caused the fire. the investigators say it does not look suspicious. >> according to a new gallup poll the anybody of americans that think other world leaders respect president obama is down. 53% say other leader does not respect the president. gallup calls this a dramatic ship. this is just our opinion've what reality is. it speaks nothing of reality. not to say it doesn't fall long the same lines but there's nothing to suggest it does. it's the first time the president's numbers have been, quote, upside-down on this question. >> and dale earnhardt, jr. says his second daytona 500 win is even better than the first one. junior first won the great american race ten years ago, and also broke 55-race losing streak
12:48 pm
with yesterday's victory. it came after a rain delay lasted more than six hours and nobody ran out of budweiser. thank good news. his father, dale earnhardt, sr. died after crashing at the daytona 500 in 2001. >> in the justice department is calling on the -- thieves stole personal information from millions of shoppers at target, among other places, but will the feds' plan actually do anything? we'll talk to ger ri ill withful fir sad news, the comedy writer and actor, harold ramis has died. he was behind caddy shack, groundhog day, national lampoon's vacation, and back to school. his hollywood breakthrough came in 1978 when he cowrote the blockbuster comedy, animal house. he also went on to cowrite and star in the first of two ghost
12:49 pm
buster movies. >> probably in one of the tunnels above us. >> that's ramis in the glasses during a scene in ghostbusters 2 where he played a doctor. he died today after reportedly battling an illness. he was 69 years old. with at&t's new pricing for families you get 4 lines on at&t's network... including unlimited talk... unlimited text... and 10 gigs of data to share. 10 gigs? 10 gigs. all for $160 dollars a month. you know, i think our family really needed this. it's really gonna bring us closer together. yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. [ family ] yep. [ male announcer ] introducing our best-ever family pricing. for a family of 4, that's 10 gigs of data with unlimited talk and text for 160 dollars a month. only from at&t.
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eight minutes before the hour. some steals your credit card information from a company there should be a standard how the company lets you know, right? well, so thinks the attorney general eric holder. he is asking congress to create a national guideline to alert customers when somebody steals information like during data breaches. like those we saw at neiman marcus and target stores last holiday season inch december
12:53 pm
executives at target reported thieves swiped information belonging to more than 100 million people. target officials say they made off with credit card numbers, mailing addresses. and neiman marcus reported a similar attack. both companies caught flak for failing to immediately inform customers. gerri willis is with us. what does this -- what are they calling for and what are they missing? >> holder wants a national standard. one rule for all states. we have now 46 states with their own rules how you have to be informed, and they range, hugely. so, the problem is a lot of the states say, when it's convenient, you can tell consumers, and what do consumers want the they want to be notified right away. >> they could put in chip technology in our credit cards and we wouldn't have this problem anymore. >> doesn't solve everything. the chip. but it's a great idea and it would would go a long way to keeping consumers safe. >> what are consumers supposed to do now? is there pressure that individuals can apply?
12:54 pm
>> so, it's really on you at the end of the data make sure you're safe and your information is safe. you want to be checking your credit cards online and your bank card, all the time, and i have experts tell me every single day. if you're one of these people who is on target's list or neiman marcus' list, change the card number. get a new pin. take care of yourself first. check all of your credit records. do that easily and free. take those steps because at the end of the day there's no protection for you out there right now. >> i still don't understand why it is that the credit card companies won't make it more difficult for this sort of thing to happen because they can, with europe as our guide. >> money. it's expensive to put in place this technology. there's the card itself that has the chip in it. then they have to change what they have at the store to read those cards. so it's millions and millions of dollars but you have to realize the amount of money we lost through target, that data breaches is about the same amount of money it would cost to
12:55 pm
put in place some kind of new standard. >> god knows we need some forward thinking somewhere. we'll fine that in an hour on your program. >> that's right. >> 5:00 eastern time. >> the brand spanking new fox business network. >> you need to get over there. a whole new lineup with a focus on you. we'll seal you then. >> thank you. earlier in this newscast we asked you to tweet us' the pentagon's plan to cut the defense budget. we'll have some of that next. starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ >> we asked for your tweets about the pentagon's plan to cut black the military. you sent us some tweets. hill lil? >> better to have a large military and not need it than have one and not need it. >> cutting into the military budget is necessary but the growth in d.c. must come under a
12:59 pm
microscope. >> regarding military cuts you get what you paid for. >> that's fair. >> last, we have, what is the rope for this? not a good idea if it makes the u.s. vulnerable but some trimming where there's waste would be prudent. >> finding the waste always easy >> on this day in 1938, the entertainment up in "variety" reported that mgm studios bought the rights to turn the novel "wonderful wizard of oz" into a movie. judy garland was cast to play dorothy. mgm had a tougher time with other characters, recasting a few of them after production started. sill, o'the wizard of0s eye "is one of the most popular movies of off tile, fouled a home hollywood 76 years ago today. >> when news breaks out we'll
1:00 pm
break in, the dow had a great day. the s&p set another record. the dow a couple hundred points from another record. things appear to be improving at least for the day. here's "your world." >> hook, line, and sinker. taxpayers are on the hook yet again. ♪ >> move over. from a half million dollar for studiying shrimp on a treadmill, and millions more for a catfish inspection, and then a studiy to studiy the swimming ables of fish. the fish and wildlife service offering a grant to conduct fish-swimming experiments and