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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> u.s. security could be jeopardized. >> steve sent any is liis here s how american lives are at risk. >> the new trimmed down military will face both sides of the aisle on capitol hill you can be sure of that. chuck hagel announcing the cuts and acknowledging a smaller force means a greater risk. it means the army will have a smaller capacity. they would be able to fight one major ground operation but not two as we have been able to do in the past as we were able to do in iraq and afghanistan simultaneously. it will cut down our capability and increase our risk. all 11 aircraft carriers will be maintained. some members of congress aren't
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happy at all. >> we had them under three years ago to one that is fast approaching 300 and 200. i really question that. i think that what we are trying to do is solve our financial problems on the back of our military. that can't be done. >> so the final lines are being drawn. the discussions came up as early as today when they consider six pentagon nominations. >> steve centanni live in washington. on that note people are fired up over the class tick cut to our military of course. dick cheney telling sean hannity the proposed cuts will cripple the military. >> called former
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you have to make when you won't reign in entitlements. president obama this was the one cuts he agreed to the only thing worse than defense cuts are no cuts at all. you can't balance the budget on the backs of the military. what happens ten years from now maybe boomers are retiring at a huge rate medicare expanding this is making us less safe in a dangerous world.
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>> more cruise ship passengers violently took a seat for the 4th time last year. on board a week long holland american cruise ship. they are now back and the cdc is once again investigating. this is the same shift that failed back in september that was affected with e coli last spring. last month up to 600 passengers and crew members on board a royal caribbean cruise ship got sick and that svoyage was cut short. the decision to extradite cruiseman now charged in mexico making it unlikely. they will decide whether to let him go or let the trial process begin. guzman can appeal the decision. that process has been drawn out
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for months or even years. >> the family of road rage victim taking new steps to track down his killer. they have set up a web site hoping someone will come forward with any information. justice for ots i-dot come. it allows people to leave anonymously. people can also contribute to the growing reward now at 20,000 dollars. davidson was shot to death on a pennsylvania highway january 4th. >> step outside you can see a bit of a dramatic difference. the temperatures once again dropping. >> maria molina is in the weather center. how low will the temperatures go? >> even as we head into the next couple days across the eastern two-thirds of the country. this is going to be a very wide outbreak of cold air moving through parts of canada. today cold across portions of
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the upper midwest. in the 20's in chicago. by wednesday it gets much colder out there all of the way down into parts of texas even new orleans expecting highs in the 50's. atlanta you won't make it to 60 degrees as we head into tomorrow. at nighttime temperatures will be a lot more dramatic. 38 tonight. take a look at wednesday night. we are in the 20's in places like little rock who rally. on thursday night it stays cold. it feels like winter yet again. over the weekend across many areas. there has been patter along the weekend about snow in portions of the northeast on wednesday. this is a storm system a quick moving clipper system. it will be a continuation across the northeast. showers and storms across the
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parts of the gulf course. out west we are talking about drought and rain and snow for several days tomorrow. >> we need it so badly out there on the west coast. >> the country's governors may have talked about bipartisanship. but things have been getting a little tense once the cameras started rolling on the white lawn particularly the white house lawn that is over the economy and minimum wage debate. >> instead of waving a white flag and declaring it to be a minimum wage economy i think america can do better. >> i don't know what the heck was a reference to white flag but it comes to people making $404 a week. >> that public tip coming after president obama appealed to the governor for help with his economic policies. they are facing major push back on capitol hill. we will keep you posted on that. new poll numbers show greg abbott soaring over wendy davis
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in the race for the texas governor. both will cruise to an easy primary next month. abbott will kickoff the general election race with an 11-point lead up 6 percent in november. davis is flip flopping on her key issues and her dishon see with her own biography have not helped in that state. the nation's longest serving congressman is stepping down. michigan democrat john dingell's career spans nearly 6 decades and 29 terms in office. he was first elected to replace his late father back in 1955. he calls his vote for the civil rights act in 1964 the most important in his career. he will retire at the end of his current term. good riddens, that is a message from new york city cops to the actor alec baldwin. no surprise here walled win -- baldwin announcing he will move to a gated community following
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problems with the new york area. one anonymous police officer telling them it is a pain to deal with him every time he blows his top to the press. it is a mess trying to clean up. seth meyers stepping in jimmy fallon's spot on la night. joe biden talks about his potential plans for 2016. >> i was planning on making a major announcement tonight but i decided tonight is your night. i hope you will invite me back. >> the vice president didn't get top billing, that honor was parks and recreation star amy polar. the vp not announcing his potential but amy polar said she intends to run. giving you a lot of good laughs. comedy legend harold raymond
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best known for his classic role in ghost buster films has died. >> i have a radical idea. the door swings both ways we could reverse the particle flow through the gate. >> how? >> we will cross the street. >> that was just the beginning. he made us laugh from in ghost butzers to animal house. he was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease in 2010. he passed away surrounded by his family and friends. harold ramis was 69 years old. >> so many folks can quote "caddyshack". he was a writer on "caddyshack". >> let's talk business and family news. a family vacation to disney world. lauren simonetti is here with that and other top business news. >> disney's magic kingdom has a price tag now fit for a king. the orlando theme park raising
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admission to $99 for adult the and children. it's the second time in 8 months disney increased prices visitors to ep cot animal kingdom those tickets now costing $94. taco bell is rolling out an unconventional breakfast menu. i say unconventional because of this the waffle taco which is a wavl wrapped around sausage bacon they are not only interesting but you can hold them in one hand and cell phone in the other. they plan to serve breakfast from 7 to 11 in the morning a half hour later than mcdonalds. mickey d's offer struggled offering breakfast and lunch with low kitchen space.
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got milk ads are being replaced li by these new ads that highlight the nutritional value of milk. and. >> hello. welcome. if you know the name of the movie you would like to see, press 1. >> remember that 95 episodes of seinfield cramer made that greeting iconic. now aol is hanging up on the phone tickets service. they will focus on the app instead. >> didn't know that one was still around. >> 777-film. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a teacher caught sending racy texts to oo 13-year-old student is off the hook because of free speech? the outrageous move that has parents up and arms. >> you know the wedding flash
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>> a passenger is facing up to 20-years behind bars. the 53-year-old guy bought dunk on the flight and flipped out when he was flagged. he slugged a flight aiden tant. it took five people to take him down. airport passengers on a delta flight were led into an
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area where they didn't have to clear immigration or customs. they are aware of a small amount of customers from london to kennedy international airport were able to bypass customs screening. they are working with the port authority to figure out how on earth this managed to happen. outrage this morning after a case is dropped against the 31-year-old dallas teacher shaun williams who was caught sending racing text messages and pictures to a 13-year-old student. the reason texas law says texts between a student racy or not are protected under the first amendment and considered free speech. >> you can talk trash and disgusting things but if you are not soliciting someone to meet you or engage in an act it is protected by the first amendment. >> it could affect others and
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lead legislatures to write a new law. williams's teaching certificate is under review by the board of education. >> 13 years old. >> talk about divine intervention. an ohio bus driver can thank god for saving his life after his bus broke down and he was attacked. kelly wright has the story fors. >> this is what happened. the bible is often described as a book that leads to salvation. for city bus driver ricky wagner of dayton ohio the father of three the good buck literally saved his life. >> that is ricky wagner crying out in pain after being stabbed then shot three times by thugs who seemed bent on killing him. two bullets were fired at his chest but the bullets never penetrated the new testament he had in his pocket.
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even after being stabbed and shot he managed to fight off his attackers taking away their knife and gun and called 911 to report his own shooting. >> there was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident. he probably should not be here. >> those bullets are dislodged in the bible. wagner was rushed to the hospital where he is listed in good condition. police are still searching for his attackers who fled. >> there's a verse in the new testament similar to what wagner was carrying that day. it says the lord will rescue me from every evil deed. ricky wagner can certainly say he has no doubts about that. >> many of us carry our bible in
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our hearts but we need to carry it in our pockets. >> that's incredible. it is time to brew on this. we play think of a wedding as a big ceremony with months and months sometimes years of planning. what if this happens? >> a string core let or new orleans brass band? >> it's the newest trend in weddings, choosing to forego all of the hoopla and surprising your friends and family sometimes even a fiancee with the wedding out of the blue. experts say this way couples don't have to worry about the expenses and planning a rehearsal dinner. it can lead to hurt feelings especially when it comes to the parents of the couple. we want to know what do you think about the ambush weddings a fun sur riprise or a cheap tr? >> send them to fox frien
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>> as a mother what would you say? >> i would be pretty sad about it. >> maybe a second wedding. the time is now 19 minutes after the hour. a warning about the most popular pain-killer that pregnant women tend to take it's a common disorder in children that as acetaminophen is being tied to. important story. we want to tell you about it. >> go to the strip club on food stamps. what does this look like to most people? >> the food stamp surfer who is gaining the system. it will make kwhyour blood boil.
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>> a warning for pregnant women
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who take tylenoltylenol. acid m as acetaminophen may not be as harmless as you think. the women who used it saw a 37 percent increase risk in their children receiving an adhd diagnosis. something to think about. >> if you carry a notorious cancer gene removing your ovaries is one of the most protective steps you can take. research showings you may benefit from having the operation as young as 35 years old. the surgery not only lowers your chance of getting ovarian or breast cancer but it may reduce your risk of death before age 70 by 77 percent. we will hear a lot about that one. >> since 2007 food stamps soared from 17 billion to nearly 80 billion.
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>> john roberts met grace son green slate. he's a surfer and self proclaimed musician who admits to using food stamps to buy even lobster. >> jessie waters caught up with them after this. >> go to a strip club on food stamps, what does this look like for people? >> looks like a good time. you can portray anything you want but when it comes down to we are all about playing music. >> playing music is your job, it's your job that's not a hobby? >> that's my job. that's my goal. i want money to start flowing in. >> you understand why people may not agree with your situation? >> just because my job is a little cooler than your job and people are a little bit more jealous than anything. i think the food stamps give me an opportunity to focus more on a career. you can't really survive on a
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minimum wage job. places are expensive. >> a lot of people do survive on minimum wage. are you still eating lobster with the food stamps? >> if it is on sale. i eat whatever is on sale. >> you are an able bodied guy, healthy, you can work. do you think you are gaming the system? >> why would i be gaming the system. i fit in the qualifications. >> just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should do something. >> oh, my. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. >> veterans stuck waiting months now for claims processed at the va because of thbacklog. they found a way to speed things up. destroy the documents. >> she tries to get to the hospital but her baby doesn't wait. we will show you how complete strangers helped one woman give birth right on the streets of new york city.
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>> it is tuesday february 25th. krip peming cuts a put american lives at risk. major cuts it our military spending. >> president obama continues to tout the obamacare numbers. can you believe everything that you hear? >> making stuff up in order to
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make the news. they have to say something. when you have the majority of the american people. >> why the numbers aren't adding up. >> we will tell you how two police officers saved a man's life on the side of the road. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. it is tuesday december 25th. it is still dark out there. >> good morning to you. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert in for heather childers. we have a lot to talk about. deep budget cuts announced by defense secretary chuck hagel
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says security could be jeopardizeed by the cuts in the military. >> how the cuts could put you and me at home at risk. >> one thing for sure the battle lines are being drawn on capitol hill with the new military cuts bound to face heavy political fire. defense secretary chuck hagel outlining the cuts acknowledging a smaller fighting force does mean a greater risk. >> they have additional risks even if they execute simultaneous job applications. it is one major combat theater as it must be. they have it engaged in another
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theater. >> members of the military will be forced to pay more for their benefit. >> 30 percent more than food, housing. about 45 purges of them are marri -- 45 percent are married today. all of their benefits are being caught. they are flshing out of the military. very, very accomplished spo spontible officers. >> the controversial cuts didn't come up for discussion as early as today. they consider six pentagon nominations. >> steve sently live for us. it is time for a look at who is talking. these cuts are hutting our troops and putting america in
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danger. >> they act as though you can turn it on and off. the fact of the matter is he is having a huge impact on the future president to deal with future crises. >> this administration, if there's one policy that came out of the speech it is shrinking american responsibility tieing our other hands tieing the hands of future presidents and inability to address whatever the threat may be. >> the budget we are talking about, that is the troops, the navy, the air force, that has been protecting us since world war ii. they kept the ceilings open around the world. they are taken for granted and enough is enough. >> cruise ship passengers sick at sea for the fourth time this
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year. they came down with illness on board the ship. the cdc is now investigating. the same ship failed intersection in december and was affected with e coli last spring. last month more than 600 passengers and crew members on board a royal caribbean cruise got sick and that voyage was also cut sort shore. the fight to extradite guzman proving to be difficult. he is charged in mexico making a quick extradition to the united states unlikely. they will decide whether to let him go or let the trial begin. a process in the past has been drawn out for months or even years. the family of the road rage victim back here at home taking steps to track down his killer. timothy davidson's family set up a web site hoping someone would come forward. it is called justice for asti.
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it is named after his nickname. people can leave tips an noun mousily. you can contribute to the reward fund at 20,000 dollars. he was shot to death along a pennsylvania highway january the 4th. >> two bills aimed at reforming the irs will be on the house floor. one will prevent audit and one will stop posing religious questions to you and taxi paer. they are targeting a tea party group. they need two-thirds super majority to pass. >> you want to buy a piece of history? an inspirational letter written by george washington in 1778 is up for sale by a rare letter dealer the rob collection. in the letter washington congratulates the leader shortly after british forces evacuated the city.
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the price tag for this, 120,000 dollars. talk about the weather? >> yeah. warm stuff outside, heather. we feel a dramatic difference in new york. temperatures dropping across the country. >> it sounds like it could be pretty cool across the country. >> good morning. welcome back. we are going to see temperatures dropping. well below average for some of you especially across the northwest. in far go you can see the high temperatures 4 degrees only 20 in chicago. marquette in the single digits not just today but tomorrow out there across the great lakes. 50 in new orleans and rally and staying in the 20's in boston. feeling like winter yet again.
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we had concerns about a storm system developing across the northwest especially midweek. the latest computer models show the storm system will have to be relatively weak and produce a light snowfall and snow showers expected not just today but as we head into tomorrow across the northeast. out west the big story has been the drought conditions. we have many areas under some form of drought across california, nevada and even parts of the rockies. but look at the forecast. a storm system arrives and hefryer rain across the rain elevations. all right. thank you so much. talk to you later. tonight show with jimmy fallon will be swimming with the fish shes in lake michigan. expecting chicago mayor rahm
2:39 am
emanuel challenge to take a polar plunge in exchange for an appearance on his show. okay i am in. lake michigan will have a new york fish this weekend. hash tag swim me fallon. he jokes he will be wearing a suit and a tie. the layor responding saying he should leave the suit at home he posted this photo with the caption, hey jimmy fallon, i have this for you. the plunge raises money for the special olympics. >> this is captain chris pika holding up a huge 18 pound fish caught in california. >> chris eventually releasingits back into the water. that thing was massive. coming up our best friends told us about this waiting months and months for the back lagg logged claims at the va. the government figured out a
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a a a >> little led zeppelin for you. thank you for joining us. unhealthy food around school campuses may be phased out. they have new rules to stop
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promoting sugary drinks and junk food. the ad will be replaced with healthier options like water or diet drinks. this is part of a first lady president obama's wife. >> louisiana had benefits taken away after misusing them. a glitch led to causing no limits to show up on user's snap cards. some tried to take advantage of over spending. 31 beneficiaries disqualified. listen to this story. thousands of vet tan's medical records have been destroyed in order to eliminate a backlog of requests at the departme veterans affairs. it is a shocking new report and it reveals that employees were
2:45 am
the ones involved in a request. >> years and years of medical records even if they were still waiting for treatment. we will know more about that one. >> with all of the problems administration made about obamacare businesses we are beginning to see otherwise. >> hi there, lori. >> a new report finds two-thirds of americans who work for small businesses will see their healthcare costs rise under obamacare. the report is from the nonpartisan centers for medicare medicaid services. it says higher premiums will effect 11 million americans. only 6 million americans will see lower costs. house speaker john boehner put out this response last night. for all of the promises of lower costs for small businesses the administration now admits far more of these workers will pay higher rather than lower premiums under the law.
2:46 am
kathleen sebelius is standing by obamacare. >> there is no evidence and every economist will tell you this there is any job lost related to the affordable care act. >> that is drawing a lot of chris sichl. they cut from home healthcare funds cut deep enough to force companies to have to layoff workers. 500,000 healthcare workers jobs in jeopardy. >> this brings us to our look who is talking. the former speech writer says president obama is lying about obamacare. >> how many times is he going to lie to us about obamacare. it is untrue. he is making stuff up in order
2:47 am
to make the laws. there is no good news about obamacare. he has to say something. the problem is when you have majority of the american people who say he is not honest or trump worthy. i would think after getting the high of the year they would have is decided they are going to shr scrub everything he says to make sure there's nothing seemingly questionable or dishonest. they are not doing that. they are telling lies. >> it is 47 minutes after the hour. a dramatic scene caught on dash cam. we will show you how two bliss officers saved a man's life right on the side of the road. >> plus an entire town is terrorized by this. an elusive leopard is on the broul. hi, brian. >> ladies, i am sure you are talking about fox and friends coming up. heather you will join us i am sure. great job yesterday ainsley. let me show you what's on tap on our show. kids sticking with an illness
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with polio like symptoms. caught on camera a bird slams into a window. that pilot survives. we have the companies hiring. he won the super bowl. i assume he wants to talk about it. we will listen a little more and a little bit more. throw in the animation i got to go. mortgage didn't start her. it began on her vacation in europe on the day she arrived in london. someone set up a bogus hotspot, stole her identity and opened some credit cards in her name. but she's not worried. checking her credit report and score at allowed her to better address the issue... ...and move right in. experian. live credit confident.™ and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels.
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all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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good morning to you. a dramatic piece of dash cam video released showing two florida police officers saving a man's life. look at this. >> thank god for him. i was close to the area and god used me to get these
2:52 am
guys [inaudible] >> here's what happened. a car crashed into a guardrail near sweeter water, knocked unconscience when police officers arrived. he didn't have a pulse and that is when they started c.p.r. and saved his life. >> he went above and beyond the call of duty and i appreciate his effort. >> he says the trooper should be commended indeed. ainsley? >> another amazing story, this one on the streets of new york city. a woman giving birth on the sidewalk. she was in labor. she was trying to hail a cab to go to the hospital but that baby was not waiting. people on the street rushed to help. >> as soon as the head came out, by the time we laid her down the baby was out. >> amazing. [inaudible] >> take a look at this photo showing mom and baby
2:53 am
wrapped in scarves the people off the streets were giving them. both are said to be doing great this morning. they say dogs are a man's best friend but for one pregnant woman the dog is her protecter. you can see the dog barking, snarling every time the man tries to get close to the woman posts belly. this video has gone viral. not to worry, the dog doesn't seem to be vicious. you can see the tail wagging. >> very cute. you know the blurred lines in robin thicke marriage apparently cleared. he and his wife paula patton are now separating. ♪ ♪ >> they met when patton was 14 years old and became high school sweethearts. they married in 2005 and have a three-year-old son. even though she's nominated for another oscar
2:54 am
jennifer lawrence says she wants to take a break from acting. she says she's ready for rest and is planning a long break. it is not clear when she plans taking time off. she has signed on for the new x men phaou -- x men movie. >> six minutes till top of the hour. it is the latest wedding trend. couples are surprising their guests by saying i do without any warning. we want you to weigh in on this. we have comments up. >> one woman gets up close and personal with one of the largest animals in the world. we'll show you more of this. ♪ ♪ i'm tony siraga and i'm training guys o leak a little,
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to guard tir manhood with depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that'just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. more than 100 cruise ship passengers sick with the
2:58 am
norovirus at sea for the fourth time this year. women taking tylenol during your pregnancy may affect your baby's development. a key ingredient is linked to risk of adhd. mcdonald's is thinking of extending breakfast hours. they say cutting off mcmuffins at 10:30 is too early. they have struggled to serve breakfast and lunch with limited kitchen space so stay tuned to that. >> now the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. take a look. that is texas schoolteacher and air force sergeant troy harvey receiving a hero's welcome from his students. he had just returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan. welcome back and thank you for your service. next the bad. fear gripping an indian town. a loose leopard runs wild
2:59 am
through the streets and is all caught on camera. did you see that right there? terrifying video showing a man trying to scramble out of its way as the more than 170-pound leopard lunged at him. at least six people have been hurt so far. so far all attempts to capture this thing have failed. finally the ugly. a woman getting slapped by a whale tail while both off the coast of mexico. ouch! she is okay but has got quite a story to tell. >> one minutes till the top of the hour. time to brew on this. >> we told you about the new trend in weddings. surprise nuptials when couples forego the planned event to have a surprise ceremony without telling friends or family. we asked are ambush weddings a fun surprise or cheap trick? >> fred tweeted i'm all for anything that minimizes the cost of traditional
3:00 am
weddings. money should go to newlyweds. michael mailed if you can't have fun in life, what is the point? thanks to everyone who responded. >> everyone agreed with it. i think my mom would be disappointed if i did it. >> thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. good morning. it's tuesday, february 25. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. devastating cuts to our military. could this move by the obama administration now put your security at risk? >> that's the troops,ed navy, the air force that has been protecting us since world war ii. they're just taken for granted, and enough is enough. >> the warning to all americans straight ahead. >> she is supposed to be promoting human rights as ambassador to the united nations. right now samantha power suggesting an american's brutal death t


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