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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 25, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hole you've dug yourself out of. >> we got interesting one. the only appropriate one we can put on television. our favorite. wrongly guessing a woman's able is an impossible hole to dig yourself out of. >> tim is so right. >> true that. thanks so much for watching. here is gretchen carlson. whose story should we believe with mixed messages on obamacare. here is what health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is saying about enrollment needing to get to that top number of 7 million. >> do you agree with vice president biding 5 or 6 is more realistic prfb 7 million was not the administration that was cbo congressional budget office prediction when the bill was first signed. i'm not even sure where theg theta their numbers. there are numbers all over the board. the vice president looked and said it may be closer to five to
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six. >> sebelius goes on to kind of trash the congressional budget office but vice president biden praises the nonpartisan group and its report on job loss. it said labor force shrunk by 2 million but messes up the numbers and says 2,000 jobs would be lost. >> this is a really good report. let me explain why. you get beyond the headline about 2,000 jobs would be lost, how many of you are single women with children in a dead-end job. you're there because of your health insurance? >> joining us now stu varney, host of varney & company. who are we supposed to believe? >> this chaos with two sets of numbers as you pointed out. number one, how many enrollees are required for obama care.
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mrs. sebelius questioning 7 billion and vice president biden comes in with a lower number than that. what they both are trying to do is get the number down to match the disappointing number of enrollees they have actually seen. the second confusion is about job losses. how many jobs will be lost under obamacare. cbo says 2.3 million. that's totally different. >> totally flubbed it. job losses not that bad. this is a good report from the cbo. people will be liberated from that logjam, having been locked interest a job, liberated, they can go and pursue their dream. >> at this point with confusion and chaos with regard to obamacare wouldn't top people in the administration, sebelius, biden, president obama, wouldn't you think they would have a meeting and get on the same page with regard to talking points? >> yes, you would. managed properly within the administration, yes, you would have such a meeting.
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everybody on the same page, everybody uses the same number. in my opinion obamacare is collapsing from within. it's chaos within. they don't know the numbers of they don't know what they should be paying for. they are not quite sure whether we lose 2.3 million jobs or 2 million jobs. they know it's chaos and they can't get together around a single number, a single picture. >> the deadline is coming. march 31st was when they needed 7 million to pay for the program. then you have this report two years late, with no announcement from the administration, something john boehner was waiting for the whole time. it goes on to say this, premiums are going to rise for small businesses. therefore, we are estimating that 65% of small firms are expected to experience increases in their premium rates while the remaining 35% are anticipated to have rate reductions mtd mob bad
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news, stu, for small businesses trying to figure how to incorporate this law. >> bad news from objective organizations, office of actuaries, bean counters down the middle. they are not ideological, not skewed one way or the other. you're right. it is bad news for small business. 11 million people covered by small business plans will see their costs go up. we don't know how much they are going up. that cost upward movement does not include the extra they are going to have to pay on deductibles. bad news for small business. >> stu varney, we'll keep you at your new time, 11:00 eastern. hitting the campaign trail in kentucky, going to bat for a new friend. seen here for his inauguration in 1993, handing him a bouquet of roses when she was 14 years old. now she's getting his help in the heated race against senate
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minority leader mitch mcconnell. karl rove served as chief of staff to president bush and he's here today. good to see you in person. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of president clinton going to stump for this newcomer. >> he's been there before. in 1996 he carried the state of kentucky by about one point campaigning against mitch mcconnell who won by re-election by 12. in 2008 hillary went to campaign against mitch mcconnell and he wub by six. in 2010 bill went back to kentucky to campaign against rand paul and he won by 1. he's a familiar face in the state. i don't think at the end of the campaign it will be dispose tiff but it will help her raise money and have conversations like we're having today. >> what was interesting, she was asked whether she wants president obama to campaign for her. >> this race is about putting
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the people first and i don't need a surrogate to do that. what's the difference? >> one is an unpopular president and the other is a friend of her father, major powerbroker in the kentucky democratic party. >> will it hurt her she didn't vote for obamacare. that's trouble for democrats to run for re-election. >> hard to say with a straight face she wouldn't have. how do you say in retrospect i wouldn't have voted for it. i wasn't there. i wouldn't have voted for it. she doesn't seem to be able to explain the issue, distinguish the issue, explain how she disagrees other than to say obamacare is a disaster and we ought to fix it. >> lets talk about the tea party. it's facing a test of political clout in upcoming election. there seems to be some dissension between the establishment and gop and tea party. how do you see it flushing out? >> i think you have to distinguish between the tea party sentiment and tea party
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groups. groups like senate conservative fund and heritage action and freedom works and club growth don't look like they are going to have a particular good year. our first test will be here in over a week in texas where senator john cornyn is opposed for re-election by congressman stockman and wayne stovall, both of whom are trying to capitalize on the tea party element. but senator cornyn, the second more conservative member of the senate according to the national journal and has high ratings from tea party national groups is going to have a big slice of the tea party local vote. you have to distinguish between washington, d.c. groups looking to get pelts on the wall to justify their existence and tea party sentiment. we were talking about kentucky just now, candidate tries to capitalize on tea party, in favor of bank bailout and had his own personal company bailed out by the state of connecticut.
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>> back to kentucky with mitch mcconnell he said this, quote, we're done nominating candidates who can't win general elections. do you agree with that? >> i think that's going to be a test in this election. i think largely, yes, we're finished. we've been sensitized by 2012. stockman in texas he's a congressman. he turned out to have prescription drug problems, disappeared from the campaign trail, ethics violations. a tea party challenger, quote, tea party challenger over the weekend revealed -- a radiologist -- >> milton wolf. >> terrible x-rays of victims with gunshots wounds, put them on his facebook page and mocked them. i think republicans of all stripes wan to win the election. that's why i think it's important to distinguish between the sentiment which will continue to be there in the tea party groups which will try to justify their existence. >> inning analysis. pointed out what did karl rove bring to me when i hosted fox
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and friends and will he bring it to "the real story"? the answer is no. >> let me explain this. in new york they gave me a bottle of wine. i don't drink and i gave my bottle of wine to you. now they figured out i don't drink so they bring me ginger ale which i do drink. i'll be happy to bring you ginger ale. >> thank you. how do i say this. thank you for not making me drink empty calories. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> second highest ranking government official in the land but not according to joe biden. >> a vice president has no inherent power. it's all reflective power. it all depends on the relationship with the president of the united states. >> no power? really? we'll discuss biden's powers and
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how hillary clinton's decision on a run for the white house will impact his options for 2016. plus government coming after a family's prime 10 acres of land just after their father died. we'll talk to the sisters and a big fight to hold onto it. in the bible saving a man's life quite literally. how the good book prevented a bus driver from getting killed. the new guy is loaded with prote! i'll believe it when i -- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important rt of staying active and strong. ensureigh protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrin charge! low fat and five grams of sugars. transferred money from his before larry instantly bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge
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to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ welcome back, everyone. there was a major meeting at the white house. president obama and house speaker john boehner locked in a hush-hush closed door session. they are expected to rewrite the plan for immigration reform and hit on other hot topics. the president reaching out to afghan president karzai to discuss a possible security agreement or eventual troop
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withdrawal if karzai refuse toss sign an agreement. ed, what's the latest from the briefing? what did you find out? >> this is interesting. these are two leaders that rarely agree on anything. they do agree on putting out a bland statement on both sides insisting it was a constructive meeting. that's what jay carney said, speaker boehner said, putting out a long list, floods, immigration, health care they say they want to work on together. where it got spicy, jay carney was pressed by a number of reporters why it took more than a year for these two leaders to sit down. take a listen. >> the president has conversations with leaders of congress, not all of which are read out to the press, one. two, today's meeting was good and constructive. it covered a range of issues in
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the president's view a useful conversati conversation. three, i think you recall the speaker of the house as reported said he would not ever negotiate with the president of the united states again. >> jay carney suggesting there maybe they have had other meetings that have not been publicized in the last year or so. the point is while both sides put out a long list of issues they might agree on in the election year, the truth is it's very unlikely they will get much done at all. gretchen. >> live at the briefing, thank you very much. >> thank you. new controversy over the keystone pipeline and when the president should make a decision. it's an issue creating a divide among the nation's governors. >> the president is going to approve the pipeline. just write it down, he's going to approve the pipeline. there's no defending not opening the pipeline. >> not everyone on board with
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the plan. >> wait a second. until a few moments ago we were going down a pretty cooperative road, so let me just say that we don't all agree that moving canadian oil through the united states is necessarily the best thing for the united states economy. >> so joining us now simon rosenberg, president and founder of new democratic network and former clinton campaign adviser and larry o'connor host of wml mornings on the mall and drive at 5:00 in, both in washington. also editor in chief at breitbart tv. great to see you. >> you too, gretchen. there seems to be a difference of opinion on the keystone pipeline. simon, the president is going to give the a-ok to this, right? what's all the wait for? >> there's a dleeliberative process. there is a strong argument for approving the pipeline.
11:17 am
it's going to make sure the energy is from north america, not far away places. it's going to keep costs down. it's important toe recognize the president is pushing renewables, too. more domestic north america, more renewables, all of the above. it's been a successful strategy for the united states. >> larry, the president could have made the decision before the 2012 election. all the studies are in at that point in time. really nothing new or revolutionary at that point in time. is he playing politics with this? >> there is something new and revolutionary, fundraising for the democratic party. as long as the decision isn't made environmental fringe will be able to raise money thinking they can do something about this. there's a millionaire who pledged in the midterms to any congress campaign for something running as a republican in favor of keystone. why is connecticut governor
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making a decision about pipeline in middle america? this is why they hate people on the east coast and west coast. this is none of his business. >> interesting attachment vice president joe biden making the rounds on tv lately. he got softball questions from seth meyers last night, he did get a tough question on "the view" where he was asked to explain if he would base his decision in 2016 on what hillary does. >> you have said if she runs for president you will not run. >> no, i haven't. >> tell me what you said? >> the only reason to run for president of the united states if you believe you're in a better positioned to what's most needed in the country. whether she runs or not will not affect my decision. >> he was pretty clear on that today, simon. looks to me like joe biden is running. >> i think he's going to run. i think he's got nothing to lose. he's been vice president of the united states. he's been in this business a long time. he's foreign policy leader, domestic policy leader. he wants to do this before he gets too old. my gut is no matter what hillary
11:19 am
does, he's going to run in 2016. >> while you were saying that, i know you can't see and maybe not see what i'm going to do, larry put up his fist like clinching a victory. why are you doing that? >> run joe run. first of all, i hope simon will join me in my outrage he's running against hillary clinton. hillary is the inevitable president, just needs to waltz in as president. it's obvious joe biden has a war on women. he should back off now and stop thinking about this. we want the two democrats to fight about who has been more effective in the last eight years. joe biden who admits he hasn't done anything or hillary clinton. >> speaking of that, listen to something else joe biden said about his legacy and whether or not his current job he thinks has any power at all. >> i want my legacy to be what i signed on for. a vice president has no inherent power. it's all reflective power.
11:20 am
it all depends on the relationship with the president of the united states. >> simon, the vice president has no inherent -- are you kidding me? this is the second most important job in the united states. i have a list of people who want to be vice president. to hear him say that? you say? >> remember, i think it's been called vice president like a warm bucket of spit. other people have come before. look, what he's saying is true. the relationship, the vice president is given authority by the president that inherently there is no actual power in the way our president set up they have jobs x, y, and z to do. you just wrote about president bush and cheney where cheney had a lot of power first term, not so much the second. he'll run on the record. my prediction is there will be more than one candidate in the
11:21 am
democratic field in 2016. >> already we have two, biden and clinton. okay, guys. we have to wrap it up there. have a great week. >> thank you. eric holder causing a new firestorm after telling some states attorney generals they are not obligated to enforce state laws such as a ban on same-sex marriage. more on these explosive comments coming up. obamacare rules moving far beyond your doctor's office and into your restaurant. requiring now calorie counts to be posted. a live report from one major chain impacted by this. we want to hear from you. do you want to know the calorie count of your meal in a restaurant? tweet me at gretchen carlson and use #therealstory. we'll use your comments at the end of the show. i think onno to that. i want to enjoy my food. let me know what you think. i must begin my journey,
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which will cause me to miss the end of the game. the x1 entertainment operating system lets your watch live tv anywhere. can i watch it in butterfly valley? sure. can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on!
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[ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. welcome back, everyone. backlash to an obamacare rule o favorite restaurants coming up. fda cooking up a plain requiring restaurants, vending machines and grocery stores to post caloric information on the food itself. some business owners say this rule is not manageable and will be impossible to maintain. live from dominos pizza. all right. in alexandria, virginia. peter, how is this going to work for all these restaurants? how are they going to do it? >> basically, gretchen, if your restaurant has 20 or more locations, get ready to see calorie counts listed next to each and every item on the menu whether you want to know how good or bad something is or not. that's what restaurants are
11:26 am
going to have to start doing to comply with regulation buried in the affordable care act. that's a problem for places like dominos including the location in alexandria because dominos offers 34 million different possible pizza locations. there's no wall space to list 34 million different calorie counts so executives at dominos are saying even if they comply with this and start putting up a calorie range for pies this regulation is going to cost them a lot of dough. >> our company, like many enterprises, individual small business franchisees across the country. so these are people who own three or four or one or two dominos pizza stores. to redo menu boards every time something changes on a calorie count would cost them several thousand dollars a year in profits.
11:27 am
to do something would not be beneficial for consumers. >> dominos says that 90% of their customers never set foot inside a store. so for 13 years they have been offering calorie counts where customers would see it online and they want fda to accept that as compliance. now a bipartisan group of lawmakers with them. >> i think it's good for consumers to have calories about what they are eating. i certainly use it. most people honestly haven't yet. but the real burden is the regulations that happened after this was passed. >> we have asked the fda for details about when these regulations are going to go into effect and what happens if a business can't afford to comply. we're still waiting to hear back from them. gretchen. >> wow. i think we all know if we order a great dominos pizza, it's probably not something we eat on a diet anyway. come on. anyway, peter, got to wrap it up
11:28 am
there. thanks for bringing it to our attention. attorney general eric holder sworn to uphold the law. he's advising state attorney general how to get around the law when it comes to state bans on same-sex marriage. a handful of landowners in the u.s. could lose a treasured property along mississippi river to a bike trail under eminent domain. we're going to speak to two sisters who have had this property in the family for more than 100 years and could be stripped from them.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition?
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it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. time for a quick check of headlines, former governor jeb bush admits his last name would be an issue and could hurt him if he runs in 2016. he says it's also an issue hillary clinton will face. ousted president still on the run in ukraine a day after a warrant issued for his arrest. the new government said he's wanted for mass murder of protesters. he fled the capital over the weekend. more cold weather over the week, much of the country will experience it. an expert tells live says it may feel like the coldest since the polar jet stream went further south than usual. attorney general eric holder sparking an uproar telling state
11:33 am
attorney general there's no need to uphold certain laws such as ban on same-sex marriage if they consider law discriminatory. shannon green live in washington. shannon, what exactly is the attorney general advocating here? >> gretchen, he says it's up to them but it's certainly permissible for state attorneys general once they have engaged in legal analysis to decide not to defend state measures that recognize only traditional marriage. here is what he told a gathering of state attorneys from across the country this morning. >> in general, i believe we must be suspicious of legal classifications based solely on sexual orientation and we must endeavor in all of our efforts to uphold and advance values that once led forbearers unequivocably all are created equal and entitled to equal opportunity. >> there are 33 states that have measures only perming their states to recognize traditional marriages and many of those are being challenged right now in court. what kind of response is
11:34 am
eric holder getting on this. >> critics say it's more of the same from an administration they call lawless. they point to the president's decision to ignore or modify, refuse to enforce laws as they have been passed by congress. the attorney general following his example and urging state counter-parts to give themselves freedom. the attorney general in response. >> it almost licenses attorneys general who want to side step these issues and basically make policy decisions whan laws they defend and what they don't, it gives them more license to do that when they tell the voters, general public the united states attorney general recommended they do this or supports them doing this. >> says he was sworn in to defend laws and constitution. whether he likes them or not, that's what he's going to do, gretchen. >> shannon in d.c., thank you. the government trying to make another land grab thanks to eminent domain.
11:35 am
now one minnesota family is fighting back saying the 10 acres of land given to them after their father died is theirs to keep. the county says they need to vitt for a new bike trail and park right on the banks of the mississippi river. joining me now from minnesota sisters nancy drew and joannie sergeant. great to have you on the show today. >> thank you for having us. >> you grew up on this property on the mississippi river. i, by the way, also grew up on the mississippi river so i get this story. this is near and dear to your heart because of the childhood memories and the legacy your family gave you. right, nancy? >> exactly. >> totally. we have lots of fond memories going up there. we went boating all the time, went fishing, horse back riding. we just don't want to lose it at all. >> so joannie tell me what happened. independent the county wants to build this bike trail so they
11:36 am
came to you and said we're going to take your land because basically we can. you have some sort of compromise. they wanted one or two acres. >> we decided we would let them buy 1. acres so they could put this bike trail through. we really didn't want to sell them that much. we wanted to have an easement so they could cross our property. that wasn't good enough. on november 5th they just decided in a closed session they were going to take all of it instead. we had gone there hoping we would hear how much they were going to offer us for 1.8 acres. we had no idea they were going to say they wanted the whole property. >> wow. this i should tell our viewers is right on the heels of your father passing away. then you find out this county commission votes to strip you of all 10 acres. here is the unbelievable thing, nancy. according to minnesota state
11:37 am
law, the county doesn't have to prove that the condemnation is necessary, just reasonably necessary or convenient for the furtherance of a proper purpose. is that your understanding of the law? >> yes, it is. they basically can just come in and take it. we're trying to point out to the judge in this case they don't need the entire property. they can still put in the bike trail with the offer we made them of 1.8 acres and then make both of us happy. the commissioners would be happy. they got their bike trail. we would be happy because we could keep the rest of our property. >> joannie, it's my understanding they only need that small parcel of land. even if you gave them that. now they want to put up picnic benches and stuff for all of the 10 acres? >> yeah. they have our land in their
11:38 am
master plan back in 2003, and it was kind of like they wished for all these things. they wanted to put camper cabins that float or house boats that just stay on the dock. they were going to put up a picnic tables and trails and hiking. >> i just want to remind our viewers, this is your property. i mean, this has been in your family for over a century. and now the government wants to come in and take away this pristine property with childhood and lifelong memories, not to mention a home, because they want to put some picnic benches up. it's an amazing story and i know it's going to anger a lot of our viewers. if you would, please, nancy and joannie, keep me posted. i know you're going back to court in a couple of weeks, if you would keep us posted at "the real story," we would appreciate it. thanks for bringing your story
11:39 am
today. >> thanks for having us on. >> thanks to both of you. now to a ruling in south africa where a judge says parts of oscar pistorius murder trial can be broadcast live on tv. allowing three remote controlled cameras in the courtroom. testimony given by pistorius, known as the blade runner, can't be shown. however there will be a live audio feed of the entire trial. the judge can stop it at any time. the double amputee charged with the death of his girlfriend. that was a year ago. what do you have coming up, shep? >> the owner of the second biggest mansion in all the land is this man and somebody wants him dead. that's the word from one of tycoon's close friends who happens to be a former senator. this is his house. the shooting at the mansion yesterday was really an
11:40 am
assassination attempt. we'll tell you about this guy's enormous political connections and how he managed to survive a bullet to the head. we'll also tell you about his huge home. one reportedly responsible for the tale "the great gatsby." top of the hour reporting see you then. >> nice crib there. >> love it or listive it. mad allegations about irs targeting political groups? so are a lot of folks. our next guest, a congressman trying to stop it. fbi opened a file on lincoln 50 years of a his assassination. why they opened the file so long after the fact and why it was active for the next 50 years.
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the sun he mitting the strongest solar flare of the year today, not expected satellite or radio communication. coming soon all over the country, low profile test run in southern states that happened last may. since it was such a hit there, the restaurant chain now set to offer a full breakfast menu beginning march 27th. conspiracy theories around abe lincoln's assassination and john wilkes booth. a question whether he was alive. 1920s a man wrote to the agency says booth was his next-door neighbor but nothing came of that. two new bills hitting the house floor, both targeting reforming the tax agency, doing things like giving audits a one-year time limit, the bills would ensure americans are told within 30 days if any of their information was leaked or
11:45 am
shared. it further protects our privacy by banning irs from asking intrusive based on religious, political or social. peter rosscom chief deputy whip, good to see you. >> thanks, gretchen. >> there's been a lot of attention on the irs of late with regard to targeting tea party groups. is that the intention of the bill? >> this came out of the experience of the american people. what we're trying to do instead of being on our heels as a united states citizen lets put irs on its heels. the irs is prohibited from asking questions about political, religious or social views. we heard testimony from a right to life group in iowa where the irs asked them this question in written interrogatories. they said, tell us about your prayer meetings. tell us about the activity of your prayer meetings.
11:46 am
i think that is such a shuddering thoughts the internal revenue service is making those types of inquiries. lets cut them off completely from their ability to do that. >> we talked about this with our political panel this week. one concern i have, congressman, i'm wondering if it's in the fine print of your bill, won't the irs know these organizations are, for example, tea party groups without asking those kinds of questions. couldn't they still target if they wanted to? >> they could still target if they wanted to. what we're doing is continuing to put limitations on what irs is able to inquire about, the nature of things they can use and also time limitations on how long the irs can use to make these decisions. so foreclosures one of the bills said if you make an inquiry of the internal revenue service, if you're a taxpayer asking them a question, they have the same period of time to respond to you as you have to respond to them. so they have to give you an answer within 30 days and not one of these pat you on your
11:47 am
head types of answers but a real substantive answer. >> it's interesting. i think a lot of people at home are giving you a lot of applause like, all right, they have to live by the rules they impose on us because everyone fears the irs. let me ask you this. why would anybody, whether democrat or republican, be against this? >> i don't think you should. during the early part of the testimony k for example, in the ways and means committee, when you heard from these witnesses that had been manipulated and targeted by the internal revenue service, at the very beginning there was a bipartisan response to that that was really admonishing the internal revenue service. liberals figured out, look, if this can happen to conservative groups, it can happen to liberal groups in the future what we don't want is a government beaurocracy making decisions about which americans get to participate in the public square debate and which americans don't. that is not for the internal revenue service to determine. >> i chuckled when i read
11:48 am
statements about your article proposing the bills, it said this. with more transparency, the irs can perhaps win back the trust of the public. hmm. >> that's not really the object of the game here. i think to your point the irs has a long way to go. look, it's not helpful when president obama just completely dismisses the possibility of any criminal wrongdoing as he did on an interview not long ago. i think what we've got to do is stay focused, push these bills incrementally, take on their ability to challenge people as it relates to things of faith and things of politics and things of social position and limit them greatly. we hope to do that this week. >> what you said in the interview with bill o'reilly there wasn't a smidgeon of corruption with the targeting the irs was doing. >> isn't that nice to know? it's completely ridiculous to make that statement. >> congressman roskam trying to get bills through the house later this week. thanks so much for your time. keep us posted.
11:49 am
>> thanks, gretchen. now what do you think? toronto mayor rob ford is jumping up and down about what now? tweet me @gretchen carlson. a state responsible for half our fruits and vegetables. will is in the middle of the drought. will, what's coming up? where are you? >> gretchen, fields like this used to be filled with crops now sit empty because there's simply not enough water. coming up, tell you what farmers are doing to make sure you can get all of the food you need and wan. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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welcome back. toronto mayor rob ford known for his running of the mouth, but now comes video of ford running into a fire hydrant and taking a
11:53 am
painful hit to the groin. ford was out with a crowd celebrating canada's olympic gold medal in men's hockey sunday when he smashed into the fire hydrant. this is moment he learned canada's women's hockey team had tied a critical game in the last minute for the gold medal match. jumping up and down on the floor of parliament. he's running for re-election this october and he says, no problem, he's going to win. meantime, a crisis in california. the state which grows half, half of the country's fruits and vegetables. right now the entire state is in some form of drought. some farms are in what's characterized as exceptional drought and farmers can't water their crops. los angeles, alone, has seen a little over an inch of rain since july, only 10% of what it normally gets. will live for us in clovis, california. all right, will, we know it's bad. just how bad? >> reporter: that's right, gretchen. you said it's a crisis. it absolutely is.
11:54 am
the field behind me used to be filled with almond trees but the farmer who owns this property tells me had to bulldoze a lot of his crop simply because there's not enough water. in california's central valley, fields are empty. >> it goes beyond devastation. i mean, you're going to see farms that have been in business for 30 and 40 years. they do not have any water. >> reporter: many farmers just received news that they're not getting any federal water this year. >> we're pretty much in survival mode. >> reporter: some moving from flood irrigation to drip irrigation. which uses far less water and is more sustainable. >> that conserves water because we've been deficit not this year but for the last ten years. >> reporter: many farmers are letting crops go to keep others alive. >> we recognize that mother nature throws a drought occasionally and so we made the decision not to plant more than a third of this farm. >> reporter: same goes for third-generation grower
11:55 am
and control the quality of the groundwater. >> reporter: next door, a reverse osmosis plant is in the works. >> that could have a long-term benefit in the area and generating some usable water. >> reporter: a tad bit of good news for farmers in the area. they're supposed to get a couple storms later this week, but gretchen, they tell me no matter how much rain they get, it's not going to be enough. >> will, thank you for that report. humans taking photos, so yesterday. now the selfie going to the birds.
11:56 am
picture was even made possible. don't miss it.ze support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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the selfie craze is taking flight literally. take a look at this birds eye view being called the world's first bird selfie. a travel company using two swiss tags to mount a camera on the beak of a great white pelican, getting a view of tanzania. how fabulous. the pelican known as big bird lives at a safari lodge there. the bird was not hurt in the process. call it divine intervention. a man saved by a bible in his shirt pocket, stopped two bullets from hitting his chest during alleged gang anything. the dayton, ohio, bus driver was doing maintenance on his bus yesterday when two attackers stabbed him in the arm, shot him in the leg. he's expected to survive. police tracking down his attackers. earlier we asked if you want to know the amount of calories the food you eat in restaurants.
12:00 pm
patrick posted on facebook, big brother running our lives again. bill wrote, i never worry about the calories when i'm at to eat but knowing is better than not knowing. dina, i think that's great it will force restaurants to use quality pure foods. i don't know, for me, i don't want to know. anyway, just my opinion. gretchen, oscar pistorius and porn. what the blade runner start was reportedly doing on the day he shot and killed his cover model girlfriend. plus time to launch a cyber attack against syria? you'll hear what we learned today at a secret debate at the white house. and the fight over a teenage girl. a hospital is keeping her from her parents and medical experts say they have a very good reason. it's doctors versus doctors with a family caught in the middle. a live report. so let's get to it. now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. >> good afternoon to you


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