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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 26, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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new collision why should you run over the catcher? >> off doubt hours you are doing reporting? >> yeah. we raised a lot of money to help prevent dropout. >> i bet you did a great job. >> i tried my best. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. >> nice, fox news alert. two reports and two-days and obama care was not ready for launch and the white house knew it. welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. >> nice to see you and reunited. widespread problems showed more problems than the administration let on. did the white house put people's personal information at risk? byron is a fox news contributor. we knew the federal roll out had problems and now we know just how bad the state roll outs were
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as well. >> department of health and human services anyhow about it and the white house knew about it. the failure as spectacular as the obama care roll out does not happen overnight. we are getting new e-mails and evidence leading up to the october 1st roll out that showed officials knew there were roll outs. and the latest on the state exchange the health and human services anyhow there were serious security risk in 35 exchanges and they were passing urgent memos and october 1st roll out date was approaching and higher ups said let's g. sorry about the security we'll go ahead. >> why did they do that? knowing the states were high risk why would they press ahead? >> think back to october 1st.
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we had a huge fight about republicans hoping to defund obama care and it was a battle zone and the obama administration felt it could not admit any problems or delay. this republicans wanted to delay the roll out of obama care and the white house was dead set opposed to that. and later we learned how unpredented for the roll out. nfox news.comhas a article. they looked at all of the documents and the way describe it. frenzied high stake decision making progress playing out against the clock. remember they had four years to iron out the wrinkles and so why were they up against the clock at the 11th hour. >> president obama signed it in to law in march 2010.
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one of the reasons was that you know, the administration releases a lot of rules and regulations concerns obama care in the run up to the actual implementation to the law and put it on hold in 2012 because they were afraid of doing so would cause public opposition to obama care just before the presidential election. president obama was standing for reelection at that time. the department and human services got themselves behind the eight ball and 2013 was a mad rush to get it done by october 1st and they didn't suck sowed. we all know that now. >> do we have any idea if engineers fixed the problems that expose people's information to vulnerability or are we grappling at it in the state level? >> the white house said they are
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being fixed. we don't know of cyber attack or any attack exploiting the vulnerabilities of the system. but experts say we wouldn't by now, it would be in the future. but the white house say these things are worked on. that tells you they are not completely fixed. >> byron thank you. >> and there is a warning about the obama care. irs telling people they will face shared responsibility tax. melissa francis is here to talk about all of. that how are you. good day to you. what is the warning from the white house? >> they want you to know when you file your tax return next year they will look back at this year starting in january and wanting to make sure that everyone has had insurance every month and if not, you are going
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to face a penalty when you file your tax return. and you think you are safe, there is a lot of confusion and didn't have insurance, they want you to know that you will face a penalty for the january month that went by? >> what is the penalty. one percent of the house hold or 95 per dult plus 47.50 up to $285. which ever is higher that is going to pay. over time it is going up to 2.5 percent of the adjusted gross income or 2085 which is higher? >> and some people call it a tax. no, no. it is not a nice word. you don't like tax.
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it is shared responsibility payment. it is your responsibility and mine and theires is going to help you share your dollars with the rest of the country. so now the irs is helping you a long. >> srp. shared responsibility payment. that is what it is. >> melissa, how do they it collect it? >> with more agents. if you are getting a return from the irs they will deduct it. right out of the gate the treasury department said they will need 2,000 more agents. and what is going to be trucky is the folks who don't foil a tax return. >> seniors don't have to and young people. that group of young people who don't have a income and trying to decide if they want to get
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insurance or pay a penamenty. and that is through the tax return and earning an income. it just means many, many more irs agents in our future. >> the only way they can exize the tax or penalty are getting it on the taxes and they with hold the money. at the same time the irs holds the liability. i haven't owed the irs. and that is ugly. this is the beginning of an interesting tax season. you think of all of the obama care taxes and what you are talking about here as well. >> see you at 2 o'clock. come and check me out. and that will start on anti-
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gay. this will deny service based on the business owner's religious beliefs. and this is adam housely. what is the latest, adam? >> reporter: even the governor called it controversial. and she came home to a fire storm and tweeted out that she is basically going to take her time and do the right thing for arizona. she will go over the legislation today and does this normally when it is a controversial bill and that will allow her to get the issue from both sides in her mind and allows the business owners to not serve or cooperate with certain customers they wouldn't go along with. and what is seen as mostly as a anti- gay bill and religious leaders and law makers and
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coming out against it and asking her to veto. they are urging her not to sign the bill and arizona set to host the next year's super bowl. host committee is urging it to be vetoed and think it might hamper the super bowl. and there are political heavy weights and mitt romney came out against it and arizona senators and arizona law makers who supported it no longer support. it >> perception is, that it is specific to gays and it was not intended that way. we didn't intend it that way. my colleagues and i never thought it would be that and it is horrible for the businesses and the the damage it is or could do to the economy. >> the bill's authors said their
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intentions are misconstrued and they say it is protecting people's rights to exercise religion freely and not about being anti- gay at all. >> they have determined somehow that the bill is something that it is not and we have moved in the world of perception as opposed to the world of reality. >> there was a bill similar to that last year to get changes to it that the governor vetoed last year. there is some pres dept here. >> does she need to make it by saturday? >> here's the thing. she doesn't have to make a decision at all. and it would be a law by saturday. but officially she has to make it by saturday. we believe that she is going to make a decision. >> everyone is waiting on that. >> and there is a new push to
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get to the bottom of the irs targeting scandal. the powerful house committee trying to get a central player to answer the question. >> i have been advised by the council to not to testify or questions related to the subject matter. >> is this getting lois lerner back on the hill? >> it is a top warning about planning for a full withdrawal in afghanistan. how it could encourage the enemy and there is this. >> that is on board of a school bus, and that is not cool. the driver is fighting with a teenager in her care. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. (inaudible)
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here is disturbing video to she you. a school bus driver goes after a student with a broom trying to brake up a brawl. watch this. oh, boy, this is indianapolis. the bus driver hits the student after a fight broke out when the driver was trying to discipline the student. the 14-year-old who was hit that it was her fault but she believes that the driver went too far. >> she hit me with the nose and i started it. and i am not lying to you. i did start it. but i don't think that is a reason for her to put her hands on me. >> the driver is suspended. and the prosecutors are considering legal charges. >> and two major hearings on the
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hill about the irs targeting of conservative groups. mark your calendars and the former irs official lois lerner is summoned to give testimony again next week. and they are on the oversight government reform committee. can you compel her to show up? does it come down to her and her attorney? >> when there is a dully issued subpoena you have to adhere. i am sure they don't want to show up. it is not optional. she waived her right and fifth amendment right when she gave that statement and tried to claim. it a long- time prosecutor did a great job highlighting this. she must or be in contempt to congress. >> what do you think she knows? >> i think she knows a lot. the white house said it was
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a cincinnati field office that went awry. lois lerner dropped the story and hoped no one would see it and a focal point and jim jordan pointed out so many of the roads, not all of them. but so many go through lois lerner and her manipulation of the irs data. >> and so 8 or 9 monthsing on, was that a cover up? >> look, you can claim your fifth amendment right, but you can't make a statement. she waived the right and going to come here. she will be come up to cant captain hill if we give her immunity. we are not interested. she may have to pay consequences. come up to congress and tell the truth. that's what we are asking her to do. >> legally she must come back and answer questions. >> yeah, yeah. >> this is what her attorney
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said. we understand that the committee voted she had waived her right. and we disagree she waived any rights and will not answer unless she is ordered by the united states district court or receives immunicipality. is that a possibility? >> i don't think we have a desire to offer immoupity. and if she am cans up she will be held in contempt of the the congress and it will play out in the court. there is an easier way to do this. they are making it difficult but come to captaining and tell the truth. >> subpoenas are not optional in the united states of america. >> there was a statement put out talking about how she played a significant role in the targeting. what was her role significantly? >> there she seems to be the
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focal point. she was directing the traffic and not allowing these to go through the process. applications were given on the food chain. 90,000 employees in the united states only two political appointees. but the applications ended up on the desk and that is in the center of lois lerner. >> where does it go after lois lerner? >> we have to find out who in the white house was engaged and why the department of justice appointed someone to look at this that was tied to obama white house. and why the president said there is not a smidgeon of a mess. i don't know where it gets. >> it goes on and on based after that answer. >> the administration can come
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clean but if they hide the truth, the oversight and ways and means committee, we'll keep after them. >> march 5th is the when it is next wednesday. >> and america's top military officer said the move sends a clear message to afghan president karzi that he needs to sign a security pact with the u.s. >> and a survey a noupsment from nasa. a faulty space suit that nearly ended in disaster for one on board of the international space station. >> bake aresville 61, oh, my gosh. you guys see this? there is a spider that fell. >> the spider saga did not end there.
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>> it was a spider but a weatherman on live television wanted none of it. >> bakersville, 61. oh, my gosh, you guys see this? sorry, there is a spider that fell. oh. i hate spiders, man, when you are bald you can feel them crawling on your head. >> he was freaked out by
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a creepy crawler. and he later sees it on the floor. and the river valley in the sfieps. and there it is, i so it. oh. no. that is the scariest. >> he is up one- nothing over the spider. >> that spider didn't stand a chance. >> well, he was freaked out. >> he said he was scared because he was bald and he was scared. >> they are creepy if you are not bald. >> toughen up. >> what scares you? >> send me a tweet at bill hemmer. >> and to me at alisyn camerota. we'll read what freaks you out? >> america's top military officer ordering commanders to focus on the current mission in afghanistan and warning that
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speculation of a possible complete u.s. pull out could encourage the enemy. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs flew to kabul and spent the day with commanders and troops explaining the president's plan to pull all of troops out of afghanistan if no security agreement is signed by president karzi. general dempsey said more time that passes more afghans will hedge their bets and side with the taction. dempsey said it is embolden the taliban and? way encourages them and intelligence supports that. >> the longer we wait, the more likely the possibility that we end up with 0, and no troops
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beyond 2014. because we cannot and will not have u.s. troops on the ground without a signed bsa. >> they are in meeting with nato and insure that the other allies don't run for the exits in afghanistan. yesterday's phone call was the first time president obama spoke with the afghan president since last june. karzi will not sign an agreement until after the presidential elections in april. the white house warns that the longer karzi stalls the smaller the force would be. they need two months to break down the air bases and the real worry is what message that the taliban is taking from the public disagreement and debate. >> big story and deal. >> a bite from a pet rat cost
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the little boyhis leg. is it to blame? >> health and human service kathleen sebelius tried to gloss over the numbers for obama care and we'll listen and debate fair and balance. >> i think that success looks like 7 million having signed up by the end of march 2014. as you get older, protein is an important rt of staying active and strong. ensureigh protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrin charge! low fat and five grams of sugars. when jake and i first set out on we ate anything.
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>> two nen the killing of a british soldier learning their fate. al-qaeda extremist sentenceed to life without parole for hacking an off doubt soldier in broad daylight. nasa expected to admit that a faulty space sought nearly cost an astronaut his life. it malfunctioned on two previous occasion. the first malfunction was never reported. an iowa couple celebrating the 80th wedding anniversary. clara is delbetter met in the 10th grade and married since 1933. what do they talk about? >> a lot of honey dos. >> 80 years?
10:33 am
i never heard of something so long. >> and congratulations, well done. >> just tells you how cynically the administration is manipulating the numbers that it pretends it doesn't have. and what we saw when she said where did you get the 7 million? she was the one who said it. it is an old rule. say the truth it is easier to memorrize. >> charles krauthammer on secretary sebelius's roll out. >> 7 million was not the administration. it was a cpo congressional budget office prediction. i am not sure where they got the numbers. there are numbers all over the board. >> david webber on sirius and fox news contributor and jessica
10:34 am
erlick is an attorney and democratic strategist. >> kathleen sebelius said that 7 million number was not our numbers. let's rewind the tape back it september and hear kathleen sebelius herself. >> i think success looks like at least 7 million people signed up by the end of march 2014. >> there you g. she's using the number and what happened since then? >> she's giving the health care numbers the bad name. and to chrome dome rewind there. and cathlone sebelius apparently scared by the numbers, her numbers. she said 7 million. charles krauthammer is absolutely right. if you tell the truth and go by the 99s recollects you don't have to remember what you said.
10:35 am
but here's the problem, if they tell the truth, the reality of obama care comes out to the american people and starting to see the affects of it and they can't talk about the technical back in and legislative nightmare that is created and more forms filled out in paper in oregon and massachusetts and have to be processed and the man hours and night mayor behind this. it was not a good bill and they are trying to put out numbers to make it sound good. get kanye west and every star in hollywood to sell it. most of the health industry has the 80- 20 rule. 80 healthy and 20 percent sick. and in the private market they have a workable model. they need 40 percent. how is that a sustainable program. show didn't just say 7 million.
10:36 am
she said at least 7 million. >> estimate given the numbers that we have seen in the last three months and white house put out of enrollment that we will close to 6.6 by the end of march. and so saying that ideally from the cbo estimate, clearly everybody knows there was a rocky roll out and now people are able to start joining and they are. and we are seeing young people go up to a million who have joined and those numbers will continue to climb. >> do you believe the numbers, jessica? >> there being put out. and at this point, have to believe the numbers. >> no, why should we? >> hold on, yesterday the
10:37 am
president said 4 million. 4 million have signed up. jessica you believe two and half more will? >> that's what the health care analyst are saying. i know the new york times had a now days or weeks ago based on the estimate and numbers at 4 million, they will be able to get to 6.6 million and the administration said they would do an aggressive push to get people to sign up in this by the end of march 31st. >> and they can be aggressive as they want and project all of the numbers they want and put aside the analyst. we have a who signs up that matters. young people are not buying in the program and they can pay the fine and you can't guarantee the sign ups and i will borrow this from charles krauthammer.
10:38 am
amazon doesn't count it as a sell. you have to pay and get the card in hand. the back end is not ready. will it be ready by march 31st? >> 33 days and 3 million. >> that is a different argument as well. clearly the program becomes more functional the more people who are insured. >> there is no prove of that. >> hang on, david. >> if they don't get to that number? there is a lot of problems down the road. jessica thank you. thank you, guys. we have an update to a tragic story that got attention. the case of a man who had a heart attack outside of the fire house and the firefighters refusing to help him. he was a 77-year-old retired
10:39 am
city worker and collapsed cross from a fire station. when the people ran for help they were told to call 911 first. >> it is time for change. it is time for change. my family and i do not want anyone to feel the pain and loss we continue to feel. >> and now a dc council member is calling for the fire chief and deputy mayor to lose their job over this. mr. wells is also a candidate for dc mayor. mr. wells, this story grabbed our viewer's attention. no one could understand how a man could lay doing across the four house and firefighters refused to help him. what went wrong? >> i oversight the police and
10:40 am
four in d.c. i wanted to give the mayor time to fully investigate and find out what happened and assure us it would not happen again. we held the hearing and they went over what happened, but they did nothing more than send the memos and say follow the rules and these firefighters will be disciplined but there is no plan to fix this. this is something that cannot happen in any four house in america. >> absolutely. at the time it happen. firefighters said the reason they couldn't help and 911 had to be called, it was protocol and against the policy to self dispatch. is there a law in washington d.c. that prevents first responders from self dispatching? >> there was a rookie in the front dor. protocol someone is at the front door in case they say we need
10:41 am
help. rookie went back to the seasoned fire fighters and they said check with the lieutenant. when they made the 911 call. they sent an ambulance to the wrong quadrant of the city. it was a series of errors and i expect the administration to explain how they fix this. i mean, a man died and the mills family deserves an answer. >> they say it is a problem of the moral fiber of the firefighter. they did not possess the desire to help people and fulfill the oath they had taken. do you think that went wrong? >> i know there is a series of failures where they haven't known how many fire trucks they and ambulances on fire. and a policemen that was hit and
10:42 am
we had to have a neighboring state to transport the policemen. if it was one incident and it was one fire house it would be one thing. but over the 18 months it is a series of failure are and the administration to blame employees, that is not taking ownership and leadership and shows no plan. this can never happen. you can blame your employees but you have to have a plan to feces it. >> you are calling for the resignation for the deputy mayor and fire chief. we have's statement from the mayor and said it is a sat and desperate attempt to publicize the passing. and the deputy mayor and chief worked against reforming a department froze upon in the past. mr. wells sided with those
10:43 am
opposed with bring the fire department in the 21st search. he is be ashamed of himself. >> that is not a plan. the mayor took the job to lead the city. and we have a fire department that has the responsibility of saving. and to say it is politics. i have given them chance after chance. when ambulance were catching on fire. they blamed the. o. and we had a study no, they didn't repair the ambulances and they should have been replaced. to continue to blame the employees, but you have to have a plan and come forward with how we are going to do this. this is a faillure of over 12 months and a series of failures and they need to provide leadership. this is not the way to assure the city it will get it right. >> thank you for being here.
10:44 am
a little boygets a bite from the pet and the boydies how does this happen?
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>> quick check of the role story. >> about to be released to the public presidential letters from the bill clinton. and what is in them? will it help or hurt hillary clinton? and biden is back and we'll tell you the latest bidenism. >> and a mom giving birth to a baby on a new york city street. what happened and who stepped in to help? find out when we speak to the new mom today? >> it happens every day? >> not on the streets. nope makes it different. >> and one day he was a healthy, fun loving 10-year-old boy.
10:48 am
not day he was dead after contacting a rare disease from a rat. >> doc, is this possible as the family claims? >> yes, it is a sad story, the n among the rats andused by is number one, and number two, it could have been a scratch or handling the rat in the cage. the child who had previous rats, the child may not have been on the look at it. this can happen rapudly. the centers for disease control reported only a couple hundred cases of this. and if you are treated quickly for this. you are not probably going to die. 25 percent fatality if unpre
10:49 am
treated. pencilien would have treated. it muscle acts and rash and nausea and they thought it was probably the flu he had. >> we bring in a defense attorney. brian, the family wants to sue petco, who is at fault here? npetco has a responsibility to make sure that the rat received an adequate vaccine to make sure that the rat would not infect someone who bought the rat. that is obvious. but what petco will do here, they like target or pet smart or petco, they have vendor agreements with the other wholesalers. and that is a facility that provided the rat to petco. >> the company is going to blame
10:50 am
the supplier? >> absolutely. they have vendor agreements and a whole harmless agreement with the supplier. and the supplier has to assume full responsibility. and if ifault. if i'm petco, i'm going to go back and say you didn't adequately give a vaccine to the rat. if i'm a family i'm going to say you're the face of the transaction, you have to assume responsibility. >> very quickly, dr. siegel, this rat bite fever as it's being called, you're saying it's not normally deadly. parents out there -- rats are becoming more and more popular pets. parents don't need to panic, antibiotics can treat it. >> absolutely. i'm not aware of a vaccine for it. certainly a rat has to have a vaccine, any pet does. the issue is here a rat can have it. it's a respiratory in fact. the rat could have it and you might not know it. you could be handling it, a rat without any symptoms. i'm worried about that. more and more in pet stores.
10:51 am
>> thanks, guys. we'll put more information on twitter. a couple out walking their dog, they find a real life buried treasure. >> wait until you hear what it's really worth. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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a california company make a discovery of a lifetime unearthing $10 million in rare gold coins from their backyard. real deal, huh? san francisco. >> just amaze. imagine walking your dog in the backyard and stumbling across the greatest buried treasure in north america. 1880s most likely buried by someone who decided burying it in the ground was safer than a
10:55 am
bank. these were the wild west when california's gold country was the edge of civilization. the coins found by a self-employed couple who walked past hundreds of times before. worried now that treasure hunters might show up with shovels and backhoes they want to stay anonymous. rare coin experts say that's a smart move. >> we've seen shipwrecks with phenomenal amounts of coins on them. when you start to look at buried treasure, we've never seen gold coins of this size and value. >> stuffed in eight rusty cans. the couple realized they shouldn't handle anything before calling in the experts. good thing they did that. cleaning the coins themselves could have reduced value significantly. as it is, this treasure is worth $10 million. several of the rarest coins could fetch a million apiece when they go on sale this summer on amazon. the couple will need to pay taxes on their sudden wealth, a
10:56 am
million dollars but say they don't want to change their quiet rural lifestyle. they plan to donate to charity and keep a few for keepsakes. incredible discovery. >> here comes the tax man. >>ica ka ching. >> a weather man freaks out on air when a flyer lands on his head. we want to know what scares you? >> you can't say everything. you could say snakes, shark, spidey. >> anything is possible. we'll read them next.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
we asked what scares you. >> snakes. enough said. >> ryan, my mom. >> elizabeth, spiders, clowns,
11:00 am
toilets, darkness, planes, dogs. really there aren't enough characters on twitter to go through all of them. >> toilets scare her. that's a problem, elizabeth. thanks for watching, i'm alisyn camerota. >> gretchen carlson and "the real story" starts now. >> thanks, guys. we start with a fox news alert today because just an hour from now the white house set to announce another multi-billion dollar economic stimulus plan. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." a week after dmik advisers released the report claiming $800 billion stimulus from 2009 created 6,000 jobs and saved the country from the great depression. here is what we know about new plan. $4 billion for new roads and bridges. $150 billion to a program proposing overhaul of business taxes. $600 million


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