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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 27, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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walking unsteadily after dui last month. getting ready to drag race. good night from washington. bill o'reilly starts right now. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," well belgium understand buoyancy? the exclusive look at the nation struggling to build a navy. and what word did joe biden admit to the president he doesn't know how to spell? >> one word, possibilities. possibilities. >> and finally, are bear cubs capable of killing a grown woman with cuteness? jed do guy yaw be law -- jedediah put her life on the line to find out. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she is so hot her face doubles as a waffle iron. i am here with author, columnist and fox news
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contributor, jedediah bila. and it is rock, paper, scissor, four-time champion. and he says he is suffering from post olympic depression. honestly, it is hard to tell the difference. it is tv's andy levy. exactly. that's how weird it looks. and fresh from his memorial -- or memorable appearance wiping down tables at sbarro, his next stop will be in edmonton march 5th through the 9th. if you can't find him, follow the scent of axe body spray. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. hey, greg, can i call you barbecue because you're hot all day long? >> isn't that sweet? should your score matter no more? some are asking for sat scores decades after they took the
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test, decades. according to the "wall street journal", consulting firms and banks like goldman sachs make a request of new college recruits. even applicants in their 40s or 50s are asked for the results of a test they probably don't even remember. one company says they use the s.a.t. scores for critical thinking and qawnt tiff ability. but the college board that runs the test says the main point is to predict first year college success. this is so confusing. for more let's go to "red eye" senior business correspondent. >> that's all. that's all. >> it is a shame when you are
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driving through new york and sarah jessica parker just shows up. what are you talking about? and gives you a video and hands you a video of a beautiful horse that needs food. >> is that a horse? >> it was nice of her to feed the horse. >> i thought it was a donkey. >> i don't know, jedediah. >> it is a creature from "the never ending story." >> i think your jacket is from "the never ending story." >> good one, burn. >> i understand it wasn't very good. jedediah, how can a test that you took years ago, decades, matter to employers now? >> it can't. s.a.t.'s don't measure intelligence anyway. i had great grades in school and a great average in high school and college and would go to take these tests and would freeze and have no idea what was going on. i don't think they are good. i think these people are lazy when they interview. they say let's look at old s.a.t. scores instead of figuring out if this person is right for the job.
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if i went in and someone said, hey we're going to use your s.a.t. scores i would walk right out. >> i think that's what they are doing. they don't have the heart to tell you you suck so they say we would like to see your s.a.t. scores and you say i'm out of here. it is like demanding something from somebody they don't commit to. i do it in relationships all the time. jesse, your fellow employees at red robin are studying for the s.a.t. right now. do they look at you as the example of why they should try to do well so they don't end up like you? >> i sit the staff down and say one time in second grade on a math test i got a frownie face and look how i am doing now. >> that was 10 years ago. >> what do you think of this?
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>> just because i look like i dress like i am still in high school doesn't mean i am the same guy. i smoke way more cigarettes. >> joanne, you are in your early to mid40s. do you ever -- do you actually remember your s.a.t.? should it matter? >> i don't remember them. i was hung over when taking them. >> how unpredictable. >> i agree with jedediah. i think it is ridiculous an employer is asking for it in the first place. if they are asking for intelligence take an intelligence test or a personality test. i am more interested in the person i am working with than their intelligence. is this someone i will want to work with? most people who are geniuses have no social skills. i wouldn't want that in the office every day. >> i am right here, gosh. >> if they gave those tests they would have to grade those tests. there is a lazy component of
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let's use what we have, but let's not overwork ourselves for grading a new test. >> can you imagine you are almost 50 and being in a job interview that you can imagine and somebody asking for your s.a.t.'s. >> i prefer to think of it as almost your age. >> i am a youthful 50. >> man, that's old. >> this is dumb for a bunch of reasons. the people who administered the test say it doesn't predict anything. but it violates what i like to call the hierarchy of the resume. if you were a senior in high school i think employers would ask for your high school grades and if they want to set your s.a.t. scores, fine. if you just graduated employers should check your college grades. your high school stuff shouldn't matter. we had one previous job and maybe the employers check that job in college. once you had two previous jobs, forget about college. leave the s.a.t. out of it. it doesn't matter what you did
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in college at that point. i don't understand why they are doing this. >> i wish you would have gone farther. >> i could have. >> the sad thing is, i don't think you know what does happen. >> all he knows is the background check. that's the most important 1. >> you have had 35 jobs so it would make sense. >> there are a statute out of limitations on -- statute of limitations. >> what tests would matter? how to talk to a crazy person if are you in customer service. things like that matter more. >> they set up scenarios like actual problem solving you would face on that job or like these are the day-to-day tasks you would have to complete, are you capable of navigating that? that would make sense. s.a.t.'s prove nothing. even if you are going into engineering and get a great math score, it doesn't mean you will be good at
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engineering. it doesn't have a direct route to smarts. >> i was going to say for andy's next gig based on how he is dressed they will look less at his sa -- as -- >> it is a lot of letters. >> i'm assuming you debt do well on the verbal part. >> they will look less at the s.a.t. scores and more that he is dressing like he is going to work on a lobster boat. >> it took a longtime to get there. >> it was well worth it though. >> that was longer than my hierarchy. >> did you get that joke from mccure yow? >> it was a deadliest catch sweater and then i tried to wedge it into the story. >> this is a guy who robbed the prop closet from "the terminator" and got john connor's original jacket.
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>> no, really, i got this on a dead guy. >> interesting story. should they be released before they are deceased? the ap report says a record number of inmates with life sentences are winning parole in california. that's a state. since taking office three years ago governor jerry brown uh officialed 80% of parole board decisions leading to 1400 lifers going free. the dramatic rise in early release comes as the state is dealing with court orders to ease a decade's long prison crowding crisis. but packed prisons are not a factor in parole decisions. instead, it is based on how adorable the inmates are. speaking of criminals. >> no.
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>> wow. i wonder what happened at the end. i can only p tragic and bloody. jesse, you oppose -- oh, wrong story. >> i will tell you what i do oppose how easy it is for a squirrel to get a pilot's license. in this post 9/11 world the rodent can fly a plane a anywhere. >> he will fly it right into your head because you look like a building. >> he would look at you and he would yell something in squirrel religion and then fly into your eyes. >> this is obviously a relief for you. they served like 40 years and isn't that close enough to a
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life term anyway? it is not like they could do much now because they are so old. do you buy that a? >> they should do it the way the white house does with turkeys. put information and allow the people to vote, you know what i mean? this is cletis, he is a member and this is gold tooth. he is uh allergic to cleetis. >> that is true coming from you. >> you are a family of five, but got probation because you said the judge was, quote, super hot. how do you feel about this new thing? >> i am very grateful to have received a fair trial and have been acquitted. i don't understand this idea of governors pardoning people
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or giving them parole. after going through the process then one person can let them go after a board reviews whatever? but it is ultimately their say? that is ridiculous. these poor vehicle times who experienced comfort and know they have life in prison, then that goes away. >> that is the thing that kills me. they were hugging and crying 20 years ago, hugging and crying because they know this guy is going away. then they read the paper that the guy that butchered their father is -- >> but it happens in every lifetime movie and they find that person and shoot and kill them and then they end up there jail. >> it is a vicious circle. jedediah, 80% of lifers are in for murder and the rest are rapists and kidnappers. this will make the state safer, right? >> so harmless people are being let out. i understand the overcrowding problem. but the average age for these people to be let out is mid50s.
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that's pretty young. you are not talking about 80 and 90-year-olds. you can come out and do a lot of damage. i wouldn't want to live in a place where i knew that was happening and then finding out somebody in my neighborhood would be released with that history. >> the 50-year-old inmate has a 30-year-old body because they are working out all the time. they are crazy ripped. >> they are well fed, we know that. >> when they hug you passionatly you can feel it everywhere in your body. >> why do you keep asking them to hug you? >> i am interested in rehabilitation. the club i founded downtown is called rehabilitation. you talk about rehabilitation and a fight to the end naked is what you said. >> i don't think that would have an impact on the crime rate, but it is for my amusement. the governor doesn't decide to free these people. he is not over ruling the parole board.
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schwarzenegger would veto what the parole board said. what jerry brown says is i know what the parole board is doing. i am not going to touch it. as far as being a risk, fox news .com cited a stanford study that out of the 860 murderers paroled between 1990 and 2010 not another one committed another murder. >> i don't see that as a worth while stat. >> i know because it goes against what you want to believe. >> the people at home can agree with me. >> i will get a lot of angry letters i'm sure. it would be different if they were letting the murderers out. if they are not a risk to the population i guess you have to do something if they are overcroweded. >> the thing you do with the overcrowded is you build more prisons. that's all you have to do. it creates jobs for everybody. there is so much land in california. there is so much land quintin
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is million dollar -- or maybe a billion dollar location. before i completely go into pure nonsense this goes back to my gray hair concept. as you age you get more gray hair and white hair and that makes you appear gentler. so when people see these inmates they say they don't see a criminal. they see kofi annan. >> i don't know. he has a shaw was stick caw on his forehead. i am going take that off the decision tree whether i should get a swastika on my forehead. i. >> you know what, maybe people should tattoo swastikas on fore heads so when they are released -- that doesn't make sense. >> the problem is if you have one repeat offender you are talking about murder so people
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die. even if you had one person you are not talking about small, petty crime. you are talking rape and murder. that's the fear. >> that's the fear. if you sampled another 800 and there were two people who were repeat offenders, how many died as a result of that? you are dealing with high level crimes. >> i agree. >> now i am board by this whole thing. >> are teenagers getting high by licking cats? no, but if they did we would do a story on it. as it stands we are not doing a story. i repeat no story about teenagers getting high by licking cats. should you try to chit chat with your seat mate? the story "60 minutes" was too afraid to cover.
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when traveling by air? that is the subject of tonight's -- >> "red eye" debate 2014 live from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome to the "red eye" debate center host of the" red eye" debate at the "red eye" debate center. a travel writer laments the lack of human interaction on flights. george writes that, quote, we are all paranoid of encountering a motor mouth, but are we taking the ignore your neighbor credo too far? i don't know how to pronounce that word. he is looking for conversation explaining a friendly nod will do. pardon me when you signal you
12:21 am
would like to get into or out of a row. even a gentle tap if i am sleeping. anything but the silent treatment. you are for familiar with bus travel. this guy seems needy. i need you to say hi to me. >> usually on the bus somebody starts to touch their -- that's how it works. are you going to cut that? >> no, you just took my joke. >> both jedediah -- >> sorry. >> you are welcome, man. >> i try to avoid -- i never -- especially i never tell people what i do on a plane. it is a bunch of conversation i don't want to have.
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one time i was next to a kid and he was so weird immediately. he was like, hello, sir. i'm like, what's up? he said are you going to phoenix for business or pleasure? are you a robot person? i said i want to see where this goes. i said business. he said that's terrific. my name is todd by the way. hi, todd. what is your business? i am a stand up comedian, todd. that's interesting. i also want to get into public speaking. it is not really public speaking. public speaking is an element, but that's not what it is. he said when you prepare for your public speaking do you usually converse in a mirror? what kind of a [bleep] -- >> he was going there to murder 75 people. >> he was home schooled. that's what i found out. now it makes sense. he kept asking me work outside questions. do you need a talent element? what you are doing is going up to somebody playing for the yankees saying i would like to
12:23 am
work outside. >> had he just been freed from a california prison? >> he was an adorable weird 18-year-old kid from utah. >> >> a happy ending for everybody. >> how quickly do guys next to you start talking to you? and how quickly do you know their hand is moving under a blanket? >> i don't know if it is make up, but i like under age. >> that works opposite with a lot of our guests. >> it has never been a deal breaker. >> wow. i feel better pronouncing s.a.t. as ast. >> i will always offer the person next to me gum. that's how you can judge if
12:24 am
they will be too chaty or don't want anything to do with you. either way i put in earphones and ignore them. >> now they think you think they have bad breath. >> it is because of the ear popping. >> that's a good point. when somebody offers me gum. >> oh, i ate pizza. >> and it happens seven or eight times a day wherever i go. they are like, would you like -- >> it is because they -- are you so tiny they want you to blow bubbles. >> the last time i blew a bubble i floated to new jersey. >> imagine siting on a -- sitting on a plane with your little legs kicking. >> jedediah, how quickly do guys next to you start talking to you, and how quickly do you notice their hands moving? >> something original, i see. my key is i also go on planes looking beat up. instead of looking underage
12:25 am
-- >> again a turn on. >> homeless teens -- >> a hair piled on top of the head and sweatpants. if that doesn't, my new york attitude does. with that being said i get the old lady talker. i don't get the young lady. i get the old lady or the young man who knows me from fox news and recognizes me or just want to talk about their life. that's their moment to reevaluate me. >> that's a compliment that they know they can trust you. frankly i think it is disgusting you would demean them in such a manner. andy, isn't it true the closer people are the more they put up walls? >> i was more prepared to answer the other question. >> you are usually that guy. >> now i am hurt. >> pretend we are sitting next to each other on a plane.
12:26 am
>> here, you want one? >> what the [bleep] is wrong with you? >> that's what i imagined he would do. >> no, i actually think this guy is kind of right. i don't want to have a conversation with a stranger on the plane. even with the xanax coursing through my system i don't want to deal with other people. but there are people -- i am still polite. if i need to get up to go to the bathroom i say excuse me. if people want to get up i say sure, no problem. there are people on planes that is like if you are sitting in a window seat and they are on the aisle and you are like excuse me i have to go to the bathroom they go -- what the hell is wrong with you? >> then you start urinating on them. okay, here you go. this is what you want. >> i am feeling nauseous. do you have an extra bag for me? >> by the way, we are one and one. what are the odds? >> are you talking about swearing? >> talkers are usually drunk. you know what? i am not a talker.
12:27 am
i am a silent person. there was a weird flight where i took ambien and drank wine. i was flying to new york for a job. i sat down in a giant jumbo jet and surrounded by families. three hours leater i -- later and everybody moved. i had wine all over me and torn magazines to pieces and they were all over the pleas. >> i remember that because it was the first time we met and you said can you bail me out? >> maybe it wasn't wine. maybe it was blood. the moral of the story is maybe i am weird. >> the moral of the story is don't mix ambien and wine. >> now it is beer and ambien. >> just kidding, kids. don't mix ambien with anything. ambien is fun on its own. don't drive either. >> ever. >> don't drive ever.
12:28 am
spring in mere weeks and i can't wait to show off my guns or bics. and are kids getting less fat? i saw a fat kid today so no.
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is brunch just a liquid lunch? well, it may be the end of a weekend pastime for me and
12:32 am
daabs. big apple restaurants have been warned that the bottomless brunches are illegal. no more unlimited deals on mimosa's and other drinks. they reminded establishments of the law that prohibits, quote, selling, delivering or offering to patrons an unlimited amount of drinks. apparently the law also applies to ladies night drink specials which is the only reason i cross dress these days. i will do whatever he tells me to do. joanne, you object jusly have -- obviously have an experience with brunch because you serve alcohol or food or you used to. is this a bad thing? >> i think so. not only did i serve brunch. i don't only go for the food, but i go for the deals. everyone shops around looking for which place has the best deal. what can i drink and what
12:33 am
amount of time for what price? they are not going to lose business. it will just stink a little more. >> it is one more step toward facism, jedediah. this crackdown can only happen under obama's america. >> that's exactly right. >> the only option is -- >> impeachment. we are on the same page. i am so glad. >> sometimes these stories just write themselves. >> at least he pays attention. >> i feel like that for real. why can't the businesses decide on their own? i don't care if they want to give their business away. it should be up to them. who is to say a separate entity can come in and tell you these are the discounts you can allow. if it is less than half price off you can do it. you can do a two for one, but you can't do this shut up and get out of my business. >> exactly. get out of my business. i say that a lot.
12:34 am
jesse, do you often spit in the food of brunchers you find at the chelsea appleby's? >> why is there an appleby's in chelsea? >> i don't know. i realize your persona -- >> you are thinking of an area where brunch is popular and a food chain place jesse may work at. >> there is no place jesse would work at that would serve brunch. you are more of the hardey's guy. guy. >> exactly. >> at the end of the article the writer says, so, bring your flask to brunch, ladies. this is one of the saddest. you can't have a brunch without a flask. they may as well say brunch is more expensive, but the hand sanitizer is free so drink
12:35 am
up. >> i have never actually done that, the hand sanitizer. >> that is a level -- that is the point of no return. >> and you can't reach it. >> he can get on his tippy toes. >> you can't get drunk on children's liquid tylenol either. it is a lose-lose. >> that's why i am here. andy, the real issue here is that brunch may be the most overrated thing. >> absolutely. i don't care about bottomless brunch. i care about bottomless tweeting and instagraming lunch. it may be the only thing that is worse than airport tweeting. it is always a special hash browns. something has been done to the hash browns. >> i know that the bottomless brunches are not just a new
12:36 am
york thing. they are big in l.a. the reason i know this is i have to mute the word brunch from my twitter feed every sunday and that's because of the l.a. people i follow. >> it is like you are an artist. you set up your drink with the food and the lighting. >> i like it too. i am not going to lie. >> if you will do that, i will take a picture of your poop after. that's where it ends up. >> now we're talking. >> by the way, two things bother me. i don't like brunch because it has an attitude that it is better than other meals. oh i'm brunch. do you know what i mean? there is something elitist about it. the word bottomless is not a word i associate with drink or food. >> you would go down on columbus avenue and you would say -- you would see sleezy mary's bought bought --
12:37 am
bottomless, topless. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. if you can just write that down. just draw a little map. write them down. facial hair transplants are on the rise. thanks to a hipster beer craze. plastic surgeons tell a reputable source that they have seen an crease in young men paying $7,000 for the procedure. it takes hair from the top of your head and i'm planting it on your face. typical clients include baby faced men and those transitioning from female to male. guys named chaz, i had no idea. jedediah, if you are just a guy who wants to grow a beard and doesn't have any other issues, shouldn't you just accept you can't grow a a beard? >> accept who you are and love
12:38 am
who you are. with that being said i do like a little facial hair on men. when it is first growing in and you have the rugged look like you rolled out from under a car in a white t-shirt and ripped jeans and a little scruff, i like it. >> they say that now, and then they marry a stockbroker. >> i never dated a stockbroker, but i have dated a lot of dirty men. >> it is talk like that that gets guys [bleep] on the bus. >> for you, it is any talk that gets you in that mood. >> there is something about the air on the bus. >> the lovely pattern of the seat back in front of you. you try to envision brazilians. what am i talking about? i have lost my train of thought. >> we were talk about the beard. >> beards, yes. jesse, you grow a goatee every now and then. then you shave it off. is it because you can't grow a
12:39 am
full beard or you are trying to pick up a goth outside planett parenthood. >> i can get the goatee going, but who cares? why have a complicated procedure to participate in a temporary trend? i'm sure these guys will feel like the dudes who had the mullet transplants in the late 80s. >> what i think they should do and it is less invasive, put little extensions, like clip ins. all of the pageant girls we have done it. why not little clips on your chin? >> i thought you were going to say draw it on. >> those are great. >> when we were growing up, that was fine. >> it is good enough for the witness protection program. >> that's when i dressed as a hobo. you can't do that now because that is politically, don't
12:40 am
do -- they are homeless now. are you buying this trend or is some something doctors made up to get more clients? >> if it is it makes me an gree. angry. they take it from the patient head. [bleep] people who can afford to have hair taken off their head. you are talking about people who are doing it as a hobby, not people who need to do it. >> need to transplant hair. >> people who are transitioning. >> no, that is fine. i don't care about that. it is the people who are not transitioning who have the luxury of having a full head of hair they can apparently afford to give up. >> i by the way, big beards are really -- they are part of having a tough job. when you go on websites the guys have these ironic
12:41 am
beards. it is like they are waiters waiters and models on websites. i find that weird. >> if you go on hot air or you go -- i would say hot. there is always an ad for t-shirts. >> it advertises to specific things you assert for. >> why is it always shirtless bearded guys? what is up with that. >> maybe i should clear my internet history once in awhile. >> people at home know what i am talking about. >> i usually get really hot chicks in the t-shirt. i don't know. >> we have a lot more stuff on the way. don't forget -- come on people. it is called "not cool" and comes out march 18th. i am coming to a city near you. i saw you yawn.
12:42 am
31 cities in 11 days. i will start in texas. i love texas. they i will be in other parts like michigan and places like indiana and stuff like cincinnati and all over the place check out g to see where i am going to be and buy my book, please. please.
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if it doesn't pass, who will cut our grass? democratic congressional candidate supports efforts to reform america's immigration process. that is a debate on tuesday and she explained why. let it roll, let it rollers. >> immigration is important in our country. it is one of the main agenda items in the chamber of commerce for obvious reasons. we have a lot of employers that rely upon workers and especially in this type of
12:46 am
environment. where will you get people to work to clean your hotel rooms or do our landscaping, and we don't need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented and illegal workers. >> the republican party of florida called her remark shocking adding, quote, floridians are people who want to work hard to make their dreams come true. in our state, no dream is out of reach. that is insulting. is it really? speaking of standoffs. >> wow. i told you. what did i say? gay marriage?
12:47 am
first gay marriage and then giant dogs and little cats. that is not even by logically possible. i don't want to see what happens later. jesse, you oppose immigration reform because you don't want the competition for your job at johnny rockets. are they maybe speaking the truth? >> i don't get what the big deal is. there have been immigrants forever. they gravitate toward -- in the turn of the century it was factories. we don't make anything anymore but porn and corn syrup. so immigrants work in hotels and landscaping. that's what they do. that's a fact. nobody is saying you can't -- if you an immigrant you can't be a dentist, but nobody has an immigrant dentist. >> that's wrong. >> maybe, he could be an immigrant dentist.
12:48 am
>> tbr idea for a show. >> and a new invention, porn syrup. you had porn and corn syrup so why not porn syrup? >> this is a fun game and it will end like crying in a corner and apologizing to the world for being a bigot. it sounds ridiculous. she left out cabdrivers and restaurants. you might as well be inclusive. no, that's terrible. landscaping, a lot of those companies are family owned. why not open these jobs to children? put them to work and teach them to make their bed. those hotel beds, i can't put my sheets on like that. i wish i learned those skills. >> it is amazing. that's like one of the great things. they take great pride in it, i guess.
12:49 am
jedediah, phony outrage over this? >> i think it is a bad move for a politician. that could have easy lee been -- easily been misconstrued. she could have come back and clarified. when you let a sentence sit like that and the media can run with it. if it was a republican they would have run with it more. you are giving ammunition to people who dislike you and to miss construe you. >> will this sink her campaign? >> well done. . >> she did go on to talk about the high school valedictorian in the town who went to law school and can't practice law because he is undocumented. she wasn't just talking about housekeeping and landscaping. then there was a guy last year who said i am not in favor of the housekeeper and landscaper crossing the border
12:50 am
illegally. that was marco riew -- rubio. >> we have more stuff including hitler.
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tomorrow on the next "red eye" the drummer from the poe lease. he is on the -- from the police. he is on the left. who is the guy on the right? >> e block. last story. that's the last story. it is the stache that launched a thousand retweets. the german chancellor supported palestinian recognition of israel as a jewish state as a critical component of a two-state solution. more importantly, this amazing picture was taken. the israeli prime minister netanyahu created a foeux stash? he is german after all. could he be insinuating something? >> i don't think so. i think it was just a shad low. a funny one, but a shadow. and i will use this opportunity to remind
12:55 am
everybody how much i love bebe. he is a tough man. >> he is a bad boy. >> he is israel's bad boy and does president play by the rules. jesse, you used to make women and children cry as a photographer at kiddie-kandids. >> i recreated that scene with a lot of toddlers. it did not go well. >> it is an amazing picture. >> this writer who wrote this article is a [bleep] coward. he never mentions hitler's name once in the article. he keeps eluding to it. this photo makes waves, but he never addresses why it makes waves. he is so afraid of insinuating that that is exactly what is happening in the photo. >> i have about a minute here.
12:56 am
please don't swear. what do you think of this? >> i think he knew what he was doing. his eyes are looking at where the shadow is. also, who points anymore? it is disrespectful. it should have been open palm if he was referring to something. >> exact lea. exactly. bill clinton did this, the atm thing. >> andy, as our resident jewish person here can we laugh at this? >> i didn't see what the furor is over this. special thanks to jedediah. >> that's it? >> it is a funny picture. it is an accident. >> that's the picture of the year. that photographer when he got it went, holy crap, look what i i just did. i will sell this for lots of money. it is funny. >> the dumb writer was uh prayed to poin -- afraid to
12:57 am
point it out jie. what is written on there? >> i am making you look like hitler. >> it could always be charlie chaplain. >> jesse, always a pleasure, see you later, tomorrow perhaps. ,
12:58 am
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neil? are you excited? >> i am. >> yeah. >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfield along with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and she uses an inch worm for a neck pillow. it's dana perino. this is "the five." think of the world a a neighborhood. in this neighborhood, there are good neighbors, bad ones, and nuts. we're the best ever, proof, everyone is trying to come over. it's a burden being the best, but it's one we can't relinquish, and the reason we're the best is because we're the deadliest. when our politicians proclaim we're not the world's policemen, this assumes the neighborhood already has one patrolling the globe with radio cars on every


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