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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 24, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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harley. >> dot from florida e-mailed i think he should be happy that is all he had to give the wife. could have been half. thanks to everyone who responded. >> thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it's thursday, april 24. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. three americans shot and killed in a hospital inç afghanistan. the breaking details coming your way. >> they murdered 3,000 americans in the name of allah but don't call the 9/11 hijackers islamists. and definitely don't use the word "jihad." the explosive new controversy over a 7-minute movie set to be shown at the 9/11 museum. >> it's a throwback thursday. can you spot me in my pink bow tie?
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sharing our prom pictures, and we want to see yours. mornings were, until now, better with friends. >> what's up, new york city? "fox & friends," don't go anywhere,ç bro! >> we went into the attic for that one. >> what a start to the show, brian, you and the other three guys, you all coordinated your outfits? >> this is -- >> and 17,000 e-mails just popped up? >> it was our prom and that is the guy shot. we were not coordinating. i think we rented from the same place. >> steve wanted to bring you back, so he wore a pink tie today in solidarity to support you. >> you might want to write you. howç sexy was i? >> they took a picture of all the guys and a separate picture of all the girls.
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i thought the assignment was bring in a picture with your date. >> i tried to be a little bit different. i thought that would be a good shot to show a more candid look rather than the staid look. that was a casual photographer taking a picture with my three friends. >> that's how a lot of people go to the prom nowadays. >> i did go to the prom with a girl. >> it is throwback thursday. we would love to see some of your pictures. send them to us at three american doctors are dead in kabul, afghanistan after an afghani security guard opened fire inside a hospital. two others wereç hurt. officials on the ground say the guard was shot and wounded during the attack, and he's undergoing surgery at the same hospital right now. it happened at the cure international hospital which is run by a
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christian-based charity. it is the second insider attack by a member of afghan security forces targeting foreign civilians in the past month. three american doctors dead at a kabul hospital. >> just to add to that, that could be somebody, afghan security forces or it could be somebody pretending to ! in the afghan security forces. >> we'll turn to other news in texas talking about governor rick perry stepping into the ring now over a possible government land grab. so the bureau of land management set to stake out and potentially look at 90,000 acres of land between oklahoma and texas that sort of changes the movement of the river there that separates them. a lot of people are fired up about this because texas land is not government land. but the government thinks otherwise. this is governor rick perry saying don't mess with
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texas. >> it's not a dare. it is a promise that we're going to stand up for private property rights in texas. i have a problem with the federal government putting citizens in the position of having to feel like they have to use force to deal with their own government. that's the biggerç issue. and that's the reason i think the bureau of land management needs to be really careful about coming, whether it's nevada, texas or oklahoma, or whatever state it might be, and acting like that private property is something that they control. >> exactly. so you can see right there, there's the red river. what happened -- what's interesting about -- we need to preface this with the bureau of land management says we're not doing any land grab. and yet, it was settled law back in 1923, the supreme courtç said that the boundary between texas and oklahoma is the southern bank of the river. but the bureau of land management never agreed to that.
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and in 1994 the bureau of land management said the south geologic cut bank should be the boundary which would give the feds 90,000 acres. and that's what's happening in the balance right now. those 90,000 acres are owned by private individuals. this is different than what's going on out in nevada where the land is owned by the federal government but it's managed by the bureau of land management. in this case right along the red river, all that property is owned by texans, and they don't want the federal government grabbing their land. coming up at 8:15 we've got kevin hunter and charlotte spriggins, they both own a lot of land along there. they don't like it. they don't trws( the federal government no matter what they say. >> governor rick perry has done a massive job on his image after the last time with his back medication, whatever it was, didn't have the strongest run for president. keep your eye on him. i think he's going to be a
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solid contender. on may 21 the 9/11 museum will open in new york at which time there will be a seven minute video looking back at the people that attacked us to give us a little bit of history. i haven't seen the movie. steve, you said seven minutes? they had an interfaith council look at it e" some people are alarmed by it. they say, for example, the fact that we call islamists -- that's al qaeda -- or say jihad or al akbar, something a lot of terrorists shout -- they say it gives the wrong impression of all muslims. that they're afraid, a lot of people are afraid and some clerics are concerned that people will get the wrong impression and try to lump all muslims together. >> brian williams took it very seriously before he accepted the role of narrator. leaders say it may come with the cost of leading to antagonism and confrontation with muslim believers near the site.
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one woman last night with megyn kelly said she is a human rights attorney and she said if we can't name the enemy, how are we then to defend against it? this right here, all this editing andç worrying, pathetic. >> we here in the west again, we are making deals with ourselves. and this is pathetic, especially after 14 years after 9/11 because if we can't tell the truth about the enemy that we're facing -- by the way, even president obama says al qaeda is the enemy of the united states. if we can't understand that, if we can't talk about it, then how are we supposed to defeat radical islam? this panel should be more concerned with defeating islamist terrorism as opposed to diverting attention away from the victims and because of 9/11. >> this new york areaç imam who is a part of a council, a group to advise the museum, he quit because he said if you're not going to take out islamists, if you're not going to take out jihad, you're going to trash all muslims, and i'm going to quit.
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so he quit. but gym richards who has been on this program a number of times, he was retired fire department new york city deputy chief -- his son died when he was 30 years old on september 11 -- he says, quote, the fact 19 people who were muslims did come and crash planes that killed americans. there is no getting around that. you know what? there is no getting around that. >> you know what they say about world war ii, to be italian and german in america was not easy because people were lumping everyone together. obviously good americans, nothing to do with that but that was their nationality. when you look back and see war stories, italians aren'tç portrayed in the most positive light because they weren't at the time. but it doesn't mean all italians are bad. >> let us know what you think. please e-mail us and send us facebook, tweets, whatever you have there. they're looking for context to further expand this definition so as not to offend. i'm not sure what more they
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need than one world trade center. >> they are trying to tell the story and it is hard not to tell that part of the story. she's got news this morning. >> good morning, guys. residents of a small wyoming are out of their homes this morning after a massive gas explosion. look at this fireball. it could be seen miles and miles away. people literally running for their lives. >> i heard this really loud and long hiss and a sputtering noise. you have to look up to seat fireball. that's how big it was. >> nearly 100 residents are being forceed to stay three miles away from that danger zone as the fire burns itself out. it was natural gas pipeline that broke and that is what to blame. the good news is no one was hurt. a popcorn machine catches fire inside a movie
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theater. the smoke filling the three story building. the alarms went off and sent hundreds of people rushing for the door. listen toç this. >> smoke everywhere. there was a speaker so they stopped the movie and there was a bunch of alarms. there was a lady saying please evacuate the building. there's a fire. >> fire fighters were able to quickly put out that fire. no one was hurt but i bet that smell will be around for a long time. a first step in regulating electronic cigarettes. the federal government look to go ban the sale of e cigarettes to minors. the move comes as congress raises concerns about the marketing tactics of that product.ç once it is finalized the f.d.a. says it could propose additional restrictions to manage that industry. as you head off to work this morning try not to sit? there is a new study that finds sitting for long hours at work could be the new smoking when it comes to health risks. the study found the average
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worker spends nearly six hours sitting each day. researchers find overweight people tend to sit more than other groups. folks should try to stand up at work, take a walk at lunch time because it is pretty nice out in most parts of the country. so stand up, guys. >> i got the best job ever. i get to stand all the time. >> we're going to watch you at your news desk and see if you sit down there. >> normally you do squat thrusts during yourç three-minute -- >> that's right. >> let's thrust ahead. >> coming up? >> we are talking about terrorists with drones. the white house is staying silent. if we're really eliminating al qaeda, why the secrecy? >> do you believe in ghosts? this video might change your mind. that is the shadowy figure running around that soccer
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samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible... ohhh....and say goodbye to samantha. [ male announcer ] geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. the u.s. carrying out drone strikes over three days against al qaeda in yemen killing at least 60 and maybe some of the most important al qaeda militants. but why hasn't the president been out talking about this operation while not giving away operational details? why are we somehow trying to down play this? what about the controversial drone campaign the president says we backed off of about a year ago, the fact that we're doing it, does it make us look bad? does it make us look weak? joining us the c.e.o. ofç
3:16 am
veterans for concerned americans, captain pete hegseth. your take. this to me is an amazing american victory. it is intelligence mixing with fool-proof special operations. >> working with the host nation, the yemeni government. this is special operations, raids conducted on camps. we saw that youtube video about a week ago of al qaeda militants massing. it looked like we were caught off guard by it. clearly this is something that has been in the planning process long before that video. we know these folks are massing inç southern yemen. the question is what do we do about it. clearly there was a plan in the works. this is the type of thing you have to do to keep al qaeda on their heels. >> we took out bin laden. >> there are big guys we're hunting in yemen. >> absolutely. we have a major press conference. everybody gives away details and trying to take credit of this operation
3:17 am
from the intelligence director to the president of the united states to the vice president to everybody taking some dread. what has changed? >> of course they wanted to shift the narrative that al qaeda is on the run. that's been the narrative ever since the election, that, hey, they're on the run. in this case we've got 65 most of which are al qaeda affiliated members that are killed. this president doesn't want to say this must persist, be strong in the face of it. instead he saysç we've got to do what we've got to do on the side but not talk about it. >> this is an awesome operation the president is overseeing. i love what he's doing with the drone program. the yemeni government praises us. we have our ducks in the row. at least point out the ducks. >> that would require be proud of the leadership we've shown in this world and i think this president has shown he wants to lead from behind, from behind the scenes and reluctantly apply force when necessary. and our adversaries in al
3:18 am
qaeda benefited from that reluctance. >>ç pete, in afghanistan we have doctors being targeted, three americans died. they're saying by afghan security forces. what do you know? >> there is not a lot of information about it but it looks like it could be some type of insider attack. these are types of things i think we're going to see more and more. the taliban knows where our center of gravity is in afghanistan. it is the will and perception of the american people here. small attacks anywhere especially soft facilities like that are the types of things i think they will try to do to erode our commitment to an enduring agreement with afghanistan. >> i hope people can see the cowardice. there's a lot of good things happening but we'll be down to 5,000 troops. on a lighter note it isç throwback thursday. we said pete, bring in your
3:19 am
throwback picture. bring in your prom. this is pete hegseth in the day? >> i called my mom, i said give me the best prom foe taupe and that's what she sent. thank you. i've got gym shoes on. those are basketball shoes and a tie. that's the best i could do. >> pete hegseth always had it going on. a little bit later joined the military. pete, talk to you later. next on ourç rundown, a woman felt so bad for this homeless guy she gave him some food. guess what? he's not homeless. he's a famous hollywood actor. what's going on here? we'll explain. the president says it is no worse than alcohol but an alarming study on pot.
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we've got some quick thursday morning headlines for you. that metal object that we told you about that had washed up on australia's western coast is not from the missing malaysian plane. detailed pictures of the object were enough to convince investigators it was not a lead. it was sheet metal. it was rivetted. it's not part of the airplane. tragedy hitting the bachelor rhett. a contestant died whileç paratkpwraoeugd --
3:24 am
paragliding in utah. hill had already been eliminated when the accident occurred. he was 30 years old. >> the president says pot is no worse than alcohol but this morning there is a shocking new study about the potentially lethal effects it can have on young and middle aged people. researchers looked at almost 2,000 patients with medical problems related to marijuana use. 20 heart attacks and 9 deaths were recorded in that study. joining us with more is medical a team doctor, dr. marc siegel. doctor, we keep hearing no worse than alcohol. what's the big deal about pot? the messaging is that it's not that dangerous. this study seems to interfere with that message. >> elisabeth, over a long period of time people that have recurrent use of marijuana or chronic use, i think it's an addiction. i think as anç addiction i have to look at it as an illness. what are the manifestations of the illness? we know some of them. it impairs thinking, makes you more anxious.
3:25 am
there's issue where it can cause paranoia, can cause problems making decisions. a lot of effects on the brain. but there are also issues with the heart involved. that is what this study is today. the third one out of france on this exact issue. why would marijuana affect the heart? it wouldn't seem likely. it affects the autonomic nervous system which affects your blood pressure. it can swing up and down; @&c @ when you use pot. if you have underlying heart conditions, you may not know it and you can provoke a heart attack or chest pain. you're more likely to get chest pain using pot. >> this doesn't come as a surprise to you. when you look at almost 2,000 cases, there were 20 heart attacks, 9 deaths. this seems significant. we had another study out of northwestern which cited two brain abnormalities with casual marijuana use. as states move to legalize this -- this trend is going
3:26 am
in the way of legalization of more use, are we on a road to danger? >> i think we may be. i think you said this extremely accurately. i think there's a lot of money behind it. i think we're heading in the direction of legalization. state by direction. what i'm concerned about is not enough emphasis is being put onç the fact this is an active chemical and what are they doing to people? getting behind the wheel of a car. are we going to see more complications when it's legal than less? i'm afraid yes because the education isn't there. too many people think this is fine. how many college students are smoking pot? it's an enormous epidemic. i consider it an epidemic. legalize, that is a legal question. medically i have a great concern for effects here. i don't think people perform as well. i bet people that have chronic use of pot don't do well long term in their careers as a result. >> a new study. we'll have to test that. >> that would be a lot ofç money. maybe we should take some of the money they're using on legalization and study
3:27 am
this in terms of how it is affecting their concerns. >> still ahead, speaking of pot, a peewee marijuana ring busted at an elementary school? fourth graders -- you heard me right -- they were caught dealing. then it happened again. a quiet horse and carriage ride turns into chaos in the streets. thousand ride will have you going -- how this ride will have you going wild. happy birthday to kelly clarkson. she is 32 years old today. [ female announcer cre presents: ♪ crest 3d white whitestrips vs. a whitening pen. i feel like my lips are going to, like, wash it off. these fit nicely. [ female announcer crest 3d white whitestrips keep the whitening ingredient in place, guaranteeing professional level results. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten.
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throwback thursday. what we've decided to do is we're giving you assignments. the assignment today is we'd like to see your prom pictures. this is me and my prom date for both the junior and senior year in high school in clay center, kansas. that's theresa brown. she worked next door at her family's clothing store when i worked at the summer's men's wear down tie.
3:32 am
look how thick that necktie was. >> is it a bow tie. >> that is my senior prom. i'm still friends with themç now. that's rick batcher. i have to have one goalie friend. >> physical was the number one song in america. >> olivia newton john, that tight outfit and that headband. >> oh. this, i have to say, i believe the first taken, i am taking that picture with a disposable camera that i got doubled. you couldç get the doubles for free on thursdays. for throwback thursday i thought that was fun. i had a curfew too. did you guys have curfews for the prom?
3:33 am
>> yes. come in eventually. come home soon. come home thursday. >> that was our throwback. your turn. go on facebook, we want to see what you have to say, what you used to look like and then explain yourself. >> in the meantime george clooney blows his top apparently in las vegas. that is one story coming out of hollywood. here with more is michael tammero. michael, sounds like george was sitting down at a dinner with steve wynn who owns casinos and reportedly george was popping tiki las. next thing you know is the "a" word was flying. >> georgeç clooney sat down with steve w*eup and -- steve wynn and his wife when the conversation turned to politics and the affordable care act. apparently steve wynn used an expletive to describe the president and clooney who considers himself a
3:34 am
good friend of the president took umbrage with that. according to clooney i said the president is my long time friend and wynn said your friend is an expletive. that is when clooney said he was an expletive and stormed off.ç >> steve wynn told a paper said clooney is fun to be with when he's sober. if you have a chance to be with him get there early and don't stay late. >> i believe the story, we were at an event with clooney with folks from fox when the government shutdown happen. i went to clooney's people and said could we have a picture taken with him. the comment was he's not happy with you people now. i would steer clear. >> they are friends. i assume they are friends. and if someone is putting your friend down, you do want to stick up for him.
3:35 am
like steve, no matter how drunk you get, you start ripping on kilmeade, you're going to rip out there have have -- out ofç there to the show across the steve. >> what steve said was the more that george clooney drinks, the better friends he and the president are. >> okay. now on to richard gere. >> pay attention to the homeless people in the streets. one of them could be richard gere. last night in grand central station in the middle of rush hour, richard gere was filming his movie and no one noticed him because he was dressed in shabby clothes. he was so convincing that a woman went upto him and gave him $100. >> he is here shooting a movie? >> he still looks like richard gere.
3:36 am
he's only worth about $100 million, including that bag. >> michael, we watch you on the fox light. thank you very much. she's been standing for the last half-hour as she promised she would. heather nauert. >> good morning, guys. this first story out of colorado is a big i told you so. we're talking about colorado's legal marijuana. it's now being blamed for drug sales at an elementary school. four fourth graders have been caught dealing the drug in a school in greeley, north of denver. the marijuana was bought legally byç grandparents from two families. one school official says get ready to see more of this with that new law in place. >> it is a simple fact that we have adults that did secure the marijuana. that is concerning because this would have never happened had the marijuana not been so accessible for two ten-year-old boys. >> the school says the kids
3:37 am
are now facing tough punishment but they won't be suspended or expelled from school. that school is now warning parents to be more mindful of marijuana and keep it in check now that it's legal. what do you think of that? the army private in prison for one of theç biggest classified leaks of intelligence documents now gets a chance to change identity to be a woman. bradley manning is now officially known as chelsea manning. a judge approving a new birth certificate yesterday that a soldier who is male says she identifies as a female and wanted her name to reflect that. manning wants to go to a woman's facility and get hormone treatment but the military says no. for the second time in two weeks an out-of-control horse takes off with a carriage. the terrified tourists hanging on as the animal runs wild through the streets of charles top, south carolina.
3:38 am
three passengers and a driver are fine. a bistand suffered bruises. the other incident happened in savannah,ç georgia. the horse ran six city blocks before it was stopped. a soccer fan from the other side caught on camera. that is what some people think after seeing this video of a shadowy figure. the supposed ghost flashes through the stands at a soccer game, even passing through a wall. commentators were confused by this and some fans really freaked out. a lot of people nervous about this. supernatural followers are quick to claim a ghost. others say it is a reflection from light coming out from the field. what do you think? those are your headlines. >> i think it is somebody looking for their seat. >> it's kind of odd for the ghost to need a coat. it looks like a ghost wearing an overcoat.
3:39 am
let me tell you what's happening in sports. nba playoffs, trail blazers playing the rockets. ald rich goes for 43 points. blazers win. they're up two games to none as they head to portland. the bobcats made the playoffs. final seconds the bobcats down. they could not pull off this shot. heat survive a close one. they take a two games to nothing lead. mavericks and spurs fourth quarter. texas wake up. the jumper and the foul. 113-92. that series tied at 1. talk about a sticky situation. yankee pitcher ejected from last night's game against the red sox for having tar
3:40 am
on his neck. the substance is used by pitchers to get a grip on the ball but it is illegal to doctor the ball. pineda will likely be suspendedç between five and ten games. the red sox went on to win. >> pine tar against the rules. pine sol okay. >> right, especially if you have spills in the kitchen or if your dog has bladder issues. >> congratulations to the red sox. >> out in the streets of new york city whereas we learned yesterday if her hair is blowing a certain way the wind is from the west. maria molina joins us live with her hair cast. >> good morning. you know what? it's april 24 and it's currently 43 degrees here in new york city and we have wind chills in the 30's. way too cool for april.
3:41 am
something else going on in the region is an elevated fire danger. we have a number of red flag warnings in effect because of very low humidity down into the teens and windç gusts that could reach 40 to 45 miles per hour. that is a concern. we have a wildfire burning in new jersey. farther west we have areas of rain across parts of iowa, eastern nebraska, eastern parts of kansas and the arrowhead of minnesota. they could see 8 to 11 inches of snow. there is a winter storm warning in effect there. where it is warmer we have risks for storms in missouri, arkansas and western tennessee. much warmer in texas. upper 90's in the city of del rio. i have to say i'm a little bit jealous of the folks let's head back inside. >> thank you, maria. straight ahead, he and his group have declared a war on fox news. now the media matters founder admits he's a democratic political activist. if he's a democratic political activist, why is
3:42 am
the group still allowed to have tax-exempt status when conservatives are targeted? juan williams helping to expose the hypocrisy next. >> plus your selfie, nothing compared to this one. a closer look at one that's out of this world. ♪ ♪ life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis ♪
3:43 am
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if your denture moves, it can irritate your gums. try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. welcome back. quick headlines for you now. a truce has been called between a hot dog factory in a california city that says its fumes are too spicy for the air. the city council postponed a decision for two weeks that would declare the plant a public nuisance. neighbors say the factory spicy emissions are burning their eyes and throats. this selfie out of this
3:46 am
world, to say the least. nasa astronaut took it during a spacewalk yesterday at the international space station. the astronaut says it took several tries because ofç the bulky spacesuit. well done. the payoff is there. steve? >> elisabeth, thank you very much. another case of hypocrisy at the i.r.s. the agency revoking the tax-exempt status of a prominent conservative group because of the group's right wing views but media matters continues to keep their tax-exempt status. the media matters c.e.o. makes no attempt to hide his political views, even calling himself a democratic political activist on his official twitter profile. so should media matters tax-exempt status be revoked like the conservative group? our next guest has come under attack by david brock. i'm talking about juan williams, fox news contributor. good morning to you, juan. >> good morning, steve. >> all right.
3:47 am
he calls himself a democratic political activist, and yet his group winds up with tax-exempt¿ status from the i.r.s. you got a problem with that? >> i think it's crazy. i don't understand. if they had been melamine activists for some -- if they had been political activists for some time. brock is really out now. he's written a book, out there that's pretty much trumpeting hillary clinton for president. i don't think there is any question when he says he's a democratic activist. on the other hand, you hear about conservative groups who go after some presidential candidates on the democratic side, they lose their tax-exempt status from the i.r.s. i can't say that brock isç going after republican candidates per se, but i know he goes after me, fox news, you, everybody around here with a clear political agenda. so how does that qualify for tax-exempt status? >> it doesn't. you know, a couple of years ago for awhile here on this program we talked about how could they possibly wind up
3:48 am
with tax-exempt status when they're so political? if you go on their website now they've got a thing about how bad ben carson is, how bad fox news is and things like that. so it's clear they've got a political agenda. i just don't see how people looking in can justify how they could get tax-exempt status for trying to run a private company like news corps and fox news channel out of business. >> exactly. but the thing is when i look at what media matters is up to, i sense that not only do they have a political agenda, but theyç have an agenda that speaks directly to the idea that they will attack people. it's not that you would say you know what? we have, let's say, conservative values about, i don't know, any matter that you want or liberal values about any matter that you want. but we are engaged in public service, we are helping people, we are educating people, all the standards that you would normally apply to a tax-exempt organization.
3:49 am
in this case it seems to me there is a singular purpose, which is to attack what was once called the vast right-wing conspiracy. they're just after anybody that they seeç as right leaning or conservative in the country, and there is no general attempt to educate people about media matters. >> we're simply in the business of showing the other side. we balance out mainstream media. they're not a they're an attack dog. >> repeat that because i think that was the heart and soul of this argument. they're an attack dog, not a watchdog, not an educational group. >> if you are going to rely on the i.r.s. to say media matters, you shouldn't have tax-exempt status, come on, we know what's going on at the i.r.s. lois lerner, the targeting of conservatives and that other stuff. i know some of that stuff, you don't -- >> i don't agree with the whole batch but i've got to tell you this that when it
3:50 am
comes to the idea that you would apply the standard differently, that's when i go ballistic because i don't thinkç that anybody should be using the i.r.s. for any political purposes. keep them away from politics. because it may be one day that it's on your side and the next day it's on the other guy's side. and gues what? that dog is biting you. >> i.r.s., if you're watching, take a look. got to be fair. juan williams, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> for joining us live today. >> you're welcome. >> what do you think? please e-mail us or you can tweet us or facebook us. , coming up, so you think you're a gentleman? fellows, you may be going at it the wrong way. the dos and don'ts if you want to be a modern laids' man. and don't mess with texas. >> we're going to stand up for private property rights in texas. >> the governor, rick perry, daring the government to go after texas ranchers' land. so are these land grabs going to become a common practice in our
3:51 am
country? the judge reporting for duty coming up next. ♪ ♪ guy: hey captain obvious, watch this! captain: when i'm looking for a hotel with a wet pool, i go to you can get up to 50% off with their private sales. that man's privates are no longer private.
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3:54 am
forget the battle over cattle in nevada. the government trying to mess with texas. >> the blm is reportedly trying to grab 90,000-acres along the texas-oklahoma border. are the land grabs going to become a common thing in our country? >> joining us is fox news judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. it's all about who owns the land along the red river where sometimes it's more toward texas, sometimes it's oklahoma. who owns what? >> if we could put that map up again of the red river and the wonderful graphics people that
3:55 am
we have, very astutely showed it in red, it's the normal color of water, but they call it the red river. that red line, that river is the border between texas and oklahoma. the problem is the river moves as almost all rivers move. this river moves substantially. so there has been a dispute between texas and oklahoma going back to the 1920s. the supreme court resolved the dispute, neither texas nor oklahoma was happy. texas and oklahoma resolved the dispute between the two of them. they both were happy. they're waiting for the congress to agree. nobody is involved in any dispute so far. along comes the bureau of land management and decide the federal government owns 90,000-acres along here. it was never in the original dispute. it was never addressed with the supreme court. >> you said the supreme court settled it. >> yes. >> it's the south border of the river. >> yes. so we have a bureaucracy, a division of the department of the interior, the executive branch of the federal government of the united states saying to
3:56 am
the supreme court of the united states admittedly, it's an 80-year-old decision. go take a hike. that's how bull headed, arrogant, head strong and unlawful the bureau of land management has become. >> a lot of commas, but you certainly drove your point home. >> why do you want this headache? why do they want this headache? why does the blm want that headache? >> they have an insatiable lust for land. look, there is a serious constitutional question. remember that thing, the constitution, whether about the federal government can even own all this land that doesn't serve a federal purpose. can they own it under a federal building? of course. why do they need 90,000-acres in the desert? >> why put citizens and states on the defensive? >> yes. they picked the wrong state. don't mess with texas. rick perry and greg absent not going to let it happen.
3:57 am
chris christie has a strong message to those who want to legalize potato in his state. >> -- pot in his state. >> see if you want to live in a state like colorado where there is shops [announcer] play close-good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks.
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good morning. it's thursday, april 24. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. three americans shot and killed in a hospital in afghanistan. the breaking details overnight. and president obama says it's no worse than alcohol. but this morning a second brand-new study on pot and its deadly consequences. do you believe this? they say today's guys are no longer gentlemen. >> check you out. >> don't let it happen to you. we have the dos and don'ts of the modern day ladies man. we're just trying to help you here on "fox & friends" because mornings are better with
4:01 am
friends. >> hey, it's demi lovato and you're watching "fox & friends". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's throw back thursday. your assignment, send us your prom pictures. there i am in a clip-on bow tie with my prom date, theresa date. >> can we get theresa on the phone? >> i actually cannot. so we've given you an assignment. send us your prom pictures and we've got them. >> that's right. diana e-mailed us this one. her prom picture from 1975. this is her high school sweetheart who she's been married to for 35 years. love at first prom. how sweet. >> chris e-mailed his prom picture from 1984.
4:02 am
he writes, quote, we didn't find dates, so we hung out together. >> that's what i said in the first hour, i got your tweets and e-mails. i said, my friends were together before. so everyone was -- i just said we had dates, but that looked whatever. so i got your tweets. those guys are just hanging out. we were just hanging out. >> keep sending those prom photos. i love them. >> like a time capsule, what we wore back in the day. >> i will say this, everybody had to give back those tuxes. no one owned those tux. except my friend, pete, owned his grandfather's, and it smelled like cigars. >> in other news, we have a fox news alert now. three american soldiers after an afghan security guard opens fire inside a hospital. two of the dead are a father and son visiting the hospital. an american nurse was wounded.
4:03 am
officials on the ground say the guard was shot and wounded during the attack. he's undergoing surgery at the very same hospital right now. it happened at the hospital run by a christian-based charity. it is the second insider attack by a member of afghan security force targeting foreign and civilians this month. >> that is terrible. more details a little later on. let's talk about a brand-new french study that is appearing in the journal of the american heart association. how many times have you heard people say, you know, pot, it really doesn't hurt anybody. it really can't hurt you. we told you about one study last week where it actually changes the shape of your brain and impacts your emotions and your feelings and your ability to do things. now this french study says that it can actually impact your heart. you could wind up with a heart attack. we haven't really heard about that. it can impact your arteries. 35 cases, a quarter of the
4:04 am
people actually died. >> that's right. a startling thing to come out of it. 2,000 people were in the study. 35 showing the heart-related problems. 20 heart attacks, nine deaths. we just spoke with dr. mark siegle who says there is myriad of health issues caused by pot and we should be talking about them. take a listen. >> over a long period of time, people that have recurrent use of marijuana or chronic use, i think it's an addiction. i think as an addiction, i have to look at it as an illness. it impairs thinking, makes you more anxious. there is issues where it can cause paranoia, cause problems making decisions. a lot of the effects on the brain. it effects the autonomic nervous system. affects blood pressure. if you have underlying heart disease, and the study pointed this out, you may not know it and it could provoke a heart attack. >> wow. we're finding out more and more about this as people are able to buy it and sell it.
4:05 am
each governor says they're going to make their own decision to legalize it or not. that question was put to new jersey governor chris christie. he said forget about it. nobody is going to come to new jersey and buy pot. listen. >> see if you want to live in a major city in colorado where there is head shops popping up every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high. to me, it's just not the quality of life we want to have in the state of new jersey and there is no tax revenue worse that. >> one of the most responsible things many people have heard as it relates to this pot discussion and legalization, the quality of life is not what we're looking for here. he's not going to have his citizens there be numb and dumb. >> brian, as you said at the top of this hour about how the president of the united states said it's not any worse than alcohol, the president did smoke a lot of pot growing up and i think we heard from eric holder that he had smoked a lot of pot as well.
4:06 am
as the states are deciding state by state whether or not to legalize it, when you look at the fact, okay. you can make tax dollars, but you can die from it now, according to this french study, and casual use, as we found out last week, just once or twice a week for a month, can change the shape of your brain and impact your emotions and your cognitive ability. can you really legalize that just for tax dollars? that's cold blooded. >> new york is probably next to look at it. looks like they're going to green light it. >> that's a mistake. >> i agree. while that law is on deck, so is heather nauert on deck. >> that's right. >> with the latest news. >> morning. i have news out of the west. look what happened here. residents of a small community in southwestern wyoming are out of their homes this morning after a massive gas explosion. look at this fire ball. you could see it from miles away coming from the town of opal.
4:07 am
it sent people literally running for their lives. >> i heard this really loud and long hiss and a sputtering noise. you have to look up to see the fire ball. that's how big it was. >> how lucky they are this morning. nearly 100 residents now have to stay three miles away from the danger zone as the fire burns itself out. it was a broken natural gas pipeline that was to blame. the good news, no one was hurt. take a look at this, miami beach flax fellow, a popcorn machine catches fire. look at the flames and the thick smoke that filled a three story building. the alarms we went off and sent hundreds door. >> it was a huge thing of flames. smoke was everywhere. there was a speaker, so they stopped the movie and there was a bunch of alarms and there was a lady saying, please, evacuate the building, there is a fire. >> that could have been real chaos. firefighters put it out quickly and no one was hurt. happening today, a first
4:08 am
step in regulating electronic cigarettes. the f.d.a. is now proposing to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and require approval for new products and health warning labels. the move comes as congress raises concerns about the marketing tactics of that product. once final, the f.d.a. says it could propose additional restrictions to manage that industry. take a look at some video that will leave you smiling. look at this cute hockey fan. he's two years old. ty is cheering at a penguins game. it's going viral. his parents say he gets so excited and he even pretends his toy lawn mower is a zamboni at home. isn't that terrific? today is take your daughters and sons to workday. >> fantastic. >> joel, our floor director, his daughter is in the corner. i think she's ignoring us with
4:09 am
her head phones on now. >> she's been here a couple of times. she's growing up. >> she is. >> they grow up so fast. good morning to you. >> bring your kids at fox. >> see you guys. all right. country life magazine has figured out what it takes to be a modern gentleman. >> i'm still trying to figure it out. >> if you want to be a real ladies man, according to this magazine, there are certain dos and don'ts. let's go through the list to help all of you be ladies men. >> these are some of the dos. always be on time. >> that makes sense. >> dress to suit occasion. >> logical. >> be more interested in others than talking about yourself. >> that's going to be tough. >> as for the don'ts, what they say is don't tweet. don't drink malibu. i would imagine that's rum. and don't sport a pretied bow
4:10 am
tie which flies in the face of what i was wearing in the prom. i was wearing a pretied rental bow tie. >> and don't drink malibu. it means this study was brought to be by bicardi. >> i can't tie my own bow tie. >> you got to watch the youtube if you want to do that. >> that's right. >> the youtube? >> yeah. they got one on how to tie the tie. >> send us your dos and don'ts how to be a perfect gentleman. ten minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday morning. >> that's right. they murdered 3,000 americans in the name of allah. but don't call the 9-11 hijackers islamist terrorists, and definitely don't use the word jihad. the controversy over a film set to be shown at the 9-11 museum. president obama pushing for income equality and railing against the so-called 1%. why did the white house roll out the red carpet for 100 of
4:11 am
america's youngest 1%ers? charles gasparino is here. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a long weekend is just an excuse... to get a long way from boring. with models up to 62 horsepower or room for four.
4:12 am
go rugged. go big. go gator.
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4:14 am
>> to secure policies that tilt the playing field in their favor and everyone else's expense. so people get the bad taste that the system is rigged. >> that was president obama in december. turns out that he has no intention of changing that system. in fact, he just rolled out the red carpet for 100 of america's most privileged kids. why is he giving exclusive
4:15 am
access to heirs of the 1%. charles gasparino knows james caravel and others are recommending to the president to push forward this thought to the democratic party that the system is rigged against you 'cause they're part of the 99%. >> president obama's definition of the rich has always been families of four on long island that make $250,000 a year combined, both parents. that's his real definition of rich. this is a sliver. think about what he's doing. he's going to trust fund babies, the most privileged of americans and asking them for money while he's attacking americans that go out in the work force and are entrepreneurs, that became 1% because they work hard. it really is hypocrisy at the highest level and maybe james caravel said it as a great election strategy. you have to go to rich people to raise money. president obama is doing that now.
4:16 am
>> absolutely. it hurts the country. i don't care about elections. let's talk about one of the people that attended, heir to the carlton hospitality fortune. worth $4.4 billion. >> there is 1%. >> he had a chance to host a little bit of that event, interact with the president. what about justin mccall, 24, heir to the hilton. i believe i stayed in one of those hotels and still paying it off. his fortune is worth 2.5 billion. i can relate to him. >> it really is hypocrisy if you think about it. this is a president that went after -- that decided with occupy wall street, one of the most disgusting leftist movements -- >> they're still trying to clean up the park. >> they're still trying to clean up. think about it, what their basic message was, people in the banking industry, a lot of people started with nothing, that made something, are somehow bad. this is a guy that's extolling people that inherited stuff. these are rich trust fund babies, rich, guilty kids that are going out there and
4:17 am
embracing a quasi socialist president. >> zach russell, 26 years old, he's one of those horrible rich people. he also is in that investment community. so he's got two strikes against him. he's an heir to the asset management firm of russell investments worth $1.2 billion. >> by the way, where is occupy wall street with that? you would think russell investments is one of the -- the russell 2,000, it's a big index fund. these are rich people that are clearly wall street folks. what's even worse about mr. russell is that he inherited it. i'm telling you, i know a lot of guys on wall street. dick rosso, people that came from nothing. another guy that used to work in the new york mercantile exchange trying to start his own high frequency trading firm. they started from nothing that made something. they're the people that president obama should bring to the white house and tell everybody this is how you should
4:18 am
choose. >> i like president obama's story. he came from nothing and look where he is, president of the united states. >> we never hear that. >> wrote two best sellers. i think that's a great story that should be told. >> i agree. >> great to see you. >> we didn't get your prom picture. >> i didn't go to the prom. >> we'll find out. coming up straight ahead, megyn kelly is up early for a great reason. she has a huge announcement to make. she's live here on "fox & friends" exclusively to make it. then a kid told she couldn't read the bible during a free reading period at school. does that make any sense to you? ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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4:22 am
time for news by the numbers on this thursday. first, 44,000. that's the number of people who are registered to vote in both maryland and virginia. only supposed to be registered in one. voter watchdog group in virginia says some of those people even cast votes in both states in 2012 and that's a problem. next, 2 1/2 years. that's how long you get before the so-called honeymoon phase is over. researchers say the blissful period right after the wedding starts to fade after 2 1/2 years. finally, 50,000 bucks. that's how much an indiana man has to pay his ex-wife after his big $2 million lotto win. they had been separated for five years, but never divorced, never made it legal. so a judge rules she gets some of the money. and now you know.
4:23 am
elisabeth? >> thanks. you know her as the tough as nails consumer advocate portrayed in this movie. >> let's be honest here, $20 million is more money than these people ever dreamed of. >> that piss me off. first of all, we have more than 400 plaintiffs and let's be honest, we all know there are more out there. they may not be the most sophisticated, but they know hour to divide and $20 million isn't (bleep) when you split it. >> now erin brockovich has a new battle. going to the highest court. joining us now. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> well. they know you mean business when they see you coming. we know you were out there, supreme court set to take a good look at this, department of justice set to take a good look at this. but you were out there
4:24 am
protesting because what exactly is at stake for the military families who are poisoned? >> a lot. it's an issue of statute of repose. i sat in the supreme court yesterday and if they uphold that, then the military, all of the servicemen and women who have come home and found that their families have been poisoned, many had their children die in their arms, they will have no recourse. >> why would the department of justice, why would they take the side of the corporation here who is being accused of poisoning the land and the water? why would they do that? >> i don't know. i read that brief and i was like, what? i mean, i couldn't believe it. for me, and i have my own children serving, the idea that our troops, vets, servicemen and women who do two and three tours of duty, who make it home alive, and they are unfortunately
4:25 am
poisoned on their own soil, the idea that our administration and our current government does not have their back would not stand with them, by them, for them, for me, is almost inexcusable. i find it extremely disturbing. the military needs to know that our government is with them and not leave them, you know, in a lurch, help it affects the health and well father of their families and children. we were really startled. >> i could see why. november 11 of last year, there were 655 veterans that had been receiving treatment and a number of other cases. so sad when we hear about the kids that are affected by this poisoning as well here. no family members helped as of yet. when you were there, when you were with those rallying for the cause, what were the military families saying? >> they're concerned. they can't believe it. they're actually angry. for them, this is very serious
4:26 am
what they do. this is their nation. they will fight for it. they defend it. they love it, and to come home and almost feel that their own government turned their back on them is in some instances, more than they can bear. i've talked to many of them. there is a lot of tears. there is concerns, there is definitely anger. i think mostly it's bewilderment that this is the love of their life, their families, it's the values that they are taught and to come home and have those values not there for them in their time of need is very hurt ful. >> erin brockovich, thanks for being with us. that time clock should never run out on those who serve this nation. >> i agree. next up, megyn kelly is up bright and early. she has an important announcement to make. she's live here on "fox & friends" next. plus, forget steroids.
4:27 am
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4:31 am
♪ ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning. time magazine just released its list of the 100 most influential people on the planet. the list now in its 11th year, recognizes activism, innovation and achievement. on the cover, beyonce. >> this year's list, very familiar face. you are looking live at the host of the kelly file, megyn kelly. she is too busy even to pose for a picture. if you want my picture, come to my office! >> i'll just look up for a second. >> you got it! >> working hard and influencing. >> she joins us live on the phone right now. good morning to you. congratulations. how do you feel making the list? >> thank you very much. i'm honored. it's funny you say that because it truly is so indicative of my life, the picture in the office. my husband always says, my lifestyle is like an airline that's been overbooked and every once in a while everybody shows up. >> megyn, this is good news for
4:32 am
you, strategically for the kids in coming years. any time they're not doing what you want, you say look, bam. look at mommy, right there. my influence counts. >> oh, yes. look at my power. because as you know, as a mother yourself, that's what kids care about. outside world validation is really what they're looking for to assess the power of their parents. it's funny because obviously it's an honor and it was very nice to be included, but no matter how big -- there has been lessons like this throughout my career. no matter how big your ego gets or market power grows, there is always somebody to bring you back down-to-earth. two weeks ago my husband and i got back stage passes and tickets to go see the bridges of madison county on broadway, which was amazing. we got to go back stage and meet the two stars. i had never done that before on broadway. so we went back and you know how it is in our business. i'm thinking, i interview people for a living, i'm used to them wanting to talk to me. i'm rattling off these questions
4:33 am
to these two stars. in the middle of one of my perceivingly brilliant questions, the male lead is like, did you want a picture? he had no idea who i was. my husband threw me a life line. the point is, i try not to get drunk on my own wine because i would be the only one. >> and you have no time to drink. just think how far you've come so quick. it's happened so quick and you work really hard for it. when you made the transition from law to tv, was this one of these things that you pictured, one daytime 100, one day national tv show? >> not exactly, no. i really feel like all i've ever done is died to do the best job that i can, whatever job i'm in. my general philosophy is keep my mouth shut and work hard. that's worked out fine. i've never pounded on anybody's
4:34 am
door saying you need to put me on this or give me this next job or do that. i find if you do a good job, then they'll give you an even better job. >> absolutely. in fact, the passage about you was written by brit hume, who you used to work for in washington and talks about how his wife kim, the bureau chief, came in with a tape, said to him, you got to take a look at this. and then he writes, brit does, her tape displayed as full a set of the qualities of a network correspondent as i had ever seen, great looks, strong voice, authoritative, yet cheerful presence and obvious intelligence. in other words, limitless potential. she was too good to last as a mere correspondent and she didn't. the rest, as they say, is history. the passage also says, megyn, as you know, 'cause i'm sure you've read this, was brit said to our boss, roger, you got to take a look at this. but there was mo job available, but they created one just for you. >> that's actually true.
4:35 am
the thing was so funny 'cause i met with kim. she talked to me for almost three hours. never showed her cards. brit walks by and says -- she says brit, meet megyn. oh, we saw the tape, we loved you. how quick can you get to new york? i love that brit. our boss, roger ailes, said, we'll see. we don't have money in the budget. i went home and prayed that the budget guys, he would find some money for me and he did. and he hired me. i have to say, it was a major cut in pay for my law job, but it wasn't about pay at that point. it was about trying to find happiness and professional fulfillment and thankfully i have. thanks in part, large part, i have to say, to great colleagues and friends like you guys. great place to work. >> we're so excited for you. and your diligence has paid off. there are thanks for your bright work. >> i'll speak for megyn, she won't say it, she's a little disappointed that beyonce got the cover. what has she really done?
4:36 am
>> i've had three babys if four years. so i'm determined this next year to work out every day so i can look like beyonce and maybe next year i will be on the cover. >> you got the best job, not only at 9:00 o'clock, but as wife and mom. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> that's terrific. >> heather nauert, we need her to tell us what's happening in the news. >> good morning. an update on the story that came out of long island yesterday, that big hoax. the f.b.i. is now joining the investigation into a hoax that sent swat teams to a house on long island after a call about an armed man barricaded with people inside. this is the part of a disturbing trend c gamers. right now forensics labs are trying to trace the locations of the prank caller who could face multiple charges and be forced to foot the bill for the huge
4:37 am
police response estimated at $100,000. oh, boy. new controversy today weeks before the 9-11 memorial opens in new york city. members of the muslim community now say they are outraged about a short documentary at the exhibit that calls the terrorists featured in the video islamists with a mission for jihad. a few muslim leaders who have seen the film say the documentary makes it seem like all muslims are terrorists. the museum standing by the film, saying several scholars of islam and terrorism approved the content, so here is what you have to say about the issue. martin from new york says how else would you tell a to her of what happened on 9-11 if you didn't mention it was a muslim terrorist who caused the entire day? another said, let's tell the facts. there is no room to be pc when 3,000 innocents lost their lives on 9-11. and susan from north carolina said the harsh reality is if the good continue to white wash the evil for the sake of sparing
4:38 am
feelings, evil will find ways to use it against us until we're eventually ruined. thanks for sending in those comments. does this one make sense to you? students at an elementary school in texas are allowed to read the violent book "the hunger games" in class but the bible is banned. parents and teachers outraged after a teacher is accused of taking away a second grader's bible during free reading time. the little girl claims that she was told to not bring that book back to school again. >> that's shocking actually. i mean, it's a bible. it's not like there was anything wrong with it. >> you don't want to offend anybody, yet you don't want to make anybody feel like they don't have the freedom to do what they want to do. >> the school district says it's meeting with its staff members to make sure that it is clear, the bible is allowed during free reading time. you wouldn't think you would have to tell somebody that. those are your headlines.
4:39 am
>> you can read anything you want to. heather, it's throw back thursday. the assignment, prom pictures. look at you! >> yeah. that was me. that's my mom holding off my corsage. i'm showing off my perm and my date showing off his mullet. and my glasses are fancy. but i can't remember his name. >> you can't remember his name? >> i have a feeling there will be some e-mails coming in. >> but did he have a big band. >> he had a big band. >> that's the criteria? >> i remember the mullet and the big van. >> nothing happened in that van. >> if you were that man, write us. >> the guy with the big van. >> let me run my fingers through your mullet. >> you want a limo or get in my van? >> vans were popular back then. >> yes, they were. thanks. >> let's go out to the streets of new york city. >> if you see a guy in a van, see if he was heather nauert's
4:40 am
date. >> hold on a second. maria, what about your prom? did go out with a guy in a van and mullet? >> at this not have a date. >> really? >> i knew it would make my dad a lot happier if i didn't have a date, so i went alone. and he was happier. but then he was upset when i broke curfew. >> oh, no. you're in big trouble. >> yeah. >> you stood alone. >> yeah, i stood alone and took my picture. i hung out with friends and it was a great night and great memories. but we want to take a look at the weather conditions across the country because we are looking at an elevated fire danger, unfortunately, across the northeast, including in the state of new jersey where we do have a wildfire that is burning. red flag warnings in effect out here. we could be looking at humidity levels as low as the teens and also gusts over 40 miles per hour. farther west, we have areas of rain across parts of iowa, minnesota, and in the arrowhead of minnesota, they could see eight to 11 inches of snow and farther south, we do have the risk for severe weather out here. so keep an eye out across parts
4:41 am
of arkansas and also into missouri and western tennessee. there is a quick look at your high temperatures for today. let's head back inside. >> all right. i'll take that, maria. talk about a situation, yankee pitcher had a great start to his year, but some controversy. he gets ejected in the second inning of last night's game against the red sox for having pine tar on his neck! it's something used by pitchers to get a better grip on the ball. the red sox thought he was using it two weeks ago, but never report it. so he is likely suspended between five and ten games. the red sox went on to win to please elisabeth 5-1. head coach is not backing down. two atheists, sweeney, responding to a complaint from the freedom of religion foundation, concerned about the football program's connection to christianity. sweeney setting the record straight. he issued a statement that says players of any faith or no faith at all are welcome to our
4:42 am
program. only requiring the recruitment of any player must be a great player at his position, meet the academic requirements and have good character. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. >> all right. coming up, we're learning more this morning about the dangers of pot. so is releasing thousands of convicted drug offenders a good idea? former drug czar for president bush, john walters, joins us live next. plus, relationship troubles seems to follow taylor swift. who just gave her a swift kick to the curb. how soon 'til she writes a song about the incident and maybe a video? ♪ ♪ i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members
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4:45 am
quick celebrity news. selena gomez giving bff taylor
4:46 am
swift a swift kick to the curb. she just unfollowed the country music star and instagram in what some say is a cleansing of her image after a stint in rehab. also some say she was trying to straighten her out. tracy bingham rang up a huge bar tab at fenway park, then ran for the exit. she pulled the old don't you know who i am line. no charges have been filed. no bill has been paid. it took over 50 years, but actress jody foster is a married woman. foster married her girlfriend, photographer in a low key ceremony over the weekend. steve? >> thanks very much, brian. thousands of convicted drug offenders could be walking free soon thanks to the obama administration's sweeping new plan for clemency. the deputy attorney general calling it a matter of fairness. our next guest says the white house's clemency plan is a big
4:47 am
mistake. joining us is the former director of national drug policy in the united states, also known as the drug czar for george w. bush. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so the plan is this: if you've been in jail for ten years on a drug offense, nonviolent, you kept your nose clean, literally, you could be up for this. you've got a problem with this clemency, don't you? >> it plays on a kind of ignorance of who is in federal prison. if you got a sentence for ten years, you're not low level. you've been moving an awful lot of drugs and frankly, they pretend like there is a lot of innocent people in prison which the attorney general is creating this falsehood. i think it's got to be political. he has clemency powers. if he finds individuals that deserve clemency, use it. it's case by case. there is not a lot of innocent
4:48 am
people. they pled guilty for a lower charge. they're underpunished if you want. >> sure. i heard a number of people say they make the actor, a lot of people wound up going to prison on crack cocaine charges back in the '80s and whatnot and the sentence guidelines have completely changed. it's just not fair. >> they're right. okay. joe biden was one of the sponsor s of the crack cocaine minimums. they've been modified by dems and republicans. the same is true of other mandatory minimums. judges have that discretion, they use it. if you read sentencing commission reports, that's what's going on here and the system is a human system, but it's really a disservice to indict it and also, look, if the real thing is a jail break, they did this in california a few years ago and the result was a huge increase in crime. property crime and violent crime. so the people in prison are not carrying a baggy of marijuana.
4:49 am
the mandatory sentence for federal prison is 200 pounds. that's a big baggy. >> sure. we're talking about a truck. not a pocket. let me ask you about this, within the last two weeks there have been two different studies talking about the effects of weed on a person's body. the one about ten days ago said that even casual drug use can change your brain, affect your emotions, cognitive thinking, things like this. there is a french study that has come out and what it says is you can wind up with heart problems thanks to marijuana. that flies in the face of the argument for many on the left who say, nobody gets hurt. it's harmless. >> yeah. the continued medical evidence is to show why we should be worried about the risk of marijuana and our blind spot about marijuana is not something serious, that the administration has aggravated by th president himself making statements about it being just a bad habit. the science has been clear. the recent study about casual use and brain change, it's preliminary, but it does show
4:50 am
the same kind of changes that we had associated with heavy use now happening even with casual use. we see increases in the potency and therefore the risk. we see other studies about other health effects. all the real science, not the kind of dopers in their basement saying they got a scientific study. all the real science gives us more reason to have pause while the administration is driving toward a massive epidemic. >> sure. as many states start to think about legalizing it, something to chew on. thank you very much. >> thanks. ten minutes before the top of the hour. you may be logged on to facebook and twitter right now, but being plugged in comes at a price. john stossel here with what you're giving up every time you log on. good morning, johnny. first on this date back in 1961, "run away," number one song in america. ♪di
4:51 am
♪ today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
you ever give up facebook or internet for your privacy? >> i value it too much. >> no way. no way. >> no. that's like going off the planet. >> many americans aren't willing to give autopsy social media for privacy. do you know how much you're giving up to do this? >> no, but john stossel does. he's here to explain. so obviously the value of privacy is not there when compared to the value of our tech info. >> for me, i'm not giving it up. i like facebook and twitter and all this stuff. the people who are all upset about this. people are always worried about something. yes, some people get hacked. it used to be a virus was malware to wreck your computer.
4:55 am
now overwhelming odds, it's something trying to steal your credit card information, social security. but it's handleable. you can buy the antivirus software and this stuff reaps benefits. >> don't you worry that somebody, aside from the nsa, is looking over your shoulder, they're watching everything you type in? >> especially you, john. >> yes, i worry that my political enemies are out there stealing my e-mails and twisting them out of shape. so i'm careful about what i write. >> yet, you say it's worth the risk. >> totally. it enhances my life. i get to know people better on facebook. >> you barter. i'm getting so much from this, i benefit. >> life is filled with trade-offs. yet about 7% of the people get hacked every year. but it's not the end of the world. there is a $50 limit on how much you can lose on your credit card. it's workable. >> so while 7% get hacked, it's
4:56 am
100% worth it to you for your quality of life on-line? >> 93% -- if i get hacked, i'm unhappy. change your passwords now and again. >> if you're unhappy, where do we go? >> to my show tonight's, 9:00 o'clock. on fox business. >> look at that. >> you don't have it? go get it. >> they know what you do. >> that's the topic. >> we'll all be watching. >> that's right. >> thanks, john. >> thank you. i'm going to be following you on facebook and twitter. >> i could be hacking in. >> coming up straight ahead in the final hours, first nevada. now the federal government going after ranchers in texas. will it come down to another stand-off? one of those ranchers joins us live. and then a woman felt so bad for this homeless guy, she gave him some food. but guess what? he's not homeless. he's a famous hollywood actor. what exactly is going on here? ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? good morning. it's thursday, april 24. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. three american doctors shot dead at a hospital in afghanistan. the breaking details coming your way. and remember this state department official who simply could not remember a single hillary clinton accomplishment as secretary of state? remember this? >> i am certain that those who were here at the time who worked hard on that effort could point out one. >> well, they could point out one. she just got a do over, kind of. we're betting she wished she didn't. wait until you see how this thing rambles on. >> and don't mess with his best friend. george clooney coming to the defense of the president who the actor got into a war with words with. that story coming your way.
5:01 am
it will stun you. mornings, according to everyone elisabeth knows, are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox & friends". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> throw back thursday here. we showed you our prom pictures. that is me. that is rick. that is john and that is bruce. the year is 1982. what about your pictures? what about the viewers, have they found their prom shots? >> here they are now. we actually have -- this is thomas' picture from 1976. look at those tuxes. >> in fact, i think the year we don't have my prom picture from, i was wearing the powder blue on
5:02 am
the far right. >> were you? >> they were big. powder blue tuxedo, white ruffle shirt and i believe very dark navy tie. >> it's almost a costume. >> those were the '70s. >> i know. i remember looking -- it was car, i chosewn first decision ice blue cordoba. i had to give it back in 12 hours. >> 'cause there was another prom that needed it. >> keep those coming because in the last hour, we saw heather's and she still can't remember her date's name. >> i'm still trying to come up with it. i'm hoping someone will tweet me. i have some serious news to bring you. this coming in in the early morning hours. a fox news alert. three american doctors are dead in kabul, afghanistan after an afghan security guard opened fire inside a hospital. it doesn't get more despicable
5:03 am
than this. two of the dead, a father and a son. an american nurse was also wounded. officials on the ground say the guard was shot and wounded during this attack and he is now undergoing surgery at the very same hospital right now. this happened at the cure international hospital, run by a christian-based charity. it is the second insider attack by a member of afghan security forces targeting foreign civilians this month. every year, hundreds of americans go there to devote their time to take care of these people. what you're looking at now is madness inside a packed movie theater. miami beach, florida, after a popcorn machine catches fire. take a look at the flames and the thick smoke filling the building. the alarms went off, sending hundreds of people rushing out the door. listen to some of them. >> it was a huge thing of flames, smoke was everywhere. there was a speaker, so they stopped the movie and there was a bunch of alarms and there was a lady saying, please evacuate
5:04 am
the building. there is a fire. >> firefighters were able to quickly put out that fire. remarkably, no one was hurt. another fox news alert, president obama is at the imperial palace in japan attend ago state dinner. moments ago, he spoke, emphasizing the close relationship between the two countries. listen to this. >> we don't have that sound apparently. but japan is his first stop on week long tour of asia and meant to bolster our relationship with the country. he next heads to south korea. and a high-class clash between george clooney and the steve wynn about president obama. there was a screaming match that happened at a dinner in las vegas about two weeks ago. clooney says that wynn started it and here is his official side to that story. quote, i said that the president was my long-time friend and then he said your friend is a blank. at that point i told steve that he was a blank and i wasn't
5:05 am
going to sit at his table, end quote. wynn claims clooney was drunk at the time. and those are your headlines. >> yeah. thank you very much. and steve wynn also said that if you wanted -- george loan yes is a great guy, but get him early before he starts drinking. one of the other things, the more he drinks, the better friend of the president he becomes. >> and steve wynn had the courage to come out early and say a lot of the president's policies were antibusiness and he came on and got a lot of flak for that. >> it all started, this particular brouhaha in las vegas over the affordable care act. >> he didn't win over any friends with those comments for sure. talk about comments here, as it relates to the qdddr. >> when you're talking with your friends. >> matt lee was asking the spokesperson at the state
5:06 am
department if she could name one accomplishment of hillary clinton's during that time and that set the program created. was there an accomplishment directly related to that. >> single one. over four years, name one. she couldn't name any. so yesterday -- >> she got a lot of blow back. >> that's why yesterday, jen tsaki shows up and tries to have a do over and tries to make it better. she tries to show that hillary clinton was very busy in her four years. how did she do? let's take a look. >> let me start out with one item as a follow-up from yesterday. it's too bad matt is not here yet because he asked the question. bear with me while i just highlight a few of these. after the 2010 qddr, economic state craft, which as you know is a big part of what secretary clinton did when she was traveling overseas, became -- stronger emphasis was placed on trade promotion, investment, and
5:07 am
leveling the economic playing field. >> hold it. that's it? hillary's great thing wagon trade promotion? jen, we'll give you another do over. you must have something else. >> as a result of the 2010 qddr, we now have a fuller integration of women and girls into our policy framework. >> wait a minute. that's it? >> come on, give me another one. >> please. >> also establish the undersecretary for civilian security democracy and human rights. and established as i already touched on, three new bureaus, including the bureau for counterterrorism, which, of course, is one that we work quite a bit with. >> you know, so far i haven't really heard anything that hillary clinton can proudly boast when she runs for president. when i was in charge, i did this. jen, one final time. >> i know there is a lot of -- go ahead. >> i was going to -- i wish we had gotten a two-minute warning. we didn't. >> i apologize for that. the only thing i did at the top
5:08 am
was better answer the question you asked yesterday. >> without him in the room. that was the reporter who asked the question about the qddr. they said it was a way for hillary clinton, it was her policy of getting the state department to act quickly to put out world catastrophes and world issues. so matt, the a.p. reporter, wanted to see if this yielded results. did it? i think she was still thrashing 24 hours later. >> right. he consumes in at the end there -- comes in at the end there. >> he missed the whole thing. >> the problem is the original tape of jen saying i got nothing, i can't name an accomplishment of hillary clinton. i got a feeling she's going to come back if she runs for president. >> this whole thing will be the main thrust after the mid terms. it's going to be all about hillary clinton's report card and if it turns out that hard choices book lists them all, she'll be able to help jen tsaki and might get an advance copy. >> do you think the main stream
5:09 am
media are going to report that stuff? >> they were tough on her against barak obama. remember? >> because the main stream media wanted barak obama elected. if the choice is between hillary and a republican, whose side do you think main stream media will be on? >> but the a.p., is the definition of main stream. he asked a good question. maybe that's a good sign. >> i thought it was a good sign. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. big news this morning, in the regulation of electronic cigarettes. steve centanni live with more on these regulations. what's the very latest? >> reporter: the f.d.a. wants to ban them. that proposal being issued today by the food and drug administration, but it won't go effect until after a period of public comment and review by the agency. electronic cigarettes are plastic or metal tubes about the size of a regular cigarette that heat up a liquid nicotine and create a vapor that can be inhaled. some say it's a way to quit smoking because the user still gets nicotine, but without the
5:10 am
many harmful chemicals and without the tar and the odor that go with burning tobacco. but others say the users will continue to be addicted to nicotine and that the electronic product can lead to the use of tobacco products. the f.d.a. says there are more questions than answers right now. so this move by the f.d.a. is aimed at eventually banning the products for use by minors. just as the agency does for regular cigarettes and other tobacco products, the head of the f.d.a. center for tobacco products says, quote, when finalized, the proposal would result in significant health benefits, including reducing sales to youth, helping to correct consumer misperception, preventing misleading health claims, and preventing new products from entering the market without scientific review by the f.d.a. it could take months, even years, for the regulation to actually take effect, and it could be eventually challenged in court. back to you. >> seems like everything is.
5:11 am
>> it is nicotine, you're still smoking, but you're not getting any tar. >> right. which they feel is better. >> unless you're pitching for the yankees. >> right. which you put it on your neck. >> right. >> the red sox report it 'cause they can't hit the ball because he's got a little tar on it. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. coming up, you don't mess with texas. >> a promise that we're going to stand up for private property rights in the state of texas. >> rick perry daring the federal government to go after a texas rancher's land like they did in nevada. so will it come to another stand-off? two of those ranchers join us next. and then it's one of the toughest legal hurdles you've ever encountered. finding an attorney. but don't worry, bob massi is making it easier for you. he's opening up the mail bag with your questions straight ahead
5:12 am
5:13 am
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5:15 am
one of the toughest legal hurdles you'll encounter. finding an attorney. joining us right now to answer those questions and others, fox news legal analyst, bob massi. welcome. >> hi. >> common question, get it all the time, how do i assess who the right attorneys are for my legal problem? where do you go? >> i'm sorry. the first thing is, before you go see a lawyer, particularly if it's the first time you've seen a lawyer, write your questions down because i can't tell you how many people come to see me and say, i forgot my questions at home or i forgot my questions, period. number two, just like a doctor, brian, you got to feel comfortable. 'cause here is the difference. most of the time if you see a doctor, god willing, it's one or two visits and you're finished.
5:16 am
if you have a legal issue, you're going to visit that lawyer more than once. so you've got to have a sense of comfort and trust and the other thing is i always tell clients, go get a second opinion like anything else. see who you're comfortable with and see if you're getting the same information back. >> also, the first meeting is kind of free usually, right? but i also like to know how you bill. so if i'm calling you up for a quick question, am i getting billed for that? >> some lawyers obviously don't do that. i mean, some lawyers will give you free advice over the telephone. and some lawyers will say look, if you want to come in to see me, then bottom line, this is how much it will cost to spend a half hour or hour with me. that's personal choice, depending upon experience and how long they've been in the business. >> number two, if my issue requires the filing of a lawsuit, how too i choose the right litigator? are references a key here? >> well, listen, that is very important, yes. i think any time you get a reference, that's important. i've done litigation for many
5:17 am
years. this is my opinion through my eyes as a litigator. a litigator has got to be willing to lose. in other words, you can't be grade to lose if you litigate. that's my opinion, because the nature of it is when you walk through the courtroom doors, you're putting that decision in the hands generally of six to eight people in a civil case and 12 in a criminal case. so you've got to be willing to have the right person. the other thing is, i've got to tell you, there is nothing cheap in my business when it comes to litigation. if you can't bank roll that case -- and there has been many times people have come to me and they don't have the money. i say listen, i get that. it's not a problem. but if you're going to get in litigation, you're going to get that bill every month, it's going to be a very uncomfortable experience when you open up that envelope because nothing is cheap in what we do in your litigation 'cause everything is time consuming. experience, somebody that knows how to try cases, ask them how many trials they've had, what kind of success, and references are very important.
5:18 am
>> if you're a lawyer look for a quick tag line, i'm willing to lose probably won't be great -- >> it's not so much that. but what i'm saying for me as a lawyer, as a litigator, we can't be afraid to lose because otherwise don't go to court because you never know what's going to happen. you believe in your case, but you don't say that to the client. but i'm just saying, you have to, if you really want to litigate as a lawyer, you got to understand that. >> the biggest complaint? >> communication. that's the one big thing that most clients complain about. i never hear from my lawyer. if you're a criminal lawyer, which i'm not, you talk to criminal lawyers, they say you never want to hear from me 'cause when you hear from me, there is a problem. on the civil side, it's our job to keep them in communication as much as possible. i think that's the biggest problem. the clients say i don't hear enough from my lawyer. >> right. unless you're getting charged for every call. >> take it easy, brian, you get paid when you get up in the morning, too, buddy. >> i'm not judging. i'm just looking at a list of sometimes you get a bill that
5:19 am
looks like your at and t verizon bill. thanks. >> by low, sell high. >> and be willing to lose. 19 minutes after the hour. bob from vegas. first nevada. now the federal government going after ranchers in texas. will it come to another stand-off? those ranchers join us live. then a woman felt so bad for this homeless guy, she gave him some food. but guess what? he's not homeless. he's got a pretty woman. ♪ ♪ nobody ever stomped their foot and asked for less. because what we all really want... more. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet. and not a "have just a little buffet". that's the idea behind the more everything plan. it's more of everything you want,
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welcome back. quick headlines now. tragedy hitting the bachelorette. eric hill, a contestant on the upcoming series died. he was only 30 years old. they say the streets of new york are mean. but one woman walking by this homeless man felt so bad, she gave him a bag of food. she didn't realize he's worth millions of dollars. that photo here, that's richard gere filming his next movie. >> it's not a dare, it's a promise that we're going to stand up for private property rights in the state of texas. i have a problem with the federal government putting citizens in the position of having to feel like they have to use force to deal with their own government. >> governor rick perry of texas putting his foot down over a massive potential land grab of 90,000 acres in texas. the bureau of land management, the blm, reportedly trying to
5:24 am
swallow up hundreds, thousands of acres along the banks of the red river, a line that separates texas from oklahoma and the line changes. it's an area where private land owners passed down their property for generations. joining us now are two of those texas ranchers, kevin hunter and charlotte, they join us from our dallas bureau. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is an important story. charlotte, you thought you settled this back in 2000 'cause you were on that commission and now the federal government sounds like they're ready to steal your land. >> seems so. they just started it, the same scenario over. a repeat of what happened in the mid '90s through 2000. >> yeah. kevin -- go ahead, charlotte. >> well, it seems like they're really intent on taking the land. they're going to keep coming after us, i think, 'til we wear down maybe. >> are you going to wear down?
5:25 am
>> hope not. >> i'm not going to lie to her. -- let her. >> kevin, back in 1923, the u.s. supreme court established where the border was going to be. it was going to be on the south bank of the river. but the bureau of land manual count, the geniuses in our federal bureaucracy, they have never recognized that and now they're talking about grabbing 90,000 acres. although they deny it. how would it impact you, kevin? >> it will take anywhere from 107 to 200 acres, depending on the wording they're using in this, in these letters and transcripts, away from me. and like i've asked people, if you bought land and you had a deed and paid taxes and somebody comes and takes it away from you, and like i try to explain my dad, they're not going to pay us for it. they're not going to pay us for this. they're just going to take it away. >> sure. >> how would you feel? >> if i paid for it, i would want to keep my land. charlotte, we heard from rick perry. he said don't mess with texas. we're not going to let them take
5:26 am
it. how do you feel about that? >> i am so glad that he is supporting us, the property owners. >> sure. exactly. let me ask you this, kevin, going forward, it kind of looks to some like what was going on out in nevada. you see parallels between cliven bundy and your situation, don't you? >> i sympathize with him, but when they come and take our land and tell us to take our cows off, take our fences off, our fixtures and we don't, what have we got? another something. where we going when i don't do it? i don't remove my cattle and fences and fixtures i've got down there. so what have i got? a stand-off, don't i? >> do you have a stand-off. here is the other thing you've got, kevin, and charlotte, you've got a deed. a deed recognized by the state of texas that says that you own that land. how can the federal government come in and say, you know, we're not paying attention to what the
5:27 am
u.s. supreme court said in the 1920s. we're going to be smarter than that, kevin. >> i don't understand it either. i've told people, i've got my deed here in the lobby. i'll be happy to show it to anybody, you know. the property tax rolls. yes. >> absolutely. >> i don't understand it. >> charlotte, there is a little awkward satellite delay there. charlotte, there is some people looking in who work at the bureau of land management in washington, d.c. right now. we're your message to them? -- what's your message to them? >> oh, boy. well, be sensible. be reasonable. this is farm and ranch land. it's not recreational land or something for the public. it's highly erodable land. it's sandy. it can't hold up to high traffic. and the people that have been on this river for so many years have done a wonderful job of taking care of it.
5:28 am
>> sure. you make a great case. kevin, what is your message to the federal government that wants your land? >> go away. go away. we take care of it. i pay taxes. i pay my income taxes. go away. just leave me alone. >> what if a bunch of federal guys show up and say kevin, we're taking over? >> i'm not going to answer that. i'm going to let charlotte answer that. >> charlotte? >> i guess they'll have to drag me off by force. i'm going to stand my ground. >> i don't blame you. sounds like you both are. all right. thank you very much for telling your side of the story as the blm, it looks like they're trying to grab 90,000-acres of texas. thank you both very much and good luck to you. >> thank you for your time and letting us presents our side of the story. >> you bet. what do you think about that? e-mail us.
5:29 am
straight ahead, he and his group have declared a better on fox news channel. now the media matters founders admits he's a political democratic activist. why is the group still allowed to have tax exempt status when conservatives are being targeted? we're talking hypocrisy and that's coming up next. it's throwback thursday. can you guess whose prom photo this is? elisabeth, not the only one cheering. look at that. and that's the guy you married, isn't it? ♪ ♪ sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen
5:30 am
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5:33 am
>> it is throw back thursday. your prom photos are pouring in. we want to end up looking at all these. we love yours that you've been sending in. this is david edwards right here from -- he said my beautiful wife megyn. >> he married his prom date! >> he did. they met before their ninth
5:34 am
grade prom. now they've been married 25 years. look at that. >> in fact, all of the pictures we're showing right now, they went out on a prom date and eventually wound up getting married. this from judy carr with her now husband, johnny, on the night of their prom in 1965. she writes, quote, we started dating our senior year and we've been married for 47 years. congratulations. >> it's the matching jacket that did it. >> i know that guy. >> this is in 1978. he was a young kid at that time. on leave from air force technical training school. there he is with the woman to be named later. >> a vision in white they are right there. we love to see more of your prom throwback thursday photos. >> if i could talk to right now a photographer in the '70s, could i say two words? zoom in. we're too far out. >> you want head to toe. >> did you give a wrist cover
5:35 am
sang or flowers? >> i think i went wrist and i also -- yeah. and didn't we buy our own flower? >> i believe i was a switch hitter. one year it was the wrist corsage and the next year it was a pin one. >> later i'll apologize for steve. >> i will now hit you with my ipad. >> yeah. i guess throwback thursday, this will be the last week. thank you very much. >> nice throwback. >> we keep going and have no contra series on fridays. meanwhile, we got a story to tell you a little bit about, patrick henry center apparently, according to the irs, was consistently political and even though it leans to the right, they have revoked their tax exempt status, which is curious because now we've been talking about media matters, how they are not what they say they are,
5:36 am
a watchdog. they're really tan attack dog against fox news channel, against the right wing, against everything. david brock, the founder and ceo on his official twitter profile says he is a democratic political activist. and yet, the irs gives media matters, who is really just at war with fox news, they give them tax exempt status. why should that outfit get tax exempt status to try to run us out of business and try to get every democrat elected? we were talking to juan williams earlier on the program. he's from the political left. he thinks they should no longer have their tax exempt status either. listen. >> when i look at what media matters is up to, i sense that not only do they have a political agenda, but they have an agenda that speaks directly to the idea that they will attack people. you hear about conservative groups who go after some presidential candidates on the
5:37 am
democratic side, they lose their tax exempt status from the irs. i can't say that brock is going after republican candidates per say, but i know he goes after me, fox news, everybody around here with a clear political agenda. so how does that qualify for tax exempt status? >> just looking for an equal swing of the arm by the irs if they are going to target conservatives, what juan is suggesting just take a look at situations like this. media matters, go on the twitter account today, brock, that description still there. democratic political activist and the meat is in the tweet. when you scroll down, you'll see the tweets on the account. they are not able to be deleted as of yet. >> so it's going to be up to -- here is the curious thing. it's going to be up to the irs to determine whether or not media matters keeps their tax exempt status. irs, have they been involved in any scandals? oh, yeah. targeting conservative groups. do you think they're going to pull the tax exempt status of media matters? they obviously should.
5:38 am
juan williams says yes. will they? stand by. >> talk about standing by, that's a perfect transition to heather nauert. i'll use it. standing by with the news. >> good morning. this first story, colorado's legal marijuana blamed for drug sales at an elementary school. four fourth graders were caught dealing the drug at school in greeley, colorado, which is north of denver. the marijuana was bought legally by the children's grandparents. one school official says get ready to see a lot more of this with the new law in place. >> the simple fact that we have adults that didn't secure the marijuana and that's concerning because this would have never happened had the marijuana not been so accessible for two ten-year-old boys. >> the school kids face tough punishment, but won't be expelled or even suspended. we've all had a bumpy ride when we dealt with flight attendants before. but some can be worse than others. a new survey from air fare
5:39 am
watchdog and that shows which airline has the rudest flight attendants. coming in at number one is spirit airlines, getting 26% of the vote. the second air canada, with 14%. and in third, frontier, with 11% of the vote. the nicest flight attendants, they say, southwest airlines, and alaska airlines. check this out, a soccer fan from the other side caught on camera. that's what some people think after checking out this video of a shadowy figure surfacing. take a look. the supposed ghost flashes through the stands at a bolivian soccer game. even passing through a wall. commentators were confused by the whole thing. a lot of fans freaked out. supernatural followers say it is a ghost. others say it's just a reflection from the field. i can't tell. >> i wonder if it's one of those cameras that they hang by the wires. >> yeah, good point. tomorrow at cheese boy locations across the country,
5:40 am
you can wind up with a free grilled cheese sandwich, right, maria molina? >> right. free grilled cheese sandwiches coming up at cheese boys tomorrow. this month is national grilled cheese month. that is why you are giving away those sandwiches coming up tomorrow. did you know that 86% of americans claim to have had at least one grilled cheese sandwich in the past year. >> yeah. 30% of those have it at least monthly. it's a popular sandwich. >> joining us this morning is michael and you are coo of cheese boys and you have brought several different variations to the original grilled cheese sandwich. let's start with the first one. >> our most popular is tomato basil classic, with fresh chopped basil and tomato. here we have our hickory bacon as our second sandwich. we love to have premium quality, all natural foods. so most of what you see here is all natural and very high quality. right here, moving on, chipotle
5:41 am
chicken with our fire braised chicken, which is delicious. here is our mac melt. all natural macaroni and cheese. >> i'm going to take this one c. is the chocolate one? >> this is our dessert sandwich. it is one of our very popular se set sandwiches. we have white american cheese and a hazel nut chocolate spread. >> i'm going to have the mac and cheese one. here we go. i'm going to try this and send it back inside while i have my breakfast. >> we're going to watch. >> that looks great. very good. >> i'll save you guys some. >> bring it all in here! >> the guys want them in the studio. it's not going to get through the hole. >> just say grilled cheese. thank you. the president says it's no worse than alcohol. but this morning another new alarming study on pot that says
5:42 am
smoking it has deadly consequences. what you need to know coming up next. and breaking news on the economy, nicole petallides standing by with the jobless numbers just leased. she's live from the new york stock exchange coming up next. good morning. ♪ ♪ when you sat down to dinner with anticipation, not hesitation.
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contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for 24 hour support, automatic refills, and free home delivery, enroll at it's the nexium you know, now delivered. quick health headlines. a second alarming study about pot in a week. new research finds young adults who smoke pot may be at risk for serious, even fatal heart problems. days ago new research pointed to brain changes in casual young marijuana users. as you head to work this morning, try not to sit down because a new study found that sitting for long hours at work could be as bad for you as smoking. brian? a fox news alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. nicole petallides knew that already. she's live on the floor of the
5:46 am
new york stock he exchange and might know the numbers. >> i wait all week for these! i always hope for good news for our americans and their jobs. it turns out not such great news this week. we saw jobless claims coming in more claims. 329,000 claims. the estimates were for 315,000 claims. and the claims that came in this week were higher, up 24,000. so that's not good news. we have more claims. it's growing week over week. it just shows continued job market that remains weak. the good news in the economic news is that we got this morning, was durable goods. we're seeing more orders for cars and computers and heavy things, things that may fall on your foot, like a washing machine. >> bad news, when it comes to coffee here, the prices of coffee at a two-year high due to drought in brazil. is that right? >> that's right. we're watching a lot of the commodities now moving higher. coffee prices moving to two-year highs because of the crop
5:47 am
conditions. you're also seeing other breakfast things, orange juice, sugar, milk, all moving higher. the question is whether or not starbucks, dunkin' donuts and mcdonald's will transfer those price hikes over to you. >> that's a good question. also, now it's time because it is throwback thursday, to highlight nicole petallides as we travel back in time. there i am. there elisabeth is. there is brian. and here now on throwback thursday is nicole. tell us about this beautiful group. >> i'm loving all your pictures. yep. this is friends academy in long island. 1989. you can see that. everybody shopped for their dresses. one of the girls is tonya of the diet. regular guest on fox. she's a very well respected nutritionist. it was a great group. we hit daingerfield of new york city for comedy and then to the hamptons afterwards. there is a story today about the hamptons and that the prices are jumping again for those houses
5:48 am
because of wall street bonuses. >> you jumped on every '80s trend just before the decade was over and i love every one of them. the shoulders, the lace, the hair. >> the big hair. >> looks like no curfew either, nicole. we're going to talk about that with you. >> what did he just say? >> no curfew for you at the prom. >> no curfew. well, we were very good. we read a lot of books. >> you got to get back to work. the stock market opens here if 45 minutes. thank you very much. >> coming up straight ahead, this busy morning is not over, according to all reports. still ahead, there is no winners or losers here. everyone gets a trophy. a new youth sports league doing just that. but is this good for our kids? we'll debate it. >> first let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview of what happens in 12 minutes on the channel. >> good morning, everybody. a terrible story out of afghanistan. three american doctors killed by an afghan security guard. we have the latest breaking news
5:49 am
in that story. and jeb bush says he's thinking about it. we'll tell you what's on his mind. and stranded on a desert island. how an old trick saved these people's lives when bill and i see you at the top of the hour for paul ridley there's no substitute for advil. it's built to be as fast as it is strong and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain. advil. make today yours. in this season's most important fashion trend, the long shirt. designed to flatter, with playful hemlines and length for everybody. the new long shirt. visit the shirt boutique, only at chico's and crest 3d white whitestrips vs. a whitening pen. i feel like my lips are going to, like, wash it off. these fit nicely. [ female announcer crest 3d white whitestrips keep the whitening gredient in place, guaranteeing professional level results. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten.
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has america's youth lost its competitive edge? this week the children's sports week sparked major controversy by announcing a new set of rules. kids must focus on fun, not competition. everyone gets a trophy. and parents must sign a pledge not to yell. so how will rules like this affect our children's competitive spirit in the long run? joining me for a great debate, we're going to see who wins or loses, brian sanders, president and coo of i 9 sports and dr. charles williams, a psychology professor at drexel
5:53 am
university. good morning to you both. brian, i want to start with you because i want you to explain a little bit of the philosophy and if you do think that this benefits kids to not win or lose, not get a bigger trophy when they get the championship. >> absolutely. our philosophy is pretty simple. the philosophy of i 9 sports is it's important to have a balance between fun. from all the statistics out there, if the game isn't fun, kids aren't going to play. so our goal and the way that the sports leagues were created was to provide a format that allows kids to do both. they're not mutually exclusive. so in our leagues, we don't have drafts or tryouts. every child gets to play 'cause you're never going to learn the basics of the game unless you actually get to get off the bench and play it. but we do believe in awarding kids who give effort at the end of the season, the ability to win a participation award. but we do keep score and at the end of the season, the division
5:54 am
winners get a bigger trophy. so we strike a balance. it's not all one or the other. >> okay. 'cause there are instances where some leagues actually don't keep score at all and some parents like that or don't. doctor, let me ask you this, do you think is beneficial for children psychologically as they move forward in life? there are wins and losses as you move forward and way bigger trophies. >> elisabeth, let me first of all commend brian for being a part of a sport program which actually the research says, can build social confidence in kids. they learn how to take turns, how to support each other, how to work in teams. you need this to be successful not only in the classroom, but in life. outside of that, in life, everybody doesn't get a trophy. if i use myself for an example, i earned a ph.d. less than 1% of the population earned a ph.d. almost half of the people who try to, fail. they're a.d. d. they don't get a trophy. we have to teach our kids that sometimes you lose and sometimes you win and sometimes you win
5:55 am
because you work really, really hard. and you outdo the next person. that's the part of american life. >> how do you guys feel about this? brian, parents are not allowed to yell on the side line. i think if they clean up their sideline behavior, i guess it would help the kids. but that's tough when you're a mom and your kid scores or gets knocked down by someone. >> we allow them to yell on the side lines. we want the yelling to be healthy and cheering the kids on instead of being the destructive kind of language that you hear most other leagues. so we actually have parents when they register their children, to sign the parental pledge. the pledge essentially says, i as a parent recognize the number one reason my kid is playing sports is to have fun and i'm going to exhibit the same kind of good sportsmanship that i would expect of my child on the field. that's made a huge difference. >> i'm sure it has. doctor, you're laughing, so i need to ask why. >> i was just going to say that so many thoughts going through my head. look, i'm sure you covered this story many times here and at your other job, elisabeth.
5:56 am
we have so many unfortunate instances where parents are yelling and screaming and fighting and cops had to be called in. even parents attacking very young kids because they don't like the way the game is going. so what i 9 is doing is an indictment of so many immature parents who are trying to relive their glory days through their kids by acting crazy when they're on the sideline. >> i'm not one of those parents. okay? i was a bench warmer and i was okay with that. brian and doctor, i have to thank you both for being here. i'll give you both a trophy for showing up this morning. >> thank you, elisabeth. >> thank you very much for the opportunity. well, more "fox & friends" just moments away ve pain. it's progressive pain. first you have that, that feeling of numbness. then you get the hot pins. it got to the point where i felt like, almost like lightning bolts, hot strikes into my feet. the pain was, it was...
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special happy birthday to enface's daughter. and great to see you. have a great time with joel on bring your daughter to workday. bill: terror strikes three american doctors. they were shot and killed in kabul by the security guard hired to protect them. martha: i'm martha maccallum. kabul police saying two of these american doctors killed are a father and his son. teegd this tragedy, these people are volunteers. they are dedicated to treat


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