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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 1, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> they have that for women, too? >> i. it is a belt. >> we have a clip right here. >> that's it for outnumbered. we'll see you for tomorrow. for now, what is happening now. snooshgs fox ne the u.s. military should have take an action. and rising flood waters and drenching rain on the east coast. rick tells us who is in the danger zone noe now. pro russian separatist forcing the ukranian government to come up with a new strategy. they are coming up with defense in dealing with the threat. nexplosive testimony from the
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benghazi hearing. they are responsible for the attack and said the u.s. military should have responded on that horrible night. i am john scott. >> hi, everybody. i am jenna lee. it is an interesting news day. that was not the only revelation. he made it clear that military officials knew it was a terrorist attack and not over a video that got out of hand. e-mails released yesterday and sparking a fierce reaction tone jay carney and ed henrow moments ago in the white house. >> on 9- 12 you were asked if benghazi was pre-meditated. you said it is too early for us to make that judgment. we are working with the libyan government. you are cautious. and saying that on 9- 12 and on
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9- 14. it is making judgments that this was inspired by a video. why is it not we don't know. >> ed, do you need a copy of the cia. >> you can read them out. ned, the only thing that refers to benghazi is cut and paste to the talking points much to your disappointment turned out to be from the cia. what was not accurate was addressed by folks in the cia and folks elsewhere. it is a human enterproiz analysis and gathering. and those men and women who serve in the intelligence community do so in service of their nation and do the best job they can every day. what they prous was what they thought was, what they thought
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they anyhow in a difficult and murky situation. >> kathryn harris has the latest. >> reporter: the testimony of the retired officer laud bear the facts that the senior military intelligence office knew it was a direct assault and not a protest to a video. >> it was early on in the evening. before throw:15 in the morning? >> yes, absolutely. absolutely. we dismissed that notion by then by working with other sources. >> reporter: two hours later a mortar attack killed navy soles glenn and tyroen. they waited for the okay from
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the state department to act. >> there was a period of time gaining an understanding of what was needed from folks on the ground, because we didn't have a lot of insight. >> was there ongoing xhupgz where you waited on the state department to get your information. >> there was a lot of back and forth. >> it undercuts the administration's claim that theyoused the best intelligence that the video was inspiration for protest in benghazi. fox news was first to report that there was no demonstration one day after susan rice's television appearances which was september 17th, 2012, and we received considerable push back to that it reporting, jenna. >> what now, kathryn? what happens moving forward on this? >> this morning nancy pole
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peel's moirnity leader dismissed the testimony and at the same time admitted she was not following it. >> diversion and benghazi. why aren't we talking about something else. what i know is what i read in the press and they were consistent with what was put out there before. there is nothing new there. >> in ten minutes from now we expect senators graham and mccain are asking in a formal letter for susan rice, the person who appeared on the sunday talk shoes to explain who it was and briefed hear prior to that appearance. we asked the white house whether it was ben rhed ones or any other dozen people copied on the e-mail and we did not receive a direct response.
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>> the questions are continuing and we'll continue to watch it. later we'll be joined by chris wallace to discuss all of this and white house cover up revealed with bret baier on saturday and sunday only here on the fox nows channel. and this fox nows alert. majority leader eric cantor announcing that the house will consider a contempt resolution on lois lerner. she renowsed to testify before congress about the targeting of conservative groups. she defended herself in an opening statement and then took the fifth to avoid answering law makers. cantor said the house will hold the contempt vote unless she
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changes her mind. >> americans applies for unemployment benefits is higher. it is an increase from the previous woke which makes it notable. this is after it was reported that the nation's gdp grow a 10th of a percent this year. we'll have the former director on shortly to talk about the economy and where he expect its to go from here. and a fox news alert for you. the storm that spawned deadly tornados and rain in the south. parts of florida seeing two foot of rainfall in 24 hours. flood watches and warnings up and down the oast coast the where rising waters are leaving drivers stranded and people
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trapped in their homes and businesses. >> when it starts raining like it has for 36 hours thas no where to go. >> we are looking at a lot of water. it is the flat and the water is all the way up to the steps. >> it is hard to take and getting too old for it. >> emergency officials are urjing people to stay off of the flooded roads. >> we'll go over to ukraen and more clashes in the eastern part of the country. ukraine's acting president said their security forces are simply unable to stop the militants in the east. and now their goal is to prevent the turmoil from spreading to other territories. leland is streaming live from eastern ukraine with more. >> reporter: jenna, to the end. the president renewed a prescription policy for the military. a military draft for all young
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men is in affect. and put the military on full combat readiness. in kiev there were troops and armored personnel characters and a drill and show of force and shoes that the ukraine an military has a lot of the heart and shoes how old and decripit the equipment is. a lot of folks say the ukranian military is no match and no chance of repelling a russian invasion if it were to come. we hit the streets to so what the folks think of a possible russian invasion. as that mayday protest, it was clear in the sense that there is a lost people, part of the russian separatist movement and they are the minority.
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and public opinion polls in the east show most of the folks don't want to breakaway from the mayday rally. they marched down to the local prosecutor's office in the quest to continue to take over more and more government buildings and the police forces stepped aside and they took over that building as well. this is moving to a may 11th referundum. they want a vote about turning the eastern part of ucrepe in a pro russian soilths state and independent republic. and they are taking over the buildings to make it easy tore have that election. they control all of the government buildings and given the situation on the ground. there is not anyone who said it would be a free and fair referundum in terms of what the people want. it is it a same end. and if it goes through. given the amount of power the
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>> a voluntary evacuation is underway as a massive wild fire rages by los angeles. firefighters battling dry windy conditions to try to get the flames under control and homeowners will at a as long as
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they can and others say they are better off leaving now. >> right now, we are getting out of here tis not safe. >> we have everything set aside. trucks facing out in the drive way. >> prees you pay for living near a wilderness area. >> fire officials are waiting for the winds to die down and for now, all they can do fight it on the ground and wait to so which way the flames move next. startling revelations on benghazi. the military leader said they should have helped them. and u.s. forces anyhow benghazi was a terror attack and not a spontaneous mob reacting to the video. >> did the military have evidence supporting the video narrative.
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>> no, sir. >> one of the fundmental mistakes that the obama administration is making, they act as though taking actions something that sets in motion all sorts of consequences and that taking no action means we have no moral responsibility for any consequences. >> chris wallace is anchor of fox news sunday. chris, one of the most interesting things i heard coming out of the testimony, the brigadier general said the folks who were supposed to investigate no one spoke to him. >> that was interesting and a lot of people that the review board didn't speak to including secretary of state hillary clinton. one would think that you are reviewing what the state department did, you talk to the top person. back in the clip that you ran,
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they absolutely did not think it was a protest as early as 3:15 in the morning september 12th. this goes along with the cstation chief in libya told the cheadquarters it was a terror attacks and why the cia top officials. deputy director morel would be writing a talking point that said it was a spontaneous protest. you had military and cia officials saying it was an attack and not a protest. >> clearly the obama administration and hillary clinton campaign if there is such a thing, would like the store tore to go away. jay carney's exasperation every time a question of benghazi comes, it shoes. he tries to suggest that it is dealt with can old news. why is the story not going away?
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>> well, there are new facts and the old questions don't get answered. a scandal only continues if there are new fact ands there is significance to the ben rhed ones talking points that he wrote for a prep session perfect susan rice came on fox news sunday and other shoes. thesis are talking poips. and no question about it. referring five times directly to the video. the video that sparked the protest in a number of the places. he asked a specific question about bepg bengin the talking points, giving both the question and how susan rice should answer it. jay carney can talk until he is blue in the face that these are talking points of the situation in the mideast. but it was about benghazi.
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and the best proof of that susan rice spoke to me on sunday, she talked about the video. that was not in the cia talking points. the only police was in ben rhed ones talking points. and jay carney was repeatedly asked if the white house had given talking points to susan rice. they were drafted by the intelligence community. and the only editorial input that the white house had was they changed the word to consulate to diplomatic facility. and that was the only editorial comment they made. it turns out that there were several talking points from ben rh odes in the white house.
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this is important because it was inside of the white house. >> more on this on fox news sunday? >> we'll talk to kelly a yotte. one of the people leading a charge for a special investigation and talk to the house intelience committee. >> many more answers have to be gleaned here. chris wallace, thank you. >> tepid growth in the first throw months of the year. was it really bad weather that led to a dramatic slow down and derailing that caused problems in virginia. they work fast on heart burn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. alka-seltzer fruit chews. enjoy the relief!
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right now investigators in
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virginia are looking at the environmental impact of a train derailment when three oil tanker cars plunged in the river. 50,000 gallons of oil are unaccounted for. they are not sure how much ended up in the water and burned. clone up crows are using two kraens to lift the derailed cars. >> is this a brief slow down or something more permanent. the economy barely grow in the first quarter of year. doug is former director of the congressional office and president of americanac forum. doug, the white house came out and said it was dow to winter weather. what is the impact? >> we saw a near total stop in outdorconstruction and business
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investments, and the numbers are bad. but inside there is a glimmer of good news. household skektor grow. >> and americans continued to shop. >> they did that in march. they went on a spending spree. >> good weather will get you out. >> it is not a weak economy but it got back to normal in march. would you agree with that? >> no, something body happens all of the time. we have an earthquake or tidal wave in fukushima and you want to grow rapidly enough. when something bad happens you grow instead of dipping near 0. >> do you dpekt it to look better after a couple of more readings.
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you believe it is a wash. >> i think it will look like a two and quarter percent. i don't so it jumping up to throw. there is not enough income. and the business spending is weak. >> the white house points to a positive part of the report. it shoes positive impact of the implement aegz of the affordable care act. and that helped to strengthen the economy. >> i am less enthusiastic. health care spending grew at nine percent. grows faster than peoply incomes and everything is expensive and to any back to that is not good news. >> that trend is happening and with the new law we start to so a change. >> medicare or medicaid and all of it growing at 2 or 3 percent.
10:27 am
and not 9 or 10. >> we have talked about it. they expect health care to grow. and interesting report with the republicans, listen, from what we saw in the data two-thirds of the people paid thus far and jay carney took a question on that. and i want to play his thoughts on that. >> we wait until we have all of the information and we put i out. and every time, or almost every time, it ends up being a far better than what republicans claim it will be. if i am wrong, when this data is compiled and all of the issuers are surveyed and we so a final figure. >> and the this is our economy
10:28 am
and health care, what is the impact on the new law and what if people pay or don't pay. >> the point of the law was getting people to spend on health care. we have to get a massive direction to absorb the now law and health wear bill. they are pointing to success and spending more rapidly makes me nervous. >> medicare has to grow slower and cover. and you and my health insurance bills go up less rapidly. we haven't seen that yet. we have covered more people. that is the easy part. >> what keeps it from happening. every day you go out and it so manies more expensive. what keeps it from being different in >> if for example we got better health care and we didn't do so
10:29 am
many test cans they were unnecessary. and doing more well visits and showing up in the er technology is cheaper. that would help. and that's what we haven't seen. when we saw spending going down. people used less of it. and now the idea is to use more. we need cheaper and high quality care. >> it is nice to have you on set. nbad first quarter for construction and were you out shopping. is this what you saw in the report. >> i department know it documented. >> it is it right there. >> and can you add anything on it. >> you heard it from doug. i didn't know they tested that sort of thing. >> we appreciate you doing that jenna. >> the toronto mayor back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. >> i do not use crack cokaren
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and i am not a addict. >> get off my drive way. >> guess what rob ford was just caught doing on camera and what his lawyer has to say about it. >> a former bengal cheerleader back in court. there is a major implication for combfrnousing the internet. >> and a half empty ketchup bottle. brand new solution to that sticky problem, next. know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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now this fox news extreme weather alert. a powerful storm system batters the u.s. with heavy rains and loving widespread flooding behind. we have rick. >> we have watched the storm for seven days now. it was last saturday with severe weather. and now it finally exited the eastern sea board. we had flooding in pensacola and pandhandle of florida. we had heavy rainfall in dc and new york. look at the rainfall totals. in jersey over six inches and laguardia five and half inches and over to virginia, five and half everyones. and baltimore and connecticut four and half. and a lot of the rain there. you can so the stripe. it was not a big area.
10:35 am
unfurnishly on the i- 95 corridor a lot of populated areas. we'll chlor it out and temps come back up and a chlor weekend for everybody and parts of south florida and in general things are looking up. >> we'll take that. that sounds good. >> and in ohio today. owner of a gossip website is a poling a decision against him and the former bengal cheerleader jones. she won a defamation sought. and those who commented on her and her story. those post from the members of the public accused her of having sex with bengal players. you might recognize jones. she has a criminal past. we talked about her before. she pled guilty to having sex
10:36 am
with a high school student of hers. and the goggle and facebook and others filed briefs with the court in support of the gossip website owner. they say if the decision stands, it could cripple commerce and freedom of speech on the internet. it is an something case. is this a first amendment issue? >> absolutely. now you are asking website owners to monitor comments on their page and in this case, the website owner adopted the comment that it was demamatory but in the future it could be the lack of editorializing that could create liability on the website owner. you are damned if you do or don't and what is a website to do? they need to know they are not loibl for what the posters put on.
10:37 am
>> the website owner had an active owner. and he was in the judge's opinion in the first case on this goading or encouraging and communicating to build up the momentum of the story. does that change things? >> it may, but i think the problem in this case was the communing's decency act. they are barred from liability. that act that was passed in 1996 said internet providers will not be loibl like publishers to a noua a newspaper and so forth. it will open up the flood gates to litigation. >> does the website have a responsibility if this is their property to monitor what people are posting? >> they are sensoring what is out there. which is you know, it is not
10:38 am
what the first amendment is. i don't know if they have a responsibility. as a society we need to decide what the owners of websites are responsible and how they are responsible for the content. >> and john, a new's story will go out and what brings different points of vow and try to show a different side of the story to the public. we have responsibility for the content out there and could it be applied to new's and gossip websites and does that come in to play. not all websites are created equal. >> and this law needs to be revisited. we need provisions that, apply. if you anyhow or had reason to know it was on the website. i have blog website and i don't
10:39 am
check, but if i do and it is objectionable i take it down. but a lot of the websites are large and you can't get to the comments in time. there has to be policing, but they shouldn't be liable. >> i would never say anything bad. >> of course, >> great to see you both. thank you. >> thank you, jenna. there is a pecking problem for a lot of us. getting the ketchup stuck in the last part of the bottle and one company has li question glide. >> imagine never hitting the bottom of a ketchup bottle. that is a promise out of mi t.
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and got the attention of a downer owner in new york city. >> elias owns the evergreen diner in new york city. >> it is looking good. and like many restaurant owners he knows that wasting food. means wasting money. >> every night you have to put them on top of each other to make sure nothing edible is thrown out? >> it is time consouming and a hassle. >> it is a process that is played out in restaurants and family kitchens. most of us lose patience and toss nonempty bottles. in fact over a third of the food we prous winds up in the land fill and stuck in the bottle or cans and thrown out in the garage. the professor in mi t said he
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had the solution. he calls it liquid glide. >> it is a permanent slippery service that nothing will stick to. >> yes. it is a liquid captured and allows for complete product dispensing. >> reporter: and not just for kitchen. this is liquid glide with mayo. and this is liquid guide with jelly and paint and tooth paste. >> this has a lot of industrial apmri occasions? >> yes, oil and gas and medical and aviation. >> reporter: he is just glad about all of the time he is going to save and not stacking bottles. >> it is it going to be exciting. i upon out of here. >> reporter: out of the there in two seconds. as they say in mi t nothing
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sticks to liquid glide including the ketchup from the evergreen diner. >> is this commercially available yet? >> reporter: it is coming on the market in the next year or so. i saw your picture up in the evergreen diner. you know you made it if it is there. >> i am famous all over new york city. >> that like the beauty products and conditioner and shampoo. i love that idea. why not. vice-president biden facing problems over sas and one is describing the commander in chief's current situation. that's next. i'm mom at the playground and the dog park.
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i am gretchen carlsson. jay carney under fire from all new's organization approximate benghazi.
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he said the cover up is bogus and a gp conspiracy. coming up we'll demand the answers. nnone of them think it is a video. none of them. the military, the cia. the cia station chief and state department. all of them. and the va scandal continues to grow we'll have an interview with the florida governor. va hospitals have blocked inspectors from coming inside. >> politics now. president obama facing dismal approval numbers and slim support for the health care law and bruising military election and a long list of foreign policy problems. and an interesting editorial caught our news. writing for clear politics. larry said "obama is what
10:47 am
abraham lincoln called using steam boat lingo, as a dead point. weak abroad and frustrated and home and looking at a brutal november." we havero talk show host and contributors. the comparison is that the obama administration is essentially dead in the water and not going anywhere. captain policies are mired in a lack of support, do you agree? >> no, no. we are always trying a way to end the president inted of a mend it. it is not the beggest problem they v. it is a biparsis an. and you know that a ca and obama care was romney care and hilary and comes out of the heritage care. americans are hurting. >> we can agree. >> and it record. we agree on that, right.
10:48 am
>> we agree? >> but we are trying to throw him out of office. >> we agree on the fact that americans are suffering and not because of romney care and a ca. but poor leadership of president bark bookkeeper obama. he has a linked in problem and being in a dead point. president obama is a brilliant campaigner and politicianer. but should have taken a playbook out of the clinton and reagan and how to be a leader when you have a congress that is against your policy. >> you are saying bill clinton. >> you want to know why, he was smart enough to sign 70 percent of the contract with a republican proposal. bill clinton saw to lead the nation and not his own politics. >> bill clinton and ronald reagan worked with an opposing party in congress to get things
10:49 am
done. and what americans want. >> absolutely. and it is what americans need because we are facing crushing poverty and student loan debt that is crushing and take a pamg from lbj playbook. it is 50th year of the great society. and he put money in education. and he decided to address we got medicare. come on now. we made a lot of progress and when we stopped that war on poverty it escalated again. >> but, dealing with barak obama you have a slave mentality. we had lbj great society and we have people enslaved on the government deal. we have people paying for more people to have kids out of wedlock and going to prison and we do have a problem with
10:50 am
slavery as lincoln did back in the day. because certain people. they have free phones and free food stamps. >> you have got record poverty. that you have record job -- record unemployment, record underemployment. >> the fact that president obama -- >> wages have not mooud in more than 30 years. since the late '70s. and republicans and democrats together have not worked this out. let's move to the midterms, angela. let's agree we need to get the american people out here to vote and make some decisions because they're not voting right now because they're broken-spirited. the rasmussen poll says most americans have given up on the republican and democratic parties. >> why don't we agree that i have to end the segment or i'm going to get in trouble. we'll have you back another time. it was a good discussion. and we didn't even talk about some of the people who might be replacing this president.
10:51 am
>> yeah. >> angela, cynthia, thank you both. toronto's mayor says he's going to rehab but not for what you might think. why rob ford is taking a break and putting his reelection campaign on hold. menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. toronto ease troubled mayor heading for rehab. john roberts has more from north carolina. 9. >> good afternoon. this isn't anything that anybody hasn't suspected for a long time. after promising in november he would never have another drunk again, he famously fell off the wagon. but after belligerently resisting the call to leave, he said he would take a 30-day leave of absence. he said, i have a problem with alcohol and the choices i have made while under the influence. i have tried to deal with these issues myself over the past
10:55 am
year. i know i need professional help and am 100% committed to getting myself right. he was forced into rehab after a couple of new recordings surfaced, one was a video that allegedly showed him smoking crack cocaine just five days ago in his sister's basement. the other is an audio recording of him behaving badly at a local bar, making vulgar comments about a fellow candidate for mayor. >> how about karen stintz? >> [ bleep ]. >> i can't talk like this. >> not surprisingly, some of ford's fellow council members and fellow candidates for mayor have called for him to step down, resign and get out of the race. but as ford was leaving this morning with luggage in his car for destination unknown, there was no sign of him doing that. in fact, his attorney told me just a short time ago that ford
10:56 am
is resolute that after getting treatment, he is going to get back into the mayor's race. the election is in october. and there is a potential, jenna, that this could affect us in the united states. he also said in that bar recording, if he loses, he's going to move to california. watch out, west coast. >> i'm a native californian. and i can't speak for the entire state. but i'm not sure he would be so welcome. just with open arms there. >> would be a side show, no question. >> john, thank you. do you love burgers from your head down to your tippy toes? well, now you can prove it. the food-inspired footwear making sneaker lovers drool. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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two things we love here, burgers and shoes. >> yes. >> right? check out these new sneakers. the shadow 5000 burger model sneakers comes with so-called condiment packets with
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shoelaces. the shoes sell for about $170. you can't get fries with it. but it's a nice way to blend things we love. >> you look questionable. >> yeah. let me take a bite of one. >> i lost you at shoes. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. a fox news alert to kick it off, the white house fiercely defending its narrative on benghazi for a second day in a row now after a stunning new e-mail shows what appears to be the white house's direct involvement in shaping the talking points about that attack. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today. the white house press corps again taking press secretary jay carney to task over those e-mails, this as an explosive hearing under way on capitol hill at the same time where a top military intelligence official at the time of the attack telling lawmakers, more should have been done to help the americans on the ground that night. more on that in a moment. but first, back to the white house press briefing.


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