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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 2, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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just a reminder if you are just getting home now and tuning in before bill o'reilly. set a series recording of "on the record." see you tomorrow night 7 p.m. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," the world's first man-lion hybrid. how is he fitting in with his all lion foster family? we spoke to one of his adorable half brothers to find out. plus, does the president think the country would be better off if we kicked a few states out of the union? and if so which one? >> maryland, connecticut, minnesota and hawaii, get fired up because it is the right thing to do. >> and finally. has the president rethought his position on kicking four states out of the union? >> makes no sense. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now ltt's welcome our guest. beauty is in the eye of the
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beholder. she would leave all of her victims. blind. i am here with joanne. blah, blah, blah, leather jacket, blah, blah, blah, " night rider." his album is called legends never die. it is a wonderful record. i have 60 of them. and he loves white people as long as they are cooked medium rare. >> # red eye. >> a block. the lead. that's the first story. >> will diddy make a biddy? sean combs is one of the many celebrities interested in owning the clippers if sexy billionaire donald sterling is forced to sell. it is day purple of -- yes the
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team has a slew of suiters. too poor to buy it herself, oprah is in talks with two others about a joint purchase. rick ross and floyd play -- floyd mayweather and snoop dogg are talking. the term super tiny african-american investor, he makes me sick. and harry reid said they should follow the nba's lead and force the racist redskins owner to be renamed the latest -- racist team. >> the nba should pick up the slack. i believe roger goodell is a good man, but it is time to afnlgt remove this hateful term from your league's vocabulary. rid the league of bigotry and racism. >> reid is an expert. he once described the senator as light skinned and having no
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negro dialect. finally, i can't believe it. some celebrities are standing by their friend, donald sterling. here is what they had to say about the clippers' owner. >> his ideals are from a time when freedom meant something different. the government stood for something everything respected respected -- everybody respected. >> people loved him. he was charizmatic. >> he is really charizmatic. he has been working on that for awhile. >> he was the most patient, grounded, nurturing -- >> he didn't want to have to live in see yet anymore. >> i am such a huge fan. >> he is a hunted figure. he has become a recluse even more so. he let himself go physically and mentally. >> he is really talented. >> really brave for coming out in support. >> christian bale, again, he left already and then realized
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he had more to say and changed clothes and had more to say jie. he is a heavy sweater. once the comments to this sterling stuff dies down will these celebrities care about owning the team or is this a flavor of the moment? >> it is a publicity stunt. it is hot, it is hot. there are so many racists in the music business and entertainment business. >> this table! >> why don't they try to buy -- if they heard how the record executives talk about the rappers, why not buy out all of the stuff. puffy owned the label. he didn't treat the black artists better than the white people treated the black artists. >> so it is the same samuel l jackson and jingo? >> oh so now we will save the day by buying one team. you know what i mean? why don't you treat your better people -- your people better when you have money
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expru doing things? >> that's an amazing point. i have a theory. i think oprah should buy basketball teams. she and gail should buy a hockey team. >> stop trying to make gail and oprah lesbians again. >> how did i do that a? what are you talking about? you are a stereo -- you thought i was talking about lesbians. >> i hoped. >> you treated him like he was a dude with oprah. >> he is the heart and soul of the deal. >> i don't know. >> we can have myself and we know how to treat the people that are poor. these rich guys, they don't know how. >> donald sterling is not selling that team. for something he said at home? let me tell you something about racism and racists.
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they always tell people if you are going to be racist don't do it it at work. do it at home. now you will take his team because he did what he was supposed to do as a racist? good luck with that. i've been around the block. >> i don't even know where to go with that. joanne, you are on record saying you thought the new owner was white. >> i was taped when i said that? did i learn nothing? i can see why a lot of people want to buy this. i think everybody wants to be the fresh-faced hero who steps in and saves the day and changes the face of the nba completely. and then going forward with other teams, with the nfl, these redskins, who said it? >> mark cuban. >> the slippery slope, your
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favorite term. where will it end? these cheerleaders, should they be fully clothed? >> will we have to change the name of the breaststroke -- >> and then you have a guy like harry read, the most racist of racist. that's what they will you to do. >> but it reflects as you deflect. >> we will be right back. >> i have to say, one of the biggest disappointments is the l.a. branch of the naacp. what are you doing? >> they are getting paid. >> take the name off there. take the name off. >> booker t washington and the brothers put it up there. >> i want to ask andy a question, sherrod. >> sorry about all of this
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knowledge and history. >> andy, if i were sterling, and some say i am, but if i am the owner couldn't i just sell the team for $1 to like david duke? you know what, i sold it to somebody who doesn't -- he can accept any price. >> the nba wouldn't approve -- the nba has to approve the deal. >> they have the racist allstars like mark ferman. >> i am part of a team bidding for ownership. i think it is important because not enough joes own sports teams. until they do we will keep seeing situations like the one with sterling. i think it would be cool from you a super tiny investor. >> there are teams you can throw a hundred bucks and be
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an owner, right? >> they have nba kick-starter now? >> that's a great idea. >> we solved nothing once again. i have another point to make, but i can't remember what it is. should the klan lend a hand? the kkk wants to form a neighborhood watch group in pennsylvania, an actual state which makes us wonder -- >> is this evil? >> or is it -- >> is this racist? >> i think it is that. >> the kkk recently left fliers in the front yards in fairview, pennsylvania offering to fight crime. the leaflet says you can sleep tonight knowing the klan is awake. it lists a 24/4 -- a 24-hour klan line. it is on the kkk website and that's where joe found out about it and volunteered.
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said the superior wizard, quote, it is just like any neighborhood watch program. it is not targeting a certain ethnicity. we would report anything we see to law enforcement. we are an organization who looks out for our race and believe in racial separation. residents say crime is a job best handled by the kk. >> seems like a job handled by the police and not people who believe in stereo types. >> there have been recent break ins. take a look. >> that's amazing. >> if you go to me first, i swear to god i will punch you right in the face. if you go to me -- go ahead
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and go to me. >> no, i am not now. >> i was in the klan for self-years. several years. >> would you be comfortable calling the klan line? >> for help? >> if you are uncomfortable, does that make you racist? >> no, it makes me alert and aware and awake. >> did you ever see the movie where o.j. simpson dressed up like a ku klux klan and he took the mask off. >> are you telling me this klan watch if they see a black dude getting beat up by wheat dudes they will say we have to break this up, or will they join in? >> it is hard to break up anything when you are wearing up a of that sheets. can help be racist? what if they are trying to do good? >> they are not. they are close to philadelphia so i would like to see them go
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across to philly and see how fast they catch a beat down. >> how big is pennsylvania that philly is there, but yet the clan is thriving. >> it is not thriving. it is two unemployed guys. >> they used their budget for the year to make those flier. >> one of the guy works part-time at a coffee shop. can you imagine if you worked at the coffee shop and the guy was doing fliers at your place, what do you do? >> these are the headquarters of the clan. >> you know what he looks like because he is not wearing the mask. >> two klans members are two too many. >> are you so narrow minded. where does this fall on your racist evil paradigm. >> they are volunteering for a neighborhood watch to protect their neighbors.
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i am the kind of person that would fall for this. you would have to tell me do you realize what this is? they are almost pretending to be super heros. we'll go undercover. we'll find these bad guys. we'll put them in place and wear cool super hero outfits. the white gets dirty. that would be my one concern. >> that's the one you had. >> that's the one thing about the klan is the sheets get dirty. >> are you the only black person on the handle here, what do you make of this? is this a pr move by two men? >> i think so. the only time anyone thinks of the klan is when they are made fun of in a movie. you can't say we are an organization that looks out for our race. then you can't look out for the whole neighborhood. between george zimmerman and this, the neighborhood watch program is really -- it is
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getting some really bad pr. >> it is getting bad pr, but i'm sure there is really good neighborhood watches. >> but the pr is not working. >> first you have to talk to your neighbor and who does that? >> if you have a fine neighbor. if jo-jo is your nay -- neighbor you say everything okay? you need anything? >> and then she said how did you get in here? >> stop. i told you never again. >> you are hallucinating. i was never here. take off your top. >> are you charming. >> that's my game. >> stop the campaign. get off the cocaine. it is day 8 ball of -- canadian crack con --
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connoisseur rob ford has decided to stop rocking the brought -- the boat and get off the rock. the decision to leave comes after scan law los statements and stories. here is audio obtained by the toronto sun of poured discussing the opponent in the race. >> how about karen stintz? >> i would like to [bleep]. >> always a sensitive chat. >> i heard four snorts and three farts and a couple people giggle. >> i can't believe they haven't got something racist. they say he caused a drunken scene in a canadian club after drinking canadian club. he had a sloppy run in with justin bieber where bieber asked did you bring crack to smoke?
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he stormed off and started drinking heavily which to him is just drinking. new video shows ford doing drugs in the bathroom. let's take a look. >> sherrod, saying awful things. this guy is running for mayor. would you vote for him? >> the great thing is he is going into rehab and he has done less damage. >> i have only been on this show two or three teams. a crack head mayor is not going to stop being a crack head mayor. a crack head is a crack head.
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if it is a crack head on the street or crack head in the office, he is a crack head. >> you know what you are saying is crack is really good. he can't get off of it. even when you have a political career you can't get off the stuff. look at marion barry. >> i knew it. >> i thought you were marion barry. >> crack is a popular thing for mayors in america. >> john mayer loves it. >> rob ford -- let me tell you something about rob ford. he will stay mayor because the people like him. we don't know any other mayors in canada. >> that is true. >> even justin bieber, he doesn't know other mayors on the planet. >> that's a good poimt. >> the kids know him. he is popular. he is hot, twitter whatever. >> joanne, peaches geldoff drops dead and he is still alive. he is like 1600 pounds.
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>> the same amount kills her, but not him. he has a lot of volume. >> i think he is just full of carrots. >> you are allowed to do crimes like that, illegal drugs and stay in office? i don't understand the laws. how? >> he is now saying he is a victim. he is pulling himself out of this as opposed to defending himself the first time. i think this is not the whole story. i think there is more video that is going to come out with worse stuff. >> that's why they can't fire him. he has a problem and he admitted to the problem. >> he admits it so they can't charge him. >> like the guy on cnn who was caught in central park who had coke in his pocket and choking himself. he was masterbating. >> we don't know that. >> i was there. >> he was cheering him on. >> who do you think helped him get up that tree?
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>> >> this is not the best thing. he needs to not be mayor and he might die. it is not like 28 days later you walk out and say i am good now. don't go back to the same things you were doing. there is rumor of a ford 6 tape out there. >> who wants to see that? >> i want to use this opportunity to address the person who has it. do not release that tape. whatever you do, do not release that tape. >> you know you were talking about? skier stey alley. -- >> how about the girl with the cat face? >> when bieber is making drug jokes about you it is time. >> coming up, your death can happen to -- gonna happen to all of us. first, are college co-eds striping to pay for school?
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who cares of world affairs? according to a new survey americans have become increasingly noninterventionists on issues of foreign policy. the "wall street journal" and news poll shows 47% of us think the u.s. should be left active on the world stage with 19% saying we should be more active. that's a difference of like a thousand percent. a hiewmg jump from -- a huge jump from 2004 where 14% thought we should be less active. the message from the american people to their leaders in this poll seems to be you need to take care of of business at home. i could have edited out that first part. speaking of matters close to home. >> ask residents to stay inside. >> sir, do you live around here?
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>> wow, you are super pretty. do you want to go on a date right now? >> we are live on ktla, actually. do you live in one of these houses? are you evacuating? >> i live down the street. i was just checking out the fire. >> what do you think of it? >> it is pretty cool. >> that is courtney a former "red eye" regular being hit on by a shirtless guy holding a dog. how many times does that happen? >> a girl can dream. >> the weird thing is they are now engaged. >> this mentality to retreat and deal with ourselves instead of the world. there is some truth to it, but is there a wise move in the long-term? >> it depends on what fight you are fighting. i was in the ukraine, in russia, good, strong people. >> did you lose a bet? >> i was performing. i was doing a show in moscow, in kiev. the riots started and they
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said don't go. don't go! i'm like shut the [bleep] up. i don't know what they can do to stop putin. i come from a war hero family. my father was a staff sergeant and a war hero and my grandfather fought in world war ii. i'm saying mind your business, get out. we come from soldiers. caught in the middle. >> because they fought -- world war ii, if he didn't -- had to be there. >> vietnam is one one we question. my father was there taking troops out of enemy territory lives. he needed to be there. but did the whole operation need to be there? >> i it is a complex question. >> it is complex. i don't even understand what is going on in the ukraine. russia is invading. holy 30 years ago. should i be playing with an uh
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tar re-- an atari? >> the people wanted to be more part of europe and the russians want to be -- no the government wanted to be part of russia, so. >> part was about the oil. >> that's why we went to crimea. >> we are so killing this. we are a special report for people who are drunk. >> i get it now. yes u.! >> as a country we are exhausted from being all-around the globe and fixing everything. for the love of god, somebody take care of yourself. europe, what are y'all doing? what are you doing? >> sometimes we start fights to start fights. >> to keep things going and keep the machine making money. >> but we have crazy people in the world too. we have terrorists. we have to deal with that. we can't hide. >> there are so many issues
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here take care of us first. >> i don't mind activity and getting involved so long as the decisions made are -- what is the word? decisive. specific de sessions -- decisions we question and maybe we shouldn't have him make the decisions. andy, you seem pensive. >> i think if we don't want to be involved in foreign affairs we should not have elected a foreigner as president. >> yo, andy, we rooming, jo! >> sherrod brought it up. we have intervention fatigue. after the past 10 years, 13 years, everybody knows pretty much everybody knows somebody who went to iraq or afghanistan. going to war was not as ab tract a notion as it was in
12:28 am
october of 2001 when we went into afghanistan. so people are looking at it now. it has been 13 years of straight war. people are like we have to chill on this. somebody said europe, why don't you do something? >> every time something happens we have to go in there first? don't you have ships too? don't you have planes? >> we are the best. >> that's how they get us into it. >> they get away with no not spending as much on military. that has to stop. >> and they don't look bad for being the murderers. >> and then they dog us when we do stuff. they want it both ways. >> everybody participated in every war we have been in. >> australia has been there. >> well be there now and give us the next decade to clean our own house out.
12:29 am
>> we act like we have a lot of problems, but we spend a lot of time on sterling. >> why can't we chill? >> we do. we sit with our phones 90% -- -- >> i'm talking military spending. we can't be everybody's police at all times. there is no other policeman. sometimes you have a role you can play. >> coming up, the c block. the c block is sponsored by telegrams. they strains mitt messages over a distance. the precursor to e-mails and texting. first, who made fhm's list of 100 sexiest women?
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are we still in awe of j-la? i believe it stands for five hungry midgets unveiled their annual list of the 100 sexiest women in the world. the hideous jennifer lawrence took the top spot. sidebar, she got so wasted at the oscars she puked at madonna's after party. hard to tell it was puke with
12:34 am
madonna there. last year's number one me law kunis fell five spots in the rankings. probably because she got old. rihanna number 3 and beyonce number 7. miley cyrus was 79. here is "red eye" 100 sexiest women in the world. ♪ >> jarod leto is a guy. wasn't he supposed to get his character from a movie?
12:35 am
>> it was funny because he was so good. he was a hot chick in "the dallas buyers club." >> he was a trans woman. >> i preferred to see him as a woman because he was that good as a woman. >> these are all women jim norton has been with on the road. >> if he was here he would agree. he would say you are right. ra, what do you think of the list 1234* jennifer lawrence is a beautiful young woman. >> dana perino, i saw her and followed her on twitter after that. i thought maybe sey pick -- sexy pictures and they recall of her dog. >> sometimes you get pictures of his junk. >> other sexy girls have sexy
12:36 am
picks, but not dana. it is a dog eating lunch. maybe i will unfollow her. >> is this what conservative women tweet about? >> jennifer lawrence is not black so i assume this is a racist list. >> no because i like while girls foo. i will [bleep] the whole list. >> i think jennifer lawrence for the hottest girl, the sexiest? i don't think so. >> who would you pick? >> lapita, where is she on the list? >> the chick who just won for "12 years a slave." >> oh the famous girl. >> she was number one in one magazine. >> people's most beautiful
12:37 am
people. >> it was jet magazine. >> you need slutty pictures to be in that one. >> the reason why jennifer lawrence is number one is she gets drunk and makes mistakes. what guy doesn't find that sexy? and the reason mila has droved droved -- has dropped is pregnant women are not sexy when it is not your baby. >> when it is your baby too. >> you are supposed to lie and say they still are. >> it is not sexy for dudes when it is ashton kutcher's baby inside. >> pretty soon the pc police will come in and start saying let's have ugly girls and fat girls. how dare you have a list of homely girls. >> i was talking about homely rights for years.
12:38 am
peta never promotes saving the turkey vulture. i condemn this list, andy, and i condemn you for reasons i can't figure out. i am not turned on by famous women. not since farrah fawcett. >> it is the hundred sexiest celebrity women. i can't believe chris martin didn't make the list. where is helen mere ran. >> she s. no question. >> i would have put allison bree higher. >> did you see the guy who had penthouse magazine. >> coigula. >> she was smoking. >> how they got her into that film. >> there was a lot of 6 -- sex
12:39 am
in that film. who actually played that role? there is not a concern with that. >> going on the classic real. i don't know what to say. what i am saying is isn't this better than the oscar, joanne? to be on this list? >> of course. when you are old and wrinkly you could look back and say i amounted to something. forget this oscar. they want to get talent to okay for a photo shoot. yeeng -- i don't think jennifer lawrence will do a photo shoot. >> what goes up must come down. >> i never heard that. you coined a phrase. >> we have to take a break. i thought you down. >> you loved "hunger games"
12:40 am
that's all that is. >> i never saw it. >> i bet you can't wait. all right, don't even think of leaving me now. more stuff to talk about it is a delightful book. more important, look at these girls and what they are wearing. >> hello. >> they are wearing me, my face. >> hello. >> stop picking my knows, joanne. that's disgusting. >> shake it, shake it. >> there is the hat. go to g and you can find the cool merchandise.
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are you sick in the head if your pet shares your bed? it is the subject of tonight's -- >> "red eye" debate, 2014,
12:44 am
live from the" red eye" debate center. >> what is this? there we go. welcome to tonight's "red eye" debate, live from the" red eye" debate center. i am greg gutfeld. you can exchange your ticket stub from tonight's debate to a coupon tomorrow in the hotel lobby. should pets sleep in bed are you? a vet poll found 83% of readers and 75% of veterinarian professionals allow an animal to share their bed. 13% of vets believe their pet helped them sleep better. remaining 2% takes them as lovers. i made that up. you live in new york like i do. if you had a dog that walked the streets of new york all through that hobo urine and the tramp feces and the delivery man vomit .
12:45 am
>> i am more of a fight pittbulls in the basement. get them all beefy and muscular. put a little money. >> i disown everything he said. >> i fly with my dog for years. i don't like animals sleeping in the bed. >> you joking about the pittbulls? >> it was in the 90s. >> we do not condone that. sherrod -- >> in my dog. my dog was in my bed. >> you had a yorki ?e. >> yes, 15 years. i got it for a girlfriend. she lasted two years and the dog 15. so don't get your girl a dog. he was the best dog. he slept with me all the
12:46 am
time. you wash his feet when he goes on a walk. >> what about his [bleep]. or excuse me, behind. >> we had an in house rule i wouldn't get close. >> my step mother knew i hated animals. i put my hand in the cage and p pooped on top of me. and then we lost heat and the bettered froze and i was happy. >> i ran into a couple birds. >> i never had a bird. >> apparently no one loved me. i never had a pet growing up. no boyfriend got me a pet, no parents. i had to hug my arm. >> i had gerbils who ate each other and died. >> you fight dogs. >> you don't fight dogs. that was a joke that was my one yolk.
12:47 am
that was my one joke. >> don't have kids. >> it says insert cat joke here, but the cat joke writer was sick. try to make it up lifting. >> you know what it says about analysts is the comfort and warmth. >> have i -- i have no problem sharing my bed with an animal and my pets. >> cats sleep where they want. so i don't have much to add. sometimes they sleep on the bed and somewhere else. sometimes they are not there when you fall asleep and when you wake up they #r* standing in front of you with a paw raised and blood all over. >> you wake up and the cat is staring ought. >> absolutely. >> trying to steal your soul.
12:48 am
>> you open the backdoor and they run away a few weeks and you put out a bowl. they don't drool on you. >> dogs have personalities. >> cats are smarter. >> even when i had a girl over he says let me get out of the bed, out of the way. he is about to do some pounding. >> what a? >> we were making veal cutlets. that was my doggie. he gets out of the way because a big beating was coming. >> shut up. sat up. i'm going to a break. >> why won't they put us on earlier? >> they won't ever put us on earlier. we will never get past 3:00 a.m. it was a dream. >> it was a blessing. >> do you have a comment on the show like more pet stories? e-mail us. do you have a video of your
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animal doing something 1234 cuddling knives. i like them. click on video and we may use them. an expensive statue. ♪
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[ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" dogs and props. daabs and proops. anyway, the sculpture was moved because they thought it was lewd. is it art or a successfully detriment to society? time for another "red eye" debate, 2014, live from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome to another "red eye" debate. polka tele, idaho. when all thicks are great -- things are great go to polka tele. never do improve, greg. you screw it up. down in
12:54 am
michigan -- had to move the sculpture after some offended onlookers complained. the work of art called blue human condition shows seven figures of unknown gender. residents thought there were sexual undertones and tint want to dripping their children downtown. the statue has been replaced with a new one. >> that's jim norton style. >> or trying to find their way home after a bender. >> thought you were sexy, greg. >> you don't even care. >> i am in charge of sexy statues. >> then that's bad. i don't know if it was meant to be. the third from the left was doing a -- [bleep]. >> it was awful. >> you see this [bleep]. >> we will have to blurt
12:55 am
everything. i will have to blurt things there. i wul put black dots in places so i don't get letters from statue -- anti-porn statue -- anti-statue pour nothing graw fers. >> it doesn't have jenna tale yaw. it is like a barbie. >> if you are going to get uh -- offended michelangelo's david? >> is this what they mean about statutory rape? >> there is more to worry about than ugly art with fake bodies that don't look like bodies. what about when their kids go on facebook and youtube and u porn. >> they should be worried what is come nooght house and not out on the line. kids will laugh at it.
12:56 am
>> it looked like a cheerleader pyramid. >> great selfies. that's why they probably had to move. it people were probably taking gross pictures. >> they have blow up dolls. they have eight positions because they lie on that all night. >> i was ignoring it. >> that's all jo-jo. >> that's why she is alone. >> it was a homeless guy. >> this is the end of the show i think. where are you performing? >> pod cast with kurt pezger -- mezger. >> catch me on my new video, still get through the day. it is the greatest -- my most perm work. please look it up.
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>> i froms you, promise you -- promise you it will move you to tears. >> don't even do that. look it up on youtube. still gets you through the day. my most personal work. set.
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see you tonight. hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." could the obama administration saved the lives of the four americans killed in benghazi. today testimony says that our military should have at least tried. but it was never even ordered. >> four individuals died. sir, we obviously did not respond in time to get there. >> could we have? >> we may have been able to, but we'll never know. >> was it a video? >> no, sir. >> was it a video that sparked a


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