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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 2, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you give i girl nowers and right ladies and give us flowers and she us the wonderful first woke. >> thank you, guys. and we'll be back on monday and now to john scott and jenna lee for happening now. fox news alert. we are watching as fox news reported last hour, speaker of the house john boehner will establish a special congressional committee to investigate the benghazi terrorist attacks and will this get answers to serious questions remaining two years after the attack. pro russian separatist clash with riot police in ukraine. the country is on the verge of all out civil war as president obama and german chancellor said they are united on the need to impose more sanctions on russia they are certain to be on the moinds of voters. jobs and the economy.
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today we have new information on the employment front. it is the topic of our panel where you can join the discussion. but first fox news alert. house republicans announce a special congressional committee will investigate benghazi and the white house response in the response of the attacks. welcome, i am john scott. >> thank you, john. i am in for jenna scott today. there is a subpeona to secretary of state john kerry to testify about why white house e-mails this week were omitted from previous administration's submission to congress. ed, the joint news conference ended. what was the headline? >> reporter: you are right. the investigation of the benghazi situation is now
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intensifying for president obama. and with speaker john boehner who resisted in forming a special committee to investigate benghazi because he felt like it was moving forward with various committees on capitol hill and we are told that he got frustrated in the last 24 hours or so that the e-mail emerged. it suggested to him that the white house was deeper into the story and finally have time to have committee cordinating the documents. president obama is with anglica merkel. two american reporters did not bring it up even though it is a hot subject with jay carney from various networks and reporters{about it. someone who is talking about is
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tommy vitore, a former national security for president the president acknowledged that the e-mail and question should have come out a long time ago. >> why did it take a judge to get the ben rh odese-mail. >> i think every person would have released it earlier. what we said privately is what we said publicly because that is what we thought occurred. >> it is interesting, because democrats think it is old news and shouldn't be more investigations. house democratic leader nancy pelosi said they were not contacted by speaker boehner and no word on whether they will participate in the hearings or not when it is formed. nancy pelosi thinks it is investigated too much and the congress and white house should be focused on the economy and other issues.
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>> ed, what do house republicans hope to achieve with the new select committee. >> reporter: no doubt they want to get political gain ahead of the lecs. house republicans insist they are trying to get to the truth and senate republicans like rand paul said. >> it spores that the new e-mails that the the white house politicalized it from the get go and they were concerned about their reputation and concerned about spin, but not concerned about the truth. >> reporter: the other question that jay carney said throughout the week, the e-mail in question with talking points was not about benghazi. but meanwhile the state department turned over the e-mail in response to a lawsuit by the conservative group that was seeking documents about benghazi. it so manied like it was
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relevant to the investigation and house republicans say they had a subpeona out there. >> ed, thank you, sir. for more on this we'll bring in julie and guy benson is with us. political editor for town hall.comand both are fox nows contributors. julie, talk about the political pressure you see for the white house here, how much do you so coming down on this as a result. new revelation. >> from democrats not much. republicans understand it is a good issue to it motivate their base. and hillary clinton secretary of state at the time of the attacks it doesn't hurt them and they will continue to hammer her as well. >> is it just motivating the base or something that needs to be explained to the american people.
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>> there are two schools of thought. bud mckey who is chairman of the house armed committee who believes that there was no order given to stand down and the military didn't do anything wrong and while wanting to know more why the people die and tragedy occurred is not throwing blame around and said barak obama and hillary clinton have blood. and then others say they purposely let four people die. >> and there are some who wanted to know what happened in the future. and that is a lesson going forward. guy, with the information provided by the new batch of e-mails, it is more about what happened that night but the white house approach to explaining what happened that night or defusing what happened
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that night. >> this is not republicans. this is the truth. john, the biggest questions pertaining to benghazi have to do immediately after the attack. why were multiple requests of security denied on numerous occasions by the state department and how was it that our government was so unprepared on the anniversary of 9/11 in that country that they couldn't anticipate the attacks. we didn't have anyone close enough to the city to launch an attempt and rescue over an eight hour attack. they are the more serious questions. but there is an important point to the talking points, was there a deliberate attempt by the white house to mislead the american people on what happened regarding the terrorist that assassinated a u.s. ambassador and what we saw yes, they have not been forth coming in the
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white house or provided all of the information subpeonaed by congress and this is an appropriate decision to form the committee. >> julie, we were in the middle of an election campaign and it was a tight race and the president had told the american people that you know, the gm, i am sorry osama bin laden and al-qaeda was on the run. it was a big part of his sales pitch that he is be reelected because al-qaeda was on the run and it was inconvenient that a al-qaeda group launches an attack and kills the u.s. ambassador. >> and that is what happened. i agree with guy, we should figure out what went wrong and it is a lesson that ashave americans so it never happens
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again. >> i do take exception that president obama and hillary clinton did nothing out of political consideration to let four people do i. that is an allegation and implication and no place being levelled against the president or secretary of state. and i would never levy it to george bush and i don't think they should levy for this president going forward. we should make sure it never happens again. >> guy, final word? >> part of learning lessons is knowing what happened. it is extraordinary that jay carney was asked. does the white house have a firm grasp on what happened that night and he said there is an active investigation. 20 months later and that is ridiculous. and i am encouraged that trey gowdy looks like he will run the committee. the white house has not given answers on their own violation.
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>> the only person arrested is the guy who made the youtube video. >> which is outrageous. >> thank you very much. >> do not miss bret baier's special benghazi, white house cover up and that is saturday weekend at 10 o'clock p.m. and sunday at 9 o'clock p.m. that is here on fox news channel. >> and president obama and german chancellor anglecamerkel wrapped up a now's conference on the problem of ukraine. it came the way separatist forced their way in a police line and taking over the prosecutor's office that proves no match. and uukraine and launches the
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offensive with the pro russian forces. leland? >> the ukranian offensive began with a bang this morning and night fall here in ukraine tis a whimper. initially this morning, they went into the strong hall and tried to take over the checkpoints. they couldn't take a firm hold. the ukranian military tried this once before when they tried to go in a week ago and that did not come up with much results either. what is interesting today is what happened in the the air. you are looking at video of what is a ukranian pilot or air crew member in one of the two helicopters that was shot down by the pro russian separatist. the ukranian said it was shot down by surface to air missile. that would lead credence to the thought that the russian
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military is supplying serious weapons and hardware to the separatist. they have denied that and the ukranians are saying this is the proof of that happening. in the meantime the crisis is beginning to it spread. we take you on odessa on the black sea. big clashes there between the pro uranian protestors and russian separatist and russia is getting involved in it. there is a united nation's security council to discuss what is going o. russian said the ukranian military should be stopped. and the ukranians said it is the russians who need to stay out of things. 40,000 russian troops are on the border waiting president putin's order to invade and he will give it if they are threatened here in ukraine. >> thank you, leland.
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>> growing debate on the obama care enrollment numbers and we look closer on who signed up and then there is this. >> they are threatening to kill our kids and blow up schools and all of the other stuff. i am like speechless hearing about it. >> a murder plot stopped in a small town high school. new details on the suspect and what police say he was planning. >> new job sales out for april. and what they tell us about the strength of the economy. and what do you think about the state of the economy and jobs in this country. are you seeing improvements where you live? go to fox and share your thoughts. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. monthly job's report for april out this morning and labor department announcement announcing that the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest in
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nearly six years, as for jobs, u.s. employers hiring 288,000 workers and that is the most in two years and chief correspondent james rosen with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, in all two and half million private sector jobs are added over last year and a deeper do i have revealed the labor market that is still fragile. one of the largest concerns is the growth in long- term unemployed people. workers without a job 26 weeks or more. typically the longer you are out of work more your skills a trophy and unlikely it comes that you will get rehired. and today's numbers show the number of long- term unemployment people decreased to a still troubling three and half million over all. it is a positive trend and there are 1 million fewer long- term
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workers than in april 2013. still it shank by 800,000 people. and the participation rate in the labor force shrank to scho.8 percent. and not even two-thirds of qualified worker ares in this country are participating in the work force. and the news was only good for certain demographic root. it is fairly similar to adult women and whites and hispanics at 7.3 percent. blacks doubled the national unemployment rate and for teens, it is more than three types the national average. john. >> james rosen in washington, thank you. >> jobs are the focus of today's america asking panel. you can join the discussion.
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go on to fox now and get your questions in for our panel. >> a teenager charged with an unthinkable murder plot. they stopped a 17-year-old's plan to kill his family and bomb a junior and senior high school. the investigation started after three small explosive devices were found in a playground. >> this case is a example of citizens doing the right thing and calling the police when things seem out of place. by doing the right thing tragedy was prevented. >> police are charging the suspect with attempted murder and the investigators believe that the teenager was acting alone. >> investigators looking at cargo of malaysia air flight. and the hidden danger on board of that missing plane and why it
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is drawing comparison to another recent air disaster. >> motor city come back. detroit is inching itself out of bankruptcy and an offer home buyers can't refuse. and also this. a store owner caught off guard, but still comes out on top once the fight that you see on the video spills outside. we'll she you how it all ends, that's coming up. ♪
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what is this place? where are we?
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this is where we bring together reliably fast internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. right now malaysian investigators releasing a report. the findings confirm there was dangerous cargo on board of the missing plane.
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lithium batteries weighing 440 pounds under the right circumstances, they are highly flammable and shipped in boxes with red labels. the batteries are getting new attention because they are the suspected cause of a deadly ups crash in dubai in 2010. that crash killed both pilots. the fa a warned that similar aviation crashes are all but inevitable unless there are things taken on the transport. >> detroit leaders have a new plane to speed up the process and bring new life back to old neighborhoods. you can start the bidding process on line. garrett is right outside of the house on the screen. how does it look up close and personal, gary.
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>> reporter: this is one of several hundred homes that is going on line to the auction. but the crazy part. the starting bid is $1,000. the whole idea is to stabilize neighborhoods and raise property values by getting families back inside of the formerly abandoned properties for the most part in good shape and in strong neighborhoods as well. you can see inside of the home built in 1941. the city has been up front about it. it needs work. paint peeling from the walls and floor boards would need to be replaced and many of the homes, they are going to cost more to fix up than they are going to buy. but that didn't stop more than 4,000 people signing up on line to get in on the bidding action. >> it is a really the community and neighborhood we have.
10:26 am
and our neighborhood association and that type of thing. it will increase the property values of the the homes as a whole in the area. so after you get the winning bid. homeowners will have six months to fix it up and have someone living in the homer living in it themselves. and this auction kicks off on monday with one home a day. and officials they say there are a lot more on the way. >> i can't wait to see what they have there. >> garrett, thanks a lot. you know i know your name. >> reporter: you got it. a convenience store owner showing a crook who is boss. the crook walked in demanding cash. and the owner told him to get loss. the owner had special force's
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training and he did not let the likely. >> he messed with the wrong guy. >> yeah, that should happen more often. >> breaking down the enrollment numbers on obama care. who has or who has not paid premiums. we'll go in depth much ukraine standing on the brink of civil war. president obama meets with a key u.s. ally on the cries and is they say they are ready to act. >> major topic in washington. how is the media covering the benghazi story. our panel debates. >> did you change the tacts. >> maybe. i don't remember. >> dude, this is two years ago. >> dude, it is what everyone is talking about. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies.
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>> time now for media buzz. hey, how are you? >> good to see you. >> nice to see you as well. tell us the big stories you are covering this weekend. naturally we are covering the growing controversy over the benghazi e-mails and the last 48 hours, you can see the rest of the media catching up with fox news. many of the media suffer from
10:32 am
benghazi allergy syndrome and feel like it is old and complicated and the country moved on and some thinks it is a fox obsession. but the officials talking about the infamous susan rice talking points broke through the static and the battles in the white house briefing room with jay carney. not only fox reports but cbs and abc and nbc doing battle with the white house press secretary. and they did the interview with dude, with bret baier. everybody is talking dude, and also benghazi. >> where is the public interest. what a horrible way to respond. it is a tragedy. i can't believe he was so flippant about it. where does the public interest lie on the benghazi story now it is breaking outside of the fox arena as well?
10:33 am
>> i think most people have the sense and well established that the white house engaged in hafty spinning after the tragic attack in libya and now we are filling in the details. public interest faded other things came up. donald sterling and the racist rant which we will talk about. and other newer stories crowded out and now there is interest in what the white house did and who knew what and if there was a cover up. >> you mentioned donald sterling and there was media outrage on that story. do you think that forced the commissioner's hand in acting swiftly. >> that and the disgusting remarks. and captured on the the audio tape that made his way talking to his gal pal. and so much media outrage, and also all of the nba legends
10:34 am
coming on the air. kareem. and magic and shaq and michael jordan and expressing their criticism and the nba didn't just fine him and suspend him for a year but try to kick him out of the league. >> it despicable and i am glad what happened to him. >> not any sympathy for donald sterling who has not a pollized. >> and outnumbered. i happen you interviewed the ladies on the show. >> i watched it and i would like to try that. i was in new york and after the show was over. i went and sat on the couch and four on one and we got into a interesting conversation about women in tv news and whether they have to look better and have a certain amount of sex a pole in a way men don't have to worry about and they had strong opinions and they set this dude straight. >> what did you learn?
10:35 am
>> i other thanked that no matter how much people chatter about that woman looks good in a address. you can't make it in tv news. i anyhow this. unless you have experience and know your tough and a good talker on television. and they were not shy about driving that point home. >> nothing beats experience. i will be watching. thank you so much. >> president obama, meeting with a key u.s. ally. the chancellor of germany. topping the agenda, threat of new sanctions against russia if that country doesn't stop meddling in eastern ukraine. they are live with the latest. >> the president is meeting with chancellor merkel for the first time since she learned about the listen nothing on telephone
10:36 am
calls. the emphasis was on ukraine with the separatist battling the police. mr. obama said the u.s. and europe are focusing tougher sanctions. he seemed to rule out russia's energy sector. >> energy flows from russia to europe. those continue in the midst of the cold war. and the height of the cold war. and so the idea that you are going to turn up the tap on all russian oil or natural gas exports is unrealistic. >> arizona senator john mccain thinks that the president should provide weapons to the ukranians and nothing that the u.s. could provide would have them stand up to the russian.
10:37 am
and they have strong tees to russian industry. germany leaders yesterday. they are governed by the industrial complex and might as well have them in the government. mccain plans to meet with chancellor merkel and he will tell her by what he calls her country's failure of leadership. >> the administration revealing a big piece of the obama roll out. saying that 8 million total sign ups. and we are getting a better look at who they are. jim is live in washington. >> hello. the administration laid out details yesterday of what the president unveiled two weeks ago. combined enrollments in the marketplaces topped 8 million, better than feared of course. and for critics not that
10:38 am
impressive. >> over 300 million americans. millions have policys cancelled and a shuffling around of job insurance and status. that is the bottom line. >> and officials confirm that the exchanges are signing up 28 percent of the 18- 34-year-olds. and key demographic and they help to subsiddize older and sicker people. president obama claimed that 35 percent had signed up but that included children. >> the seven-year-olds are coming along with mom and dad. and target demographic is 18- 34. and they got 28 instead of 40. >> one of the big questions were how many had policys cancelled even though the doctor promised they could keep their doctors and plans.
10:39 am
one analyst said only half of the eventual sign ups are those previously uninsured. >> another half of the people are pushed in obama care because they lost the employer sponsored coverage. >> so the administration exceeded the low numbers it once feared and republicans are quick to note that 800 million are three percent of the total u.s. population. >> thank you very much, jim. >> and some other numbers to talk to you about. new job numbers out today and shedding light on the health of the economy in this country. it is a hot topic in the lead up to the midterms and our panel drills down to tell us what the numbers really mean. >> our live chat up and running and what you think about the state of the economy and jobs in this country and america's asking link to join our discussion.
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>> coming up on the real story, breaking news on benghazi as speaker of the house john boehner calls for a special committee to find out what happened. one woman who wants to know. pat smith, her son was killed that night. she will join me that night. and startling claims from the va hospital whistle blower. allegations of secret documents destroyed. don't miss it the real story. america is asking what is going on with the economy in this country? the job's report for april is just out this morning and shoes the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 percent. that is the lowest such rate in six years. government figures show that the
10:44 am
government barely grew at all. .1percent. what gives. we'll bring in our economic panel. tom gimble is president and ceo. and chief economic's for the wall street journal. and welcome to you. john.1 percent growth in the first part of the year, that is barely enough to accomplish anything. some say mostly because of the bad winter, any way to prove that? >> it will be proved as we go through the next few months and today's jobs report gives evidence that the economy is picking up stream as we get into better weather period. these numbers were for april after all of the bad weather out of the system. so it is good news. i don't want to diminish it. we can't read too much in to this because there is a lot of
10:45 am
cross currents. >> 288,000 jobs created in april, tom. where is the hiring? is it across all sectors or in any one particular area? >> it is across all sectors and a lot of it in construction and housing and things getting regar and making a make up month in april. and seeing it in professional services and health care as the economy goes down the bumpy bottom and all of the cliches that are accurate. the economy is in a decent place and not great. and problem with long- term unemployed and it is a bright signal right now. >> we'll get to a couple of viewer question. robert farrell wants to know what extent it matches up with the increase in social security patients that is giving our aging population. and how many of those dropping out of the work force and retiring, john, you want to take
10:46 am
that on? >> this is a the lot of the story and depends on how you cut it. maybe it is half of the story but not the whole story and this is what i looked at in today's report. the labor department measures the participation of prime age workers from 25- 54. and that has been falling, too. it looked like it was picking up and it fell back down in april. that is one of the discouraging undercurrents in this report. it is not just retirees dropping out of the labor market but people in the prime of their lives. >> and fully one- third of those able- bodied people in working age, just have stopped looking for work. well, yes. >> go ahead. you know, there is always a certain allegation of people retiring and loving the work force and what john said it is
10:47 am
correct. and i don't think it is half. story. look at the 25- 55-year-old demographic and people choosing not to look for work rather than the people retiring out in the correct time of their life. we have huge problems with the economy as far as the expectation level was. and we talk about the skills gap which is a number one issue facing long- term unemployment. and one is wages are barely rising and another is, soft jobs and strong jobs growth and soft economic growth adds up to very low productivity and we want to see our worker ares becoming more productive. and there is an estimate of how many jobs came back to the u.s. and job was 0 on the wealth. i don't know if romney wanted
10:48 am
a 0 tax rate but tom? >> i don't think that that is the issue. when you get into companies being offshore for tax purposes, you are looking at it doesn't happen tomorrow. it is it a long- term play and also where the jobs are and what companies want to do. we have to pay people the right amount and gets the skills gap in the right place and getting companies to say, we are getting them to want to rick their capitol on new ventures. and let there be more free-trade with the cooperations and i think we can get there but the administration just doesn't understand what the job creation is all b. john, joining us from chicago and john from wall street. thanks a lot. >> the number of patients developing deadly infections in hospitals it is on the rise.
10:49 am
>> and most poufrlt antibiotics may not help. and the doctors are in to tell us what you need to know. , li! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. is is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... [ bottle ] ensure®. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home.
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available on any device. right now, a potentially deadly super bug, becoming more of a threat. this bug spreading across the globe and becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. joining us now is dr. william shatner from vanderbilt university. if you could, tell us a little bit more about this super bug. >> it's a super bug resistant to antibiotics. and the difficulty is we're using so much antibiotics that we're creating more of these bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, making it harder for infectious disease doctors such as myself to treat infections.
10:53 am
that's a great concern for all of us. >> and, doctor, you say that the patient should really kind of back off a little bit, if you would, asking for the doctors when they go to the doctor -- i have symptoms of the flu, give me antibiotics. it's too much, the isn't it? >> it is too much. doctors have to constantly educate throughout the day telling patients that they have a viral infection and viruses don't respond to antibiotics. and they should be glad that they don't need an antibiotic. symptomatic therapy will get them through their little cold and their minor illness. they don't need antibiotics often. >> yeah. let's talk about hospitals, doctor. you're saying that they need to be more vigilant in terms of protecting and preventing potential problems. >> well, hospitals have been doing two things for many years. they have an infection control committee and a program that looks at hospital-associated
10:54 am
infections, including those that are antibiotic-resistant and they also have what are called antibiotic stewardship programs. they monitor antibiotic use in the hospital, making sure that it conforms with guidelines and is appropriate. so hospitals need to keep doing that. and i think even becoming more stringent and more elaborate in these programs. >> have we gone too far in terms of sort of overdosing, if you will, on antibiotics to the point when these super bugs form in the future, we can't fight them or is it safe to say we can still protect ourselves? >> i think the answer is yes and no. we still have plenty of antibiotics and we can treat many infections. but unless we're more cautious, more careful about how we use antibiotics, we'll develop more resistant bugs and pretty soon, we will have infections like back in the old days, we infectious disease doctors won't be able to treat. so we need to be cautious and
10:55 am
careful. >> lastly, doc, i have 20 seconds, but i'm a firm believer that if you get the symptoms of a cold or what have you, your body is pretty strong. you let it work its way through, in some cases. and then your body takes care of itself oftentimes, yes or no? >> yeah, that's often the case because they're caused by viruses and the viruses will cause discomfort but not serious illness for the most part. >> dr. william schaffner, thank you so much. >> thank you. there are breaking developments concerning the benghazi terror attacks. speaker of the house john boehner says he plans to move ahead with a special committee to investigate the white house. the surprising twists and turns in a live report coming up. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.
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now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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it's a long way from buckingham palace to memphis, tennessee, but royals saw double vision. prince william and prince harry both in town for a friend's
10:59 am
wedding this weekend. last night, the second in line to the british throne and his kid brother were seen dining at a famous memphis barbecue dinner. tens of millions of dollars in gold could be sitting on the ocean floor. a team of gold hunters from florida are heading to the site where the "ss central america" sank nearly 160 years ago. the sunken treasure was first discovered by diver tommy thompson in 1987 and has been the subject of a legal battle ever since. thompson reportedly stole salvaged gold bars and coins from the wreck for $52 million before disappearing. he's now a wanted man, accused of cheating his salvage team out of $2 million. >> i have done some scuba diving
11:00 am
and seen great sights under water. but nothing like that picture you just had up. >> imagine how quickly you'd lose your oxygen. >> the old gold brick on the ocean floor. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert today because as you've heard in the last few hours, speaker of the house john boehner has issued now his request for a select committee to look into and investigate benghazi. at the same time, that committee has also issued a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. many developments going on at this hour, compelling him to appear and give his sworn testimony on benghazi. that committee accusing the state department of hiding documents after finding out about an e-mail that was withheld until a lawsuit forced it to be handed over. a former white house official now saying it should have been released a lot sooner. >> why did i


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