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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 3, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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there besides derma wand. that's all for today. see you next time. good afternoon. welcome to "america's news headquarters." newly released e-mail stirring up new questions about the white house response to the benghazi terror attacks that killed four brave americans. now a special house committee will investigate what critics brand a white house cover-up that misled the nation. what supporters call a republican political stunt, insisting no wrongdoing by the administration. all this is just for the upcoming hearings. doug mckelway has the latest on
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what to expect. >> top republicans claim the smoking gun e-mail should have been released to congress months ago. the release this week only because of a foia request by judicial watch. it was a tipping point for house speaker john boehner. darrell issa of the house oversight committee is subpoenaing secretary of state john kerry to testify later this month on whether there are other unreleased documents. >> we're still not getting documents as we have requested. we've turned all these things over as far as the subpoena. and we're asking them to turn over the documents that we have requested. these things are trickling out, we're asking the simple question, when will we get all of the documents? he obviously wasn't in the lead when all this occurred. secretary clinton was. but now he has the responsibility to make sure his state department is releasing all the documents we have requested. >> marie harf said yesterday there are no unreleased documents and that the entire exercise is a fishing
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expedition. >> what the republicans allege that there was attempts by this administration to cover up or spin what happened is 100% false. >> a fox news poll shows that by a margin of 61% to 26%, voters believe the white house is trying to cover up what happened in benghazi rather than being open and transparent. those views are mostly unchanged since last year. there is a risk in the gop benghazi strategy. democratic incumbents -- the gop's intent to win back the senate in the midterms could be thwarted if republicans pile on with an excessive focus on benghazi. >> in ten minutes, we'll go in-depth on this issue and what we can expect. thanks, doug. now to the growing crisis in ukraine that shows no signs of abating. secretary of state john kerry calling today's release of seven
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european military observers in ukraine, quote, a step. many other steps have to be taken to dry to de-escalate the growing crisis in ukraine. he's calling on russia to withdraw support for insurgents who have seized those government buildings in the country's east. russia, though, of course denying those allegations that it is behind the unrest. meanwhile, on outbreak of violence erupting in the city of odessa. police saying at least 42 people were killed in those clashes that occurred between government supporters and opponents yesterday. secretary of state kerry also adding that everything possible must be done to try and end the violence. but for now, sadly that violence and the unrest and the conflict only seems to be spreading. back here at home in los angeles, the woman who secretly recorded the owner of the los angeles clippers says he owes everybody an apology. v. stiviano captured donald
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sterling's racist comments which were later leaked to the media. and that led to his banishment from the nba. she now says she really doesn't believe he's a racist. >> we're not sure what she believes. in an interview she did with barbara walters last night, we aren't sure whether she really does believe that. she says it but contradicts herself several times. this is what she looked like on monday, hiding her face with this bizarre plastic visor. some friday night, she was ready to talk on camera and was answering the blunt question, is donald sterling a racist? >> no, i don't believe it in my heart. >> as you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general? >> absolutely. >> you've heard him say
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derogatory things? >> yes. >> don't they sound racist to you? >> i think the things he says are not what he feels. >> things that he says are not what he feels. that came up time and time again in the interview. of course it was his concern about her being seen publicly and black people that caused the scandal in the first place. she describes how he feels traumatized and isolated as a result of the scandal and the blowback that they've had from this. according to "du jour" magazine, they say he's shown regret about how it unfolded. they couldn't get much on record from him. the only quote they got was his reaction to the fact if he could have, he would have avoided it. back to you. >> we expect that vote of the nba teams about his ouster,
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three-quarters needed. that should be upcoming. thank you. meanwhile, president obama's planning to tour communities in arkansas that were hard hit by the deadly tornadoes there. the president will be there on wednesday to survey that damage. 15 people were killed in last week's storm. the administration already designating one county as a major disaster area. the visit to arkansas will be the president's first trip there as president. the state that he lost in 2008 and 2012. the unemployment rate is dropping in our country, that's the good news. but what exactly could be behind it? it turns out that many people have just stopped looking for work. coming up, we'll have the political fallout on the economy as we all head into the november midterms. and general motors has been hit with another recall. but this one involves suvs and the gas gauge, we'll tell you what models to look for and what you better look out for if
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time for a quick check of the headlines. another gm recall. this time more than 50,000 suvs are being recalled because of faulty fuel gauges. they say that could cause the vehicles to run out of fuel and stall without warnings. new york city transit officials say the section of rails that snapped and caused a subway train to derail was installed just weeks ago. the friday morning derailment injured 19 passengers. in minnesota, that state mourning the loss of its longest-serving congressman. he was 79 years old. the veteran democrat served 18
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terms in congress and is survived by his wife, four children and eight grandchildren. as we reported earlier, house speaker john boehner has announced the creation of a special committee to investigate benghazi coming after the newly released bombshell e-mails this past week. the house oversight and government reform committee announcing it has issued a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry. he is set to testify at its may 21st hearing. the chairman of that committee as has accused the white house of hiding records following an earlier subpoena and then there were the controversial comments by tommy vieter when he appeared on "special report" with bret baier. >> you also changed attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this was two years ago -- >> it's what everybody is talking about. >> joining me is a columnist at
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"the washington times." charlie, dude, four americans are dead, dude. you have e-mails, dude, and testimony, dude, that showed the administration what was a terrorist attack that night, dude. but they blame the video. what do people say about all this? >> i think people especially with that extraordinary performance by tommy vietor are pulling their hair out over this. i love how they have gone to great lengths to sort of -- democrats as well as the white house, to try to blame all this on republicans, that they just won't stop talking about it. but of course the whole reason that everybody is still talking about it is because the administration has not been forthcoming, has done everything they can to obfuscate what happened that night, not forthcoming with the documentation. and i would argue that most importantly what they did that day by trying to blame the terrorist attack in benghazi
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on -- at that point on an obscure internet video, thereby raising the profile of that video and causing it to go viral and then subsequently causing thousands of hundreds of demonstrations around the world in muslim countries where lots of people got killed and many, many more got injured. that's blood on their hands. and all of it stems from the fact that the administration and democrats were trying to cover up what happened that night because it happened two months before president obama's reelection campaign. >> well, but jay carney says they were demonstrations, that's what that e-mail was addressing, it wasn't addressing benghazi. and ari reed o harry reid is ca political stunt. >> they don't have much option right now because they see the entire world not as true or false but rather as everything is political. and so they've got to cover their own hides on a lot of this. but i think that there comes a moment -- and i think that that
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e-mail is one of them -- where it does break through to people -- to independents and moderate democrats who voted for this administration, vote for democrats, where they say, wait a minute, something really does stink here. there is a problem. you're talking about four americans, an ambassador who was murdered and perhaps worse. it's serious, serious stuff, dude. >> well, also, charlie, what could potentially come out of these hearings? what vietor says contradicts what morel testified about. vietor said more talking points were changed. >> clearly that memo -- the e-mail also reveals just how high up and how soon after all of this was -- took place that
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the administration -- they laid out exactly what their public strategy was going to be for spinning this thing. and they very much stuck with it. i think that these hearings can have an opportunity to bring out lots more e-mails that we don't know about, if they've been successfully holding this thing back for this long, no telling what else there is that they've been holding back. but also i do think that to some degree this is a political event. and that's part of the whole process. it's not necessarily a bad thing. obviously republicans can go too far with it. but the important thing is that if they're able to shine a light on just how -- what we already know is pretty shocking. and if this is a vehicle by which republicans can shine a light on that, i think that's a useful thing in pa republican democracy. >> one thing about shining a light that was fascinating about that interview, he said, blurted out, he said, well, i was in the
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situation room and then bret goes, was the president there? and he said, no. he said the president was in the white house. and the administration said he was briefed, he was updated and all this. what can this show about what the president did or did not do? was he upstairs in the residence having a private dinner after an ambassador was slaughtered? >> that's certainly what it appears presently. but, again, there has been so much information that has sort of dripped out in this kind of stalled fashion that i think that when you're sitting there having hearings where you'll probably have major cable coverage around the clock, i think that that allows people to sort of put the time line together a little bit more cogently. and that's very useful in terms of learning exactly where was the president, what was he doing -- why wasn't he in the situation room?
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all of this is the sort of thing that i think makes these of hearings very important. >> very important and they start on may 21st. john kerry, the first witness, and we'll have to see if others, such as former secretary of state hillary clinton and others will be called. charlie, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, dude. >> sadly to say that. coming up here on fox news later tonight, more on this in-depth situation, special with bret baier, benghazi, white house cover-up revealed. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern with much greater detail and also it will be repeated tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. there's good news. unemployment is at its lowest rate since the financial crisis of 2008. so some say happy times aren't here again. why not? we'll explain about that and talk about the possible fallout at the voting booth on the
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but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. the american economy adding almost 300,000 jobs last month. that's great news, right? except there is more to the story. that's because it turns out more people have just thrown in the towel, simply stopped looking for a job. and that depresses the unemployment rate. now standing at 6.3, it's the lowest since the height of the financial crisis, but some say wages aren't keeping up with those who are work. what does this mean for the midterm election as soon as susan
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estridge is a fox news contributor who i'm always pleased to see from washington, which means you must be going to the white house correspondents dinner. >> i am. but i came here for a memorial service for an old friend. >> i'm sorry. the unemployment rate. the democrat also say it's way down. but the republicans will say, but it's fake, 'cause people have given up. >> right. and they're both right, sort of. you and i both know that it is better if you're a electricity to have the -- democrat to have the unemployment lower than higher. when you look into the numbers, what you find is that there are a lot of people -- and everybody watching knows at least one friend or family member has beener look for work and given up. if you add to that the number of people who are employed, but employed at jobs that don't pay asle as their old jobs or don't provide benefits, i don't think
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any democrats are out there holding a celebration about the economy. on the other hand, the republicans are sort of divided as to what their message is going into the midterm. if it was a clean economic message, i think they'd be in better shape. but you and i both know there is a lot of tension in there. >> with 92 million people or so not working, what can the administration do to try and change that and can they do anything before the elections? >> i don't know. didn't we go down that road? are there more bridges and highways to build? i think so. but we've got a debt crisis. in the long run you can do things like education and infrastructure. but between now and november, i think it's more likely to be a campaign of who raises the most money, who throws the most dirt, who does the worst ads and ultimately who ends up showing up at the polls to actually vote because the composition of the electorate, particularly in
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midterm elections, you don't get everybody who voted in the presidential election. i think on both sides one of the big issues will be who turns up and what kind of candidates, especially on the republican side, where you've got some civil war, intraparty wars. what kind of candidates republicans put forward. do they put forward candidates strong on the economy and fairly noncontroversial on social issues or do they put forward candidates whose primary issue are social issue which is have been less successful for republicans in recent years. >> what do the democrats do if they don't have the candidates with the passion that they've had when president obama was at the top of the ticket? >> spend money. try to push the minority vote. push the hispanic vote. you're going to see immigration reform and a lot of talk about that. 'cause the demographics are so important here. you didn't -- let's be honest. there wasn't a loft passion two years ago either. wasn't it obama who said this is
1:55 pm
not going to be the hope and change. we're going to grind out the election? i think we're going to grind out this midterm election and i don't think it's going to be very pleasant. i think it's going to probably be more money is going to be put in, most of it will go to ads, most of the ads will be negative. and by the end, everybody will be sitting here saying, a pox on both their house. that's too bad. >> do you think the senate can change hands? what's your prediction? >> i only make predictions when i'm sure enough to think i'm going to -- art can tell you -- that i'm going to collect dinner. i think it's too close to call right now. i think anybody who is calling it is probably not smarter than you and me, but maybe a little more cocky. but we have to wait and see who the canal dates are and get closer, see what the mood of the country is, see what's going on, both domestically and foreign policy. it certainly could go republican.
1:56 pm
i think any democrat who says otherwise is smoking something i don't have. >> all right. susan estridge, we thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to see you. don't forget, you can read susan's column, sinned catted in newspapers -- syndicated in newspapers across the country on wednesdays and friday. that does it for this half hour of america's headquarters. we'll have more on the situation and the crisis dealing with the ukraine coming up at 6:00 p.m. and tonight, bret baier's benghazi special. more questions about that scandal. coming up on the fox news channel, the show "the five." you don't want to miss that. i'll see you here in an hour from now on the fox news channel now's the time to send in the scotts turf builder weed & feed, man! it kills weeds while it feeds and strengthens your grass. feed your lawn. feed it!
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hello, everyone. i'm kimberly it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> did the administration> deliberately deceive americans about the benghazi attack? today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee ie being formed to investigate. the move comes days after newly released e-mails revealed a white house aide advisor, susan rice, to tell the world that protests due to a video led them to attack americans that night. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking aboutrdin something else? >>


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