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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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what happened to carly's date? >> did you have to ditch your date? >> well, i mean a little bit. but trust me, he didn't mind. he was like, god, shaun like stole my prom date. >> how would you feel if you were that guy that was taking her to prom? >> i'd want shaun white to give me my money back. he's quite wealthy. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. house republicans taking another step toward a special panel now to investigate benghazi. but democrats calling the whole thing a big waste of time. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." white house press secretary jay carney at the podium right now addressing benghazi, again, and the select committee to look into benghazi. and now, as has been widely expected, john boehner trapping trey gowdy to chair the select committee. the panel is tasked with uncovering the role the white house, state department and cia
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each had in shaping the talking points that then-u.n. ambassador susan rice used on the sunday talk shows. we all know at that time she blamed the attack on that video. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. first and foremost, why the selection of trey gowdy? >> reporter: well, gretchen, good afternoon. house speaker john boehner says the american people want answers, accountability and justice. boehner says about congressman gowdy, republican of south carolina, that he is as dogged focused and serious minded as they come. the speaker says gowdy's background as a federal prosecutor, doing that for six years and his zeal for the truth make him the ideal person to lead this panel. another key house republican says he hopes gowdy and the select committee can get to work investigating benghazi soon. >> i think it is important for the congress and also important politically for republicans not to be seen as if we're making an issue out of this. i would say get it certainly resolved before the 2016 election campaign season begins
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and i think we can move very quickly this fall an maybe into early next year. but again, we can do it, move expeditiously, get good members on the committee, a good chairman. hopefully democrats will take part and we can go ahead and get this thing done. >> co says facts are neither red nor blue and the american people are entitled to answers about what went on at benghazi. >> i think the big scuttlebutt now is whether or not democrats will actually participate in this select committee. i've seen some recent response coming out right now. >> reporter: that's right. the white house does not sound delighted about this new investigation. you have some other democrats wondering how many democrats the make-up of this committee is going to be, how many democrats to republicans. that's to be worked out. we expect that there will be a vote in the house this week to form this special committee. but another democrat calls this a colossal waste of time. >> i don't think it makes sense
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really for democrats to participate. i think it is a tremendous red herring and waste of resources. it looks like the speaker has again bowed to those from the farthest right of his caucus. >> jay carney says president obama has been committed to finding out what went wrong at benghazi but the white house does not sound thrilled with this new select committee. reports that police have one person in custody following a shooting that happened at a va facility in dayton, ohio. this is tape of the facility. this is at a va center. police not saying exactly what went down here about an hour ago or so but they aren't releasing any information on that suspect. you see chopper shots here of the dayton, ohio va medical center where some sort of a shooting went down, shots fired there. one suspect now in custody.
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we will bring you the very latest as we get more information here in to fox. just where was the president when our ambassador and three other americans were murdered during the deadly benghazi terror attack? we now know he was not reportedly in the situation room according to his former national security spokesperson. this comes as the white house continues to blame republicans for the growing scandal. >> if you look at even what some republicans have said it certainly casts doubt on the legitimacy of an effort that's so partisan in nature. there is a problem when you have so many conspiracy theories that get knocked down by the facts and yet the adherence to those theories only become more convinced that the facts aren't what they so clearly are. >> that was just moments ago. meantime, new calls now for the white house to release the daily intelligence briefings on the days right after the benghazi attack. it is something that president bush did right after 9/11.
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joining me now, andy card, former white house chief of staff under president george w. bush. great to see you. this came to light today and i think it is fascinating on this story. it is about the daily intelligence briefings. president bush really set the precedent after 9/11. did he not? tell us what he did. >> he did. he set a precedent and it was very controversial when he did it. he did it because he wanted to be transparent with a congressionally mandated investigation. and so he said that he was going to release that document. that document is one of the most secret documents in american politics, if you will, and he felt that it was important to put it out but he did it in the right context. i do think this situation warrants president obama making a similar decision because this is not going to be a document that would be released that would have to be redacted to the point that it impacted national security policy. but it might help to show exactly what was known in the context of that day and the tragic events that took place in
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benghazi, and it might comfort the families of the victims. remember, there were real people who lost their lives there and we should know the context of that battle, if you will. >> andy, would it not take the onus off of the white house immediately? let's say for example that the intelligence was telling the president, hey, here's what we know, and how the president responded to it. then this whole thing would be over with. >> i agree with you, gretchen. i do think that this should come out. if i were jay carney, i would be saying we want to cooperate with this investigation so the truth comes out and you will see, according to jay carney, that there was nothing nefarious about it. let the facts speak for themselves. i think they should be cooperating. in jay carney was in the press corps where he used to be, he would be demanding for this information to come out. that's the nature are where he was before. i think that the administration should be supportive. trey gowdy is a very responsible member of congress. he will play it straight and i have every reason to believe he will run a very good, clean
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investigation, that's not trying to predict the outcome. i think he wants to see what the facts are. >> you were on the inside of the white house. did you find it unusual that the national security spokesperson, the former one, a few days ago with brett bair said that president obama was not in the situation room on the night of the attack. >> i don't think that's odd. the president does not have to be in the situation room with every crisis. usually they're interested enough where they want to go but they also know there is a lot of work being done. my question would be were you kept really well informed over the course of what was happening. were you getting briefings every 10 or 15 minutes or every half-an-hour. did you have a chance to go to the situation room if you wanted to or were you just preoccupied and not paying attention. i do think it is credible for the president to be informed. i don't think that it is credible that we would expect as the public that the president is sitting in the situation room all the time as a crisis is
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being investigated or understood or considered. >> okay. moving on to another controversial topic. former secretary of state condoleezza rice has now canceled her commencement speech the at rutgers after an iraq war protest on campus and dozens of students storming the administration building, then holding a sit-in for six hours while others protested outside. a lot of people will be dismayed that she decided to do this. i want to just also cap it off by saying that three years ago reality star snooki spoke at commencement for rutgers. you have to ask yourself, who is a better commencement speaker? snooki or condoleezza rice? >> there is not even a close call. dr. condoleezza rice is one of the most remarkable women in the world and she's had a great impact on america and the world and she would be a wonderful spokesperson to listen to at a commencement address. i think she would give really serious counsel and advice to those graduates who are getting ready to make a difference in the world themselves. i think it is a lost opportunity
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for the graduates of rutgers. i think it is too bad for the institution that she is not going but i respect her and i thought her saying that she was not going to come was very respectful. she said she didn't want to get in the way of the celebration of the graduation of those students from rutgers university and she's a noble woman who answered the noble call of public service and i celebrate her. >> andy card, great to get your insights. thank you. we all know the mid-term elections now only months away. new polls show that a majority of americans by 2-1 dissatisfied with the current direction of the country. when asked what issue concerns them most 27% say jobs. that despite the fact that we have technically been in a recovery for years now. jobs beat out obamacare, spending, debt. all as top concerns. jo jobs, jobs, jobs. in the jay carney briefing i was stunned by what some would say the irony or hypocrisy that now the administration is only
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talking about the economy but when they were campaigning they only talked about obamacare originally. >> it is odd they would even try to campaign on the economy. it really is. what we have is really the mo flacid recovery. 288,000 new jobs. hey, that be sounds pretty good. small businesses hiring. but 800,000 people left the labor force. 800,000. almost 1 million people. think about how mind boggling that is and the united states of america, 800,000 people say i give up. i don't think i'll find a job. how does that happen? >> the american dream is shifting. >> the american dream is gone. i'm calling it the drop-out nation. believe me, it is part and parcel of marriage birth rates, lower entrepreneurship, we see this across the board.
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people are giving up on this economy. >> what do you think about the fact that it is almost with every survey people talk about the economy as being the most important. is it a mess animal to republicans and democrats coming up? >> absolutely. it really is. republicans who think that someone who's -- 3 1/2 million have been out of a job for 27 months or longer that they're going to naturally vote for them, you need to campaign. for me it is pretty simple. let's get back to what made us the greatest country in the world. call off the war on success. let's call a truce to it. higher taxes, avalanche of regulations, the new health care law, all of these things have been more than speed bumps. they've been brick walls to our recovery. >> maybe that's why this poll showed this. whose policies would do more to strengthen the economy. gop leaders in congress? 43%. the obama administration, 39%. for once members of congress got a higher rating. >> for once. to be quite frank, it should be significantly higher than that. again we had a number out today, manufacturing. its he's been sideways for over
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three years now. we were supposed to have a manufacturing miracle. if it wasn't for fracking, look at that chart. we were supposed to have a manufacturing miracle. that chart is supposed to represent jobs. by the way, it wouldn't be that high if we didn't have the fracking miracle. >> a big story in north dakota. charles, great to see you. we are monitoring deadly violence on the ground now in ukraine. ukraine's interior minister says at least four government soldiers were killed in fierce gun battles with pro-russian forces in a key eastern city. at least 30 more have been wounded. the military has made some gains but they say an estimated 800 e 800-russian separatists remain in the city. terrifying moments on a beach construction site as a crane comes crashing down, the wheels are in the air. the rest of the damage we'll it tell you about next. this is something you may not have are ever seen before.
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drug smugglers working the florida coastline in a big way. what's the u.s. coast guard doing to try and crackdown on that. plus, house lawmakers considering consemt of court charges for ex-irs official lois lerner. could happen this week with calls for a special prosecutor to investigate at the same time. will any action get us any closer to the truth? >> that's not the way it works. she waived her right to fifth amendment privilege by issuing an opening statement smoep ought . she ought to stand here and answer our questions. et it there with priority mail flat rate shipping. our priority has always been saving the day. because our priority...
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welcome back to "the real story." some frightening moments for a truck driver at a construction site. this crane toppled on to a building in miami beach. it was attached to a truck left dangling, literally, in mid-air.
11:17 am
the man struck inside the truck had to be rescued by firefighters. no word on the damage the collapse caused. it is still under investigation but luckily, no one hurt. republicans demand a special council now to investigate the irs targeting scandal as they issue a resolution to declare lois lerner in contempt of congress for refusing to answer a house committee's questions. "vy serious concerns that the department of justice has brushed aside this investigation and will not pursue lerner for the wrongdoing she committed. therefore, d often j must appoint a special council so we can have an interpedependent re of what really happened at the irs." great to see you, chris. >> i wonder why they'd think that. the president said there was not even a smidgen of corruption so why would they think the investigation is not going well? >> especially when you're going to the department of justice where you have the attorney general eric holder, a close
11:18 am
personal friend of president obama. chances of him appointing a special prosecutor after this request are zero, right? >> remember, the question here -- so there's two questions. there's two traps. one relates to finding of contempt that then the house would send to the justice department to make a determination on its own whether she should be prosecuted for criminal contempt. remember what you're doing here to peel back all of the administrative kind of language. the house is asking a guy, eric holder, who they held in contempt over the fast an furious, the botched gun running sting, they hell him in contempt over that. they'll ask him to find lois lerner in contempt for not cooperating. doesn't sound likely, nor does it that holder would be inspired to announce essentially that his own internal investigation of wrongdoing at the irs was flawed because that's what republicans are saying when they talk about a special council having failed. >> how does this story move forward are? one of the things that it seems we're now hearing from jay carney today is conspiracy
11:19 am
theories. seems like they have their talking points down. and he was also talking about investigating investigations and blaming the gop for doing that. does he have a point and how do you get past these layers if you're the gop to actually get some answers? >> well, ask good questions is one thing, whether benghazi or this or anything else. it is not about the theatrics. it is about advancing the case. republicans haven't always done that. they also have to get past the media shaming. this administration has proven very adept at shaming the press into saying that's not an acceptable line of inquiry, you shouldn't be over there. but i'm going to let you in on a secret. the irs is not a super popular agency. it is not widely loved by the american people and they're playing with fire. democrats are playing with fire on this one if they think that they can stone wall all the way through, our polling has shown again and again people are widely mist trustful of this
11:20 am
agency and what went on in the targeting of the president's political enemies. if democrats dig in too hard on this, they'll be forced to take some painful votes and which republicans will say you choose now. >> very interesting analysis. chris, have a good week. the war on drugs heating up in the sunshine state. coming up, we'll tell you why scenes like this from the 'no80 now making a big comeback. it started with a teen asking his mom if he could invite some friends over. ending up with 60 dozens of officers, even a canine unit. more on the epic house party gone very wrong. and jack is back. the hit fox drama "24" back on the air tonight with a 12-episode event series. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. what's your favorite tv show on the air right now? tweet me @gretchencarlson. use the #therealstory.
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welcome back to "the real story." so there was this loud bang triggering a stampede after a boxing match. when the crowd began running at the mgm hotel, people thought it was a gunshot. turns out it was a falling wall partition. they were just leaving the mgm arena where floyd mayweather just defeated marcos maidana. i know my boxing. the '80s. who could forget that theme song. right? "miami vice" known for drug busting heroin addicts in the
11:25 am
1980s. now like a flashback, real life drug smugglers returning to florida's waters in force with a staggering 83% increase in the amount of cocaine washing up on the state shores just in 2012. phil keating is in florida. beautiful scenery, but apparently, a lot of drugs, too. right? >> reporter: the word staggering is absolutely accurate. last year nearly triple the amount of cocaine and doubling the amount of pot was confiscated offshore and around florida's coastline. in fact, increasingly the bundles of drugs nicknamed square groupers are washing up on the sand, even just floating right off of the water, discovered by people enjoying a day at the beach as for enforcement, a good news/bad news drug smuggling reality. >> i've got a target. looks like about a 25-foot.
11:26 am
about four people on-board. >> reporter: barreling towards the bahamas, another dark night hunting for drug traffickers. >> once we are on top of a target, they're done. they aren't going to outrun us. they just roll the dice. >> reporter: with more than 1,000 miles of coastline, florida has long been a smuggler's paradise and today drug running here is resushlging, reminiscent of the cocaine cowboy heydays of the '80s. here are 48 bails of confiscated pot yoef loaded friday in miami by the coast guard. u.s. southern command reports kilos of cocaine found washing up on florida's shoreline skyrocketed nearly 500% last year. >> it is such a big increase that it tells us there is more and more of their product coming this week. >> reporter: general john kelly attributes florida's influx with effective efforts on the tightening southwest border. so the south american cartels are shifting back east. two weeks ago in miami, the coast guard off-loaded its largest haul of cocaine from the caribbean in the past year.
11:27 am
3,300 kilos valued at $300 million. >> this network we are talking about is more efficient than you can imagine. it is more efficient than fedex. >> reporter: the words of the general, the cocaine cowboy days have all been replaced by cocaine corporations with like 1,200 field distribution offices around the world. despite all of the efforts by the dea, customs and border protection, border patrol on the water, as well as up in the air, they estimate 85%, if not 80%, of the illegal drugs is still making it in. >> now i notice that you got the don johnson memo to wear your white pants as well. >> that's right. it's standard procedure here in miami beach. >> also, no shoes? and they're rolled up! wow. what a job you have, keating. what a job. all right. continue your day on the beach. have fun. we're not envious or anything. see you soon.
11:28 am
she is a key figure in the benghazi investigation. former secretary of state hillary clinton. why critics say she needs to more fully explained what happens what happened and that she is not going to testify voluntarily, she should be subpoenaed. plus, new developments in the scandal involving delayed medical care for our nation's veterans. the investigation now spreading to yet another state. a live report from the pentagon and now a second whistle-blower has come forth. >> there was a perfect storm in the er and i was afraid a patient would die because i did not have the resources. she came by and asked me how things were going. i answered her honestly. then you don't know "aarp". our aarp tek program helps people find better ways to better connect with each other. find more real possibilities at iwas thathe biggest vit gave confidence to buy my very first car...
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fox news alert now. we have brand-new reaction from the white house to the congressional special committee appointed to investigate benghazi. here's jay carney just a few moments ago. >> one thing this congress is not short on is investigations into what happened before, during and after the attacks in benghazi. seven separate congressional committees -- investigations, rather, have been looking at this since 2012. we have always cooperated with legitimate oversight. all of the seven separate congressional investigations. all of the committees that have participated in those investigations. all of the administration personnel who have briefed or testified because of those
11:33 am
investigations. >> my next guest says he'd like to see that committee subpoena hillary clinton so the former secretary of state can explain what happened before, during and after the benghazi attack. joining me now, scott taylor, a forl former navy s.e.a.l.s who is pushing to hold the obama administration accountable for national security leaks. so what do you make of jay carney's press conference? don't know if you saw the whole thing. we just played that snippet because he said a lot about the fact that republicans are behind these conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, and also that they're really good at investigate and investigations. how would you respond? >> well, first of all, it is great to be with you. congratulations on your new show. you are doing a wonderful job. >> thank you. >> let me say i did hear a snippet. i didn't see the press conference. but i think that the administration is really misinterpreting millions and millions of americans who think it is absolutely reasonable and
11:34 am
necessary to see where a current commander in chief was and someone who wants to be the next commander in chief, where they were before, during and after and most importantly, during had this attack. where was our commander in chief, where was the head of the state department, who was the center of this before, during and after. where were they that night and why haven't we heard anything yet? jay carney of course is saying it is conspiracy theory and things like that but these are very reasonable requests. it's like pulling teeth just to get basic e-mails from the administration. >> so now the select committee comes to pass. trey gowdy is going to head this thing up. what do you think is going to happen with hillary clinton? voluntarily come to speak at this committee or will she be subpoenaed? >> i don't know how it is going to go down or what she's going to do. she needs to come, period. either willing or via subpoena, she should come. i'm impressed with trey gowdy. think he'll have a fair hearing. i'm very happy with the speaker's decision to come with the select committee now. we really need answers. it's been too long and like
11:35 am
pulling teeth. hillary clinton needs to come and testify. >> one of the major questions you'd have for her is senior military officials now said they were waiting on state to respond so your first question would be, mrs. clinton, why did that happen? >> absolutely. when in the history of america have we not sent people in to the fight when folks were under attack? why didn't it happen with the only asset that really could have made a difference in that weren't even launched. we can disregard whether they would have been successful or not in preventing lives. why were they not even launched in the fis players. you have people probably champing at the bit to get in there. when people are under duress or fire, they'll do anything they can, drop everything they are doing to get in there and save americans under fire. >> scott taylor, good to get your insight. in the va patient scare kld, one of the country's largest veterans care groups now demanding changes to the entire agency. the american legion now calling
11:36 am
for a complete shake-up in leadership. this coming amid indications the scandal may be growing to other states. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live for us at the pentagon with more. jennifer, what do you now? >> reporter: well, the latest scandal involves a ft. collins, colorado va outpatient clinic where 6,3 pun vetera00 veterans months to be seen by doctors. the staff was falsifying appointment records to make it look like they were being seen within the required 14 days. the report obtained by fox news found that clerks at the ft. collins va clinic were ininstructed last year how to falsify appointment records and essentially cook the books. this follows separate revelations by a va doctor in arizona upon his recent retirement that at least 40 veterans died due to treatment delays at the a phoenix va hospital. the whistle-blower explained how va staff manipulated records to hide the delays. the same practice was allegedly
11:37 am
happening at the clinic in ft. collins, colorado. according to the office of the medical inspector. the va oversees 100 million medical appointments each year at 151 hospitals and 820 clinics. a spokesman tells fox, "there was no intentional violation. confusion and a shortage of doctors led to the practice. the va has promised training and audits to make sure it doesn't happen again." there is no indication that health outcomes were affected. the medical center in colorado did not identify any intentional violation of the policy on the part of the managers or schedulers. you however, the law states that the va does not have -- if it does not have a va doctor who can see a patient within 14 days, then they can be sent -- the veteran can be sent to a private doctor. it is not clear why local va chapters are not informing veterans of their rights and not willing to pay for them to go see these private doctors.
11:38 am
>> interesting development. jennifer, thank you. another whistle-blower speaking out about the problems at the va hospital in phoenix, arizona where dozens of veterans reportedly died while waiting for basic primary care. a long-time doctor there says the problems there go much deeper than the alleged secret waiting lists. dr. katherine mitchell is my guest today. she's known now as the second whistle-blower to come forward. dr. mitchell, thank you so much for your time today. what with your primary concerns about this secret waiting list? because it is my understanding that you feared that certain people within the hospital where you were in phoenix might try to do away with some of those documents. >> yes. sunday nightformed by an employee that i've known a long time that he had knowledge of a list that, if management got a hold of it on monday -- sunday night or monday, that they would be able to internally erase evidence that patients had been waiting for a long time to
11:39 am
get appointments. >> what did you do after that? >> well, he called me and asked me what to do because -- and so i thought, well, we'll go to the va police desk. the va police are actually, it is a federal police force and there is one at every facility. we went to the police desk after they spoke with their chief, they were unable to take custody of this potential evidence. they did recommend that we find a place to secure it within the facility. at that point -- >> did you do that? >> yes. this employee and i went to the eligibility clinic where the list was, took it from the eligibility clinic, then hid it in the clinic that i work in this a place where i could keep it under lock and key until the next morning when the oig would come. >> that was eventually handed over to the inspector general. >> oh, yes, handed over monday morning. the employee and i met and -- by the union offices and then -- go ahead. >> i don't mean to interrupt
11:40 am
you, but sharon helman has claimed in interviews she never knew such secret waiting lists existed. is she lying? >> i don't know if she personally had knowledge. considering the fact that the second list was pretty common knowledge and standard operating procedure, i would have a hard time believing no one knew that existed. our electronic waiting list is kind of archaic in that when someone calls in to request a new patient appointment, that request is entered into a note in the computer. that note is then printed out and hand-carried at the end of the day to the section are where the electronic waiting list people -- >> i want to make sure i get to the other grave concern that you had because you were in the emergency room and you were so concerned about the care the veterans were getting there that you had recommended that it be shut down. why? >> because we were in inundated for several months.
11:41 am
we were inundated with patients. we were only an eight-room emergency room. we were incredibly short staffed in terms of physicians and nurses. we did not have any ancillary support services. every time i wanted to get an x-ray on the patient or sen them to cat scan or get their blood work done we had to pull one of our nursing staff out of the er from direct patient care to do transport. there were -- at that point there were so many near misses, situations where the potential to jeopardize someone's life were occurring that there was no way that we could keep a handle on it. >> dr. catherine mitchell, the second whistle-blower, very brave of you to come forward as we try and get answers. doctor, thank you for your time. coming up, one american city considering limiting the size of a gathering that you can have in your own home. that can limit how many people you can invite over to your house like say for a backyard
11:42 am
barbecue and how many neighbors you could invite over for any activity. to even watch tv. plus, the air traffic controller responsible for this deadly crash over the hudson back in 2009. he's back on the job now. what we're hearing from families of the nine people killed in that traj inaccident. and a fisherman's very rare catch. what the heck is this thing?
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time to check out what america's clicking on today. jack bower is back. latest installment of "24" premiers tonight on fox. hit drama picks up four years later in london. bauer is a cop followed by the cia. ben affleck is now banned from the black jack tables at the hard rock casino in vegas
11:46 am
for counting cards. the technique is not illegal in nevada but it is, of course, frowned upon. an incredibly rare shark. the 18-foot shark caught by a georgia fisherman is only the second goblin shark caught in the gulf of mexico. he was later released. a proposed zoning ordinance in one county in virginia would limit "large frequent gatherings "inside private homes, specifically limit being the number of people you can have over to your house to 49 and no more than three times in 40 days. well, that means anything -- that includes barbecues, big birthday parties, even open houses, could potentially be targets of the proposed law. on its face it sounds ridiculous. >> it does. but ordinances have been passed like this. it is classic clash between the first amendment right to peaceably assemble, in your home, public, anywhere. it is usually applied to public
11:47 am
places. but think about it, this is private property. why should it apply there? versus zoning ordinances to say we, the government, have a right to protect our people from loud parties, noise from neighbors, that kind of thing, so zoning regulations come in. it is a classic conflict. we've seen people arrested. i think you interviewed -- >> the wife. her husband was a minister. this happened in phoenix, arizona last year. he was jailed for 60 days because he was having bible study at his house. >> again it was a zoning ordinance regulation, not a first amendment issue. but if they pass this law, this zoning legislation, i would think there are going to be a lot of lawsuits. come on. if you have over 49 people over for a big game or a barbecue, as you said. that could get -- wind you afoul with the law? >> why does the city or the government or the county carefy have 50 people in my basement -- >> versus 48. >> right. versus 48 and nobody can hear them because we're just down there having fun, watching tv. >> well they're not going to now if you have 48 or 49 people down
11:48 am
in the basement. this all started from six complaints in the neighborhood saying we've heard things, it is noisy, we have a right to a quiet, peaceable place. that's the clash. but you are right, how are you going to enforce this law? >> we're going to have the police monitoring this? it comes down to the silliness of if a realtor has an open house and the buyer would like to have 50 people show up -- >> of course. that's a business interest there, too. for that you are curtail your business interest. in some ways that seems even worse than the private interests of having a big party. i think if they do pass this law they'll be looking at a lot of legislation, a lot of filing suit, for example. but it will take until somebody's actually hurt, arrested, somebody it afoul of this, as you note from the arizona case. it will take something like that for lawsuits to start gaining muster. but i hope they're listening to
11:49 am
this. really? do you really want to encourage this? >> if it can happen there, it can happen in their town. speaking of open houses, a few too many teens had a massive house party at this canadian mansion. about just 2,000. i guess they'd be violating the law. 2,000 kids showed up when word of the bash was posted on social media under the #mansionparty. people packed the inside of the unfinished home and even more lined up outside waiting to get in. they caused an estimated $70,000 worth of damage. police say partygoers smashed windows, were climbing ladders to reach different parts of the home. it was all still under construction. horrible mishap at an air show as well. a pilot has died after his plane crashes during a stunt. what spectators are saying about the moments leading up to that crash. plus, it was a deadly mid-air collision that didn't have to happen. now the air traffic controller who could have prevented this is back on the job. should he be put back in charge of your safety in the air?
11:50 am
and why is he back? that story next. good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. is is mike. his long race dayles starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪
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an air show crash that killed an experienced pilot now under investigation, a vintage plane was performing at travis air force base in northern california yesterday. when it crashed upside-down and caught fire in an open field. the 77-year-old pilot was killed. a retired photo journalist says the pilot was attempting the trick for the third time when it happened. the air show was canceled shortly after the crash. tempers are flairing after a disgraced air traffic controller is now back on the job. investigators said he was on the phone joking about grilling a cat during a mid our collision over the hudson river. the federal investigation found he could have prevented the
11:54 am
tragedy that killed nine people. trace gallagher is live with more. the big question is, how did this guy get his job back? >> well, the union got him his job back. this collision happened between a single engine plane and a helicopter filled with tourists over the hudson river, all nine people onboard both aircrafts died. the investigation found that while the air traffic controller, carlisle turner, was on the phone, joking about the cat and making racist statements, he missed hearing the pilot of the single engine plane read back the wrong frequency for contacting newark airport. the controller in newark wanted to warp the pilot but the warning came because the pilot had no idea he was on the wrong frequency. the family of the pilot says, it's referee hencible. he should have been fired, prosecuted, and gone to jail. the federal government paid the families of the victims more than $34 million to settle those lawsuits.
11:55 am
the controller was placed on paid leave. but the union fought to get his job back, and now he is in coastal virginia where he handles high performance military aircraft as well as commercial airliners and other planes. neither the controller himself or the air traffic controllers union has returned our messages. the faa will only say, quoting here, controllers have the same due process rights as other federal employees, and are also covered by the provisions of the national air traffic controllers association contract, and it's not the first film carlisle turner is one of 12 controllers nationwide who have been reinstated despite being faulted in crashes that killed 54 people. 12 of them. >> it's unbelievable. you could understand possibly if they were distracted for a moment or something else happened, but in this case, it seemed so obvious. he admitted he was on the phone, talking about the cat. unbelievable for the families of
11:56 am
those nine people who died as well. now all the rest of us who may be flying. trace, thank you. this is a, a don't. people busted trying to steal the famous flintstone mobile. >> it was seen as a prank gone bad. they agreed in lieu of sentencing to work for me one day. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
11:57 am
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hear comfortably in noisy environments, sound more natural and eliminate whistling. stay connected to your life. call today and ask for halo. made for iphone. made for you. call this number now. him in in court or time in costume. teens jumping at the opportunity to put on stonying costumes instead of facing criminal charges. they stoled a replica of fred flintstone's car in december. so as punishment, the had to dress up and dance to advertise for the store's free comic day over the weekend. possibly the best part of all the owner says sales skyrocketed that day and he got in the car
12:00 pm
back. >> with "24" coming back we asked you about your favorite show. thank you for weighing in. thank you for being part of "the real story." >> we're monitoring fierce battles in the streets of ukraine as kiev sends elite troops to the region to try to control the place. now they're shooting it out with forces who are fighting for russia and the stakes could hardly be higher of with the key ports and the city of odessa up for grabs. a student accused of hacking into high school computers to change his gradeses and others. now he is facing a whole string of felony charges and prosecutors, are they being too hash or is the kid getting what he deserves? could a teenager's blood bring back your youth? respected scientists now saying


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