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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 6, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we are going to be back in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, tucker carlson and he's outnumbered. looking good. ready for a fight today? >> totally ready. give it to me. >> your hair is looking pretty good. six out of 10. there's always room for improvement. >> it's god -- good to see you. >> i woke up in a cold sweat at 5:00 this morning. >> poured water on you. >> it's great to have you back.
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>> welcome back >> thank you very much. >> we're super happy to have you here and i want to get right to t. right now two big scandals are putting the white house on the defense and threatening democrats in tough election fights. the i.r.s. targeting conservative groups. just hours from now, house rules committee votes on procedures regarding a contempt vote on lois lernor. she's refused to answer questions about the scandal and the same panel will also vote on asking attorney general eric holder to appoint a special prosecutor and the second big headache for congressional democrats, benghazi and the investigation into the death of four americans. the house this week expected to finalize details on a select committee. these scandals and obamacare, you remember that, right? not helping democrats with voters. listen to this. a new national poll finds republicans favored in the battle for congress 47-43%. the g.o.p.'s best advantage
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ahead of a midterm in some two decades. tucker, will they blow it? >> the republicans? they could. they would be pulling a massive lead. democrats are in serious trouble. i think they're going to lose the senate. i covered the 1988atq0v1e0s10=5
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>> great point, harris. i think trey gawdy is well prepared, has the questions that's going to be tough. they can't just say this political pandering or he's just, you know, posturing. he's going to actually really come at them and i hope they have some answers because this case, the american people want the answers. now also on benghazi, fox news is learning new details of a seven page email passed around at the highest levels of the white house. apparently it goes into a media strategy on how to deal with a fox news report on the terror attack. report alleging that u.s. officials knew the attack on the consulate was terrorism within the first 24 hours. the state department is
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withholding this email, citing executive privilege. >> we don't need the email to know it's true. it's obvious and every other document we have received so far, none of which bears hillary clinton's signature, by the way, indicates that they knew. it was apparent that this was an act of terrorism and not spontaneous response to a youtube video. they lied about it. there's really no question at all at this point. i think it's a big deal and i think it's going to continue to get uglier. they're worried about it. they wouldn't keep saying it's just right wingers going crazy. if they felt that way, dude, they wouldn't be running their mouths. >> one of the play books that the white house uses, the justice department is the executive privilege claims. it ties everything up in the court system. you have to issue lawsuits to get that information. we end up dragging this out even further when democrats are arguing that, hey, it was two years ago. we should be moving on. executive privilege is something they constantly go back to as an
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excuse for not getting information. >> from benghazi to major setbacks for obamacare, massachusetts ditching its online health insurance exchange for one that some other states use. site was the first online marketplace under the state law that mandated coverage for most residents and was the model for president obama's law. it reportedly worked until a revamp to handle the affordable care act. meanwhile, the f.b.i. is reportedly investigating cover oregon, considered one of the worst functioning state exchanges under obamacare. all this as opposition to the law hits a new high and a pugh research center, 55% of those surveyed disapprove of obamacare, only 41% support it. tucker, what does this mean for the future of obamacare? >> oregon especially is unbelievable. all those sincere liberals in portland, all this money, $130 million into this exchange. people signed up online in
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oregon since march? quick math? zero. not a single person. in massachusetts they spent $100 million and it's a complete disaster. >> make some sense of this for me. we're talking about the approval of obamacare going down but at the same time, the white house is touting that the signups towards the latter end of their open enrollment period only skyrocketed. it went up. >> going back to the math aspect of this, if you actually look at the amount of people who paid their first month's premium, it's more like five million enrollees. white house is fudging the math on that. second of all, i want to remind everyone back in 2010 when obamacare was pushed through, it has never been popular. i think democrats tried to sell this idea that at some point it had all the success and the popularity at the beginning and of course, that's why we have it now. obamacare was nothing that anyone really wanted and it was pushed through in the middle of the night. this is only adding to the unpopularity. it's not something that's new.
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>> you were trying to jump in there. >> i just wanted to say that when you talk about some of these exchanges in oregon and massachusetts not working, it is -- it does boggle the mind their answer is to roll them into the federal health -- or dot gov. now there's a history of nightmares. even if it works going forward, they'll have that many more people signing on. >> what you will hear from the democrats in defense of this, unpopularity that katie is talking about, is that people will start to like it. if they don't like it now, they will begin to look it more as they start to realize the benefits of it as they go forward. >> when is that happening? i'm like chicken little waiting for the sun to fall. this makes no sense to me. i think people that have more disenfranchised in the health care system, they're not even getting the benefit of this and we can't pay for this because we don't have a financial structure that's going to be able to sustain the costs. people like the idea of it but
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it hasn't been practical. i think it's here for now until president obama is out of office and then it's going to come to a quick and fast demise. people that live with two goats from oregon probably would benefit but they didn't sign up. >> did the goats? >> speaking of goats or food, it's just past 12:00 so get back to work. the lunch hour is dead. that's right. some of you may get the chance to pop into the break room, most of us are dropping mayo from our sandwiches onto our keyboards. nearly half of american workers say their typical lunch break is 30 minutes or less. when we have the time, we do other things like running to the bank, picking up groceries or getting our nails done. sandra, this seems -- you know, we're all trying to be efficient with our time but businesses are actually suffering as a result of this because people aren't
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going to lunch anymore. >> some businesses which is really interesting. there's some winners in this. losers are the restaurants that used to enjoy the three martini lunch that folks had. they're reporting sales down 20% the past few years but some of these salons that are reportedly getting more money during the lunch hour breaks because women aren't finding the time and men, too, by the way, aren't finding the time after work or on the weekends so they're sneaking away for 30 minute breaks in new york. you can go get a 20 minute facial and everything. i think it's really sad. i think -- i don't think anybody here takes a lunch hour. >> i do. i take a lunch hour six days a week and i'm committed to it. >> do you get a facial? >> i was in iraq and took the lunch hour. it's not about the food. it's about connecting with people, hearing interesting things. i get half of all the information i get during the day is at lunch, to give that up is a tragedy. >> there was a recent study that showed you need a break from your day for 30 to 40 minutes to regenerate your creative juices.
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whatever it is, your brain needs a break from that so you have to pull away from the keyboard for a minute to be creative. >> don't you think we're trying to be more efficient with our time, though? some people feel like nrd to get ahead in american society, with the economy and doing two jobs, you don't have time for lunch. >> you don't. that's why i mow the food in studio c. i dance around the set and like eat and i ask bob beckel if his food is still good. if he doesn't eat it, i do. is it okay to bribe your kids? uh-huh. how paying them for good grades and cleaning their room could actually be a good thing. stay with us. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma --
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that veterans affairs secretary resign. it comes amid a series of scandals including the alleged coverup of deaths at the v.a. veterans center. a stream of whistle blowers are coming forward saying higher ups had a waiting list and they threw away the files when the veterans died. jeff miller of florida helped spark the investigation into the phoenix v.a. >> if, in fact, what we suspect is true, i think the secretary will have no other option but to step down. right now, we know for a fact there have been 23 preventible deaths within the united states, the veterans of federal affairs and we suspect more. there's been manipulation of numbers at phoenix and now fort collins, colorado. we do not trust the numbers the v.a. gives us in any way, shape or form. >> you know, one of the criticisms about this is that it has become political rather than focussing on the men and women who serve this country.
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katie, when you hear that, well, this is a republican thing, what do you say to that? >> i think when they say political automatically, they're trying to distract away from the real issue which is incompetence, possible corruption and mistreatment of the very people we should take the most care of. when it come to this situation, when there's a problem in a smaller office in country, guys at the top can say it's an isolated incident. this is widespread, happening all over the country and not only were they manipulating wait list items but then destroyed the secret list they had. they were not only covering up the wait time but covering it up again by destroying the list. instead of saying i take accountability, i'll fix this, we're not hearing really anything about -- anything from the people at the top. we're only hearing thank god from the whistle blowers inside but they don't have much power when it comes to changing the system. >> i want to talk about whistle bleers with kimberly in a second but tucker, you get rid of him
9:18 am
s. that enough? >> i don't know. i will give the general every benefit of every doubt. he has support of jim nicholson who is the former head of the v.a. and republican, and i know people that know him. he hasn't spoken out about this. he should. but i do think that the responsibility lies with the president who has repeatedly assured the public and veterans on television in speech after speech, i will fix it. so pretty recently, as early as a year ago and he hasn't. i'm not hot to jump on the fire shinseki bandwagon. i'm not sure he's the guy responsible. >> interesting. lee talk about whistle blowers, people coming forward which is difficult because you expose yourself, you could lose your job, so on and so forth. what kind of protection do they have and how necessary are they in this particular case? >> i think they're crucial in an investigation like this. without whistle blowers, people are willing to be brave and courageous to call out a horrible, egregious wrong doing.
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people said enough is enough. i can't sit there and abide by this when i go to bed at night and know this is going on. they are afforded protections. i think that it needs to be more well known that they're not going to be, you know, punished or prosecuted but you have a real fear when you're someone that's a whistle blower about your family, about paying your bills, how being out of a job or being in some way, you know, retaliation against you so think about the position that they're in. here, i think the evidence is pretty overwhelming and that's what i like to call really, really bad guys when they destroy the evidence against them. >> and mention the bonuses occurring as well and i think tucker makes a really good point. we have to give shinseki the benefit of the doubt. he's trying to do the wrong thing. we have more than enough evidence specifically down in phoenix talking to these families who had the problems. we have more than enough evidence to know that something is wrong and at that point, not
9:20 am
only does somebody need to be held accountable but something needs to be fixed and questions answered. we owe that to the veterans. >> 9.3 million veterans enrolled in the v.a. health care system. the v.a. provides care to patients every single year. whether it's phoenix or widespread -- >> and there's some good v.a. hospitals out there. >> and full disclosure, i have a very close relationship with this. my dad served and i think we have a picture of just the two of us. he was very ill a couple of years ago and the v.a. system is very important for those men and women who have served and so getting it fixed, as sandra said, and doing our homework and getting to the bottom of the story is very critical. >> we'll continue to be on that story. keeping your kids under control by paying them off? anybody out there do that? about half of american parents in a new survey admit to bribing their children with candy, clothes, even money to make sure that they stay on their best
9:21 am
behavior or get good grades. but while some social scientists say it's a good way to motivate them, others say it could lead to worse behavior later on. kimberly is raising her hand. >> big broiber here. bribery wo rry works. i should try it. >> i have a baby girl turning one and i'm starting to ask the question. this is a very difficult thing for parents to tackle. that being said, what do you do? tell me. >> i'm a big fan of it because it really works. it produces great results and there's always a counselor later on when this blows up in my face. i have good health care to afford it. so here's the thing. i think it's good as a reward, incentive done in the right way. i don't like bribing with laughe taffy. but i will say, okay. you want to go ski? let's earn it. let's earn it. do little things like kind of benefits along the way. >> so then there's the very fine line, tucker, and i'll go to you next. you have four children, three
9:22 am
daughters, one son. you must be an expert on this. there's a fine line between reward and bribe. >> it teaches kids about markets. there's no doubt about that. but it also suggests that you're on a peer relationship with your kids. employer-employee. we're both adults here but we're not both adults here. i'm the parent. you're the child. i don't think you should be unreasonable with children but i think you need to exert your authority as the parent. so it's like you do it because it's the right thing to do and i'm not going to have too many debates with you about doing it. just do it. intl i could do it on a plane with a bunch of people around in public, i could. that's how i found out i'm a shouter. and also i am a briber. so when you run out of stuff on the plane, that's when you know it's not working. >> what motivated you? we all have these instances growing up, either our parents paid us for our chores or just had a way of showing disappointment when we didn't do what they wanted to do. >> my parents gave us alowance
9:23 am
but we were not entitled to the alowance. you had to do the chores and the alowance was a bonus. it wasn't just that you get to earn it which does create some good, hard work skills but it was that you're not entitled to this. if i ask you to do the chores and don't pay you for it, you're going to do it anyway. i think that's a good approach. >> you turned out okay. >> i turned out okay. >> it is very challenging for parents. she's not even running yet. but there's already a lot of money being spent to make sure that hillary clinton stays out of the race in 2016. so should we or should she, i'm sorry, be worried? or does it show how much clout that she has as a possible candidate? and we've got memorial day coming up. time to get the gang together and grill out for the big bash except in one county where the guest list might get a little bit smaller by law. we're going to discuss that. >> no more house parties at tucker's house?
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." in 2016, the folks behind the hillary political action committee is saying it's signed up 250,000 members and hauled in more than half a million dollars. raising the most money by far according to reports of the conservative groups out there involved in 2016. so tucker, the question is, hillary hasn't even said she's running. why are we wasting our money trying to stop her? but she is the frontrunner when it comes to democratic circles, right?
9:29 am
>> can't be too safe. why lock your doors when there's no blr on the front accesteps? i don't think these going to run. i think elizabeth warren super pac would be more practical. they hate war and they hate wall street and she's in favor of both of those things. i could be wrong. i often am. but i sincerely think, and i'll bet money on it that i don't think she's going to run. i don't think she wants the hassle. it will be tougher than a lot of people imagine it would be and i think these ideological with the democrats that have moved far left. >> you haven't heard democrats push back much on this. the question whether republicans should be worried about hillary, i think joe biden should be worried. when they put that much focus on somebody that you might end up running against, it makes you also in the race and it hasn't even started yet. >> i'm not sure that anybody else has the credibility. let's look at the landscape here.
9:30 am
elizabeth warren is somebody that people say might run but in the polling, joe biden comes in at a low rate. hillary gets a huge chunk of that polling population and the question about people moving far left for me, i think that hillary meeting more of the moderate democrat. obama has been so far left that i think the independent voter is saying i want someone more moderate. i don't want to vote for someone far left. i'm not sure that elizabeth warren is a good choice. >> president warren? not happening. i'm not even this much worried about it. they can have their little popsicle, a few licks. she's too full of herself. disgusting. that's what the people are going to think at thepoll. they think someone is actually going to win the election. go ahead, run. that's not somebody who is running. tucker, you think she's going to get enough votes? >> i don't. >> you seem to get it, though. that's interesting.
9:31 am
>> she's going to have to rally a lot of the leftist, popular bloefs out there. >> i think could she get the nomination? sure. do i think that she's electable like yes, this is happening? 2016, feel me, put me on the wall, no. she's far more scary than hillary clinton. >> a new poll came out just in week showing 65% of voters want the next president to reverse president obama's policies. if you look at hillary clinton who has done what she can to distance herself from barack obama and look at elizabeth warren who has much more in common with obama than hillary does. >> there's not going to reverse policies. that's not going to happen. >> they want to nominate a woman and there aren't that many likely candidates. is martin o'malley going to get the nomination? no. >> the main group that supports a clinton run, ready for hillary, has more than 5.75
9:32 am
million in the bank, two million supporters. if the question becomes whether or not the group raising money to rally against hillary clinton, this is one of many, by the way, just one that's raised the most money. the question, and you were trying to answer this before, does it show that maybe hillary is even stronger than the democratic parties leading on based on the fact she's combating this money thrown against her? >> the democrats love hillary clinton. i'm not denying the obvious. a lot of non democrats like hillary clinton, too. she's a really popular person. >> she's moore electable. >> of course she is. you have to get through the primaries first. you don't just go in a general election and face 350 million voter. you have to deal with the hard core of your own party. >> you don't like her because she's a woman? >> that's my real problem with her. >> i'm a sexist. i disa gr a groa grow -- disag
9:33 am
her policies. >> there could be a limit on how many times to grill out with guests this summer. what? proposal would limit group assemblies at homes in fairfax county to 49 people. not 50. oh, no. you can't throw more than three legendary shindigs in a 40-daytime span. that means grilling out for the game and even church picnic on sundays could come under fire. these are very dangerous activities. you cannot have more than 49 people, tucker, stand down. >> she's more mindless legalism. you see it in every part of american life. little kids getting expelled for making the finger sign with their hands. any zero tolerance policy is stupid. why not have a law that's vague enough to be applied in a sensible way? if you're out of hand, annoying people, we'll shut down your party. if you're not, we won't. why is that so hard? >> i'm picking up what you're
9:34 am
dropping. >> if you get laud, your neighbors call on you. where are you at? >> the homeowners association, this shouldn't be law. right? this is really enfringing on the rights of these homeowners. 49 people, you're going to have a dot of a party. >> in the wintertime, it is not nice. you have to spend all the time you can outside in the summertime, grilling out is the best way to do that. i'm hoping to have a memorial day and july 4, 40 day as part under this. right? you can't have more than how many? that's the best thing to do every weekend, a god way to be part of your community, to get to know your neighbors. people aren't very nice and not very good at getting to know their neighbors so this is just ridiculous. >> come on. what about nice little church group parties and everything. in the winter, you have indoor burrito parties. i buy the big bulk bake of doritos and it's a great way to
9:35 am
get along. >> you sound like somebody never invited to the parties. >> all right. what can i tell you? lunchtime and i'm a little hungry. what's the best way to turn a guy down? i have a list. one writer says tell them you have a boyfriend or two. even if you don't. what's wrong with just saying i'm not that interested? also the meaning of being a man, tucker. what's being blamed right now for a so-called masculinity crisis? so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech)
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. >> more "outnumbered" in a moment. first to jenna lee. >> second hour of "happening
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now" a few big stories. new develops in the been dozy terror attack. a seven page white house email reportedly detailing media strategy in response to a fox news report. that report said u.s. officials knew the attack was terrorism within the first 24 hours. we'll have more on the fallout ahead plus we're waiting word from the house of representatives on a contempt charge against former i.r.s. official, lois lerner over alleged targeting. an update on that is supposed to come today. let's talk about aspirin. that's what tucker needs after today's show. aspirin a day is normally thought to keep the heart doctor away. apparently new research is saying something different which would be a big change, guys. so we'll have that story as well coming up. >> i know you're married to a navy seal. stick around. you'll love this one. >> i can't wait. >> thank you. see you in a few minutes. are men out of touch with their masculinity? adventurer taking heat today
9:41 am
instead of using spears and brains and courage, modern men are relying on modern technology to survive and he said that's a big problem. tucker hunts in maine with his brother with a spear. that much i know. >> this is what you said which is so fun getting coffee. okay, harris. >> never with a spear. i think this is real. part of it is somebody told boys when they were little, be sensitive. be thoughtful. some of that is fine. too much of it makes you pretty unattractive to women. it suggests weakness and one of the reasons you meet all these super impressive, 35-year-old women who want to get married but can't find a man is this. there are a ton of losers out there. by losers i mean -- >> whoa. tell it. >> men who won't take responsibility. who won't basically live up to -- i'm going to get a text on this. i don't care. their manly responsibilities to provide. >> he's telling the truth.
9:42 am
>> isn't some of the onus on the women? >> harris! our fault? really? >> i blame it on the feminist movement, not being married by 35, but the way that men behave. feminist movement has told men not to embrace their manliness, that is part of the patriarchy of our society and that being a man is a bad thing. manning up is not based on gender. >> they have all these things where they take the man part out of being a man and then we wonder why men don't act like men anymore. >> tucker, you are outnumbered here so i'm sorry to keep going back to you. what do you do? is society just getting away from, you know, man and bow and arrow and hunting? i don't mean to be sarcastic but isn't this ju the way things are going to be? >> i like to hunt and fish so i guess that's manly but that's not what it means. being masculine is taking
9:43 am
responsibility. that's what it means to be manly. men who on the second date let their date pay for dinner are -- i'm sorry. that's disgusting. i don't care. like the new norms are like -- >> what if she offers? >> he shouldn't allow it. >> how can i be outnumbered on this one? >> being more chivalrous as well. >> look. i love men. god knows. some more than others. i tend to prefer the masculine men. i don't want to outeat him eating chicken wings in a contest. that happened to bob. >> maybe they're just being respectful of women who do work, make their own money and maybe when they're out to dinner, that man wants to have respect for the female and not assume he's the macho man. >> he should be the macho man and have respect for himself. are you kidding? are you joking?
9:44 am
>> but the way that you guys are valuing what a real man is is on things that may not count. it's about being there. >> women allow men to be offended because a man wants to be treated to dinner? that's on the women. women should allow men to treat them with respect by being responsible. i understand you're your own woman and have a career. >> and that you can still be sweet to the guy and buy him little gifts or do something that's nice or tape his favorite show. >> i disagree with all of that. >> i think it's important for a man to make a woman feel special. >> taken care of. what's wrong with that? >> it's not disrespectful to a woman to say, let me pay for dinner and the idea that feminists get outraged. >> i like that. that's a masculine dude. >> if you're playing video games in your 30's, you're pathetic. >> i think a cure for the
9:45 am
masculinity crisis could be men and with their women go out and do a little bit more stuff in the woods. >> i agree with that completely. >> i know what she's trying to say. >> i know exactly what she's trying to say. >> be men. >> make sure there's no mud to talk about in terms of there but there are some to talk about here. mug shots. it's not just the police who want them. the big business in people brushes with the law, even if they're found innocent. and the push to crack down on companies trying to profit off their others' misfortune. when saying no is not enough. is he just not that into you? the biggest excuse women seem to use when they want a guy to just go away and why it's not always the right thing to do. what are we doing wrong? [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain...
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>> welcome back. i may be outnumbered like custer's last stand but i have a boyfriend excuse. have you heard that? one writer says it's the best and the only way to make that annoying guy at the bar leave
9:50 am
you alone. i'm not saying that i have a boyfriend. the script should make that clear. but some women would ask out at the bar say i have a boyfriend. it works. why? one theory is men only back down out of respect for other men. they don't respect women's rejection but the idea another man is in the picture sent them scurrying away. that was an awkward and concerning story. >> is that how you feel when you go out? >> i have a boyfriend. >> we just spent a lot of time with you right there. i think you need to be straight forward. tell a guy when you're not interested. period. >> does that work? >> you don't want to string somebody along unless you have an occasion coming up where you need a date. then you tell them after. i'm kidding. >> no, you're not. >> this story is saying that when you said you don't have a boyfriend, leads them to believe like something is wrong with you or if you -- >> it's like bear spray. i have a boyfriend. back off. do you know what i mean? >> i found it. i'm off the market. i found it to be totally the
9:51 am
opposite. when you say you're not interested, they actually would talk to you more. >> they're trying to win you over. it's all -- >> they don't want what other men have. >> they don't. some dudes are like, oh, i'm out of here. >> doesn't even matter. doesn't matter what you say. i have leprosy. i don't care. >> but if you don't have a popular show on fox, is that also true? >> if you don't get your hair and makeup done by fox. >> you have three daughters. how are you going to instruct them to say go away? >> i don't know. i think i have a boyfriend seems effective. >> no. >> no. >> i think you have to be straight up. i don't like you in that way. >> seriously? >> a lot of time the guy will go, where is he? i want to meet with him. i want to see who he is. if he's not there, why isn't he here? in the old days before the smart phones, they used to have a phone number that you would give out to call and the guy would
9:52 am
call it and it would say, you have been rejected. this person never wants to talk to you he ever again. >> that's mean. >> but now in the day of outnumbered, they'll put your number right in the phone right away and call you so you can't use that anymore. but it used to be a good way to get out of here. >> like tucker or other new friend bear, they're not going to take no for an answer. well, i'm seeing somebody. i don't think he would just go, okay. i'm out. bear spray. you would think this is somebody i'm really interested in. first it's like a weekend hookup. you would want somebody that you can have a relationship. i think it would be undaunting. >> my husband said let me know if that doesn't work out. >> you were on the market at some point in your life. how did you get rid of a male? >> he was always a huge problem for me. i'm just fast. i just wore running shoes everywhere. it's never been a problem.
9:53 am
>> he said he had a boyfriend, guys. >> just like i just did. >> i like the bear spray. >> yoga for everyone. that's the new idea but some men think the mats are a little girly. we'll show you the latest in yoga mats. >> will you pose for us? >> no way. ready for action? take osteo bi-flex®. osteo bi-flex® nurtures and helps defend your joints° because it's specially formulated with joint shield (tm)... so now you can keep doing... and doing... and doing what you love. hi mom, dad... what'd you guys do today? the usual!
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osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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9:57 am
it's time for a new day. >> i like the funky yoga. >> you are out of place, doing yoga with a hot pink foam mat. there is help for you, my friend. the san francisco company making the downward position dog position more manly. but that is turned up to a wooden burrito and wooden log. and get one in flannel patterns. >> and this has you all over it. >> you are out of control. >> that is hilarious. >> what dow think? are you down with it?
9:58 am
>> downward dog. >> you are going to a joga studio. you have given up something important. i love yoga and like doing. it but if you are going to a yoga studio as a dude with a tight outfit. >> how dow know this? >> he will not leave his house to do yoga. >> i am not going to do yoga in a yoga studio. >> why not. >> they are hot moms. >> you don't want to be tempted? >> no, i am embarrassed. >> you would think if they walked in with that what a loser. it is a bad image. >> tucker insulted 90 percent of the men live nothing new york. i don't know. if you go to a yoga studio where a couple of us live, there is men in the yoga in the classes.
9:59 am
it is a brilliant business move. urban outfitters called them up and said they love it. >> it is a male demographic. >> they will be all over these yoga mats. and they will not be popular with people like tucker. but the hipster men will like it. >> it is a cite like bring on the forget about it. >> forget the arrows on the yoga. how does that increase your manliness. nyoga mat couldn't. >> what color is yours? >> light teal. >> you are lying. >> he is just saying that and arguing with me. >> i love. it i am trying to visualize it. >> you know what teal is. yellow pink category. >> a weird image of you doing
10:00 am
yoga. bough- toys like downward dog. >> that is. be back here tomorrow, happening now, starts right now. >> we start off with a fox news alert. primary day on three states. it could crucial to the gop strategy. and awaiting a big step in the irs targeting situation as the house prepares to vote to hold lois lerner in contempt of congress. >> and embroiling the administration of governor chris christie? we'll have a live report from the state capitol on what a former christie aide just said. first fox news alert. primary day in three states. we begin a long political


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