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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 7, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us as always. we begin a fox news alert. american military and police teams joining an international manhunt for the leader of a nigerian terrorist group. the u.s. putting a $7 million bounty on the leader's head. >> doug liuzader has the latest. >> outrage continues to grow. after a slow start the u.s. is ready to assist the nigerian government. president obama says it is time for the world to respond. we have sent in a team to nigeria. they have military, law enforcement and other agencies who are going in, trying to identify where in fact these girls might be and provide them
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help. >> the situation gross more and more dire. some sold off into marriage and some have already died. nearly 300 of them were kidnapped from school nearly three weeks ago. the extremist group has threatened to sell the girls. a group outside of the embassy demanding action. >> i was looking to have answers. i created a facebook events page and here we are today. >> the government made it clear the hope is international pressure will lead to some kind of resolution here. time is not on any one's side. >> in other news, now doing an
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about face making a chilling confession. >> you may remember she may be guilty of murdering a man. they may have lured him through countrying's li craig's list and killed him. her confession should be thrown out because she didn't have a lawyer. barber said she killed 22 other people. >> she serves no jail time for his crime but now the family so-called af flew ensglau teenager will be paid up. he was paralyzed when couch crashed his pickup truck while drive drunk. couch was given 10 years probation after his lawyers argue he was spoiled by his wealthy parents and never had to
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sifr any cons -- suffer any consequences. we are hearing from one of the acrobats who plunged 40 feet when a circus stunt went horribly wrong. >> samantha spoke out after being released from the hospital. she is the only one who could walk on her own. she is thankful she is alive and wants to return to the ring saying quote i am hoping to join the backup with the tour and i am hoping some of the other girls will do the same. primary season is in full swing. the spotlight on north carolina republican tom tillis winning the nomination. he will face democratic senator kay hagan in november. staying in north carolina for a moment american idol runner up clay aiken holding a slim lead
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over keith crisco with 99 percent of the vote counted. the race is still too close to call on that one. john boehner defeating two tea party challengers in his bed for a 14th turn in congress. >> 234 audi arabia they break up a terrorist network linked to al qaeda breaking up a large scale plot. they have arrested 62 people in connection with the militant group that is noting to assassinate officials. the group linked to extremists elements in syria and yemen. they are looking for 44 other suspects linked to that terror plot. with trey gowdy at the helm the benghazi select committee is starting to take shape. it will cooperate with the investigation. elizabeth prann is live with the latest on how this committee will all work. >> good morning elizabeth.
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>> you are right we are getting a clim ps of how the house select committee wiis forming. they will dig into all decisions and activities surrounding the incident that will include the government's ability to prepare and react. john kerry says while the administration has been open in the past they will only cooperate with the investigation. we have delivered over 25,000 documents. the fact is that documents require a legal process to go through for examination of executive privilege or other kinds of classified or other kinds of things that may or may not be in them. it is just not -- doesn't happen automatically. i have guaranteed we will cooperate in every single they
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will. they are blurring the circumstances around the attack to protect the president's reelection. it could perhaps change the outcome of the insurance accident. >> why did it take the united states military so long to get there? i don't understand it. you could have driven for use out of salt lake on a delta flight to paris faster th(v00 o military got there. >> senator lindsay gram suggested the same takes place in the senate. he will not be forming the select committee. >> happening today the house inches closer to charging former irs off fish lois lerner with contempt. there is a meeting today to consider that and the gop request and special prosecutor to investigate the targeting scandal.
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eric cantor on the record saying it's not a matter of if but when for learner. >> the irs has been targeting conservative groups for being conservative. this is unacceptable the irs should not be used as a tool to effect political gain. we are going to be moving to hold lois lerner in contempt. >> president obama heading to arkansas to tour the damage. the families were impacted by the disaster as well. oo a viewer sent us a picture of that. maria is in the tracking center
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for us. >> take a look at this video this is out of wyoming a rare tornado. this area has beseen 10 tornado per year since 1950. thankfully it only stayed on the ground for a few minutes the disturbance responsible is going to be headed eastward. it look getting warm temperatures across the country. we will be seeing severe weather later this afternoon and also this evening. states like texas, oklahoma, parts of the northern plains could be seeing severe weather. storm will be a relatively slow mover. thursday and even on friday you are going to see large hail, damaging winds possible.
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a multi day event. before it hits part of the plains winds gusting 30 miles per hour and warm temperatures. elevated fire danger still in place and red flag warnings in effect across parts of the southern plains. high temperatures well above average. the same storm system continues moving eastward. >> some of the folks jumped right past spring straight into summer. >> unidentified remains of victims killed on september 11th are being moved to ground zero. police and fire vehicles at the memorial site sat forth this saturday. the remains will be placed in a custom design repository below the museum. 12 years only about 1100 of the nearly 3,000 killed in the world
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trade center have been identified. another cheerleader starting a legal match up with an nfl team. new york jets cheerleader suing over her paycheck. she claims they paid her less than $2 an hour after expenses like hair and makeup. the buffalo bills have a similar lawsuit on wages and treatment. a new recall on general motors on the heels of a major ignition switch problem. loren simonetti on the fox business network joins us with what you need to know. another recall? >> another recall. 60,000 saturn aura cars. what can happen is the automatic transz missi transmission shift leverage can shift into gear. it can cause it to roll away because the driver thinks the car it is in park.
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the recall effects 207 transmission. there were fewer cases you can go to pick them up. office de bow plans to close 400 stores in the u.s. over the next four years 150 of them over the next year. they will save annually. this along with office max with the overlap of retail locations shoppers are buying office supplies on-line and also at drug stores. testing hum miss. they have younger americans putting 12 slices of thinner meet. it approves the fight and appearan
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appearance. >> probably equals the same. >> thank you, loren. the time now is 11 after the top of the hour. coming up a father handcuffed and kicked out of the school board meeting. his crime questioning a book that his child was reading for school. wait until you hear what the book was about. >> is the relationship on the rocks? why these dogs could be the key to happily ever after. wondering what that is?
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bury the blue dress. she regrets her affair but says it was consensual. 16 years after the scandal many are asking why? she is giving a purpose to her past and wants to help people bullied on-line. she writes the clinton administration the special prosecutors mignons political operatives on both sides of the i'll were able to brand me. that brand stuck in part because i was in viewed with power. i put off announcing several media projects in 2012 until after the election. i found myself sgun shy yet again fearful should hillary ramp up her campaign. should i put my life on hold another 2-10 years? the full article will be out on-line tomorrow. that brings us to look who is talking. a lot of people are asking why monica lewinsky is coming forward now? >> i really wonder if this isn't
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an effort on the clinton's part to get the story out of the way. would vanity fair publish anything about monica lewinsky didn't want in vanity fair? this happened at a time when hillary is getting wrapped up to run getting it out of the way>> would it be as interesting if they were the 2016 democratic nominee? >> how does it effect hillary clinton? it works in her benefit. two years away so there's time for the monica lewinsky thing to be played out so by the time she does run it becomes a story without much more news left to it. i think that works to her advantage. >> not everyone agrees. listen to this. >> any time monica lewinsky is in the news it does not help either of the clintons.
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it brings back all sorts of bad memories certainly of the president's bad behavior. >> this is a great story now new court drama in the oscar pistorius trial. he is accused of making a sinister remark to reba steenkamp's close friend during the break to a trial. he reportedly whispered into her ear, how can you sleep at night. the women's attorney has sent an intimidation complaint against the athlete. arguing someone else was in the house the night she shot steenkamp. the housekeeper the man has not been called to testify. >> a man in dc testified about a checkpoint. the secret service said matthew goldstein said he was trying to carry a motorcade carrying daughter sasha and malia as well. he' facing charges of unlawful
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entry. >> a school board meeting. >> what are you charging with? >> disorderly conduct. >> william bear was given two minutes to express his concerns when he refused to stop talking he was arrested. at the center of the controversy the books 19 minutes was assigned to his daughter's english class. bear says there's a love scene in this book that is more like an x-rated movie. school officials stand by the book saying it has been part of the curriculum since 2007. they will require all parents to sign off on controversial materials. >> we want to know was this free speech? was the father's free speech violated? send us comments at facebook or twitter or and we will read some of the comments later in the show. the time is 19 after the
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hour. it was unbelievable until now the moment a teenaged stowaway climbed out of the wheel well of a jet after surviving 5 and a half hours in flight over water. from the crack smoking to the drunk tirades and his dancing as you see them there rob ford is hard to miss. why doesn't any one know where he is today? >> finalize the plans. >> that's a real thing? >> we are a star wars christmas? >> no, don't be ridiculous.
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>> it shows the moment a teenager climbed out of a wheel well of a 757. you can see him crawl out and jump down on to the tarmac eventually walking around. no one knows how he survived the five hour flight from san jose to hawaii. the temperatures in that wheel well may have dipped below minus 80 degrees. police still want to talk to the boy before they decide if he will be criminally charged. an emotional moment as a jailed u.s. marine mother hears his words from inside prison for the first time. the sergeant has been in a mexican jail since april 1st. he says he took a wrong turn and was found with three guns in his truck. his mother sat down with greta van susteren. >> i believe in god and put my faith in god he will take care of me.
2:25 am
>> took me by surprise. that was a jail house interview first time i heard that. >> he is being held without bail. he faces 21 years in nail if convicted. >> a professor is in hot water after telling his students they are not allowed to thank god add gr at graduation. he sent an e-mail telling students to prepare a personal statement thanking people but said you can't thank god. i am sorry about this and i don't want to have to outline the reasons why. the university said to ignore the teacher's died liguidelines. is your relationship in trouble? the best way to save it is to get a dog. looking after the animal and sharing quality time together
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helps solve couple's problems. it is 25 after the top of the hour. they we why was a group of teens forced to miss the prom after passing a breathalyzer test? why these little guys are being tossed into the deep end. but first he inaugurated the palace of ver sigh. >> in 1992 space should ellen defr made it's first flight. booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we'll raise it yet again.
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>> it is wednesday may 7th, a fox news alert. the whole world wants them. the plan in place to stop war lords from kidnapping more girls this after he makes a bold and dangerous move. >> monica lewinsky breaking a decade of silence on her affair with bill clinton. proof why they are waging a war on women. >> guess who was spotted flying in coach. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> that a central park in new york city. looks like it's going to be a great day here. hopefully a great day where you are waking up. it is wednesday morning good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. the leader of nigerian terrorist group after a pranz abduction of even more girls. >> he is live in washington with the latest on the mass kidnappings. >> good morning, ann. this man who runs has been on the radar for some time. last year the state department offered a $7 million reward for
2:32 am
his capture. president obama hopes the latest incident will help gal vonnize the world which will bring him to justice. >> you have one of the worst terrorist organizations in my jeer yaw. >> a lot of criticism that not enough is being done. girls nearly 300 of them were kidnapped nearly three weeks ago. they target christians and is imposed to educating girls. the group is promised to sell the girls and there are reports some have already happened. there are reports some of the girls have died. international outrage continues to grow. there was a protest outside of the nigerian embassy in
2:33 am
washington. >> >> this assistance coming from the united states appears to be mostly advisory. we don't think there will be any armed forces going into nigeria. it was made to be cleared yesterday by the white house. >> the president referred to them as a local terrorist organization. they have ties to al qaeda accused of killing 1500 people last year alone. these children just wanted to get an education. >> we are hearing from one of the acrobats who plunged 40 feet when a circus stunt goes horribly wrong. >> she is speaking out after being released from the hospital. she is the only victim that can walk on her own. the 23-year-old says she is thankful to be alive as she wants to return to the ring saying quote i hope to be back
2:34 am
in the tour and show the world i am okay and hope the rest will do the same. >> he served no jail time for his crime. now the families of so-called af flew ensglau team will pay up. close to 2 million will be paid to one of victor couch's sergio. he crashed his pickup truck driving drunk four other people died couch giving 10 years probation after his lawyers argued he was spoiled by his wealthy parents. he never had to suffer consequences. >> the accused killer now doing an about face five months after a chilling confession. miranda barber walked into a pennsylvania police station back in september and she admitted to murdering the man. the 19-year-old and her husband is accused of luring him on craig's list and then killing
2:35 am
him. the lawyer says that confession should be thrown out because she was not given a lawyer. she is killed 22 other people. >> trey gowdy at the helm of the benghazi select committee and he is it is starting to take shape. it will cooperate with the investigation. elizabeth prann is live from washington with the latest on how the committee will work. elizabeth? >> the 12 member panel will have 7 republicans and five democrats. the job is to dig deeper into all polt sees decisions and activities surrounding the decision. john kerry says while the administration has been open in the past they will only cooperate with the investigation. >> we have delivered over 25,000 documents. they require a legal process to go through for examination for
2:36 am
executive privilege or other kinds of classified or other kinds of things that they may not be in them. it doesn't happen automatically. i guarantee we will cooperate in every single way. i have and i will. >> they are accusing them of flurring the circumstances surrounding the attack. many question where the president was that night and they say why has it been so difficult to get information from officials? >> why is it predom of information act request gets more information thang the united states congress does when a subpoena is issued. >> many democrats stand firm there is nothing more than a political witch hunt. >> it could take a long time to get answers. thank you elizabeth prann life for us th-- live for us this mo. >> the house inches closer to
2:37 am
charging former irs official lois lerner with contempt. there's a meeting to consider that and a request for a prosecutor to investigate the targeting scandal. we could see a full house vote on the consent charges today or tomorrow. planning a party or a barbecue at your house. it could soon be illegal. they are trying to ban people from having gatherings of over 50 people. today's residents in fairfax county virginia they will hold the first public hearing on that possible ban some calling it unconstitutional. >> you have to be concerned about government over reach. >> if you live in a freedom country you have to have a freedom of choice. >> citizen ry is being fed up with it and they are going to hear about it. >> pat hairity says they are
2:38 am
aimed at noisy parties but could help search group scout groups maybe real estate open houses. see what happens there. >> where is the infamous smoking ju these days? you want to know. no one does. his lawyers said he left for rehab but when he got there he never got off the plane. instead he withdrew his request to enter the u.s. where he went next they can only guess. >> incredible video from outer space a massive explosion on the sun it is not a solar flair. it is beautiful. it is dancing along the side of the sun there. it is pretty common. >> back on earth a lot of activity at least the possibility of severe weather.
2:39 am
>> it will feel like a solar flair. >> good morning. >> some areas could see temperatures that are warmer, 20 degrees warmer than average across parts of the plains. that is coming up later this afternoon. all because of an area of low pressure in the rockies. they will be tapping into warm and humid air mass out here. we have severe weather across parts of the southern plains and parts of the northern plains large hail damaging winds and tornadoes possible. this storm system is going to be a relatively slow mover. thursday and friday we are looking at a risk of severe storms generally speaking across the country. have a way to get the warnings into the afternoon and evening hours over the next several days. before it exits the rockies we have elevated fire danger. we have a number of red flag
2:40 am
warnings over here gusting winds over 30 miles per hour. yesterday in northern missouri. a tornado made out of fire and these can form when intense heat combines with high winds. incredible image. the good news is no one was hurt. temperature wise we mention well above average. heather and ainsley take a look at this. 89 in dallas and kansas city. 96 degrees in dell rio. the warm air is headed east. >> we will take it. >> it is an amazing picture. >> coming up new information about the condoleezza rice and the rutgers scandal. who pressured students to protest the former secretary of state. plus one web site making you pay even though you didn't commit a crime. how does cashing in on mug
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>> we welcome back a group of high school seniors from florida missing their prom because of breath liesing test. they were kept out of the event while sobriety tests were done. school officials got suspicious after finding champagne bottle and cups on the party bus that the students arrived in. >> it was a champagne bottle. we said it's not ours. every person said it's not mine. they do believe us. we were standing outside for two hours. >> here's the thing. each student passed the breathalyzer. but they say by the time the tests were done prom was over the school says all of the students signed a zero tolerance
2:45 am
policy and safety comes first. brand new e-mails showing rutger's pressure pressures students. the school commencement speaker. some students say they were afraid they would suffer if they didn't go to the protests. fox and friends missioned inviting students for their opinion. they were on the kelly file about the liberal bias there on the campus. >> this is the latest example in a chronicle of liberal intolerance where when you get to campus you realize there are a certain set of political beliefs okay to espouse which they were not. they represent one side of the issue. it's a real tragedy for those who were looking to hear a professional woman. one of the biggest voices went on the funded government channel causes russia today calling
2:46 am
rice's decision to not speak a victory over u.s. imperialism. >> oo american businesses are collapsing faster than new ones are being created. >> lori rothman joins us to explain. >> good morning heather and ainsley. u.s. businesses are being destroyed after. they were stated to conclude the american economy is less entrepreneurial now than it has been at any point in the last three decades. for instance 2011 companies exit from the marketplace were up 10 percent new business entries were down 8 percent. this decline is happening across a broad range of industries even in high-tech. brookings didn't point to an exact cause but economists and business leaders suggested over recent years tighter regulations and taxes along with the affordable care act with political uncertainty made for a
2:47 am
challenging business environment. heather and ainsley c, back to you. >> the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up monica lewinsky breaking a decade of silence on her affair with president clinton. why some say monica's story is proof hillary clinton is waging a war on women. >> and forget the royal treatment. guess who was spotted flying in coach? first brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox & friends." brian, i feel privileged to be the first to wish you on air a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, brian. >> wow! >> a heavier second. is that the back of your head? >> i wish i were royal. >> you should have been. you have never fluid in coach it is only first class. ainsley is on the road again. >> stop these rumors. happy birthday. >> thanks, guys. meanwhile over 3 hours on "fox & friends." we are going to cover this pop tick. condoleezza rice cancels after
2:48 am
students protested. now a texas university is extending an invite. he was here and why it is important to them. plus actor jason priestly. chef guy is here. he has blonde hair i think he preaches it. he knows how to cook. six nfl draft picks who have become multi millionires all on our patio coming up on "fox & friends." the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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mug shots are accessible by virtually anyone but what about people who were never convicted of a crime? websites are now charging money to removeç them. and it might be infringing on your rights. it only took a split
2:52 am
second to capture. the result, though, has plagued jacqueline marti for years. >> never did that cross my mind that it would become public. >> she was busted for drinking in college but she wasn't convicted. years later when she googled her maiden name, the first thing that popped up, that image from a night she thought she moved past. >> i felt extremelyç convicted. >> even though she hasn't been convicted. that hasn't stopped websites from publishing unsavory images. >> they are putting it out there for economic gain. >> an attorney for based on an island in the wes indies says his client is protected by the first amendment. >> there are different methods of collecting information we put together. and, therefore, i don't see how it rises to the level
2:53 am
of extortion. >> lardy disagrees. she initially paid fees only to see her mug fees pop up elsewhere, a game of cat and moss she believes harmed her career. >> only seven states ban companies from publishing must go shots forç profit. >> monica lewinsky is back breaking her silence on the clinton affair. the 40-year-old says it's time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. she says she deeply regrets her affair with the president but insists that it was consensual. she responds to a report that hillary clinton refers to her as a narcissistic lieu ni -- loony tune. she says i get it hillary clinton lashesç out at her husband's miss stress.
2:54 am
i find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself troubling. that brings us to look at who is talking. this morning monica crowley says monica lewinsky's story shows how hillary clinton's blame the woman attitude is indicative of a bigger problem. >> a couple of weeks ago kathleen willie, another one of clinton's victims says hillary clinton is the wronged woman and i thought this was an apt description. when this lewinsky scandal was unfolding it was said hillary clinton came up with the nuts and sluts attack to go after all of clinton's women who came forward. but the truth of the matter is that for all of the talkç that hillary clinton is some sort of feminist pioneer, the truth is that hillary clinton was always about protecting her political meal ticket, who was bill clinton, even at
2:55 am
the expense of throwing these women under the bus. >> first william -- prince william might be a regular guy after all. he flies coach. photos of him sitting in the economy cabin popped up on twitter. he was flying home from a friend's wedding in memphis. the reason for the budget traveling? he might be frugal when it comes to hisç own money. the wedding was a private affair so william paid his own way there. >> a father handcuffed and kicked out of a school board meeting for saying his child's assigned reading was too risque. sink or swim. lion cubs learning how to swim.
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
welcome back. time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. tough love for these lion cubs at the national zoo
2:59 am
tossed into the water to make sure they could swim. one by one, zoo keepers plopped the cubs into the paurt and they all passed with flying colors. >> police looking for thigvm who stole two flags from a world war ii memorial. the veterans who take care of the memorial say they just want the flags back, no questions asked. finally, the ugly. yes, that's what happens when you chop down a massive tree and it lands in a lake. >> it's time for your brew. a father in new hampshire was arrested for disorderly conduct after speaking out at a school board meeting. he was concerned about"a risque novel assigned to his school daughter. >> bedazzler believes i believe his dignity was
3:00 am
violated. time to home school. >> robert was -- said he should have been asked to stop talking and then escorted out. >> thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's wednesday, may 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. breaking election news overnight. big primary results with some races still undecided. what you need to know and how it could change the balance of power in washington. >> how exciting. guess who's back? monica lewinsky. that's her right there speaking out and setting the record straight. but whyç now? could this all be part to help hillary? we're going to report, and you decide. put on your beret, folks. >> m.v.p. tribute to his mom gets a standing


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