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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 7, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and what is harris doing? >> thanks for having me. >> one lucky guy. and we are going to toss it over to jenna and john for happening now. >> we have three developing stories, congressional law makers could decide on lois lerner's fate if they hold her in contempt of congress. we have a live report moments away. monica lewinsky opening up about her affair with president clinton and how it impact the 2016 presidential race. what do you think of all of this? and a convicted murderer played by jack black in a hollywood film is set fro. remember the guy from bernie from texas? our legal panel takes up the case. house law makers could decide what happens to lois
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lerner. a vote could come today on whether to hold her in contempt of congress for her role in the irs targeting scandal. i am jon scott. >> hi, everybody. i am jenna lee. learner rain the division that targeted conservative group and ple pleaded fifth repeatedly. and in the meantime current irs commissioner make said that type of behavior would not happen again. >> i have talked to over 10,000 irs employees to encourage employees to understand we need the benefit of their advice and insight and suggestions of improvements and hear from them when something is not going the way it ought to go. >> mike emmanuel is watching the story live on capitol hill.
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>> house law makers are engaged in the pregame and discussing the perimeters ahead of a contempt in congress vote on the house floor later today. republicans are blasting former irs officials, lois lerner saying all signs point to her being the central figure in the irs targeting of conservative groups. on the other side a key house democrat was critical and said welcome to witch hunt week earlier in the house. earlier john boehner said law makers must keep pushing. >> when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? they have not told the truth about bepg bengor the irs or fast and furious? now, only one would have to guess fthey are not willing to tell the american people the truth, it must not be very pretty. >> happening now, this hour, debate for and against, doing
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more about the irs scandal on the house floor. >> house is not just focused on one official are they? >> we expect a contempt of congress vote. and tomorrow expect them to vote on a separate measure calling for attorney general eric holder to appoint a special counsel of irs targeting of conservative groups. some democrats are crying politics. >> it appears we'll have a lot of distraction on the floor and partisan votes on a number of processes that are partisan. some would call them sessions that lead to inquisitions and harken back to the mccarthy era. >> reporter: this is a first of a two-day push in the house of representative to get to the
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bottom of the irs mess. jenna. >> a developing story still, right now, mike, we'll continue to watch. it thank you very much. we'll have more on this topic. republican congressman of ohio will join us later on in the show. in the meantime executives from three top health insurance companies grilled about the obama numbers. 80 or 90 percent of the new customers paid the first month's prem yups and questioned about what obama care will do to next year's premiums, none had hard information. it is baffling we can largest insurers and you don't have any internal analysis as to what the rates? i thought that reading your reports, that you did analysis and trend lines for the near term xmidterm and long-term? >> we are just understanding the membership and so work is
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ongoing and not finalized. >> enrollment figures may be inaccurate, because some people ended up enrolling twice due to the problems with the obama care website. shocking new develop thes in the epa hearing underway. house law makers are looking into whether a small department is blocking independent oversight efforts. during the hearing officials are revealing information about employee misconduct. including one employee who makes 125,000 a year and received performance awards even after watching 2- 6 hours of porn every day. this information that i have, he received performance awards in the time period? >> he did possibly. >> he did or didn't. the guy back there with a tie on and stripes, he's 2340ding his
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head yes. >> yes, he did receive performance awards. >> unfortunately the questions raised about that commitment in light of the instances, are not the norm. the vast majority of the work in the ig is done efficiently and appropriately and good result. epa inspector said the office refused to cite information, citing security concern. russian president vladimar putin said moscow has pulled back troops from the ukranian border and nato and the pentagon see no evidence of. that putin is urging the referundum planned for this weekend. there are fears that the vote
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could spark more violence in the region. recent clashes killed 35 people. in the meantime presidential elections are set for may 25th. and the beginning of the end of the long civil war in syria. the last insurgent withdrawing from the city of holmes. it is a conflict that lasted three years and killed 350,000 people. rebels and families were relocated to a northern section of holmes. there is a call for the end of the civil war. it is hard to know when the end comes for syria the syrian government is planning to hold a presidential election next month which president assad is widely expected to win. they said the election is a farce and they will continue to fight. jon? a particularly harshasf+ñ w gets the bl)ag6p for poor econc
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growth in8k) start of the year according to janet yellen. things should pick up over the job situation far from down in the housing market. áq see points right now or half of a percent. >> the book that makes politicians squirm and makes us confused and amused at the same time but in a sad way, right, jon? >> it is the pig bock. >> always an eyebrow raiser. they are releasing the 2014 congressional pig book. it is the 22nd edition onrlz&- barrel spending and features a database of pork projects funded with your money. steve is livefp+c in washingtonh more. >> reporter: hi, jenny, the group said the number of
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wasteful projects is down. but the9e projects involved are spending a larger amounts of money. as in years past there is continuing funding for a tank the pentagon doesn't want. and army chief of staff said the army has more than enough tanks yi;ñ 60 million for alternative energygvaçñ projectñ ey)l pentagon $400 a gallon. and salon recovery fund and 45 million to expand the anti-@0vi trafficking to nonborder states and awarding prizes for research jp9 uájájápáion called
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two key senators resisting the ban on earmarks and suggesting that the opponents are misguided yyzv using is that we can't get legislatio% and wenó;ñ ?é&+ have that witho 4 fundmentally. 4 and if we keep going down the #,4ifñ4í fl parents and grand mtykyky+!parents. >> and less than an hour from
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now, house rules committee wilé ìc nvvñ[
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happeningly now. back in biñmp about herlñve4+ affairbm wa.z
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the clintonsdv÷ might be [c>i?( this cbq÷f÷pç:j(2p but theuwzd truth of l$ it-gmes comes5÷ in a good time1 hillary clinton and well before the1úk 2016 election and prima of gauge what the reaction is going to be if it all gets dragged out again. monica is a lot older now and not the same sort of person she was 10-15 years ago. and she sounds more mature now. and with democrats runninga/mtç campaign and the war against women campaign. this sort of thing could create problems for them and gives the =x to poll it and see how much damage is caused and what they do to respond. >> few mart parts of what charlie was able to see. i was able to read the full article.
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interesting. what do you think about the timing? ó first. ëgv it gets8> you mean for hillary clinton? "c hillary clinton. ñobama. >> please strike. that i got mya(jb first lady. z ájjt.dhto aboutymñsa? hillary amzñhñjj in theç9.ñ article she said tha although she was described as an unstable stalker and dimwit floozy and the poor innocent that didn't know better she was not agreeing with rand paul that
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she was taken advantage by a predator. >> that is most important thing in reverifying the episode in the public eye. it makes it hard for rand paul to go with. it could this be the end of bringing it up for republicans and moving ahead in the elections? >> you know, jenna, it is not the end for two reasons, one is, obviously we know that a mature person from monica hears. she believes she was clearly and partly responsible for this. we are talking about a 21 year aeld intern that was a nitwit and the most powerful man in the world who was her boss and president and accomplished father and husband. and to sort of put them on paritiy of who was responsible. monica lewinsky can say whatever she wants, but she does not bear the lion's share of responsibility from that.
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and from recent reports from hillary clinton's close friend's dairy that hillary clinton blamed herself and blamed monica for this, and not that she didn't blame bill btbclinton, b the idea that you are so close to the person that is responsible for it and find room to blame the intern and blame yourself isvárxy weird and& but the other thing that is important, we don't know, still lengths the clintons went to disparage monica lewinsky. >> she does mention d]mthat. your time thoughts? >> nothing in the clinton history ever goes away. we know. that everything will be replayed once again and we'll go through everything from vince foster's death to whitewater. and the clintons know that and
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impeachment and lewinsky. look at what it means. you can't take away the responsibility bill clinton had for the affair. but a 40-year-old monica lewinsky presents to the 1qu wo talking about a consensual affair is different than 20 years ago. >> and in this age shepb/kgayñs she imagined ?xyutuá$rp+e alz(w will talk about it. great to have you tq]÷both. thank you so much. dpqos happening now. a notorious killer whose story became a hollywood movieybx get fro. the real- life bernie free. >> and the lois lerner held in contempt? law makers are calling for a new investigation in the agency's
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and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. >> today, theúu"áuáq is debatin whether to holdyg:q lois lerner contempt of congress for ÷ñ "ntnxt?(v and right now lois lern
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and that is one tool to get the answers. why if she as she said in front of congress if she did nothing wrong why did she not choose to testify. she did sit down and in front of the justice department and further underscores why the justice department investigation is just a joke and sham. and january 13tht of this year, the fbi leaked to the wall street journal. and president of the united states no corruption and not a smidgeon. and the person leading the investigation and barb babosman is a maxed out contributor to
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the president's election campaign. the only route to the truth is a special prosecutor to take on this case and a contempt resolution and compel lois lerner to testify. and what does it take to get a special prosecutor a pointed. when you look at all three elements, it is a matter of such importance that you need a special prosecutor and lois leperer is not complying and all of the elements that are required there, and there is an appearance of impropriority and not having the impartial person run. and bosserman gave 650,000 to the president's cam 59 and democratic national committee. will eric holder do it, it is a long shot.
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violations of political speech. we need to use every means at our disposal to get to the truth. >> and the president said when the scandal first broke that he was outreasonablinged to learn that the irs may have been used in political ways, but what, in what ways are you seeing that outrage turn into action. >> we have seen the irs stone wall and repeated request to the the attorney general and justice department to find out what kind of progress. and how many people are assigned to it and have you interviewed the victims that were attacked and none of that information is given to us. and the president doing just the opposite. and goes on television and said there is no corruption. and think about that. there is the head of the executive branch and ongoing investigation saying there is nothing there and they can't
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give us members of congress basic answers to who is part of the team and have you talked to the victims and targeting done by the internal revenue service. and that's the problem. congressman jim jordan thank you. >> an internet giant ready to file an ipo. and a huge crack down on synthetic drugs. here's more for us now. johnathon. and project synerjy and we'll show you highlights when we come
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back. >> bernie, jack black is playing a man who is a notorious convicted killer. bernie was convicted of murdering an elderly woman marjorie worth millions and hiding her body in a freezer for months in her garage. the crime rocked a small texas town and inspired a hollywood film. bernie was sent to priszon.
10:33 am
yesterday, a judge agreed to reduce the life sentence because of evidence that bernie was sexually abused during a child. and so now he's free more or less. and ashley merchant both criminal defense attorneys. it is an incredible case. they were friends, actually. he basically lived with marjorie and travelled the world together and gave them $3 million. and he shot her four times and put her in a freezer. because he was sexually abused and never came up in the trial, i said that is important evidence that would have changed the sentence. what do you think about that? >> that is most important evidence to have in a case like this. and they could have one, changed the sentence he received and mitigated the life sentence. and changed the outcome of the
10:34 am
actual trial. and there was evidence that we heard that he dissociated with himself and own reality at the time of this crime. he could have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. they took it in consideration when deciding to undo the sentence and release the bond. >> they have a small self help bocks and the counsellor pushing him on it. and revealing between ages 12- 18. they were sexually abused. that's all we know. there has to be evidence of that or are they taking the words of that? part of his character in real life is portraying himself as a master manipulator. when you think about it jenna, only evidence they would be and no arrest is the memory.
10:35 am
that would be determined by the psychiatrist. they are trained to identify people that are lying and embellishing and deciper that with psychological testing along with the therapy and information they get. they are possible he is lying. and that is the courts that are giving him the shot to do it. that was not explored in the first case. that is what bernie has as well. defense attorneys that are defending them. and actually, many have gone through traumatic events in the childhood and certainly don't turn out to murder someone and hide the body from nine months. and so how is it so quickly that he only served about 10 or 15 years in prison of the life sentence. and the judge releases him? >> right, jenna. i was surprised by that they
10:36 am
would have demonstrated it would be great and something that turns your stomach and have sympathy. and this lady was murdered and her body was placed in a freezer and they didn't have an answer so long. and so they must have gone through a great deal of pain and for them to say boom, they will be released and they should have thought we are serving a life sentence. that is extremely traumatic. and the grand daughter described her as a sweet woman and she doesn't understand this. bernie could have left the relationship and not killed her grandmother. it is an interesting twist and story. bernie released to live with the director of the movie that was created on his life. and he will be living in the
10:37 am
director's garage apartment. and so one wonder how the movie figured in to all of this? >> obviously a believer in bernie and that is the director of the film. and he's willing to give bernie a chance to live in his place. he is not concerned that bernie will hurt him. the director said he's a nice guy and it was a crime that was an aberration of his character. and going back to why he was released. the information is produced in a new hearing, it is possible that he may be released pursuant to the time he has served for people serving time in custody. >> and jon, some of this. and it raises a question as to whether or not the movie and a sympathetic portrayal of the movie and you sort of like this guy even though it was a murderer and it was an interesting movie and i am sure
10:38 am
our viewers have thoughts on that as well. jon and ashley great to have you. >> large scale crack down on synthetic drugs. and a number of young people died after smoking or snorting. and a money trail raising red flags over links to terrorism. for more on the investigation go to johnathon in alabama. >> hi, john, a huge investigation going on. we are talking about lately state and federal agencies. and now, here in alabama, several homes and businesses with suspected ties to the synthetic drug trade. the active ingredients are smuggled in the u.s. and china and solid in convenience store with the owners shipping huge profits out of the country. >> there are drug proceeds.
10:39 am
not thousands, but tens of millions are floun back in the middle eastern problem and that is i problem and we know the terrorist networks and financing of terror through drug trafficing. >> reporter: some synthetics are falsely marketed as safe alternatives to marijuana and chemicalally different and dangerous. 17-year-old landon died after another teen convinced him to try a synthetic drug purporting the affects of lsd. others are warning their children about the dangers of synthetic drugs. >> it can happen to them. it was not a kid that abused drugs and you have no idea what you are taking or what is in it and that one choice can take your ñ dea officials compare using
10:40 am
synthetic to rushion roulette. you can't tell what is inside. >> what a strange story. johnathon thank you. >> we expect to have one of the largest stock offerings and since the company is owned in part by yahoo could impact the investigators here at home. hey, joe. >> a li baba situation is fast developing. ia ho stocks are sinking. it is a chinese ecommerce company andamma son and epal and all rolled in one. and facebook since two years ago and biggest ipo ever. and it is valued at 109 and $250 billion. it was co-founded by jack who
10:41 am
started the company 15 years ago in a modest apartment and the ecommerce sites did more than 248 billion last year. and it dominants the chinese on line market with 80 percent transaction and yahoo does own a two percent stake in the country and stands to make a lot of money when it goes public. but right now, the climate for tech stocks is not great. and companies that went public are down on average 44 percent. and so unknowns are here will it be nasdaq or new york stock exchange. no indication of what the ticker symbol will be yet. and the listings is expected after summer begins.
10:42 am
with the text stocks going the way they are. it could be several months. >> and our producer said yahoo is down six percent today. so it is tough for tech companies to compete. they are watching to decide when they will go public. >> we'll see the timing of the issues, joe, thank you. >> big concerns about the popular sports and energy drinks. why they could pose a serious health risk to teens. that's coming up next. i think the biggest value of truecar...
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>> hi, everyone. how much porn watchoth job does it take for a government employee to be fired? four hours a day is not enough and bopuses are still to be paid. and will or won't they join the benghazi committee in and senate republicans want in and senator mccain will join you live. and father arrested in a school board meeting and all he did was complain about a scene on his daughter. >> and happening now. serious new concerns about sports drinks as researchers from the university of minnesota and duke university finding a link between middle and high school teens and increasing in smoking and other unhealthy
10:47 am
behavior. dr. debbie is with us, she's from nyu school of immediate. we do a million stories where you eat or drink something unhealthy and sports drinks in particular. everyone thinks they are good. >> you think of gatorade for people who are parathon and they get dehydrated and that remreners the salts and minerals and sport and energy drinks are grouped together in these kids. but they think they are healthier than water and that is a concern as well. >> we have and we have tried to push kids away from soda and fruit drinks over the last decade. >> bee have been successful over that of the and the amount of sodas and fruit drinks is a good thing and they are substouting other things that are dangerous. and it is why coke and pepsi own
10:48 am
those sport drink companies. >> exactly. and a lot of the advertising is through athletes. they have health benefits and to be fair sport drinks can rehydrate you. and they might give you a boost of energy. and there are risks that we are seeing. >> this is not related to bvo that we heard about in the last week or two and ingredient in sports drinks. it is a flame retardant. >> absolutely. it is a shock. but it dz goes to a larger problem that we tonight have transparency and the fda doesn't require you to say stimullants and caffeine in these drinks. and people are not realizing what they are getting. it shoes they have a larger problem. and kids who drink the sports
10:49 am
and energy drinks are energetic and burn more more calories. they think they are more interested in health. but the problem is, they are getting a lot of the dangerous side-effects and stimulates can affect your sleep and cause headaches and anxiety and physical affects on your heart rate and blood pressure and seeing the negative affects. >> comba caffeine affects young brains differently than older. >> they are more sensitive. caffeine, for kids with developing brains, be careful. it causes a lot of long- term problems. >> parents should watch how many of the drinks these kids are drinking. >> and jon, a now generation of
10:50 am
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it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. there's a new report out raising serious concerns about america's high school seniors. according to the results, only 38% of twelfth graders are considered proficient or better in reading. just 26% in math. the results show performance among this key group was stagnant in the last few years. it has declined in reading since that test was first administered in the 1990s. one company turning box containers into houses. they have all the comforts of home, like air conditioning and hot water.
10:54 am
and as an added benefit, the company claims these homes are also hurricane-proof. steve has more on this. >> there's two for sale right now. one is 20 feet long by eight feet wide. that goes for $37,000. the other is 40 feet long and goes for $57,000. both of the models have sofas that fold out into queen beds. they're only eight feet wide because containers have to fit on trucks. but that's not the problem, that it's so snag, according to the manufacturer. >> it's not claustrophobic in here. i'm perfectly fine with it. i could live here no problem. >> he's going to tap them also as being green structures because most of the containers, several hundred thousand of them are rusting away in ports across the u.s. before he turns them into houses. there are claims these could do better in hurricane-prone areas, if they're properly tied down on
10:55 am
all four corners with concrete pilings. the containers have corrugated steel. they expect to be much stronger and do better in heavy winds than most mobile homes. >> interesting, steve. thank you. the world's largest yellow diamond is going up for sale. and, you know, mother's day is this weekend. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. was a truly amazing day.ey, without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most.
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one of the world's largest diamonds is going on the auction block just in time for mother's day. >> nice. >> it's a 100 carat yellow diamond, the largest in the entire world. sotheby's is selling the rock along with dozens of other rare gems at its spring jewel auction. if that's too big and you're
10:59 am
looking for something more everyday wear, jon, i'm sure you could find something there. asking price for that is between $15 million and $25 million. but often at auctions, it goes for higher. >> it looks like a yellow cubic zarconia to me. >> fair. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts right now. fox news alert, hi, everyone. the irs targeting scandal heating up on capitol hill today where house lawmakers could decide what happens next for lois lerner. hi, everyone. gretchen carlson here. welcome to "the real story." the house debating procedure right now. it could vote later this afternoon on whether to hold the former irs official in contempt of congress. lerner ran the division of the irs that targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. she repeatedly refused to answer question, pleading the fifth at two separate congressional hearings. republican thomas massie is
11:00 am
going to be on with me just moments away from now. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, new developments in the crisis in ukraine with russian president vladimir putin now insisting he's pulled his troops back from the border, but u.s. intelligence reporting, no signs of that. the pentagon bluntly saying, quote, we have seen no change in russian force posture along the ukrainian border. bret baier is the anchor of "special report" and my guest on this. so is this fun and games again for vladimir putin, says one thing, really doing another? >> gretchen, that's what the u.s. is saying. it's not just the pentagon. you have the white house now weighing in saying they have seen no change in the position of russian troops along the ukrainian border. and also the nato secretary-general is saying the exact same thing. saying that this is not a movement that they have seen along the border. here's what one official, defense official said on background. saying that this is a giant shell game that putin plays, quote, he pulls b


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