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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  May 10, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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to play the market. >> ben, how are you playing? >> i keep buying the spiders. it really works. >> do you think this market has umph in it. >> it does. everybody should be buying something. the ownership society is the way to go. >> it's the place for business. you're watching fox. all the others are losers. because i violated the two minute rule. >> i am a resident of gillford. >> what are you charging me with? >> arrest for disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct. >> a dad in new hampshire put in cuffs for speaking out at a school board meeting. he was ticked off about a required reading assignment for his 14-year-old daughter that included very graphic sex scenes but this may be even more shocking. a new report showing absolutely no improvement in test scores for high school seniors despite the fact that the government has been shelling out more than $600
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billion a year to educate our children. so is it time for the federal government to get out of our schools? hi, everybody, i'm david asman and i'm a little ticked. welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus with steve forbes, michael, sabrina schafer, rick unger. you have kids in school. are parents losing control of their kids to the government? >> they are. our education system is a travesty. people don't realize that spending has been going up for four consecutive decades and our test scores have remained flat in reading, math, and science. public schools spend 93% more than the median private school. i live in arlington, virginia. we spend $26,000 per student, washington d.c., $28,000 per student. so where are the results?
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>> and rick, i mean, for parents when they try to speak out they get kicked out of the meeting and get locked up sometimes. >> not just kicked out apparently. arrested. that's just inane although it did give me the idea we should have the same rule for politicians when they're debating during presidential debates. we can get them all off the stage. >> that i can get behind. >> i think you have to be careful not to be too quick to flame the federal government. where i grew up the education was very much under the local control and parents et cetera and education wasn't much better. just look at me. >> but mike, look at the spending that the federal government has been doing since it really began to get involved starting with the department of education. $2 trillion of federal spending. we see that spending going straight up. look at that skyrocketing at the end there and what do we have to show for it? est scores that remain flat. >> well, david i have a daughter in the first grade in glenn
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rock, new jersey and the teachers there are fabulous but one of the things they express to me and my wife is they're concerned about losing control over how the money is spent and over the shape of the curriculums and how they can teach the children. things like common core which are supposed to be to help the local communities, they're really devised by big bureaucracies and federal funding is tied to these programs like common core. >> i'm so glad you brought that up. i was a teacher in chicago. the same thing. all of us teachers knew that some of these core programs weren't working but we had to do it in order to keep the federal dollars coming in. there was another incident in baltimore. this happened in september where again a parent spoke out against this sort of core curriculum that mike was speaking about that teachers don't like but they have to do and he was cuffed. he was kicked out and cuffed as well. >> those people pushing for these parents to be arrested. they should be immediately fired and get out of the way. >> look. by the way --
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>> yeah this is the clip. >> this is the clip from baltimore. >> listen, the state and the federal government, they work for the parents. the parents don't work for them. what's going on here is r-rated books are in the curriculum for 14-year-olds. those people that do that and put it in the curriculum should be fired. the question is will the one size fits all standard work. they say it won't magically create great teachers and teachers have it hard. the parents need to be more involved with what's going on at the student level. it's unfortunate that that parent in that clip got arrested. >> when parents try to get in charge they get kicked out or arrested. steve, a great economist used to say that parents started losing control as the unions started gaining control. now we have a lot of sympathy for teachers but these teachers unions very often distort what they get. >> yeah, the head of the teachers union in new york city was caught on tape telling his
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delegates how hi helped sabotage teacher evaluations and how he hates reformers. they think it's all for them and not for the kids. that's why you need school choice. genuine school choice across the board. that's the only way you get accountability. soviet style monopolies don't work. >> return on all of those trillions of dollars we have been spending john. what we see are math scores and reading scores essentially at the same level that they have been for years. >> well, i think that's part of the point. i mean, all of this talk about per people spending and teachers unions really does in my mind miss the point. you show me parents interested who send kids to school each day telling them to go learn something and you'll get good educational outcomes. there's all this talk from conservatives and it's correct about how we want to rid society of victimhood but with education suddenly parents and children are victims of bad teachers. i think that's a mistake. those that want to learn will learn. we have to see more of that if we want to fix schools.
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>> my wife says there are no victims, only volunteers. but sabrina, you're a good parent. i'm sure you take care of your children. >> try. >> i know mike does as well. it's not your fault necessarily that the education they're getting is substandard, right? >> of course and one of the most important things is we create a marketplace. that's how we make sure we're going to get the most effective, efficient, diverse education system out there. we're a big country with different values, different interests. kids with different needs. and the one size fits all simply cannot accommodate all of those different immediates and interests. >> by the way, mike, i'm wondering if you're going to end up getting cuffed because you go to those meetings. >> i do. i love hearing from the teachers and they always talk about they need flexibility. even in the state of new jersey we're close to newark. newark spends in the top 1% per pupil and their education is
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terrible and a lot of the problem is even the really good teachers in newark are weighed down by the rules that come from the state and the federal government and the union. they need the flexibility to be able to do what they can do to teach the children. >> so steve, sometimes the unions that are supposed to be representing the good teachers just represent immediate i don't k mediocraty. >> yeah. it's the best school that meets the needs of your child. that's how you get more parent involvement other parents can see what schools work and don't work. that's what the marketplace is about. choice and accountability. >> rick, i think one thing we have seen from this segment is you look at the spending and it is federal spending we're talking about right now. $2 trillion of federal spending alone since 1965. there hasn't been a playoff for that. >> yeah. there's no arguing the numbers. you're stating the numbers accurately. we're spending a lot of money. we're not seeing a pay off.
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i wish i was more of an expert to tell you where the problem and the answers are. i will say this. you know i'm sympathetic and supportive of unions. there's times when the teachers unions are doing more harm than good. i don't like the good, young teachers are the first to go while people that don't care so much anymore are being protected. that's not good. >> i agree with rick and coming from a family of teachers. give merit pay and bonuses to the teachers doing right by the kids and what hurts children too is poverty as well. >> sabrina, how do you get through the unions? we're stuck with them and they don't want these standards. they want everybody to be treated exactly the same even if some are better than others. >> right. that's our argument especially for young women, it's better for you to not be part of a union because the fact is you can't negotiate anything that's going
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live from america's news headquaters, i'm kelly wright. a so let me morning in new york city as the unidentified remains of those killed when the twin towers fell during the september 11th attacks returned to ground zero. they were taken from the chief coroner's office by police and fire department vehicles with flashing lights but no sirens. to the national september 11th
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memorial museum where they will be interred. as the u.s. continues it's battle against terrorism increased attacks on werners over the targeting of al qaeda operatives forced the temporary closure of the embassy in yemen. two embassy officers were visiting a barbershop when a pair of armed kidnappers stormed in. they reported to be a cia agent and member of special forces shot and killed the would be kidnappers. i'll kelly wright. i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. on america's news headquaters. >> as the official in charge of internal investigation at the epa i'm concerned that vital information regarding suspected employee misconduct is being withheld from the oig. >> well, the watchdog accusing officials at the agency of stone walling it's investigations. now this coming as we're learning that one epa worker had been watching porn up to 6 hours a day at work and it gets worse.
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he still has his job and he just got a bonus. we're going to get to more misconduct in a moment. but steve, you say the epa is becoming a rogue agency. >> yes and sadly it's not alone. they make up the rules as they go alone. you see it in other government agencies as well and it comes from the white house. if you don't like the law, ignore it. no surprise other agencies are doing the same thing. epa is hurting production in this country. not something we should be doing at this time. >> there's a real pattern of abuse here, is there not? >> we have to keep in mind there's an allegation that's been made f. the allegation turns otolaryngology to be true, something to be concerned about to be sure but this office that this person is suggesting is behaving incorrectly, been around a long time. didn't come along with this administration, why don't we wait and see what the evidence shows? let's not be a -- >> well, our job is to
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investigate. we are not a court. we are the media. excuse me, rick, i have to say the washington post investigated before all the evidence is in on watergate. you weren't against that investigation were you. >> by the way, if you have evidence i'm very interested to hear it. >> the washington post went -- where there is smoke, kerry, there is very often fire and it is our job and i know rick was in favor of what the washington post said with watergate, it is our job to investigate. there's a lot of smoke here, is there not? >> i think there's more than smoke. i think there's fire and the scary thing is that the inspector general is having trouble doing his own investigations because of what's happening at the epa. this is the same agency that gave $1 million to a guy who was pretending to be a cia agent in pakistan. you can't make this stuff up. it's terrible. and i think one way we can solve all of this is to move the agencies to the communities where they are regulating. so let's move the epa for example to west virginia. >> yeah.
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>> well, the fact is that there are a lot of -- a whole bunch of abuse that apparently went on here including employees getting paid for a couple of years after they left work at their regular pay schedule and we should mention, by the way, theneral c office, all of these charges, the inspector general here was appointed in 2010 by guess who, president obama. so you can't accuse him of being a republican. >> well, the inspector general himself called this a rogue unit. the epa official thought he was a secret agent man, james bond guy and cia guy. blew $900,000 of taxpayer money. boots on the ground to stop taxpayer abuse. meaning waste, fraud and abuse. that porn guy was watching porn since 2010 for up to six hours. so the problem with the whole model is they rely for the budget of the agencies themselves.
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that's dangerous for them. >> and sabrina what's upsetting to me and what's worrisome to me is they were using a cloak of national security in order to put off the investigators. you can't go in here. i'm wondering what is it they were looking at? >> that's right. this is another example of the regulatory state being used as a political pawn. i'm coming at it from being down here in washington. i'm seeing all of these tourists begin to come to the capitol to see the sights. it's how dangerous the regulatory state is. the fact is this has serious political ramifications. >> well, that's a great point and john, the fact is there are five agencies or departments who have now had serious problems with their inspector generals. homeland security, the defense department. here we have epa. the commerce department actually had trouble with their inspector general as well and again the irs where the administration was attacking russell george, the ig
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there because of what he found. so five instances they're trying to go around these igs. >> the problem here is the obnoxious conceit that's regulation to begin with. we're asking people that couldn't get jobs in certain industries to regulate those who could. that's why it never works. it's worse than a problem and more broadly, we have to remind ourselves that a lot of these regulatory bodies were created as a barrier to entry to protect industries. so when you look at energy, you say the problem with energy regulation is it keeps out the innovators. silicon valley is not regulated and that's why it's a source of innovation. regulated industries are the opposite of that. >> the fact that we have them now, steve, the only thing that stops them entirely from being rogue agencies are these inspectors general and now the administration is trying to go around them. >> that's right. that's the whole thing about checks and balances in the
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government and not talking fisically. no one is accountable. we have run away government. >> i have never seen executive power like this. thank you very much gang. well, drivers be ware. someone wants to hit you with a brand new tax when you hit the road. that's on cashing in. but first, right here, the nation's chief central banker said well inflation it's not a problem. but we think it is. and we have proof that it's already taking a big bite out of family budgets. >> everything is much more expensive and my son eats a lot. >> it's just, you know, ridiculous how much all the price versus gone up. >> food just costs too much. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget.
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>> food prices spiking but the fed is denying it's inflation. fed is denying it's inflation. we go shopping and you decide. true business-grade internet comes fed is denying it's inflation. we go shopping and you decide. with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business.
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prices are definitely taking a toll on everybody. >> a big bite out of the family budge. >> i try not to think about it because wage versus been depressed while food prices and everything else is going up. >> you're seeing it out there and feeling it out there. sticker shock for food and energy but fed head janet yellen just saying that inflation is not really a problem. carrie, is she right or wrong? >> well, she's glib. i have to say that. we have the usda coming out this week saying we expect to see the biggest spike in food prices in three years. this is something we have to be concerned about. meanwhile we have president obama who when he was first
8:24 am
running talking about the price of arugala at whole foods. they don't care about the average family bubble and he's putting things constricting growth. if we had growth this inflation wouldn't be such a worry right now. >> i get it the price of computers are going down. you have to buy food every day. >> but what a shame that we have to try and find a way to pin this on the administration. look, we have the smallest herds since the 1950s. pigs are disappearing because of a bizarre disease going around. we have had remarkable droughts in this country last year and this year. this effects food prices in a very real way. i actually agree with you. i don't think that the fed definition of inflation is right because it leaves out energy and food. but to try and pin this on the administration. guess what -- >> steve it is happening now -- let me just quote the economist wright in the wall street journal.
8:25 am
he said inflation is in our future. food prices are actually leading off as they did in the mid 19 1960s. is that where we're going? the late 70s era? >> you have the federal reserve contributing to the droughts in terms of wanting inflation. >> printing a lot of money. >> printing a lot of money. we'll see how that plays out in the next 24 months. whether they'll make a botch of it again. how about ethenol. that's taken millions of acres of land around the world that could be used for producing affordable food. so the government is in there. >> sabrina, the people care about it. no matter what janet yellen and the president are saying but people care about it. there was a recent fox poll that showed what people care most about by 35% are rises prices. >> they are like me. i go to the grocery store. to feed five people it's
8:26 am
extremely expensive. the cost of beef is the highest it's been. it's not simply the administration. it's a lot of the progressive activist groups. all of the labeling laws are costing money. >> rick is wrong. the number of pigs hasn't deminutid diminished. they just all moved to washington d.c. >> that's a good note to end on. forget flowers, candy, or jewelry, our informers have gifts for mom that will make you her favorite kid all yearlong. that's good. i procrastinated on...
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stocks for mother's day. staples. why do you like it? >> great gift for mom. >> yeah, it's coming in strong. this might be a good one. >> why do you like them? they invest a lot to make better engines at the leading edge. >> great company. just be cautious. the ceo was selling shares at about $151. >> good stuff. that's it for forbes on fox. a shout out to a great man and
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fan of the show that just passed away. he started as a butcher and built keystone foods to become number 45 on forbe's list of largest private companies. rest in peace. have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful mother's day. here's eric. >> remember when president obama hated fossil fuel? >> if somebody wants to build a coal power plant it's just that it will bankrupt them. >> well, his administration giving it love this week. >> we added 133,000 jobs in the last three years in the oil and natural gas extraction sector. >> but the love affair didn't last long. within hours the president was back to bashing the industry creating all those jobs. is this climate contradiction going to put the job market on ice. plus a record number of young adults aren't wki


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