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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 10, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare >> h >> i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. five".s is "the so does #diplomacy work? 300 girls were kidnapped by the muslim terror group boko haram. it caused outrage around the world.musl celebrities like ellen degeneres and p diddy have taken to twitter with a hash tag bring back our girls. those like michelle obama and others have tweeted out. >> i just think this is
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pathetic. i just amke stunned. we got 300 nigerian girls kidnapped by an al-qaeda group and nobody cared to talk about it for a while. hillary wouldn't call it a terror group of the all of a sudden, we're on a big push to get them back and this is how -- the sad thing is that the lows information crowd that's puddling around out there on twitter is going to think we'ret doing something about it. it is just unbelievable. bring back our girls. they're nigerian! >> rush goes on to say, are we this powerless that that's all we got is a hash tag? >> yeah. it is a it's a hashtag, they're holding up a sign. i understand their hearts are in the right place, but i would like to have seen some leadership in a real significann way. results oriented. doesn't everyone want that?hat shouldn't it have mattered about the young nigerian boys who were murdered as well? i hope they come home.
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that's what's forefront in my mind. >> big boy, you are antiwar. you've said you were an antiwar activist. now, what do youyo do? do you send american people -- >> i think it's a little premature to say we're not doing anything. we've sent militaryin people ovg there. wait a minute. you don't know everything that's going on. something like this, there is a lot of stuff going on behind tho scenes. the public doesn't knowng aboutn my guess is there is a lot ofotg on over there and it's a lot more than a hash tag.ot i'm a little surprised that rush, which by the way, using rush is an unusual thing for the show. but he said, it's nigerian girls. what does he mean by that? >> i'm not sure and i'm not going to put words in rush's mouth. >> he means they're not american girls. >> the question is, the hash tag is bring back our girls. he's being specific to our. >> i see. >> i think that's a hashtag that
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started in nigeria. >> john mccain said we should mobilize our assets, he even suggested maybe using our drone capabilities. your thoughts on that? >> if we have the intel and we e can make a strike where you cann take out the terrorists and protect the innocent life, then yes, of course. that is exactly what that kind e of technology should be usedt for. the hash tag thing i think if so nothing else is being done, thef i agree that it is ridiculous. however, there are ways to mobilize things. sometimes it takes a little time. onei was thinking about the campaign and global antipoverty efforts that started kind of like early 2001-2002-2003 and everybody wore those little brace lets. it wasn't because they thought the bracelet would do anything. but it was part of a solidaritys with a movement to move forward. if you think of the green and movement in iran, that was fueled by twitter. g one of the criticisms of president obama was they did not do enough to try to capitalize
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on the social media spreading of that message. so by itself, does a hash tag do anything? absolutely not. does it make you look cool if you're part of the bring back do our girls thing? yes. what they should have done is why not, if you really want to not make it partisan, find somebody else from across the aisle or get a lot of the women, together from republicans and democrats and whoever else andt do it all together. instead now it's become a thing that is being mocked from the right to the left and vice-versa, left to right. >> what about the celebs, hollywood elites now jumping on the band wagon? is that band wagon activism? if it is, maybe we want that. >> i think they're taking theirg cues from michelle obama, obviously. kim kardashian, all of a sudden she starts tweeting about this. >> she doesn't know where nigeria is. >> right. does she even know where it is? of course not. k it makes these celebrities feel good and connected and feel empathetic. but they don't know the difference between nigeria and
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angola. but if michelle obama had said #what about the syrian girls, they would have done the same thing. it's selective outreach. >> don't we risk american lives> to save these nigerian women? >> logistically, they have 300 girls captive. if you go in, they're going toec start slaughtering them. i don't know if it makes a ton of sense. they're going t to get intel onw these guys and in a few weeks they're going to send a drone in to zap these guys. >> in 2005, a point in our history that actually doesn't, a get as much attention as its deserves, in 2005, about 200 marines were sent to liberia and they liberated that country fror a dictator. 200 marines, i don't believe life ona any loss of our side.or with intel and our capabilities and technology, can actually, if you decide it's in your national interest, you can do more.cide >> the arab spring was literally directed by twitter. >> it was certainly organized.
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>> a quick follow-up through your statement, what do you think -- do you feel this isaple something that they can make a legitimate case to say it is in our national interest? >> nigeria? >> yeah. >> i think so. i could be persuaded, but i actually would say that's true in syria as well because i thiny when you have 8,000 childrendr killed, some by kimal weapons, then yes, we should have done something there. i have to move on on benghazi. democrats haven't decidede. whether they will participate in a new investigation into the deadly attack on our consulate. nancy pelosi and her liberal colleagues don't seem to think americans deserve answers. >> this is a stunt. this is a political stunt. either people have gotten tiredl of benghazi or never knew about it in the first place. so let's not be accomplices tozo this diversionary tactic. >> well, democrats have been accusing republicans of trying s to fund off benghazi.
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now hypocrisy exposed.was >> when i was leading troops in 2006, men and women being shot at and blown up by al-qaeda, where was the outrage? where was the outrage that theye viciously attacked ouressl commanders? the outrage when they said that soldiers were warr criminals? >> what about it, bob? >> some of those comments that were made were obvious leeway out of place. but let's keep in mind the difference between iraq and what's going on in t benghazi. there were 6500 americans killed in iraq and 32,000 injured badly. so i think it's a little different when you talk about li trying to stop a war at that size and you talk about benghazi. i don't think it's equivalent. >> the one thingbe i think it's not just that they were fundraising off iraq. they were fundraising off school shootings, sandy hook. and then toso say you're not
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allowed to fund raise off benghazi is hypocritical. you raise money aftere 9-11, you raise money after afterkatrina. it's a little hypocritical fort the democrats to go to republicans. i think the republicans stuck to their guns. i think the left thought the media would echo this sentiment and they didn't. i think -- >> democrats said republicans shouldn't raise money on benghazi and they are.. >> i'm not sure he said that. did.s, he >> put it this way. i don't think it's consistent across all republicans. some say they won't raise money off of benghazi and some say they will. and let me frame this properly. when they say raise money off of benghazi that, sounds terrible. what they mean is they're going to run and say, i'm a republican. i wantto more answers into what happened at benghazi. so therefore, you should elect more people like me versus a democrat who doesn't even want answers. >> that's how you frame it, right? is that not okay to do? because maybe there are americans who say i want to vote for a candidate who is
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interested in getting to theo is bottom of investigations and not saying it's just politics andios actually wants to hold thecs administration accountable that promised transparency. >> should republicans shy awayo from raising money in somethingc as important as benghazi?im not mypo style. i like how you frame it, in terms of judgment and character. you should want more people likf me in washington compared to people who call getting to the bottom of something a stunt. i understand that. now that there is a select committee and trey gowdy is in the chair position, because he is so credible and he is well respected on both sides, i think that everybody else, at least on the political side of things, follow his lead. if i were there, i would say trey gowdy and his spokesperson are the only two people that speak and if they ask questionsa no theatrics.echi remember -- the watermelon and gun thing. that was a stunt and event that didn't help on the pr side.
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i don't think they need to. ev one other thing, when democrats say that this is just a stunt, don't pay attention, that is a message aimed directly to the left and to the media, the other media to say don't bothero s covering this. i would like to propose something. i would help organize a debatede between someone like steve hayeo and pick anybody from the mainstream media that was supposed to be covering benghazi, one neutral moderator and let them see -- let the american people decide if this is a stunt or m a legitimatean thing. >> do me a favor, one quick time around because we have another topic. should the democrats show up?ho yes or no? >> i would say yeah, they should -- look, there is going to be sevenn republicans kicking hillary clinton's butt out there. if they're not there to give heh a break during the hearing, then they're going to get screwed. >> agree. and also, they don't know what else is outgi there. that document that surprised everybody last week that was withheld by the administration, where there is one document, there is probably more.
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>> absolutely not. there is only two questions left, who did the stand out and> where did the document comethe from? >> why wasn't there security at the embassy?e s >> should they show up?? >> absolutely. you have to have all the facts s and, information otherwise howay can you say you're a credible candidate? >> this is a campaign rally forg republicans. >> that's okay. >> from boko haram to benghazi to beverly hills where protests are growing wider over the sultan of we are nigh's sharia law, celebrities and boycotting the beverly hills hotel and bellaire after he imposed the harsh islamic law in his the country. jesse, take this one first. >> it's funny to me how the left is all of a sudden realizing srss hate they're all of a sudden outraged that women are mistreated and
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speaking of this homosexual situation, there is a gay teenme pedophile ring going around in hollywood and they're circling the wagons around these people. but all of a sudden, everyone is outraged. are you going to stone a muslim who happens to be gay, then hollywood gets upset? it's crazy. >> that's the american protest right there. free market? >> i don't understand. i agree with jesse. now thecr complaint is that that they don't want to go to this hotel anymore? there are plenty of places whee you can pay $22 for a martini. they're not lacking for opportunity in that regard. >> bob, have you ever been to the beverly hills hotel? >> i did. but i don't know he was owned by him. i would find every sipple economic investment that was brunai's got and boycott it. any country that has sharia lawt and stop doing economic trade, including the saudis. we have just been allowed this
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sharia law, it is the most amazing human rights violator of anything that's ever been known on the face of the earth and yoh reward it by taking everything away from it. >> it's so difficult. the global economy is so intertwined. there is no way of pulling out everything they >> no, but if you are made awar> of it and you find out. there is plenty of great hotelsf there, like the four seasons. they're not into shahry in a law.w. >> -- sharia law. >> let's hope not. next, some controversial comments today from pope francis regarding world poverty. you what he said, plus mitt romney breaks from some in his party on the minimum wage. why he thinks it should bebe raised, when "the five" returns [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing.
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pope francis is asking the world to do more to help lift people out of poverty and his words arerl making some headlin. earlier he called ton governments around the globe to redistribute wealth to the poor in a new spirit of generosity. he's urging the united nations
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to help get rid of what he calls the economy of exclusion. this has been an issue for a while because i think it's been a year that the pope has been y there at the vatican. he wrote a paper that got a lot of attention and also president obama is talking about income inequality. and this question has come eric, we were talking before. i don't find the pope's comment. that controversial because i feel like i can hear what he is trying to say in terms of the message of what i learned, what we all learned when you go to sunday school and you're taughta by your parents what jesus would have taught. but this is causing some controversy because the question i guess is how does the u.n. get involved? >> let men. clarify. i love pope francis. >> i know you do. >> i love everything he's doing. this is controversial because he's asking governments tocaus redistribute wealth. when the church says to the government around the world, take money from your moreke m wealthy, give it to your poor,
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this is no surprise. he's been about the poverty stricken his entire life. he's championed that cause straight through. it just has become controversial. i don't think it will change his legacy. i think he's a wonderful pope and he's bringing christians together. >> it makes people talk about it. kevina williamson, national review and one of my favorite columnists, wrote a piece about this a while ago, but i thoughto of it today and i want to pull up one sentence. he says, tt o give away wealth presumes the existence of thatay wealth. giving away alls that you own ta does not do the poor an iota of good if you don't have anything. you can'tt spread the wealth without wealth. wea capitalism is the precondition toal if you want to feed the lord's sheep, you must begin by planting the fields. i think capitalism makes people more generous, at least through charitable giving, that's howt e the church actual israeli able to further a lot of its messagei >> americans have the highest
2:20 pm
generosity as any in the world. the pope has been in a lot of i countries where there is a verye small percentage of oligarts and everybody else is poor. we're not too far from that. bringing it to the forefront, not just have liberals say it, it is time for, us to take peos in this country and not have a t minimum wage that keeps them ino poverty and hungry.d >> kimberly, if you look arounde the world, maybe what isrl needd is most capital i. most of the poor living in places you don't have capitalism and it's socialism and worse. >> without capitalism, how can you have new job development? that's what i don't understand. they want everything, but theygo t.tht want to do what it takes it's like hey, push that cart down the road. i'm sorry, you made me take the wheels off. how am i going to get it there?m doesn't make sense to me. before, i'm sure people will be excited on the left that the pope said this, bless them, but he also is definitely a champion against socialism in argentina.
2:21 pm
so there is a little bit of dichotomy there. but nevertheless, i think his heart is in the right place, but he's the pope and head of the church. that's why he's not running the government. >> but does he have political influence. >> i think the left is using the pope here a little bit.he whenever he says anything abouts abortion, the left is either silent orft try to marginalize m as some sort of old-fashionedwes bigot. but this comment is on every left wing blog list. i think they're distorting hisbu words a little bit. i think some of this is lost in translation. he's not a socialist. th he's not a,mrrxist -- marxist. i have deep respect for him.pi >> he recognizes the poor are treated badly not only in the third world, but this this country as well.
2:22 pm
>> if the pope is going to go out there and say let's slash taxes, climate change is a hoax, let's deregulate the economy, all hell would break loose. >> he knows none of that is right. >> let's bring up -- let's do one other topic. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney was on morning show this morning was talking about minimum wage and for raising it. ca listen. >> i, for instance, as you know, part companies with many in my party about the minimum wage of the frankly our party is all about more jobs and better pay. i think communicating that is t important to us. >> okay. so showing on the right, big tent, lots of different philosophies. if they don't necessarily walken in lock step.'t eric, would you think a -- talking at the state level,t th minimum wages have been raised. he didn't clarify, though. >> no. by the way, if you get a chance, of that one of the bestas o
2:23 pm
interviews i've seen mitt romney give. >> couple years too late.o >> exactly. had morning joe ande. me asked today two years ago, he may have a different outcome in the election. however, this bothered me.have this minimum wage thing bothers me a lot because he went back to raising the federal minimum wage instead of letting the states decide on their own, which i wh believe in states' rights to figure out what their minimum wage should be. personally, i don't think there should be one at all. t he went there, and i'm trying th figure out what was the purposeo of doing that. he's not running for president. he said point-blank, i'm nott. running for president. it's not going to help out to anyone that he endorses goingn down thedo road to say mitt romi thinks it's a good idea to raise the minimum wage.i i didn't understand why he was going there. >> is he trying to move the>> party in a direction he thinks he should go? >> i don't know of anybody in that tent on minimum wage who is a republican besides romney. i applaud him for that. >> well, that's not true.
2:24 pm
poe lente, santorum, a lot of people are specific that the republican party should focus -- >> even your best friend, bill o'reilly, thinks we should raist the minimum wage. >> the point is, a lot of states are tie ad with the federal wage. 7 pope 25, people cannot get out of poverty and go to bed hungry at night. >> what about the other issues,y about the increased regulationsd and the other taxes and in terms of the energy costs, we're always going to be chasing ato b minimum wage that will never actually solve the problem that bob is talking about. >> yeah. that's going to remain per spettally insufficient. so that's the problem. >> 10.10 is not. that will work.ient >> for how long, bob? >> i got to stop you. the cbo has scored it. you raise the minimum wage to 10.10, you'll cut out 500,000 jobs in america. you're going to --$10. >> eliminate. go >> 500,000 people to the unemployment line.
2:25 pm
is that what you want? >> they also said 2 million people would be risen out of poverty. >> so four will -- >> i want people to be out of poverty in this country and that minimum wage keeps them there. >> i got news for you, 500,000 will be in poverty. >> this week there was a report that showed that entrepreneurial spirit of america has just beent constantly declining with less people trying to create more businesses and i can understand the goal of wanting to getd people out of poverty, but not at theg expense -- if nobody is creating jobs, then what have we solved? >> the whole minimum wage thing, like the income inequality thing, it's a dodge of the the policies failed. they haven't created more good paying jobs, so they try to nickel and dime the stuff on the trippings to drum up the base ti and stuff like that and the media goes along with it and people follow along. it doesn't create growth. >> every state that raised the minimum wage above $10 has not lost a single job. >> it affects only a couple
2:26 pm
thousand people. this is not going to lift the go whole country out of poverty.gon >> it's not that easy a solution is what he's saying, bob. >> i also love how the liberals who hated mitt romney so much because of his policies, what they said, he was only for they rich people. >> now they love him. >> you should elect him because he understands business. there you get your business guyy telling you you ought to raisesi the minimum wage. >> we voted for him. >> what part of the score card don't you get? >> we're going to move on. ahead, two christian brothers lose their show. did their faith cost them their job? they think so and that's up next ç
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are christians who hold traditional beliefs welcome to work at hgtv? it doesn't appear that way after twin brothers jason and david's new show on the network was abruptly canceled this week. they were supposed to star in a reality show called "flip it and forward." but hgtv yanked it after some people were upset by their traditional views on marriage, abortion, and more. hgtv was offended by these hgt remarks. >> if 87% of americans are christians and yet we have abortion on demand, we have no fault divorce, we have pornography and perversion. we have a homosexuality agenda that's attacking the nation. we have adultery. we have all of the things -- i mean, we even have allowed
2:32 pm
demonic ideologies to take our universities, our public school systems while the church sits silent and buildss big churches. >> the brothers are standing by their faith and their eric interviewed them for the factor for tonight and here is a sneak peek. >> the agenda we're dealing with in america right now is an environment whereby it seeks to silence those that disagree with it. and it begins s with christians. when hgtv released us, it saddened us.. it was sad for the executives that had us on the call. but our response to them was hey, thanks for the opportunityy and good luck. >> eric, you got that interview. it will be on tonight. what was your experience withwi them? >> a couple very upbeat guys. remember, they got halfway through the series and then it was yanked. hgtv knew about where they stood on things like gay marriage and things like that prior to the series. so whatever they did, hg pulling
2:33 pm
that series happened after theya started and it was in definite response -- these guys are very nice. it's an interestingt interview. but if they really -- hgtv -- they won't exactly explain why, but why did they pull it if they knew in advance?e?it >> because of public outrage. >> the gay activism is so strong now, has it gone from equalityti encompassing agenda to boycotts and pulling things? >> bob, do you have a problem? >> let me say, i watch hgtv every night. i've never heard of hgtv. home and garden? >> it's big. >> glad to hear it. so are cooking shows, i just don't watch them. when the guy said, one commentst said demonic forces taken over our public schools? who is he kidding?r >> one more thing yesterday was the satanic black mass at harvard that will happen on
2:34 pm
monday. >> that's one instance. you think they'veat taken over e public schools? >> the audience at hgtv, a lot of gays, a lot of women. it was a business decision. they were, you know, going to get boycotted potentially and it was going to be offensive to th audience. businessmen in america have to make a decision. am i going to be a businessmangn first or outspoken christian? do i want to make money or do is want to pros will he advertise. >> they made these prior to the show? >> this was 2012.2. these are the beliefs they holdt they also said on the show, the other clips, that they're traditional, family men. so i think they were very much in keeping in touch with what in their personas were. >> they weren't going to say ite on the show, what's the big deal? >> because they said its and it became an issue.hey >> right. you have left wing people trying to get scalps out there. they want to take downing christians and they want to
2:35 pm
silence when yout say these things, some of them are controversial. -- you're handing these guys a loaded gun when you say these things. it wasn't justdi demonic. they made a nazi comparison, ths gates of hell, the enemy, explosive stuff. they just got to polish it up 'cause you can't say that stuff anymore. >> i think on the bigger picture, it's a march from thecr left to shut down the free expression of anybody who theye disagree with. i might disagree with that as well. but guesths what? i don't watch it. there is a web site, the daily mail web site a great place. people love to go to that web site. you can find a lot of stories on there. it is so disturbing to me, if i ever find myself looking at some of the stories and digging deeper and going farther, it's just so debasing, i have to turn it offment and i walk so i don't watch it.t. same thing with "sister wives."e
2:36 pm
i don't want to talk about si polygamy. so i don't watch it. i make the choice.grow talking about a bigger picture> thing. >> i'm sorry. i thought you were talking abou home and garbage or whatever. >> i mean the whole left, bob. >> okay. >> the producers have somethings for bob? >> never mind. let's move on. all make sure to catch "the o'reilly factor" tonight for eric's full interview atley 8:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it will be fantastic. up next, the secrets to a lasting marriage -- is this a joke -- from none other than bachelor bob, oh, yeah. giving me the advice i need. important tips for all those couples out there. so stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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i was married once. didn't last long. but i> got two great kids out f it. according to a new report, couples who equally share theiri chores around the house are more likely to stay together than those who don't. apparently when one person is th doing more of the work, resentment sets in. my old lady used to nag me about it all the time. >> my old lady. maybe that's part of the problem. >> do you find this to be a true statement? you were one who -- i know i've been to your home, i know your husband, he's a wonderful guy. i know two instances where you've been particularly uncomfortable, one as a purple glove that was there for three p days and you went ballistic over it. >> i didn't go ballistic. i kept very calm. but i was irritated. >> youou went... . >> it was your husband's purple glove. >> no, it was the cleaning lady's purple glove. she left it on accident on the night stand and he left it there for three days. i was like, surely he's going ta
2:42 pm
pick it up. finally on the third day, i put it where he couldn't help but miss it. and i mentioned itit on the sho, which is also how i got thee c poster of jasper finally hung up in the kitchen. >> this ism9mçç the problem. >> that was six months.beca >> if they keep coming at you,nt nag, and nag and nag, there is a certain resentment -- >> what about my resentment for having the poster available for six months and not hung up. >> why don't do you what your asked the first time so you don't wear us out by being soin superg annoying? >> why? >> and lagging and not getting your stuff done? >> did -- you've been divorced five times. >> i so have not been divorced five times. >> did you used to nag your husbands? >> i don't't. know, maybe. >> they nagged me, too and bother me. there you go.may >> jesse said to me in the break, don't mention this because if i have to say it on air, i'm in trouble. his wife nags him all the time.n >> now, wait a second!d! i did not say that. >> oh, you didn't?>>
2:43 pm
>> probable low because he doesn't do his chores. >> that's more of what i said, but now i'm in trouble. >> you can't tell bob -- >> i had to call my wife when i saw this and say, honey, i'm afraid i'm going to saygmen something sexist. what are my chores? i make the bed and vacuum. >> you make the bed? >> it's not a chore if you make the bed once a month. so apparently my only chores th that i do regularly are feed the cat and take out the trash. >> okay. >> let's talk to the woos man himself. >> i'm very guilty of being a woos here. >> i'm sure you are because i'm sure do you whatever your old lady says to do. >> i pretty much do. kimberly is right. keep it cool at home so if she asks you to change some light bulbs -- >> why wouldn't you do it? >> it's just easier. >> it's not a big deal. >> it is, bob. >> when you start work on it in the morning and it goes all day long. or you think you got it
2:44 pm
resolved, six months later at the dinner table, she said whatu is it about that day --lv >> why didn't yoedu hang up that poster of jasper. >> can you imagine the poor wife of bob? poor woman. >> i would love to know, what chores did you have? >> he didn't do anything. >> i had plenty of chores. >> like what? >> i hadad to move books around. i hadik to take my golf club the out -- >> you have enough money. hire a housekeeper. >> i did. but one h thing about this -- >> he needs one at his place tell you.e >> male oriented things like do yard work and women do stuff in the house, then men get more sex that way.he >> i'm going to go home and mow the lawn now. >> that's the only part of the study that he paid attention to. you got to do a honey do list. bob, when there is a big reward at the end, they like it. >> yeah, well, if it's cleari that's the reward.ard,
2:45 pm
but it's more than nagging, and frankly. i got two great kids out of it and my ex-wife is a nice ladys and she had to live with me. coming up, round up with of the nfl draft was a nail biter for one star collegenite quarterback. johnny football had to wait long last night, but did his wait pay off? next.
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good i'm all american and heisman trophy winner johnnyer, manziel waited longer than expected at the nfl draft to hear his name called.d >> with the first pick from the 2014 nfl draft, the houston texans select jadeveon clowney. the third pick in the 2014 nfl draft, the jacksonville jaguarsa select blake bortles. the dallas cowboys select zach martin. guard. notre dame. 22nd pick in the 2014 nfl draft, the cleveland browns t
2:50 pm
select johnny manziel. quarterback. texas a & m. >> while the media mused on how he would reek, the star qbexas didn't seem to take it too hard. here he is, hitting the club in new york city last night where o he reportedly sprayed champagne until 5:00 a.m.. >> is that a fox news alert? >> just like bob. let's go to boling on this. you know the knocks on this guyg under size, he has this backyard style of play. he had off the field incidents. >> are you talking about greg gutfeld?le >> no. >> he's got a great career in college. do you feel bad for him? >> no, but here is what i thinka went on. so a lot of teams waited. they said they passed on johnnyy manziel for a lot of reasons other than his -- he's under six feet, which would be very short in an nfl quarterback. not because -- he's proven that his height isn't going to keep him from winning games. i think they did p because of at the antics. hehe plays -- i happen to likei him. i like what he does.
2:51 pm
he just does it. remember he had the whole i'm going to sign autographs for money, i don't care. he got selected and he did thisr with the money thing. so he's very in your face and in think a lot of teams didn't want that distraction right now.hin that's why they passed. i think cleveland got a good the quarterback for a 22nd pick. >> right. we got a scouting report here from the new england patriots hot off the presses and look at the background they did on thiss guy. this is what they said about him. spoiled brat. 'cause his dad bought haim luxury car. quote, outlaw blood lines. okay. then my favorite, high knotted calfs. i don't know what that means. >> i would be devastated if somebody wrote that about me. >> a, i don't think he's that good a quarterback. he's too short. he did not play in an nfl style offense. he played at tam. have you seen their -- texas a s m. have you seen their schedule? >> they played alabama and lsu. >> they got beat. >> but he ripped s them up. >> it's a top notch football
2:52 pm
program means a star quarterback broke records.he >> can i make one other point? most of the top ten picks were mostly defensive and a lot ofvea these teams looking forof defensive help. >> it's not over for him. let's see what he does with it. eric doesn't like we had a little back and forth because he's going to cleveland. he's like oh, it's not a good team. it's notck a good quarterback history if you play there. >> in 91. >> this guy is running around with all these hot girlfriends. >> i don't understand. i think that i would recommend putting the playerers off to the side in a room where you can't see them so that you don't have the attempts to humiliate somebody while they're sitting v there waiting. >> he's in witumh a guy that wod be about the same size as. >> i felt bad for him. i was thinking of the movie
2:53 pm
"bridesmaids." >> let's see what he does. one more thing is up next.
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
all right. time for one more thing. you have a specialal one. >> yes. we want to wish a very special happy birthday to our very owno dana perino. >> thank you! >> she's getting younger and>> more beautiful looking.
2:57 pm
>> do you know that this is our third birthday of mine that we've spent together? isn't that>> we were going to s. >> we're going to cut the cake. >> there is a copyright on we're not allowed to sing it. >> we would love to sing it. >> it's the thought that countst and i would interimmize that you sang it.l >> i'm singing it. >> bob gave me flowers today. did anybody put you up to that?i >> no. i did it myself. >> bob demanded that i cut him a big piece. >> thank you. >> they're telling me to move op. >> dana, in the "wall street journal," they had the best selling products of all time. te the top ten, play station. the second up with is lipitor.r. then the corolla, star wars, ipad, mario brothers franchise, michael jackson thriller, harry potter, iphone and number ten, the rubiks cube. >> really?
2:58 pm
>> i'm up next. don't forget to watch "the o'reillyly factor" tonight. we have the two guys fired from hgtv for their stance on traditional values. "cashin' in" tomorrow morning at 11:30. bob, if you can take a second from eating for one more thing. >> oh, my gosh. >> 20 years ago today, one of the great events in history happened, nelson mandela was, elected president of south i think the great titans of the last 100 years and he's not passed on, but what a great, great, great event that was. >> very good. jesse? >> so i was looking on my favorite web site, bar stool sports, came across a great video that involves dogs. so i think dana will really like this one. a black bear coming up to the house in new hampshire.g walking around, all right? in
2:59 pm
so we got some people that need to protect the house. two bulldogs corner the black bear. who do you think wins? >> the dogs. >> always the dogs. >> dogs. >> there go. >> can i point out the piece of cake that -- look at this piece of cake. >> do you see the big thick one i gave to bob? >> what's up with that? >> by the way -- >> wick thought around the table, mother's day this week. >> happy mother's day to everyone. >> happy mother's day. and also our colleague, greg gutfeld went to see his mom. hello, jackie, if you're watching. happy mother's day. >> my mother has passed away,tc but the mother of my children, who is a wonderful person and happy mother's day toymçç youf >> happy mother's day to you, the mother of jasper, who i'm pe sure is very proud. >> does that count? >> of course it counts. >> we'll let it count. >> and to all those moms who>> aren't here, my mom and your
3:00 pm
mom. >> and my mom. >> happy mother's day to andrea's mom. >> and everyone's mom. >> we're one big happy family. >> even bill o'reilly. >> we got to go. see you monday. a fox severe weather alert. the midwest seeing some nasty storms this hour. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric sean. janis dean is monitoring all these wild systems playing havoc for millions of us across the country right now and she joins us live in the extreme weather center. what's going on? >> it's a multi event, severe weather threat as we go through today, tomorrow and even into monday where we could see hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and several inches, maybe several feet of snow. so very dynamic system taking a look at it right now. parts of kansas,is


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