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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> i'm julie banders. north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test as concern gross the rogue nation is stock piling nuclear weapons. now the state department is responding. please searching for a third victim of a deadly hot air balloon crash. the balloon bursting in to flames after slamming in to a power line. fire spread in a basket in a matter of moments. passengers jumping to the ground. >> you can hear them screaming, please, god. sweet jesus, we are going to
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die. tonight the search for answers. >> and a somber note in new york. the remains of the 9/11 victims returned to the world trade center seat their final resting place. some family members say it is a slap in the face. department of veteran affairs caught in a growing scandal. officials under fire in reports of the heroes facing deadly health care delays. and that is where we begin tonight, the e-mail. for how employees to make sure veterans were getting the medical care in a timely manner. many alleged they had to wait to see months to see a drchlt the va knew about the problems last year and at any time order an
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investigation or take disciplinary action. if this sounds familiar. it looks like congress is looking in to a scandal. and that kept a secret waiting list. it is meant to hire a massive backlog. and vets died waiting to get appointments. and some calling for veteran affairs. and clinic and why will they false foy the records. the department of veteran affairs require that patients will be seen within 14 days with a request of the appointment. they advised the employees. and gaming the system a bit.
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you have to know the rules of the something. and they get very upset. and it doesn't help us. they only found out about the game yesterday. and ordered them to have a chaefrj. it is in the embattled hospital in arizona. the director was put on administrative leave this month and steve young will take over as interim director and he helped to lead them in florida. va investigators are looking into allegations at the secret
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appointments. >> and people in ukraine on whether to have sovereignty. all of this comes amid growing tensions in both regions where pro rebel governments are battling the military forces. the face off yesterday left seven people dead. firefighters tried to extinguish the burning buildings and burning tires blocked many roads. supporters for a eastern ukraine push for tomorrow's voting. >> reporter: strong words from the acting president of ukraine. it looks like the referundum is
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going forward. residents are reeling from clashes from the pro russian militants and ukranian security. along with those killed many are hurt. police headquarters for ruins and several military vehicles were abandoned. ukraine an authorities left the center of the city and left people angry. red cross said nine people were abducted. one beaten and some released. one eyewitness said it was all very scary. we have a chance to look at the ballots that are on self- rule. officials admit they are using old electoral role and no outside observers. a yes vote is thought to be likely and that might be's union from the region to russia.
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kiev called those occupying the government buildings terrorist. they said if the vote goes forward it could lead to destruction. the first result expected sunday night. julie. >> growing efforts to find hundreds of girls kidnapped in nigeria. the government there faces sharp criticism. destraut families waiting for any news of their loved ones. weeks after the boka terrorist group stormed the building. leaders here at home and abroad echoing the cries for islamic extremist to let the girls go.
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>> reporter: pictures of the families stirring up the emotion in the white house here. michelle obama taking the place in the weekly address saying how much outrage and horrified they are by what is happening in nigeria. this of math scene moved michelle obama to describe how horrific it was and how much it is with the obamas with the african-american heritage and touched them personally. >> in these girls, barak and i see our own daughters. and we see their hopes and their dreams and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now. >> reporter: michelle obama said that her husband said his government will do absolutely everything to aid the authorities. and the nigerian authorities
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turned down weeks of help finally gave in. specialist have taken over and str stratigize a plan. but here is congressional pressure for the u.s. to send in elite forces. >> we should use=hh@2 u.s. spec forces andopes on the ground in order to assist and obtaining the release of these girls. now that the president of nigeria asked for time to do this. it is time to employ assets in the field. one of the problems that the nigerian government. so many support boka.
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and they fear that perhaps it could lead to a coups. >> new tension in asia tonight as north korea threatens to conduct another nuclear test. north korea is banned from nuclear testing of any kind. but that doesn't stop the nation. they are monitoring the situation on the northern peninsula and urge them not to threaten the regional peace and security. we are following the latest in the deadly balloon crash. searchers are looking for another passenger that is missing. and emotional carrying of 9/11 victims back to the world trade
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no one likes making misattacks and three weeks ago on this very broadcast we made one and we apologize for it. we short a piece of video in the south korea ferry, we shed another video. we have examined and revised our procedure to men myself other mistakes. new development in the deadly hot air balloon crash. a university of richmond staff member was involved. this as crews recover a second body from a wooded area. there was a search for a third
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person. 13 balloons were in the air. one of them tried to land but hit a power line. two of the people jumped or fell out of the burning basket. it was the most horriveec thing i've ever witnessed and you could hear them screaming. plose, god. sweet jesus, we are going to die. please help us. >> please are conducting grid searches to find the third rider. the police know the identity but not releasing the names as of yet. they have reclassified it from rescue to a recovery mission, meaning those found alive are unlikely. we'll bring you the updates as we get them. unidentified remains of 9/11 victims have returned to the
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world trade center. the procession carried the remains. police and four fires unloaded them in coffin size cases and placing them in a special area. some family members protested and wearing gag. they are upset because they didn't get to choose. and today, it doesn't get any worse. íz procession began at 6:30 and police and cars and fire trucks transporting the remains of 11159/11 victims and no bagpipes or dignataries. and the remains were transported in three flag draped cases.
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it will not be accessible to the it will be 70 feet below ground where the majority of the remains were found. >> we always said they need to be inturned in the site and for us it is important they are home now and it is 13 years. it is an important day. i am optimistic that michael was one of those and i feel at peace that he is home. >> and some victims families are upset saying they prefer the remains to be above grouped and not in the basement of a commercial museum. >> this is their cemetery and their friends have to pay $24 to get in the cemetery.
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we ask there is a poll of the families. if they want the museum then let it be. >> the 9/11 museum will be open to the victim's families and the general public. >> what is the reaction. >> city officials are victim offing the families for years now. they believe they have offered a dignified and respectful seat for the remains and the families will not have to pay to visit the reintoesatory and can go in off hours. but the bottom line they are going to continue to work to find the identity of the remains. and many are waiting for loves ones to come home. >> thank you so much. a jet plane with 150 people on board makes a major landing. and an fbi agent in pakistan on assignment to help train the
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i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> tense moments on a airline. and united plane was outside of los angeles 150 on board and crews detected smoke. pilots returned to lax. and firefighters and ambulance were there. and a united spokesman said no one was hurt and the crews are going over the plane to figure out what went wrong. >> central plains and mississippi valley get pounded.
4:22 pm
people there are warned of meteorologist are live from the weather center there. we are learning of tornado warnings, really? we have tornado warnings in missouri and the threat for tomorrow and monday. severe thunderstorm watches in affect for several hours in the evening from parts of kansas and missouri and iowa and illinois. it is east of kansas city. we have damage done in missouri. and it is it in carol counties in missouri. people need to be taking shelter and we'll see the threat in the overnight. and certainly into tomorrow watching it as well; julie. >> got to turn the page to mother's day. >> here in new york things will clear up. but in the rockies, we'll deal
4:23 pm
with snow. moms will have to snuggle up and see six inches or two feet in the higher elevations. two feet of snow and several inches in denver. certainly for mother's day, come on. and we could see severe weather in areas in yellow and red and modivate risk for hail. and one of the many ingredients, warm and humid air. and we'll so cool air across the rockies. and so the clash of the air masses on mother's day. and make sure your mom is indoors and speaking of mother's day. let's turn the page here and i went out to new york city, the streets to find out the best mother's day. gifts. >> what is the best mother's day
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gift you have given your mom. me, me. my son. stationed in san antonio, texas. >> a trip to new york city. >> best mother's day gift they were four they made me canaps and served me them in bed. >> love for my twin daughters and my husband passed away and year and half ago. and to think that i am the mother of the twins and young girls that give me love and family. >> best gift i could give is love on her and do all of the stuff a 10-year-old should do. >> my mother made me a spider picture. >> what do i get her for mother's day. cut. >> a bracelet and all of the letters, first letters of all of my siblings and we are chipping in it and i am getting mom, i
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also getting her from the hershey store the chocolate bar, it is custom otherwised. >> i think you will have a better mother's day gift. that was adorable. happy mother's day. what are you hoping for. >> sweet sleep. that's all i want. >> hugs, kisses and a nap. >> i just want a nap until next saturday. >> thank you and happy mother's day to you. >> and to all of the moms out there as well. >> getting the answers on the deadly terror attack in benghazi. the new investigation over a week from now. and coming up. house speaker john boehner on what he expects from the national committee. and veteran wounded by war and saved by a wounded and smart dog. you got to hear the story. what you wear to bed is your business.
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with priority mail flat rate shipping. our priority has always been saving the day. because our priority... amazing! you! the amazing spider-man 2 delivered by the united states postal service. >> this is the fox report. if you are just joining us. the scandal facing the department of veteran affairs keeps on growing. there is word that another
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facility in wyoming may have delayed treatment. and an investigation is underway to find out about the officials and they manipulated the record and making it appar the patients were treated in a timely manner. the pro russian insurgent are waging a campaign. and one yesterday in the port city. and left several peoples and many buildings closed. russian president vladimar putin was donning skates for a hockey match. he participated in a moment of silence to honor those killed yesterday. >> turning to benghazi. a new house committee. one big question remains. before the work gets underway.
4:31 pm
how big of a role will house democrats have. that loves five spots for democrats and the debeat is unfollowing and they should appoint one member. >> reporter: the big question looms. will democrats sign on. minority leader pole peel could select 1, 5 or no one for the investigation focuses on hillary clinton and those around her. that is among the kangaroo court and identified as such.
4:32 pm
don't dig my what they are doing. >> the manle plans to get down to business. gowdy and susan brooks are former prosecutor. and jim jord onon a judicial overnight. all have law degrees and linwes more land led investigations for the house committee. law makers are eager to get sta started >> how can you call it a kangaroo court before you set it up. nancy pelosi put five people who are willing to look at the facts. shame on them if they don't participate. >> reporter: it is expected to continue through the mid- term election. back to you. >> thank you. house speaker john boehner opening up about benghazi. this is part of the exclusive
4:33 pm
interview with maria. >> what i tried to do is find people who had worked on this investigation and others who frankly have not. but bright and energetic and people committed to getting to the facts. and i don't want a side show. i want members of the committee to find the facts for the four families that lost loved ones. >> you can catch more on sunday morning futures with maria. that is tomorrow morning 10 o'clock eastern right here on fox news channel. it is a month since hundreds of girls were kidnapped in nigeria. the students may have been solid or trafficked.
4:34 pm
some of the girls who escaped the cantors told horrific stories. >> the hunt for the missing school girls is speeding up. but the intelligence gathered is unlikely to bring much cheer to the parents. western intelligence sources believe they know where the girls are and they are split up in four groups and that will make a rescue raid much more risky. in these pictures filmed exclusively for sky news, some of the girls told what it took to escape. >> speaking foreign language: >> their hearts must have been in the mouths as they listened
4:35 pm
to the risk they took. >> reporter: it is agony for the parents who wanted an education for their daughters and they are suspicious about who anyhow what. >> some of the students, their parents said nothing happen today because i was told they were informed and so they check out their daughters and send them home. >> it follows claims that the nigerian military were warned of the plan. >> we received credible information from numerous sources in nigeria that the
4:36 pm
military were given warning and the abduction could have been prevented. >> there is a painful wait for the world to wake up to the kidnappings. but the parents will refuse to give up. if we see their dead bodies, we will give up. we'll be thinking that our daughters are alive and we are eager to see them if possible. >> it involves air surveillance and advanced eavesdropping equipment and human intelligence and even as the international team can pinpoint where they are holding the girls. the final decision lies with the
4:37 pm
nigerians. we are learning tonight of a deadly confrontation with two of our officers. the military colonel and a cia agent, shot and killed a pair of armed yemeni civilians in the country's capitol. the officers are back home with the u.s. waging a campaign of drone strikes against al-qaeda in the area. attacks on the westerners are on the rise. that prompted the state department to shut down the embassy. >> and new details on an fbi agent arrested in pakistan. the judge asking police to file charges against agent joel cox. he was arrested about to board a plane. cox was in pakistan as part of
4:38 pm
an assignment to provide anti- terror training to local police. >> migrants fleeing the home lands and their destination is europe and their journeys are deadly and dangerous. italy, italian coast guard teams rescuing a boat with 900 african migrants floating over the mediterranean sea. situations like this is common. 4,000 people are rescued alone. they are taken to si cily before being returned to africa. >> a pandy was found badly injured and malnourished. the panda weighs only half of what she should. but she's responded to iv's and begun to eat.
4:39 pm
bosnia, recovering from war. the national library reopening 22 years after it was destroyed in the bosnia war. it was rebuilt as it was constructed more than a hundred years ago. >> egypt,'s new gallery in cairo and featuring historic artifacts that was stolen in the uprising in 2011. some of the items date back to 2300 bc. european officials tracked them down as they were shipped to belgium to be sold. >> the coast guardoused a brand new cutter to chase down smugglers. a legally blind pole vaulter competes with a little help from a seeing eye dog.
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common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. two little brothers from new jersey were found safe, but the mother was murdered. frep-year-old john jordan went to his eh stranged wife yesterday morning and stabbed her to death. he took the 7 and 8-year-old sons out of school and took off in his wife's car. he arrived in a relative's home in south carolina. the boys were found in the car unharmed. the mom was just days from filizing the divorce. >> a major clean up underway
4:44 pm
after six train cars go off of the tracks. that is our top story as we go cross america. colorado, six train cars carrying order derailed by denver. the spill is not threatening local water splois. aç,çú arizona, a military jet crashes in the desert outside of phoenix. the pilot was able to eject. smoke rising from the wreckage. it was from a marine air base neary san diego. >> florida, the coast guard intercepting a stash of a ton of drugs off of the coast of miami. estimated street value was $3 million. and crews unloaded a huge batch of marijuana and cocaine. texas, a legally blind athlete
4:45 pm
competing in the poll event in austin. charlotte brown, a high school junior used her seeing high dog to jump. after clearing the bar, brown received a standing ovation. that's a fox watch in america. >> man, that is it incredible. they say dogs are a man's best friend. but the u.s. marine called his dog major a hero. the pooch earned the stripes after the owner collapsed with a seizure. he wasted no time and pawing at a phone set up to dial 911. he actually was able to get it out of my pocket. if i had the phone there was teeth marks. major ran to the front of the
4:46 pm
house and waiting to lead paramedicics to the master. he served three tours of daughter and he adopted major. he is trained to sense when he is about to have a seizure. and helped him. >> folks in florida facing a frightening situation. bears going into populated neighborhoods. what is behind the growing confrontation between man and beast. y more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. to get your client's attention. from brochures to business cards to banners. everything... except your client's attention.
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4:50 pm
fire a police officer who shot and killed a beloved elderly woman. the people of hearn, texas march nothing protest over the death of 93-year-old golden, who was known to them as miss sully. the town held a meeting and with the mayor promised sweet action. >> the recommendation that we go ahead and terminate the officer. >> why? >> why? >> tell me your reason. >> lost confidence in this officer and that is city of hearn doesn't want employed. >> they are trying to figure out why hearn shot her after responding. golden had a gun when the officer arrived. he was placed on administrative leave.
4:51 pm
>> a growing threat to people in florida. bear attacks, not in the wild but residential neighborhoods. there is no mist row what is drawing them to the backyards. steve picked up the rest of the story. >> there is an attack by the normally shy black bear raised concern in florida. there is a competition for land especially over the forest land that is favored by the housing developers and the bears. when the two groups are in close proximity. they will oat from trash cans and bird feeders and the bears become accustomed to humans and lose the sense of fear. >> they start expecting something and if that food is not provided to them as they expect, they are going to get irritated. >> reporter: irritated is putting it mildly. >> i have a bear in my house and
4:52 pm
a bear is attacking me. >> this 911 call is from a woman mauled inside of her own garage by a black bear. she survived but the fate of bears close to humans is difficult. wild life officials say for bears that came in the porch here and fella slope. the only choice is to capture and uthinize the bear. you make noise before you go out. but your son had a number of contact. nmason seems to attack the bears. he was playing basketball and a neighbor saw a bear that was 25 feet from him. and mason's back was turn. the neighbor said son, there is a bear behind you. and listen and come run nothing
4:53 pm
the house. steve, thank you. >> now finding itself in a unusual position, in the middle of the spot light surrounded by scandal. fox news is asking questions about our national security and whether the nsa is keeping the faith. >> they are trying to protect the counsel row. if i tell you and name the agency and say protect the country. what is your job? it is it not we have to balance out with the bill of rights. you can't do it unless we have someone to check your power. and someone has to watch you. >> senator paul hit on the age- old question. so old they talked about it in rome. >> reporter: who will watch the watchers and since snowden a lot
4:54 pm
of people have suggestions. >> town in for the top secret nsa special. the secret war and who is the enemy. it is anchored by bret baier. right here on fox. history being made tonight inr the national football league. michael sam is the first openly gay drafted player to be drafted by a time. we'll tell you which team next. canned cheer mine was earned in korea in 1953.
4:55 pm
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is is mike. his long race day starts with back pain...e. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare >> a historic day in the nfl with michael sam becoming the first openly gay player to be selected in the draft. st. louis rams picking him up in the 7th and final round. sam played in the university of missouri where he was a first team all american and codefensive player of the year.
4:58 pm
sam a noupsed he was gay in february and receiving dozens of offers for endorsement deals. >> and headlines before we go. our top stories today. a deadly hot air balloon crash in virginia reclassified from a rescue to a recovery mission. crews are still searching for a third person riding in the basket. the ntsb will have a report. and witnesses say they heard passengers from inside of the burning basket and two people either fell or jumped to the ground. >> and new developments in the veteran's association. this time an employee in a wyoming facility instructed. os how to hide delies to get waiting care to patients.
4:59 pm
the va promise a full investigation. energies north korea renewing a threat to conduct a nuclear test amid the growing concern that the state will set off an atomic bomb. the united states remains steadfast in the commitment to the defense of the alloys and continues to urge north korea to refrain from action that threatens regional piece. that's how fox reports this saturday. it is great to see you all back here. i have been off having babies, two of them to be exact x. glad to be back every saturday night. and tune it in this the fox news reporting. the nsa's secret war. who's the enemy anchored by brett beige at ten tonight eastern and tomorrow night
5:00 pm
9:00 p.m. oastern. you can catch me on julie ban dars. and i have tweeted throughout the show. i didn't get distracted a bit. i hope not. huckabee starts right now. we'll see you back here, same time, same place, same channel. >> tonight on huckabee. >> i want the members of this committee to find the facts for the families that lost their loved ones. >> speaker boehner announce a select committee. democrats a cows the republicans of playing politics. >> committee members join the governor tonight. >> guys, do you know what civics is? >> car. richard dreyfuss said the basic lack of knowledge of


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