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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 12, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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mothers' young sons will do the same. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless and stay tuned watching, as always. >> this sunday, monica lewinsky breaking her silence saying that media along with bill clinton aides and a special prosecutor made her a scapegoat in the impeachment scandal. why is the press still treating her as a laughing stock and clinton is portrayed as a statesman? >> getting and keeping my immunity became important to me and i needed to take care of myself. no one else was worried about me. >> is it time 16 years later for the pundits to cut her some slack? >> will this affect the coverage of hillary clinton? why does the former secretary of state have such hostility toward
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journalists? we ask james carville. >> and this was a botched benghazi story and the reporter may never return to journalism. is that too harsh? this is "media buzz." i am howard kurtz. >> everyone has something to say about monica, has rekindled the political debate with an essay in "vanity affair," and takes a swipe at hillary clinton. she says no one can escape the gage of the internet where gossip and lies take root and fester. the pundits are partying again like it is 1998. >> she should have had the mind, the state of mind as a 23-year-old woman, to not sleep with her boss.
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>> come on. 23! >> she made a point, that is that hillary clinton attacked the woman. >> it shows the reality of the callousness the clintons were capable. >> and now we have lauren from the fox website and editor at large at "hot air," and special correspondent for "the root." monica says that the media made her a scapegoat s this a plea to kinder treatment? >> she is shaming the media after being shamed by the media it is working. "stop slut shaming," and bill maher says "i literally felt guilty when i made fun of her." and another says, from the "new york post," monica lewinsky
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should shut up and go away. >> we in the media business have made a big deal about the article but since this exploded in 1998 and i remember covering this each kay for a year and she is not adding new information. is it big news? >> it matters more to the press than people at him. >> shocking! >> a soap opera angle. largely it is more of a beltway think. i sort of felt she was a grown woman but she was also, in was her boss and the power relationship he could take advantage of, so she was dragged through the mud and many times unfairly and i don't think would have been, for instance? the man were a republican. >> okay...we will come back to that. because the scandal exploded 16 years ago and there was no face book, twitter, no "politico", so
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it is curious she is reliving the humiliation for the social media age and why do you think that is? >> part of why this is a story is looking for a story to tie to the presidential election and that is because hillary clinton is considered the frontrunner. this is one of the biggest parts of the clinton story, if you will, part of the clinton soap opera and that is why it is there. lynne cheney threw out the theory that perhaps this helps the clintons by getting ahead of the story so it doesn't weigh them down. there is something to her being the first victim of the internet age. i interviewed donna rice for the "daily beast," a victim of a major sex scandal over involvement with gary mart she talked how different the coverage is and she also pointed out that gary hart went away and the clintons have not. so why won't she shut up?
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it is possible she is asking the same, if she went away her name would not be in the public eye. >> and there is an upside and a down side so being in the position if she had the same universe when this happens, she would have gotten the serious fame and had some sort of internet show, reality show, and she never got any of that is it could be where she is asking for it a. >> she tried it on fox. she tried making hand bags, that didn't work. she had has a hard time getting traction. >> she had the barbara walters interview and the book about it but let's push this to "vanity fair." should they give her this platform, first person piece, without having to submit to questions by an interviewer? who gets that? >> first of all, the largest advertisement for a job or a husband i have ever seen. >> ouch! >> the truth. why wouldn't they? >> she is 40 and she has trouble finding a job. >> she needs to get out there.
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"vanity fair," and monica lewinsky says i want to write this piece. what are they going to say? no? of course not, people will talk about "vanity fair" for the next week, month or year and you get the aging money does its who get to roll their wheelchair on to the stage again to talk about it. >> they are like rock rockstars doing their greatest hits? >> this week when the net,s would were talking about it, lynne cheney had a theorist. >> i really wonder if there isn't an of the on the part of the clintons to get the story out of the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton doesn't want in the magazine? >> they dismissed that and there is no evidence that they were colluding with the clintons and
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monica doesn't have warm feelings for bill clinton or hillary clinton. >> but get this done early perhaps helps if she wants do run. i am not sure how much it hurts because she is seen as the victim. >> are you saying getting this out early could be good from timing point of view, are you suggesting there is any coordination? >> no, no, i would not be surprised if someone at "vanity fair" wanted to be kind to hillary clinton but it did not pull punches and they are look out for "vanity fair." >> and the speculation about hillary clinton revives that and some are doing that, and now he has given us a reason or excuse to do that. is it out of control? >> totally. if anything, in a weird way the coverage of the story did help clinton in a back-handed sort of way because you had a last negative coverage on issues that could affect her campaign such
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as why a secretary of state she didn't do more about what has been responsible of the nigerian girls and the benghazi committee and i will say something to the defense of the clintons they were getting too. free coverage on chelsea's pregnancy, but her pregnancy got little coverage because of the lewinsky coverage. >> people hear, the damage ma and -- the dram move the clintons. >> it was a milestone in journalism coverage. you were covering this, and you must have written dozens and dozen of articles, was it embarrassing a to cover there new -- their news? >> not to me, the pundits predicted bill clinton would resign. i didn't want my daughters do
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know, but the interesting point here is, if you lived through this, maybe for younger viewers it is a footnote, the standards were so different for sex standards. at the "washington post" where i worked, it took months to get into the paper the story of paula jones allegations against then governor bill clinton on sexual harassment, and the scoop that everyone remembers the drudge report was about newsweek holding a well documented piece about monica. >> does this change things for journalists? now the sex scandals happen all the time and we cover it and there is nothing to it. >> the way we cover it. the other memory, there were graphic details of who did what to woman in the pantry off the oval office, and then they said "they had a type of sex," and now you have mark sanford, david
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vitter, and anthony weiner and it comes and goes. >> what donna rice said is very different, she said because there was no investigation she had the luxury of retaining some dignity of not having details about her sexual exploits not being exposed. and monica did not have that, and that is why she is a laughingstock. those are the things that have hurt monica in a way we don't think of because slow lost control because of the graphic details. >> as someone who is skeptical of the power of the federal government i don't mind knowing how disgusting some of our leaders are, to some extent that can be in the public interest but it does does damage to the women. >> women don't stick up for each other. immediately, hillary clinton went on the attack and cared her a loan any tune which is --.
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>> not publicly at time. >> that was one one one of the t of the impetous for her to come out, back off, hillary clinton. >> and part of the story that drove the media coverage there was an of the by clinton and white house officials and the allies do paint her as a stalker and nutty although we now know this was, as she said, consensual and the ken starr special prosecutor going after the leaks from that. >> and in the beginning maureen dowd had sympathy and then called her things such as she was too tubby if high school to be inned "in" crowd and she won a pulitzer prize for all of this reporting on turning on the woman who allegedly could be seen as the victim. >> you could call it a war on
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women. >> a war on women! >> this is why it continues to get coverage. >> it was open season on monica lewinsky and the fact is people then followed the story because it had everything, sex, politics, abuse of power, lying to the granted jury, and the fact that we are now engaging in it again. but one thing people forget the public has been carpet bombed with this, and turns against the media and felt that it was bill clinton's personal life and his popularity rating stayed up. >> and hillary clinton became a senator. >> and secretary of state. >> message me on twitter and we will read some of those later. some hillary clinton allies say the press might deter her from running in 2016. >> james carville on the liberal
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meeting turning on president
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were you to run for president in 2016, would you consider elizabeth warren or julian castro as a running mate? >> oh, my goodness. >> well, aside from never answering hypotheticals -- [ laughter ] >> how many times has she took that question now? hillary clinton has had a rocky relationship from the press for more than two decades.
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when her husband ran, she was first lady, when she was senator and secretary of state and presidential candidate in 2008. i think she's getting the best press of her career right now. she's on the sidelines. does that change the minute she runs? >> i think it will change a little bit. >> a little bit? >> i'm not sure how critical folks will get. i like the fact that the question is being asked now, what actually happened during her secretary of state tenure, it's something we need to talk about. she's gone through many cycles. i understand her trepidation and i get it on a deep level about the 2007 and 2008 period. she played the part of the republican in that primary. she was dreadfully uncool. everybody thought the other guy was way hipper and she got all the tough questions and he got the pillow behind his head in the debates. that was the brand new respect for hillary clinton era for republicans. see, this is what we do all the time. >> you have perfectly set up my question of holly goff. in 2007, 2008, hillary clinton had strained relations with the
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press. her team explacomplained to me other reporters all the time that the teams were pro-obama. >> i think it has to do with the longstanding history with the clintons of the mao eddia not being good. president obama was supposed to be the new, hip, pretty young thing as the clintons kept complaining about. politilatolitico magazine has a about how she have a contentious relationship with the media. at the end of the day if you want to be a public are public figure and run for office would be you have to work with them. >> on this politico story, they talked to her friends and al lies. if she doesn't run, the single biggest factor holding her back is the media. >> that's horse hockey. >> this is a sunday morning show. >> if anybody knows how to deal
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with the press, it's hillary clinton. she has been getting strategy memos for 20 years on how to deal with the media. we forget this is a woman who was reviled for saying that other women can bake cookies, had whitewater, making money off of cattle futures. she has been through it. and health care. >> and her husband having an affair, blaming the right wing media -- >> conspiracy the. >> conspiracy theory. she's not going to not run because of the media. >> the fact she's been getting memos for 20 years about how to deal with her image shows it doesn't come naturally. she's not very good at it. >> no, she is good at it. she was able to switch the entire monica lewinsky saga to blaming the right wing media. >> for a while. >> in the end has not softening her image has cemented this iron
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lady -- apologies to margaret thatcher. image of her that i think actually serves her well in the press. we're kidding ourselves if she gets in and gets the nomination isn't going to be like, this is a historic event. >> we'll have you back if and when that happens. i'm sure everybody will talk about it. it won't go unnoticed p. comes naturally to a clinton but not her. it comes naturally to her husband. she's gotten the memos. it's not something she likes doing. bill clinton likes working with the media, even when he gets terrible coverage. >> bill clinton was talking about medicare, going on and on and on. hillary clinton can do it. she can be charming but it is work for her. thank you very much for coming by this sunday. up next, lara logan is still on leave from "60 minutes" over her benghazi blunder. could she be gone for good? and later, some television
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types get
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lara logan has been on leave from "60 minutes" since last fall when cbs had to apologize for her botched report on benghazi, that turned out to be a source that lied to the network. >> for that we are very sorry. the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth, and the truth is we made a mistake. >> now, "new york" magazine reports that the wounds from that episode have not healed and there is some doubt about whether lara logan will ever return to cbs. joe, was this "new york" magazine piece that suggests that lara logan is toxic to some people at cbs news, was it fair to her. >> nothing has been fair to lara logan since this whole episode,
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howie. did she make an egregious mistake in not vetting her source, dillon davies with that benghazi report? >> yes. >> did she apologize to that, any excuses? with the apologies comes to accountability. cbs does an internal investigation. she play her on leave of absence for an indefinite period. this is a woman that's been in harm's way more times than we can count. iraq, afghanistan and most importantly, three years ago, tahrir square, in cairo, she's sexually assaulted and beaten. i believe she needs a second chance. what's happening now instead, people like us, "new york" magazine are speculating whether she'll be back on the air or not. lara logan deserves better, howie. >> i think you're right on that. if it hadn't been about benghazi, i think she would have been back by now. it's such a sensitive political
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issue, cbs is trying to let things cool down. cbs news gave me a statement, "60 minutes" i should say gave me a statement about this "new york" magazine article. the pieces undermind by numerous inaccuracies, worse, it irresponsibly minimizes a brutal attack while implying blame on the victim which says a lot about the character and the author and his agenda. cbs news declines to comment further on this collection of reprehensible personal attack. in fairness, cbs wouldn't elaborate on what these alleged inaccuracies are. and joe hagen is a veteran and respected journalist. this does indicate how much reaction there's been to this "new york" magazine story. >> cbs, jeff tagger, david rhodes, at least come out and tell us what lara logan's status is at the network, then you wouldn't have to answer for pieces like this that are speculative. this was nearly six months ago that this episode happened. >> let me ask you this.
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as you say, joe, she's put herself in harm's way, that awful, horrible incident where she was sexually attacked in egypt and yet the article while acknowledging that people talk about a woman differently portrays her not just as brave but as kind of reckless and putting herself in harm's way. would anybody say that about a man? >> no, i don't think they would. i also got out of the piece somehow she used her looks to get ahead and get to the "60 minutes" table. anne hathaway or brooklyn decker isn't going to be on "60 minutes" tomorrow because they're hot. lara logan is an attractive, aesthetically pleasing woman in a visual medium. maybe that got her noticed. from there, she had to do the work, put her self in harm's way. the network can't give her a response, i think it's deplorable, howie. >> the network talks about the affairs she had when she was in iraq and how she got pregnant by
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a government contractor who is now her husband. i wrote about this at the time, back in 2008. lara logan came to me and wanted to get this out in the open. there sure was a lot of personal stuff about her looks and her sex life that you don't think would probably be in a profile of a global trotting male war correspondent. >> never, ever. you wouldn't see that about any male in this business, where plenty of infidelity happens. plenty happens in the country, over 50% of people get divorced primarily because of finances or cheating. there was an article about lara logan's halloween outfit, give me a break. this is a woman, again, who deserves better. >> before we go, next week is barbara walters' last week on "the view." i talked to her about her decision to step down. let's play that for you. >> i want to leave while you
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still want to interview. >> i will always want to interview you. >> i want to leave when people say, we'll miss her. i don't want to be on so long that people say, is she still on? you have to know when to go. >> what a legacy in television, correct? >> good lord. she's worried about going out on top. the most coveted interview of the year was v. stiviano and others. she's not just an icon, she's news royalty. abc news is going to name their headquarters after her. she's a treasure. we wish her well. >> she poked fun at herself on "saturday night live." >> classic. >> thanks very much for coming in to new york. >> thank you, howie. before we go, late night is no longer now just for white guys. larry wilmore getting his own
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show, taking over that 11:30 slot from stephen colbert. ahead, did a group of meteorologists go too easy on the president? but first, the ragin' cajun on coverage of barack obama, hillary clinton and monica lewinsky. james carville, up next. kurtz d
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"media buzz." hillary clinton ig the best press of her life but she has had strained relations with journalists and if she doesn't run the single factor will be the media. really? i spoke with long-time clinton strategist now a fox news contributor, james carville, from new orleans. >> james, welcome. >> good, good, good to be here. >> you have been a friend and advisor to hillary clinton for two decades. why has she had this distrust and strained relationship with
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the president? >> you know, i think the article in "politico" rang true to me. she feels like with some justification that she has not been treated fairest and she doesn't like them a lot. probably not the only democrat that dislikes "new york times" as much as fox. >> but there is an unnamed veteran says she hates you, per and that will not change. hates us? >> well, i don't know, i don't think "hate" is not the word i would use but why thing she is overly trustful of the press. look, i don't think president obama much cottons to you guys, either, and i don't think president bush much did. they have healthy tension between powerful politicians and the press may not be the worst thing in the world.
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>> but there are memos back to the 1990's that said you need to soften your image. in 2008 there were complaints about access. why would such an experienced politician not be able to have a better relationship with the fourth estate? >> again, she doesn't -- it is not what she is. i don't know if she feels like she has a terrible one, but, she just, you know, at some level, and i think this is fairly common among high-level politicians, they don't much cotton to the press, again, i don't know that is terrible. >> you are saying it is scar tissue? she has been traumaized? >> i said not much cotton to, and that different from traumaized. >> that is a southern
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expression. i am sure you would agree, james, that hillary clinton got pretty good press when secretary of state but that doesn't seem to loosened her up in terms of giving interviews? >> i think that she feels like and i would agree, she wasn't treated very fairly when she was first lady. look, that is something and i don't think -- the press complains. i don't think the public cares how will legislations and the press get along. i don't think that is an issue. i would be less than can decide if i said everything was great between the secretary of state and the press. >> would this affect her decision to run and if she does, the conservative media will savage her over benghazi? >> i am looking forward to the benghazi hearings. my suggestion is, they should
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have 90 minutes of i questions on her birthday, october 26, right in the middle of the political campaign where it belongs. this is good. >> monica lewinsky comes out with the article in "vanity fair," and taking a swipe at her saying she is blaming the woman. we are all talking about it. will it be a factor in a campaign? >> i thank monica lewinsky for making me feel 18 years younger, it is 1998 all over again. if this is anyone that doesn't know what happened, it could affect them. but i think there is saturation knowledge about monica lewinsky and what happened at that time in american history. i cannot imagine -- i don't think this is going to affect the campaign and i don't think it will drive voting behavior. it will drive a column or two
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and it will drive some tv shows but that comes with the territory. >> and drives thousands of jobs and younger voters could be less informed about the tawdry details. now, liberals have turned on obama, and he is just finishing out the term and waiting for the clintons to take over according to maureen dowd. what explains the shift? >> i don't know, she has written some tart stuff about politicians, in general, and she has been right in some of that stuff, and some times about president obama. she has written things like this before. six years...look how the conservatives look at president bush on the sixth yield, mad about medicare pardon (d) and
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this and that. i don't have a sense that there is a huge shift among progressives or liberals or whatever, whatever we are called. >> obama has 2 1/2 years lost and he sounded disillusioned or lowered expectations in the interview with the "new yorker," and when the president loses the benefit of the doubt with the press can he get it back? >> i don't know. and i don't think that it is necessary. >> really? are you serious? >> maybe he gets the press back, but, look, the campaign is going to start in, the presidential campaign starts in january of 2015 and they will be a year away from iowa and it gets cranked up and in his mine, his health care thing is going prettying do gone goon. >> james carville look like it is 1998. >> that is it, man. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> i got on my moan, hillary clinton writes about her mom, she comforted her during the loss in 2008 and hillary clinton writing i come home for a long day at senate or the state superintendent, slide in next to her at table and our breakfast table and let everything pour out. after the break, sunny skies with president obama as he pitches climate change to a group of meteorologist gists and, later, did a
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president obama wanted to change the subject to climate change. but that doesn't get much attention in the media. so when the white house released a report detailing the impact of global warming, obama invited a select group he knew would agree with him that a crisis is brewing. eight national and local meteorologists. here's the "today" show's al roker. >> why has it gotten so long to get to this point where you're sounding this urgency. >> we've been sounding the urgency for five years. >> the new report the climate situation that we're in seems
1:46 am
pretty dire. what do you think you can get done in the next two years? >> the good news is we've already taken some big actions. >> all part of the aggressive plan laid out by the white house. >> mr. president, the science has spoken. our world is warming. the climate is changing. what do you think we should do? >> now, some weather folks asked purely local questions or just invited the president to make his pitch. >> what can florida residents take away from the national climate assessment and apply it to their every day lives? >> what is the most important thing you would like for me to convey to my viewers. >> what's your views on the severity of climate change, this is spin cycle in action. release a report and limit presidential access to a hand-picked group. he was also asked about the news of the day, the mass kidnapping
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of the young girls in nigeria. coming up, news casters doing shots on the air. a comedian se
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time now for our "video verdict." what happened on may 5th was an eye opener. >> it was cinco de mayo and louis borgdorf was in a festive move.
1:51 am
>> that was a little bit too much. she is waking a sombrero, a celebration of mexicans defeating the french and possibly stopping them from coming to the united states but drinking shots of tequila was over-the-top. >> and some have apologized. your score? >> four. >> i give it a two. >> okay, and a comic who specializes in being outrageous and he proves that in spades
1:52 am
this week. >> and a panel the guest could not help commenting with salty language to females. >> you surround yourself with these hot pieces of [ blank ] and it is like you have a story, someone was killed and then you go and now we will talk to a bunch of girls that you pound like there is no tomorrow. >> we are intolerant and smart women and i hope we bring more to the table than our looks but...i am speechless. >> gilbert? >> it is better than the boy" network. >> we will leave it at that. i am still cringing but he is a
1:53 am
raunchy comic and when you have him on the show you know what you get. >> he crossed the line. in the 24/7 world there is a villain of the day and he just became it and i am giving him a one. >> look, it was sexist and off color but it was funny so i give it six. >> still to come your best tweets and donald sterling is back with a tape showing what he was really after in the racist chat with his gal
1:54 am
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>> and here are from your tweets. >> the media love to cover sex and the clintons? i am shocked. >> what a revelation. >> moving along, reporters for a newspaper in sell value found a new way to gather the news: they used drones to fly over the country and take pictures of murder scenes and car accidents and fox news reports that they are used in other latin american countries but you will not see it in the united states any time soon. the agent has band the use of crones for commercial purposes.
1:56 am
this media, cnn is called the missing brand network and larry king has hat enough. >> the tough time at cnn would be the airplane story because i think i would crack up laughing, how many times can you cover a plane? six weeks and all we know is it made a left turn! >> here is a bow news, there is a poll packed with questions that people cannot know the answers to and 46 percent say the malaysian airliner is far from the search site and only 79 percent think there are no survivors, and 57 percent say terrorists remain involved and, by the way, 9 percent believe that space aliens are other outer space creatures were involved. you heard it here. >> we have not heard the last of donald sterling, the l.a. clippers owner banned after the racist comments. now a more recent tape emerged
1:57 am
leaked to radar which donald sterling said he did not exactly view survive stiff as his assistant. >> i am talking to a girl, i am trying to have sex with her, i am trying to play with her, know...if you have sex with a girl and you are talking to her privately you don't think anyone is there. you may say anything in the world. the girl is black. i like her. i'm jealous she is with other black guys. i want her. so, what the hell can i tell her in private? i don't want you to be with anybody? >> so what we have learned is that donald sterling thinks nothing of racist comments if he is frying to get a woman into bed. >> thank you is how guys think, really? that sucks. >> i am tired of hearing about them. they are like space aliens. >> it is important to know the
1:58 am
motivation because the l.a. clippers -- he claims he did not know he was taped. >> it is not important to know his motivation. he said it. we are done. get rid of him. get him out. >> v. stiviano went on with barbara walters and said i am a silly rabbit. >> do you care, america, whether this guy is still talking about why he said those racist comments? i don't. >> i am sick of the story, too. we are done. over. that is it for "media buzz," and i am howard kurtz, happy mother's day. check out facebook page where we post the video. we are back here on sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the >> toernl does temperatures in the 80s and in some parts there is snow. >> playing volleyball in president backyard and today
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it's a blizzard. it is insane. >> wild weather sweeping our country and it's not over yet. >> donald sterling breaks his silence finally saying he is sorry for the ratest rant. but wait there's a catch. >> one of the nation's most famous monument shaken by a quake. now reopening nearly three years later. we are live at the washington monument. "fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> that is a great song to start your day. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt.
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>> it is 59 minutes after the top of the hour. we begin with extreme weather. tornadoes leaving a trail of destruction across kansas and nebraska. devil twisters ripping off roofs and bringing down power lines. in missouri cleanup is underway after an ef 2 trampled a small town destroying everything in its path. >> old man winter dumping more than a foot on heavy wet snow in colorado and wyoming. look at these pictures looks like a month of january. stret treacherous ice causing sefrlt accide several accidents there. feels more like summer. inching closer to the first 90 degree temperature of the year. we will take it, right, heather? >> it is a huge mix, though. hundreds of people forced out of their homes this morning as a wildfire puts an entire town in texas at risk. over